GH Transcript Friday 5/23/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/23/08


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[Knock on door]

Robin: Patrick, I'm busy.

[Knock on door]

Robin: That means go away.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Listen, my blog has absolutely nothing to do with you. You're being ri--

Anna: Hi, Robin.

Robin: Mom.

Patrick: If her mom is around, ignore her. Pretend she doesn't have a mom, especially if she's hot. And I'm talking secret-agent-in-thigh-high-boots hot. Now, if you're a single guy like me, who fell in love with the woman who is now carrying your baby -- Coleman!

Coleman: What? I'm here, man. Keep going, I'm here.

Patrick: If you're a single guy like me, who fell in love with the woman who is now carrying your baby, and you're trying to do the right thing, you're trying to man up about it, well, there's a couple things you need to know. Number one -- everything you say is wrong. Everything. Everything you do is suspect. Now, if you were foolish enough to actually be honest with the woman and tell her you're not sure you're ready to have a baby, well, she's going to use that to shut you out, and it's going to make you furious. But it's somewhat of a relief, especially if you're not sure you're really ready to be a father in the first place.

[Knock on door]

Man: Johnny Zacchara.

Johnny: Who is it?

Man: It's Lucky Spencer. Open the door.

Lucky: So what's the deal with you and my sister?

Jason: What happened with Michael?

Carly: Michael's fine, except for being shot in the head. Morgan, well, Morgan's going to be perfectly safe because Sonny has a big plan. Go ahead, tell -- tell Jason how you're going to make everything all better.

Anna: Scones. For tea.

Robin: You don't have tea. You have cocktails.

Anna: Yeah, these days I realize I need a pick-me-up before dinner rather than something to slow me down.

Robin: Oh, you were on assignment and you were undercover as someone sensible, and you didn't have time to change, right?

Anna: Oh! No, you know, the coup never happened. I didn't have to parachute in or do any evasive maneuvers or anything. It's just as well, 'cause, you know, my back never really recovered from that upside-down-swinging-drinking thing with Spencer.

Robin: Mom, you said that you didn't hurt yourself that badly.

Anna: I know. It did seem more important at the time to save face. However, I'm beginning to face reality now, and I'm considering putting in for a desk job.

Robin: I don't think that's the best idea.

Anna: No, nor do I. But it is sounding better day by day.

Robin: Mom, when you were the police commissioner, you were out in the field more than any of the other detectives.

Anna: I know. That was years ago, and a person evolves.

Robin: Okay, just because you're about to be mother to someone who's about--

Anna: It's okay, you can say it, you know.

Robin: It doesn't mean--

Anna: A grandmother.

Robin: It doesn't mean you're getting old.

Patrick: Yeah, I'm not opposed to kids, per se. I think it'd be fun to teach him how to drive a go-kart, to, you know, play video games and hang out. Unless, of course, it's a girl, then I don't know. Play dress-up or maybe go to a museum? But the point is, it's going to start out as a baby, and, you know, I don't even know how involved men are supposed to be with that. Thousands of years ago, we would have been out hunting. You know, men -- men need to -- men need to explore, to check out the lay of the land, to, uh, to bag the prey, to bring home the bacon, if you will. And that's -- that's instinct. That's hard-wired. That's not going to change just because a woman gets pregnant, you know. We -- men roam. That's what we do. Women build nests. See, and -- no, women -- women are amazing. They can -- they can settle anywhere. Settle in your apartment, in your car, at your work, and it has nothing to do with you. It's just they way they think. You know, it probably would have been a lot easier living in caves. No expectations, no, uh -- maybe that's why love was invented. To kind of, uh, common ground between hunters and nesters. 'Cause love is the glue. Love is the concrete. The quicksand. Love is -- love is the baby.

Johnny: I appreciate that your family's worried about Lulu. They think I'm bad for her. I'm not going to argue with that, but it's her choice.

Lucky: That was before the Zaccharas set up my father for money laundering.

Johnny: I didn't frame Luke.

Lucky: Your father or his people did.

Johnny: I'm not going to deny that, but I will protect Lulu.

Lucky: I believe you want to. You seem like a decent enough guy, but the problem is, your father still controls your life. In a way, I feel kind of sorry for you. You're just a glorified prisoner. But I don't want my sister involved with you.

Lulu: Well, it's little too late for that.

Claudia: I appreciate the change in scenery, I think. Oh, thank you. Ooh, God. Uh, why do you live in such a creepy place?

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Well, there's a sitting room up on the third floor. It's got plenty of windows. You're welcome to go up there.

Claudia: Oh, no, no, this is fine, thank you, in a bride-of-Dracula sort of way. I realize I'm lucky to be here. I do, and I'm lucky to be anywhere.

Nikolas: You're welcome to stay as long as you follow Nadine’s rules, and that's that you don't get up. That wound needed stitches, you know.

Claudia: I know, thank you. I will be careful, and thank you for not calling the police, because this whole thing is way too complicated to explain.

Nikolas: Yeah. Are you sure that you don't remember who stabbed you?

Claudia: Like I said, a lot of people want me dead.

Nikolas: Yeah. Any of them have anything to do with Michael's shooting? Maybe somebody wants revenge against you for sending Ian after Sonny?

Claudia: If Ian had done his job right, I'd be a hero in some circles instead of the reason Michael Corinthos won't wake up.

Jason: Carly, let me take you home.

Sonny: Yeah, that's a good idea --

Carly: No. Tell him what you just told me.

Sonny: It's business, Carly.

Carly: No, it's not. It's our child. Tell Jason how you won't give up Morgan even if it means keep him safe. Tell him.

Jason: You know what, I can't be a part of this fight right now. Let's go.

Sonny: Wait, Jason, I need you to look over some papers that Diane’s working on at the moment.

Carly: Wait till you hear this one.

Sonny: I'm turning over the entire organization to you. I'm going to keep the coffee business, the casino, the island, and I'm going to give you the -- you can have, you know, the rest of the offshore casinos. I want you to take over the business. I can't do it anymore.

Carly: In other words, Sonny's walking away, and he's making you the target.

Anna: Well, this is nice, isn't it?

Robin: Oh, it's a little tame.

Anna: Yeah, I'm just facing up to facts, Robin, that's all. You know, I can't go around the world kung-fuing everybody, including your boyfriend, forever. So, let me do this. I can do the scones because, you know, I'm British. So, do you want butter?

Robin: Oh, yes, please. Lots of butter.

Anna: All right, lots of butter it is. And jam?

Robin: Of course. Oh, I got this at the, um, farmers market on Division Street.

Anna: Oh, great. Let's see. Mm, strawberry-rhubarb.

Robin: I'll get it.

Anna: No, I got it, I got it, I got it. I just -- oh! Ow. Hey, I got butter on my hands.

Robin: It's probably just a vacuum.

Robin: Voila.

Anna: Huh. So, have you picked up any gardening tips from this farmers market?

Robin: Um, not really, why?

Anna: I'm thinking of putting in some window boxes in my flat.

Robin: Mom, you are in your flat no more than four days the entire year. I think the last time I was there, you were using carry-on luggage for a coffee table.

Anna: I know, but once I really move in, you know, and buy some proper furniture, I can put whatever it is that you put in window boxes and then I can bake on Sundays.

Robin: Okay, now you're scaring me.

Anna: [Laughing] No, I want to be a proper grandmother. Once the baby's born, I'm going to put photographs everywhere. It's a really cute flat, you know. It's so sweet, and it's, like, two blocks from headquarters. I can walk to work, if it's not raining and my rheumatism isn't playing up.

Robin: You don't have rheumatism.

Anna: I know, I'm just trying. [Telephone rings] Okay, whoever this is, I'm not going anywhere, all right? Okay. [Grunts] Hello? Who? Chip! Oh, my God, how are you? How's the tour? Yeah. It's Eli Love's tour manager.

Robin: Ooh, where are they?

Anna: I don't know. Where are you? Rio de Janeiro. Wow. Yeah, oh, backstage passes. Thank you. No, um, Eli has two days off in Rio? Hmm. No, I can’t. I'm busy. Yeah, I really -- but thanks, you know. It's really cool that you called. Okay, you send Eli my love, okay? Next time for sure, yeah. Bye.

Robin: Hello?

Anna: What?

Robin: What is wrong with you?

Anna: He doesn't want to party with a grandmother.

Robin: Okay, that's it. We're getting you a real drink.

Anna: Oh, thank God.

Lulu: Lucky, Dad may be on the run again, but his rules still apply. I make my own choices.

Lucky: Yeah, and I'm your brother. And that gives me the right to speak out when your choices are destructive.

Lulu: Since when?

Lucky: Well, you spoke out when I got addicted to pills.

Lulu: So you're comparing Johnny and me to when you were guzzling pills, sleeping with Maxie, destroying your marriage, and almost getting yourself killed?

Lucky: It doesn't matter if it's booze or drugs or even a boyfriend.

Lulu: This is so ridiculous. I -- I don't even know where to start right now.

Lucky: Because you can't even stay away from him when you know you should. He's affecting your life and your future in a negative way.

Lulu: Really? 'Cause, um, I'm working at a major fashion magazine right now.

Lucky: Then you tell me how many times you almost died since you met him.

Lulu: What are you planning on doing? Sending me to Shadybrook for relationship rehab?

Lucky: Well, I'm afraid that's where you're headed. Just like Mom.

Claudia: You know, nobody knows that I was involved in what happened to Michael except for Johnny and now -- and now you.

[Nikolas scoffs]

Nikolas: You don't think Jason Morgan's figured it out by now?

Claudia: No. Trust me, if Jason knew, I wouldn't have crawled my way onto the docks at Spoonmere, or was it Spoon--

Nikolas: It's Wyndemere. We're on Spoon Island.

Claudia: Right. Right. Anyway, I'd be dead.

Nikolas: You're so matter-of-fact about it, like someone trying to kill you is an everyday occurrence.

Claudia: It kind of is.

Nikolas: Why is that?

Claudia: I -- I'm a Zacchara, for one thing. And I'm not a very nice person, I guess. I mean, look, in all fairness, in my own defense, I wasn't raised to be. I mean, mob life doesn't exactly bring out the kindness and compassion in good old mom and dad, you know.

Nikolas: I do, do. Families can get a little complicated sometimes.

Claudia: I'm not complaining. A lot of people had it a lot worse. It's just that some people can escape their families and some can’t.

Nikolas: Why can't you?

Claudia: My little brother Johnny. He needs me.

Nikolas: For what?

Claudia: Well, he's the next in line.

Nikolas: Ah, yes. The bright, shining future of the Zaccharas, right?

Claudia: How did you know?

Sonny: All you have to do is take your name off the coffee business, sign over your interest to me. I know what I'm giving you is a lot more valuable, but it's not worth it to me any more. I got too much to lose. I got to get out.

Carly: This is unbelievable. If you want to start running the business, do it, 'cause I'm sure you'll be great at it. It doesn't change anything.

Sonny: It will.

Carly: You have been a criminal for most of your life. You have an endless supply of enemies who aren't just going to walk away because you signed everything over to Jason. How many times have you told me you just can't walk away?

Sonny: I'll find a different way.

Carly: That's wishful thinking, Sonny. It's magical thinking, just like taking Michael to the warehouse without protection.

Sonny: I don't want that to happen again, Carly. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm signing over the business to Jason.

Carly: No, you need to sign over Michael and Morgan. That's the only way to keep them safe, and you know it.

Sonny: Jason. I need your help on this. Will you help me?

Coleman: You know, sometimes it is a good idea, dude, to wait a few before you hit send.

Patrick: Why wait? Robin wants to tell the truth about being pregnant. I'm going to do the same about being a dad.

Coleman: Whatever, man.

Anna: All right. Oh, hi, Patrick. Oh, you're such a cute boy!

Patrick: What are you -- are you undercover right now?

Robin: That's what I thought.

Patrick: What is that, middle-school math teacher look today?

Anna: No. I'm a proud grandmother, and I thought that I should dress accordingly, that's all.

Coleman: What can I get for you?

Anna: Oh, right. Um, sherry.

Coleman: Let me see if I got sherry, okay?

Robin: You promised you were going to order a martini.

Anna: I know, but gin can be hard on the stomach.

Coleman: Well, hey, I can make one with vodka, no problem.

Robin: Once you survived the arctic tundra for three months and had raw fish and drank rum. I'm pretty sure you can handle a martini.

Anna: That's all behind me now. I just want a little sherry. Let's not get crazy here.

Coleman: No crazy, little sherry.

Robin: Lemonade for me, please.

Coleman: You got it, girl. She's smokingly hot.

Anna: All right, you guys. Now, now I've got you both together, I want to make something clear, set something straight. Patrick, you don't have to marry Robin.

Lucky: Did Lulu tell you about our mother?

Lulu: Yes, I have.

Lucky: She was a lot like Lulu. Brave, smart, compassionate.

Lulu: Yeah, I told him all about it.

Lucky: Did you happen to mention how Dad dragged her around the world?

Lulu: And she went crazy, partially because of him, yes, I told him that!

Johnny: I know Laura’s in Shadybrook.

Lucky: I don't want you to wind up in a rocker next to her because you couldn't walk away from this guy when you had the chance.

Lulu: Lucky is being manipulative and completely unfair.

Johnny: Doesn't mean he's wrong.

Claudia: Johnny's a lot better than I'll ever be.

Nikolas: Why do you say that?

Claudia: He's my half-brother. When Johnny was born, I promised that I would always love him and protect him, but my dad got kind of crazy. He started flipping out, and it made it really a lot more difficult, and then John's mother died, and Johnny needed me, but Daddy thought that I was babying him, so he sent me away to live in Italy, and Johnny grew up alone, you know, mostly with servants and my father.

Nikolas: So would you say that Johnny is sort of the, uh, the prince of the Zaccharas, so to speak?

Claudia: Yeah, I guess that's one way of putting it.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I guess I know a little bit about that.

Claudia: Why?

Nikolas: My full name is Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine.

Claudia: You're a prince? Seriously?

Nikolas: Since the day I was born, I stood to inherit the Cassadine fortune. And here I am. Yeah, I grew up isolated on this little island in Greece. My grandmother and my uncle, they just battled each other over my inheritance my whole life. My grandmother, she's actually criminally insane, too. Yeah. She's tried to kill me on several occasions.

Claudia: Oh, my God. She'd fit right in with the Zaccharas.

Nikolas: Well, she's driven by insanity, money, and tradition, yeah.

Claudia: So, Nikky, are you as crazy as the rest of them?

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Oh, I don't know. Some people think that I am somewhat peculiar.

Claudia: What, because you live on an island, alone, in a castle filled with stuff that looks like it came straight out of a Dracula movie? Go figure.

Carly: You seen Jax?

Jerry: I just got a message that he left town. And the timing seems a bit off. I understand you put Michael in a long-term care facility.

Carly: Yeah, he's in the, uh, Aftercare Institute of Manhattan.

Jerry: I'm just surprised that he didn't stay around to support you, Carly. Did you ask him to leave? Am I prying?

Carly: I wanted him to stay. I'm not so sure that he knew that.

Jerry: Would you like me to track him down for you?

Max: Mrs. C looked upset when she left. I mean, she's grieving. The timing couldn't be more wrong. She needs to understand that nothing will ever change the way I feel about her. I hold her in the highest regards.

Diane: Ha, ha. And whom are we holding in the highest regard today?

Milo: Carly. Yep, Max is still in love with her.

[Max scoffs]

Max: Well, what he -- um –

Sonny: Situation with the casino partners is stable, so you'll be able to --

Jason: Sonny, what are you talking about? This isn't realistic at all.

Sonny: You've taken over before.

Jason: The first thing you told me when I came to work for you that this is not a business that you can quit. The only way to get out is to die or disappear. You tried disappearing once. It didn't work out. Are you telling me you want to disappear again?

Sonny: I'm not leaving home. I'm not leaving my children or Kate.

Jason: Well, then, you're not leaving the business.

Sonny: I tried to explain this to Carly. I didn't think I'd have to explain it to you. But of course I will. With an orderly transition of power, I step down. You take over. I am not a target and neither is my family.

Jason: Okay, see that's the problem. No, no it is. Because there is no order. You are always going to be a target. It doesn't matter if the paperwork is in my name. Your enemies know you, Sonny. They know where to find you. The only way you and your family can survive is to have guards.

Sonny: Michael had guards his whole life. He was surrounded by guards. It was no life for him. I'm, you know, I'm just trying to do something better for Morgan and Kristina. I want to do something better for Kate. 'Cause I don't want to have to have her live with violence, and make her angry and hate me the way Carly does.

Jason: Carly is angry because Michael is in a coma.

Sonny: Yes.

Jason: You act like that surprises you. Like she should take it on faith that you wake up one morning, and you decide to be a coffee importer. You can't get out of this business. Michael is proof. Why can't you see that?

Sonny: Oh, I -- okay. So, you're taking her side? You blame me.

Jason: No, this is not about sides, no.

Sonny: You blame me for everything.

Diane: I take it, this is a bad time.

Sonny: No. Come on in. You have the papers?

Diane: I do.

Sonny: Just sign it.

Carly: Jax chose to leave knowing I need him. He'll choose to come back or not.

Jerry: Come on, you're grieving, and you're driving away the people you love you love the most.

Carly: Why, because I refuse to go chasing after your brother?

Jerry: You know where he is, don't you?

Carly: And he knows where I am.

Jerry: Now, come on, don't shut Jax out completely. No matter who's right or wrong. After a while, if you choose not to feel emotional it goes away, and it never comes back.

Carly: Speaking from experience?

Jerry: Jax loves you. He'll be back. Just give him some time, okay?

Marty: Good afternoon, Carly.

Carly: Hi. I need all the money from the safe, immediately.

Johnny: Lucky has a point about the addiction.

Lulu: I don't care.

Johnny: Okay, but it is dangerous where we're going. And I am not just talking about because of my father. But because of us, the way we feel. Lulu, if I ever hurt you, I wouldn't be able to live with that.

Lulu: We just have to believe that you are not going to be jumping off of buildings. I am not going to end up in Shadybrook.

Johnny: Okay, you still have one chance to back out of this. Okay? I can send you anywhere you want. You can go to New York to finish school. You can go to L.A., Houston, anywhere in Europe.

Lulu: And you know what, we are going to do all that, once you testify against your father. You turn him in, and you walk away. And then we'll be free. We'll be together. We'll do whatever we want.

Johnny: It may take a while.

Lulu: I don't care.

Johnny: It will be dangerous.

Lulu: You are good for me. And I don't care what anybody says. I'm not going to give you up.

Nikolas: My uncle purchased this -- well, he actually purchased the entire island when we moved here to Port Charles.

Claudia: Why -- why Port Charles?

Nikolas: Oh, it's a really long story, and --

Alfred: If you'll excuse me, Sir. Your brother is on the way in.

Nikolas: Oh.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: Hey, how are you? How you feeling?

Nikolas: I'm okay. Reasonably sane, I guess. But I'm sure that's not why you came all the way out here.

Lucky: My dad, he had to live town. Did you know that?

Nikolas: Yes, he did mention that.

Lucky: I went by to see Johnny Zacchara to warn him away from Lulu.

Nikolas: Let me guess -- she was with him?

Lucky: Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's sleeping with him.

Anna: So I was out of line when I said you should marry Robin.

Patrick: It's all right. It's no problem

Robin: Because we don't want to get married.

Patrick: Right.

Anna: I guess I was just being a grandmother, you know, meddling. I am going to resist that urge. It's so cliché.

Man: Hey, show me some respect.

Coleman: Hey, hey, hey, easy guys. Either dial it down or take it outside, man, both of you.

Anna: Anyway, marriage is a huge commitment and the only two people who can decide when the time is right is you two. Right?

Patrick: Right.

Anna: So, I'm going to stay right out of it. And the baby, that is like a life-changing event.

Anna: At least for one of us.

Anna: And -- and, you know, I've had to face the cold, hard facts that when your child has a child, you suddenly realize that, uh, there's an excellent chance you aren't going to live forever.

Patrick: Do you think, maybe we should call the cops?

Anna: I don't think that will be necessary. You guys, you guys, you guys. Can you just chill -- chill? We would all appreciate it. Be cool.

Second Man: Stay where you are.

Second Man: Clean out the register, or I I'll kill her.

Coleman: No problem, man. No problem, brother.

[Second man grunts]

Anna: You better call Uncle Mac. Get him to pick up these two characters, and read them their rights when they regain consciousness.

Robin: Sure.

Anna: My back. Send him my love, too.

Robin: Okay.

Anna: I'd like a drink. I'd like a dry martini, gin, shaken, not stirred.

Coleman: Whatever you want.

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Thank you. Thank God for friends. What? Hello. Who is it? What? Eli, hello. Yeah, I'm fine. I've just been knocking some stuff around. Uh, oh, I just -- I don't think I can come to Rio. You know, yeah, maybe I haven't been feeling myself so much lately. Okay, I'll be there in a bit. Okay.

Robin: The police are on their way.

Anna: Oh, great. You make a very respectable martini, Sir.

Coleman: Oh, it's my pleasure, ma'am.

Robin: So, I should drive you to the airport.

Anna: Oh, it's okay. I'll get a cab. I'm sorry I keep running in and out of your life like this. But I promise, I will be back in time to paint the closet -- the nursery.

Robin: Thank you.

[Robin laughs]

Anna: I love you.

Robin: I love you, too.

Anna: All right. You look after her. You don't have to marry her, but you have to look after her.

[Man groans]

Anna: Okay, eight-ball, side pocket.

Diane: That document is the transfer of assets of the Corinthos-Morgan coffee company. It covers all of the company's finances --

Jason: Sonny and I are still negotiating. I'm not signing anything.

Sonny: There's nothing to negotiate about, just -- if you are going to sign --

Jason: I'm not signing.

Diane: Gentlemen, gentlemen. If I may interject. A transfer of this kind such as you have outlined is most certainly going to raise government scrutiny. Now, subsequently, to amend or nullify those terms is going to raise a big --

Sonny: You think I am going to change my mind, is that what you are saying?

Diane: No, I am simply advising you that once this transaction is in motion, it is going to be difficult, costly, and probably incriminating to stop. So in the interest of due diligence, I cannot present this contract for signatures until both of you have advised me that you have reached an agreement.

Sonny: Diane, are you refusing to do what I tell you to do?

Diane: I am acting in good faith as your attorney and his.

Sonny: I don't know how this is going to work. I mean, I don't know how to run a business when you don't trust me anymore.

Max: Triple espresso, just the way you like it -- black.

Diane: Thank you, Max.

Max: Ooh.

Diane: Look, Max, if being with me is going to be a complication --

Max: My brother is an idiot, okay? He got it all wrong. What I wanted to tell Mrs. C. was that, yes, I care about her and I always will. But it's different now. You know, I realized my thing for her was pointless. So I moved on. I mean, to you. And you are the only woman that I care about, presently. You know, in that sense of the word.

Diane: Would you like some water to wash down that foot?

Max: Please.

Diane: Look, you are obviously not a smooth talker, Max, by any stretch of the imagination. But I do believe that you understand what is important. And I reciprocate, wholeheartedly.

Max: Oh, yeah?

Diane: Yeah.

Sonny: I look at you now, and something's different. But I remember who you were. The kid who used to ask a lot of questions, who could never lie, who didn't know the difference between innocence and guilt. Now it's like something's changed. You want me to pay for what happened to Michael for the rest of my life. Don't you think that I pay every second of the day? Now you want me to give up Kate, give up my sons. When did you start telling anybody what to do? What happened to the kid who was willing to die to make his choices?

Jason: What I chose put Michael in that bed. I can't watch that happen to another kid.

Robin: So, why did you take your laptop to Jake’s?

Patrick: I didn't want to leave it in the car. What is all this from?

Robin: Well, it's my mother. She was going through her grandma episode. But you never carry around your laptop. What, do you hang out with Spinelli these days?

Patrick: Yeah, Robin, I'm hanging out with Spinelli.

Robin: So, what were you up to then?

Patrick: Okay, fine. I started my own blog.

Robin: I knew it. Let's see it.

Patrick: No, it's not for you. It's for guys.

Robin: What -- you looked in mine.

Patrick: Which was a mistake.

Robin: Well, you're going to show it to me, or I am going to look at in on the internet. Your choice. Either way, I'm going to see it.

Patrick: Okay, fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Robin: Mm-mmm. I won't say anything.

Patrick on recording: But it's going to start out as a baby. And -- you know, I don't even know how involved men are supposed to be in that. Because thousands of years ago, we would have been out hunting. Men need to explore, to check out the lay of the land, to, you know, bag the prey, to bring home the bacon, if you will. And, uh --

Robin: Who are those girls?

Patrick: I don't know. Coleman was doing the filming.

Robin: You shot your blog at Jake’s?

Patrick: You know what? You shoot yours on the couch. I'll shoot mine at Jake’s.

Robin: Okay, fine. I just don't understand the point of using the women.

Patrick: I just told you, I didn't know Coleman was going to do that.

Robin: How many hits have you gotten?

Patrick: I don't know how many hits I've gotten.

Robin: I bet you I got more.

Patrick: Robin, we are not going to do this, okay? You don't look at my blog, I don't look at yours. We're not going to have a little competition on who has more hits. We are not going to do it.

Robin: You swear you won't look at it?

Patrick: I -- I -- I will, if you will.

Robin: Pinkie swear? You're such a liar!

Patrick: Okay. No, I swear. Come here.

Nikolas: Okay, the harder that you push Lulu away from Johnny, the more she's going to want to be with him.

Lucky: Okay, so what are we supposed to do? Just stand around and watch her risk her own life?

Nikolas: She young. She gets to make some bad choices.

Lucky: You know, she thinks she's in love.

Nikolas: She also thinks for herself, and we need to respect that.

Lucky: She's just like Mom, and you know it.

Nikolas: Lucky, no, she's not. Laura is clinically insane. Lulu is not. She's stronger than you think. She's already survived a lot of loss and some other difficult choices. She'll survive this relationship, romance, whatever it is with Johnny Zacchara.

Lucky: Yeah, and our mom was pushed way too hard for too long. I don't want that same thing to happen to Lulu.

Nikolas: I don't understand. What do you want me to do?

Lucky: I want you to put a little pressure on Johnny Zacchara. Okay? If we can't make Lulu walk away from him, maybe we can make him walk away from Lulu.

Nikolas: I -- I mean, I'll do what I can.

Lucky: That's -- thanks.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: I'm sorry, listen -- you take care of yourself.

Nikolas: All right.

Lucky: Feel better.

Nikolas: I will. You can come out.

Claudia: Okay, tell me, is this really as bad as it sounds? Your sister might be a whack job and she's in love with my brother?

Singer: I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, baby, I'm in love with you, I'm in love with all the things you do, I'm in love with you, I'm in love with all the things you do, oh, you give butterflies, the way I feel when you're around, the way you make me thirsty of your honeyed lips, the way you kiss

Jason: You see the problem is that it's public record that Kristina and Morgan are your kids. They need guards, Sonny. They need protection.

Sonny: Like Michael should have had. Is that what you are saying? You want me to list all the reasons I'm to blame? Yes, Michael should -- you know, I should have had guards at the warehouse.

Jason: You should have had guards at the warehouse.

Sonny: I should have figured out a way that when I saw the rifle, I should have ran to Michael. I should have let Kate get shot, so that way she'd have a bullet in her head, and everybody would be happy.

Jason: This isn't just about what happened that day at the warehouse. This is about Michael's whole life. He was a target. Michael never had a normal childhood. Morgan and Kristina, because of what we do, they're not going to have a normal childhood either.

Sonny: They can.

Jason: No, they can’t.

Sonny: All you got to do is take the business. And you let everyone know that I am no longer involved. Listen, we used to be -- we used to be friends. And you would die for me. So I am asking you as a friend, take the business over, so I can have a life.

Carly: I know you need a break, and I need to spend some time with Morgan.

Mercedes: I'll be glad to come back if anything changes.

Carly: Thank you. You've been so great through all this, Mercedes. I really appreciate it.

Mercedes: Bye, Morgan.

Carly: Guess what, baby? We're going to go on a trip, just you and me.

Morgan: Where?

Carly: Someplace you are going to like. Someplace fun.

Morgan: Will Michael be there, too?

>> Next week on "General Hospital" --

Maxie: I'm yours for the rest of the night.

Patrick: Oh, my God.

Sonny: I have a chance to be happy.

Jason: We did this to Michael. You don't get to have a nice life.

Carly: I have to protect my son. The only way is to run.

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