GH Transcript Friday 4/18/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/18/08


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Jason: You really need to cut back on this stuff.

Spinelli: Nothing puts the Jackal in the zone like the tangy freshness of orange soda.

Jason: Then why aren't you finding anything else on Dr. Devlin?

Spinelli: The curiously educated oncologist/plastic surgeon is most difficult to trace for a civilian, as are his financial records.

Jason: Okay, Spinelli, if he's that hard to find, he's got something to hide.

Claudia: I still want to run the shipment. I just want to cut Devlin out. I don't need a middleman. Find out who's running things from the Canadian end. I'll take care of it.

Johnny: Don't you mean we'll take care of it?

Claudia: I thought you'd be sleeping in after your late night.

Johnny: Is that your little way of asking me where I was after I left the casino last night?

Man: The district attorney's here. Says she has business with you.

Alexis: I have some questions for both of you regarding the shooting of Michael Corinthos.

Carly: I remember when you were little, and you wanted to bake cookies. And we did, and they turned out like hockey pucks. So, of course, we sat around eating the cookie dough, laughing, and talking and just hanging out. And you said that you didn't care that I wasn't like other moms. I know you're older now, baby, but we are going to bake cookies when you wake up. And you're going to wake up, baby, I know you are.

Carly: If you don't believe that, you know, if you don't believe that Michael's going to wake up, I don't want you here.

Anthony: Aw, what do you want?

Sonny: You know who I am.

Anthony: You're not the doctor.

Sonny: I'm the enemy.

Anthony: You came to torment a sick old man?

Sonny: No, I came because I'm looking for whoever tried to kill me and wound up shooting my son.

Jax: I can't pretend I don't know how serious Michael's condition is. The doctors told me the same thing they told you.

Carly: Which means you want me to give up, the way you've given up.

Jax: No, this is not about giving up. This is about facing --

Carly: That's why you wanted me to go see Morgan and tell him about his brother.

Jax: You're his mother. He needs you.

Carly: You thought that if I told him about Michael, somehow I would come to my senses. That believing that Michael is going to get better is wrong.

Jax: I really feel for you, Carly.

[Carly sighs]

Jax: But you've got to do this your own way in your own time.

Carly: Yeah, which means you think that I'm crazy and Michael doesn't stand a chance.

Jax: I love you. I will always love you and want to give you what you need.

Carly: Can you give me my son back? Because that's what I want. I want Michael whole and well, and I will not give up until he is.

Nadine: Here you go.

Leyla: Someone's in a good mood.

Nadine: Yes, and...

Leyla: And something tells me the source of all your joy is not the hemorrhoidectomy.

Nadine: I had fun last night.

Leyla: Oh, yeah?

Nadine: Yeah.

Leyla: Was it all the money you won gambling or the time you spent with Nikolas?

Nadine: It was nice to see him smile.

Leyla: Despite the rotten luck he was having.

Nadine: I don't know. I think something changed in Nikolas last night. Like, he was finally ready to get back into life.

Nikolas: I'm running out of pills.

Ian: I'll get you more by the end of the day.

Nikolas: Listen, I shouldn't have to track you down like some sort of street dealer here. I paid you $10 million, remember?

Ian: Right, so you can keep having hallucinations of your dead fiancťe.

Nikolas: My motives are none of your business.

Ian: You know, all the money in the world isn't going to change the fact that you need to have the surgery. You're just buying yourself time, that's all.

Nikolas: How much time?

Ian: Weeks. A month at the outside. Without the surgery, drug or no drug, you're going to die.

Jason: Devlin's car was near the warehouse the night Michael was shot. I'm saying that is not a coincidence.

Spinelli: Just -- given the years of study that the doctor dedicated to the healing arts --

Jason: He's hiding something.

Spinelli: An illicit romance would be more likely, or perhaps a patronage for a high-priced escort service. I'm speaking as a certified private investigator trained in the 47 rules of detecting, which did prove invaluable --

Jason: Can you find Devlin's bank records?

Spinelli: Right. I'm just trying to follow the master's reasoning so I can learn.

Jason: I've only talked to the guy a few times, but he seemed pretty arrogant.

Spinelli: Like most highly skilled surgeons.

Jason: No, like a guy who thinks he can get away with anything.

Spinelli: Okay, well, he graduated second in his medical school, behind his friend Dr. Patrick Drake.

Jason: What, then he specialized in plastic surgery?

Spinelli: And immediately went abroad.

Jason: Where?

Spinelli: That information is not available.

Jason: So you're saying a top plastic surgeon -- you'd think he'd set up practice in L.A. or New York, but you're -- you're just telling me he disappeared?

Spinelli: Perhaps he chose to work with those less fortunate.

Jason: Okay, you know what? This isn't making any sense. I want you to keep digging, okay?

Spinelli: Mm.

Jason: See if you can connect anybody to Devlin who'd want Sonny dead.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Alexis: The night Michael was shot, you said that you would be willing to testify against Trevor Lansing.

Johnny: I did, and I would.

Alexis: Oh, well, that's unfortunate because his alibi does check out. He was, in fact, having drinks with the mayor.

Claudia: Then I don't see how we can be of any more help to you.

Alexis: I was thinking that perhaps Trevor may have hired someone to pull the trigger. I mean, given his association with your family for so many years, he would, in fact, have access to any number of qualified assassins.

Claudia: As entertaining as this little exercise is, I assure you we have better things to do with our time.

Johnny: Trevor does want Sonny dead. And you're right; it would have been very easy for him to find someone to do the job.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. That's what I was thinking. You know, I'm also thinking how interesting it is that you're so determined to implicate your own attorney.

Claudia: Trevor's a slime, but he's not the only one with motive. I mean, I'm sure Sonny has a long list of enemies.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. You being one of them. Maybe. Well, rumor has it that you are a woman scorned, so... and rumor has it that you were locked up or kidnapped or something when Michael went missing, so seems to me that either one of you or both of you might want Sonny dead.

Sonny: You know, even paralyzed, you're more of a man than Trevor will ever be. You know, he keeps dismissing you like --

Anthony: A man has to work. Has to work among his roses if he's going to truly --

Sonny: Here we go with the roses.

Anthony: Enjoy them --

Sonny: That's great.

Anthony: But they still come anyway.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Anthony: Creeping. They try to suck the life out. And look at me. There's nothing I can do.

Sonny: This is a coward's way, Anthony. And it's pathetic. It's insulting. I know you've been getting treatment, medication. Your mind's working just fine. You never used to be this madman. You used to be a force to be reckoned with, somebody who, even tied to a bed in prison, could arrange for a rival to be killed.

Anthony: If you think I had your son shot, you should kill me right now.

Nikolas: You said yourself that the drug was experimental. Maybe I have more time than you think.

Ian: This party in your brain is going to end.

Nikolas: Okay. Now you mentioned that you may have access to other experimental medications that could increase my chances. If you do, I'll pay.

Ian: Fine. I'll see what I can do.

Nikolas: Well, for someone who doesn't know the first thing about gambling, you sure did clean house last night. Maybe you should be giving me pointers.

Nadine: How can you talk about the fun we had last night when you're still paying Dr. Devlin for an illegal drug because you'd rather hallucinate about Emily than save your own life?

Maxie: As Ms. Howard's personal assistant, it's my job to give her your messages, not force her to respond to them. Our first day in the new office, and you're late again, without Kateís coffee, nonetheless. Half-caf latte --

Lulu: With cinnamon and low-cal sweetener.

Maxie: Yes, the blue packet, not the pink one. I realize you're color-challenged, but you should be able to handle that. And sprinkle the cinnamon on. Don't dump it.

Lulu: And should I serve it on a pillow with lots of little tassels as well?

Maxie: If that's what I ask you to do, yes.

Lulu: Okay, let's get something straight.

Maxie: Uh, yes, letís. This is my desk. This is your desk. Don't put any of your things on my desk. In fact, don't come near it. Don't answer the phones unless I'm with Kate or handling business for the magazine, and at the beginning of each day, I will give you a list of responsibilities. It's your job to complete them.

Lulu: Okay, if you think I'm cleaning up after Adrianís froofy little dog again --

Maxie: You wanted the job as Kateís second assistant. This is it.

Lulu: This is your way of getting back at me for taking off with Johnny last night.

Maxie: That would be petty and vindictive and completely unnecessary because that's the last time Johnny will be going anywhere with you.

Lulu: You can't seriously be thinking of making a play for him.

Maxie: Oh, I don't need to. He's already interested in me, and the added bonus -- I haven't been giving him mixed signals for the last few months.

[Telephone rings]

Lulu: Oh, yeah, you should really go for him because you deserve the humiliation when he dumps you.

[Second telephone rings]

Maxie: Like Logan did? Didn't hear him complaining.

Lulu: Wow, you --

Kate: Could either of you two be bothered to answer the phone?

Lulu and Maxie: Kate Howardís office.

Claudia: I was standing in the middle of the Metro Court hotel when Michael Corinthos was shot.

Alexis: Did anyone see you?

Claudia: As a matter of fact, I was talking to Carly when she got the news that her son was hurt, and my brother was on the Haunted Star with Lulu Spencer.

Alexis: Would Lulu be willing to swear to that?

Johnny: Why not? It's the truth.

Alexis: If Trevor Lansing could have hired an assassin, so could you have.

Claudia: You have a child with Sonny Corinthos, don't you?

Alexis: Sorry?

Claudia: A little girl who's in just as much danger as Michael every single day of her life.

Alexis: And why does this concern you?

Claudia: You have more reason to want Sonny dead than either of us. Do you have an alibi for the night Michael was shot?

Alexis: This is not a joke.

Johnny: Whatever my problems may be with Sonny, I would never fire a gun at or around a child. I have no idea who shot Michael Corinthos, but I do know it wasn't me or my sister or anybody who works in this organization.

Alexis: Well, I hope you're telling the truth. Careful.

Sonny: Did you send the person who shot my son? Was he acting on your orders?

Anthony: What if I said yes?

Sonny: Oh, I'd want to kill you.

Anthony: It's a terrible thing, your son being hurt. Especially if you know it was deliberate. You find yourself staring into the eyes of the person responsible, the person who inflicted damage on your child. Who could blame a father for whatever he does?

Sonny: You want me to snap right here, right in prison so that way the guards can pull me off of you, right?

Anthony: You think you're different than me, better? That's a lie you need to tell yourself.

Sonny: I'm not going to walk right into a murder conviction, 'cause there is a chance that I could be wrong and you are as pathetic as you seem to be, but just in case you're not, understand this. I'm not hiding. I'm going to be out in public. Come get me.

Sonny: Kill me if you can.

Kate: Jen, you are the best layout person in the business, which is why I expect more out of you. Now, this is going to be "Crimson's" very first eveningwear spread, and it fairly reads "boring," "dull," "ordinary." Honey, just make it work. Maxie, do you have a copy of that relationship article?

Maxie: Yes.

Kate: It's just not right. I mean, the title -- "How to Get Off the See-Saw With a Guy Who Won't Commit." Why don't you look at it?

Maxie: Me?

Kate: Girls 15-25, that's who we're targeting. You're in the demographic. See what it's lacking.

Lulu: Maybe you should let me read that, since I can actually read.

Maxie: Yeah, you know, after watching you with Johnny last night, it's clear you're an expert on guys who can't commit.

Lulu: You don't know anything about me and Johnny.

Maxie: I know he's wasted on you. Well, was.

Lulu: He would never go for you, Maxie.

Maxie: He was about to go for me last night. That's why you needed to drag him off for your important conversation. Pathetic.

Lulu: How pathetic were you? You were throwing yourself at him all night.

Maxie: Throwing myself? Lulu, don't be upset just because Johnny was paying attention to me all night last night.

Lulu: He couldn't help it because you were clinging onto him so hard he couldn't pry you off.

Diane: Ladies, good morning. Is she in?

Kate: Diane, hi.

Diane: Oh, I love the new space.

Kate: Thank you.

Diane: Now, listen. I know you are swamped. Launching a new magazine, a thousand and one details, but I just came by to look at the contracts, make sure that everything is in order, and let you know that I am spreading the word in all the proper circles. In fact, last night I was at a little soiree at Eleanor greenís.

Kate: Oh, I don't think Eleanor will get what we're trying to do here.

Diane: You're absolutely right. The woman has abysmal taste.

Kate: No, I meant who we're targeting, because actually the magazine is geared towards --

Diane: People on the cutting edge. I know -- everyone knows -- what to expect from a Kate Howard publication, and I am just thrilled to be doing my little part.

Kate: And I can't thank you enough, Diane.

Diane: Well, actually, you can, in fact. You could just let me have a sneak peek at the shoe layout.

Kate: Mm...

Diane: Okay, or not. Ooh.

Carly: I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. The last thing I want to do is push you away. I love you, and I need you so much right now

Jax: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: I don't need you just to love me back. I need you to at least hope that I'm right. Jax, I believe that if I stay with him and I talk to him, that he is going to find his way back. You know, he's like me. He's not a quitter.

Jax: My brother's here. I'll give him an update.

Jerry: How's Michael doing?

Jax: No change. The doctors say that he's not going to come out of this.

Jerry: Oh, God, what this must be doing to Carly.

Jax: Yeah, the thing is, she refuses to believe it.

Claudia: It was a thing of beauty the way we turned the tables on our illustrious D.A. You handled her so well.

Johnny: I told the truth, really. I don't know who shot Michael. And I wouldn't fire a gun around a child any more than you would, okay? This is on whoever you used, and I'm starting to think it's time to feed this idiot to Sonny.

Trevor: Spending every waking moment with your sister is not healthy, and it is not wise, John.

Claudia: Make you nervous, Trevors?

Trevor: Why should I worry, Claudia? The police have just confirmed my alibi. I was having drinks with the mayor while young Michael Corinthos was being shot.

Claudia: Yeah, Alexis Davis mentioned it when she came here to question us. She also mentioned it'd be real easy for you to arrange someone to do the shooting for you.

Trevor: I think you two should be more discreet. Trying to pin that shooting on me in front of Alexis? It only made you two look more guilty.

Man: Someone to see Ms. Zacchara.

Ian: Hello, Claudia.

Spinelli: Dr. Devlin's financial records are most tortured and tangled. However, there is a transfer to his local account from a foreign source.

Jason: Where?

Spinelli: The Grand Keys.

Jason: Grand Keys, that's the bank capital for drug smugglers. You need to get into --

Spinelli: Ah, Mr. Corinthos, Sir. Greetings and all good thoughts for a speedy recovery for the little dude, your son. Um, Stone Cold and I here are on the trail of valuable information that could possibly lead to the --

Sonny: I need to speak to Jason. Could you go upstairs?

Spinelli: Yes, Mr. Sir. If you need any further assistance, I'll be in the pastel-infused room.

Sonny: I just want you to know I sent my guards away, and I want to be completely unprotected.

Jason: Is that how you're going to deal with what happened to Michael? You want to die?

Anthony: I hope you're not here with excuses, because I don't like them any more than I like disappointments.

Ric: No, I wouldn't waste my time. Or yours, for that matter. It's a court order. You have been granted a hearing to decide whether you are fit to stand trial or declared legally competent and released outright. You have also been made a ward of the court, so your children have absolutely no legal power against you.

Anthony: You're good.

Ric: Yes, I am. Now, in the meantime, you are going to be transferred from this prison facility to a private hospital near Port Charles called Shadybrook.

Anthony: Another prison, nicer name.

Ric: No, no, no. There's absolutely no guards there, Mr. Zacchara. I successfully argued that you're not a flight risk considering you're, uh, paralyzed from the neck down.

Anthony: I always said, if you have a good lawyer, you can do anything.

Jax: You know, I sit by Carly's side and listen, as she tells herself that Michael's going to get better, that he is going to pull through this. I try to say the right things, but all I want to do is scream at everyone -- at Sonny and myself for not being there.

Jerry: It was beyond your control.

Jax: You know, Michael's a kid who should have been out playing baseball, having his first crush on a girl, not buying a gun trying to protect his family and be like his father. You know, I suggested to Sonny that he should get out of Michael's life. He said that he would never abandon his children. Well, where is he now, when his son is in a coma?

Jerry: He's probably trying to find out who did this.

Jax: Yeah, and a lot of good that's going to do. Carly's a wreck. She's falling apart, unable to accept the truth.

Jerry: Now, look. You're a gambler, you've beaten the odds many times. And maybe -- maybe, Michael will.

Jax: Jerry, I'm afraid for Carly. I'm afraid of what will happen if Michael doesn't wake up.

Claudia: Dr. Devlin.

Ian: You never came in for that follow-up on your injuries, so I decided to check on you in person.

Claudia: Oh, well, I do appreciate your hands-on approach. But unfortunately right now is not a good time.

Trevor: Now that's what I call devotion to one's profession.

Ian: Thank you, Mr. Lansing. I do take my work very seriously. Especially when I tell a beautiful woman that there will be no residual damage. Ms. Zacchara, if you put this off, I may not be able to make good on my promise. Things could get worse.

Claudia: I will call you the first change I get, and we'll have a private consultation.

Ian: Ah, I look forward to it.

Trevor: Poor John. You're risking your life for this? You alienate me for a tramp who will do the dirty with anybody, including her own personal physician. Claudia is an embarrassment -- makes you look weak.

Johnny: You're the one who's becoming the liability, Trevor. Find a way to get along with Claudia or you're gone.

Trevor: Let me ask you both a question. Whose name is on the property that controls the piers? Who holds the balance of power in Port Charles? If anybody goes, it won't be me.

Anthony: Help me move my legs to the other side of the bed.

Ric: You sure you need help, or is this just for effect?

Anthony: I've been able to sit up and move my arms and hands for a couple of months. The other stuff is coming slower. I can move my feet a little, but I can't stand up...yet.

Ric: You've just been lying there all this time playing invalid, is that it?

Anthony: I had to look helpless, didn't I? To convince people like your father that I was no threat. Now, thanks to you, I'm going to get out of this hellhole.

Ric: Just as long as we understand each other, Mr. Zacchara. Your thanks is not what I am after.

Anthony: I'm going to give you the money and the power to do whatever you want. But I need to be careful.

Ric: That's why I thought it was best to deny access for your children, at least for the time being.

Anthony: You need to watch out for that scheming bitch Claudia. She's pouring poison in John's ear, trying to control him.

Ric: You know, when your children find out about this, they are going to try and block your hearing.

Anthony: Well, you make sure they donít. The faster I'm a free man, the more I'll reward you.

Sonny: Michael wasn't the intended target, I was. The shooter might, you know -- he's out there somewhere. He might try again. So what I am going to do is I'm going to draw him out. And as soon as he comes after me, I'm going to make the son of a bitch pay.

Jason: Spinelli and I, we have a good lead. Okay, that's what he was trying to tell you.

Sonny: Michael is my son. I'm going to handle this my way.

Jason: Okay, you blame me for -- you blame me for Michael being shot. That's why you're going to put yourself in front of a bullet?

Sonny: I don't blame you for -- I don't blame you for anything. Look, I know I've been coming down on you. I've lashed out, and you were there, and so it landed on you. And I apologize for that. Follow your lead. Do what you have to do. I will follow mine, and do what I have to do.

Sonny: You know what? Just to let you know, I went to see Anthony today. And he is not the pathetic madman he wants you to think he is. Just think about that.

Spinelli: Stone Cold. I jackaled the most astonishing information from Dr. Devlin's financial records.

Claudia: First, Devlin botches the hit on Sonny. Shoots his little kid in the head, and now he's threatening to expose my involvement.

Jerry: How brilliant. Does anyone else suspect?

Claudia: Not yet. But let me tell you something. If this lands on me, I'm going to take you down with me. So it's in both of our best interests that you shut Ian up.

Jerry: Don't threaten me, Ms. Zacchara. It makes me cranky.

Johnny: You feeling okay? You don't look so hot. Maybe we should call that doctor back to take a look at that injury.

Claudia: I flirted with him a little bit. And he thinks, what, I'm gonna drop on the floor? In his dreams.

Johnny: Trevor may have bought that, Claudia, but I think I know you a little better. When Devlin walked in, you were rattled.

Claudia: I was annoyed.

Johnny: "If you don't get this looked at, things could get a lot worse," I believe is what he said. The man was threatening you. It sounds like he's holding something pretty big over your head. If I had to take one guess, Devlin shot Michael, didn't he?

Ian: Mr. Cassadine, about the matter we discussed earlier.

Nikolas: The delivery.

Ian: May I drop by your office later?

Nikolas: That's fine. I meant what I said earlier. If you do have access to other medications that could be more effective, I'll pay.

Ian: So would most people.

Nikolas: Nadine, wait. Wait. Look, I'm sorry if I'm not dealing with my loss or my health the way you would like.

Nadine: You're not dealing with them at all.

Nikolas: Okay, what I was trying to say to you earlier is that last night was the first time since Emily died that I was able to have any fun. And I just -- thank you.

Nadine: Here are your messages. One of them is urgent.

Maxie: Yes, I'll hold. Why don't you just admit it, Lulu? Johnny's way too much for you to handle.

Lulu: What happened to being all about your career, Maxie? One night playing roulette with Johnny and your big dream goes out the window.

Maxie: Yes, Mr. James, I'll give her the message. See, I can be an amazing assistant to Kate and still have a social life. Besides, Johnny is too wild for you.

Lulu: Johnny is too smart for you. He's too everything. You're a big joke, Maxie.

Maxie: Well, I'll just call you after I have sex with him, and then we will see who's laughing. Hi, Ms. Davis, it's so nice to see you.

Alexis: Hello, ladies.

Diane: Oh, Kate, I just couldn't accept.

Kate: Oh, please, Diane, they're samples.

Diane: Oh, well, in that case, fine. Please don't mention a word of this to Alexis. I pride myself on my --

Alexis: Hello.

Kate: Hello, Alexis.

Alexis: What are you doing here and why do you look so guilty?

Diane: I am not guilty. I am well accessorized. And these are samples that Kate insists I have.

Alexis: Samples.

Kate: Go, go, go, go.

Diane: No. Wh -- I was -- I was just about to pick those up.

Alexis: Oh, how much?

Kate: Retail, 695.

Alexis: Now how much do you want them?

Diane: What do you want?

Alexis: I want the earrings, the purse, and the shoes.

Diane: The earrings are my personal property.

Alexis: Don't care.

Kate: Not really a fair trade.

Alexis: Kate, Kate, don't get in the middle of two lawyers negotiating.

Diane: We will chew you up and spit you out.

Alexis: Deal or no deal?

Diane: Deal.

Alexis: You first.

Diane: You first.

Alexis: No. We'll count to three.

Diane: Fine.

Alexis and Diane: One, two, three.

Kate: Oh, for heaven sakes. The two of you.

Alexis: These are very nice. Thank you.

Diane: Sorry. I want to hit her in the head.

Sonny: Tom, how you doing?

Foreman: Good, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Yeah.

Foreman: We're all praying for Michael.

Sonny: Thank you. Listen, I'm going to be supervising the coffee shipment from now on.

Foreman: Oh. Okay, great. It'll be good to have you around.

Max: Mr. C.

Sonny: Okay, Bernie was supposed to talk to you.

Max: Yeah. He said you don't want anymore bodyguards.

Sonny: You're not off the payroll. You just work with the other guys, rotation-wise, and you guys can watch the kids.

Max: What, you think this is about money? This job is way more to me than that. Look, I've guarded Michael for years. I love that kid.

Sonny: I know you do, Max.

Max: You know what? I should have ignored your orders that day and showed up anyway.

Sonny: It's not your call. You were just following orders. Don't put this on yourself.

Max: You know, we all feel guilty. We all just want to punch someone, you know, do something crazy. 'Cause we got nowhere to put this weight. We have no way to explain what happened to Michael. You know, and so we act out -- we do things we wouldn't ordinarily do. You know, like sleep with Diane. Oh.

[Max stammers]

Nikolas: Thanks. I was surprised to get a message from you. We didn't talk much before Emily died and talked even less since.

Jason: When Emily died, you would have done anything to find her killer, right? That's how I feel about whoever shot Michael. So, I just need you to be honest. It'll go no further than this room. All I want is information.

Nikolas: About what?

Jason: Why did you pay Dr. Ian Devlin $10 million?

[Pistol clicks]

Jerry: Did you know that a surprising number of people die in the shower? I mean, it's one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, or the hospital, as the case may be. Oh, dear, dear, dear. You know what? I can't remember if I put three or two bullets in the chamber, which drastically reduces the odds that you are about to lose something very, very dear to you right now.

[Pistol clicks]

Vaughn: Nice and easy, Mr. Z. I got you. Okay. Now, I have a car at the side entrance. And I made arrangements with Shadybrook to get you in there without drawing any attention, okay?

Anthony: It's nice to have you back on board, Vaughn. You must be sick to death of taking orders from Trevor.

Vaughn: Well, Sir, I'd much rather be working for you.

Anthony: Of course. What else are you going to say? I want you to prove it. Follow Claudia; find out who she meets with and where she's vulnerable. It's time my daughter was put in her place.

Claudia: John, I know that you don't like it when guys flirt with me, and Dr. Devlin was certainly less than subtle.

Johnny: If that guy's your shooter, he was here to threaten you. Let me help.

Claudia: I worked with Dr. Devlin, before, in Milan. He was very reliable, and he assured me that he could take care of Sonny.

Johnny: A doctor?

Claudia: Ian Devlin is much more than a doctor.

Johnny: Is there anything that can be traced back to you?

Claudia: No money changed hands. There's nothing that ties me to the shooter. But Ianís going to probably try to blackmail me. That won't work, and I promise you that I can take care of it.

Man: A Mr. Lansing to see you.

Claudia: You were so much more interesting when you held the deeds to the waterfront property. It's a shame you had to let your daddy get the best of you.

Ric: Mm. It's your father I'm here about.

Johnny: What about him?

Ric: Anthony Zacchara has been made a ward of the court. Which means you two are no longer allowed to see him. He's being moved to a private psychiatric facility pending his hearing.

Claudia: Hearing for what?

Ric: Competency. If all goes well, by next week, your father will be free.

Sonny: What did you say?

Max: It only happened once, boss. Diane and me were very emotional, not that she isn't an attractive woman. She's very attractive and smart. She's got these cute little toes. Look, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Please don't tell Mrs. C.

Sonny: Max, Michael was lying in a hospital bed with a gunshot wound to the head. Do you think Carly or I really care that you slept with Diane?

Max: So, it's okay?

Sonny: No, it's not -- it's not right. You know, it's just Diane should know better, you should know better. She's a great lawyer, and I can't have a romance distract her from what she's doing. Do you get it?

Max: Yeah.

Kate: This is crazy, Sonny.

Sonny: What are doing here?

Kate: Milo called me. He's concerned about you.

Sonny: Max, please, can you just give us --

Max: Yeah.

Sonny: You shouldn't be here.

Kate: Why are you doing this, Sonny? You're going to stand where Michael was shot and give whoever tried to kill you a second chance?

Jax: You know, Jerry reminded me of all the times that I've beaten the odds. Michael can, too.

Carly: Thank you. He -- it's going to be all right. You'll see, it is. Isn't it, Michael? He's opening his eyes. Michael?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason: So, old Devlin is providing illegal drugs.

Jason: What can you tell me about Dr. Devlin?

Sonny: I got Michael shot. It's up to me to get justice for my son.

Carly: Michael, you're going to be okay.

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