GH Transcript Thursday 6/5/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/5/08


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Robin: "With all your self-absorbed navel pondering, you show no consideration for the father of your child. Really, lady, where would you be without him? You must be the most self-centered, narcissistic" -- I mean, before, I could write off the fake e-mails as just petty and childish. But this is mean.

Patrick: Robin, do you really think that I would say anything like that about you? Okay, to begin with, it's simply not true. Second of all, I would never disrespect you like that.

Robin: What about Spinelli?

Patrick: Read it again. Does that sound like Spinelli?

Robin: So you are telling me that there are real people out there that are actually saying this about me.

Jax: You know that Carly had a late-term miscarriage when she was married to Sonny, and the odds of getting pregnant for her were really low. And now she's had another miscarriage.

Kelly: It's difficult, but not impossible for Carly to conceive without fertility treatments.

Jax: Okay, so can we get pregnant again?

Kelly: It's more complicated than that.

Carly: I want you to apologize to Lulu and get out of my hotel.

Claudia: Lulu started this, and I have every intention of finishing it. Get out of my way.

Johnny: The Zaccharas are well-financed and well-connected. Your organization is already in chaos. You're in no position to win a war.

Jason: Okay, I don't really care if that's a warning or a threat, because I will finish whatever your people start.

Coleman: This will settle your stomach, I promise.

Robin: My stomach was fine until I started reading this stuff. I mean, what the hell does t-I-I-c mean?

Coleman: Oh, I'm clueless on that.

Robin: Who are these people and why do they hate me so much?

Patrick: When you open yourself up to the world, it's an invitation for them to judge you.

Robin: Well, I wouldn't mind if it was productive or informative, but that is just nasty.

Patrick: Okay, look, it's the same fifteen people saying what a bitch you are here.

Robin: Nice.

Patrick: And they're wrong, they're wrong. They're just saying that because they think that it's something that you said about me and it's -- you know what? They're allowed to do this anonymously, and it's not fair.

Robin: This was supposed to be a safe place where women could come and be honest about what they were going through.

Coleman: If you want honesty, you got it, girl.

Robin: Fine, but I didn't think I was opening myself up to be attacked and lied about.

Patrick: Look at that. One key and it's gone. They're all history.

Robin: No, wait! Hold on, I haven't read all of them yet.

Patrick: Why would you want to read this crap when it makes you feel lousy? It's not good for you.

Robin: Because I'm the one that started this blog, and when it was all positive, I ate it up. So it's only fair that I accept the negative now.

Maxie: Robin, it's Maxie. Your phone went straight to voicemail, so I assumed you're busy doing something medically important, but I wanted to let you know that I talked to Spinelli, and he feels horrible about helping Patrick spam you, so you can relax. Whatever you see on your website now is for real, okay? Have to go, bye.

Kate: Exactly what website are you referring to?

Maxie: Oh, my cousin Robin started this blog to track her pregnancy, and she kind of dissed her baby's father, and he used Spinelli to get back at her by spamming her website.

Kate: Oh, um -- for a moment I thought that your friend Spinelli had caught some footage on his camera phone earlier.

Maxie: Of what? Extreme video of you and Sonny doing the deed on your desk? That would be career suicide, wouldn't it?

Kate: It certainly would, Maxie.

Maxie: Well, I love my job too much to risk losing it. Besides, been there, done that.

Kate: Pardon?

Maxie: I just know what it's like to have a deeply personal moment broadcast on the internet, and I would never, ever subject anyone to that kind of humiliation.

Jason: Last time we had a truce, somebody tried to take out Sonny and put Michael in a permanent coma.

Johnny: Hey, I already told you, that wasn't us.

Jason: Okay, you already told me that your father's a loose cannon that you can only try to control. So if you're really serious about keeping the peace, keep your old man on a short leash.

Johnny: What if I do? How do I know you're not going to target him?

Jason: Okay, all you need to know about me is I will defend what is mine.

Johnny: Okay, do you see what's going on here? Your organization and mine, family and associates, the lines are blurred. There are a lot of people to put at risk, including Lulu Spencer.

[Door opens]

Jason: Okay, I get it.

Spinelli: Stone Cold must grant me refuge or Mr. Sir will certainly exact a terrible price for what I unwittingly witnessed with my own traumatized eyes.

Kelly: Emotions are a powerful element in reproductive medicine. Okay, look, how many times have you heard of a couple trying for years and failing to conceive? And then they bring home their adoptive child and the next thing you know, she's pregnant? Everything from peace of mind to hormones to body chemistry are affected by stress and emotions.

Jax: Right. So you're saying in Carly's current state of mind --

Kelly: There is no grief more profound than losing a child. I'm not sure you want to add the pressure of trying to get pregnant.

Jax: Well, you're wrong. What if having another child could give Carly hope again?

Carly: I've been through a lot worse than you and I'm still standing here.

Claudia: I respect your grief. I am not trying to upset you. My business is with Lulu, and it doesn't need to concern you at all.

Carly: Lulu is my cousin. It concerns me.

Claudia: Fine. My problem with your cousin is that she doesn't know how to mind her own business.

Lulu: It is my business when you start hitting on my brother.

Carly: Knock it off, Lulu.

Claudia: Okay, do you see my point? Why would I let this little twit dictate my personal, private life?

Carly: Your personal, private life isn't very private. In fact, you seem to enjoy announcing it to the world, so you can't get mad at Lulu when she offers an opinion.

Claudia: You want her to stay out of trouble? You tell her to stay the hell away from me and out of my sight.

Lulu: Only when you decide to stay away from Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Oh. Busted.

Elizabeth: Hey, there's nothing wrong with thinking about them. I remember the day that picture was taken.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: In fact, I think it was Lucky who took it.

Nikolas: Right, it was in the park the day that she pushed me in the fountain.

Elizabeth: What? Oh, come on, let's get this story straight. I think you pushed her in first.

Nikolas: I know, I know. She was so annoyed with me that day.

Elizabeth: Because you were teasing her endlessly. And then she tried to push you in, but couldnít. I think it took all three of us to finally get you in the water.

Nikolas: Lucky wouldn't have helped if you hadn't threatened his life.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, it worked, didn't it?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I think about her every single day.

Nikolas: So do I. So, anyway, I have had the operation. I am healthy. Isn't this the point where I rebuild my life instead of wallowing in memories?

Elizabeth: You know, grieving isn't like running a race or climbing a mountain. You don't rush to the finish, because it never really ends. There's always going to be that moment where a memory is going to catch you by surprise. You're going to hear a song. You're going to smell a fragrance. You don't forget. You just have to wait for the sadness to dull over time. And eventually, there's going to be other people and other events that will fill up your life. We'll never stop feeling her absence, and that's okay. That's how we deal with the pain. Just try not to let it paralyze you.

Nikolas: What if I do just the opposite? What if in all my pain and grief, I do something crazy and self-destructive?

Claudia: Let me go ahead and clear this up with both of you. I'm a grown woman. Nikolas is a grown man.

Lulu: And you're using him.

Claudia: Oh, like you're using Johnny?

Lulu: No, because you don't know anything about my relationship with Johnny.

Claudia: That's right. I donít. And you know what? I don't much care. Because I'm normal. If I want to bang your brother on this floor in the lobby, you don't get a vote.

Lulu: Really? Because I'm not going to let you take advantage of my brother.

Claudia: Do you see what my problem is here? By encouraging Lulu, you're giving her confidence that she's not earned. And she's going around stepping on the wrong toes, shooting off her fat mouth, and making enemies that she is clearly not capable of handling.

Lulu: You need to back off or I will go straight to Johnny.

Claudia: Sooner or later, someone is going to give Lulu what she deserves. I can hardly wait.

Lulu: Can you believe her? Can you believe that she is going around right now trying to take advantage of Nikolas while he's grieving? She thinks that --

Claudia: What the hell is wrong with you? Claudia Zacchara is dangerous. And I don't mean pull your hair out kind of dangerous. I mean life-destroying dangerous, capable of things that you can't even imagine. You keep your mouth shut. I don't want to lose another person I love.

Maxie: Kyle had a webcam running. The entire time we were having sex, he was streaming the video on the internet for everyone to see.

Kate: I can't imagine how hurtful that would be.

Maxie: Mm, I got over it. What I'm trying to tell you is you don't have to worry about me gossiping about you. I can be discreet.

Kate: Well, I'm glad to hear it, Maxie, because being an assistant at your level, not to mention your developing friendships with designers like Federico, could go to a girl's head.

Maxie: I am completely blown away by this opportunity and very grateful for the people that I am getting to meet. I'm also hoping you'll take me with you to Milan for fashion week, and I would never do anything to ruin that.

Kate: Good. See that you donít.

[Elevator opens]

Maxie: I'll sign for it.

Delivery Man: Are you Kate Howard?

Maxie: Oh.

Kate: No, but I am.

Delivery Man: Then you have to sign.

Kate: Thank you. Karl Levant's new designs?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Top secret. People would kill to get a sneak peak at his new winter line, but he is letting me see it. You see, Maxie, this -- this is what comes from developing strong relationships, from developing trust. This is how discretion pays off.

Spinelli: Humble apologies for interrupting what is clearly a mobular moment, but the Jackal's need is dire.

Jason: We were finished, weren't we?

Johnny: Just don't let Ric and Trevor force you into open hostility against my father. You'll be playing right into their hand.

[Door closes]

Spinelli: The son of darkness sounds ominous. If the Jackal's arrival undermined a peace accord --

Jason: Tell me what happened.

Spinelli: Pardon?

Jason: You barged in here for a reason. Sonny -- what's something about Sonny?

Spinelli: Oh, yes, the Jackal's very life is in jeopardy.

Jason: Why?

Spinelli: I'm not allowed to speak of it. Mr. Sir said that my life would be forfeited if I opened my mouth.

Jason: Okay, then I would keep your mouth shut.

Spinelli: Wise as always, Zen master. But even grasshopper needs someone with whom to confide, if only to assist in unraveling the truth behind Maximista's very strange reaction to the sight of the fashionista and Mr. Sir en flagrante --

Jason: Stop, stop, stop. You need to say something I can understand or you need to go.

Spinelli: Maximista and I walked in on Kate and Sonny having sex on Kateís desk.

Robin: This person totally hates my guts based on a couple of blogs. I mean, how is that rational?

Patrick: Not as irrational as you reading it and taking it to heart.

Coleman: But he's right. I mean, this internet is full of weirdos and wackjobs. People can say whatever they want on there. I mean, I should know, I --

Patrick: Yeah, let's not go there. But Colemanís right. Look, some guy could blow his relationship and take it out on you, or some woman who can't get pregnant makes you the target of their resentment and envy. People dump their garbage on the internet, Robin. It's not for you to pick up and carry.

Robin: Look, I know I shouldnít' care. But it's really hard to be called vindictive and a miserable ho and not take it to heart.

Coleman: Really? Wait, somebody called you a ho?

Robin: Yes, they did. And when people were saying what a jerk you are, which you obviously aren't, I said that you didn't have a right to be upset. But the truth is you did.

Patrick: And you gave me some great advice that I wish I would have taken.

Robin: I told you to ignore the whole thing.

Patrick: Exactly, but I didn't, and look where it got us. So, Robin, can we please stop blogging?

Robin: No.

Patrick: No.

Robin: Because that means that a bunch of nasty people are forcing me to give up. And I'm not going to do that.

Carly: What's this?

Jax: Belated celebration.

Carly: What are we celebrating?

Jax: Well, it's supposed to be a picnic in Providence, which is where would have taken us for our first anniversary if things had been different. But it just didn't seem right to celebrate on the actual date. But it's been on my mind, and I wanted you to know that.

Carly: Jax.

Jax: Here. Lilacs from the garden.

Carly: I love them.

Jax: I know. Now, of course, no French picnic worth its weight in pate would ever include frozen pizza, but --

Carly: You always get me frozen pizza, even when we were in Fiji.

Jax: Yeah, I know it makes you happy. You know, I miss seeing you happy.

Carly: I'm not sure if I can manage happy right now. I'm not sure if I ever will.

Jax: It's not really in your nature to drown in sorrow. You'll find a way to get through this. And that's where I come in. We'll get through this together.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, are you in trouble?

Nikolas: No, no, no. I was just -- I was really close to doing something really stupid.

Elizabeth: Well, don't beat yourself up for something you almost did.

Nikolas: This is my life. It's going to be virtually impossible without Emily, I think.

Elizabeth: Difficult -- yeah, absolutely, but not impossible. Someday, you're going to figure out a way to move on.

Nikolas: Someday, someday. You wouldn't happen to have one of those grief calendars on you, would you?

Elizabeth: No.

Nikolas: No? That's all right, I didn't think so. Because I'm having a tough time getting a handle on when that someday is. I mean, what is an acceptable period of mourning, you know? What's too soon? What's long enough?

Elizabeth: There are no time limits.

Nikolas: Well, I mean, in the Vic -- oh, just humor me for a second, all right? In the Victorian era, okay, you couldn't get married until at least a year after your spouse died. But my question to that is, is that at the end of that year, does your grief just magically disappear? And if it did, at least that would be something to look forward to, right? But what if -- what if you're even just attracted to someone before that year ends? Is that -- is that cheating? I mean, can you be unfaithful to a memory?

Elizabeth: Emily would be the first to cheer you on if you met someone. I know that she would want you to fall in love again.

Nikolas: Well, I didn't mean -- I didn't say anything about love. I mean...

Elizabeth: All I can tell you is that you'll know when it's right. But for what it's worth, I think you should take your time, because everything you're feeling right now is channeled through grief and loss.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And it's going to take a while for you to find your way past it.

[Phone rings]

Johnny: Hey. You seemed upset in your message. Is my father threatening you?

Lulu: No.

Johnny: What happened?

Lulu: Look, I know you love your sister, but I don't think you have a clear picture of who she really is. It's all tied up in your nightmare childhood and losing your mom, but I don't think you understand who Claudia really is.

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Lulu: What she's doing is wrong. You don't take advantage of somebody because they're grieving and because it's easier just because you --

Johnny: Okay, well, who is taking advantage of who?

Lulu: My brother, Nikolas? He's recovering from a brain surgery. The love of his life was murdered less than a year ago. Your sister is sleeping with him.

[Footsteps approach]

Diane: Here for the lattes, Miss Zacchara?

Claudia: Actually, I'm here to see Jason Morgan.

Diane: And is Mr. Morgan expecting you?

Claudia: No, I decided to be spontaneous. But I'm quite sure Mr. Morgan will see me.

Spinelli: The intrusion on Mr. Corinthos, Sir, with his lady love was entirely unintentional. But when I tried to explain that to Mr. Corinthos, Sir, he preemptively threatened my continued existence. Stone Cold, I'm not ready to die.

Jason: You're not -- you're not going to die. Sonny's not going to do anything. Just respect his privacy. That's all you've got to do.

Spinelli: Well, unfortunately, the chosen venue for Mr. Corinthos, Sir, and the fashionista's carnal bliss was far from private, being, as it were, on the desk of the fashionista in her not-so-inner sanctum.

Jason: Did you knock?

Spinelli: Stone Cold's point is well-taken. But, see, my quandary extends beyond the simple mechanics of the embarrassing encounter and into the troubled blond one's strange reaction. Okay, rather than expressing dismay at witnessing this display of sexuality, Maximista almost seemed intrigued.

Jason: This is really between you and Maxie.

Spinelli: Indeed, she even opined on the allure of a man who would throw caution and etiquette to the wind.

[Knocking on door]

Spinelli: To satisfy his partner.

Jason: Come in, please, come in.

Diane: Claudia Zacchara is here to see you.

Jason: Send her in.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I'm not really done.

Jason: Hey, you know what, Diane? Can you help him with his problems right now, please?

Diane: I'm really not the best person to help Mr. Grasshopper.

Jason: It's really billable.

Diane: Well, I'll do my best.

Claudia: By now, I imagine you've received a peace offering from my family. Don't believe it.

Robin: [Clears throat] Hi. It's me again. So today was interesting. Um, humbling. Okay, here's the thing. I started this blog to reach out to other mothers-to-be. You know, I wanted this to be a safe place to be honest and support each other and, sure, maybe even vent a little bit. I really love reading all of your posts and everything that you bring to the discussion, all of your passion and your anxiety. And, sure, you know, maybe I got a little full of myself because I'm the one that started the blog. But today everything changed. I, um, I read some really nasty posts. At first I told myself that it was all lies or that people were projecting their problems onto me, but then I thought, I don't know. Maybe -- maybe they're seeing something about me that I donít. It's hard to not be smug or self-righteous when you find yourself the bearer of the greatest miracle on God's green earth. So, with that being said, maybe I was a little bit too hard on the father of my baby. I wasn't trying to shut him out. I mean -- well, okay, at first I did. But then -- but then we got through that. I mean, now we're practically a couple. But, see, I keep coming back to the fact that I was the one that wanted to have this baby, and therefore I cannot lean on the father of this child because I made --

[Knocking on door]

Robin: A commitment -- [Softly] Hold on a second. [Yelling] I'm busy right now.

Patrick: Robin, are you blogging again?

Robin: All right, I guess we'll have to finish this later.

Robin: I can't wait to see how this plays out on the internet. They probably all think that you showed up here to fight with me.

Patrick: Oh, no, no, no. I'm done fighting.

Robin: Really? Then what are you doing here?

Patrick: Because what we -- mostly you -- are doing is ridiculous.

Jax: A cheesy snack to complement your champagne, Madame?

Carly: You think I'm ruining a perfectly fine vintage.

Jax: No, it's not true. By keeping an open mind, by really keeping an open mind, I've realized that cheesy snacks are actually a very good combination with champagne or any white wine, for that matter. You know, the salt and the chemicals really bring out the crispness of the wine on your palate. I've got to write to some of the better gourmet magazines and tell them of our discovery. Cheesy snacks.

Carly: You don't have to pretend to like cheesy snacks with your wine just because I do.

Jax: Oh, there's no pretense with you, Carly. I don't have to have all the answers or come rushing to the rescue or buy you fancy things to prove -- I don't even know what that proves anymore. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I realize that, you know, the best times we've had together have been the simplest. Like just watching you do the things that you love when you don't know that I'm looking. Or playing with the children.

Carly: You've arranged your share of romantic getaways and fancy jewelry. Big gestures.

Jax: I know. But is that what you want?

Carly: No. What do you want?

Jax: Just knowing that you need me would be a start.

Carly: I need you. I need you very much. I have been so lonely and feeling like I'm going to lose you on top of everything else. But look at us now. There's no distance between us. How did you manage that?

Jax: I love you.

Lulu: I went to Claudia to confront her about what she was doing to Nikolas, and she went crazy. She started making all these threats.

Johnny: What kind of threats?

Lulu: It doesn't even matter, because I'm not scared of Claudia. What I'm worried about is Nikolas.

Johnny: I still don't see what Claudia can do to harm Nikolas.

Lulu: Of course you don't, of course you don't, because you're not the least bit objective when it comes to Claudia. To you, she's just your big sister, but in reality she's dragging Nikolas into her own agenda. And Nikolas is way too vulnerable right now. She really should stay away from him.

Johnny: Well, I agree.

Claudia: Whoever tells you that my father wants peace is lying.

Jason: Mm, well, it was Johnny who showed up here offering peace. So is he a liar or just stupid?

Claudia: No, John is smart enough to know that peace would benefit both of us. Too bad for that to happen, Anthony's got to die.

Jason: Kill him yourself.

Claudia: You could have killed him when you torched the house. Why didn't you?

Jason: I torched the house because I wanted to take something personal. That's the message that I wanted to send. It's time for you to go.

Claudia: You know, maybe you felt sorry for the old man in the wheelchair. If so, let me just tell you a little thing I learned in marine biology about the stonefish. It's this fish that looks like -- it looks like a rock. It sits at the bottom of the reef floor, looking like a non-descript stone. But it's really the most venomous fish in the world. If you step on it, you're dead in an hour. Don't think that just because Anthony Zacchara can't walk, he's harmless. It would really be better for everyone if you just get rid of him.

[Door opens and closes]

Spinelli: The brusque lady of justice is quite certain that this conversation falls under attorney-client privilege? Because if not, the Jackal is a dead man.

Diane: As long as I bill Jason, then, yes, you may retain me for legal counsel, and anything we say is privileged.

Spinelli: Okay. Well, I am hopelessly devoted to fair Maximista, but apparently my lady love craves desk sex with Mr. Corinthos, Sir.

Spinelli: Yummy?

Patrick: Yes, I would like to grab you and shake you for being stubborn, but I'll just bang my head against the wall instead.

Robin: Hmm, "stubborn." Add that to the list of all the other horrible things that I am.

Patrick: No, no, I am not getting sucked into this. Robin, you're falling down a rabbit hole and you're taking everyone who cares about you with you.

Robin: Well, it wasn't supposed to be this hard.

Patrick: Which part?

Robin: I don't know. I mean, the pregnancy part is -- it's fine. You know, my body just kind of does what it wants to, and I just watch and wait. It's everything else -- it's the emotional part, it's the actual dealing with it, you know, and I can't blame it all on my hormones. My life is changing drastically.

Patrick: Are you sorry?

Robin: No, I'm just scared, you know? I want to do it right.

Patrick: No, Robin, you want to do it perfect. You can't do it perfect. You set yourself up for disappointment.

Robin: Well, I am far from perfect. I'm vindictive and nasty and narcissistic.

Patrick: You know what? I don't understand. Why do you let a bunch of people who don't know you, who don't care about you, dictate your life? And then me, the man who loves you, the father of your baby, you treat like an enemy.

Jax: How about a toast?

Carly: To?

Jax: Our first anniversary, and many to come.

Carly: After the year we've had, why would you want more?

Jax: I know we've had some tough times. I've learned something -- that "for better or worse" actually means for better or worse. And the bad times have been overshadowed by the good. You know, I love waking up to you every morning. I love it when you steal my shirts and wear them around the bedroom, or when we have a disagreement at the hotel and then we bring it home to hash out the details, and -- I just love the way your mind works, how you actually think that you can change my mind by having sex. Which you can, and do. Why would I only settle for a year of that when I've signed on for a lifetime? I'm not going to let you cheat me out of that.

Carly: I swear to you, I love you a lifetime's worth.

Kate: Come in.

Maxie: Don't forget you have lunch today at the Metro Court with the new photographer.

Kate: Oh, that's right, with Marcus Henry. Okay, did you make the reservation?

Maxie: Yes, they are holding your table.

Kate: That's fine. Send flowers to Karl. Call Kazumi.

Maxie: Okay. Would you like a note with those?

Kate: Sure -- "Congratulations on a work of genius. It was a privilege to get a preview."

Maxie: Uh, any specifics for the flowers?

Kate: No, tell Kazumi to use her judgment. Karl really outdid himself this time. The sketches are fabulous. And don't let anyone in the office. I can't violate his trust by letting anyone see them.

Maxie: You got it. Have a great lunch.

Kate: Maxie? Maxie, when you talk to Kazumi, can you please tell her to change out the flowers in the house? I want some spring blossoms now.

Maxie: Will do.

Kate: Okay.

Maxie: Okay.

Kate: Bye.

Spinelli: The Jackal was astonished at Maximista's reaction to the sight of the fashionista and Mr. Sir using her desk to know each other in the biblical sense.

Diane: Okay, okay. Let me just summarize this, in English.

Spinelli: Mm-hmm.

Diane: Sonny and Kate were having a quickie in her office. You and your Maxie walked in on them. You were horrified, Maxie was titillated. Is that correct?

Spinelli: It was a bit more traumatic than the brusque lady of justice appears to comprehend.

Diane: Why? Why? I'm still not getting what your problem is with all of this.

Spinelli: Okay, Maximista extolled an attraction for a dark and mysterious man of danger who would throw caution to the wind to take his pleasure at any given time, on any given surface.

Diane: Mr. Spinelli, has Maxie Jones ever directly declared to you that she is attracted to Sonny Corinthos?

Spinelli: She seemed more interested in the abstract -- to wit, a man of Mr. Sir's character, one who cares little for convention or propriety.

Diane: [Laughing] Your Maxie has just dropped a hint so large, it would fill the superdome. Do you even remember our conversation, Mr. Spinelli?

Spinelli: Harvest the fruits?

Diane: Carpe diem, indeed. Take the initiative. Show Maxie that you want her and will not suffer propriety to get to her. Within the legal bounds, of course. You do want her, don't you?

Spinelli: Oh, yes.

Diane: Then, damn it, man, go and get her!

Diane: Go.

Spinelli and Lulu: Oh!

Lulu: Spinelli, are you okay?

Spinelli: I'm sorry, no time to linger. The time has come for the Jackal to seize the initiative and whatever else he can get his hands on!

Lulu: Oh. Um, is Jason here?

Diane: Yes, he is, and I was just about to go in and see him.

Lulu: I need to see him first.

Diane: Well, suit yourself. I'm still on the clock. 20 more minutes and I will have earned that fabulous snakeskin bag I've had my eye on.

Lulu: Jason, it's me, Lulu.

Jason: Come in.

Lulu: Hey, I know you're busy. I'm worried about Johnny.

Alfred: Sir, Mr. John Zacchara to see you.

Nikolas: Ugh. Thank you, Alfred. Send him in.

Alfred: Shall I stay, Sir?

Nikolas: No, no, thank you, Alfred. Well, this is a surprise.

Johnny: I could say the same thing. I want you to stay away from my sister.

Robin: It's hard to, uh, not be smug or self-righteous when you find yourself the bearer of the greatest miracle on God's green earth. With that being said, um, maybe I was a little bit too hard on the father of my baby. I wasn't trying to shut him out. I mean, well, okay, at first I did. But then -- but then we got through that.

Patrick: Okay, you know what? This has got to stop.

Robin: I was just saying that I was wrong.

Patrick: The only thing that is wrong is that you're beating yourself up over nothing.

Robin: It isn't nothing. All of your blog entries are about what a pain I am and about how horribly I treat you.

Patrick: Well, that's because I'm a self-centered ass.

Robin: But you're actually not. You really are quite wonderful.

Patrick: Well, if I'm so wonderful, would I ever be with anybody that's not equally wonderful?

Robin: I don't know. You might be if you knocked them up.

[Patrick chuckles]

Patrick: Well, then -- you gave me every opportunity to bail on this pregnancy.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: You've pushed me out the door and practically slammed them in my face, but I'm not leaving. Not out of obligation. Because I think you're amazing, wonderful, and loving, and yes, a little self-absorbed at times, but that's just another thing that we have in common. Listen, all those people that said all that nasty stuff about you on the internet -- they don't know you. I do. You're the woman I love and that is perfect for me.

Robin: Shh.

[Spinelli breathing heavily]

Spinelli: Maximista.

Maxie: It's not what it looks like -- oh, my --

Spinelli: Maximista, your message has been received.

Maxie: My message? I never called you.

Spinelli: It was your siren call that brought me back, ready to fulfill your secret desires. Throwing caution to the wind, I will carpe diem. I will carpe other things, too. It is time to take what we want, where we want it.

Maxie: Okay, whatever, Spinelli. Will you help me get all this stuff back together?

Maxie: [Squealing] Spinelli!

Lulu: You're not like Sonny. You know Johnny is not a threat to anyone.

Jason: It's Anthony Zacchara. He's the threat. He's dangerous.

Lulu: Yeah, so you can't hold Johnny responsible for his father's actions.

Jason: Whatever happens between me and the Zaccharas -- there's nothing you can do to change it.

Lulu: Oh, I'm going to try. You know I'm not going to stand here and watch Johnny get dragged down.

Jason: Lulu, you're kidding yourself right now. Johnny chose this. He's going to pay the price. It's too late to save Johnny. It's not too late to save yourself.

Johnny: Claudia's been through a lot. She deserves a lot more than to be jerked around by you.

Nikolas: Oh, I fail to see how it's any of your concern.

Johnny: I'm looking after my sister.

Nikolas: Oh, okay. So, if I tell you to stay away from Lulu, you'll just go ahead and drop her just like that?

Johnny: See, there's a difference. I care about Lulu. You're using Claudia.

Nikolas: And you're qualified to make that judgment based on what?

Johnny: Okay, you know what? You want to grieve for your dead fiancťe? Call a hooker, but don't come near Claudia again.

Claudia: John, what the hell? You don't dictate who I sleep with.

Carly: What is this?

Jax: Happy belated anniversary.

Carly: What happened to "no need for big gestures"?

Jax: Well, that's okay. First year is paper.

Carly: You're kidding?

Jax: Yeah.

[Carly laughs]

Jax: Give me a little credit. I mean, this is a special occasion.

Carly: I don't have anything for you.

Jax: It's okay. You'll think of something.

Carly: Aw.

[Jax chuckles]

Carly: Jax.

Jax: You like it?

Carly: Yes, I love it. Is that boat for "The Silent Lady"?

Jax: Yeah. Cute little sails, huh?

Carly: It is, and look at the surfboard. What are these? Michael and Morgan.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: It's perfect.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Perfect.

Jax: Yeah, there's room for more. For the child that I would very much love us to have.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam: How could Lucky have me for a girlfriend? He still loves you.

Sonny: Mike got beat up by a loan shark. I want you to run him out of town.

Carly: You want a child of your own.

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