GH Transcript Friday 6/6/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/6/08


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Maxie: Spinelli! What are you doing?

Kate: What on earth is going on in here?

Sonny: Yeah, but you're the foreman. If you need more men to offload the shipment, all you got to do is hire them.

[Mike groans]

Sonny: Mike. You all right?

Mike: I'm fine. I'm fine. Oh, no, I'm not fine.

Sonny: Who did this to you?

Claudia: What I do with Nikolas is not your business.

Johnny: I was worried sick about you.

Claudia: John, I called, and I told you that I was okay.

Johnny: Claudia, then days passed and nothing. I didn't know if you were hurt or dead or what.

Claudia: Well, I would be dead if it wasn't for Nikolas probably, so why don't you try thanking him instead of warning him to stay away from me?

Lulu: But Johnny hates his father. The last thing he wants to do is follow in Anthony’s footsteps.

Jason: It doesn't matter what Johnny wants. He's in this business. If you really think you can have a future with him, why don't you go visit Michael and see what it looks like.

Maxie: I'm really sorry, Kate. We should --

Kate: You should leave, now.

Spinelli: The fault for this mishap is the Jackal's alone. I was so overcome with passion for Maximista, and the example set by the surprisingly spontaneous fashionista and the virile Mr. Sir on this very surface that I was attempting to emulate the electric moment, as it were.

Maxie: What Spinelli is trying to say --

Kate: I'm aware of what Spinelli is trying to say, Maxie, but I want you to leave my office and take him with you.

Maxie: Okay.

Kate: And if you can't think of a reason I shouldn't fire you, you should clean out your desk

Maxie: Come on, okay.

Spinelli: The Jackal deeply regrets endangering Maximista's most valued career --

Maxie: Spinelli, you are a genius.

Claudia: I was -- I was walking along the docks, and someone -- someone stabbed me from behind and then dumped me in the harbor.

Johnny: Was it Sonny or --

Claudia: It's all right. He's -- Nikolas is cool. He's the soul of discretion.

Johnny: You sure about that?

Claudia: Yeah. He already knows our father's more than capable of killing me, but John, I don't think it was Daddy. Anyway, I don't know, but I somehow ended up at Wyndemere, and Nikolas found me, brought me up to the house, and, John, he took care of me.

Johnny: You should have gone to a hospital.

Claudia: We were stranded here because of the storm. There was no phone. There was no electricity whatsoever, and I was really out of it, John. I had a very high fever, and I was rambling. Nikolas did not involve the police.

Johnny: Thank you very much for saving my sister.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: Now stay away from her.

Lulu: There's a simple way to end the violence. Stop shooting people.

Jason: Okay, you're not this naive.

Lulu: Why are you so fatalistic?

Jason: Because we're in a business that deals with a lot of money, the kind of money that people kill for, and that's not going to change just because you want to be with Johnny.

Lulu: So I should just give up like you did? You could have had a family with Elizabeth, Jake, and Cam. You could have left the mob like Sonny.

Jason: No, I couldn’t.

Lulu: No, I just don't think you tried hard enough. Maybe being happy is something that you don't really want.

[Door shuts]

Carly: That's beautiful.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: I really love this. This one for Michael, you know, I can touch it and think about him, think about him laughing and playing and how he always asked tons of questions about everything.

Jax: Well, maybe reliving happier times will give you some sense of peace.

Carly: It's a very thoughtful gift.

Jax: You know, we can -- we can add a charm for every anniversary. It might get a little heavy by the time we're fifty, but --

Carly: I know you had your heart set on adding a charm for a child of your own, and as much as I would love to have a baby with you, I'm just not sure it's possible.

Nadine: I love kids. I really do, but sometimes --

Leyla: But they're humans, and humans can complain and cry and kick up a fuss, no matter if they're your patients or your friends or family.

Nadine: Any particular fussing you're referring to?

Leyla: Thanks to my mother, yours truly is spending the evening with Leo Julian.

Nadine: You're going on a date with Leo?

Leyla: Oh, God, no. He's taking me to a wedding. Well, my mum has a friend whose daughter's getting married, and I'm a bridesmaid, and according to my mother, Leo is, like, the perfect date, 'cause he's a nice Persian boy and he's a cardiologist. That should buy me at least a month's reprieve from my mother's helpful advice on men.

Nadine: She wants you to be a bride and not a bridesmaid.

Leyla: Yeah, and Leo is the answer to all her prayers.

Nadine: But not yours.

Leyla: Are you kidding?

[Nadine laughs]

Leyla: God, he's like a bigger player than Patrick Drake ever was. I've been burned once. I'm staying away from flames.

Nadine: Good plan.

Mike: No, I'm all right.

Sonny: My father needs a doctor.

Mike: I'm fine. I'm okay.

Mike: Listen, it's okay. All right, I'll just go to the E.R. It's simple.

Sonny: Mike, we're in the hospital. You're going to get treated by a doctor. Just sit down right here.

Mike: I don't need --

Leyla: We'll get your father to the treatment room right away.

Sonny: Okay, his head -- I don't know what happened there. You need to check that, you understand?

Leyla: Yeah, I see that. I'm going to find Dr. Behar. He's the best trauma surgeon we have.

Sonny: Okay, can you page him please?

Mike: All right, listen, would you just relax? I'm going to be okay.

Sonny: Yes, you are, Mike, 'cause I'm going to make sure of that.

Maxie: Thank you, Spinelli. You not only saved my butt, you saved my job.

Spinelli: But the fashionista threatened to terminate your employment.

Maxie: Yeah, but if Kate knew that I was sneaking a peak at Karl’s design, she would have already fired me.

Spinelli: Designs?

Maxie: Yeah, thank God that you knew Kate was coming. That was a total brainstorm, throwing me down on the desk and faking that whole passion thing. I mean, when you kissed me, I almost burst out laughing, and then I saw Kate walk in, and I realized what you were doing. Not only are you my hero, you are the best friend that I have ever had.

Kate: I trust you're ready to explain.

Spinelli: Maximista was a surprised participant in my impromptu campaign of passion. She -- she had no opportunity to refuse as I rendered her horizontal and pressed my lips to hers. My deepest apologies to both the fair ladies of fashion.

Kate: Spinelli, until you can keep your misguided urges under control, you're banned from this office.

Spinelli: Again, my sincere regrets.

Kate: Starting immediately, Spinelli.

Spinelli: The Jackal obeys.

Spinelli: Uh, attempting to exit posthaste. Adieu.

Kate: Do you have anything else to add?

Maxie: Yeah, how could you come down on Spinelli like that?

Sam: Elizabeth, hi. Do you have a minute to talk?

Elizabeth: I was just about to go on my break.

Sam: Okay, and I'm sure I'm the absolute last person that you wanted to spend it with, and I just -- I really just only wanted to talk. I don't want to get angry or start throwing out accusations at anybody.

Elizabeth: It really doesn't help anyone to keep bringing up the past.

Sam: Yeah, okay, so I'll start. I loved Jason. Turns out it was probably a little bit too much. I think I let my whole entire world revolve around him, and he started to pull away, and I -- I guess I kind of panicked, and I got so jealous and desperate that I was able to sit by and watch your child be kidnapped, and I know it's completely unforgivable, and I understand that you don't want me anywhere near your children, but they are Lucky's kids, too, and Lucky and I are together, so I'm just asking maybe if there's any way you can consider me being at least in the same room as them.

Elizabeth: Have you talked to Lucky about this?

Sam: No, I did not tell him I was coming to see you. I figured maybe I could handle this one on my own. Lucky is a completely committed father, and right now he has to leave me out of the time that he spends with the children, which happens to be a lot, so I am trying to figure out a way that we could all spend time together. Do you know how I can do that?

Nikolas: I understand your instinct to protect your sister here. I feel the same way about mine, but out of respect for Lulu, I've held back in telling you to stay away from her.

Claudia: Well, maybe you should follow Nikolas's example.

Johnny: But he's still in love with his dead fiancée.

Claudia: Johnny, I know. Nikolas told me all about her.

Johnny: Okay, then you know he's using you to get over his grief.

Claudia: Well, I've used guys for a lot less.

Johnny: Claudia, listen to me.

Claudia: No, you listen to me, Johnny. I'm not some innocent little girl who's being taken advantage of by this selfish rich guy. Come on. For the record, Nikolas and I did not sleep together. Lulu walked in here, and she jumped to conclusions. My honor is intact, okay?

Johnny: Let's go.

Claudia: No, you know what? I have a few things to talk to Nikolas about in private. I'll see you later.

Johnny: Yeah.

Nikolas: So I assume that you want to make sure I keep your little confession a secret?

Claudia: Actually, I -- I want to talk about your sister's big fat mouth.

Nikolas: Oh.

Jax: Having a child might give us reason to hope.

Carly: I don't want to think about bringing a new life into the world right now. A child's not going to replace Michael.

Jax: No, no child ever will. Michael was unique, just as Morgan is, just as any child we have together will be.

Carly: It isn't fair to you. Michael and Morgan, they're your stepchildren.

Jax: Yeah, but I love them as if they were my own. The three of you are my family.

Carly: But you want a child of your own, Jax. That's natural. I'm just not ready. I may never be ready.

Jax: I know, yeah.

Jax: I know you're worried about trying again. I do. It's just --

Carly: It's not just the miscarriage. Look at the life we'd be bringing our child into. Morgan's father is a mob boss.

Jax: Well, Sonny left the business, or so he says. He gave up custody of the boys. That is a start.

Carly: Yeah, do you think that matters to guys like Anthony Zacchara? Sonny's the enemy. They can use the boys to get to him.

Jax: Yeah, Morgan will never be out in public with his father again. That's -- that's good.

Carly: He's always going to be a target on some level. So will his half brother or sister.

Jax: You're just thinking of the worst-case scenario.

Carly: I can't help it. I can't help it. I can't handle even the smallest risk right now.

Jax: And I understand your concerns. They're real. I can also wait for you to get past them, because I know you will.

Sam: I know. I know it's asking a lot, a lot, a lot for you to trust me with your children, so I kind of thought about it, and I don't know -- if you want me to wear, like, an ankle monitor or something, I know Spinelli could totally hook that up, or if that's too extreme, maybe you could supervise the visits, or we could bring cameras. I mean, whatever. Whatever you want, I will do.

Elizabeth: I'd like to say that I'm not that judgmental, but I know I have been. A lot has happened since Michael was shot. I've had to take a couple steps back and look at my choices over the past few years, and I've lied a lot, and I've hurt a lot of people, especially Lucky, including you, and I'm sorry, and I'd really -- I don't -- Sam, I don't think I can forget what you did to Jake.

Sam: I --

Elizabeth: But I -- I do want to forgive you, because like you said, it -- it's just not healthy living in the past.

Sam: I'm -- well, does this mean, like, I'm allowed to spend time with the kids?

Elizabeth: No, not yet, and it's not because I think you're going to do something crazy, weird. It's just, I don't want -- I don't want Cameron to be confused.

Sam: No, I completely understand. I mean, how could Lucky have me for a girlfriend when he still loves you?

Claudia: Nikolas, I didn't tell Johnny I was staying here, and I most certainly didn't make up stories about sleeping with you, so all this came from Lulu.

Nikolas: Well, she -- she knows that I'm grieving and understandably worried about me.

Claudia: Well, okay, but she started screaming at me in the middle of the metro court today. She was practically foaming at the mouth.

Nikolas: Yeah, she does tend to get a bit carried away sometimes.

Claudia: Yeah, well, she's convinced I'm some scheming, evil slut who is out to take advantage of your pain.

Lulu: That's exactly what you are.

Claudia: Really.

Jason: Keep the men on guard. We need to be ready if Anthony Zacchara retaliates. Okay, thanks, Max.

Spinelli: The Jackal is keenly aware that Stone Cold bears the burden of Mr. Sir's former territory on his shoulders, but he begs an audience regarding a most unsettling occurrence.

Jason: What now?

Spinelli: The Jackal consulted with the brusque lady of justice about Maximista's puzzling reaction to witnessing Mr. Sir and the fashionista in the throes of passion on her desk, and Diane’s advice was to follow their example, as it were.

Jason: And?

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal came upon Maximista at the same very desk, and he swept aside all the paperwork in -- in a gesture duplicating Mr. Sir's, threw myself at the object of my desire.

Jason: You can't force yourself on a woman, Spinelli.

Spinelli: No, but Maximista, she wasn't alarmed, but she thought it was all an act.

Maxie: You are a fashion icon, and I admire you and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be working with you and learning more about this industry.

Kate: Well, then prove it, Maxie.

Maxie: But just because you have an amazing sense of style doesn't mean you are always right, and you're not right about this. Spinelli was the one who got you that million dollars back that you transferred to Ian Devlin’s account. He's there for you whenever you need him. Yeah, he's a little better with computers than he is with humans, but he's a sweet guy, and it wouldn't hurt for you to tell him that every once in a while.

Kate: Fine, I'll let it go this once because he is a kindhearted man, but don't push me, Maxie.

[Telephone rings]

Maxie: Kate Howard’s office. It's General Hospital, something about Sonny's father.

Kate: This is Kate Howard.

Leyla: Ms. Howard, it's Nurse Mir from General Hospital. I was told to let you know that Mike Corbin was brought in after a beating.

Kate: Is he all right?

Leyla: He's fine. We treated him for cuts and bruises. The doctor signed him off on his release. We require somebody to take him home, but his son left, and he gave us your number.

Kate: I'll be right there.

Sonny: What took you so long?

Loan shark: I'm here. What's your problem?

Sonny: What's my problem? You sent a couple of no-necks to rough up my father.

Loan shark: Oh, good old Mike, wracked up a stiff one this time. You here to pay his debt?

Sonny: Okay, you need to get something straight. No one lays a hand on my father, no matter how much he owes.

Loan shark: You borrow money, you pay with interest, no matter whose father you are.

Sonny: Okay, get out of town. If you leave tonight, you may stay alive.

Loan shark: The way I hear it, you retired. That means you don't get to mouth off with me.

Lulu: Back again, huh?

Nikolas: Yep, yep.

Claudia: Well, it's cool. I was just about to leave, anyway. But, listen, we do have a need here for you to talk your sister about other people's privacy.

Lulu: Well, I think the need is to talk about what happens when people are vulnerable.

Nikolas: Now is probably not a good time.

Claudia: Okay, good. But we do have a lot of stuff to catch up on besides your sister's hysterics. So, give me a call.

Lulu: Please tell me you're not going to call her.

Nikolas: Lulu, please.

Lulu: I mean it. You shouldn't have let her back in the house.

Nikolas: I understand -- I understand that your heart is in the right place, okay? But whether Claudia wants to visit or not is my choice, not yours.

Lulu: She's a complete psycho, Nikolas. I feel awful that Johnny has to even be related to her.

Nikolas: Johnny doesn't seem to mind her.

Lulu: Johnny doesn't have a choice.

Nikolas: Look, you're overreacting and worrying for no reason.

Lulu: No reason? You sleeping with Claudia is not nothing.

Nikolas: I did not have sex with Claudia, and I am not remotely interested in a relationship with her. Okay, it doesn't matter if she's evil and crazy and whatever else you said she was, or the sweetest person on earth. Doesn't matter, I am in love with Emily, and I always will be.

Sam: It's kind of ironic. I think you and I have absolutely nothing in common, except Jason and Lucky.

Elizabeth: You know, for a long time I thought you were with Lucky just to get back at me.

Sam: Yeah, I know that. Yep, you mentioned it, like, every single time that you saw me. And, yeah, I mean, it was true at first. I was hurt and angry, and -- oh, it sounds so bad, but I knew that you seeing me with him would drive you crazy. And, yeah, it was part of the attraction. But over time, I really didn't care what you thought anymore, right. I really started to see Lucky, and he is an amazing man. He's kind and he's accepting and Lucky thinks the best of me. And I am definitely not used to that. Look, I'm actually starting to heal, because I don't wake up in the morning pissed off at all the people who tried to hurt me. I'm just -- I'm starting to actually believe that Lucky and I could actually have a future together. And, you know, I just -- I would love for there to be a way that we could all be together in the same place. And I know that it scares the hell out of me, because if you wanted him back -- like that, he would go with you.

Elizabeth: I love him. I always will. You can call it friendship or first love or, I don't know. Maybe there is no label for it. But my point is I just want to see him happy. And he is happy when he's with you. As far as the boys go, I mean, we can set a date or something. The carnival is coming up in August. Maybe you and Lucky can take the boys.

Sam: Wow. Okay, yeah, that sounds like fun.

Elizabeth: Okay, well, just talk it over with Lucky, and let me know. My break is over.

Sam: I'm sorry if I took up all your time here.

Elizabeth: I'm glad you did.

Sam: Me, too. Me, too. Okay.

Elizabeth: All right.

Sam: Bye.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Spinelli: Maximista was furtively perusing the portfolio when I threw myself upon her. And the glacial one arrived soon after. And so, Maximista assumed that my attempt at seduction was a cover to throw the fashionista off track. She even praised me for my quick thinking.

Jason: That's good.

Spinelli: Oh, no, she only considers me a friend. I long for her to see me as someone worthy of attraction or, dare I say it, physical demonstrations of affection. But she's so unimpressed with my virility, that she mistakes my most passionate embrace for a cover for corporate subterfuge.

Jason: I don't know what to say.

Spinelli: And to make matters worse, I am out of -- I am out of favor with Mr. Sir and the fashionista. The situation is most dire. I fall upon Stone Cold's good mercy, before I lose Maximista forever.

Nadine: Oh, my God.

Leyla: What?

Nadine: It's from Nikolas. He wants me to come to Wyndemere -- important we talk.

Leyla: And you thinking that's code for let's have dinner?

Nadine: Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm excited, so don't rain on my parade.

Leyla: Hey, I wouldn't dream of it. Enjoy. I'm efficient enough to get ready for duty as bridesmaid.

Nadine: Uh-oh.

Leyla: What?

Nadine: This one's for you.

Leyla: Oh, he can't do this to me. Leo has emergency surgery. He can't take me to the wedding tonight.

Nadine: Maybe it's just as well.

Leyla: You don't know my mother. She's going to drag me from one bachelor to the next, all night long.

Kate: Mike.

Mike: Oh, hey.

Kate: Ow. How are you feeling?

Mike: Oh, like an idiot. Thanks for coming.

Kate: Sure.

Mike: You know, the nurses wouldn't let me go home, unless I was in a wheelchair and released to a responsible party.

Kate: No, of course, no problem. But where is Sonny?

Mike: Well, you see, I'm in a lot of trouble with a loan shark, so, I think Sonny probably went off to fix things.

Kate: Well, Sonny can handle himself.

Mike: That's why I called you. Kate, I am worried about my son. I don't think he's realized how much his life has changed.

Sonny: Whatever you're thinking, think twice.

Loan shark: I'm thinking you're an empty suit. I came here for payment on your old man's debt.

Sonny: So, you waited to collect to drive up the interest. Is that what's going on here?

Loan shark: Hey, Sonny, I'm a businessman. You remember how it is.

Sonny: No, this is how it is. Never lay a hand on my father again.

Loan shark: You retired. It doesn't come with benefits. Your old man borrows money, doesn't pay up, he gets treated like everybody else. Consider today on the house. Tomorrow the interest goes up.

Jax: There is nothing I'd love than to have a child with you. And I think that you want that, too.

Carly: I'm not there yet.

Jax: I know. I respect that. We can't change what happened to Michael. And we can't let ourselves lose faith in happiness either. Because life is too precious, you know, it's too short.

Carly: Yeah. I need you to be honest with me about something.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Do you want to have a child because you think it's going to fix what's wrong between us?

Jax: No, I would never put the burden of fixing our marriage on a child. That wouldn't be fair on any of us. We will work through our problems on our own.

Carly: I think we've made a pretty good start.

Jax: Yeah. You told me that you were ready to fight for this marriage.

Carly: Of course I am.

Jax: Mm-hmm. So am I. And I know that we'll succeed. Because we've already been through the worst, and we're still standing. And if we do get pregnant, I'm sure that this baby will come into the world surrounded by love.

Carly: I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

Maxie: Don't tell me, the face looks so familiar. Louise? Lily? I know, Lulu.

Lulu: Funny.

Maxie: Not so funny when I'm the one doing all of your work.

Lulu: Well, you cover for me, I cover for you.

Maxie: Okay. Well, start covering. Alphabetize these. Oops. And when you're finished with that, we need five of Kate's favorite models for the club opening in SoHo. They're all to be dressed in Frederico Cabrero, Maha Chang jewelry, and Gaudet bags and shoes. Why are you not writing all of this down?

Lulu: How does this stuff come off the top of your head?

Maxie: Well, I come to work more than once every three days, and I actually want a career in this industry.

Lulu: I've had a bad day. I really don't need this.

Maxie: That's too bad, because Kate needs this stuff done, and you have to arrange it.

Lulu: Well, I'll ask her myself. Where is she?

Maxie: She's at the hospital.

Lulu: Okay, well, she left her PDA, so I guess I'll just have to take it to her.

Maxie: No. I'll take it to her. Thank you. You do that.

[Telephone rings]

Lulu: Oh!

[Lulu groans]

[Telephone rings]

Claudia: Oh!

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: You'd be looking a lot more cheerful right now, if I were Lulu.

Johnny: This is where we've been meeting.

Claudia: Yeah, I can see why you picked this spot. Lots of good memories here. Remember, I used to bring you here, get you away from Daddy?

Johnny: You used to call it our fort.

Claudia: Yeah, and I always let you pick out the games, because you had the most vivid imagination. You created this whole world here. You had the castle and knights, and we used to do these sword fights, you remember?

Johnny: Yeah.

Claudia: Whoa, whoa! Aah! You! Huh! Oh, my God. I loved it. I loved coming here with you. It was the best part of my day, John,

Johnny: Mine, too.

Claudia: Yeah.

Johnny: The freedom in that place.

Claudia: Yeah, I know. That's why I used to bring you here. So it could just be fun, be kids, have a good time.

Johnny: You were good to me. And you still are. I don't get why other people see you as hurtful. It makes no sense. I've seen the other side of you, you know. I know you can get hurt. Which is why I can't sit back and just watch while Nikolas uses you.

Mike: You know, with most guys, it's -- it's -- I don't know. It's women or alcohol. But with me, it's gambling. I mean, I bet on the ponies, the prize fights, poker, whatever, just to make that big score, so I come home the hero. But this time, I saw this little bar that was up for sale, and I didn't have the cash. So I thought I'd go out and make some.

Kate: But you lost.

Mike: Yeah, a lot. But you see, in the past, Kate, this guy used to float me money because he was afraid of Sonny. But he's not anymore. And he made that very, very clear.

Kate: Well, I'd ask you why you didn't go to Sonny for the money, but I think I already know the answer. You have the same pride as your son.

Mike: Yeah, we have some of the same faults. But Sonny's addiction is not gambling. It's power. And that's why I called you.

Kate: I'm not sure I follow, Mike.

Mike: I'm afraid Sonny's going to start to miss what he used to have. And that pretty soon, something or someone is going to set him off, and he's going to want it all back again.

Jason: I'd like to help. But you know I have no influence with Maxie.

Spinelli: That is a circumstance that is most definitely for the best. Maximista has a penchant for angry, dangerous mobsters, of which Stone Cold is the archetype, and if you were to intercede on my behalf, she might well fall in love with you, which would render her farther from the Jackal's grasp. That's --

Jason: What do you want me to do?

Spinelli: Intervene with Mr. Sir and the fashionista. Explain to them that I am not the pesky irritant that they perceive me to be. Just so that the fashionista will lift the ban that she imposed on the Jackal's visits to Maximista in her workplace.

Jason: Okay, you know what? Maybe you should just take a little rest.

Spinelli: I know, but --

Jason: Just take a break. Just take a --

Spinelli: The Jackal's heart beats only for Maximista.

Sonny: We've got to talk.

Spinelli: Oh -- oh, Mr. Sir, the Jackal meant no offense, and only holds you and the fashionista in the highest regard.

Sonny: Hey, let me explain something to you. Get out of here. We've got to discuss business.

Spinelli: Look, this will only take a moment of Mr. Sir's time. Just -- if you could look to forgive the Jackal.

Sonny: Okay, are you going to ignore me, freaky boy? Huh? You going to disrespect me by not doing what I tell you to do, freaky boy? Huh?

Spinelli: No, no, Sir.

Sonny: No, Sir?

Spinelli: I didn't mean any --

Sonny: Okay, get out of here, now. 'Cause I can't deal with you right now. And I don't want to see you again. I don't want you to come near me or Kate. Do you understand, freak boy? Yes.

Spinelli: Yes.

Sonny: Yes.

Spinelli: Yes.

Jason: Now, see that -- that was uncalled for, okay? He was just trying to apologize, actually, to you, Sonny.

Sonny: I know he's your best friend now. That's -- why aren’t you running the business instead of babysitting Spinelli? Just fire his ass because I'm sick of tripping over him.

Jason: Okay, you know what? You can't come into my office --

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait.

Jason: And tell me what to do.

Sonny: Hold on, hold on. What do you mean, your office?

Alfred: Master Nikolas will be with you shortly. And may I say how lovely you look?

Nadine: You may absolutely say it, Alfred. Thank you.

Nikolas: Hey.

Nadine: Hi.

Nikolas: Thanks for coming.

Nadine: It's always nice to invitation from you.

Claudia: Nikolas helped me when he didn't have to, John. And like I said, we didn't sleep together. So, you're blowing this so way out of proportion.

Johnny: And you are defending him way too much. Okay, Nikolas is messed up. He's in love with a dead woman, and he tugged on your sympathy by telling you.

Claudia: Not everybody has an ulterior motive, John.

Johnny: There you go, protecting him again.

Claudia: Would you give me a little bit of credit? I eat guys like Nikolas for breakfast.

Johnny: You are protesting way too much.

Claudia: And you are taking on your girlfriend's paranoia.

Johnny: No, Lulu was trying to protect her older brother, and I'm just trying to protect you.

Claudia: You'd be better off ditching that hysterical bitch.

Johnny: Dare I hold up a mirror?

Claudia: Johnny, come on. Maybe you're too blinded by love to see clearly, but I see just fine, thank God. And you know what? Your girlfriend is a head case. You should have seen her at the Metro Court hotel lobby screaming at me. Calling me a slut -- that seems to be her favorite word. Calling me a slut, Johnny. You need to dump that girl before she gets somebody in trouble.

Johnny: Okay, I don't take orders from you, especially when it comes to my personal life.

Claudia: Well, turn it around on yourself, Johnny. Because I'm not taking orders from you either.

Leyla: Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help?

Sonny: It didn't take you long to start feeling entitled.

Jason: Sonny, you're the one who wanted this. You insisted that I take over.

Sonny: Absolutely, and I'm going legit. But you still owe me respect.

Jason: I do respect you.

Sonny: Then I expect some accommodation. Mike got beat up by a loan shark. Some independent named Sullivan. I want you to run that low-life out of town.

Jason: That's not your call to make anymore.

Singer: Every time I look at you the world just melts away all my troubles, all my fears dissolve in your affection you see me at my weakest but you take me as I am when I fall you offer me a soft place to land you stay the course you hold the line keep it all together you're the one true thing I know I can believe in you're all the things that I desire you save me you complete me you're the one true thing I know I can believe in

Singer: Do you know do you know do you know, don't go do you know, do you know do you know, do you know

Singer: I get mad so easy but you give me room to breathe no matter what I say or do 'cause you're too good to fight about it even when I have to push just to see how far you'll go you won't stoop down to battle but you never turn to go you stay the course and hold the line you keep it all together you're the one true thing I know I can believe in you're all the things that I desire you save me you complete me you're the one true thing I know I can believe in

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: I'm hoping you'll say yes.

Nadine: What's the question?

Lucky: Do you have any dinner plans?

Claudia: Your girlfriend can't stand your sister. Kick her to the curb.

Jason: I'm in charge.

Sonny: So, you're not going to help Mike?

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