GH Transcript Friday 5/16/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/16/08


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Kate: The sky is clearing. Looks like we're past the storm.

Jax: Michael's ambulance is on its way to Manhattan. I hope they beat the rainstorm, too.

Kate: Thank you for coming with me tonight, Jax. I know you'd rather be with Michael.

Jax: So would you.

Jason: I thought I'd be gone before you guys showed up.

Carly: Can you stay until we get Michael settled?

Jason: Yeah, of course, yeah.


Anthony: There's a storm coming. Not a good night to be out on the roads. I want you and Claudia to stay home.

Johnny: I don't have any plans to go out. I don't know about Claudia.

Anthony: See, you should keep a closer eye on your sister. She's reckless. She takes too many chances.

Johnny: She's a grown woman. She doesn't need a keeper.

Anthony: Claudia hired that shooter to kill Sonny. His little boy gets hit instead. Now we got one big mess on our hands that we have to clean up. Otherwise, we're all going to pay.

Claudia: You bastard.

[Claudia groans]

Jerry: If it's any consolation, your beloved brother will be better off as well. I'm not the only one who'll be safer.

Claudia: Oh, Johnny. Johnny.

[Claudia grunts]

[Water splashes]

Alexis: What the hell are you doing?

Alfred: Welcome back, Sir. I speak for the entire staff when I say how pleased and relieved we are that your surgery was a success.

Nikolas: Thank you, Alfred. It's good to be home. Hey, come here.

Spencer: Dad!

Nikolas: Hey, come here. I missed you. What have you got there? You got something for me?

Spencer: A horsey.

Nikolas: A horsey? That's Rubicon, isn't it? I can tell by looking at him. You're getting really good at drawing. I love that picture you drew for me when I was in the hospital.

Spencer: Yeah?

Nikolas: It was cool. So, hey. I know you've been worried about me, right?

Spencer: Yeah.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. But I got some good news.

Spencer: What?

Nikolas: The doctors, they fixed me all up. Everything's fine. Yeah. I'm healthy and well, and I promise I'm going to live a long, long time. Okay?

Spencer: Okay.

Nikolas: Okay.

Jerry: It's always such a pleasure to see you, Alexis, but I have to admit that I -- you know, my feelings are a little wounded that you assume immediately that I am up to something nefarious.

Alexis: It's a reasonable assumption.

Jerry: Oh, come on. If I were up to no good, it would be a conflict of interest, wouldn't it? I mean, you being a district attorney and all.

Alexis: I would have absolutely no problem prosecuting you.

Jerry: Well, then it's a relief that I'm a law-abiding citizen, isn't it?

Alexis: What was the splash?

Jerry: The splash? All right, all right, all right. I confess, I confess. I mean, it was -- it was -- I bought this sandwich at a corner deli, and it was so disgusting that I threw it in the water, box and all, and, you know, arrest me for being a litter bug and for trying to poison the local fish. I surrender.

Alexis: Lucky for you, it's too dark. Jerry. That or the sandwich has already sunk.

Alexis: What are you doing at the cannery, Jerry?

Jerry: Well, I was considering opening an import business, and I thought this would be the ideal location. Actually, I made an overture to Anthony Zacchara today, although the man is clearly not receptive. It's probably because of the influence of h new attorney. Ric isn't that fond of me, that's for sure.

Alexis: You're a tricky one, Jerry. Because you are such a good, good liar. And yet, it's a little disconcerting on the rare occasion when you might -- might, I say -- be telling the truth.

Jerry: I'm flattered to hear that you pay such close attention to me, I mean. But I'd like to know how you happened to find me.

Alexis: I was driving by and your car was parked in the alley.

Jerry: And you had this irresistible urge to come to this dark, empty, and dangerous place.

Alexis: I had good reason to be suspicious. But at the moment, I don't seem to be able to prove anything. So I'm going to go.

Jerry: I'll walk you out.

Alexis: That's really not necessary.

Jerry: No, no, no. This is a really bad part of town. You really -- really should be very careful.

Johnny: Aren't you the one who took the hit out on Sonny?

Anthony: Why would you think that?

Johnny: He's your enemy.

Anthony: Our enemy.

Johnny: He's blocking our expansion into Port Charles. Getting rid of Sonny could solve a lot of problems. But you weren't exactly in a position to find the best hitman, and Ian Devlin botched the hit. Now an innocent child is in a coma, and Sonny hates us more than ever.

Anthony: That's very convincing, and an excellent deflection. But I didn't hire the shooter.

Johnny: Well, Claudia didn't either.

Anthony: Such loyalty to your sister.

Johnny: When she came back into town, she was going to help me run things, but now that you're back, it's not an issue.

Anthony: You're getting very good at thinking on your feet. I don't believe a word you're saying, but I like your confidence, John.

Johnny: Claudia did not take that hit out on Sonny. She never would have shown that kind of initiative.

Anthony: Then we got one hell of a coincidence here. The guards told me Ian Devlin showed up here at the house not once, but twice, to see Claudia. How are you going to cover for your sister now?

Kate: I never told you why Sonny and I broke up. I think you have a right to know.

Jax: I don't need to know everything.

Kate: But it affects you, too, Jax. In fact, you may want to reconsider your association with me and the magazine.

Jax: I doubt it.

Kate: Ian Devlin told me that he shot Michael. He wanted me to pay him $1 million to leave town. He said that if I didn't, he would kill Sonny. And if Sonny got to him first, he'd be sure to leave evidence so that Sonny was convicted of murder. I misappropriated $1 million of the "Crimson" operating budget and wired it to Ian. Evidently, Jason and his computer person, Spinelli, were monitoring Ianís bank transactions, and the wire transfer alerted them, and eventually, they caught up with Ian.

Jax: Yeah, and then Jason shot and killed Ian. I read about that in the papers.

Kate: Somehow, and I am assuming this was Spinelli, he got the money back into the "Crimson" account, and I foolishly and selfishly thought that I could just cover the whole thing up. But Sonny found out. And now you know, too. I aided and abetted the man who put your stepson in a coma, and you have every right to terminate your dealings with me and the magazine.

Man on pa: Mr. Jax, please buckle your seatbelts. We'll be landing in New York in 15 minutes.

Dr. Levitt: We'll take care of the monitor hookups.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you for taking care of my son.

Dr. Levitt: Michael's blood pressure and heart rate are fine. Let's give him extra fluids for the next hour or so.

Carly: Is he okay?

Dr. Levitt: He's fine, and he's resting comfortably.

Carly: Can we sit with him for a while?

Dr. Levitt: You stay as long as you want. This is Michael's home now. You're his family. You're always welcome.

Jason: I brought his Africa book if either of you want to read it to him.

Carly: Jason. You want to say good-bye to him?

Lulu: There you are.

Nikolas: Yeah, I just took Spencer up to bed. He might be still awake if you want to go say good night to him.

Lulu: Oh, no, well, I -- I came here to see you, actually. How are you feeling?

Nikolas: Uh, I'm okay, I guess. A little tired, but okay.

Lulu: Maybe you should have stayed at the hospital longer.

Nikolas: No, no, no. I was ready to come home. I feel fine. Dr. Drake signed the release, anyway, so... you know, you kind of look a little tired. You okay?

Lulu: You're not allowed to do that.

Nikolas: What?

Lulu: You can't fuss over me when you're the one who just had brain surgery, and now I feel even more guilty about why I came here.

Nikolas: Why, why, why?

Lulu: I -- I am tired. I have been sleeping really badly lately. I'm really confused. I think that maybe you're the only person who can help me, so can I ask you a question?

Nikolas: Yes. Ask away.

Lulu: You truly, deeply loved Emily, right?

Nikolas: Yeah. With all my heart, and I always will.

Lulu: So how did you know that it was love? How did you know that your feelings were different from your feelings for Gia or Courtney, and -- and -- I mean, if they were pretty much the same thing, then how did you know that it was love?

Johnny: Ian did come to the house to see Claudia.

Anthony: And you didn't bother to tell me that?

Johnny: Well, he was a doctor at the hospital. He saw her there and was attracted to her, I suppose. He came back here to hit on her, and came back once more to follow up.

Anthony: Claudia told you that?

Johnny: I saw it for myself.

Anthony: Claudia has a terrible temper. As far as I can gather, she was a woman scorned. She and Corinthos slept together, and he treated her like a whore. Am I right so far?

Johnny: Okay, but she wouldn't kill him over that.

Anthony: Why are you defending her? You think you owe her, since she's always been protective of you? I used to worry about Claudia's influence when you were little. I thought she'd baby you, make you weak.

Trevor: Anthony? John. You needed to see me?

Anthony: Yes. You were supposedly keeping an eye on things while I was locked up, so tell me, is there any proof that Claudia was behind the shooting of Sonny's brat? And was Johnny involved in it?

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. Oh, hey, thanks for, um, coming by. I was wondering. Could you please take Jake tonight?

Lucky: Jake, but not Cam?

Elizabeth: Cameron has a sleepover at Jacksonís.

Lucky: Isn't that his friend that lives way out in Greenfield?

Elizabeth: Yes, it's forever away, but Jacksonís mom said that she would bring Cameron home tomorrow, and he's really excited about it. I don't want to let him down, and I'd rather not stick Jake in the car for all that time if I don't have to. Please, do you think you could take him?

Lucky: You know I'm always happy to help, but I've kind of already got plans made tonight with Sam.

Elizabeth: Oh, okay.

Lucky: You know what? I'll cancel. Sam, she'll understand, and besides, I'd love to spend some extra time with my son.

Jason: When you were a baby, I would, um, I would hold you up so you could see outside the window.

Jason: Then I would take you outside, and we'd sit in the grass, and I'd put you down beside me, and you would just -- man, you would just take off. You were crawling so fast. You'd grab leaves. You'd pull grass. You'd try to scare all the birds away. You were -- you were everywhere.

Jason: And now you're here.

Jason: I just, uh, want you to know that I'm thankful for every day I had with you. You taught me so much. I just want you to know that -- that I love you. I'll always be thinking of you.

Jason: Good-bye.

Trevor: Yeah. This time, I think it was Claudia's idea to take Sonny out.

Anthony: It makes sense that she'd hire some doctor who's hot for her as the trigger man.

Johnny: Trevor's undercutting Claudia so he can turn you against her, like he did when she was a teenager and you sent her away.

Anthony: Now, you have to remember, with Trevor it's all about gains and losses. So what does he gain by turning me against my daughter?

Johnny: Trevor can't control Claudia. It makes her a threat.

Trevor: Your sister is powerless.

Johnny: She speaks her mind. Sees you for the user that you are.

Trevor: Are you saying that I am using Anthony right now?

Anthony: Trevor's opinion of Claudia right on the money. She's a wild card.

Johnny: She's loyal to the family, which is a lot more than we can say about Trevor here. He convinced you to send her away years ago. Don't fall for his lies a second time.

Anthony: Johnny! Don't stretch yourself too thin. You may find there comes a time when you want to protect someone even more than your sister.

Lulu: I am so mixed up. I'm sometimes happy, most of the time, frustrated and angry. But one way or another, I'm thinking about this guy, like, every second of the day.

Nikolas: Right. And that scares you.

Lulu: It just sort of happened.

Nikolas: But, Lulu, if you're -- if you're talking about Johnny Zacchara, my advice to you is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Lulu: I've already heard that from everybody else. So, why don't you just tell me about you and -- and -- and what it was like when you fell in love and how it happened and what it felt like and all that.

Nikolas: It's just that I think it's a little harder for me to define because, I mean, I loved Emily just as a friend for years. And then -- and then when she was fighting breast cancer, I just realized.

Lulu: Realized what?

Nikolas: Well, it's sort of like you described. My feelings for her were so strong that I couldn't admit to them, not even to myself.

Lulu: So then, how did you?

Nikolas: I just finally realized that that feeling was never going to go away. I didn't know what the future held for us, if we were going to stay together or if something was going to pull us apart. It didn't matter. I just knew. I still know. She'll be in my heart forever.

Elizabeth: Hey, there are my boys. Oh, no. Looks like someone has chocolate on his face.

Lucky: Yeah, Cameron made chocolate chip cookies in day care.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm guessing you had a fun time.

Lucky: Yeah, and we'll have even more fun at your sleepover, huh? And then I want to hear all about it on Saturday when we go to the park for that picnic.

Elizabeth: That sounds like fun. Come on, we got to get going. We have a real long drive to Jacksonís.

Lucky: Yeah, listen, you, uh --

Elizabeth: You be a good boy, okay? Who loves you? I know. Say good-bye to brother. Say "bye, brother."

Lucky: Are you coming down with us?

Elizabeth: I'm going to stay for a minute and clean him up.

Lucky: Okay. Bye, Cam.

Cam: Bye, Daddy.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Warren: Kate, Jax, good to see you both.

Kate: Warren, it's good to see you.

Giselle: And the last time I saw you was at the Met gala, wasn't it?

Jax: Oh, yes, it was quite an event. You almost managed to outdo it.

Warren: Yeah, well, image is everything in the fashion world, as our former editor-in-chief so well knows.

Giselle: We're so glad you were able to make it all the way from upstate.

Kate: Yes, Warren has been so sweet. He insisted that we come.

Giselle: Oh, I'm so glad you could find the time. Things must be getting hectic as the launch date looms for "Crimson."

Kate: Oh, I'm looking forward to it.

Giselle: So is everyone at "Couture." We can't wait to see how Kate Howard tops herself.

Kate: Ah, well, let's just say we're very grateful for all the support we've received from the designers and the advertisers alike.

Giselle: I think you're being terribly brave.

Kate: I thrive on challenges.

Giselle: Didn't I hear something about your boyfriend's son being shot? It's awful. I really can't imagine.

Sonny: We've already said our good-byes the night that I realized you were never waking up. Ah, your mom is going to visit faithfully, and I would, I really would, if I really felt that in my heart that you could hear me, feel my presence. But you've -- you've gone some place I can't reach. And I'm still here, which makes no sense. Because I tell you what -- you were so much better than I will ever be. Smart, thoughtful. You could be stubborn. I will not -- you could make me laugh, boy. The one thing that I will miss is the way you used to put a smile on my face. And any mistake that you made was because of the way I raised you. I damaged you in ways I didn't intend long before you were shot. You know, wherever you are, I just want you to know something. I never had a problem with you being mine. Listen to me. You were my first child, the child of my heart. I love you. I will always love you. And for the rest of my life, I will never forget the last words you said to me were, "I love you, Dad."

Lulu: Hey.

Johnny: It's started.

Lulu: What?

Johnny: I just had a disagreement with my father. He made a veiled threat against you.

Lulu: How veiled?

Johnny: I was defending Claudia, and he said there might be someone out there that I would want to defend more.

Lulu: Well, it's a little unnerving, but it's not like we didn't expect it.

Johnny: Lulu, my father has once killed an entire family because they were standing --

Lulu: The whole reason he wants us together is to basically use me as a hostage to keep you in line.

Johnny: Oh, God. Why the hell are we even doing this?

Lulu: Because we want him to trust you, so that we can gather evidence against him.

Johnny: I know, and it seemed like a great idea at the time, but it's too risky. I don't want to put you in any danger.

Lulu: But this is not just about me. Anthony threatened to put my father in prison for money laundering if I didn't get back together with you.

Johnny: We will find a way around that. But you need to stay away from me.

Lulu: How many times am I going to say this? I am not leaving.

Anthony: So, what do you think? Did Claudia really send Ian Devlin to that warehouse to kill Sonny?

Trevor: All I know is that Devlin was connected, and he probably did a couple of drug deals. Sonny won't let anybody move drugs through Port Charles. So, Devlin might have acted on his own, decided to take Sonny out.

Anthony: You're advising me to let it go.

Trevor: Yeah. But you already knew that. You've been pushing this just to see how far Johnny would go to cover for Claudia.

Anthony: You don't miss a trick, do you?

Trevor: Anthony, I pay attention. You wouldn't want it any other way.

Anthony: I could use a little less manipulation, Trevor.

Trevor: Yeah. After all these years as your lawyer, you bought Johnny's line, that I'm using you.

Anthony: You try to play me off against my kids. That doesn't sit well with me.

Trevor: I am only interested in you, Anthony. And I wish I could say the same thing for Claudia and Johnny.

Anthony: I can keep Johnny under control. I just don't want to constantly threaten Claudia to do it.

Trevor: Enter Lulu Spencer.

Anthony: As long as Johnny thinks he loves Lulu, he'll do whatever I want to protect her.

Alexis: So, I went to the hospital to visit you, and they told me that you had already checked out.

Nikolas: I was ready to leave.

Alexis: So I don't want to be the hovering aunt, however, what were you thinking?

Nikolas: Oh, I don't know. Call it a family trait.

Alexis: Huh?

Nikolas: Huh.

[Alexis laughs]

Nikolas: When you were fighting cancer, you had to be dragged to the hospital and couldn't wait to leave. So I'd appreciate a little empathy, please.

Alexis: Okay, okay, okay. There's a storm coming, you know. The water is already choppy. What happens if you need medical care?

Nikolas: I'm fine. I mean, I don't even have a headache.

Alexis: It's not just the surgery that I'm --

Nikolas: All right, stop, stop right there. You don't get to be tactful right now. What do you think, I'm just going to sit out here all day and picture Emilyís death? No.

Alexis: Do you blame me for wanting to spare you that?

Nikolas: No, you canít. I'll miss her no matter where I am.

Alexis: I really wish there was something I could do.

Nikolas: Yeah. There's not a moment that goes by that I don't mourn Emilyís death. But that's not what she would want. Nope. I'll always love her, but I need to move on and live my life in a way that's worthy of her. You know?

Sonny: Ready to go?

Carly: Look, can't we stay for a little while?

Sonny: Well, obviously, there is nothing more we can do for him today.

Carly: Can I have minute with Michael?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Sweetheart, I'm going to go, all right? I'm going to come back in a few days. And everything's all set with Dr. Levitt and the staff, and they are going to take good care of you, and they're going to keep you comfortable. I love you. I love you, and I don't care what the doctors say. I don't believe that your life is over. I know that you're going to find the courage and the strength, and you are going to keep fighting, and you are going to come back to me. I will never, ever give up on you.


Alfred: I took the liberty to make a spot of tea, Sir.

Nikolas: No, thank you, Alfred. I'm going out.

Alfred: The storm has hit full force, Sir.

Nikolas: I'm not worried about a little rain.

Elizabeth: No! No!

Johnny: Your family was right to warn you against me. It's not too late to start listening.

Lulu: Yes, they mean well, but they don't know you like I do.

Johnny: Well, if you still think I'm going to turn into this soft --

Lulu: Don't try and warn me off. I may be scared of my own feelings, but I'm not scared of you. Why do you think that I got in the car with you the first time that I met you?

Johnny: You were so mad, you weren't thinking straight.

Lulu: Okay, but even then, there were lines that you wouldn't cross.

Johnny: Lulu, I crossed them. I shot Sonny. You saw me.

Lulu: Ah, I still don't know why you and Sonny insist on escalating the violence or what either of you thinks that you're going to win, but you would never hurt an innocent person. It's like what you said when -- the day Michael got shot. You would never shoot a child.

Johnny: All that matters is that we trust each other.

Lulu: Yeah. I trust you.

Warren: Please tell me that you are no longer seeing that gangster neighbor.

Kate: Ah, Sonny and I had a mutual parting of the ways.

Warren: Oh, well, I must confess, I'm very happy to hear that, because when you got shot a few months ago, I was terrified. And -- and not just for you, but selfishly for "Couture" as well.

Kate: Well, I'm not quite sure how I can help "Couture." I mean, after all, I'm about to launch "Crimson."

Warren: Listen, Kate, should it fail -- and I know that it wonít. I'm sure it won't -- but I want you to know that there will always be a place for you at "Couture."

Kate: Thank you, Warren. Nice save, by the way.

Warren: Ah, Giselle, there you are. Well, I'll leave the two of you to chat. And -- oh! Please feel free to share all your secrets with our current editor-in-chief.

Kate: Don't mind Warren. He always gives me too much credit.

Giselle: It must be quite an adjustment for you to put your finger on the pulse of women 15 to 25.

Kate: Well, style is ageless.

Giselle: Absolutely. And you're doing an amazing job, especially given the challenges of your boyfriend's lifestyle.

Kate: As I already explained to Warren, Sonny and I had an amicable parting of the ways.

Giselle: Aren't you fortunate to have Jasper Jacks to console you.

Jax: Oh, no consolation required. I'm honored that Kate is letting me back her new venture. It must be a relief to you.

Giselle: I'm not sure I follow.

Jax: Well, you know, if Kate weren't committed to "Crimson," she'd be available to take over "Couture" like Warren's been begging her to. So -- [Jax laughs] Yeah. Well, if you'll excuse us.

Kate: I quite enjoyed you putting Giselle in her place.

Jax: That woman's so threatened by you, she's practically frothing at the mouth.

Kate: Why should you care, Jax? I mean, really, why should I care? How does any of it matter compared to what happened to Michael?

Sonny: Remember when you and Michael first moved in with me?

Carly: I didn't want to be there. So I let him loose, and he just trashed the place. He threw every toy he owned on the floor.


Sonny: I thought Santaís toy bag had exploded all over my living room.

Carly: I guess I went a little overboard, huh?

Sonny: Like mother, like son.

Carly: I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Sonny: It all worked out.

Carly: You were so great with him. Remember the first time we took him to the island, and you took him out on the boat?

Sonny: He held the steering wheel, and we would crash through the waves, and he would say, "faster, faster." Nothing scared that little boy.

Carly: I can picture the day that we told him we were getting back together, and you told him that he could call you whatever he wanted.

Sonny: And all he wanted to do was call me dad.

Carly: He was so happy we were together.

Sonny: And he would do anything to keep us together, even when you got engaged with Jax.

Carly: There was the time he locked us in the basement. And he put our pictures on the wine bottle. And he gave us potato chips, told us to work out our problems.

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: And he was not one bit shy about, you know, telling us how he felt.

Carly: I just thought with all that creativity and determination, that Michael could be whatever he wanted.

Sonny: Hey. He was amazing.

Carly: Then how did this happen to our little boy?


Elizabeth: Jason. Oh, my God. How did you know I was out here? How did you find me?

Jason: I was just going for a ride. What happened?

Elizabeth: I got a flat tire, and then I locked my keys in the car with my cell phone.

Jason: Here, I'll get the car open.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you.

[Jason grunts]

Kate: I've gone soft in Port Charles, Jax. I used to be completely impervious to social digs, and now I'm an easy target.

Jax: Well, no one would guess. You're smiling. You're poised. You're elegant.

Kate: I'm ready to run for the hills.

Jax: Really? We can leave if you like.

Kate: No. No. It's good for "Crimson." Walk the walk, talk the talk.

Jax: Well, on that note, should we at least act like we are having fun? Take a little spin on the dance floor?

Kate: Absolutely.

Jax: All right.

Kate: Oh!

[Kate and Jax laugh]

Kate: Wow.

Jax: You feeling better?

Kate: Well, you're quite the dancer, Jax. And you're handsome, and you're gallant, and you're a true gentleman and all around perfect guy.

Jax: Well, I've certainly met my match.

Carly: I want to turn the car around. I want to go back.

Sonny: Michael's fine.

Carly: No, he's not fine. He's not fine because we left him there with people he doesn't know.

Sonny: The doctors and staff are the best in New York.

Carly: What if he wakes up? What if he wakes up and he's there with a bunch of strangers, Sonny? We have to go back to him. We have to get him now.

Sonny: We made the choice.

Carly: I didn't make this choice. I didn't make this choice. I don't want to lose my son, okay? I didn't make this choice. I want to go back.

Sonny: Come here. Come here.

Carly: I don't want to leave my son.

Sonny: I know, I know. I know, I know, I know. Hey, hey, hey.

Carly, sobbing: I don't want to leave him.

Sonny: Right. It's okay. You all right? Huh? Okay? Get up. Come here. You okay?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Hmm?

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