GH Transcript Wednesday 5/14/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/14/08


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Dr. Harmon: What do you remember?

Nikolas: Epiphany, she -- she gave me a couple of pills, something to prevent seizures, I guess. I -- I took them and dozed off.

Dr. Harmon: Well, you're stable now but you had a seizure and went into respiratory arrest. I understand there was a similar incident last week. Patient had a seizure after the nurse claimed she'd given him the prescribed medication.

Elizabeth: Dr. Harmon, that was me. I gave the patient phenytoin but it didn't show up on his blood panel.

Dr. Harmon: I'll notify Dr. Ford.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, does -- does somebody want to tell me what's really going on here?

Sam: Yeah, something is seriously wrong in this hospital.

Anthony: Be careful, will you? Will you watch what you're doing? Go right ahead. Don't let me interrupt.

Lulu: My dad's not here, so if you're here on business, you --

Anthony: I'm glad I missed your dad. He doesn't need to see this.

Lulu: Well, Johnny and I are together and we're not going to hide it.

Spinelli: Be confident. Yeah. Yeah, check. Okay, confident. Be -- be a good listener. Would you say something to me?

Coleman: What?

Spinelli: Could you just say something, anything. I'm just -- Jackal is listening as advised by the consummate ladies' man, Dr. Patrick Drake. So --

Coleman: Study your notes, player. Study, study makes a good player Ė

Spinelli: Be a good listener. I think needs a little more cooking. Gods and goddesses are smiling on the Jackal today.

Coleman: Hey, Jackal, hey, bad idea.

Spinelli: No, don't -- don't you see the Jackal has an opportunity to move in, maybe not for the kill, but just for a little practice. Come on, I can do this. I can do this. Greetings of the most sincere and confident nature.

Jason: They're going to be moving you tomorrow to Manhattan. You're mom's going to fix your room up with some cool things. She's going to paint it blue. [Phone rings] Yeah.

Coleman: Morgan, hey, it's Coleman. Look, you need to get over to Jakeís right away. Your boy, Spinelli, is -- let's just say he's headed for some serious problems.

Hooker's voice: [Laughs]

Nikolas: Okay, please, forgive me. I just had brain surgery, so I might be a little slow. Did he say the same thing happened to someone else last week?

Elizabeth: Yes, I gave this patient phenytoin, just like Epiphany gave you, but when they did the blood work, it didn't show up in his system. Dr. Ford just thought I forgot to give the man his pills and then he wrote me up.

Lucky: Which was unfair.

Nikolas: Well -- well, what are the chances of getting it wrong twice?

Elizabeth: No, Epiphany would not make a mistake like that.

Nikolas: But neither would you.

Sam: I -- I thought something was off the day it happened.

Elizabeth: You know, I was so worried about Michael that day, I just accepted that I must've done something wrong. Now I'm not so sure.

Johnny: Lulu and I don't have to justify our relationship to anyone.

Anthony: I'm your father. I'm concerned.

Johnny: You don't control my life anymore.

Anthony: All I ever wanted is for you to be happy, but this business that we're -- do you realize he's putting you in danger?

Lulu: He's worth the risk.

Johnny: I can protect Lulu.

Anthony: Fine. If she's going to be part of this family, she's --

Lulu: One second. I am dating your son. That does not mean I want to be a Zacchara, okay? Who would? You guys are all crazy except for him.

Anthony: You allow her to speak to your father this way?

Johnny: Just leave us alone.

Lulu: What is your deal? Why are you wasting your life pushing around this old man in a wheelchair?

Anthony: How much disrespect do you think I'm going to tolerate?

Claudia: My father's not here.

Ric: Well, good. I'd much rather spend time with you anyway.

Claudia: So much for Daddy's loyal attorney.

Ric: Come on, Claudia, Anthony's playing us all, one against the other.

Claudia: Hey, who told you that in the first place? That's what Daddy does. You either adapt or you get caught under the wheels.

Ric: I choose option "A". Thought anymore about my offer?

Claudia: Among other things.

Ric: Well, that sounds promising.

Claudia: Let me ask you something. I barely know you. Why would I betray my own family to team up with you?

Ric: Your father shuts you out.

Claudia: And he hurts my feelings, but it doesn't make me stupid.

Ric: I should also make you realize how we can benefit one another, Claudia. I'll feed you information. You let me know how the family works. And in the end, we get Trevor and your brother out of the way.

Claudia: I understand how you feel about Trevor and that you hate him, but what makes you think I would betray my little brother?

Ric: I'm sorry. Let me rephrase. You'll get an equitable portion of the family business.

Claudia: By stabbing my little brother in the back? Would you do something like that to Sonny?

Spinelli: A vodka tonic for the young lady, as she assures me that is what she likes, as per the list.

Coleman: Dude, I'm warning --

Spinelli: And a shot of whiskey for the Jackal. Got it.

Hooker: The Jackal?

Spinelli: Oh well, yes, I -- I do, in fact, rule the internet, but you know what? Let's talk about you. What -- what skills and exciting things does the fair one possess? Hooker: What do you have in mind?

Spinelli: You -- you -- you tell the Jackal because your needs and wants are of the utmost importance.

Hooker: I've got skills and talents you've never even dreamed of.

Spinelli: Well, that does sound exciting. If you -- you'll excuse me, I'm going to fetch our beverages of choice.

Jason: What -- what's going -- what's going on here?

Spinelli: Please, don't approach the lady at yonder table, please.

Jason: Is -- is -- is that -- is that for you?

Spinelli: Stone Cold misses the salient point. Jackal beseeches you to stay away otherwise, due to common courtesy, I would have to make introductions and the fair one would no doubt fall for the master just as the Jackal is working his way down Patrickís list.

Jason: Dude, what are you talking about?

Coleman: Hey, Patrick Drake was giving him tips on picking up chicks.

Spinelli: My humble apologies. We were -- we were just about to explore your -- your exciting skills and talents.

Hooker: It'll be 250.

Jax: I'm glad you're still here.

Carly: Hey, Morganís at the park with Mercedes. Hi. And Iím going to see Michael. They say we can move him tomorrow.

Jax: I'll -- I'll make the arrangements.

Carly: My mom wants to do that.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: I don't know how to tell Morgan. His brother's not going to be here anymore. Do I take him by the hospital? Do I let him say goodbye?

Jax: It's a nice day outside. Why don't you just let him enjoy the park a little bit longer? We can tell him tonight. Or tomorrow. Besides, I want to talk to you about something.

Carly: I don't want to fight anymore, Jax, okay?

Jax: I'm hoping there won't be one. Look, I'm concerned about Morganís safety, Michael's too. I really think that the boys will be better off without Sonny in their lives.

Johnny: If Lulu has a problem with you, it's understandable after the terrible things you did to her.

Anthony: I was sick. I couldn't help myself.

Johnny: You think that matters to her?

Anthony: I want you to be happy, John, but there's a limit to my patience.

Johnny: Mine, too.

Anthony: Hm, she gives you confidence. I like that. Listen, I'm building a business that'll be yours someday. It requires hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. You both need to respect that.

Lulu: What kind of respect do you show me or your son? You act like you own him. You show up whenever you feel like it. You expect him do anything you want.

Anthony: She's trouble, John, and you know it.

Johnny: I don't care.

Lulu: You're not going to keep me away from him. And you, why -- why don't you just quit right now?

Logan: Since when do you care what happens to me, Lulu?

Lulu: I just don't want to see you throw your life away. You really should save yourself.

Logan: Well, you know, I could probably ask you that same question.

Johnny: Let's get out of here.

Anthony: You're jealous of my son. That concerns me.

Ric: It's no big secret. Sonny and I don't get along.

Claudia: Why would you? He's a pig.

Ric: I can understand why you'd think that.

Claudia: But you're different, right? That's what you're telling me.

Ric: Claudia, you and I are a lot alike, okay? We're outcasts. We're throwaways. You know, we're the kids that nobody wanted.

Claudia: I'm over it.

Ric: Really?

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Ric: And it's with you that you've been tossed out of the family business, even though you're better at it than John, you work harder than John, you're smarter than John --

Claudia: Are you sure about that? Johnny's very capable. It's possible that I want him to take over when daddy's out.

Ric: Claudia, you tell yourself that you want the best for your brother and that you love your brother, but, come on. What about what's best for you? Deep down, you got to wonder, why does John get everything and I get nothing at all.

Claudia: And you big, strong man, you want to fix all that for me.

Ric: You know what? You're not ready to go there, that's fine, but we can help each other.

Claudia: Meaning I can help you.

Ric: You work your father. You make him realize he doesn't need Trevor, he needs me, and I guarantee you, I will show you how I can be grateful.

Spinelli: I'm sorry; the Jackal's not entirely certain what the fair one is implying. I mean, if it's a -- if it's a loan you require, in these difficult economic times, I mean, the Jackal will be honored assist. Although, $250 is kind of a large sum for such a short acquaintance, but -- if -- if -- if -- if -- if -- if you're looking for a shoulder to cry on, I assure you the Jackal will be most attentive and not interested in past relationships or your mother.

Hooker: You're very sweet. I never do this, but -- 200.

Jason: Two hundred, here it is, right here. My friend is not interested.

Spinelli: Au contraire, Stone Cold. I am very interested in what you have to say and your tal --

Jason: Have -- have a good night. Thank you. Have a good night.

Spinelli: Wait. No, wait. Fair one, don't go. What? I was just getting to the part where I was learning about her as a person.

Coleman: She's a working girl.

Spinelli: As are many in this day and age.

Coleman: I don't mean like a -- like a nurse or, you know, lady lawyer or something. She's like a --

Spinelli: What?

Jason: She's a hooker. Yes.

Spinelli: A courtesan? A lady of the night? A fallen woman? That's not -- that's not fair. That wasn't on the list.

Coleman: Drake probably never paid for it. I tried to tell you.

Spinelli: His sage advice and counsel is all for naught. The Jackal is no closer to melting the female heart than he ever was.

Coleman: Come on, hey, you're still a player. Huh? I'll get the player an orange soda.

Spinelli: It's yet more proof that while I may overpower the internet at will, in the world of bricks and mortar, I am a hopeless wimp and doomed to love unrequited and from afar. Unless the master will at last share his true secrets with me.

Carly: Sonny adopted Michael and he's Morganís biological father. I just can't decide that he's out of their lives.

Jax: I had Alexis draw up me paperwork for you to review. Nothing is set in stone.

Carly: What happens if Sonny signs the papers?

Jax: He would lose custody of the kids. He would have no financial obligations. He'd have no legal rights to see them whatsoever. He would be out of Michael and Morganís lives for good.

Carly: He'd never agree to that.

Jax: I know Sonny's possessive of his children but even he must realize that they'd be safer and Morganís life would be better. That's my opinion anyway. The decision is yours.

Sam: Okay, so is Dr. Ford going to start an investigation?

Elizabeth: I don't know but he didn't yell at Epiphany.

Nikolas: It's because she didn't do anything wrong.

Sam: Yeah, and I seriously doubt you did either.

Lucky: What if there's something wrong with the pills?

Sam: Well, come on, Lucky, my pills stopped working, too. Remember? The last prescription I had had no effect at all.

Nikolas: And -- and you got them here at the hospital?

Sam: Yeah.

Lucky: Okay, so what are we thinking? There's counterfeit drugs?

Elizabeth: You know, Dr. Devlin actually mentioned that possibility.

Lucky: What if he's behind it?

Elizabeth: It's just so bizarre, though. I mean, a doctor, Patrickís friend, he could have shot Michael?

Nikolas: Well, Dr. Ian Devlin certainly is corrupt. I should know. I was his best customer.

Johnny: You can see the main house right through that window.

Lulu: Well, we can see them, but they can't see us.

Johnny: This could be our place, if you want.

Lulu: What do you mean, if I want? Why do you keep asking that?

Johnny: You don't have to fake the romance. That's all I'm saying.

Lulu: You think I don't know that? Why are you being so weird about this?

Johnny: Because we both know you got back together with me to protect your father. There's no way I'm taking advantage of you.

Logan: Mr. Zacchara, I don't like your son and I probably never will.

Anthony: Mm-hmm, must be difficult to see him with Lulu.

Logan: She made her choice and I respect that.

Anthony: She's right about one thing. You could easily find yourself a much better job.

Logan: I'm just going on proving myself to you and I'm hoping, once I gain your trust, that you'll move me up in your organization.

Anthony: That's entirely possible if you don't make trouble for Johnny and Lulu.

Claudia: Where's Luke?

Anthony: Who knows? You want to wait by the car? I need some time with my daughter.

Claudia: Bodyguard.

Logan: Ma'am.

Claudia: Is there a problem?

Anthony: Sit down, Claudia. Go on. I've been very difficult with you lately. I've been neglectful. I'd like to change all that. Tell me what you need, Claudia. What can I do for you?

Spinelli: It was folly from the start.

Jason: Why -- why are you wearing one of my leather jackets?

Spinelli: Would that some of the cool would rub off, but it shall not. Even with advice from the ladies' man, Patrick Drake, I am lost, doomed to a life of video games and orange soda.

Jason: Okay, what -- what -- what happened with Maxie? What happened?

Spinelli: She's on a sojourn in Manhattan, staying in the stylish lair of Fredrico Cabrero or something, a soon-to-be famous designer, and she's courting him on direct orders from the fearsome fashionista. Not that it matters. Maximista's blond heart was never mine. I'm just a spot on her designer gown, an escape from the sewer, and a savior only when accompanied by you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Stone Cold. You're -- there's no way you're in any mood to listen to the Jackal's romantic woes. How's Michael?

Jason: They're moving him to Manhattan tomorrow.

Spinelli: The Valkyrieís no longer opposed to putting him in a permanent place of care?

Jason: Carly can't take care of him at home and he can't stay in the hospital forever.

Carly: Out of all the mistakes I made in my life, loving Sonny was the worst. We started out betraying our best friend and we ended up with our son in a coma.

Jax: Well, we can't help who we love.

Carly: I was the mother. I should've put Michael and Morgan first. But I had all the fun, the passion, and the high drama. I let my kids grow up with bodyguards, living behind bullet-proof glass. They were kidnapped. They were traumatized. And I told them we were one big happy family because I needed to believe that, because I loved Sonny and I couldn't let go.

Jax: Carly, you didn't mean to hurt your children.

Carly: I know, and Ian Devlin didn't mean to hurt Michael. But he fired a rifle when he knew there was a child in the line of fire. But, hey, I put my kids in the line of fire every single day. And everybody tried to tell me. They tried to tell me about the violence. They tried to tell me the danger, but I wouldn't listen. I wouldn't listen when I fell in love with Jason and I wouldn't listen when I married Sonny.

Jax: You weren't in this alone, you know. Sonny played a major part.

Carly: Yeah, but I knew the violence that surrounded Sonny and I asked him to be the father of my children anyway.

Jax: I think you're being a little hard on yourself.

Carly: No, I'm not. I knew Michael was hurting. I didn't want to admit it. How many times did he run away? How many dangerous stunts did he pull trying to get Sonny and I back together? And Morgan, I love that little boy. He's my baby. I should have never had a child with Sonny. I knew the man he was. He didn't claim to be anything else.

Jax: And he pursued you. He wanted you. So --

Carly: I had a choice, but my kids didnít. Having Sonny as their father puts my kids in danger every single day. He can't be their father anymore. This isn't about betrayal and it's not about revenge and all that stuff that Sonny and I have always fought about. And I don't want to hurt him and I'm not trying to teach him a lesson. I really -- I have to protect Morgan from what happened to Michael.

Nikolas: Look, I'm not proud of what I'm about to tell you. But one of the side effects of the tumor was hallucinations. I could see Emily.

Lucky: What do you mean, you saw her?

Nikolas: I mean she was waiting for me at Wyndemere when I came home from the funeral. I knew that she wasn't real and that the tumor was eventually going to kill me, but I wanted to be with her no matter what the cost.

Elizabeth: So you're saying that Ian just happened to come up with a drug to help you?

Nikolas: Yeah, it was an experimental, black market drug, illegal. But it made my condition manageable and allowed me to see Emily at the same time.

Lucky: How much did you pay him?

Nikolas: $10 million.

Elizabeth: Uhh.

Nikolas: I knew that I purchased a drug that was illegal and if I would have just come clean and turned Ian in, maybe Michael would be playing baseball right now instead of lying in the hospital. But all I could think about was seeing Emily.

Carly: How's he doing?

Epiphany: He's stable; I have the nurses checking him every ten minutes. Jason Morgan was here just about a half hour ago.

Carly: Thank you, you've gone above and beyond since the night that this happened and I just want to say thank you.

Epiphany: With all the second guessing and finger pointing going on around here, it's nice to see someone who appreciates a good nurse when they see one.

Jax: I wonder what that was about.

Carly: She doesn't like me.

Jax: No?

Carly: But she likes you, and the people at the institute are going to like you.

Jax: We've told them all about you, what kind of a person you are, all the things you like. They're going to talk to you, Michael, and read to you and let you know what's going on in the world. Keep you posted on how the Yankees are doing.

Carly: And I'm going to come visit you all the time, and so is --

Carly: I have to tell you something about your father.

Lulu: Why can everyone in the world see how much I care about you except for you?

Johnny: You made a deal with my father to keep me happy.

Lulu: So when we're around him we'll put on a show and then when we're together we'll just be whatever we are.

Johnny: But what are we exactly? We're not just friends, besides half the time you can't stand me.

Lulu: Because most of the time that we're together we're fighting for our lives. Or we're separated by our families or we're putting on a show pretending not to care. But I have found that if you face your fear head on, it usually goes away. And if it doesn't, then it's a great rush.

Johnny: So that's what's going on between us? You're with me for the rush, to prove to yourself that you're not afraid?

Claudia: I want you to trust me, Daddy. I want you to make me part of the business, but that's not going to happen.

Anthony: Do you understand why?

Claudia: You're old school -- it's your business, it's your call. There's nothing I can do about it.

Anthony: No, I'm protecting you, Claudia. I don't want you to turn into a cold, bitter woman like your mother.

Claudia: You divorced my mother, you fell in love with Maria, and you broke her heart.

Anthony: Is that what she told you?

Claudia: That's what happened, Dad.

Anthony: Did she tell you how much I loved her in the beginning, how happy we were? But that wasn't enough for her. She wanted power, she wanted control. She loved the business more than she ever loved me or you -- she broke my heart.

Claudia: You left her for another woman. It happens; you don't have to blame it on my mom.

Anthony: Domenica failed me because of her own ambition, and you remind me of her.

Claudia: A little too much, right?

Anthony: I want to save you from your mother's mistakes, Claudia.

Claudia: Is this a lead up, Daddy, to you sending me away again?

Anthony: No, not at all. You're my daughter; I want you close to me.

Carly: Sonny loved you before he ever became your father. He looked out for you and he worried about you. And as you grew up, he was so proud of you. When you were in that Christmas pageant, and that first semester you got all A's. When you called him ďDadĒ for the first time he was so happy. He tried to give you the life that he didn't have. Sonny wanted you to go to college and become a lawyer or a big fancy executive. More than anything, Sonny just wanted you to be a good person, and he wanted you to be a good brother. And you are. You are, baby -- and that's partly because Sonny was such a good father to you. So what's going to happen has nothing to do with love and it doesn't have anything to do with anger. Because you're always going to love Sonny and he's always going to love you. But as your mother I have to make sure what happened to you will never happen to Morgan. So I am going to ask Sonny to sign some papers and then he won't be your father anymore.

Lulu: I am afraid. I am. I'm terrified, actually.

Johnny: Because of what I did to Corinthos?

Lulu: Because of how you make me feel. I don't love you, but I could if I let myself.

Johnny: And that scares you?

Lulu: When my mom was younger than I am now, she fell madly in love with my father. She didn't care that everybody told her to stay away from him, that he was older than her, that he was involved in the mob. She just loved him and my dad loved her, too. And then things got a little crazy and he raped her.

Johnny: Are you afraid I'm going to do that to you?

Claudia: Don't go, we can still have our meeting.

Anthony: You're having meetings with Jason Morgan?

Claudia: Yeah, because I'm trying to figure out who cut the brakes on my car and sent a sniper after me. Would you like to stay? You're more than welcome to stay, Daddy.

Logan: Mr. Zacchara, are you okay?

Anthony: If Morgan wanted to shoot me, I'd be dead by now. Claudia, we're leaving.

Claudia: Sorry, Daddy, I canít.

Anthony: Let's go.

Claudia: I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but you have really great timing.

Jax: Hey, Alexis is on her way.

Carly: The sooner we get this done, the better.

Jax: I'm going to go meet her at the elevator, do you need anything?

Carly: No, I'm fine.

Jax: Are you sure? Okay. See you in a bit.

Carly: You know, Jax is always good at seeing the big picture. I'm not, at least I haven't been. But I'm going to change that, I promise you, Michael. From this point on, I am going to put you and Morgan above what I want and I will do whatever it takes to protect my children.

Alexis: Jax, here it is. If Sonny signs this, his rights to Morgan and Michael will be terminated.

Jax: Thank you.

Alexis: And I think it's a really bad idea.

Jax: It's not a bad idea; it's a question of safety.

Alexis: Sonny is not going to be happy about this, A, and B, if this goes to court --

Jax: It won't get that far.

Alexis: You'll lose, and why do it anyway? The two of them are grieving and it's a really bad time right now.

Jax: Sonny's enemies know that he is distracted which puts Morgan in danger.

Alexis: He's going to be furious and he's going to take it out on Carly. And Carly's going to get upset, that's how they do things, is that what you want?

Jax: Carly's my wife, the boys are my stepsons and itís my job to protect them, from Sonny if necessary.

Alexis: If you insist on doing this you are going to make a devastating situation even worse. And my biggest concern is that the fallout is going to land on you.

Ric: You just missed the D.A. The audit came out clean but I have a feeling they're going to be watching the Haunted Star --

Anthony: How much time have you been spending with my daughter?

Ric: Well, I just saw Claudia this afternoon. She was pumping me for information but I didn't share anything with her.

Anthony: Tell her what she wants to know. Feed my daughter whatever information it takes to win her trust.

Ric: I'm not sure I understand, Anthony.

Anthony: Did I mumble? [Mumbling] That's mumbling. Work Claudia, bring her over to my side, I'm ready for a faithful, obedient daughter.

Jason: I came to see Luke; obviously he's not here.

Claudia: Look, it's not a complete waste. I'm telling you, after the conversation I just had with my father I am more convinced than ever he is the one that hired Ian Devlin --

Jason: You're convinced, you still have no proof.

Claudia: Do you think there's documentary footage out there, Jason? He's good at what he does.

Jason: I'm sure he is and I know that you want him dead. I told you, I'm not taking him out.

Claudia: But the world would be such a better place if you did.

Jason: You come up with proof, we'll talk; if not, you're on your own.

Lulu: I'm not afraid that you would ever hurt me physically, I never have been. Even the first time that we met, and I got in the car with you and we went to the barn, you didn't try anything. You may be wild and dangerous but you have been very gentle with me.

Johnny: Then what scares you?

Lulu: My mom took my dad back after the rape, and she devoted her whole life to him -- her dreams, her ambitions, everything. And they're supposed to be this great love story. I guess that they are, except she lost herself. I think it was too much love and anger and fear, too much passion. And in the end, she went crazy.

Johnny: Are you afraid that's going to happen to you?

Lulu: That is why I do the push-pull thing, I never get too close. I protect my heart at all times, I have to.

Johnny: I understand, more than you'd know.

Lulu: I never felt this way about Dillon or Logan. But with you it's like -- I'm afraid if I let myself love you, then I will disappear. I will get lost and not find my way back.

Johnny: I feel the same way. It's like we're teetering on the edge of this cliff and one step in the wrong direction --

Lulu: Yeah, exactly.

Johnny: It's not good.

Lulu: No, it's not good.

Johnny: One of us should take a step back.

Lulu: Yeah, I've tried, but -- I like the edge. It makes everything very clear and simple.

Johnny: Just before you fall.

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