GH Transcript Thursday 5/1/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/1/08


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Maxie: Now what are you going to believe? A kiss that proves I care about you or Lulu spewing that I don't?

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal is most thoroughly conkissed -- convinced.

Maxie: Okay, now that that's out of the way.

Lulu: Bring on the manipulation.

Maxie: I have gone out of my way and comfort zone, as you know, to help you when you needed it, and all I'm doing is asking you to return the favor.

Lulu: Okay, Spinelli, please tell me you are not believing this transparent witch. She is using you. This kiss was a means to an end.

Spinelli: The Jackal takes exception to your most ill-informed opinion.

Nikolas: I was starting to be afraid I'd never see you again.

Emily: I don't know about that. Nikolas, why else would you be standing here?

Nikolas: Just hold me for one last dance.

Emily: I'd love that.

Tracy: Knowing that you love me, hearing you say it when I know that isn't easy for you, it means more to me than I can possibly convey, and I love you back. Look, Spencer, you are my favorite mistake, and honest to God, I try to accept you as you are. I Honor our marriage vows, even though I don't know what they are. And I could divorce you for abandonment, infidelity, fraud -- but I donít. I hang tough. There are those that would say it's because I don't like to be wrong, but you and I know different.

Luke: We are the match from hell, and it's a glorious thing.

Tracy: Hitching your wagon to the mob is as life-threatening as three heart attacks. If you do love me, as you say you do, then sever the ties.

Sonny: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we have some business to discuss.

Alexis: Ms. Zacchara, is it true that you visited your father at Shadybrook institution yesterday?

Claudia: I did.

Alexis: And at any point in your interaction with your father did he threaten your life? Did you understand the question, Ms. Zacchara?

Claudia: I'd rather not answer that.

Alexis: You're under oath. You don't have a choice.

Alexis: All right, let's approach this from another direction. After you left your father, did you find the brakes in your car had been tampered with?

Claudia: I had a little car trouble.

Alexis: Do you have reason to believe that Anthony Zacchara tampered with your brakes, that he in fact engineered this car trouble?

Claudia: Not at all. No, see, I don't really want to get into it. I mean, it's personal stuff. I -- after I left my father's, I had a date. 

[Waltz music]

Emily: Oh, Nikolas, you've made me so happy. I don't regret one moment of loving you.

Spinelli: I -- I'm sorry, the Jackal didn't mean to snap. As you know, he has been in your blonde thrall for some time now, in awe of your fierce nature and wise insight, but the words you just used against Maxie, not only were they out of line, they were unkind, crude, and beneath you. The Jackal readily concedes that Maximista's thought patterns are not always linear, and she does have a propensity for making self-destructive choices, but so do you. And -- and while your mistakes do not define who you are, the same goes for Maxie, who is otherwise intelligent and perceptive and capable of unwavering loyalty, which the Jackal has had the Honor of experiencing.

Lulu: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't listen to that anymore.

Maxie: What's the matter? Truth hurt?

Lulu: You are in this worse than I thought, so you need to listen to me. You are setting yourself up for heartache worse than you can even imagine if you think Maxie cares about you. Read my lips. Maxie is using you. It's what she does. It's what she's always done. You're just -- you're just Maxie's latest sucker.

Spinelli: You don't think much of me, do you?

Lulu: That is not true. I am just trying to remind you of who we're dealing with here, Spinelli. Remember who supplied my addict brother with drugs? That was Maxie. Who broke up Lucky and Elizabethís marriage and then faked a pregnancy to trap him? That would be Maxie. Anybody who could successfully lie about the existence of a baby could easily manipulate somebody as trusting as you, and I just don't want you to fall for it. Spinelli, Maxie only cares about Maxie.

Maxie: Okay, now it's time to get off your high horse, because this isn't about protecting Spinelli. It's you taking the latest opportunity to talk garbage about me because, well, you hate me.

Luke: Your timing is a little off.

Tracy: Oh, I don't think so. It's a perfect opportunity for you to respect my feelings.

Luke: You mean to do your bidding?

Tracy: Oh, no. Why don't you think of it as a heartfelt request?

Luke: It's emotional blackmail, no matter how you cut it. Tracy, I meant exactly what I said about us, but when it comes to business, I choose my own associates. Always have, always will.

Tracy: Fine. Let me suggest you have your bosses take out a key-man insurance policy on your life. Because I am not throwing my money into the ground after your dead body. Mr. Corinthos.

Luke: Women -- can't live with them, can't poison their martini glasses a second time.

Sonny: What does she want you away from? The Zaccharas, me, or both?

Luke: The Zaccharas. She's convinced that any involvement with them will lead to my game but battered body on a morgue slab.

Sonny: I hate to say this. Your wife is right.

Claudia: I'm sorry, Ms. Davis apparently completely misunderstood me. No one tried to kill me last night. I -- I did go and see my father, and then I dropped out of sight for a couple of hours, but --

Alexis: When you had car trouble.

Claudia: Mm-hmm. I'm not the best at maintenance, but I got it started eventually.

Alexis: Can I have a recess with my client please?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. The D.A.'s case is predicated on the assumption that Mr. Zacchara attempted to murder his own daughter as recently as last night. Ms. Zacchara's testimony, uninfluenced by counsel, is directly relevant to the outcome of these proceedings.

Judge: The objection is sustained, but stay on topic.

Claudia: Sure. Like I said, my car wouldn't start, and I met up with a friend, and we had a little date in a log cabin in the woods. He's a little weird, but surprise, surprise.

Alexis: Okay, I'm gonna have to object, I guess.

Trevor: Counselor, she's your witness.

Claudia: He was compelling, certainly, and exciting. And --

Judge: There's an objection on the table, Ms. Zacchara. That means you stop until I rule.

Claudia: Oh, I'm sorry.

Judge: Perhaps you can enlighten the court. How do you see your character assessment of your date as being relevant to this case?

Diane: It isn't, and we would like to withdraw the objection and proceed with a different line of questioning.

Judge: Good idea.

Diane: Ms. Zacchara, on what date did you return from Milan to New York?

Claudia: Date?

Diane: Yes, date, as in month of the year, day of the month.

Claudia: I mean, I don't know. I don't keep track of time. It's like trying to catch running water. It's here today, here tomorrow, unless it's not, and then it's gone and doesn't matter, so --

Diane: Thank you for that fascinating insight, for sharing that. Is there any possibility now that you might answer my question?

Claudia: I came back from Italy in the beginning of January.

Diane: And in that time has Anthony Zacchara ever threatened your life, either directly or indirectly?

Claudia: Of course not. My father loves me. Right, Dad?

Judge: I've heard enough, Ms. Zacchara. You may step down.

Claudia: Thank you, Your Honor.

Luke: Your warning could be interpreted as a threat. I'm trying hard not to jump to that conclusion.

Sonny: Well, we've been friends for way too long for you to think that I would deliberately try to hurt you. It's just that I want you to see things from my perspective.

Luke: Talk to me. Want a drink?

Sonny: No, I'm fine. You know, there's a hearing today to get Anthony Zacchara released.

Luke: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: Okay, if he is set free, the tensions between my organization and his are going to accelerate.

Luke: And this concerns me how?

Sonny: Well, because you opened the casino doors to the Zaccharas.

Luke: To John Zacchara.

Sonny: Yeah, but you know, to Anthony, that's not gonna mean anything, and he's not gonna allow you to stay neutral.

Luke: Well, I've already done a do-si-do with Papa Zacchara, and I know he's a bloodsucker.

Sonny: Right.

Luke: I appreciate your warning, but it seems to me that this is my problem. Sonny, I'm not gonna get pulled in on either side.

Sonny: I hope you can manage that. If you need my help, I will not turn you away.

Luke: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Judge: I have reviewed the moving papers for the petitioner's release and the accompanying points and authorities very carefully. There's no doubt in the court's mind that while suffering from schizophrenia, Anthony Zacchara was a danger to himself and to others. However, the law is clear in cases such as this. Mr. Zacchara did not have the mental capacity to form intentions at the time his crimes were being committed, and since then, Mr. Zacchara has been under medical supervision and treatment, and testimony evidence presented by his attorney and physicians establish the petitioner as sane. And since no testimony was offered to refute that finding or to convince me that Mr. Zacchara is a present danger to himself or to others, it's the court's decision that Anthony Zacchara be released from protective custody, effective immediately.

[Gavel strikes]

[Waltz music]

Emily: Nikolas, you keep saying one more dance.

Nikolas: I know.

Emily: At this rate, we're gonna be here forever.

Nikolas: I wish we could. God, I love seeing you smile.

Emily: Nikolas, you've made me smile more than anyone.

Nikolas: Not always. I really regret that.

Emily: Nikolas, our good times far outweighed the bad.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: I mean, how many women can say they've lived their dream? You know, this and dancing in your arms, wearing these clothes, having you look at me with so much love in your eyes. It's my teenage fantasy come true.

Nikolas: I just -- I just can't help but wonder how different our lives would be if I would have recognized back then that you were -- you were the love of my life, you know, and -- and I --

Emily: Nikolas, donít.

Nikolas: I could have made any one of a thousand different choices along the way, and I can't help it. If I had, would you be alive today? Instead of just a hallucination in my head? Maybe we would be off on some incredible new journey right now instead of -- instead of having to say goodbye.

Emily: Nikolas, look, we both made choices that affect our lives together, some for the better and some not so much, but it's done now.

Nikolas: I know.

Emily: There's no point in rehashing it.

Nikolas: I'm just -- just trying to pinpoint the crossroad, you know, that one choice that could have put us in a different place.

Emily: Yeah, to what end, Nikolas? To torture yourself? We are where we are, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Nikolas: It's just not fair. It's not fair. We lost so much time. We cheated -- we were cheated out of our past, and now we're getting cheated out of our future. We should have had a happy ending.

Emily: Yeah, you know, fairy tales end with "happily ever after" because they're not real. Life's more complicated. And besides, we were never really fairy tale material, Nikolas. We had flaws, and we made mistakes, and we loved each other in spite of everything, completely and realistically, and now in ways that no one will ever know or understand.

Nikolas: What if that's not enough for me? What if I'd rather die than live without you?

Anthony: All right, now that I'm free, I'll need someone to file papers restoring my assets into my name.

Ric: I'll handle it.

Trevor: No, I'll do it. I know the family's finances.

Ric: Which is precisely why I don't want you involved.

Trevor: Richie, you've done a great job, so slink away now while you can and let the big boys complete our business.

Anthony: Now, now, no fighting amongst ourselves. Not in public, anyway. You two worked like a well-oiled machine for me today, and it's good to know you can pull that out when you have to, but I'm looking forward to the private dogfight. Which one of my brilliant father/son attorney team is gonna be left standing when the dust clears? What fun, huh?

Logan: Mr. Zacchara, we should probably get going. You got a four o'clock you got to be at.

Anthony: I'm ready. Work it out.

Anthony: Aren't you gonna congratulate your old man?

Johnny: Way to go.

Claudia: Congratulations, Daddy. I knew the system couldn't hold you for long.

Maxie: Oh, come on, Jackal, be brilliant.

Kate: Calling in Mr. Spinelli was a valiant but futile effort, so clean out your desks. I'll make sure you get your final paycheck.

Spinelli: Wait, wait, wait, lay your career-ending acts aside, fashionista. The Jackal has successfully restored the deleted email.

Maxie: You're kidding.

Lulu: You're amazing.

Kate: Wow, so you have. Looks like you ladies got a last minute reprieve, but make no mistake. Something like this can never happen again. In fact, from now on, I want you to consider yourself a team. If one of you messes up, you both pay the price. Thank you, Mr. Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yes, it is the Jackal's pleasure to come to the aid of such a lovely assortment of feminine charms.

Kate: Mm, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Now say your goodbyes. We have work to do.

Maxie: Spinelli, your brain is a thing of awe and wonder.

Lulu: Don't worry. It's not contagious.

Spinelli: It is my sincerest hope that the original blonde one is not mad at me.

Lulu: No, of course not. I think you're wonderful. Thank you, but fair warning -- if you hurt him in any way, I'll destroy your life.

Maxie: Oh, go stuff yourself. I'm gonna walk Spinelli out.

[Phone rings]

Lulu: Kate Howardís office. Um, hold please. I have a Doctor Ian Devlin on line three.

Kate: Put him through. Why am I hearing from you?

Ian: I wanted you to know that I arrived at my location safely, and I'll be contacting you in the future should the need for any additional funds arise.

Kate: So let me make sure I understand this. You're blackmailing me for saving your life?

Ian: I'm just trying to make our little deal work on a long-term basis for me like it does for you. You see, money is fluid. It comes, and it goes. Soy motivation wavers, but you, on the other hand -- you won't want Sonny to know that you financed my way out of town after I shot his beloved child, will you?

Kate: I'll take your position under advisement, but I suggest you don't try my patience. Hi.

Sonny: Sorry to interrupt. I didn't mean -- if you were on the phone.

Kate: No, I'm glad you're here.

Sonny: I was thinking, the way we left it last night -- that you would be running back to Manhattan --

Kate: I'm not going anywhere, Sonny. I love you and I want to be here. But I admit, I don't understand what you're doing or why.

Sonny: You know something; I don't understand what I'm doing. I spent the morning at Michaelís bedside and -- you know, Jax is bringing all the specialists and they're doing all kinds of tests. And, uh, they can't say anything until they have conclusive results. But I gotta tell you, in my heart, I don't think my son's gonna change. He's gonna be a prisoner in his own body. I can't -- I just don't understand. I just want you to know, okay -- I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you.

Kate: I'm here, Sonny, I'm here. I'm alive and I'm whole and I'm in your arms, and I'm exactly where I choose to be.

Trevor: Richie, you made a big mistake. And true to form, you're already regretting it.

Ric: I just did what I was paid to do.

Trevor: No, Rich, this was much more than a job for you. You thought that Anthony was gonna be your instrument of revenge against me and Sonny. And now you're slowly recognizing how he's going to wreak havoc in all of our lives. You really stepped in it this time.

Ric: My shoes, my problem.

Trevor: No, son, please listen to me. It's too late to stop the train wreck that you set in motion, but you can get out of the way. I beg you, sever all your ties with Anthony while you still have the chance and go find yourself some happiness.

Ric: You know what; you can shove your fatherly concern. You're trying to deal with the fact that I'm not running off with my tail between my legs for once, and that's got you a little bit worried. So you're hoping that I'm just gonna lay back and let you take advantage of everything that Anthony Zacchara has to offer. Well, you can forget it. See, Zacchara may be a whack job, dad, but deep down he knows that I'm the one that got him free, so he owes me. If I were you, I'd grow eyes in the back of my head, because you never know when I'm gonna sneak up behind you and bury your ass.

Emily: I know you would die for me without hesitation, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I would.

Emily: But that's not what I want. Live for me instead.

Nikolas: You mean, without you.

Emily: No, Nikolas. I'll always be a part of you. We're a part of each other that's not bound by time or space.

Nikolas: I need you with me, don't you understand? I need you here with me right here, right now.

Emily: I can't be.

Nikolas: Why?

Emily: And stopping your life isn't going to honor what we shared.

Nikolas: I want to be that, baby, I really do. I just canít.

Emily: You just don't know how?

Nikolas: No.

Emily: I'll tell you. You raise Spencer. Give him all the love and guidance you have to offer. You meet someone.

Nikolas: No, I'll --

Emily: Allow yourself to love again.

Sonny: I say no guards, Max, and I trip over you and Milo every two seconds.

Max: I'm not here to guard you, boss. I got urgent news from Puerto Rico.

Sonny: What's going on in Puerto Rico?

Max: The partners are holding back their shipments due to your family situation, but I told them --

Sonny: You know what, business doesn't slow down. Make them understand that. It's not that big a deal.

Max: I understand that, boss.

Jason: Anthony Zacchara's out. He's free.

Sonny: You're kidding me, right?

Jason: No, I'm not kidding you. I'm working extra security right now; I'm talking to Bernie about rerouting shipments. I got everything --

Sonny: Oh, that's just --

Diane: I see Jasonís already broken the news.

Sonny: I'm not a happy man right now, Diane. I told you if you slip up, I'm the one that's gonna get screwed. Now Anthony Zacchara is set free to come after me, the people that I love. Why? Because you're panting over this man every two seconds.

Diane: That is outrageous, that is absurd. I am not off my game.

Sonny: I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it. This has to end. I am sending Max to Puerto Rico. Permanently.

Claudia: John, what's the point of making me chase you and race you home?

John: I needed to drive fast. You shouldn't have tried to keep up.

Claudia: I need to talk to you before they get here.

Johnny: I don't want to hear a damn thing out of your mouth. You set him free.

Claudia: It was the only way I had to make him trust me.

Johnny: Why would you want to?

Claudia: Well, if you calm down a minute, I will tell you. Look, I could see from opening arguments that Daddy was gonna be set free. There was nothing that I could do to stop that. You know he tried to kill me. I know he tried to kill me. But where's the proof, John? Where? Floating in the lake somewhere? There is none. So I made a strategic decision to appear to support Daddy. It is so infinitely much better than some act of defiance that's gonna get me killed.

Johnny: I spent most of my life as that man's prisoner. I'm not about to go back there.

Claudia: I would never ask you to go back there. I would never, ever ask you to do that. Nothing's changed, John. You and me, we're gonna destroy that crazy old man. He's never going to hurt either one of us ever again. Do you want to hear how?

Anthony: You must hate my son less than I thought to put up with this.

Logan: Just doing my job, Sir.

Anthony: Suffer today for a payoff tomorrow. That's a worthwhile ambition, as long as you can stay alive long enough to collect. Wait in the car. I'll call you when I'm done.

Luke: Hey, we're closed, pal.

Anthony: No problem. We can put business hours on the agenda, partner.

Maxie: Okay, prepare yourself.

Kate: I don't like it already.

Maxie: I think that maybe we should bring Spinelli back in.

Kate: Maxie, please tell me you didn't lose something again.

Maxie: No, not me. I mean, not this time. There's a million dollars missing from your operating account.

Max: Come on, Jason, speak up. Tell the boss you need me here and not exiled to Puerto Rico.

Diane: You're not going to Puerto Rico.

Sonny: He damn well is. I'm on the brink of war with the Zaccharas. I need my attorney focused on me. He's a distraction to you.

Diane: Jason, you were there. You were in the courtroom, you saw what happened. Would you tell Sonny the law is the law and this time it came down squarely on the side of Anthony Zacchara?

Sonny: Come on, Diane, you've bent the law for me many a time. You could've done more to keep Anthony Zacchara locked up if you didn't have images of him dancing naked in your head.

Max: Back off.

Sonny: I'm sorry. What?

Max: You're out of line, Mr. C. I've been more than loyal to you. I've put my life on the line for you so many times over the last five years, I've lost count. I'd do anything for you and your family and I have proven that. With all due respect, keep your nose out of my personal life, please.

Diane: I couldn't have said it better myself. But if you insist on appointing yourself the romance police, you might start with yourself. Don't date Kate -- or, better yet, tell Jason not to date Claudia Zacchara.

Claudia: Ric and Trevor are gonna be jockeying for position as consigliore. We need to outmaneuver them. We need to play our father like a Stradivarius. He should never have any reason or see any reason to question our loyalty to him. But to each other, it's a different story.

Johnny: You want dado think there's some sort of rift between us?

Claudia: Yeah, because if he thinks he's getting what he wants, which is a house divided, he'll never see us coming, John. But we need to make a promise to each other right here and right now.

Johnny: What?

Claudia: It's you and me. This is all pretend. You're my goal. I'm yours. We're in this together. You and me against the world, no matter what.

Johnny: No matter what.

Anthony: They tell me when I was tearing my way through Wyndemere, you and I fought, and subsequent you suffered a heart attack.

Luke: The damage has been repaired. I see you've had some troubles of your own.

Anthony: The damage has been repaired. I was impressed and concerned to hear about my son's decision to buy into your casino.

Luke: Impressed because?

Anthony: It's a good place to launder money.

Luke: And concerned?

Anthony: I don't think that's why Johnny bought in. Well, look who's here -- the lovely Lulu. Whatever are we gonna do about you?

Nikolas: No, how could I ever love again? How? My heart is too full of love for you. You know that.

Emily: Nikolas, you stay open and fill your life with meaning. Have other children.

Nikolas: No.

Emily: A little girl that you can spoil rotten. And when the day comes, when she meets the man of her dreams, you tell her about us. You promise me, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I promise that I will live for you. And I promise that I will keep you in my heart for the rest of my life. That's what I promise.

Singer: The broken clock is a comfort

Emily: I have thought about this from every angle and I have decided that it is best to let Zander go.

Nikolas: Don't you think he's going to want to fight you on that?

Emily: Not if you pretend to be in love with me.

Singer: And I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts I am damaged at best like you've already figured out I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that's still beating in the pain there is healing in your name I find meaning so I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm barely holding on to you the broken locks were a warning you got inside my head

Nikolas: I'm free to love you with my whole heart.

Emily: I love you the same way. With all my heart.

Singer: Inside my eyes that are looking for purpose they're still looking for life I'm falling apart minister: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Singer: That's still beating in the pain is there healing in your name I find meaning so I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm barely holding onto you I'm hanging on another day

Nikolas: I will love you forever.

Emily: I'll love you forever. The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone I may have lost my way now having forgot my way home I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that's still beating in the pain there is healing in the name I find meaning so, I'm holding on I'm holding on

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Maxie: I need to know where the money is.

Robin: The father of my child thinks you're hotter than I am.

Jason: Somebody put a hit on Claudia. I ended up saving her.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: We're getting Michaelís test results back.

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