GH Transcript Monday 4/21/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/21/08


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Carly: Michael, it's okay, baby. You're in the hospital. I'm here. Jax is here. There's nothing to be afraid of, okay? You're going to be okay. Michael? You look at me, baby. It's Mommy. Can you hear me?

Kate: You're parading around town with a virtual target painted on your back. You're showing up in places with little or no security. I thought that you were done punishing yourself for what happened to Michael. I thought that you were going to try to find a way to go on living.

Sonny: That's what I'm trying to do.

Kate: Then why are you here?

Sonny: Because I have a business to run.

Kate: I've met your foreman, Sonny. Tom is more than capable of handling the day-to-day operations on his own. You do not need to be here to oversee every single shipment while your son is laying in a hospital.

Sonny: I'm -- I need to keep busy.

Kate: No, you need to grieve --

Sonny: I --

Kate: As any parent would.

Sonny: I got Michael shot! It's up to me to get justice for my son.

Jason: I -- I've seen the bank records. You had $10 million wired into an account, offshore, set up by Ian Devlin. That's a lot of money, Nikolas. What was it for?

Nikolas: What does that have to do with Michael's shooting?

Jason: I don't know. I'm not going to know until you answer the question.

Nikolas: You -- you really wouldn't understand.

Jason: If you know something about this guy, I need to know, okay? Why did you wire that money into his account?

Nikolas: It was the only way I could see Emily.

Jerry: I've heard these kinds of wounds are excruciating and impossible to repair, even for a great plastic surgeon, which you clearly are. I mean, my new face is a testament to your technical prowess with a scalpel. However, I think that you may find it rather difficult to detach yourself, so to speak, from this particular case. So if you prefer that I shoot you in the brain to spare you the great pain and humiliation, speak now, please. No? All right. Oh, I can't bear to watch.

Jerry: Oh, dear, dear. Well, the odds seem to be in your favor this time. Should we do it again?

Ian: Are you out of your mind? This is a hospital. Anyone could walk in here.

Jerry: Yes, which could drastically reduce your chances of losing an appendage. Come on, be a sport.

Ian: If you're so worried about being tied to this shooting, try to show some discretion.

Jerry: Like you did last night at the Haunted Star? Or this morning by paying a visit to Claudia Zacchara?

Ian: We had some unfinished business to attend to.

Jerry: So do we. If Sonny Corinthos even glimmers that you shot little Michael in the head, I will put a bullet in yours before you bring my name into it. You understand? Good. Now dry yourself off.

Nikolas: When I came home from Emily's funeral -- she was there -- in her ball gown. I know. At first, I thought it was -- I thought I was dreaming or maybe it was a manifestation of -- of my grief. I don't know. She was real, Jason. I could -- I could see her. I could talk to her. I could even -- I could touch her. And it didn't make sense to me at the time. It just -- it just didn't matter.

Jason: How does -- how does Devlin fit in?

Nikolas: Well, he has access to an experimental -- an experimental medication that can lessen some of the other side effects, allowing me to keep seeing Emily.

Jason: Well, why wouldn't you just ask Patrick or Robin?

Nikolas: Because the medication's in a -- in a trial stage and it's not approved for use in this country.

Jason: So Devlin's providing illegal drugs. Do you know who he's working for?

Johnny: I thought I told you to stay away from my father.

Ric: You made a very compelling argument. The armed thugs were a nice touch. However, your desire to see Anthony locked up does not outweigh his right to an attorney.

Claudia: My father is an evil bastard who deserves to burn in hell for everything that he has done.

Ric: I understand. Mr. Zacchara was a very, very sick man.

Claudia: There's no past tense about it. Anthony Zacchara is a twisted, sadistic freak. And if you get him released -- you won't live to regret it.

Ric: Miss Zacchara, I realize you've been gone for some time and this must come as quite a shock. But I can assure you your father is not responsible for his previous actions.

Claudia: How much is my father paying you?

Ric: Anthony was diagnosed with a mental illness and he has since undergone treatment. I have a whole team of doctors who can assure me that your father is a changed man.

Johnny: I don't care how many doctors you have, Ric, or papers you file. My father stays locked up.

Kate: I'm not sure if you're trying to seek justice or revenge. I don't think you know either. Sonny, if you want to help Michael, go talk to his doctors, research other treatment options, sit down with Carly and figure out what the best way is to help your son.

Sonny: Okay. I know that you're trying to help, but this is something that I -- that I have to do on my own.

Kate: Why?

Sonny: What -- what do you mean, why?

Kate: What possible good can come from avenging Michael? It's not going to change what happened. It's certainly not going to heal your son.

Sonny: But it will send a clear message to my enemies not to come after anybody that I care about again.

Kate: Sonny, what happened was a terrible accident.

Sonny: You -- you were here, Kate! My son was here. They may not have been aiming at my son, but they -- they did it anyway. I can't -- I can't let that go.

Kate: So you're just going to make the situation worse for everyone around you.

Jax: So how's he doing?

Patrick: There's no change.

Carly: How can you say that? Michael's eyes are open.

Patrick: It was an involuntary reflex. Michael's not responding to light or painful stimuli. His eyes are open, but he's still not conscious.

Jax: So you're saying he's still in a coma.

Patrick: I wish I had better news, but Michael's prognosis hasn't changed.

Carly: No! He opened his eyes. He's trying to come back to us.

Patrick: I know this is difficult to understand --

Carly: You know what, you don't know my son. You don't know my son. He is getting better.

Patrick: You can get a second opinion, but any doctor that examines Michael is going to tell you the same thing. Excuse me.

Carly: I want a specialist. I want someone in here who is familiar with Michael's injuries and who is committed to helping him make progress. That's what I want.

Jax: It's -- it's not progress, Carly.

Carly: His eyes are open.

Jax: I know, but you heard Dr. Drake. He said that it was a reflex.

Carly: It's a sign. Michael is a fighter. And we cannot give up on him, Jax.

Sam: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Spinelli: Fair Samantha, greetings. It is -- hey, it is good to see you -- see you looking so agile. I assume the recovery regimen is going well.

Sam: I assume so. I am actually here on my very last visit, thank you.

Spinelli: Well, I appreciate the salutation, but, you know, you really should stretch before all physical exertion.

Sam: Come on, nice try. What are you up to?

Spinelli: I was just looking for an update on Michael for his uncle. That's all.

Sam: Jason's been here day and night. He knows exactly how Michael's doing.

Spinelli: Yeah, but he only knows what the medicinal ones are willing to divulge and that's all been news of a dark nature, so I thought maybe I could find a little hope on Michael's chart.

Sam: Listen, Spinelli, the doctors are doing everything that they can. We are all worried about Michael, but all we can do now is wait, okay?

Maxie: Spinelli, I've been looking all over for you. Don't -- don't you check your phone? Don't shush me.

Spinelli: Okay, look, the wounded and somewhat strident blond one's boisterous nature is drawing undue attention to the Jackal's activities.

Maxie: Oh, well, whatever it is that you're doing, drop it. I have an emergency.

Nikolas: I have no reason to believe that Dr. Devlin is involved in anything criminal other than providing me with a drug that's technically illegal in this country.

Jason: He charged you $10 million.

Nikolas: I know. I know, but since I've been -- since I've been taking it, I haven't had one episode of rage or a blackout or anything. And I don't -- I don't see Emily as much as I -- as much as I would like to, but I still can see her. And to me, that's worth any amount of money.

Jason: This guy's preying on your desperation to make a profit.

Nikolas: What do you want me to do? Is it -- is it wrong for me to want to take this drug? Is it wrong for me to pay any amount of money to keep seeing Emily?

Jason: I don't know. I don’t. I mean, I know how much you loves her. If I could take a pill and see Emily again, I'm not sure I would turn it down either.

Nikolas: All right. Well, thanks.

[Door opens and closes]

Kate: Anything that you do to avenge Michael will be at the expense of your other children, Sonny. The violence will escalate. Morgan and Kristina will be caught in the middle of a mob war. Is that what you want? You want them hurt or even killed?

Sonny: If -- if I don't retaliate, it will be a sign of weakness.

Kate: Well, it's better to weak, Sonny, than dead.

Sonny: I'm not fighting with you on this.

Kate: I'm sorry. Do you expect me to just stand back and watch you throw your life away? What? That is what you'll be doing.

Sonny: That's not what I'm doing. You don't know understand what I'm doing.

Diane: I'm sure you didn't call me down here to see my fabulous new designer bag. Thank you very much.

Sonny: It's business.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Fine, I'll leave you to it.

Sonny: Okay.

Diane: While I've got you, do you by any chance have a pair of those --

Kate: I'll have Neela's people call you.

Diane: Yeah, thank you.

[Door slams]

Diane: That woman is fabulous. And you should stop seeing her immediately because the fashion world cannot afford to lose Kate Howard, but -- but you can.

Sonny: Who are you to be giving relationship advice?

Diane: I'm your attorney.

Sonny: Well, as my attorney, you shouldn't be sleeping with my bodyguard.

Ric: I can see why you would want things to remain as they are. I mean, after all, you are the big man right now, the one with the power and respect. I mean, if Anthony were released, he would want all that back.

Claudia: That's not going to happen.

Ric: Really? Your father has been released from a maximum security prison and moved to a private psychiatric facility with not so much as guard standing at his door. And after this hearing, there is a very, very real possibility that he's going to be released altogether. Perhaps you should prepare for that possibility now.

Claudia: Schizophrenia is the best thing that ever happened to my father or his family. Everyone was better off when he was just insane, because in his right mind, my dad is lethal. He will love you one minute and he will turn on you the next. The best thing for everyone, including you, would be to leave him there until he rots.

Ric: Now, that's not a very nice thing to say.

Johnny: It's the truth.

Ric: I thought you might feel that way. That's why I had the court petition to suspend your visitation. You know, I'm starting to think that Anthony’s children don't really have his best interests at heart.

Claudia: He can't get out.

Johnny: He won’t. I'll make sure of it.

[Door opens]

Ric: How do you like the view?

Anthony: The roses are a big improvement from the ceiling I've been staring at for the last five months. But they don't compare to the ones I got in my garden at home.

Ric: One step at a time.

Anthony: I don't like to be kept waiting.

Ric: Look, I'm pushing through your release as fast as I can, Anthony, which is no small feat considering you're a confessed killer. I'd be very happy that you're here instead of in a prison cell.

Anthony: I was a sick man when I did those things. I'm well now. I want to be with my family.

Ric: Well, your family has much different plans.

Anthony: Be specific. That's what a lawyer's for.

Ric: Claudia and John are determined to do whatever it takes to keep you locked away for the rest of your life.

Claudia: Ever since Trevor took control of those waterfront piers, I understand Ric has been looking for a way to get back at him. What better way than by letting Daddy out?

Johnny: We can block this.

Claudia: How? You heard him. He's been declared a ward of the court, John. He's already been transferred to another facility.

Johnny: Okay, Ric has one attorney. We can afford 20. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure Dad stays locked up.

Claudia: He's not just some crazy old man anymore, John, who's going on about his roses. If he's got his mind back, then he's not just sane, he's smart. And he knows the best way to control you is to get rid of me.

Sonny: Hey, Max, get in here for a second.

Max: Do you need something, boss? Ms. Miller -- oh!

Sonny: You see that?

[Diane laughs]

Diane: You are basing these ridiculous assumptions on Max's propensity for two left feet?

Sonny: Well, he walks perfectly well when he's around me. And then he gets around you --

Diane: Max, would you please tell Sonny that his assumptions are completely unfounded?

Sonny: Max, are you sleeping with Diane?

Max: Well, boss, "sleeping with" tends to imply that there's an ongoing --

Sonny: Just say yes or no. Answer the question.

Max: Yes, and it was the best sex of my life. Ms. Miller is incredible.

[Diane laughs]

Diane: Well -- well, thank you, Max, and likewise, I'm very, very sure.

Max: Thank you.

Diane: But it remains that that is none of Sonny's business.

Carly: I know you're tired, baby. You had such a big day. It's okay to sleep. You did so good opening your eyes, and I know you're going to open them again. You are so brave and you are so strong and you're a fighter, just like me. But I need you to keep fighting, because I know you're going to come back to me. You're almost there. Michael, you're almost there.

[Knock on door]

Sam: I'm sorry to interrupt.

Carly: Then don’t.

Sam: Carly, look, I just -- I came to see if you needed anything, maybe coffee, something to eat --

Carly: You know, you don't have to be nice to me. I don't want your pity and Michael doesn't want it either.

Sam: No, look, I am not here to give you pity. I'm concerned about Michael.

Carly: Don't be. Don't be. I mean, Michael is getting better. And you and everyone else need to stop acting like he has a terminal illness or his life is over, because it's not. My son is fine. He's fine.

Jax: Hey, you have a minute?

Jason: Actually, I was on my way to the hospital. How's Carly doing?

Jax: That's what I wanted to talk to you about, about Carly.

Jason: Oh, okay.

Jax: You were with her when I couldn't be, through Michael's surgery and when the doctors told her the prognosis.

Jason: Yeah, you know, I did -- I did what I could.

Jax: Yeah, and I appreciate that. What concerns me is how Carly is taking the news. You saw her at the hospital, Jason. I mean, she's still in complete denial.

Jason: It's -- it's hard, you know, it's hard to accept what the doctors are saying at this point.

Jax: Yeah, especially when Michael just opened his eyes. Patrick said -- Patrick said that it was just a -- a reflex. Of course, Carly's taking it as a sign that he's getting better and that he's going to wake up and be the same little boy that he was before the shooting. I can't get through to her, and I was hoping that you could.

Claudia: I still remember so vividly the day that Daddy sent me away. I came home from school one day, and my little suitcase was packed and sitting by my door. I remember I went upstairs to say goodbye to you.

Johnny: And I smashed my toy piano to splinters. I know.

Claudia: You wouldn't even look at me, but when I was driving away, I remember looking back at the house and --

Johnny: I was watching from the rooftop.

Claudia: What did you do, sneak out through the attic window?

Johnny: Yeah.

Claudia: You were just standing up there on the ledge, crying and calling my name. Broke my heart to leave you. I didn't want to leave you, John. You have to believe that. Daddy made me go.

Johnny: Yeah, he said you were a bad influence.

Claudia: Dad was -- he was jealous. He was jealous of us because it was you and me against him, and he didn't want to be on the outside, so he had Trevor take me away.

Johnny: As much as I missed you, part of me was glad you were gone, though, away from all this madness.

Claudia: You should never have been left alone here with him. I promised you that I was gonna protect you, and --

Johnny: You didn't have a choice.

Claudia: Well, I do now.

Johnny: Okay, but I'm not that little boy you have to protect anymore. As for our father, he's not gonna hurt you again. I'm sure of it. Come here.

Kate: Sorry to interrupt, but this is important.

Johnny: You're gonna have to handle this one on your own. I got something to take care of.

Claudia: What the hell do you want?

Sonny: Okay, you need to get this, Diane. Max works for me, so I have a say in anything that affects his job performance.

Diane: Max is a fully grown adult, capable of making his own decisions, as am I. You do not get a vote in who he sleeps with.

Sonny: It's not a good idea for, you know, the attorney to sleep with her clients.

Diane: Could not agree with you more. It is unprofessional. It's unseemly and completely inappropriate, but since I don't represent Max -- I represent you -- there's nothing even approaching conflict of interest.

Sonny: Okay, what if Max needs you to defend him down the line?

Max: Boss --

Sonny: I need you -- shut up. I need you to be able to do that, right, without getting all lovey dovey, emotional --

Diane: Okay, that is condescending and completely chauvinistic to think that I --

Sonny: Oh, well, it -- it happened to Alexis. She went from a no-nonsense, capable attorney to a hyperventilating mess.

Diane: Okay, with all due respect, perhaps if you had thought a little bit, taken a little precaution while in the heat of passion, then maybe Alexis would not have gotten pregnant and would not have been reduced to a blithering pile of hormones.

Sonny: Diane, I love Kristina. She's my only daughter. She means the world to me, but that one night changed Alexis forever, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that happen to the best attorney I have. Okay? So here's the deal. You are forbidden -- are you listening now?

Max: Yes.

Sonny: To sleep with Diane, date Diane, be around Diane. You are off limits.

Diane: This is outrageous. You cannot -- you cannot dictate to him --

[Phone rings]

Diane: Don't you -- don't answer that. Don't even think about answering that.

Sonny: Can you just -- yeah? I'm on my way.

Diane: No, you're not. You're not going any -- we're not done.

Sonny: We are done. Let's go.

Diane: You misogynistic, self-centered --

Sonny: Yes.

Diane: Control freak. I am billing you triple!

Jason: For as long as I've known Carly, she's always done what she wants. I've -- I've never been able to tell her anything, Jax.

Jax: Well, you could try. You know, she may accept the fact that Michael's never going to wake up if she hears it from you.

Jason: But it's not gonna matter what I say to her. She's gonna fight for Michael as long and hard as she can. There's no way to stop her.

Jax: I know how much she loves Michael. She'd give her own life to save his, as would I, but sadly, there's nothing more we can do for him. But Carly has another little boy at he, and he's scared and confused, and he needs his mother, and Morgan’s already asking questions, and it's not fair to keep telling him that Michael is going to get better when he's not.

Jason: Morgan's too young to understand what's going on.

Jax: No, Jason, he's -- he understands. He's -- he grown up quite a bit. He knows his brother's hurt, and he also knows that his daddy and his Uncle Jason never leave the house without a gun. I mean, it's -- it's better he learns the violence of your world now than end up like his brother. Now, you know that I've never approved of your -- of your lifestyle. That said, I am also aware of how much Carly loves you. It pains me to say it, but she trusts you more than anyone else. Carly needs to understand the reality of Michael's situation, and the only person who can tell her that is you.

Maxie: Move.

Spinelli: While the demanding blonde one may doubt the Jackal P.I.'s sleuthing ability, I assure you, I have been trained in all things Stone Cold, including --

Maxie: Your way is taking too long. See? Much easier.

Spinelli: Aye. Dare I ask how you procured a key?

Maxie: Well, I told the clerk behind the desk I was locked out of my room, which would be really funny if I was staying here, because the place is a dump -- and completely crawling with bugs!

Spinelli: Shh.

Maxie: We have to get out of here.

Spinelli: No, the Jackal P.I. has yet to look around. Just relax.

Maxie: Okay, well, get whatever it is you need, and do it fast, because I want to get out of here and have you help me out with my projects.

Spinelli: So the resourceful blonde one does need the Jackal's assistance after all.

Maxie: Well, not to open a door. I need you to help me break into Couture's computer system so we can get a mock up of their next issue, so Crimson will have an advantage.

Spinelli: Hey, sleuthing for Stone Cold takes presence over fashion subterfuge.

Maxie: You said you would help me.

Spinelli: Yes, after I obtain potentially incriminating data from the dastardly doctor's dirty abode.

[Keys in lock]

Maxie: Hurry.

Maxie: You're probably wondering what I'm doing here.

Ian: I'm sure you'll have an entertaining explanation.

Jax: How you doing?

Carly: Michael hasn't opened his eyes since you left, but he will. He's resting, and he's gonna wake up, and he's gonna talk to us.

Jax: Hey, I asked about you.

Carly: I'm sick of defending myself for believing in my son. That's for sure.

Jax: You know, I would give anything to have Michael back, watch him play with his little brother.

Carly: Jax, he will. He will. You know he's -- he's getting better. He's just resting, and he's healing right now, but we have to have faith.

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio has agreed to take over Michael's case until you find another doctor.

Carly: What's this?

Patrick: It's a list of specialists. You're welcome to contact all or none.

Robin: In the meantime, we're going to be moving Michael to a regular room.

Carly: Because he's getting better. That's why you're moving him out of I.C.U. Michael is getting stronger.

Ric: Oh, glad you could make it.

Logan: I was curious. What could we possibly have to talk about?

Ric: Business proposition.

Logan: You're gonna have to find another mole for Sonny's organization. I already told you the man fired me.

Ric: Hang on, Logan. This has nothing to do with my brother.

Logan: Okay, well, then what are we doing in his warehouse?

Ric: Somebody tried to kill Sonny right here at this very spot. Bullet ricocheted and hit my nephew. Now Sonny's looking for payback.

Logan: What does that have to do with me?

Ric: Well, you spent a couple of years dodging bullets and car bombs over there in Iraq. That military experience as well as your medical training makes you the perfect candidate to protect a client of mine in case a mob war breaks out.

Logan: Why would I want to work for you, huh?

Ric: Other than knowing the events that led up to your dishonorable discharge? Remember, a black spot like that on your record severely limits your employment possibilities.

Logan: So you're doing me a favor then.

Ric: Look, I'm offering you access to a real power player. In exchange, I expect you to be loyal to me.

Nurse: It's time for your medication, Mr. Zacchara.

Anthony: You know, my friends call me Tony, and this seems like a friendly place, so you should call me Tony, too.

Nurse: Do you have any children, Tony?

Anthony: Yes, I do. I have two children, a boy and a girl. Ah, my son, John, he looks just like his mother. Same eyes, same smile. He was the light of Maria’s life. Isn't that right, Johnny? This is the guy we're talking about.

Nurse: I'll let the two of you talk. I'll be back to check on you later, Tony.

Anthony: All right.

Nurse: Have a nice visit.

Anthony: I was wondering when you were gonna stop by. I missed you.

Johnny: You can drop the act. She's gone.

Anthony: I'm a changed man, Johnny. I'll prove it to you.

Johnny: Yeah, you're sane. Just means you're more dangerous.

Anthony: See, that's Claudia talking. She was always a bad influence on you.

[Johnny sighs]

Kate: Sonny is grieving for Michael, you know, that little boy that you and your brother quite possibly shot. Now, I don't know if this is how you do business, but personally, I find it --

Claudia: You don't know anything about my business! Shut your mouth, and get out. You are in way over your head.

Kate: The person who sent the gunman to shoot Sonny might possibly try again. In fact, I think that Sonny is counting on it. Yeah, he's in a reckless mood these days, so if anything happens to Sonny --

Claudia: Sonny gets reckless, and he goes to bars and picks up strangers, and that's why you're here, isn't it? Hmm? You're worried that Sonny might come around for round two? You should be. But hey, go ahead. Feel free. Look in my closets, under my desk, wherever you want.

Kate: So if you hurt Sonny in any way, I will shine so much publicity on you and your family, you won't be able to hide. I will paint you and your brother as murderers, and I'll crucify you in the press, okay? I will ruin your life.

Claudia: Come and get me, skinny bitch. I can't wait to kick your ass.

Sonny: Back off, Claudia.

Robin: Michael's condition is stable. He's breathing on his own, and his vitals are good. He doesn't need the constant monitoring of I.C.U.

Carly: It means he's getting stronger.

Patrick: That's not what she said.

Carly: You know, you're not my son's doctor anymore. You gave up on him, remember?

Jax: Carly, this isn't helping.

Carly: No, you're right. It's not. Michael needs to be surrounded by positive people who believe that he's going to get better, so your negative energy -- you just need to go.

Robin: Carly, Patrick’s not being negative. He's just -- he's being realistic. You know, we – we’ve done everything we can possibly do for Michael. You are welcome to call in specialists, but as far as we're concerned, he should be released by the end of the week. It's time to start talking about Michael's long-term care.

Sam: Hey. How's Michael? Is there any change?

Jason: Jax said he opened his eyes.

Sam: Wow, my God. You must be so relieved. I -- I mean, I just -- I know how much everybody has been worrying since the surgery.

Jason: It was -- it was only a reflex. They don't think Michael's gonna come out of the coma.

Sam: I am so sorry.

Jason: I mean, Carly's still holding on, you know.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I -- I went to visit Michael's room to see if Carly needed anything, and she was less than happy to see me, which, like, I completely understand, but she did make it pretty clear that she didn't need me or my pity.

Jason: It was nice of you to offer.

Sam: I know how much Michael means to you, Jason, and if there is anything, and I mean anything at all that I can do, please just let me know.

Jason: Well, actually, there is. Well, what can you -- what can you tell me about this Dr. Devlin?

Sam: Dr. Devlin, I -- he's a great surgeon. I mean, I -- I just finished my last physical therapy session. My hip is great. Everything went without any sort of complications.

Jason: That's good, that's good.

Sam: But not what you're looking for.

Jason: No, I just -- I wanted to know if maybe he told you why he was here or what brought him to Port Charles in the first place.

Sam: Oh, I don't know. I know he went to med school with Patrick Drake. I don't know where, but I do know that they were friends.

Ian: I met you at the hospital, didn't I? Aren't you a friend of Dr. Scorpio's?

Maxie: Cousin, actually, sort of. Well, by marriage. See, her uncle married my mother, and --

Ian: You can skip the recitation of the family tree. Tell me, what was your name again?

Maxie: Maxie.

Ian: Maxie, that's right. Maxie. Well, Maxie, perhaps you can tell me what you're doing in my room.

Maxie: Well, you're a sexy guy. That is, you're a respected doctor and vaguely mysterious, single, hot, so, you see, I thought you would be perfect.

Ian: Well, I tend to prefer brunettes, but I've long since learned the art of compromise, and you have saved me a call to the escort service, so, Maxie, entertain me. Make me forget the color of your hair.

Logan: If you want to go work for some whack job that skewered you up against the wall, that's your business, okay? I'm not gonna play nursemaid for some drooling nutcase.

Ric: Anthony Zacchara is a paranoid schizophrenic. He's perfectly sane. There's a good chance that all the charges against him are gonna be dropped, at which time he is gonna assume his position as head of the Zacchara family.

Logan: What -- I'm sorry. Isn't the man paralyzed from the neck down? I mean, he -- he barely blink. How is he supposed to run an entire organization?

Ric: Well, Anthony regained the use of his arms some time ago. Yeah, once he's on his feet, he is gonna be one of the most powerful men in this country.

Logan: Mm-hmm. I have you to thank for it, right? So how does that bring me in?

Ric: Well, everything that I've done for Anthony up to this point has been completely within the boundaries of the law. Now he's gonna go outside of those boundaries, I'm sure, and when he does, I'm gonna have to get real creative in order to maintain deniability. See, that is where you come in. I need you inside to feed me information, to be at the center of the power base. As Anthony’s bodyguard, you're gonna be able to get me what I need, and you're gonna be able to make his son look bad. Look, once Anthony gets in there, Johnny's gonna lose his power base. He's no longer gonna be able to use his mob prince trappings, and he's gonna be much less enticing to somebody, say like, I don't know, Lulu Spencer. Do you want to take the job, or should I talk to somebody else about this?

Logan: Mr. Lansing, I think you got a deal.

Anthony: Why would Ric Lansing help me if I was still the same man who stabbed him the night of the ball?

Johnny: Ric's got his own agenda working. Getting you out of prison was just a power play against his father.

Anthony: Ric understands that I was suffering from a terrible illness and I'm not responsible for the things I did.

Johnny: Ric hasn't seen half of what you're capable of. I have.

Anthony: Johnny, I've been ill for a long time. I did unspeakable things, out of anger, to you and your mother, but the doctors have found a way to control it. Things will be different from now on.

Johnny: You're right. It'll be worse.

Anthony: Don't push me.

Johnny: Or what?

Anthony: You're my son, and I love you, Johnny, and I would never do anything harm you, but I'm not gonna put up with your defiance either. Welcome me back with open arms, or I'll do what I should have done years ago.

Johnny: What's that?

Anthony: I'll kill Claudia.

Claudia: How did you even get in here? This is my house. You don't get to barge in here and order me around any more than your girlfriend here gets to barge in and make threats.

Sonny: You should go.

Kate: Come with me.

Sonny: No, listen. Trust men this, okay? Max is outside in the car waiting for you. He's gonna take you home.

Kate: I keep telling myself that you're grieving for Michael and you don't mean half of what you're doing, but this excuse -- is starting to wear very thin.

Claudia: Better go after her. The ice cream's melting.

Sonny: Kate can wait. Actually, I'm here for you. What are -- you got any plans for dinner tonight?

Claudia: Tons. Why?

Sonny: Uh, because, you know, you've been so hot for me and all that kind of stuff. I was figuring maybe we could go out on a date.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Spinelli: The Jackal is in dire need of assistance.

Johnny: You're not getting out of here.

Anthony: Give my best to your sister.

Claudia: I don't want anything to do with you.

Sonny: I want justice for my son. If I find proof, God help you.

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