GH Transcript Monday 4/7/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/7/08


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Elizabeth: You realize what you just said.

Jason: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Okay, just so there -- there's no possibility of a misinterpretation, I -- I think I heard you say is that you want to share a life with me.

Jason: Sounds just like what I said.

Elizabeth: Okay. Okay. What does that mean exactly?

Jason: What does it mean for anybody else?

Elizabeth: now -- now is not the time to be showing off your answer avoiding skills.

Jason: Okay. Okay. I guess it's up to you. I mean, it's what you want and what you're willing to accept, as much time as you can stand or as little time as you can stand.

Elizabeth: Why me? What about you? What do you want?

Jason: What do you mean, what do I want?

Jason: I... I -- I want to marry you.

Alexis: Have you finally crossed the line to certifiable? Do you know that you were driving about 100 miles per hour when you swerved right into my lane?

Jerry: I'm sorry.

Alexis: You're sorry?

Jerry: I'm -- look I'd love to stay for the verbal barrage about the rules of the road that I've grievously broken, but I'm needed elsewhere.

Alexis: No, you just tried to kill me and I want to know why.

Jerry: I'm in a hurry, okay?

Carly: You're way out of your league here. You walk around town in your short skirts and your high heels, and you just think you're all that, don't you? Like men are going to take a number just to fall at your feet. You're in for a rude awakening because Sonny's not going to fall for your cheap tricks.

Claudia: He already has.

Carly: Sonny's a man. Sometimes he uses the wrong part of his anatomy, but that's over. So you need to go back to Italy or wherever it is you came from. Or better yet, why don't you join your whack job daddy in the mental institution and work on your father issues?

Claudia: You are awfully possessive for an ex, aren't you? I thought you were so happily married.

Carly: I am. Eat your heart out.

Claudia: Oh, you know, your poor duped husband might buy that, Carly, but it's jut us girls here now, right? So let's be honest. You still want Sonny way more than I do.

Michael: You're not really a coffee importer.

Sonny: Yes, I am. I'm very proud of the business. It's for you, Morgan, and Kristina. If you do this right, you won't need a gun. You get what I'm saying?

Michael: Yeah. I love you, Dad.

Sonny: I love you, too. Go on, play. Stop bothering me.

Sonny: You okay?

Kate: Yeah. I'm fine, I'm not hit. Are you okay?

Foreman: He's bleeding! Someone call 911! Gunshot wound. The little boy. He's been hit in the head.

Sonny: He's shot. Yeah, he's shot. Somebody shot him. He's shot!

Lulu: What?

Johnny: This is wrong.

Lulu: What is?

Johnny: You, this.

Lulu: No, but I thought that --

Johnny: Lulu, I can't keep up with you from one moment to the next. Is it me that you want, the way I am? Or are you trying to prove something to yourself?

Lulu: Don't make it so complicated.

Johnny: Stop it. It's enough.

Jerry: Why are you so interested in my plans for the evening?

Alexis: Classic evasion.

Jerry: I have an important call to make. Time is a factor.

Alexis: Brilliant. That's it. That's what you're -- you're one of those? You -- you're driving 100 mph and you're on your cell phone --

Jerry: I apologized.

Alexis: I don't care. I want you to tell me why you did it.

Jerry: It was unintentional.

Alexis: Liar.

Jerry: Oh, come on. Are you suggesting that hid in the bushes and -- and -- and you --

Alexis: Yes.

Jerry: Waiting until you happen to pass by and I deliberately aim my car at you?

Alexis: Yes.

Jerry: To what end?

Alexis: I don't know, you tell me.

Jerry: Look, I don't have time for this, okay? I don't have time.

Alexis: I'm on to you. This is another one of your slimy little plans to just sort of force me to spend time with you.

Jerry: Oh, my God, sorry -- sorry to deflate your adorably inflated ego. Even though I'm not denying that I would love to spend the night with you, but why would I risk your death with a traffic collision to achieve that end? That would negate the option and it would lead me back to square one, only worse since in your version of the events, you'd be dead.

Alexis: No, I wouldn't, because you are so arrogant in that arrogant little mind of yours that you think you're such a superlative little driver that you would time it just right so that I would live. And you know what? I'm not flattered. I am -- I am grossed out.

[Phone rings]

Jerry: I should have run you over. You know what?

Alexis: Shut up.

[Phone ringing]

Alexis: Alexis Davis. The warehouse? Are there any victims?


Sonny: Hold on. I need help!

Kate: Sonny, they're coming. Just make sure that he can breathe.

Sonny: There's too much blood here!

Kate: Over here. Over here, over here.

Sonny: My son has been shot. I got -- I can't -- can you get him up? Don't -- he's shot in the head.

Paramedic: Apply pressure to the wound.

Second paramedic: Got it.

Paramedic: Pupils are fixed and dilated. He could have cerebral edema. He's not responding to painful stimuli.

Patrick: Hey, can I have the Fair -- Fairweather chart, please? Is Robin on duty?

Epiphany: It's exhausting carrying an alien in your belly.

Patrick: I can only imagine.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: You probably thought I was sleeping.

Patrick: No, not at all.

Robin: I was just resting my eyes.

Patrick: Yeah, that's what I thought. Why don't you go home and rest them? And before you start flapping, Robin --

Robin: Excuse me? Flapping?

Patrick: You've already put in a full day and there's no need to stick around, unless, of course, you feel like you have something to prove --

Robin: I don't feel like --

Patrick: Which you don’t. What if I promise to call you if something needs your unique personal touch?

Robin: Okay. I am pretty tired.

Patrick: Go home. Baby on board needs a nap. Come on.

Epiphany: Dr. Drake, EMTs for you. Gunshot wound to the head at the Corinthos coffee warehouse.

Patrick: This is Dr. Drake. Vitals? 12-year-old boy?

Robin: My God. It's Michael.

Claudia: You might find this hard to believe, but I can actually see how someone with your rather limited resources might think that you could stay married to Jax and still hold on to Sonny. I mean, after all, in a real competition, Kate Howard doesn't even place. But here's the problem. When you weren't paying attention, the landscape shifted. I'm here now, Carly, and I'm more Sonny's speed than either one of you.

Carly: You're delusional.

Claudia: And you are suddenly not the only game in town. You're freaked out. But hey, I'm not judging you.

Carly: Okay, you got one thing right. Kate's not going to last long. But for damn sure, you're not going to take her place.

Claudia: Okay, well, don't bet the hotel on it, sweetheart.

Carly: Come on, let's talk, Claudia, just us girls. Be honest, if you're capable. You're not after Sonny's hot bod. You're after his power.

Claudia: And that's so bad because?

Carly: Because that makes you a predator and there's no way in hell I'm going to let you devour Sonny.

Claudia: But it's okay if I screw his brains out, right?

[Phone rings]

Carly: Kate, man, you better have one hell of an excuse for taking my son to the warehouse. Do you hear me?

Kate: Carly, please, stop talking and listen. There's been a shooting. Michael's been shot.

Carly: What?

Kate: The paramedics are working on him now.

Carly: Is Michael breathing? Is -- is -- is he conscious?

Kate: As far as I can see, he's breathing and they're going to take him to General Hospital, so just meet us there.

Carly: Kate -- Kate, where was Michael hit? Can you tell me where he was hit? Hey, Kate, don't hang up on me!

Claudia: Hey, whatever your name is, you need to get a car around front right now. Carly needs to get to General Hospital. Her son's been shot.

Carly: Marty, I need a car now.

Sonny: How bad is it?

Paramedic: It's hard to tell. We need to get him to General Hospital and run some tests.

Sonny: Do you think he'll be okay?

Paramedic: I can't tell you.

Sonny: I'm his father. I'm going with you.

Paramedic: Let's move it.

Kate: I'll be right behind you.

Elizabeth: Jason, I don't want you to feel pressured into something that you're not ready for.

Jason: Pressured? I already told you I'd marry you twice. You said no both times.

Elizabeth: It's not because I didn't want to. Oh, my God, you have no idea how hard it was for me not to say yes. So ask me again.

Jason: Will you marry me?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes.

Singer: When our circumstance seems to cost us every chance we're living out the truth in our hearts

Jason: Are we really doing this?

Elizabeth: Unless you back out.

Jason: No, it's not going to happen.

Singer: Just outside our hands

[Phone rings]

Singer: Leave us broken down

Elizabeth: Oh. Timing, right?

Jason: Yeah.

[Phone ringing]

Jason: Yeah?

Carly: Michael's been shot.

Jason: What?

Carly: They're taking him to General Hospital. I'll meet you there.

Alexis: Are you sure it's Michael? Why was he at the warehouse? Just hold all the witnesses. I'm on my way. Oh, God.

Jerry: What? Are you -- are you all right there? Come on, breathe. Concentrate on breathing. You all right?

Alexis: This is -- this is -- this is unthinkable.

Jerry: It's all right. Calm down.

Alexis: He said there was a truce. He told me there was a truce. He said -- he said --

Jerry: What exactly happened?

Alexis: Peace between the Zacchara family. I knew this would happen. I knew it would happen and now it has.

Jerry: You mentioned Michael?

Alexis: Sonny went to the warehouse with Michael. He was shot.

Jerry: Sonny?

Alexis: Michael.

Cassius: Come on, what's -- what's a little lunch between friends?

Leyla: Cassius, we're not friends.

Cassius: That's why we need to go to lunch, so we can work on that.

Leyla: Sorry.

Cassius: Look, what -- what is it? You're too good to date orderlies? That what it is?

Leyla: No, I'm sure you're very charming and I'd probably enjoy sharing a meal with you --

Cassius: Then I don't see the problem.

Leyla: Okay, my own hard-earned experience. I have an unbreakable rule. Never get involved with someone in the workplace. There is no upside.

Cassius: Does that mean you want to get involved with me? Because, you know, I can quit just like that.

Ian: Where's Dr. Drake?

Leyla: E.R. They're bringing in a boy with a gunshot wound.

Kate: You have absolutely no right to keep me here. I'm leaving.

Harper: I need to ask you a few questions first.

Kate: Okay, why don't you just ask somebody else because I'm needed at the hospital.

Harper: Ma'am, you're a witness. If we're going to catch the shooter, you need to tell us what happened while it's still fresh on your mind.

Kate: Okay, what happened. What happened was is a little boy was shot out of nowhere. Everything was fine and then all of a sudden, I'm on the ground and Michael is bleed -- look, I didn't see anything, Detective, okay? And now I really have to get to the hospital.

Harper: I will let you go as soon as I can, but you need to start at the beginning and tell me --

Kate: You are not listening. Okay. Excuse me. Hi. You are Lulu's brother, right? Okay, will you please let your fellow officer know that I didn't see anything and I need to get to the hospital? Sonny's little boy was shot in front of him and I have to be there for him now.

Jason: Hey, is Michael here yet?

Robin: You heard.

Jason: I mean, I heard he was shot. Do you -- do you know more?

Robin: There's head trauma.

Carly: Jason, where's Michael?

Jason: He's -- he's on his way.

Carly: I don't even know how badly he's hurt.

Jason: Robin says there's head trauma.

Carly: He was shot in the head? He's a little boy. Jason, he's our little boy. How did this happen?

Sonny: Hey, buddy. I know you're probably scared. I know how it is. You know, your dad's been shot many times. And I'm still here, still whole. And you're going to be, too, because the doctors -- the doctors are waiting for you and they're going to -- they're going to make you better. You're going to be good, okay?

Lulu: Well, here we go again. Another mixed message, but what else is new, right? It's what you're good at.

Johnny: What exactly are you trying to prove by coming on to me?

Lulu: Don't worry. It won't happen again. And just remember, this was your choice, same as it ever was.

Johnny: What the hell does that mean?

Lulu: It means that you treat me like a puppet that you take out when you're bored. And then you throw me back in the toy chest when you are sufficiently amused. You say that you're okay with us not being together and five minutes later you attach yourself to my father's business. You make out with me and then you override any choice I make about us and when it falls apart, it's all somehow my fault.

Johnny: Is that what you keep telling yourself, that I'm jerking you around?

Lulu: You know what? Maybe you can tell me how you see it, you know? So I don't misunderstand again.

Johnny: I think you got your issues to work out. Whether it's because of your parents or that's just who you are, but I'm not about to be anybody's rite of passage, not even yours.

Spinelli: I'm sorry. I thought you'd be here with your father.

Lulu: I made a mistake. Hi, want to hang out? I'm leaving now.

Spinelli: No, unfortunately the Jackal brings news of the most upsetting nature.

Lulu: My father?

Spinelli: Little Michael Corinthos was shot.

Johnny: Where?

Spinelli: The coffee warehouse.

Lulu: But he's a little boy. What kind of monster would shoot a 12-year-old?

Ian: Hey, when's your next day off?

Leyla: Tuesday.

Ian: How fortuitous. I'm sprung that day, too. You want to take a road trip?

Leyla: No thanks.

Ian: Come on, I promise not to bite, unless specifically asked, of course.

Leyla: There's no chance of that happening.

Claudia: Dr. Devlin? You remember me.

Ian: That's right.

Claudia: Yeah, you took care of my stitches, told me everything was going to be fine. It's not fine. As a matter of fact, I happen to know that something is very, very wrong. Why don't you come into an exam room with me and we can talk about it?

Leyla: I'll tell him. Dr. Devlin, Dr. Drake needs you in surgery. Boy with the gunshot wound.

Ian: I'll be right there. Sorry, duty calls. Those stitches are just going to have to wait.

Harper: I understand you want to go to the hospital, so the sooner you answer my questions, the sooner we can wrap this up.

Alexis: What do we have?

Lucky: We have an unknown gunman at will open fire. Sonny tackled Kate out of the way. Michael was hit.

Kate: That doesn't make sense, though, because the shot, it sounded like it came from close by and Michael was at let 10 feet away.

Harper: We won't know anything definitive until forensics has gone over the scene.

Lucky: My guess is that one of the bullets that hit Michael was intended for Sonny or you ricocheted.

Jax: The target demo is women between 15 and 30.

Man: Like every other celebrity weekly.

Jax: Well, this is a fashion monthly. It's geared toward younger women with a disposable income.

Woman: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Jacks, but your brother is on line two. He says it's an emergency.

Jax: Okay, thanks. Excuse me. Jerry, I'm in the middle of a meeting.

Jerry: Jax, Jax, you have to come home. Michael's been shot.

Jax: What? How?

Jerry: Michael was at Sonny's coffee warehouse for some reason. Shots were fired and he was hit. And I was standing next to Alexis when she received the call and she didn't have any details.

Jax: Does Carly know?

Jerry: I can't be sure. I started tracking you right away, as soon as I heard the news. I mean –

Jax: Find her, Jerry, and tell her I'm on my way.

Ian: I understand they're bringing in a boy with a gunshot wound?

Patrick: According to paramedics on the scene, it's a head shot. I need you to consult.

Ian: What about Dr. Scorpio? Isn't she your partner of choice?

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio has an emotional attachment. You have close ties with Michael, too. Do you want to sit this one out?

Elizabeth: No, I can handle it.

Robin: What do we know?

Patrick: Michael's en route.

Robin: Well, call dispatch and get an update on his vitals.

Patrick: Hold on, Robin. I think you should sit this one out.

Robin: It's not your call. Please.

Carly: Why is the ambulance taking so long?

Jason: If they're taking extra time, it just means they're helping Michael.

Carly: Do you think it hurt? Do you think it hurt? I just don't want him to be in any pain. Jason, I just don't want him to feel any pain.

Epiphany: Okay, everybody. The ambulance just pulled in.

Jason: Just wait here. Wait here.

Robin: The best thing you can do for your son is to stay out of the way.

Carly: You take care of him. You take -- Michael! Michael.

Paramedic: We got a gunshot wound to the head. BP is 150/80.

Carly: Michael.

Paramedic: Respiration --

Carly: Michael, Mommy's here, baby. I'm right here. I love you, sweetie. Michael.

Sonny: He's my son. I just need --

Ian: We need to get him stabilized. You'll only be in the way.

Carly: What happened?

Spinelli: Mr. Corinthos, Sir, decided to supervise the offloading of a coffee shipment tonight, an interesting, perhaps prophetic deviation from the normal routine, and the fashionista brought little Michael to the warehouse. Why, the Jackal has no idea, but you can see how sometimes fates collide, and somewhere, an unknown sniper, lurked, waited, and then fired, most likely intending to hit Mr. Corinthos, sir but, alas, hit little Michael instead.

Lulu: I saw you put a gun to Sonny's head, and you said straight out that you wanted him dead. Did you try to kill him tonight?

Patrick: Get a load of Decadron on board. I want to place a Mannitol drip as soon as possible.

Robin: I'm gonna call Radiology, tell him that we're bringing him up there as soon as Michael's stable.

Patrick: I wanna place an I.C.P. as soon as we're able also.

Carly: How did this happen? Sonny?

Carly: Sonny, how the hell did this happen?

Sonny: I want -- I wanted to expose Michael to my legitimate business, and, you know, after everything that's happened, I wanted to show him that there's a different way of doing things, so I had Kate pick him up, bring him to the warehouse. It was busy. There was a full crew. There's custom agents. Hey, he was happy. He was -- he was laughing, and he was smiling. Yeah, he was. Next thing I know, I say something to him, I turn around, I see a light, a reflection, maybe a rifle scope, hitting the lights.

Sonny: And I'm hearing, you know, "call 911, call." And he's on the floor. He's lying there. And he's still, he's very still. Okay, wait, listen. Listen, okay? Okay, you got to -- you got to understand something. He was alive. He was very much alive, and he's gonna stay that way because the doctor's gonna take that bullet out... and... he's gonna be fine. He's gonna be fine.

Kate: I picked up Michael at Carly's, and then I brought him here.

Alexis: What time?

Kate: I don't know, Alexis. 7:30, 8:00? Sonny showed Michael how to run the loading crane, and it was -- it was a really nice father/son moment, long overdue.

Alexis: What happened after that?

Kate: Sonny was talking to Michael, and then Michael ran off, and Sonny was coming over to me, and a shot rang out.

Alexis: Did you see the gunman?

Kate: No, Alexis.

Alexis: Did Sonny?

Kate: No, and all I was thinking was how relieved I was that I wasn't shot. I know. It's incredibly selfish.

Alexis: It's understandable that you were grateful that you weren't shot.

Kate: Look, I need to get to the hospital now, okay? Can I -- do you have everything you need?

Alexis: I'll call you if I have any more questions.

Lucky: Listen, will you take Ms. Howard to General Hospital?

Kate: Thank you.

Lucky: You look a little shaken. You all right?

Alexis: Christina has a "go to work with daddy day." That could have been her.

Patrick: I'm not gonna lie to you. Michael's condition is serious. The bullet lodged in his brain. We're gonna have to operate.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Sonny: You're gonna be able to save him, right?

Patrick: We’re gonna certainly try. I need someone to sign a consent form.

Patrick: Thanks.

Carly: What are you gonna do with Michael's clothes?

Elizabeth: I'm gonna put them in a bag, so that when he has --

Carly: No, I want them.

Elizabeth: Carly, it's not a good idea --

Carly: I want my son's clothes, please.

[Carly crying]

Carly: Oh, God, Jason.

Johnny: I would gladly shoot Sonny, but I would not fire a gun where a child could get hurt.

Spinelli: Yeah, it is most apparent that you did not shoot young Michael, being as you are here with fair Lulu, but mob kingpins such as yourself are not known for committing murders in person. You hire hitmen. You send in forces. People who might not have the scruples that you do when it comes to the safety of children.

Lulu: Spinelli makes a very good point.

Johnny: I did not hire or send the person who shot Michael tonight. I don't know who they are, but when I find out who they are, I will hunt them down and blow their head off.

Lulu: Wow, wow, that is really inspiring. Michael's got a bullet in his head, so let's go out and shoot someone else.

Johnny: Come on, Lulu.

Lulu: No, this is sick. Don't you get it? To solve your problems by picking up a gun, and guess what? It doesn't fix anything. You shoot them, they shoot you, and soon nobody even knows where this hatred even started or who did the most wrong. You're killing just to kill, and a little boy gets caught in the middle. God, what if he dies? What is Carly gonna do?

Johnny: I would rather take the bullet for Michael than live with this, because you know what? You're right. It is my fault and Sonny's fault and Jason's and my father's and all of us who live like this, who kill each other for power and money and then turn right around and lie and say that we have honor, that we protect families, that women and children are safe, and it's a bunch of crap! Even if Michael makes it out of this alive, he's screwed. Violence is what he's grown up with. It's what's inside of him, and even if he wants out, there's no way he's getting away from it.

Lulu: Maybe that is the lie that you tell yourself, but I don't believe it. You could walk away any time that you want. You just don't want to. No matter how angry you are that Michael got shot, you're not angry enough to change anything, or am I wrong? Is anything gonna be different tomorrow?

Johnny: No.

Lulu: I pity you. I really do, because part of you knows that this is seriously wrong, but what I don't understand is why you won't do anything to change it before you end up like your father. You take me to the hospital.

Spinelli: Most assuredly.

Jason: I know this is the toughest thing you've ever been through, and I know you want to hit something. I know you want to scream, and I'm not saying you can't do that stuff, but not right now, okay? Michael needs you right now.

Jason: He needs your strength. He needs your courage, and he needs you to believe in him. Okay, Carly, you're strong. I know you are, and I need you to stand up right now and fight for Michael with everything that you have inside you.

Carly: I want to see my son.

Patrick: How long for O.R. 1? Send somebody in there, and tell Behar to hurry up. I got a kid dying down here. Now, his scans are already on the way. I want it prepped. I want Cindy, Epiphany, and Elizabeth ready on my team. I'm coming up to scrub up, so it better be ready.

Robin: Your hair's so soft. Just like it was when you were a little boy. So crazy -- seems like that was just yesterday. I'm here for you, Michael, and I am gonna do everything in my power and make sure that you come out of this whole and better.

Carly: I want to see him.

Robin: I'll come back when the O.R.'s ready.

Robin: Your heart must be breaking.

Jason: Michael's the first kid I ever loved, you know.

Robin: You were so great with him.

Jason: He made it easy for me.

Robin: You know, whenever I see a travel book, I always think about when you used to read them to Michael and how I thought it was strange that you would read facts and statistics to a little baby, but it always seemed to calm him down.

Jason: I don't think it really mattered what I read. It was just the sound of my voice, you know?

Robin: Yeah. When we were first taking care of him, I had no idea what I was doing. I was so scared that I would drop him and break him or that he would hate it when I held him.

Jason: That went pretty quick.

Robin: If I'm any kind of mother to my own child it'll be because of what Michael taught me.

Jason: But he's -- he's gonna make it, isn't he?

Robin: He has to.

Carly: Do you have any idea how much I love you? You are such a wonderful little boy. It is so amazing watching you grow up. But you have to do something for me, Michael. You have to fight, and you have to fight real hard 'cause there are so many wonderful things that we have to do together. So I'm gonna make a deal with you. You fight, and I am willing to be right there fighting with you, and I will not stop. Baby, I need you to stay strong. I need you to stay strong. I need you to come back to me. I need you to come back.

Ian: Shift Dr. Drake's patients to me for the rest of the night. He's gonna be in surgery with the Corinthos boy. And see if you can find someone to cover Dr. Scorpio in case she can't go the distance. Apparently, she has some sort of emotional attachment to the boy.

Leyla: Okay.

Jerry: A moment of your time, Dr. Devlin.

Kate: How's Michael?

Sonny: Hmm?

Kate: How is he?

Sonny: He's all right. It's just Dr. Drake says the bullet lodged in his brain.

Kate: Did they take it out?

Sonny: That's the plan.

Kate: Listen, Dr. Drake really is as good as they say he is, okay?

Sonny: Did I tell you -- did I tell you Carly... got shot? You know, she was in a coma for weeks, but she made a full recovery, and Michael's gonna make a full recovery, 'cause he's my son and he's tough like his mother, like his father. He's gonna come back to us. We just got to believe.

Harper: Witness statements support the theory that the victim was hit by a ricochet.

Lucky: Well, it's been busy here tonight. It would be easy for the shooter to disappear without anyone noticing.

Alexis: Child.

Lucky: What?

Alexis: The victim was a child. So the bullet ricocheted. I guess that -- is that some sort of an excuse? It's okay that -- that a child was shot as long as he wasn't the intended victim.

Harper: That's not what I meant.

Alexis: What is wrong with these people? No, honestly, I'm asking you. What is wrong with these people? What is so important to them? Is it -- is it the land? Is it the money? Is it bragging rights? What on earth is so important to these people that they'd shoot a kid?

Ian: I can't be away for long. Oh, you may have heard. Patrick Drake's gonna be in surgery all night, leaving me to cover --

Jerry: You fired a gun with a child in the way.

Ian: You can't blame me for a ricochet.

Jerry: No, but Sonny Corinthos will, and he won't stop 'til the blood runs in the streets, and the only way for me to prevent it is to put a bullet in your brain and dump you on Sonny's doorstep, you idiot!

Jax: You don't seem to understand. My stepson's been shot. This plane has to be cleared for takeoff. I don't care about the weather, okay? Look, I'm a censed pilot. I will fly the plane myself. I'll assume all risk.

Jax: Listen to me. Listen to me. My stepson might die, okay? I need to be there to support my wife. Now, please, we've been sitting on this runway for an hour. We're next in line to take off, so just please, let us take off, and then you can close the airport.

Robin: Did you see the MRI?

Patrick: Yeah, but we won't know how bad it is until they actually get in.

Robin: Can you save him?

Patrick: Maybe.

Robin: Okay, I'm scrubbing in.

Patrick: Robin, I didn't fight you when you wanted to be part of the trauma team, but the O.R. is something different.

Robin: I'm doing this.

Patrick: You held that boy as a baby. You nurtured him. You're carrying a baby of your own. You cannot be --

Robin: I'm not having this argument with you again.

Patrick: You're right, we're not. I am the surgeon, and what I say goes in my O.R.

Robin: You're pulling rank?

Patrick: You could make a mistake and cost Michael his life. I am not gonna do that to him or to you.

Johnny: Hey, any word on Michael Corinthos' condition? I don't want to bother the family.

Leyla: Sorry, Johnny, I can't release any information. Why don't you -- why don't you wait in the lounge?

Johnny: What happened?

Claudia: Just be careful with me. I think I pulled my stitches out.

Claudia: I need a doctor, John.

Johnny: No, first you tell me what the hell went wrong. You said you trusted your shooter. Now a little boy could die because of a plan we put in motion.

Sonny: Some bastard comes in my -- my warehouse, lays in wait, shoots my son. He's gonna pay.

Kate: Okay, shh.

Sonny: He's gonna pay for what he did.

Kate: Not right now, Sonny, please.

Sonny: That's not the way it's supposed to happen! Children -- it's a code. You don't target children. And when -- and when that gets violated, all bets are off.

Carly: You came.

Lulu: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. If there's anything that I can do --

Carly: There is. If you could just try calling my mom and the rest of the family and --

Lulu: Yeah.

Carly: And Jax, because I know he's on his way here, but we keep missing each other. I just want to know what time his plane's gonna land, okay?

Lulu: Okay.

Spinelli: I'm -- I'm already on the case. I'll get footage from every available surveillance camera in the area of the warehouse. We are going to get --

Sonny: Jason, this is how you're gonna fix what happened, by getting your computer geek to look at a stupid video? You should have been doing your job, man! And you know what I'm talking about. If you had been, my son wouldn't be fighting for his life.

Carly: Michael was with you. It was on you to protect him. This isn't Jason's fault. It's yours.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Johnny: A child got shot. This has gone too far.

Trevor: You got big problems now.

Patrick: Be ready to act fast.

Carly: You put him in the line of fire! I'm going to make sure this never happens again.

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