GH Transcript Monday 5/5/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/5/08


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Luke: Everybody wins.

Luke and Anna: Ch-ch-ch-ch.

Luke: Vroom, vroom.

[Anna sings]

Anna: Woo! Woo-woo!

Luke: Hey.

Anna: Oh, no, where'd you get those?

Luke: I don't know. I picked them out somewhere. I wish this place was rigged for a swing.

Anna: Okay, you know, I'm very resourceful. I'm a secret agent.

Luke: No.

Anna: You knew that.

Luke: Uh-huh.

Anna: Mm-hmm. We could do that. Oh, sorry. You got any rope?

Spinelli: If the dastardly Doctor Devlin is indeed the shooter, which seems to attain a higher degree of possibility with every passing moment, then he must've been working alone. So, hence, he stole the money from "Crimson" to finance his escape to Canada.

Jason: We can't assume that.

Spinelli: Well, then how do you explain the missing million from the fashionista's working account? I mean, how? There's no way that she would knowingly transfer money to the person or persons that may have shot young Michael.

Jason: When we find Devlin, he's going to tell me why he shot Michael.

Johnny: Claudia's smart. She's already made improvements on our distribution.

Trevor: Your sister is impulsive and unreliable. It's a mistake to involve her in the business.

Anthony: Trevor's right.

Logan: Caught you eavesdropping.

Claudia: So you did.

[Carly sniffling]

Carly: I can't do this.

Sonny: It's okay.

Carly: No, because crying means that I'm giving up hope, and I'm never going to give up hope for Michael. I won’t.

Jax: Carly. Hey.

Carly: I'm so glad you're here.

Jax: Did Patrick give you the report from the specialists?

Sonny: Michael's in a permanent coma.

Jax: I'm sorry.

Carly: You know, we need to find another doctor. We do. One who's going to make him better.

Jax: Well, I have another option for Michael.

Luke: You're incredibly talented.

Anna: Oh, you inspire me so much.

Luke: It's your turn. Shot, shot, shot. All right.

Robin: Mother!

[Anna gasps]

Anna: Hi, darling. Hello.

Johnny: Claudia brings a lot to the table. She's smart. She got a lot of experience. She came back from Italy to help me run things.

Trevor: You've always put too much faith in Claudia.

Johnny: I trust her a hell of a lot more than I trust you.

Trevor: Yeah, well, she's had a profound influence on you, but not for the better.

Johnny: She's got more of a right to be here than either of you. And I do think this organization will benefit and be stronger overall with her participation. But at the end of the day, my father's in charge. What he says goes.

Anthony: That's how a son shows respect for a father.

Ric: That's why you're a father worthy of respect, Anthony. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be showing respect to Anthony right about now? Especially since you were going to leave him rotting in prison until I took the initiative to get him out.

Trevor: Anthony and I have a long history together. He knows I respect him.

Ric: Yeah, but what about loyalty, Dad, and gratitude? I mean, for instance, if you sign over the -- the Alcazar piers, there'd be no doubt.

Anthony: I understand those piers are the key to controlling the Port Charles waterfront.

Ric: Oh, yeah, no question about it. So what do you say, Dad? Are you loyal to Anthony or are you not?

Claudia: So, how do you like working for my father?

Logan: We get along all right.

Claudia: Yeah?

Logan: Yeah.

Claudia: He didn't hit you, did he?

Logan: No, no, just a bar fight.

Claudia: Oh.

Logan: Yeah.

Claudia: Really?

Logan: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: I feel like I saw you at the Haunted Star opening. Were you there? Was that you?

Logan: Yeah, I was there.

Claudia: It was. Yeah, you looked different. You seemed like you were really in your element then.

Logan: It was a good night.

Claudia: Yeah? Can I ask you a question? How is it that an obviously handsome, smart, ambitious guy like yourself is working as a glorified nurse for my dad?

Spinelli: We are closing in on the ATM that was last used by the fiendish physician, which is all the more reason why Stone Cold should not waste his energy on the menial task of transport.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Spinelli: I want to drive.

Jason: No.

Spinelli: But the grasshopper is very proficient behind the wheel, especially if it's an automatic transmission, and sees no reason why Stone Cold should waste his -- his -- his mental and physical energy --

Jason: I'm not tired, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Okay, perhaps we -- say we run into the dastardly doctor and Stone Cold decides he needs to confer with him privately, as it were. You might need a, I don't know, getaway driver.

Jason: No, I don't need a getaway driver.

Spinelli: Well, say a crazed flock of geese confused by global warming --

Jason: Shut up, please, for a minute.

Spinelli: Sorry, the Jackal does tend to talk too much. But look, I was just -- I was just trying to help.

[Tires screech]

Kate: Lulu, I can't keep asking you. Where are the revisions on the Maha Chang layout? Did you even call them?

Lulu: Their office closed two hours ago.

Kate: Honey, that is what inside lines are for.

Lulu: Maxie said that she left it on the computer.

Kate: No, no, Lulu, stop blaming Maxie for your mistakes.

Lulu: She was supposed to leave me a list.

Kate: Lulu, you are a big girl. We are on a deadline. I cannot have any more of these excuses. Now, remember, if I fire one of you, I'm going to fire you both, so figure out the riddle and get Maha Chang on the line right away.

[Phone rings]

Lulu: Kate Howard’s office.

[Phone rings]

Kate: Did you get them?

Lulu: No, but --

Kate: Okay, so what is more important, Lulu?

Lulu: It's Ian Devlin.

Kate: I'll take it.

Ian: I'm headed back to Port Charles.

Kate: That's a bad idea.

Ian: I could turn around, head deeper into Canada, provided I had the proper financial incentive.

Carly: What did you find? Are you bringing another specialist?

Sonny: Let him talk, Carly.

Jax: Michael's diagnosis is clear.

Carly: You said that there was an option. You just said that.

Jax: Carly, the doctors all agree that he's not going to wake up.

Carly: There's a small chance, Jax.

Sonny: One in 10,000. That's what Patrick says.

Jax: I contacted a treatment facility for long-term care.

Carly: It's a research facility, right? I mean, you've been speaking with the doctors.

Jax: They have doctors on staff, yes. I just toured it a few hours ago. It is amazing. It's world class. He would receive world class care for the rest of his life.

Carly: You couldn't even wait for your own specialist to make a diagnosis. You just assumed, like everyone else has assumed, that Michael's not going to get better.

Luke: Care to join us, Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Yes, looks like fun.

Tracy: Don't you encourage them.

Robin: Mom, you're going to hurt yourself.

Anna: Oh, come on. How many grandmothers do you know who can do this? Woo.

Robin: None, okay? You win. Get down.

Patrick: Robin, how many times have you told me that stress is bad for the baby? Just leave your mother alone and have a seat.

Anna: Don't stress out. Please, don't stress out. Mama's thirsty.

Luke: Well, let daddy get you a little drink.

Tracy: Why don't you pick your pants up?

Anna: Hey, don't get cranky, please. It's okay, I can reach.

Luke: It -- it -- it --

Anna: Oh.

Robin: Mom, are you okay?

Anna: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jax: Look, we all hoped that the specialists would have good news, but I wanted to be prepared in case Michael's prognosis didn't change.

Carly: I'm not interested in your preparations.

Jax: We have to start thinking realistically about Michael's long-term care, do we not?

Sonny: What's the place like?

Carly: It doesn't matter because he's not going there.

Sonny: Our son is not going to stay in this hospital forever.

Jax: It's a state-of-the-art facility in Manhattan. Michael would receive 24-hour nursing care and receive physical therapy twice a day.

Carly: When was the last time someone there who was in a coma woke up?

Jax: Carly, their focus is on first-class long-term care, not stringing families along with false hope.

Carly: My son's not going to Manhattan alone.

Jax: Of course, you want to go and look at the place before you make a decision like that.

Sonny: Jax, based on what you saw, why do you think this place is -- is good for my son?

Kate: I already gave you a million. You won't get any more.

Ian: Then I'll see you very soon.

Kate: So I guess you're choosing to have Sonny kill you.

Ian: Unless I kill him first. An additional payment will secure his safety for the time being.

Kate: I am not available for blackmail, Dr. Devlin.

Ian: Think of it as protection. You already know that I was the one that shot Michael. How Sonny will react when he finds out, I'm not sure what that's worth to you, but --

Kate: I'm hanging up now.

Ian: New York -- still a lethal injection state? Or will he just get life in prison, provided that he survives at all?

Lulu: Ms. Howard isn't available.

Claudia: Good, because I'm here to see you.

Lulu: I'm working.

Claudia: Okay, well, so's your friend Logan. Your ex-boyfriend, Logan Hayes, right? He's working for my father as sort of a -- a bodyguard-nurse.

Lulu: I'm sorry, I hardly ever see Logan anymore.

Claudia: Okay, but you know him, right? Right? What kind of guy is Logan? Is he trustworthy? Is he loyal? Is he a nice guy? I mean, would you want him taking care of your father?

Jason: You -- you can speed up.

Spinelli: Alas, I cannot.

Jason: No, you can, okay? You drive this slow, it's going to attract attention.

Spinelli: A collision would attract even more --

Jason: A collision? We haven't even seen a car for miles.

Spinelli: Then there's no reason for the grasshopper to increase his speed.

Jason: Why can't you just drive faster, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Moose.

Jason: Moose? We haven't -- we haven't even seen a moose.

Spinelli: Well, moose calves, to be more specific. They tend to wander the roads of Canada this time of year. They have no understanding or fear of moving vehicles. They are very large, very awkward, and very hard to see at night.

Jason: All right, put the brights on.

Spinelli: I can't do that either.

Jason: Why not?

Spinelli: The five-lined skink.

Jason: The what?

Spinelli: It's one of five lizard species in Canada. It's their mating season. They might be attracted to the lights, and I wouldn't want to squish one.

Jason: A right, pull over --

Spinelli: No, you wouldn't want to squish one either! Karmicly speaking, who knows what will tip the karmic scales and be it a proverbial straw or a skink.

Jason: If you don't start driving faster, I'm going to drive. You got it?

Spinelli: Yes, yes, Sir.

Jason: Okay, we have more important things to worry about than baby moose and lizards.

Spinelli: I shall -- I shall forestall my wilderness anxiety by reviewing the -- the specifics of the case.

Jason: Fine, focus, drive, review. Go.

Spinelli: We saw the medical tag, the entwined snakes. We determined that it was indeed Dr. Devlin's car.

[Tires screech]

Jason: Whoa!

Spinelli: I think it was a lizard.

Jason: A lizard!

Spinelli: Yes.

Jason: Focus!

Spinelli: Okay, so Stone Cold uncovered that the dastardly doctor was selling an illegal experimental drug to the troubled Nikolas for $10 million and then he realized that Stone Cold was on his tail and decided to leave town but ended up at the G.H. morgue.

Jason: Then -- when was that exactly?

Spinelli: Maximista and I, the Jackal, stalled his departure, I by feigning appendicitis and Maximista by injecting him with a sedative, after which I surreptitiously placed the tracking device in his pants.

Jason: Okay, we're back to his pants again.

Spinelli: It's a very important detail. And then the clever Maximista uncovered the missing million and I jackaled an ATM withdrawal in Littleton, Canada and -- moose! Moose! Moose!

[Tires screech]

Robin: Are you okay, Mom?

Anna: Yeah, no, I'm fine. You know what? Patrick's right. We really should get you home.

Tracy: Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Luke: I have a better idea. Why don't you and you and you go back where you came from and Ms. Devine and I will -- continue this swinging party.

Anna: Hey, you know what, Spence? Being upside down with you has been -- ah -- fantastic, but I don't get to see my daughter very often and I just don't want to upset her, okay?

Luke: Oh.

Anna: I think I put my back out.

Luke: Well, you're going to need this.

Anna: Thank you. Okay.

Robin: Come on, let me help you.

Anna: No, I'm fine. Bye.

Luke: Bye.

Anna: Bye, Tracy.

Luke: See you next time, huh?

Anna: Yeah.

Luke: So what do you say, spanky buns? Can I offer you a ride on the trying frapeze?

Jason: How'd you get in the car?

Maxie: Maybe I picked the lock.

Jason: Okay, Spinelli --

Maxie: Don't pick on Spinelli.

Jason: How did she get the keys to the SUV? Answer me.

Spinelli: Okay, perhaps Maximista was snoop -- snooping around casa de Stone Cold --

Jason: Okay, you know what? Shut up. Maxie, give me the keys.

Maxie: No, not until I get the million dollars back that Ian stole from Crimson.

Spinelli: Restitution of the money is everyone's goal --

Maxie: My job is on the line.

Jason: You know what? You get the keys, now.

Spinelli: Me?

Jason: Yeah.

Spinelli: Now?

Jason: Yeah, right now. We got to get back on the road. Let's go.

Spinelli: Yeah, no, sure. Jackal P.I. can manage a little pat down. Sure, nothing out of the ordinary. Okay, it was chapter nine, complete with illustrations. Okay, hands on the vehicle, please. Spread your -- have your -- oh -- place your legs -- hip -- you're good at this. Thank you. Okay, just another day at the office. Nothing exciting at all.

Spinelli: No keys! No keys.

Maxie: Spinelli, you didn't look hard enough.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Jason: Give me -- give me the keys and get in the car. I'm driving. Not you.

Maxie: What -- you can't just leave me here.

Jason: Yeah, the bus will be here in a couple hours.

Maxie: The bus? No -- no -- Spinelli, you're not just going to leave me here in the middle of nowhere, are you, Spinelli?

Ric: The head of the Zacchara family should be the one to control those piers. What good would they be to Trevor?

Anthony: Your son makes an excellent point.

Trevor: You still don't get it, do you, Richie? If Anthony takes control of those piers, the Feds are going be all over him, especially since he just got out of the hospital. Why do you want to raise a red flag? Leave them in my name. You can use them any time you want.

Ric: As long as Trevor controls those piers, he can sell them to your competitors.

Anthony: You see why I want to keep them both around? They're very entertaining. And this is very good practice for you. So, John, what do we do? Do we take the piers like Ric advises or do we leave them with Trevor? Which one of these fine gentlemen would you like as a friend and which one as an enemy?

Claudia: Look, I don't know this Logan guy at all, but I'm pretty sure I saw him sulking around the Haunted Star all night staring at you.

Lulu: Okay, I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Claudia: Ric Lansing hired him. Lulu, he's not the most trustworthy guy in the world. My father can't walk yet. He's vulnerable. I just -- I just want to make sure my father's safe.

Lulu: I'm sure Logan will take excellent care of your father. But if you'll excuse me, I'm really, really busy right now.

Kate: Please don't bother my assistant. Whatever you want, I don't have time for it. Lulu, hold all my calls. Don't send anything to the cell phone. I'm going to visit Michael at the hospital.

Claudia: You know what? If you're really going near that little boy right now, you are as cold and as dumb as I thought you were.

Jax: The care facility is on the east side, just off Gramercy Park. It's affiliated with a major university. There are great hospitals nearby. It's really nice. It's like a five-star hotel when you walk into the place. And we'd be encouraged to decorate Michael's room with familiar things, and age-appropriate things.

Sonny: And you -- you've already been doing that, Carly, so that's good, right?

Jax: He'd be under the care of a team of specialists, Carly, including a nutritionist who specializes in feeding tubes. He'll meet with a doctor once a week and he can receive physical therapy twice a day so his muscles won't atrophy.

Sonny: It sounds -- it sounds much better than the places I've considered.

Carly: You've been looking.

Sonny: Robin and Patrick gave me -- gave me a list and Diane made some calls.

Carly: I'm not sending Michael away.

Sonny: Carly, all I'm saying is just -- this place that Jax is talking about sounds nice. I mean, you -- you -- you'll feel so much better if he's in a -- in a -- in a great place. We'll all feel comfortable knowing that he's healthy. I mean, as healthy as --

Jax: Shall I arrange a visit?

Carly: What difference does it make? If you both think there's no hope for Michael, why bother to keep him alive?

Robin: You've really hurt yourself.

Anna: No, no, I didn't really. It's -- honestly, it's just an old injury. It flares up when I show off. It's nothing that a hot soak in a bath and, like, a double brandy won't cure. Oh.

Robin: You are going to be a grandmother, and having a drinking contest with Luke Spencer isn't going to change that.

Anna: Robin, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to buy sensible shoes and be dignified?

Robin: You are dignified.

Anna: No, I'm not. You're right. It's absolutely ridiculous. I -- honestly, I don't know what it is that I'm afraid of, or I have nothing to rebel against. It's just the natural order of things. When you're a mother, which I've been blessed to be, then in the fullness of time, which I have to say went so much faster than I thought -- anyway, back to my point. When you have a child and then that child has a child, then you are -- one is -- I am --

Anna: A grandmother. Oh, God.

Jason: Hey, you want to stay here with Maxie and catch the bus home, go ahead.

Maxie: You're not leaving me here. You're gonna take me back to Port Charles, and Spinelli is gonna transfer that million dollars back into the "Crimson" account.

Spinelli: Okay, giving Stone Cold orders is not only futile, it's counterproductive.

Maxie: If you leave me here, I'm gonna have to call my dad.

Jason: Do you think this is some kind of game?

Maxie: Okay, I know what you're doing. Some creep shot Michael, and you want to take care of it. Good for you, but I really don't want to be any part of your event. I just want the money back so I don't lose my job.

Jason: Okay, one million will be in Kate's account by tomorrow.

Spinelli: If Stone Cold says it, it will be so, okay?

Maxie: Okay, will -- will you at least wait with me?

Jason: Are you coming or not, Spinelli?

[Engine starts]

Spinelli: Stone Cold is about to enter a very dangerous situation with a heavy heart. He's never left me in my time of need. I can't do that to him now, okay?

Jason: Let's go!

Maxie: Wait, if that money is not in Kate's account by tomorrow, I'm telling Mac everything! Everything, do you hear me?

Johnny: I have no use for Trevor. If it were up to me, he wouldn't even be here. And Ric is out for revenge against his father, and it colors everything he says and does.

Anthony: You see how well my son knows you.

Johnny: Revenge is a stupid way to do business. It clouds your judgment, confuses priorities, and we can't really risk any attention from the Feds right now, so I say leave them in Trevor's name for now.

Anthony: Well, you heard him. That's the way it's gonna be. Go, both of you. I want some time with my son.

Trevor: Richie, by mentioning those piers, you let Anthony undercut you. He humiliated you.

Ric: What, by reminding him that you have something that he wants?

Trevor: You just don't understand how dangerous Anthony Zacchara really is. He is ruthless, he is calculating, and he doesn't give a damn about me, you, anybody except himself and his son, so as your father, I'm asking you -- get out of it now.

Ric: Trevor, what makes you think that I'm gonna make this any easier for you?

Anthony: You were fair and reasonable. You didn't let your hatred of Trevor influence your decision. I'm very proud of you.

Johnny: Thanks.

Anthony: Now keep this in mind. In siding with Trevor, you made an enemy of Ric. He's gonna want some payback, so he'll probably try to turn someone against you.

Johnny: You?

Anthony: Me? I would never betray you, son, but Claudia's a different story.

Claudia: Where do you get off showing up at Michael's hospital bed, huh? What gives you the right?

Kate: Not that I expect you to understand, Claudia, but Sonny and I are friends, beyond any other type of connection. I can't help Michael, but I can remind Sonny that he is not alone in this.

Claudia: What are you reminding Michael's mother of, huh? Since you're the self-righteous moron that dragged that kid down to the warehouse in the first place?

Kate: Carly has plenty of emotional support. She has her mother. She has her husband. She has her ever-present gun-toting best friend. Meanwhile, Sonny has no one.

Claudia: You are so insecure and so needy that you can't stay away from your man for one night. You can't back off so that Michael's mother doesn't have to encounter you while she sits vigil at her little boy's bedside, who has a brain injury?

Kate: Sonny needs me.

Claudia: No, Sonny doesn't need anyone, and you know it. You need Sonny so bad, you don't care who gets hurt.

Kate: I'm just trying to do the kind and decent thing, Claudia, not that it's any of your business.

Claudia: Keep telling yourself that. No, it's not my business, and you know what? It's damn lucky for you, 'cause if it was my business, if I was Carly, and you came into my kid's hospital bed, I would grab you by your shellacked hair and scratch your eyeballs out. Then I'd kick your skinny ass inch by designer inch all the way back to the elevator, 'cause you are a selfish bitch, and it's exactly what you deserve. Don't let me catch you anywhere near Michael Corinthos again.

Kate: Lulu, you can leave for the evening, so straighten out your desk.

Jax: Nobody wants to let Michael die.

Carly: Isn't that kinder in the long run? If all he has to look forward to is a feeding tube, being fed by strangers in a room, surrounded by things he can't enjoy anymore?

Jax: Look, at least look at the place, please.

Carly: Right, five-star. Only the best for my kid.

Sonny: We have -- we have a responsibility to take good care of Michael.

Carly: Okay, so if you both agree this is the best life that Michael's going to have, let's go to the courthouse, we'll get a court order, and we'll remove the feeding tube.

Sonny: You know I would never do that.

Carly: But you want me to act like he's already dead. So what's the difference? What's the difference? Michael's a child. He's got 20 years easy. What kind of life is that to live? Doesn't it make more sense to hope, Sonny?

Jax: It's not hope, Carly. It's denial. You're not helping Michael, and hurting yourself.

Carly: Well, you know what? When you love your child, sometimes it hurts, Jax, and sometimes it's scary. I will not accept that Michael's never gonna wake up because that's not fair to Michael. You both are asking me to turn my back on my son, and I'm not gonna do it.

Jax: Maybe we should all get some sleep, and we'll discuss this tomorrow.

Carly: There's nothing to discuss. Nothing.

Sonny: Thanks for checking out the facility.

Jax: Yeah, I'm sure once Carly has time to adjust, she'll see it's the best for Michael.

Sonny: I -- I never expected to be in a situation like this.

Sonny: And if I could make it right, I would.

Carly: Did you notice how Sonny didn't even come in here to say goodbye?

Robin: Anyway, I am happy that you are here now, because I need my mom, even if she is doing shots upside down on a swing.

Anna: You scared?

Robin: Very.

Anna: Oh, no, don't be. What are you scared of? Is it the labor, or is it the sleepless nights, because they're gonna come.

Robin: Oh, I haven't even thought about that yet. Right now I'm just dealing with the stretch marks that seem to get worse every single day. What about you? What scares you about being the g-word?

Anna: Getting old. Yeah, I swear, I have three more wrinkles since I found out you were pregnant.

Robin: Well, my skin, it's literally breaking out like a teenager, and I sweat constantly.

Anna: I found a gray hair the other day, in my head. I -- I don't know. It -- it really put me off. I -- I was dismantling this bomb, and I couldn't get it out of my mind.

Robin: See, that's what I'm worried about.

Anna: Well, I've been disarming bombs for years.

Robin: I know. I'm just afraid that you will do something crazy to try and prove that you're as strong and tough as you used to be, kind of like you did tonight.

Anna: You see, you worry about me too much. You always have. I'm worried about you too. Raising a child on your own, it's -- it's not easy.

Luke: Oh, man.

Luke: Hi.

Sonny: Hey, I need a drink.

Luke: Well, you came to the right place. Scotch good?

Sonny: Yeah, anything at this point. Oh, man. Can I ask you a question?

Luke: Sure.

Sonny: How long was Lucky in a coma?

Luke: I don't know, several weeks, give or take.

Sonny: Did the doctors tell you that he wasn't gonna wake up?

Luke: No, they don't like to be specific. You know, doctors like to be vague.

Sonny: Not with Michael. You know, Patrick drake gave us the final report. All the experts agree.

Luke: Whoa.

Sonny: My son's not gonna wake up.

Luke: I'm sorry, man.

Sonny: No, that's all right. Jax wants to send him to a -- this really nice facility, and it sounded good to me, but Carly -- she didn't mean it in a way, but she said it would kinder to let him die. And I'm -- I'm starting to feel like maybe she's right.

Spinelli: Had I known we were transporting a stowaway, I would have alerted you to that lamentable fact --

Jason: You're talking too much. You're causing me a lot of trouble right now, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yes, the Jackal is well aware, but you know, helping Maximista track the missing million did provide a -- did provide a valuable clue.

Jason: No, you would have found it eventually.

Spinelli: Stone Cold is correct. I should not let myself get distracted by the dazzling Maximista.

Jason: Did you say dazzling?

Spinelli: Yeah, the Jackal finds himself in the most cruel and confounding scenario of all.

Jason: What, are you -- are you telling me you're in love with Maxie? What -- what about Lulu?

Spinelli: I know, I was, and I am, and I love the blonde one as the kindest of friends, but my -- my heart no longer races for her, which is best, because she is most dangerously taken with the unknowable mob prince, and in the meantime, the Jackal's heart, among other things, belongs solely to Maximista, and every time -- every time she looks on him, he falls more deeply under her spell.

[Rustling in bushes]


Anna: Raising a child alone is hard. I -- I -- honestly, I don't think you realize how difficult it is.

Robin: Well, I have plenty of support. Every Sunday night when I go to Uncle Mac’s for dinner, he begs me to move home.

Anna: Well, yeah, I mean, I love Mac, but moving back in with your uncle is not the solution.

Robin: Oh, I'm not going to do that. I'm perfectly capable of handling all of this on my own.

Anna: Okay, hypothetical -- so you're on call, all right, and this emergency comes through, and they call you. It's 3 A.M. The baby's two months old. What do you do? Oh, did I go deaf now?

Robin: I don't know. I -- I do know that when you have a child, that means that you're basically on call for 24 hours a day the rest of your life, and right now I don't even know what color to paint the nursery, so no, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Anna: Oh, the hunter returns from the diner.

Patrick: Hungry?

Robin: Thank you, I'm so hungry.

Patrick: Dig in. How's your back?

Anna: It's okay.

Patrick: Good.

Anna: When are you planning on marrying my daughter?

Spinelli: You know, Maximista once treated me with scorn and derision, especially when I was in love with fair Lulu, but after wise Georgie’s death, when we worked in tandem to find the killer and particularly when we were trapped in the crumbling water waste infrastructure below Port Charles, I -- I realized that beneath the vain and shallow and sometimes snarky but undeniably gorgeous exterior, lies a -- a tender heart that has been sorely tested.

Jason: Just be careful.

Spinelli: Does Stone Cold sense that Maximista is merely using the Jackal and believe as I do, that she will never look on me with eyes of love? You know, I know I should run like the wind, but I just --

Jason: I used to know someone kind of like Maxie. She -- she caused a lot of damage, and some people hated her, but no one ever hurt her as badly as she hurt herself. It's kind of like Maxie. I mean, she isn't afraid to go after what she wants, but, you know, some people, once they get what they love, they can't help but destroy it.

[Maxie yelps]

Ian: You missed your bus.

Spinelli: Stone Cold's insight is most depressing, albeit undoubtedly accurate. Ooh. Maximista calls even now.

Jax: What's all this?

Jax: What's all this?

Carly: I'm bringing Michael home.

Luke: Quality life. I don't even know what the hell that means, and who decides anyway?

Sonny: Tell me something. Is it fair -- to make my son spend the next 20 years -- with a feeding tube?

Luke: Can he breathe?

Sonny: Um -- he's in perfect health. He just can't wake up.

Luke: Well, that's rough. That is really rough. See, it was a lot easier with the ventilator thing with Lucky because he couldn't breathe. He couldn't eat. He couldn't do anything on his own, and they weren't real sure he was ever going to be able to, so I just decided he didn't want to live that way and it was easy for me to unplug him.

Luke: Laura's kind of in the same boat. You know, she's gonna spend the rest of her life sitting in that chair staring at the wall, but it's different with her because she always believed in miracles, so you got to honor that.

Sonny: I guess that's how Carly thinks, but you know the odds are against Michael 10,000 to one. And you and I both know the house always wins.

Claudia: We need to talk about my father.

Luke: Yeah, you here to see me or him?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Anna: She is carrying your child.

Robin: Why would I want to marry a man that doesn't want to marry me?

Sonny: You shot my son!

Claudia: You brought it on yourself.

Jason: Who paid you to hit Sonny?

Maxie: Do something, Jason!

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