GH Transcript Tuesday 7/1/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/1/08


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Robin: You can't be serious. You're actually going to testify against your own daughter?

Anna: No -- it's not personal, Robin.

Robin: Well, it sure feels that way.

Anna: Sorry. I love you. I love you more than anything and I am beyond thrilled that you're going to be a mother, and, you know, I'm going to be the mother of somebody about to be a mother and that whole thing.

Robin: Then why are you siding with him?

Anna: Simply put, you couldn't be more wrong about him.

Jason: Carly is not pregnant.

Sonny: She tell you that?

Jason: She didn't have to tell me anything, Sonny. I saw the test. There is no baby.

Sonny: Okay, but according to Carly, you -- you could've been having her baby. I just -- I just want to hear the truth from you. Are you sleeping together?

Jax: Is there a chance that Sonny could be the father of this baby?

Carly: There is no baby.

Jax: But we won't know that for sure until you take a test, right?

Carly: I took a test. I'm not pregnant, Jax. I'm sorry.

Claudia: Donít. Don't do it, John.

Johnny: The bastard threatened to kill you. I'm not going to give him a chance to do it.

Jerry: Pull that trigger and the whole world will know that your sister was responsible for little Michael Corinthosí shooting.

Anna: I mean, you know, it's natural for you to have freaked out at the thought of an entire family living under one roof because your father and I, we were not good examples of that, obviously.

Robin: First of all, me and the baby moving in with Patrick is absurd.

Patrick: And cramming a baby into a closet isn't?

Anna: He has a point. A closet is no place for a child.

Robin: It isn't a closet. It's a dressing area that's about to become a nursery.

Diane: Well, call it whatever you will, no woman should be forced to store her couture in boxes by the bed.

Anna: You know, I mean, Patrick has all the room in the world.

Robin: Okay, look, I know that you mean well and somehow you've managed to convince yourself that siding with him is actually good for me, but I can assure it isnít. I mean, this whole situation is completely ridiculous.

Patrick: I couldn't agree more.

Diane: Patrick, statements like that do nothing to enhance your position in a court of law.

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm sorry to interrupt, but why involve the courts at all? The last thing either of you want is a long, drawn out custody battle. Take it from somebody who's been there. It's not going to do anybody any good, least of all that baby.

Diane: If Patrick wishes to withdraw petition, all he has to do is ask.

Robin: In the interest of our child, will you let this go?

Patrick: What kind of father would I be if I didn't fight to be a part of my child's life?

Diane: And that settles it. I will notify you when the hearing is calendared. When you retain legal counsel, please have them contact me.

Jax: You were so adamant about not wanting to take a pregnancy test. What made you change your mind?

Carly: Because you were right, you know? If -- if I really were pregnant, I owed it to the baby to start taking care of myself and -- it was just the timing of it all. I wasn't able to focus on what a miracle it would've been, and I'm really sorry.

Jax: No, I'm the one who should apologize. I -- I told everyone before we even knew for sure, so I'm sorry.

Carly: You were excited, you know? You had every right to be. I know how badly you want a baby.

Jax: Yeah, but not at the expense of our marriage. I didn't mean to pressure you into something that you're really not ready for.

Carly: You know, with the negative test, it made me realize how badly I want to have a baby with you. I just need a little bit of time, that's all.

Jason: I haven't slept with Carly since the summer I met her.

Sonny: Why do you keep letting her pull this crap? I mean, it's been what, 12 years since she passed off Michael as yours? Now she's pulling the same thing? Except this time she's not lying to A.J., she's lying to me.

Jason: Carly was afraid that you would want to be in the kid's life. She can't take that chance after what happened to Michael.

Sonny: Come on, you're not -- you can't be defending her.

Jason: Carly panicked. That's what she does. She panics.

Sonny: Okay, what if Carly was pregnant? Would you have gone on with -- with the lie, claiming my kid is yours?

Jason: It -- it doesn't matter. There is no kid.

Sonny: I got out of the organization to actually do the right thing -- keep my kids safe, t away from the violence. Carly has punished me since Michael got shot. And now you probably already know this, on the way from the institute, we had sex. Right after we had sex, she handed me a piece of paper to sign away my kids.

Jason: Sonny, just -- why don't you just quit worrying about Carly and just focus on your marriage to Kate?

Kate: So I've already asked Jen to set aside eight pages in the fall issue for exclusive coverage of the ceremony and all the events leading up to it. I want everything featured, from the place settings to the gown I'm wearing.

Lulu: Oh, speaking of -- I -- I left a message for Maha. She's in Saint Tropez. She won't be able to do fabric selection until next week.

Kate: All right, fine. Have her send over some sketches in the meantime. Federico is already working on designs for the reception gown.

Maxie: I'd be happy to pick up sketches from Federico when he's finished with them.

Kate: Okay, Maxie. We can work out the logistics later. In the meantime, your function is of liaison. It is imperative that you get Maha's people speaking with Federicoís. Now, I want the gowns to compliment each other, but I also want the individual style of the designer represented.

Maxie: Of course. I'll call him right now.

Kate: Okay.

Maxie: Federico, hey, it's Maxie. I was just calling to see how those sketches were coming along. No pressure, just my own curiosity.

Lulu: So, um, Sonny's a pretty private guy, at least as long as I've known him. How does he feel about his relationship being plastered all over the pages of a magazine?

Kate: Sonny is not used to, nor will he ever be, comfortable with the level of scrutiny associated with my position. There is a real chance that he may ask me to pull the article all together. In which case, I'm going to need some backups in place.

Lulu: Well, we could move up the piece on warning signs for breast cancer to coincide with national awareness month.

Kate: That's a good start, Lulu, but it won't fill eight pages. Why don't you compile a list of some other ideas that will tie in with the cancer piece? I want to be prepared at a moment's notice to drop it in case Sonny gets cold feet.

Johnny: That's one hell of a bluff.

Jerry: I assure you, I always have a contingency plan and this is no exception. I'll let your sister acquaint you with the details.

Claudia: Ian was working with Jerry. As a matter of fact, Ian wanted Jerry to shoot Sonny in the warehouse.

Jerry: I'm afraid I have to agree. I would never have pulled the trigger if I knew there was a child in the line of fire.

Johnny: So if you didn't trust Ian to take care of the job, why didn't you take Sonny out yourself?

Jerry: I didn't want the hit to be traced back to me, so Ian did the job himself and the rest is, as we know, painful history. Fortunately for all of us, Ian is dead. And as far as the law and Jason Morgan are concerned, the good doctor was acting out alone. But if you kill me, all that will change.

Johnny: What's he got on you?

Claudia: There's an affidavit on file that states I was the one who hired Ian.

Jerry: And if the information comes to light, I have no doubt that Jason Morgan will kill you both. Which brings us to our current dilemma, I mean, if it was me, I would only have one solution -- drop the gun. Keeping me alive keeps you alive.

Jax: I haven't been fair to you.

Carly: Jax.

Jax: No, I wasn't there the first few hours after Michael was shot. Jason was the one you turned to for support. Instead of accepting that, I -- I resented that, in a way.

Carly: I wasn't trying to shut you out.

Jax: Well, however it happened, I just felt like I let you down. I wanted to help you in a way that no one else could. That's why I was pushing for the possibility of you being pregnant. A new life is the greatest gift I could think of.

Carly: I know that I have been distant lately and you're allowed to be angry and -- and frustrated, but you have to know that through it all, I never stopped loving you or needing you or needing you. And what scares me the most is that I am going to be so hurt that I do something that pushes you away.

Jax: Carly, I can handle anything you throw at me.

Sonny: Why do you think I'm wrong, after everything that's gone down, to want to marry Kate?

Jason: Sonny, what you and Kate do is your -- it's your business.

Sonny: But why don't you agree is what I'm asking?

Jason: It's not up to me. It's not up to me.

Sonny: Well, that -- it's not up -- that's your stock answer. It's all -- you know, I can read you. So you -- you think that I am wrong to want to be happy when Michael's in -- in coma.

Jason: No, no, I think that -- that what happened to Michael is too big for any of us to live through all at once. It -- it's kind of like being in a car wreck when at first you're in shock. You don't feel the pain. You don't even know if you're bleeding until the adrenaline wears off, and then you have to deal with what just happened.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: That's what -- that's what we're all trying to do right now, is just deal with what happened. Your answer's to quit and get married to Kate. Now, you know what? I'm not saying -- I'm not saying that's wrong. I'm just saying that you need to be honest with yourself about why you're doing this. This is about Michael and it always will be.

Maxie: When you say Sonny could get cold feet, do you mean about having his private life made public or getting married in general?

Kate: If Sonny wasn't committed to spending his life with me, he hardly would have proposed a second time.

Maxie: A second time?

Kate: Yes, Maxie. The first time I was the one with cold feet.

Lulu: What changed? I mean, not that it's our business, but it's just, you know, kind of weird that you would run screaming from Sonny one minute and now agree to marry him the next.

Kate: Well, Lulu, it hardly happened that fast, nor in such dramatic fashion.

Maxie: Well, if you don't want to talk about it --

Kate: No, no, actually, I would rather have you hear the truth from me than concoct some story on your own. The truth is at the time, my only reservation was Sonny's line of work. Had he not been a known racketeer, I would've married him on the spot.

Lulu: Oh, so now that Sonny's not in the business, you don't have an excuse?

Kate: No, no, no, I don't, but Sonny does. He's still grieving Michael, and he may not be capable of facing all the trappings of a big wedding. And if that turns out to be the case, then I'll deal with it. And in the meantime, we have a lot of planning to do, so go, get busy.

Ric: Hi. Do you have a minute?

Kate: Uh, sure, Ric. Hold all my calls. So are you here in some sort of official capacity? I'm sure that Trevor isn't too happy that Anthony asked you on as co-counsel.

Ric: No, I'm not here to talk about Trevor and his shortcomings as a father. I'm here out of concern for my brother. Kate, there's a great deal of tension going on between Jason and the Zaccharas right now. I need you to keep Sonny from getting drawn in.

Kate: Ric, I love your brother and I would do just about anything to keep him happy, but I have learned my lesson. I will not manipulate him, even if it's for a worthy cause. Look, that was the way that other women dealt with Sonny and I personally believe that he deserves better, which is why I'm going to stay out of this, Ric. If you need to talk to Sonny, you need to do it on your own.

Jerry: What's more important, killing me or keeping Claudia safe? I thought so. Now, put the gun down.

Claudia: Do it, John. Look, I want him dead just as much as you do. Unfortunately, that's not an option right now. If we leave Jerry alone, he'll do the same.

Jerry: You seem to be forgetting that your father threatened an innocent little child. If any harm comes to her or her mother, I will go to Jason Morgan and tell him all I know about that night little Michael was shot.

Claudia: What do you want?

Jerry: Get your father under control, or I will.

[Gun shot]

Claudia: John, what are you doing?

Johnny: Calling his bluff.

Robin: Hi, thanks for coming.

Alexis: Well, it's not often I get offers to do outside work.

Robin: Well, I'm hoping that you can still take on a private client.

Alexis: It depends on the case and the client. But since the client is you, you know that I would do anything that I can for you.

Robin: Patrick is petitioning for visitation rights with the baby.

Alexis: It's standard practice to want to work up a custody arrangement when the parents are living in different houses.

Robin: When the baby is still in my womb? Please, tell me that this is just a scare tactic on Dianeís part and Patrick cannot actually win this case.

Alexis: All right, you should know that Diane is very good. She's a very thorough attorney and I don't think she would file a motion if she didn't think the judge would grant a hearing.

Robin: Am I the only one that thinks that this is crazy? I mean, doesn't this violate my right to privacy?

Alexis: Technically, no, because Diane can argue that you've already had this amount of time to bond with the baby and Patrick is afforded the same amount of time.

Robin: Well, that's ridiculous. Because no matter how much Patrick wants to rub my belly or talk to the baby, he'll never be connected to it the way that I am. And the truth is, he's only doing this because he wants me to move in with him.

Alexis: I'm going to say something to you from one single mother to another. It would be far less complicated if you had a relationship, a decent relationship with the baby's father. Unless, of course, he poses an emotional or physical threat.

Robin: Of course not. Patrick would never hurt the baby.

Alexis: Robin, you would be far better served to make room for Patrick in your life. Otherwise, you would have a lot more to lose than just a few hours a week with your baby.

Elizabeth: I know you're trying to convince Robin that you want to be a good father, but taking her to court? It's only going to make her dig her heels in even deeper.

Patrick: What choice do I have? I've told Robin every way that I can that I want to be a part of our child's life and she doesn't seem to hear it.

Elizabeth: I think you're just going to have to give her time.

Patrick: Elizabeth, my back is against the wall. In a few months, she's going to give birth. Now, if I want to be a part of our kid's childhood, then family court is the only option.

Elizabeth: Spinelli, what are you doing out here all alone?

Spinelli: Oh, um, the Jackal has just undergone a battery of, well, no doubt beneficial, if somewhat disconcerting, tests to measure his optimum health and wellness. And while being returned to the confines of my regrettably plain room, the pleasant pusher was called away. So rather than incurring the wrath of the administrative staff by violating hospital policy and wheeling myself back on my own, the Jackal has decided to remain patiently here and wait for the return of the orderly one.

Elizabeth: I'll take you to your room.

Spinelli: That would be lovely and give the Jackal a chance to explain the true meaning of our previous conversation. See, well, the Jackal is most certain that Vixenella clearly harbors feelings for Stone Cold --

Elizabeth: Spinelli, if say one more word about Jason and Claudia Zacchara, I'll sedate you.

Sonny: You know me, Jason. Don't you think -- don't you think I feel that Michael should be the one with a future? Fall in love, get married? But it's not -- it's not going to happen because of this business, because of me. But don't think for one second that -- that I walked away clean. Not even close. I -- I lost both sons in the process.

Jason: It's the only way Carly knew how to protect Morgan.

Sonny: You can -- you can tell -- you can tell me that all you want, that when she handed me those papers it was because she was doing something that she thought was right. It wasnít. It was about revenge. Carly wanted to punish me. But what I don't understand is how you -- you stood by and let her take away my kids.

Jax: You know, the reason I brought up Sonny possibly being the father of this baby is because he told me that I should get a paternity test.

Carly: Well, who cares what Sonny says? He's out of our lives for good.

Jax: He may have signed away the rights to his boys, but he'll always play on your shared history.

Carly: I don't care. I'm in love with you. You're the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Jax: Come here.

Claudia: John, donít. Put the gun down.

Johnny: I don't want our lives in Jerry's hands.

Jerry: Then you should probably aim that thing somewhere else. It would be a tragedy if you shot your dear sister by accident.

Claudia: John, think about it. The only leverage that Jerry has is that I was involved in Michael's shooting. Now, if you were in his position, would you leave your only life insurance to chance? No. You would have a sworn affidavit. Let him leave. Johnny, if you shoot him, you are killing both of us.

Johnny: Fine. You get to keep breathing for now.

Robin: So you're saying you won't represent me?

Alexis: No, that's not what I'm saying at all. Listen, I'm a champion for mothers' rights, and I'll be happy to put on my lawyer hat for you if that's what you'd like. I can't guarantee that you're going to win. It will, however, be a very interesting case. Because as absurd as this sounds, Patrick actually has a very compelling argument.

Robin: Hi.

Anna: Hi.

Robin: Uh, this is my lawyer. Alexis, this is my mother.

Anna: How are you?

Alexis: Nice to meet you.

Anna: Yeah, nice to meet you. So you got a lawyer?

Robin: Yeah. And if you do decide to take this case, you should know that my mother is willing to testify on Patrickís behalf.

Alexis: You are aware that if you -- if you aren't subpoenaed, you don't have to testify.

Anna: Yeah, I know that. Patrick's a good man. He really loves my daughter.

Robin: Dragging me into court is a funny way of showing it.

Anna: Yeah, you wouldn't be fighting so hard if you hadn't had such a mixed up childhood. Robert and I, we weren't the best parents.

Robin: This isn't about you and Dad. This is about Patrick being completely irrational.

Anna: He's asked you to move in with him, not commit murder.

Robin: Well, excuse me if I want some semblance of stability for my child.

Alexis: This, since I'm sure one day you're going to want your child to listen you, you might extend the same courtesy to your mother -- I'm just saying. If you want me to represent you, I will. I'll do that.

Robin: Thank you.

Alexis: Just let me know if you want to move forward with it.

Robin: I will.

Alexis: Nice meeting you.

Anna: Yeah, bye-bye.

Anna: I have no business telling you what to do with your child. I just would hate for you to make the same mistakes I did.

Robin: Mom, I know what I'm doing and I would really like your support.

Maxie: Hey, Clarice, it's Maxie. Do you still have the number for that florist you used for the Hampton party? Kate really liked his work and I think she wants to use him for the reception.

Lulu: Kate Howardís office. No, ad sales is extension 4718. I will transfer you.

Maxie: What, no calls from Johnny? It's been 24 hours since he's been out of jail, and he hasn't checked in yet?

Lulu: Oh, well, I notice he hasn't called you either, which would mean he's not interested in you.

Maxie: Are you sure about that? Oh, Clarice, thank you so much. You're a lifesaver.

Jax: Is she on a call?

Lulu: Oh, no, go in.

Maxie: Oh --

Jax: Hey, do you have time to go over these figures now?

Kate: Yes, Jax, and let me just say that I'm glad whatever disagreement you and Sonny are having at the moment won't interfere with our working together.

Jax: Sonny has nothing to do with "Crimson." I'd like to keep it that way.

Kate: Fair enough. Okay, the projected budget of the next three issues of "Crimson." I know, I know, Jax, they're a little high, but in order to stay competitive, there's --

Jax: Oh, it's not the budget. It's Carly. She's not pregnant after all.

Sonny: Whatever your boss needs, you can go ahead and, uh, take it up with Jason.

Ric: I'm, uh, not here as Anthonyís attorney. As a matter of fact, my very presence would be construed as conflict of interest, which is why I asked Kate to be an intermediary, but she has absolutely no intention of getting in the middle of this.

Sonny: Middle of what?

Ric: All right, look. Johnny Zacchara was arrested last night for assaulting Logan Hayes, and Anthony stepped in and pressured Alexis to get his son released.

Sonny: Pressured how?

Ric: By implying that something could happen to Kristina while she was away at camp.

Sonny: Ah, that, you know -- so Anthony threatens my daughter's life and this is the first time I'm hearing about it?

Ric: Sonny, come on, you know that he's a smart man. He's not going to risk a full-scale mob war over some simple assault.

Sonny: Would you be defending this son of a bitch if he threatened Molly?

Ric: I'm not defending him, okay? I'm just trying to get a little perspective here.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? What am I supposed to do, just sit back and wait for Anthony to go after my daughter?

Ric: Anthony was exploiting Alexis' biggest weakness in order to get his own son released. I can assure you no harm is going to come to Kristina.

Sonny: So, okay, then why bother asking Kate to intervene?

Ric: Well, I don't know, Sonny. You've finally done the right thing by getting on with your life. I just want to make sure that you don't jump back into a business that's already taken your oldest son.

Johnny: Why the hell didn't you tell me that Jerry Jacks was working with Devlin?

Claudia: I didn't want you to worry about it, John.

Johnny: Claudia, how many times do I need to tell you, I don't need you protecting me.

Claudia: You know what? You wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for me. I'm the one who got this whole nightmare rolling with Ian. I feel like it's up to me to deal with the fallout, Johnny.

Johnny: You know, it is all becoming so crystal clear to me now. Jerry Jacks never gave a damn about renting property at the cannery. He was just sniffing around to squeeze you.

Claudia: Yeah, you're absolutely right. I underestimated the guy, okay? Jerry Jacks is lethal, Johnny. I should know, because he's the one who stabbed me.

Anna: If you could just take a step back and consider the fact that you might be overcompensating because of your messed up childhood.

Robin: Mom, please, stop blaming yourself.

Anna: I'm not -- really. But because I kept you from Robert for the first six years of your life, I think you feel that fathers are optional. You know, it's nice if you have one, but they can't be counted on. And that kind of uncertainty -- I think you won't even let yourself believe in happily ever after.

Robin: This is not about you and Dad. It's about me and Patrick. Who, up until a few months ago, wanted to have nothing to do with a child. And it's just now that my due date is getting closer and the fact that he found me collapsed on the floor, it's just made him very nervous. And so now all of a sudden, he's willing to step up and take responsibility.

Anna: You make it sound like a bad thing.

Robin: It is if it's out of obligation.

Anna: No, it's not. That's just your fear talking. You're not even hearing what it is Patrick is trying to say. He wants to be with you, Robin. Why won't you let him?

Johnny: So Jerry Jacks stabbed you and left you for dead.

Claudia: I was trying to get Jerry to help me frame Daddy as Ianís accomplice.

Johnny: I told you to drop that.

Claudia: I know -- well, I didn't listen, John, okay? Because I honestly -- I honestly believed that implicating Daddy was a solution to our problems. So I kept pushing Jerry --

Johnny: Yeah, and he stabbed you. So why the hell didn't you let me kill him when I had the chance?

Claudia: Because, John -- look, Jerry's out to cover his ass, and we're trying to do the same. So in a way, I figured that kind of made us all allies.

Sonny: Anthony Zacchara threatened my daughter's life. I've just got to make sure it never happens again.

Ric: Okay, Sonny, I realize that you want to protect Kristina. But realistically, what can you do? Are you going to call Jason now? Are you going to tell him to kill Anthony?

Sonny: If that's what it takes, Ric.

Ric: Sonny, unless Jason is prepared to wipe out the entire Zacchara family, there's going to be a retaliation, a full-scale mob war, and then you and your children are going to be a target for real.

Sonny: Okay, that is true but, you know, I'm not going to just let Anthony threaten my daughter to work Alexis.

Ric: Anthony realizes that a well-placed threat is infinitely more effective than the actual violence. I can assure you there is no harm that's going to come to Kristina.

Sonny: Am I Ė okay, am I supposed to just trust you on this? That's all I'm going to ask you right now.

Ric: Alexis is the mother of my daughter, too, and I look at Kristina as if she were my own. Now, do you honestly believe that I'm going to let harm to come to either one of those girls?

Elizabeth: Stranded again?

Spinelli: Oh, um, the Jackal has been given a clean bill of health and is awaiting his ride back to casa de Stone Cold.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Spinelli: The Jackal is likewise relieved, though he is still troubled that he may have distressed fair Elizabeth with his musings about Vixenella's feelings for Stone Cold?

Elizabeth: It's okay, Spinelli.

Spinelli: I just -- the Jackal feels compelled to explain, even at the risk of involuntary sedation. Um, look, Stone Cold has never shown even the slightest interest or reciprocal feelings for the daughter of darkness. Indeed, the master does not seem to trust or even like her at all -- a fact that Vixenella is well aware of, yet strangely unphased by. The Jackal would almost go so far as to say they are antagonists, save for the fact that they proved themselves capable of working in harmony when I was felled by the dreaded Asian ague. And you know, after being on the receiving end of her most mindful ministrations, the Jackal must admit that callous Claudia is not actually all that bad and even --

Jason: Spinelli.

Spinelli: Oh.

Jason: Stop.

Anna: Shh, she's asleep.

Patrick: Oh, do you mind if I wait?

Anna: No, come in. Do you want to sit down?

Patrick: Yeah.

Anna: I have tea. Do you want tea?

Patrick: I'm okay. I could use some advice, though.

Anna: Okay.

Patrick: How do I get Robin to understand that I'm not filing this petition to punish her? All I want is to be part of our child's life.

Anna: I don't know, I mean, I don't know what the secret is to get through to Robin. She's a remarkable woman.

Patrick: Yeah.

Anna: She's very strong and resilient. But thanks to her father and me, she's also a bit of a mess -- emotionally, anyway.

Patrick: Is that why you agreed to testify on my behalf? You feel guilty?

Anna: I'll feel a lot worse if I'm wrong about you.

Patrick: You arenít.

Anna: You better hope not. Because if I persuade Robin to trust you, you know, and then you turn around and you hurt her, I'm going to hunt you down. And you know the phrase, "terminate with extreme prejudice"? Do you know that phrase?

Elizabeth: Just sign here and you will be free to go. I'll call you an orderly to wheel you out.

Jason: Uh, I can do it.

Spinelli: Um, actually, while Stone Cold is much more than capable of such a menial task, he would be in clear violation of section three, article eight of the hospital policy and procedures manual. And if the administrative ones discover such a breach in conduct, they would no doubt ram their fury on you like the Goth God of Zune.

Elizabeth: I won't tell if you wonít.

Spinelli: The Jackal appreciates fair Elizabeth's discretion on the matter and truly hopes that none of his earlier words were taken amiss?

Elizabeth: Not at all, just please stop explaining.

Jason: Okay, come on, let's go.

Spinelli: Um, actually, the Jackal senses me lingering discomfort between Stone Cold and the mother of little Jacob Martin. It would be ill-advised to leave without first attempting to clear the air --

Elizabeth: There's really no need, because I get it, okay? That Claudia likes Jason. He doesn't like her. Either way, it has nothing to do with me. We have our own lives now.

Sonny: My goal is to believe that my children are safer now that I got out of the organization. Very difficult to do that when I'm actually doing the right thing, but everybody around me is telling me I'm doing the wrong thing.

Ric: Alexis is a very strong and capable woman. If the pressure gets too much, she can resign from her position as D.A. But the best thing, Sonny, that you can do for yourself is to just stay out of it, okay? Don't retaliate.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I'm trying.

Ric: Don't make a big thing. Don't get involved. Make sure that Anthony knows that you're not in the business and you are no longer a threat.

Sonny: Do you think that's easy? Ric, it's hard to start a new life, you know, without thinking of the damage you're leaving behind.

Ric: Yeah, sure, but go ahead. Just jump back into the business --

Sonny: I don't want --

Ric: With both feet. Start a full-scale mob war with Anthony, and then you drag your children and their mothers through an endless morass of violence. Look, whatever your motive, you did the right thing by getting out. You have a chance to be happy, make the most of it.

Kate: I have enough to deal with with launching this magazine and planning my wedding. I do not have the time, nor the patience, to play gatekeeper. That would be your jobs. No one should be barging into my office under any circumstances, is that clear?

Lulu: But it was Jax. I didn't think you would care.

Kate: Well, normally I wouldn't, Lulu. But if I was in with Sonny, that would be another story. It would make my life so much easier if they could just avoid each other all together -- which is where you come in. As my assistants, it is up to you to finesse the situation so that Sonny and Jax do not cross paths. If I am in with one, you find some sort of reason to keep them away from each other. Is that understood?

Maxie: But what if it's, like, important?

Kate: Maxie, you pick up the phone and you call me. No one should be barging into my office under any circumstances.

Maxie: Nice work. Now Kate thinks we're both incompetent.

Lulu: Well, you definitely are. I wasn't even here when Sonny came by.

Maxie: There's a surprise. You're never here, because you can never be bothered to do your job. How hard is it to announce a guest?

Lulu: You tell me.

Maxie: You can't just go in --

Lulu: Hmm.

Kate: What can I do for you?

Carly: I understand you're planning a huge wedding. In the interest of your dignity, you may want to rethink that.

Kate: Excuse me?

Carly: Keep it small and simple. That way when Sonny backs out, there will be no calls for embarrassment.

Kate: But, Carly, the only one embarrassing herself here is you.

Carly: Look, if you want to have a big flashy wedding, by all means go ahead, but at least be smarter about it than Brenda was. Don't walk down the aisle until you actually see Sonny standing there. But you still may want to wear waterproof mascara because it's gonna hurt a whole hell of a lot when Sonny leaves you standing there alone.

Johnny: Jerry Jacks cannot hurt anybody again. Okay, once I get my hands on that affidavit, there's no reason to keep him alive.

Claudia: He's too smart to leave his only evidence against us just laying around, John. He's --

Johnny: Claudia, I have spent my entire life being controlled by other people -- Trevor, our father. I'm not about to add Jerry Jacks to that list.

Claudia: I don't want you taking any unnecessary risks, Johnny. We will find a way to get out from under Jerry. Or don't you trust my judgment anymore?

Johnny: Well, you've been keeping a lot of secrets.

Claudia: I didn't want you involved in any of this.

Johnny: It's a little too late for that, so I need you to be honest with me. Does anyone else know that you hired Devlin to kill Sonny?

Alexis: I got your message. Ric just said that you dragged Anthonyís son away at gunpoint. Please, tell me that you didn't kill him.

Jerry: My, I had no idea you cared so much about Johnny's well-being. Should I be jealous?

Alexis: I'd rather not have his blood on my hands -- or anybody else's, for that matter.

Jerry: Well, rest assured no one died -- not for lack of trying. I mean, had the bullets pulled two inches to the right, Lady Jane would be planning my funeral as we speak. But fortunately, um, John and I, we were able to reach an understanding of some sorts. I know that that can change any time, so I would like you to hold on to this.

Alexis: What is this?

Jerry: My insurance policy. If I die, it may very well save your life.

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