GH Transcript Thursday 7/3/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/3/08


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Leyla: What I find attractive in a man doesn't matter, Spinelli. You have to ask Maxie what she wants.

Spinelli: I could never be openly curious with Maximista. I might inadvertently betray my true desires.

Leyla: You just have to be honest with your feelings.

Spinelli: Yeah, but an imprudent declaration might lead to rejection of the Jackal and destruction of any future romantic possibilities. Please, I humbly plead -- lovely Leyla, please reveal to me how a man like myself might speak to the soul of a woman like you.

Matt: Do you spend a lot of your time running around and calling people like this guy a loser? Just remind me not to get on your bad side.

Maxie: It's a long and complicated story.

Logan: Actually, it's not really that complicated. Maxie hates me because I see her for the slut that she really is.

Lulu: Please don't misunderstand what he was saying.

Nikolas: It was a mistake. He walked in on a private conversation, end of story.

Johnny: Private or not, you got something to say, say it to my face.

Carly: You need my help? How can I possibly help you and why would I?

Claudia: Look, I -- my brother shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes. I mean, much like Michael, you know, I don't mean to make a comparison, but my brother is being dragged this whole thing.

Carly: Okay, stop. I get it. I get that you want to protect your brother, in your own way, but the problem is I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, so the odds of me helping you in any way are pretty much zero.

Leyla: My idea of the perfect man? Honestly? Okay, I used to have this thing called my mother's list, where I described the type of man I thought would make me happy, someone who I could take home to my parents, someone with a significant job, you know, handsome, charming, successful, well-paying job -- that last one's for my mother. She'd also want him to be Persian, but I'm flexible. He still has to respect my culture and my family. He should be good at what he does, and people should respect him.

Spinelli: That's kind of a lot. I should probably write this down.

Leyla: Don't bother. Spinelli, I have since realized that what makes me happy isn't necessarily what looks good on paper. I mean, what good is handsome without, you know, compassion? How about tender and kind? I mean, look at you, Spinelli. Why aren't you on the top of every woman's list?

Spinelli: The Jackal lacks the crucial trait of self-confidence. I mean, fair Leyla can't deny that the female heart skips a beat when confronted by a man who takes charge.

Leyla: I find myself more attracted to a man with principles, someone who has a clear idea of what's wrong and right, but who's also humble and -- and gentle and generous.

Spinelli: Given the choice, it's hard to believe that fair Leyla would not want her paragon of manhood to be tall and broad-shouldered with a chiseled jaw, fat bank account and --

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Sophisticated attitude. Maybe even a suave accent.

Jax: Hello.

Maxie: Logan suffers from a severe case of bitterness. His girlfriend dumped him, which is probably the only smart thing Lulu's ever done, but instead of take responsibility for it, he just chooses to blame me.

Logan: Lulu did not dump me. You sabotaged us.

Matt: You know what's interesting about this? Absolutely nothing. Actually, I don't care.

Maxie: You have a selective memory, Logan.

Logan: Oh, there she goes again, badmouthing me in front of a total stranger, proof that she's a vindictive bitch.

Matt: Okay, all right, this total stranger is not a fan of verbal abuse, especially against a woman who is one-third your size.

Logan: Save your breath, my friend. There is a trail of dead bodies in her way. You watch your ass.

Maxie: Thanks.

Matt: Dead bodies?

Maxie: Logan deserves everything I had to say about him and more.

Matt: And I'm just supposed to take your word on that?

Maxie: Look, you were nice to me, so I'm going to do you a favor. Stay away from Logan Hayes. He's bad news. He passes himself off as a war hero, but the truth is, he just went to Iraq and profited off people's pain.

Lulu: You don't need to jump all defensive. Nikolas wasn't accusing you of anything.

Nikolas: Well, not specifically.

Lulu: He is just realizing that Claudia may not be the nicest person in the world.

Nikolas: Which is not surprising, given what everyone knows your family's capable of.

Johnny: Okay, the Zacchara family doesn't have a great reputation, but it's not too dissimilar from the Cassadine family if what I heard is true.

Lulu: See, Nikolas? Because you are so different from the Cassadines is exactly why I can believe that he is totally different from his father.

Johnny: I'm not going to sit here and defend the Zacchara family name. It is what it is. But I will promise you that I will not hurt Lulu for anything.

Lulu: Can't ask for more than that, can you?

Nikolas: No, it'll do for now.

Lulu: Okay, wonderful. I'm going to leave. I can hear Kate calling for new lattes as we speak. You want to come with me?

Johnny: Sure.

Lulu: Okay. Thank you.

Kate: Well, I would offer you a latte, but my assistants are M.I.A., and if they don't get back soon, the ones that I hire to replace them are going to be so much more efficient.

Diane: I don't need a latte. But oh, my, I would not say no to this little number. Stella?

Kate: No, Alexander, and you're not allowed to touch it until we finish our business.

Diane: Right, well, these things are fairly boilerplate. I will need a list from you of all the assets you specifically want to include in the pre-nup.

Alexis: Hi. Pre-nup? Oh, God, Kate, why are you talking about a pre-nup?

Kate: Yes, Sonny and I are getting married, Alexis.

Alexis: How could you be so misguided?

Claudia: Carly, I saw you in the hospital with your little boy. I know that you would do absolutely anything for him. That's how I feel about Johnny. Johnny's my little boy, you understand? I'd do anything for my brother. I'd take a bullet for him. I'm asking you. I'm asking for your help.

Carly: What did you do to put him in danger?

Jax: Thank you very much.

Leyla: You're welcome. How's Michael doing at the new place?

Jax: Oh, it's -- it's an adjustment for everyone, but the people are nice.

Spinelli: We were just speaking of your white knighthood.

Leyla: No, we weren’t.

Jax: Oh, I'm sorry I interrupted.

Leyla: Oh, no, I have to get going anyway. You be sure to rest.

Spinelli: Oh, yes. The Jackal is most grateful for your concern and your insights.

Leyla: You're welcome.

Jax: It must be nice having a beautiful nurse fuss over you.

Spinelli: [Laughs] Well, the Jackal had the recent honor of bailing Nurse Mir out of an awkward social conundrum by escorting her to a wedding. She chose to repay the ailing Jackal when he was in need of her gentle ministrations. So, what does the white knight of corporate raiders require of his faithful student?

Jax: You have a sharp mind, Spinelli. You're logical, but you think outside the box. I like that. And in my capacity as white knight of corporate raiders, as you so elegantly put it, I've come across a lot of people who think that they're internet savvy, but they can't hold a candle to you. I mean, your computer skills are legendary.

Spinelli: The Jackal is humbled, but it was unnecessary to make a special trip just to offer praise.

Jax: Well, I have a proposal. Please. You got a lot of potential, and I'd also like to see you get out of the mob scene.

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal is not in direct danger.

Jax: Well, that's what everyone said about Michael, Spinelli. I want to offer you a job.

Spinelli: As a bellhop?

Jax: No, no. In my investment firm. The offices happen to be at the Metro Court, just one floor below "Crimson," which is just one floor below Maxie.

Kate: Really, Alexis, I had hoped you'd be a little happy for me.

Alexis: I know, I know.

Diane: Maybe she doesn't like the ring.

Alexis: Um, no -- I do. It looks strangely familiar.

Kate: Why would you say that?

Diane: It's a long story and completely beside the point.

Alexis: Help me out here. She can't marry him.

Kate: I'm marrying Sonny.

Alexis: No, she can’t. Help me. Help me. Tell her what I told you, that she's good, that she's smart, that she's independent. She's got this life that she's made for herself that she's --

Kate: Okay, Alexis, Alexis. Stop meaning well.

Diane: I can’t. She can’t.

Alexis: Really, date him. Don't marry him. He -- he's moody and erratic.

Kate: Yes, he's bipolar, Alexis. It's not fair.

Alexis: That's a good point. He's chronically unfaithful.

Diane: There is that.

Alexis: He is. He's going to be connected to Carly for the rest of his life, not to mention the fact that he's a gangster.

Diane: Allegedly.

Kate: Yes, Sonny has left the business for good.

Alexis: Kate -- Kate, for the love of God, what is wrong with you? He has an 18-year backlog of criminal activity. He can be picked up and thrown in the back of a paddy wagon at any given moment.

Kate: Well, not if he has a good lawyer, which he does.

Diane: Thank you very much. I try my best.

Alexis: Flattering Diane is not going to change the fact that he has multiple crimes that he has to be --

Kate: And thus, Alexis, the pre-nup agreement.

Diane: You have to admit, Kate does know how to protect herself.

Kate: Thank you, Diane.

Alexis: Wait a minute. You can't represent both of them. That's illegal. If you insist on going through with this, then I'm going to take care of your pre-nup, because she's on his payroll. She's loyal to Sonny.

Diane: I resent that. I am perfectly loyal to Kate, who happens to be on a first name basis with Alexander.

Alexis: Are you giving her that?

Kate: Oh, on loan. You can have it next.

Alexis: How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Diane: Quite nicely, thank you, and especially when I'll be wearing this little number. Backless.

Alexis: You need to protect her assets.

Diane: She is going to be protected. She'll be well-protected. No one will take advantage of my client, especially Sonny.

Maxie: Kate, I have those contracts that you've been waiting for.

Kate: Oh, excellent. Thank you. All right, Alexis, thank you for your concern, and you will both be invited to the wedding, whether you like it or not. I will make a list for you to draw up with the pre-nup agreement, and I'm sure that it will be fair and equitable.

Diane: To you? Absolutely. I'm going to barbecue Sonny so that when he leaves you and goes back to Carly, you will walk away with everything.

Lulu: With any luck, Kate will still be on her conference call, and she won't even notice that I'm gone. What's wrong?

Johnny: Nothing, I'm fine.

Lulu: You still haven't even told me why you were at the clinic.

Johnny: I -- I just wanted to talk to Nikolas about something, and I actually think that you should hear it too.

Lulu: You want Nikolas to stay away from Claudia, and you think if you tell him enough times he'll actually back off. But don't even waste the effort, because Nikolas has found out what Claudia's all about, and he's over her, so problem solved. I'm sorry. I know you love your sister. I just -- I wish you could see her for the way the rest of the world does.

Johnny: And what if I did, Lulu? Am I just supposed to disown her, huh? Tell her that she's not good enough to be related to me? Where do you get off thinking it's okay to trash my sister in front of my face?

Lulu: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to upset you.

Johnny: No, no, no, you don't know Claudia or why it is that she does what she does, but I do.

[Phone rings]

Johnny: Yeah?

Anthony: That's not very polite. What, were you raised in a barn?

Johnny: I'm busy.

Anthony: You were kidnapped at gunpoint yesterday, and that's the last time I saw you. One lousy phone call telling me you're alive just doesn't cut it. I want to see you, now.

Carly: What did you do? What mistake did you make?

Claudia: My father overreacted when John was arrested, and he threatened Alexis Davis. Actually, he threatened her little daughter, and it was a way of -- of trying to get Johnny released, but Alexis panicked and she went to Jerry Jacks, who came to my father's suite and dragged Johnny out by gunpoint, and when Jerry finally released Johnny, he told --

Carly: Jerry released him?

Claudia: Yeah.

Carly: Well, that's not Jerry's style, so you should consider yourself lucky there.

Claudia: For now. Jerry told Johnny that he would kill him if there were any more threats against Alexis or her children. I'm just -- I'm hoping that you can help me. Maybe you can talk to Jerry and get him to back off.

Carly: You know what? You said Johnny was in danger because of a mistake you made, and so far I'm not seeing your fault in any of this.

Claudia: Well, no, it's just that Alexis -- I mean, the idea that Alexis might -- might be the answer to getting Johnny out was -- was initially my idea, although I never -- obviously, never intended it to escalate to the point of threatening her children. My father wants revenge against Jerry, and Jerry would just as soon kill Johnny. Carly, everybody needs to step away from the brink here, so I was just -- I was hoping that maybe you could talk to Jerry, convince him to back off.

Carly: Jerry won't listen to me. Jerry doesn't listen to anybody. But I do understand what you're going through. It really hurts when someone you love is hurt by the mistakes that you make.

Claudia: Thank you for hearing me out. And it's weird, who would have thought that you would know and understand where I'm coming from?

Diane: I'm sorry. I -- I just was dropping some papers by. I didn't realize that you were home from the hospital.

Spinelli: The Jackal has made a full recovery from the Asian ague but finds himself in the throes of a -- of a crisis, and often when paralyzed by a decision, the Jackal fuels up on his most trusted brain foods.

Diane: Yes, well, to each his own. My grandfather thought that a raw egg with Tabasco and a cold clove of garlic was the road to enlightenment.

Spinelli: Unless the brusque lady of justice can offer her wise council.

Diane: Uh-huh -- the last time I tried to give you advice, apparently you tried to carpe Maxie's diem all over Kate Howard’s desk.

Spinelli: The glacial one's office furniture suffered no permanent damage. Neither did Maximista. In fact, the Jackal's blitzkrieg of affection seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever.

Diane: Well, I'm sure that was a blow to your tender heart, but obviously, my advice wasn't helpful.

Spinelli: Yeah, but this current dilemma is of a much different nature. The Valkyrie’s white knight has extended an offer of employment.

Diane: Someone offered you a job?

Spinelli: Yes, Jasper Jacks wishes to retain my cyber services. And it's a terrible dilemma, because see, I learned everything at the feet of Stone Cold, but yet, if I join the captain of industry, I could be a mere heartbeat from the "Crimson" offices and the lovely Maximista.

Diane: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm sure that Jax was sincere in his offer, but I can't help wondering if it didn't have more to do with taking something away from Jason rather than exploiting your cyber skills.

Spinelli: Why would the white knight resort to subterfuge?

Diane: Indeed. Jax is married to a woman who is fixated on Jason. Taking you away would be a form of payback.

Spinelli: Oh, well, I wouldn't want to be an instrument in Jax's revenge, however obscure, on Stone Cold.

Diane: All right. My advice? Steer clear of the Jacks family domestic drama.

Spinelli: I thank you for your wise, wise council, and the Jackal will have to find another way to remain prominent on Maximista's radar screen.

Diane: Mm-hmm. Oh, no, I want that one.

Spinelli: Oh.

Diane: Mm.

Kate: Tell Clarice I'm going to pick up the layout from the Cayman shoot when I'm in the city, and have the car service meet me at the private tarmac. I'm going to fly in Jax's plane.

Maxie: Is Jax going with you?

Kate: Yes, actually, he is.

Maxie: Oh, how great. He's so photogenic. The paparazzi love him. Good choice. So do you want the car service to take you back to the airport when you're done?

Kate: Yes, I do, but book two rooms at the Carlyle just in case. Oh, and make sure that Federico and Karl are sitting at my table.

Maxie: Okay.

Kate: Maxie, your instincts are good. They really are.

Maxie: Thank you.

Lulu: I'm so sorry I'm late. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, so sorry.

Kate: Oh, no, Lulu, not at all. We're always so grateful when you join us. I will take these and this.

Lulu: I've already done half this stuff.

Kate: Oh, well, great. Then you're only halfway behind. Personal problems have no place in the workforce. Thank you.

Logan: Lulu, I'm not giving up on us. We belong together. All you -- all you need to do is give me another chance.

Anthony: Let me look at you. Any cuts, bruises?

Johnny: That's nothing new.

Anthony: You can't imagine what I've been going through. I've been waiting and worrying. It would have been respectful and considerate if you had showed up in person to reassure me.

Johnny: I didn't want to see you. You threatened to drown a little girl just so I wouldn't have to spend one night in the clink.

Anthony: You're my son, John. I'll do whatever it takes to protect you. You know that.

Johnny: Do not use me to threaten a little girl or anyone else, ever.

Anthony: If you don't approve of my methods, you should take better care of yourself, stay out of trouble. Don't put me in a position where I have to intervene.

Johnny: Well, don't push me too far, or you'll lose me for good.

[Door slams]

Jerry: Ah, so nice of you to make time for an old friend.

Claudia: I am not your friend. What do you want?

Jerry: Assurances. You'd be a fool to try to hurt me.

Claudia: Your affidavit tying me and Johnny to the shooting of Michael Corinthos, I got it. I'm clear on the terms. You stay alive. It stays sealed and unread.

Jerry: Oh, but sadly, this isn't working for me. I think -- I think your father should be in the loop.

Claudia: What good would that do?

Jerry: Well, you see, I'm thinking Zacchara will order a hit on me after my adventures with John yesterday, and I think he needs to know what happens if I die. I think someone needs to tell Daddy that you and your brother are accessories in the shooting of little Michael Corinthos.

Jax: Oh, hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: I was just about to call you. I thought you we still at the hotel.

Carly: Nope, and now you get to take me to dinner.

Jax: Oh, I would love to take you to dinner.

Carly: You're not going to cancel on me? What's the excuse?

Jax: It's a good one. I have -- I have a benefit tonight in Manhattan, and Kate and I have to put in an appearance for the magazine.

Carly: Here's a novel concept. Since Kate's marrying Sonny, can't Kate take Sonny?

Jax: No, Sonny's not --

Carly: No, don't answer that question.

Jax: He's not part of the --

Carly: No, I can answer it for you. You know why? Because Kate's using you to get back at me.

Jax: Why would Kate want to get back at you?

Matt: Oh. We're slammed. So I just saw the lab report. The woman who collapsed, you know, we gave her the medication?

Nikolas: Right. Let me guess. They're all fakes?

Matt: Yes. Placebos. But I spoke with her attending and she's responding fine to the new medication. So that just leaves the remaining eight.

Nikolas: Eight what? Where do you come up with eight?

Matt: Well, we gave the very same medication to 12 patients. Four of them either had bad reactions and sought treatment or listened to our warning and stopped taking them. So that leaves eight. Math was my strong suit.

Nikolas: All right, great. Well, do we have contact information on these people?

Matt: Probably not because when they came in, they lied on their paperwork and that's why they're afraid to come back. On the bright side, when the mayor slammed us in the news, he got my name right. Want my autograph?

Nikolas: Well, we're going to have to get all the prescriptions here in the clinic and just test them.

Matt: All right. Yeah. Sure, that's only going to take half your year's budget. Just -- okay. All right, that's right. I forgot, I forgot. You have a fortune to spend. All right.

Nikolas: Just test all the medications and get me a list of the relevant suppliers, please.

Matt: Do I look like the guy who does lists?

Nikolas: Just do it now. Okay? Somebody's out there profiting off of counterfeit drugs and I want to find out who it is.

Lulu: This isn't a good time.

Kate: More to the point, this is a place of business. So resolve this by the time I'm ready to leave.

Maxie: Logan, you need to get out of here.

Logan: Why should I? Lulu and I were great before you tore us apart.

Lulu: Oh, can we not have that conversation?

Logan: Maxie's not backed off even a little, okay? She's still determined to hurt us.

Maxie: This is so pathetic. She has been over you for months.

Logan: Maxie hates us. She hates us. Okay? And the only way to show her how wrong she is is to show her how good we are together. How we belong. We belong together.

Maxie: I'm going to call hotel security.

Logan: Go ahead. Tell them I said hello. Remember I used to work here as a security guard?

Maxie: Great. Maybe they'll be gentle with you when they throw you out. For old times' sake.

Lulu: Maxie, hang up the phone. You, just leave.

Logan: I'm not going anywhere. Okay? I'm sick of Maxie tearing us apart.

Lulu: I -- I am happy that Maxie slept with you because if she hadn't, I would have never met Johnny.

Logan: No, no, you don't mean that.

Lulu: I do, I do. I'm not going to go back with you, Logan. It really makes me uncomfortable when you ask. It's like you're not hearing me when I say that I am with Johnny, okay? I am committed to him. I am not going to go out with you ever again.

Logan: You could have saved me. But you let this bitch wreck us both.

Claudia: If you're on a murder-suicide mission, Jerry, go right ahead. My father's guards will take you out on sight and your affidavit is sealing me and Johnny's fate.

Jerry: Come on, you're scrambling to buy time for you and your brother. As it happens, I am enjoying my life at the moment. But I am just tired to look over my shoulder. I think Anthony needs to know that if I die, you and your brother will be exposed as accessories in little Michael Corinthos' shooting.

Claudia: Give me 24 hours. Okay? I'll find a way to fix it.

Jerry: At long last, you're an optimist. Tell your father or I will. Time's running out.

Carly: I told Kate that Sonny was going to leave her at the altar.

Jax: No. That's not like you to say something so nasty.

Carly: It's true. If Sonny bolted from his wedding to Brenda, who he really loved, there's no way he's going to marry Kate. And she didn't want to hear it. So now she's taking you to Manhattan, just to prove she can.

Jax: Okay, look. Let's just put aside what you did and why so I can explain to you again that my business from time to time requires me to make a public appearance for the good of the magazine.

Carly: Kate can appear alone.

Jax: No, she can't, because I have a lot of money invested in "Crimson." Which means I have a lot of money invested in Kate Howard, and I just want to protect my investment.

Carly: What about protecting your marriage? Kate is using the magazine to hit on you and you know it.

Jax: Oh, now you're just being unreasonable.

Carly: No, I'm being honest.

Jax: No, you're just --

Carly: I want Kate away from my husband and out of my life. Where are you going?

Jax: I have to go. I'm late. Really. We'll have to talk about this later.

Carly: I don't want to talk about it later.

Jax: Fine. But I have to go. I'm sorry. Bye.

Alexis: Sorry I kept you.

Jerry: Oh, it's all right. I'm actually taking a moment to enjoy this beautiful evening. Do you care to join in?

Alexis: I'm here, aren't I? Usually against my better judgment.

Jerry: You know what, I fear that despite the memorable sex that you're not too thrilled about being seen in public with me.

Alexis: Not so much.

Jerry: Oh. How do I get you to trust me, darling?

Alexis: Growing up around the people that I grew up with, they're -- it allows me to see a certain side of you that other people may not see.

Jerry: Mm. Lovely.

Alexis: It also could be because I'm a bigger idiot than other people.

Jerry: You know I was just telling someone a little while ago that I'm enjoying my life at the moment. Not in the usual risk-taking, adrenaline-pumping kind of way, just -- it's a different kind of enjoyment.

Alexis: How's that working for you?

Jerry: Quite well, actually.

Claudia: Daddy? Daddy, you can't kill Jerry Jacks.

Anthony: You've been told to stay away from the business.

Claudia: If you kill Jerry Jacks, Johnny's going to end up dead.

Anthony: If you're telling me that your brother's life is at stake, I'm going to need details.

Claudia: I did something. I was involved in something that went bad. And Jerry knows about it. If he ends up dead, John and I will both be killed.

Anthony: What the hell did you do? And how is your brother involved?

Claudia: Well, it was about the shooting of Michael Corinthos. When Sonny kidnapped Johnny, we both wanted him dead and John wanted to do it himself. I talked him down and I found another way.

Anthony: So you sent in a guy you knew nothing about. A guy who shot a kid. This is why you don't belong anywhere near the family business.

Claudia: Look, the guy was always reliable in the past.

Anthony: If this ever gets out, Corinthos and Morgan will hunt you and Johnny down and kill you both.

Claudia: That is why Jerry needs to stay alive.

Anthony: You did this to your own brother? You wanted to drag him down because you're a jealous, spiteful slut. And no one knows that better than me.

Johnny: You alone?

Nikolas: What's on your mind there, kid?

Johnny: This isn't easy to talk about.

Nikolas: But yet you keep coming back, don't you? Well, I'm going to guess that one isn't about Lulu. Claudia tell you that I know?

Johnny: Claudia and I arranged for Ian Devlin to knock off Sonny. But he ended up shooting little Michael.

Nikolas: Well, Claudia did insist that it was her idea. She said that you didn't know any of the details until after the shooting.

Johnny: Okay, but none of that is going to matter to Lulu. She'd leave me in a heartbeat if she knew I had anything to do with Michael's shooting, so I need to know. I plan on telling her.

[Doorbell rings]

Darrin: Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: Hey.

Darrin: Hi. I'm here to drop off the flight plan for Mr. Jacks.

Carly: Oh. They're at Kate Howard’s office. They'll probably leave from there.

Darrin: I didn't realize he was taking Miss Howard again, I'm sorry.

Carly: Why are you apologizing?

Darrin: No reason.

Carly: Come in for a second. You flew with him the last time they went to Manhattan to that charity benefit, right?

Darrin: Did I?

Carly: Did you see something? And I would like the truth.

Darrin: It was weeks ago.

Carly: But if something happened, you would tell me. Because I'm the one who asked Jax to hire you and you know how important loyalty and honesty is to me.

Darrin: And discretion.

Carly: Look, I'm sure Jax has already told me all about it. We don't keep secrets.

Darrin: Then I'll be on my way.

Carly: Darrin.

Darrin: It was nothing.

Carly: Well, I'm sure it was just a lapse in judgment, right? I mean, it's -- it's not like Kate and Jax had sex.

Darrin: I'm sure it was just too much champagne.

Carly: How uncomfortable for you.

Darrin: A little. Not really. Honestly, Mrs. Jacks, it was just a kiss.

Kate: All right. Did we hear from the museum committee yet?

Lulu: Oh, uh, yeah. They said you don't have to make a speech but they still want to thank you and Jax from the stage and Felix from The Times wants to get a quote from you at the event.

Kate: Okay, good. Um, why don't you ride in the elevator with me and bring your notebook. We're not done. Maxie, I want you to text me the quote I sent to Braden last month and I think that's it.

Maxie: Oh, the fax just came through. But Miss Howard’s out of the office for the rest of the day. I'll put it on her desk so it's the first thing she sees in the morning. Great. Bye. Oh.

Maxie: Oh, I'm glad you guys came back, there --

Logan: I heard them leave, so I guess that means we're alone, aren't we?

[Knocking on door]

Spinelli: Oh! Maximista has returned to tend to the Jackal -- ooh. Oh.

Carly: Boot up your computer. I need you to do a search.

Spinelli: Oh, yes, the ace of cyberspace is happy to comply, but what are we searching --

Carly: You don't get where Kate Howard is without making enemies, okay? I want you to find every newspaper article, every piece of nasty, ugly, life-destroying dirt. I am so sick of Kate Howard, and I am going to blow her life apart if it's the last thing I do.

Kate: Well, I'm glad you could make it tonight, Jax. "Crimson" needs some exposure, and I have been assured by Maxie that you are quite photogenic.

Jax: Really?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Glad to keep the press happy.

Kate: So, I hate to ask, but did Carly give you a hard time?

Jax: No, not at all.

Kate: Ah.

Jax: Yeah.

Kate: I'm sorry, Jax. I know the past few weeks have been exceptionally difficult.

Jax: Well, we'll get through this.

Kate: Yeah, she's her own worst enemy. She works overtime to keep everyone's life in turmoil.

Jax: Carly has been under a lot of strain since Michael was shot.

Kate: I know, Jax, but no matter what I do, Carly continues to treat me unfairly. She came over yesterday specifically to assure me that Sonny would leave me at the altar.

Jax: Yeah, she did say --

Kate: It's sad, really, Jax. She is jealous of me and Sonny. And it only proves how little she appreciates you.

Anthony: When you were a child, we used to call you "the bad seed." This big act you put on about loving Johnny, it's only to manipulate him.

Claudia: You're wrong. Everything I do is for John.

[Anthony laughs]

Anthony: What about that show you put on as a teenager? How did that help your brother? It's always been about you, Claudia. About stealing power and manipulating everyone you could. You're poison. And you're a whore. And like I said, no one knows it better than your own father.

Claudia: Don't you dare blame me. I was 16 years old. You were the adult.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're right. If Lulu knew that you had anything to do with Michael's shooting, it would be over between you. But it would also break her heart.

Johnny: You should know that I will carry the guilt of what happened with me for the rest of my life.

Nikolas: Okay. But as I'm sure you know, I've had some questionable business dealings with Ian Devlin in the past -- paid him a fortune when I knew he was completely unethical.

Johnny: I doubt Sonny or Jason would want to kill you for the small part you played in that, though.

Nikolas: Regardless, I still carry a certain amount of guilt with that. And Lulu has seen more death than any girl her age should. So I'll keep quiet, but if you betray the trust that I just put in you, I'll give you up in a heartbeat.

Maxie: Don't do anything you can't take back, Logan. Why don't you just get on the elevator and we'll pretend that this never happened.

Logan: Now you decide to be reasonable. It's a little too late for that, Maxie. You've already taken everything from me.

Maxie: I admit I didn't realize how much you truly care for Lulu.

Logan: Lulu's gone. She was going to help me turn my life around. You trashed that. She's gone. And now all I'm good for is a little slut like you.

Maxie: No, Logan! No!

[Muffled screams]

Lulu: Johnny? You already home? Is anybody here? Hello?

[Sirens sounding]

[Horns beeping]

Maxie: Logan, please. Oh, my God.

Maxie: Please let me go.

Logan: [Chuckles] Maxie, Maxie.

[Maxie yells]

[Logan yells]

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