GH Transcript Wednesday 5/21/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/21/08


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Mac: You can't be serious.

Alexis: No, I'm not funny by nature, joking is a stretch for me.

Ric: I'm hoping we misheard.

Alexis: All right, well then I'll repeat it so that everyone can hear it again. I am having Luke released. He is a member of the community, he has a business here, he has family here. He won't run.

Mac: That's never stopped him before. And that business you mentioned, that's what got you arrested in the first place.

Luke: That was a misunderstanding, bubba.

Mac: We didn't misunderstand that you've been laundering mob money in that casino since the minute it reopened.

Ric: Um, a word, please.

Alexis: Nope, not if you're going to lecture me about how I do my job. Because I am the D.A. and you are not.

Ric: No, I wouldn't dream of telling you how to do your job. But it seems that you need a refresher course in basic human nature.

Alexis: Hmm.

Luke: It pays to have friends in high places, huh?

Tracy: With friends like yours who needs enemies?

Anthony: This storm is going to beat the hell out of your mother's roses. That was a casual observation and not a mental relapse. Disappointed?

Johnny: I'm looking for Claudia.

Claudia: Did you check the local motel rooms?

Johnny: I'm asking you.

Anthony: Claudia doesn't check in with me.

Johnny: I haven't seen her since you shoved her out of that little business meeting of ours. Call me pessimistic, but I wouldn't put it past you to go a little further and have her thrown under a bus.

[Anthony chuckles]

Claudia: I don't know what you are talking about.

Nikolas: Well, they're your own words.

Claudia: Well, I don't know what I said, but I had just been stabbed, and I was floating in the water for hours --

Nikolas: I'll tell you, I'll tell you. You hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny Corinthos, but that idiot shot Michael instead. So essentially because of you, an innocent child is in a coma for the rest of his life. So, what, am I supposed to just let you get away with that?

Jason: How much trouble are you in?

Carly: I tell you and you fix it, right?

Jason: Isn't that why you're here?

Carly: I can't blame you for thinking so -- you know, that's how it works. I pull some big stunt or come up with some great big plan, and I wreck everyone's life within a 10 mile radius. And I come to you and I beg you to bail me out of it. But I can't ask you that because you can't fix this, Jason.

Jason: Why don't you let me decide that, okay? Here you go, it's okay.

Carly: After you left, Sonny and I said goodbye to Michael, and it was horrible. You know, we were just staring at our little boy laying there in the bed, and it was awful. And then Sonny gave me a ride home and -- I thought we'd reconnected, you know. But I was wrong, I handled everything wrong and Sonny is so angry with me right now.

Jason: Okay, just tell me what you did.

Carly: I tried to take Sonny's child away from him.

Cassius: Um, apparently you left your friend in the locker room.

Patrick: Yeah, I meant to do that. You know, there's such a thing as being too helpful.

Cassius: Hey, what can I say, Doc? I live to serve. I can take it back if you like.

Patrick: Nah, it's a little late now.

Robin: Wow.

Patrick: Yeah, I, uh, I got him for you. Or for the baby, I mean.

Robin: He's so big.

Patrick: And endangered. I figured it was never too soon to give a kid an educational toy, along with being cuddly. You know, I can take him back if it's a little obnoxious.

Robin: No, don't you dare. I love it. I thank you and your baby thanks you.

Patrick: Well, let's get him out of here. I, uh -- I talked to Dr. Levitt at the Aftercare facility. And I've got to say I was really impressed with what she had to say. I, uh -- you know, as terrible as this situation is, I hope you can find comfort in knowing that Michael is going to be in great hands.

Robin: You checked on Michael for me?

Patrick: I thought you'd want to know how he was doing.

Robin: I know I probably don't acknowledge it enough, but, you've been wonderful lately. I mean, nothing short of brilliant in the O.R., patient with Carly and her denial of her son's condition, and my fear. When something like that happens to a little boy, and his life is just stopped in his tracks, it makes you wonder if bringing a child into this world is a good idea.

Patrick: Are you having second thoughts?

Robin: Not really, I just -- I get scared sometimes. But the point is, you've been solid, and that helps me.

Patrick: Well, I wish I could take credit for that. But, to be honest, it's for selfish reasons.

Robin: How does that work?

Patrick: Distraction, so I won't stop and feel how terrified this baby makes me.

Alexis: The last time I checked, you were still the attorney of record for Anthony Zacchara. So you have a lot of nerve lecturing me on Luke being a menace to society.

Ric: Come on, Alexis, you know that Luke is a flight risk. The man is probably planning his escape route out of town as we speak.

Alexis: I admit, he's known to make himself scarce once in a while. But he has Tracy now, and I think he really loves her. And, heart condition.

Ric: Ooh, well, considering his precarious heart condition, that would give him all the more reason to want to run out of town. That, and the alternative of being sent off to prison. And you are risking your position as D.A. to give him the free pass -- why?

Luke: Is that disappointment I see in your big bright eyes?

Tracy: Why would I be disappointed?

Luke: Well, I don't know, maybe you prefer me incarcerated and safe. With enough time to build the skyline of New York out of my thousands of swizzle sticks and contemplate the error of my ways.

Tracy: As if prison walls could hold you. I do have one burning question, however. What the hell did you do to make Anthony Zacchara hang you out to dry?

Luke: It beats me, but I intend to find out.

Tracy: [Laughs] Of course you do, because getting arrested isn't enough, you could get yourself killed.

Luke: It won't come to that.

Jason: Now, you said something about taking Sonny's child away. Do you mean Michael?

Carly: Yeah, I walked all the way out here, and I felt like I was just crashing back in time. You know, it was raining, and I was cold, and all I could think about was how fast I could get to you. But this time I'm not pregnant, and the child I was carrying is a little boy who has lost me just like the baby I was supposed to have with Jax has lost me. And I can't lose Morgan, Jason, you have to understand that.

Jason: Okay, hold on, you're all over the place, you've got to tell me what happened with Sonny first.

Carly: I asked Sonny to sign his rights away to Morgan and he accused me of taking advantage of him.

Jason: How?

Carly: It's not important.

Jason: No, no, it is important. I mean, you asked me for help, I can't give it to you unless I know why you're upset. What are you not telling me?

Anthony: I didn't hurt your sister or make her disappear. And if anyone else did, I'll grind them so far into the ground their last breath will be dirt.

Man: Mr. Zacchara, you have a visitor.

Anthony: Did it occur to you to get a name?

Jerry: Oh, it's only me, following up on our potential business arrangement. Would it be possible for your charming daughter, or sister in your case, to join us?

Claudia: Look, I don't know what you think you heard, but you --

Nikolas: Oh, come on, come on, come on, Claudia. Cards on the table, save us both a lot of time here. Now earlier you were rambling on quite a bit. But you thought you were safe, because you thought I was your brother. Now it seems to me that Johnny has been carrying around a significant amount of guilt, since you kept assuring him that it wasn't his fault. But it wasn't his fault, was it? It was your fault, because you hired Ian.

Claudia: That didn't happen.

Nikolas: No?

Claudia: No.

Nikolas: No, okay, well then, I guess I have no problem with just, uh, telling my brother the cop. We'll leave it in his hands and see what he says.

Claudia: Nikolas, listen to me, you can't do that.

Nikolas: You have two choices here, okay. Now, either I go to the police and tell them that you were responsible for Michael's shooting, or I go to -- Jason Morgan.

Lulu: Hey, I got your message. So what's wrong? Does it have to do with Johnny?

Lucky: It's interesting that would be the first place you would go. But no, it's Daddy -- about to take off again, and I thought you might want to say goodbye.

Lulu: Where is he going?

Lucky: You're asking me? Like I know where Dad goes when he leaves to go on the run, like somewhere in the outer reaches of Mongolia?

Lulu: Okay, okay, so obviously I missed something major.

Lucky: Okay, a tip came in that Dad was involved with money laundering and that we would find evidence here -- well, we did. Now Dad is at the PCPD and Alexis is trying to get him --

Lulu: No, this is not supposed to happen.

Lucky: What do you know about this?

Lulu: Uhh.

Anthony: You braved this storm to discuss a business deal no Zacchara has agreed to?

Jerry: Well, I was hoping the storm would keep the father-son attorney team away.

Anthony: Trevor and Ric are paid to look after my family's interests.

Johnny: And to protect us against predators like yourself.

Jerry: Well, the question is, who is protecting you from the Lansings? Especially since both foxes have entered the henhouse, so to speak.

Anthony: If you have insight to offer on my attorneys, would love to hear it.

Jerry: All right, you see, Trevor Lansing is a man driven by ambition but secured in the shadows. He wields his power from behind the scenes, while making you and your children consistently dependent on him. Eventually, he becomes the one with the power.

Anthony: Mm-hmm, and his kid?

Jerry: He's a pathological opportunist. Proven only by the fact that Ric wouldn't let a little thing like you running him through with a sword prevent him from becoming your legal lap dog.

Anthony: Maybe Ric realized it's healthier to stand with me than against me.

Jerry: Well, something on which we agree. Which brings me to the reason for my visit. I would like to renew a request to lease the cannery for my import business.

Johnny: Okay, business hours are over. Come back tomorrow.

Jerry: Well, I could do that, but I braved the elements to --

Anthony: If my son says hit the road, why the hell are you still standing there? Nope, not the brightest bulb, but his instincts are infallible.

Jerry: No, no need for the muscle. I will leave you to your evening. Send my regards to the charming Claudia. Good night.

Johnny: I'm asking you again. You lied to me the first time, I let it go. Did you have anything to do with Claudia’s disappearance?

Anthony: Johnny, I'm not convinced that Claudia is missing. But if she is, I had nothing to do with it.

Johnny: I'm going to go look for her then.

Claudia: You can't go to Jason.

Nikolas: Sure, I can, and I will -- he'll believe me.

Claudia: You have no idea what you will set in motion. Jason won't wait for proof; he'll just come and kill me. And then he'll go looking for my brother John, and he'll take him out just for good measure. Look, Johnny had nothing -- you hear me? He had nothing to do with Michael's shooting. Do you want that on your conscience, can you live with that?

Nikolas: Yes -- you are so quick to defend your brother, but I have yet to hear any grand protestations of innocence on your behalf.

Claudia: Do you want to know what happened? Because I will tell you, if you agree that you won't do anything.

Nikolas: Okay, I mean there's no phone service here, so we're basically prisoners in this house until after the storm. But, captive audience or not, you are going to have a really difficult time convincing me there are any good excuses for putting a child in a coma for the rest of his life.

Claudia: We weren't trying to hurt Michael; we were trying to kill Sonny.

Carly: You know, for about one minute, Sonny and I were in a better place than we have been since this whole thing started.

Jason: And then something happened to change that?

Carly: Yeah, I handed Sonny the papers that Jax had Alexis draw up.

Jason: What do you mean? What kind of papers?

Carly: Renouncing all parental rights to Michael and Morgan. I know this is a sensitive issue for you, Jason.

Jason: It's not like Jake. Everybody thinks Lucky is his father, my enemies aren't going to target him. But I don't really understand what you thought you would accomplish. Everybody knows that Michael and Morgan are Sonny's kids.

Carly: Michael wasn't shot because he's Sonny's son. He was shot because he was standing too close to Sonny, and that's what happens. You know, if you're in the same room as Sonny, if you are in a warehouse with Sonny, if you go to the city with Sonny. If you are with Sonny, you are putting your own life in your hands. Especially if his first instinct is to protect someone else, Jason.

Jason: So you're saying Morgan is going to be safer away from Sonny?

Carly: It ups his chances, wouldn't you say?

Jason: I won't argue with that.

Carly: But you're not agreeing with me.

Jason: It's the best I've got, Carly.

Carly: Well, at least you're being reasonable.

Jason: I know Morgan’s father.

Carly: Yeah, and as usual, Sonny can't see past his own self interest. You know, he thinks I am trying to take something away from him, something he owns. Never mind what's good for Morgan. He thinks I am trying to punish him for what happened to Michael.

Jason: Are you?

Lucky: You're acting like you knew Dad was going to be arrested.

Lulu: Ha ha -- ah, well, and you didn't? Talk about the writing on the wall in big, impossible to miss letters. I just didn't think it was going to happen this fast.

Johnny: Has Claudia been here?

Lulu: I haven't seen her -- Lucky?

Lucky: Give it a rest.

Johnny: Excuse me?

Lucky: What, did Trevor not fill you in?

Johnny: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lucky: Like hell.

Lulu: Lucky, please. My dad was arrested tonight.

Johnny: What did he do?

Lucky: What you paid him to do.

Lulu: Apparently somebody tipped the cops off that my dad was using the casino to launder money.

Lucky: Yeah, conveniently enough the money was right here, practically in plain sight. Sound like a set up to you?

Johnny: If it was, it wasn't mine.

Lucky: Then I want you to give me a family member of yours that wants my dad out of the way.

Alexis: You know something, I resent you questioning my motives. Because I am abiding by the law without violating Luke’s civil rights.

Ric: Come on, you're practically giving him a lift to the city limits.

Alexis: I'm sorry, and why do you care?

Ric: Okay, about Luke? No, I don't, but I am concerned about a certain Scott Baldwin or the mayor, who might use this against you, Alexis, if Luke decides to disappear -- excuse me, when Luke decides to disappear.

Mac: Give me ammunition against the Zaccharas and maybe we can work out a plea bargain.

Luke: I appreciate the offer, bubba, but I'm nobody's rat.

Tracy: Oh, I hope you find your principles consoling when you're exercising in the prison yard an hour a day.

Mac: So, what's the verdict?

Alexis: So, will you please release Luke?

Mac: Officer, release him.

Alexis: So, I'm cautioning you, I'm warning you, I'm advising you -- don't even think about leaving town.

Luke: Whatever you say, boss.

Carly: Are you taking Sonny's side on this?

Jason: No, I'm just asking questions. If you don't want me to ask you questions --

Carly: No, I, I -- you just have a unique way of looking at things, you know, which is why I'm here.

Jason: Okay, look, I understand that you're angry with Sonny. I know that you're angry with Sonny because you think he saved Kate instead of Michael. But I read the ballistics report -- Sonny was the target. The bullet hit close to him, it ricocheted, it hit Michael. Michael was 10 feet away. If that bullet didn't ricochet, Michael would have been fine. Or the possibility of Sonny wanting to try to shield Michael, he would have drawn the sniper's fire and Michael still could have been hit, Carly.

Carly: So, Michael's damned either way, right? That's my point. My children aren't safe when they're around their father. And nothing you just told me changes the fact that Sonny's first instinct was to protect Kate, not Michael. And I am never going to forget that, Jason, and it will forever change the way I feel about him. Soy will always jump in front of a bullet to save his kid -- no, he won't, that's not true -- and you know what? Maybe it never was.

Claudia: When Kate Howard was shot and Michael went missing, Sonny assumed that Johnny was behind it. So he had my brother grabbed off the streets and he locked him in a padded room in a mental ward, without food and without water, and beat him. Sonny was threatening to cut Johnny's fingers off and send them home to me in pieces.

Nikolas: Yeah, I guess I can see how that would make you angry.

Claudia: It didn't make me angry, Nikolas, I couldn't see straight.

Nikolas: Well, why didn't you call the police?

Claudia: Because that's not how we do things. Not the Zaccharas, not my family, not Sonny. And when Michael came back, and Sonny came around looking for a truce, me and John agreed to a truce. We agreed to it, but then I immediately found somebody to take Sonny out without it getting back to me and John.

Nikolas: Ah, ah yes, enter Ian Devlin, right?

Claudia: I had done some work with Ian before, in Italy. And he was anxious to get a drug shipment into town. So I told Ian that I would help him out if he would take Sonny out. You knew Ian Devlin, didn't you? Didn't you, Nikolas? Because the night Michael was shot, I met with Ian Devlin in your office. And when he walked in, thinking that he was talking to you, he was already furious. He must have been furious at you, so how do you fit into this whole scenario, Nikolas? Because I know that you do, and I can see it on your face.

Johnny: I am sorry your father was arrested.

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, yeah, your heart is bleeding.

Johnny: Okay, I don't have time to convince you, I have to go find my sister. For what it's worth, I had nothing to do with your arrest.

Lucky: I accept that.

Lucky: Do you believe this guy?

Luke: Yeah, I do. I got caught in the crossfire of your family fall-out. I want you to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to my daughter.

Johnny: I've always done my best to look after Lulu, that won't change.

Luke: Okay, what's going on here, what is this, some kind of intervention?

Lulu: Yeah -- no, I think we know better by now.

Lucky: Yeah, I called Lulu over here so she could say her good-byes.

Luke: Well, that was very un-police academy of you.

Lucky: You know, you used to tell me not to look the gift horse in the mouth? I think now would be a good time to take your own advice.

Lulu: So, Lucky's right? You're leaving?

Luke: Alexis has practically bought me an airline ticket. You know, I hate jumpsuits, and prison orange is not really my color. So I thought I better disappear just so I can clear my name.

Lulu: Well, I hate when this happens. It always does so I'm not going to make it difficult. I love you.

Luke: I love you, too, cupcake.

Lulu: Just promise me that you will be safe.

Luke: I promise.

Lulu: Okay, that means no binge drinking, no cigars, no --

Luke: Wait, wait, this earache all of a sudden, I can't hear you.

Lulu: Okay, I just want you to come back in one piece. So call us to let us know that you're safe?

Luke: Yes, I'll do that as soon as I can. But, remember, until you hear from me, no news is good news.

Lulu: Okay, well, I'll see you later.

Luke: I love you.

Lulu: Love you.

Luke: Now you be safe.

Lulu: I will.

Luke: Okay, lay it on me, give me the "I told you sos."

Lucky: How about I say, I just -- I'm going to miss you, and leave it at that.

Luke: You big lug.

Cassius: Hey, Doc, I hate to break up the monkey business, but I need a wheelchair.

[Robin laughs]

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: I'm so sorry.

Patrick: Sorry for what?

Robin: For dragging you into a situation you never wanted to be a part of.

Patrick: You didn't drag me into anything, we made this baby together.

Robin: By accident.

Patrick: Still, he or she is in their ready to make appearance and I'm going to be a father whether I am prepared or not. I just, I don't want to screw it up.

Robin: I'm not worried. Okay, I am cautiously optimistic.

Patrick: Okay, then I will be, too. Listen, I've got rounds, so --

Robin: Wait, what about this guy?

Patrick: Okay, well, I can put him in your car, or I can take him back.

Robin: No, no, please don't do that.

Patrick: Okay, well, he's doing rounds with me then. Come on, buddy, I could use the practice. How do I look?

Robin: Great.

Patrick: Okay.

Jason: Okay, Carly, just -- you have got to try and remember that Sonny loves his kids. He's always wanted what's best for them.

Carly: Then he should be able to understand we need to protect the son he has left.

Jason: Do you think it's easy to give up a child? You can't just say it's for the best and walk away even when you know you should. You came here to hear what I think. Do you want to hear what I think?

Carly: Yes, I do.

Jason: All right, I think if you stay rational, you keep explaining your position until Sonny can hear you; you might have a chance of him coming around to seeing things your way. But if you go at him, and get him defensive, he's not going to hear anything and you're going to start a fight that nobody is going to win.

Carly: I love you, with all my heart.

Nikolas: Are you insinuating that I bear some kind of guilt by association over what happened with Michael? Just because I know Ian, I am somehow culpable?

Claudia: No, of course not. I am just -- I'm not saying that at all. I'm just wondering why you are so defensive suddenly.

Nikolas: You probably already know this, but I paid Ian $10 million to gain access to an experimental drug that is illegal in this country. And he obviously used that $10 million to finance a drug shipment that he wanted you to land. So if you connect those two damning dots, my money helped put Michael in that coma. So, hey, I guess I'm guilty, too.

[Knocking on door]

Robin: Jason, it's Robin.


Jason: Hey, come on in.

Robin: Is everything okay?

Jason: Yeah, it's fine.

Robin: I thought I heard something.

Jason: No, it's nothing. What can I do for you?

Robin: That's the first thing you always ask. I actually brought you something. I assumed you left this for Michael?

Jason: Yeah, I was in the lobby and I saw it in a gift shop.

Robin: I took one look at it and I knew that it came from you.

Jason: I should have listened to you.

Jerry: Hello, darling.

Alexis: Why is it that you always appear out of nowhere?

Jerry: I come bearing gifts, chocolate filled truffles that I fought wind and rain to deliver personally.

Alexis: The truffles can stay.

Jerry: Oh, come on, you're not banishing me so quickly, are you?

Alexis: This is my office, this is where I work. I'm probably very busy.

Jerry: Look, I've missed you.

Alexis: If you're so lonely, why don't you call Claudia?

Claudia: If you wanted just a little bit of advice, lose the guilt. It's a useless emotion. I mean, what you did wasn't premeditated, it wasn't even unusual. Really, people with money and power, they use it to get what they want all the time, and why shouldn't they? I mean, look, we could all backtrack every single action we've ever made if we really wanted to. I'm sure, I guarantee, that we could find our place in the chain of circumstances that led to somebody's misfortunes somewhere.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, but that was one of the most fascinating philosophical insights into the perils of being rich I have ever heard. Thank you, I feel so much better.

Claudia: I just -- look, all I'm saying is that you had a legitimate reason to do business with Ian. It's not like you were trying to get rich or high.

Nikolas: Well, that's just great, I off the hook. Are you trying to make excuses for me hoping that I will return the favor?

Claudia: No, I wanted Sonny dead. I told you. I hired Ian to kill him. What I never meant to happen was for a little boy to end up getting shot in the head. Just like you never meant for your money to go to Devlin for him to play Dr. Drug lord.

Nikolas: It doesn't matter; we all had our part in destroying that kid's life.

Claudia: Well, look, maybe Michael's going to wake up.

Nikolas: In what? Five, 10 years? Come on, that kid was robbed. Don't you think we should pay for that in some way?

Johnny: Her name is Claudia Zacchara, she's about 5'5" with long black hair. Thanks. Careful, the walls have ears. Look, I had nothing to do with your father's arrest, you have to believe me.

Lulu: Do you think it was Claudia who set him up?

Johnny: She had no reason to.

Lulu: Well, that leaves your father, and why would he want to lose the only leverage he has over me?

Johnny: I was with him earlier today; he didn't mention a thing about your father.

Lulu: Would he?

Johnny: I honestly don't know.

Lulu: Okay, so now what? I mean, our only reason to be together is gone. Am I supposed to pretend to break up with you?

Luke: So, you found me.

Tracy: It wasn't very hard. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Would you have looked for me if I hadn't?

Luke: What do you think?

Tracy: I think I don't want to know. I brought you some cash.

Luke: Oh, thank you, but there's no need for that.

Tracy: Why, what have you done?

Luke: Ta-dah.

Tracy: Oh, my.

Luke: Isn't it lovely?

Tracy: Is that the --

Luke: Zacchara money, liberated. You know, there's more than enough here for a traveling companion.

Tracy: I should have known. And is the lovely, limber Anna Devane your adventure bunny of choice?

Luke: Hell no. My traveling companion of choice is you.

Luke: Come on, Spanky, let's do it. It will be the ride of our lives.

Tracy: Just pick up and go?

Luke: Just pick up and go.

Luke: What, this is my answer?

Tracy: Are you going to stand there looking stupid or are we going to get the hell out of dodge? Let's go.

Luke: Yes!

Johnny: This might be a good time for you to get away.

Lulu: Away, where?

Johnny: Pick a place.

Lulu: Port Charles. I want to be near you, Johnny, unless you --

Johnny: I do, more than you know.

Lulu: Okay, so then we'll make it work. I'll go to your father and I'll pretend to work you for him.

Johnny: Look, we're not going to figure this out right now. My sister's missing; I've got to go find her.

Lulu: I think you underestimate your sister. Claudia strikes me as the woman who can talk her way out of just about anything.

Johnny: If she's alive to do it.

Jerry: Why would you throw Claudia Zacchara in my face?

Alexis: I thought you liked her.

Jerry: Oh, come on, I kissed Claudia because I saw you coming and I thought it would be fun to make you jealous. Apparently, I succeeded.

Alexis: Get your hands off my truffles.

Jerry: Give me a truffle.

Alexis: These truffles belong to me.

Jerry: Oh, right, yeah, you reject me, but you keep the truffles.

Alexis: They're mine and I don't like to share.

Claudia: I pay for what I did to Michael with a little piece of my soul every single time that I think of him. Maybe that's not as much as I deserve -- definitely. But it hurts a lot, trust me. I don't want my brother to go down for this, to be dragged down with me.

Nikolas: That's a convenient spin. Spare your brother, you spare yourself as well.

Claudia: You can throw me right back into the harbor right now. I'm dead serious. Or I'll save you the trouble, I'll dive in myself.

Nikolas: You'd dive for your brother's life, you would?

Claudia: In a heartbeat, yeah. What would you do for yours?

[Knock on door]

Alfred: Mr. Cassadine, the phone lines are working again.

Nikolas: Would you like to go to a hospital?

Claudia: I think I'm fine. What do you think?

Nikolas: I think you are going to be okay, too. Thank you, Alfred, but I won't be needing to make any of those phone calls.

Alfred: Very good, Sir.

Jason: You tried to warn me years ago. Choose violence and takes over your life, no one you love is ever safe. And you were right.

Robin: You didn't even remember your childhood. You had no frame of reference, so how could you know what was best for Michael? No one could have predicted something this unthinkable happening to him.

Jason: I could've listen to you and Monica, you know.

Robin: Well, listen to me now. You gave Michael the most important thing that a parent can give to a child, and that is unconditional love and a sense of self-worth. That's not small. So while you're sitting here beating yourself up about everything you did wrong, try to balance that with remembering what you did right.

Carly: Jax?

Jax's voice: Dearest Carly, don't worry about me. I need to go away and figure out what comes next, for me and for us. I love you.

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