GH Transcript Wednesday 4/2/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/2/08


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Robin: I'm coming.

Patrick: It's okay, no rush.


Patrick: Robin, we do have reservations.

Robin: We're not going to dinner. I don't have anything that fits me.

Nikolas: Your Honor, Dr. Quartermaine is devastated that she hit Sam McCall while driving under the influence. And I am not in any way trying to make excuses for her. But grief and loss can affect you in ways you never thought possible. You become desperate to get away from that pain, even if it's just for a little while. You'll turn to anyone or to anything for help, no matter how harmful it may be.

Luke: Come in, sweetheart. Your friend and I are just having a business discussion.

Lulu: What kind?

Luke: Mr. Zacchara would like to invest in the Haunted Star. Do you think it's a coincidence that I just happen to be your daddy?

Johnny: Your casino is a very good business opportunity.

Luke: Sure it is, until you and Lulu have a falling out. And then I'm left high and dry.

Carly: If Sonny is stupid enough to sleep with you, that's his problem.

Claudia: Your ex didn't have any problem, trust me.

Carly: You can save your cheesy innuendos for someone else. I just want you out of here, now.

Claudia: Yeah? Do you always get what you want?

Carly: We don't want customers like you here. It's bad for business. People might think we cater to hookers.

Claudia: You better adjust your attitude. You do not want me as an enemy.

Robin: See? This one doesn't fit, either.

Patrick: That one fits fine.

Robin: Are you kidding me? Look at this. The fabric gets all stretched out right here because I'm fat.

Patrick: Robin, you're hardly showing. I couldn't even tell until you pointed it out.

Robin: Well, that's because I wear scrubs all the time at the hospital. But the truth is, my body is changing and I've completely lost my waist. I mean, I am so, so not sexy, am I?

Patrick: I think you're very sexy.

Robin: You're just saying that.

Patrick: No, hey, I really do.

Robin: I mean, I'm sweating more. I'm getting acne in weird places. And I'm getting stretch marks already. Is that too much information? I'm sorry.

Patrick: No, no.

Robin: Because if it is, I can just stop right now.

Patrick: No, I'm interested. That's interesting.

Robin: Well, okay, here's one. So all my life, right, I've had an innie and now I have an outie. See?

Patrick: Yeah, hard to tell.

Robin: It's amazing to think that my stomach is going to get even bigger than this.

Patrick: Well, then -- you know, that's probably a good thing. You can enjoy that, because you're thrilled about being pregnant.

Robin: Yes, I am. And you wanted to have an evening that was not about my pregnancy, so I will not say one more word about it.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Except I have one question. I really can't wear this out, can I?

Patrick: Robin, listen to me. It looks great. You look gorgeous, and I'm really excited about this evening. So can we just go?

Robin: You are so insensitive.

Diane: Your Honor, with all due respect, I believe that a harsh sentence for the defendant in this case would be counterproductive.

Alexis: And the district attorney's office agrees with Ms. Miller's learned opinion.

Diane: Thank you, Ms. Davis.

Judge Morris: Continue, Ms. Miller.

Diane: Dr. Monica Quartermaine is a well-respected and upstanding member of this community, and has been for many years. As a cardiologist at General Hospital, she has been instrumental in providing for the health and well-being of the citizens of Port Charles.

Alexis: Which is why we agreed to the deal that involves six months community service at a free clinic.

Diane: Where Dr. Quartermaine's medical expertise will be invaluable. However, no one will be served if she is incarcerated.

Alexis: Not to mention needless cost for the taxpayers.

Diane: And contribute absolutely nothing to society.

Alexis: Dr. Quartermaine's abilities would be wasted.

Diane: The defense concedes a tragic irony in this case, Your Honor. Dr. Quartermaine has devoted her life to helping and healing others. And yet, in a tragic accident, she physically injures this young woman.

Alexis: Given the defendant's remorse at what happened, we really think that jail time would be gratuitous.

Diane: Your Honor, once again with all due respect, rehabilitation and community service is the sentence that truly fits this crime.

Judge Morris: Compelling arguments, Ms. Miller and Ms. Davis. But they do not mitigate the seriousness of this offense.

Sam: Your Honor, that offense happened to me. You wouldn't listen to me before, but you need to listen to me now.

Maxie: I can't believe this is happening. Everything was going so perfectly, I was totally impressing Kate, and now I'm going to be fired.

Spinelli: I'm sure you're just overreacting.

Maxie: I sent a mock-up of the first issue to a publishing house in Paris instead of the designer in Hong Kong.

Spinelli: I'm sure that action is not as heinous as you might think.

Maxie: Read my lips, Spinelli -- publishing house. They're going to steal Kate’s ideas. The first issue's going to be a complete flop, and I'm going to be totally drop-kicked into the unemployment line.

Spinelli: Well look, perhaps if you explain the circumstances to the fashionista she'll forgive your error and retain your services.

Maxie: This isn't all about me. I can't believe I actually said that. This is about Kate. She's put everything in her life into making sure this magazine succeeds and I honestly think it's a really great idea. Okay, maybe it is kind of about me, because this could be my career. I love everything about it. I love the fashion, the designers, the excitement, the pace. This is -- it's perfect for me. I mean, I never liked the job I had before. It was always about how quickly I could cash my check and get out of there. I really want to work my butt off for Kate and make sure this magazine's a huge success, and instead I made it a disaster.

Spinelli: My deepest condolences. I mean, if I could help I swear to God, I would.

Maxie: You can help me, save me.

Spinelli: What -- how?

Maxie: I don't know. You're a computer genius, think of something.

Spinelli: Um, if it was an email, perhaps I could recall it.

Maxie: Right -- recall the package.

Spinelli: But the package is already in transit, winging its way to Europe as we --

Maxie: I don't care. Crash the system, kill the trucking, do something. You cannot let that package be delivered.

Johnny: Lulu and I aren't seeing each other any more. It was her decision and I respect it.

Luke: Sure you do. That's why you're here, so you can accidentally bump into her.

Johnny: I've run the numbers and the Haunted Star could turn a profit for me.

Luke: Look, pal, your money is welcome. But don't delude yourself. The spuds in my daughter's life are of no concern to me.

Johnny: I'm very clear on that, Mr. Spencer.

Lulu: Why would you be interested in a creaky old casino?

Luke: Hey, that creaky old casino is my nest egg.

Johnny: It's a good investment for the family business.

Lulu: It's for money laundering, isn't it?

Luke: Quick, isn't she?

Johnny: The offer's legitimate, and the conditions are more than fair. It's your call.

Lulu: Just admit it. You're buying into the Haunted Star because of me.

Claudia: I've got a long, mean memory. You keep causing problems, payback's going to hit you in the face like a fist.

Carly: You like tossing around threats, don't you?

Claudia: How about we try for peaceful coexistence? You pay for my drink, apologize, we'll pretend like it never happened.

Carly: You want a peaceful coexistence?

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Stay away from me. Stay away from my family, and stay away from my hotel. And we'll get along just fine.

Claudia: Okay, have it your way. But when your life is in ruins, you remember this conversation.

Carly: Better women than you have tried to take me down. They've come and they've gone, and I'm still standing.

Sam: Dr. Quartermaine did not hit me because she was drunk. She hit me because I ran out into the middle of the road. And the truth is, I'm going to be okay. And I just hope that she will be okay, also. Dr. Quartermaine is a decent woman who has a lot of family and friends who really care and love her. She has just lost loved ones. I know what it's like. I know how it can practically destroy you and make you do things that you normally wouldn't do. I don't blame her; I just hope that she gets help. She's a good doctor who has saved a lot of lives. And I think that if she goes to rehab she can save a lot more. I am begging you, don't send her to prison. She doesn't deserve it.

Judge Morris: As I was about to say before Ms. McCall interrupted, the offense was grave.

Diane: Your Honor, the victim herself has just made an eloquent and compelling argument. I certainly hope that the court will take –

Judge Morris: Ms. Miller, will you allow me to finish?

Diane: Yes. Yes, Your Honor.

Judge Morris: Given the mitigating circumstances, the court will agree to leniency. Dr. Monica Quartermaine, you are hereby ordered to attend a full and complete rehabilitation program and six months of community service. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Robin: Okay, okay, so the rule is no talk about babies, we are two grown-ups --

Patrick: Adults.

Robin: Right, two adults out to dinner. This is good. We can get back to our old pre-pregnancy selves.

Patrick: Great, great. Excuse me, a table for two, please. Okay, so what should we talk about?

Robin: Anything.

Patrick: Okay, anything, um --

Robin: So, can you believe how warm it's been?

Patrick: Uh -- yeah.

Robin: It's -- forget it.

Patrick: No, why? I mean, it has been warm.

Robin: No, talking about the weather is an act of desperation. We're not going to stoop that low.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: So, how was your day?

Patrick: Um, well, you were with me for most of it, so --

Robin: Well, what about the morning surgery?

Patrick: Didn't I tell you? It got cancelled.

Robin: Oh.

Patrick: Yeah, the woman had an infection, so we're treating her with antibiotics.

Robin: Wow.

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: I hope she's okay.

Patrick: Yeah, she's responding, so she should be fine.

Robin: Good, good. Oh, remember the coffee house that we used to go to after the movies?

Patrick: Yeah, the one on Vine?

Robin: Yes. So they're going to be doing poetry night every Thursday. All the local poets come and they recite their work. We should go.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Robin: Yeah. Are you sure this dress looks better than the last one?

Patrick: Definitely. It looks great on you.

Robin: Because the other one looked really bad.

Patrick: I didn't say that, Robin. I said that one looks great.

Robin: You're right, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm so self-conscious. You know, I mean I'm excited to be pregnant and the fact that I'm showing is good. That means that the baby is healthy and well and I'm excited to be a mom.

Carly: Have a nice dinner.

Robin: That was bad.

Patrick: You know what? I don't think anything's going to make her feel any worse about the miscarriage. Where's our –

Waitress: Your table is ready.

Patrick: Great, thank you.

Robin: Oh, good. Thank you.

Maxie: Have you done it yet?

Spinelli: The Jackal is endeavoring to hack into the mainframe to reroute the misguided parcel. This is no simple task.

Maxie: Well, for you it should be like taking candy from a baby.

Spinelli: That's an expression that has always troubled the Jackal. I mean, why would you want to take --

Maxie: Spinelli, concentrate.

Spinelli: Look, I'm attempting every possible maneuver, I assure you.

[Computer beeps]

Maxie: What is it?

Spinelli: I've been locked out.

Maxie: Locked out? That's impossible.

Spinelli: There's a protective barrier that's encoded --

Maxie: Stop it with the cyber-lingo. I know you know I don't understand, and I think you're doing it on purpose.

Spinelli: I am?

Maxie: Yeah. You want me to look bad so Lulu's going to win.

Spinelli: The Jackal's never even considered such an action.

Maxie: I don't believe this. I actually trusted you. I thought we were friends. All that private eye detective work together, looking for Georgie’s real killer, staying up late talking for hours.

Spinelli: Look, I have been -- I was moved by the wounded blonde one's confidences.

Maxie: I completely forgot that you were gaga over Lulu. You two probably planned this scheme from the beginning, didn't you?

Spinelli: No, no. A thousand times, no.

Maxie: So you're going to sit there and look me in the eye and tell me that you don't want Lulu to win?

Spinelli: Look, while the Jackal considers fair Lulu a dear friend and wishes her well, this is your dream. It is my sincerest hope that you achieve it.

Johnny: And I know the Haunted Star because of you. You took me there, so, yeah, you're part of the reason I'm making the deal.

Lulu: Stop dodging. Are you trying to invest so you can get closer to me?

Johnny: Do you want my answer to be yes?

Johnny: The Haunted Star holds the only casino license in Port Charles. It's a very useful investment.

Luke: That's a good sales pitch.

Lulu: Well, you've always loved the Haunted Star. And you were going crazy here, cooped up with Tracy.

Luke: All right, I'll tell you what. I'll take your money, but I will not share control of the club.

Johnny: You know the casino business. You run the place how you see fit.

Luke: Mr. Z, you've got yourself a partner.

Johnny: Great, get back to me with the details.

Luke: I'll do that.

Luke: And you, my lovely daughter, have got yourself a problem.

Patrick: Hey, you okay?

Robin: Yeah, I'm fine.

Waitress: Would you care for a bottle of wine tonight?

Patrick: Yeah, that would be great. A bottle of pinot noir, please. I'm sorry, what am I thinking? A bottle of sparkling water, please.

Robin: No, no. It's okay. You like to have wine with dinner, just order it.

Patrick: You can't drink any.

Robin: So what?

Patrick: Robin, I'll feel bad drinking it in front of you. So we'll just --

Robin: Don't, please order it. I don't even drink that much, anyway. I mean, you know how I don't like to be out of control.

Patrick: I can think of a couple of nights at Jake’s where you got a little --

Robin: Don't go there. He's just rambling.

Patrick: A whole bottle of wine would be waste, so --

Robin: Then just order a glass of wine.

Patrick: You sure you would be okay with that?

Robin: It will annoy me if you don't have a glass of wine.

Patrick: In that case, a glass of your house pinot, please, and a bottle of sparkling water for the lady.

Waitress: Very good, Sir.

Robin: Thank you. See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Patrick: No, not hard, just different.

Robin: Okay, I think I'll have a garden salad and then, I guess, our usual.

Patrick: Rack of lamb for two? Yeah, that would be good. Oh, you know what? The tuna is always good. Sea bass is --

Robin: You know what? You decide, I need to be excused.

Nadine: You look like you've seen a ghost.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I have, in a way. Emily wrote this entry in the patient's chart, and reading it makes me feel like she's still here.

Nadine: She had beautiful handwriting.

Elizabeth: I used to tell her that she needed to start writing illegibly if she wanted to be a doctor. I still can't believe she's gone.

Nadine: You guys were really close.

Elizabeth: Yeah, we confided in each other about everything. She always understood me. She never judged me.

Nadine: You're really lucky to have had someone like that in your life.

Elizabeth: I know.

Nadine: You know, I only briefly met Emily here at the hospital and then that night at the ball, but everyone talks about her like she was an angel.

Elizabeth: She was.

Monica: Again, thank you, Diane, for a wonderful defense. And, Alexis, I really appreciate your support.

Alexis: I meant every word of it. I thought the judge's decision was fair and reasonable.

Diane: Are you going to be all right?

Monica: Oh, yeah, I think my family is going to take over now. Would you excuse me?

Monica: Sam? You had no reason to stand up for me and every reason to send me to prison.

Sam: Yeah, you know, there are people I might have suspected of hitting me on purpose, but not you.

Monica: Still, it doesn't excuse what I did.

Sam: I know, but look, you made it clear how very sorry you were, and that is all I needed to hear.

Monica: Thank you. You are very kind.

Sam: No, I'm usually not. But thanks for saying so. Good luck in rehab.

Monica: Thank you. You take care.

Nikolas: How are you feeling?

Monica: I'm very grateful to you. I'm very relieved and I'm really nervous.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, Emily would be proud of you.

Monica: Well, that's why I'm going to follow through with it. For her and for Alan, I'm just going to try to live my life so that I make both of them proud. You should do the same.

Nikolas: I'll do my best.

Monica: Thank you, kid.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Tracy: Well, I wasn't worried at all. If the judge had sent you to prison, Daddy and I were going to find a way to blackmail him into reversing his decision.

Monica: Gosh, what would I do without my family?

Edward: I always knew you were a strong woman. But today you really were proving it. And Alan would be so proud.

Monica: Well, okay, now that the hearing is over, the hard part starts.

Edward: Are you ready to go to rehab?

Monica: Yes, I am.

Edward: Let's go.

Emily: Thank you for helping my mother.

Maxie: Do you really mean that? You want me to have this job?

Spinelli: Yes, you love working for the fashionista, and since you secured your position, you've blossomed before the Jackal's very eyes. My heart swells with happiness for you.

Maxie: Well, Kate Howard is a fashion icon, and I do get to work with her every day. Sometimes she even asks for my opinion. Like earlier we were looking at photos of handbags and she asked if I thought they were going to be getting even larger next season. I gave her my theories on how women love to carry stylish tote bags because they can put everything they need in them for the day. And basically the discussion just went back and forth and I had to pinch myself because I couldn't believe it was real.

Spinelli: Yes, you see? You have talent.

Maxie: I thought maybe someday Kate would make me a junior editor or something. But now that's never going to happen if that box gets to Paris, because my career will be over.

Carly: Lulu? Lulu? Where is she? What are you doing here?

Spinelli: I was --

Maxie: Assisting.

Spinelli: I was assisting.

Maxie: He's assisting.

Spinelli: Assisting.

Carly: With what? You guys working on something for Kate?

Lulu: Didn't you say the spuds of my life are none of your concern?

Luke: Johnny Zacchara, Logan the reptilian spawn, Spinelli the incoherent cyber-geek, and I don't know, the guy who sells pretzels on Fifth and Main. You know, whoever. They're all the same to me.

Lulu: Oh, okay. That's reassuring.

Luke: No, look, darling, what I'm saying is that junior Zacchara is the real deal. Don't have any illusions. His family is dangerous. He's well connected. He's in the life and he's not coming out of it. And besides that, he's got this whacko of a sister who's a true loose cannon.

Lulu: So you're staying out of my love life completely, but just as a quick aside, Johnny is trouble?

Luke: Baby, I'm just saying that if you have some kind of romantic notion that Johnny is going to change for you, it ain't never gonna happen.

Patrick: Everything okay?

Robin: Just fine.

Patrick: Robin, if you're not feeling well, we can --

Robin: No, we are not leaving. This rack of lamb looks delicious and I am starving.

Patrick: Okay. Ah, guess where I'm going this weekend?

Robin: The miniature racecar expo at the convention center.

Patrick: How did you know?

Robin: I read it in the newspaper. I knew the little boy in you would be like, "oh, yippee."

Patrick: Yeah, well -- I have two tickets, if you want to go.

Robin: Well, I'd better if I'm going to keep you from spending your entire salary on toy cars.

Patrick: That's very charitable of you.

Robin: Excuse me.

Patrick: Okay, that's it, Robin, we're going.

Robin: No, I'm not going to be sick, I just have to pee -- sit.

Patrick: Okay. Okay, that's fine. You have to pee.

Spinelli : Fair Lulu is not on the premises.

Carly : That's not an answer to my question. What are you guys doing? Working on something for Kate?

Maxie: Spinelli is actually helping me solve a mystery.

Carly: What kind of scheme are you cooking up?

Maxie: We are really busy, I'm sorry, Carly -- so butt out.

Carly : I'm really sick of your snarky little attitude, Maxie.

Spinelli: There's no need for animosity between the Valkyrie and the wounded blonde one.

Carly: She's trying to make Lulu's life miserable.

Maxie: Lulu's about as interested in fashion as she is in stamp collecting. The only reason she wants this job is so that I don't have it.

Carly: And she's twice as smart as you'll ever be.

Maxie: No, your cousin is a walking disaster. Now, if you'll please leave.

Carly: One word from me, and Jax will tell Kate to fire you.

Maxie: You might be able to tell Jax what to do, but he trusts Kate, and Kate trusts me.

Carly: Do you trust her?

Spinelli: I am merely performing a service.

Carly: I hope you are not doing anything that will hurt Lulu. If you do, it will break her heart.

Carly: Bye.

Claudia: How would you like to buy the Metro Court hotel?

Johnny: Why would we buy a hotel?

Claudia: Because Sonny's ex co-owns it, and she just insulted me and threw me out. If I buy it, then piece by piece, slowly but surely, I can take it away from her.

Johnny: It's a waste of energy -- and money.

Claudia: It's not to me, John.

Johnny: So now you have it out for Sonny and his ex.

Claudia: I can multi-task with the best of them.

Johnny: We're running a business here, we need to stay focused. Forget about Carly. We need to make investments that will build our strength in Port Charles.

Claudia: Sounds like you already have something in mind.

Johnny: I'm investing in the Haunted Star casino.

Lulu: You're right, Johnny can be unpredictable and dangerous. But it doesn't matter, because I've walked away from him.

Luke: Have you?

Lulu: Yeah. I mean, no offense, but you and Mom were a cautionary tale. She thought she could reform you. You gave it your best shot, but in the end it didn't work out. So there she was, in the house that she loved, hoping that you could settle down and be happy with her in Port Charles. But you were cooped up and miserable and that's just not a road I want to take.

Luke: That's not a road I would ever want you to take.

Lulu: I mean, yeah, I like Johnny. A part of me wishes that I could be with him, but a bigger part of me knows that it would be a huge mistake. So thank you for the warning, but I don't need it.

Luke: Ah, yes.

Elizabeth: Emily was amazingly stubborn. When she wanted something, nothing could stop her. You should have seen h her with Nikolas.

Nadine: You mean Emily went after Nikolas?

Elizabeth: It wasn't quite like that.

Nadine: But Nikolas wasn't interested at first?

Elizabeth: When they met, Emily was just a teenager and she had this huge crush on him. Nikolas saw her as this sweet kid. Then they both fell in love with other people. But Emily always kept a really special place in her heart for him. And then finally he realized that Emily had grown up into this beautiful woman, and he fell in love with her.

Nadine: Wow, so Emily really was the love of his life.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Okay, so good news. The judge sentenced Monica to rehab and six months community service, no jail time.

Elizabeth: What a relief for her.

Nikolas: Yeah, and Edward drove her right to rehab from the courtroom. I really think that this accident has motivated Monica to get well.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I can imagine. I mean, if I had been the one to hit Sam, I know how I would have felt.

Nikolas: Sam made one final plea on Monica’s behalf.

Elizabeth: Wait, she gave a statement?

Nikolas: Well, yeah. She stood up and said that it was an accident and Monica wasn't to blame. She was a valuable member of the community and shouldn't do any jail time.

Elizabeth: That was generous of her.

Nadine: You're the one who deserves most of the credit, though.

Elizabeth: Why do you say that?

Nadine: Well, Nikolas stood up and gave the most beautiful speech defending Dr. Quartermaine. It was really inspiring. I am sure that is what convinced the judge to give her a more lenient sentence.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Nadine: Emily would have been really proud.

Luke: I plan to reopen as soon as I can get things up and running. I am only rehiring the best, which is why I called you. Nobody serves them up like you do, baby. So, if you're looking for a permanent gig, you've got one. How's that?

Tracy: Could I have that? Thank you. Don't call my husband again.

Luke: Now why did you do that?

Tracy: Which part of, "no call girls," didn't you get?

Luke: That call had nothing to do with sex.

Tracy: And I believe you, because you have a reputation for always telling the truth.

Luke: Tracy, is that sarcasm?

Tracy: Don't even think of arguing. Because I bankroll your every breath.

Luke: You think again, wife.

Lulu: Oh, thank goodness you're here.

Carly: I've been looking all over for you. Let me tell you something. Don't let that little Maxie catch you slacking on the job because she will take full advantage of it, I'm telling --

Lulu: Right now I have bigger problems. I was at the Quartermaines, and guess who was there, chatting up my dad.

Carly: Johnny Zacchara?

Lulu: Yeah, yeah. He wants to invest in the Haunted Star.

Carly: You should feel flattered.

Lulu: Yeah, yeah. Except that I gave my dad this whole lecture on how I am way too smart to get back together with Johnny, and every word was a lie.

Claudia: Look, investing in the casino is a great idea. Except for the minor detail. Luke Spencer happens to own that one and Luke was loyal to Sonny. As a matter of fact, when I went there to talk to him about the Corinthos organization, he wouldn't give me a shred of information. When I left, Luke probably picked up the phone and called Sonny and told him I was nosing around. Which could be a big problem.

Johnny: Where are you going with this?

Claudia: I'm saying -- he's a smart guy. Sonny ends up dead, we don't want Luke putting two and two together, realizing that we're the ones who killed him.

Johnny: Well, it shouldn't be a problem if you cover your tracks like you said you would.

Claudia: I'm covering my tracks. I've got my side. I'm just wondering why, I mean I'm just curious why you suddenly want to buy Luke Spencer’s casino.

Johnny: It's a good business move.

Claudia: It's also access to Lulu.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: You're welcome. Cheers.

Robin: I will have to pee any second.

Patrick: We'll just outpace you then.

Robin: Thank you again for a delicious dinner. I'm sorry I was all over the place earlier.

Patrick: It's okay. I mean, your body is going through changes. It's pretty amazing to watch actually. There's a baby growing inside of you, sprouting little fingers and little toes. Getting bigger, stronger, his heart pumping. Soon this baby will be born and everything is going to change. Your days will be rearranged around his or hers. Your life will take on a whole new perspective.


Maxie: What's that?

Spinelli: I'm in.

Maxie: Okay, well, hurry and re-route the package before I have a nervous breakdown. What are you waiting for?

Spinelli: First I would like your word that you will cooperate with fair Lulu and not try to undermine her in any way.

Maxie: That's blackmail.

Spinelli: No, it's a simple request. One that will divert disaster from fair Lulu and the wounded blonde one.

Maxie: Fine, fine, fine. I promise I will not submarine Lulu.

Spinelli: Okay, the Jackal accepts your pledge of honor. Mission accomplished.

Maxie: That's it?

Spinelli: Yes, the package has been re-routed. It will be delivered back here by ten tomorrow morning.

Maxie: Spinelli, you're wonderful. Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Maxie: Oh, the phone. I'll be right back. Kate Howard’s office. I'm sorry, she's unavailable right now, can I take a message?

Luke: I'm reopening the Haunted Star.

Tracy: Not with my money, you're not.

Luke: I don't need your money. I have another backer.

Tracy: Really? Who's your sucker this time?

Luke: Johnny Zacchara.

Tracy: Oh, no, absolutely not.

Luke: I don't recall asking your opinion.

Tracy: Look, you will not bring the Federal Bureau of Investigation down on my family.

Luke: You just don't like the idea of me being financially independent of you.

Tracy: No, I think the day you stop freeloading is the day I dance in the streets.

Luke: Well, dust off your dancing shoes, darling.

Lulu: I told Johnny that we're over. Part of me was hoping that he wouldn't listen, but he did. So now he's being very cool and distant and he's not talking to me. Which we both know is making me want him even more.

Carly: Of course.

Lulu: So what do I do to stop thinking about him?

Carly: Maybe you shouldn't stop thinking about him.

Lulu: Wait a minute, you don't like Johnny.

Carly: No, I -- okay, well forget about the reasons I don't think you guys should be together. Why do you think you shouldn't be together?

Lulu: Because of my parents. They gave in to their connection and it wrecked their lives.

Carly: Come on, really? Sit down. I know how much you love your mom, but you're nothing like her.

Lulu: Everybody says that I remind them of her.

Lulu: Because you look just like her.

Carly: Laura was a homebody, she was a nester, she loved spending all her time with her family. You're different. You are so full of emotion, you could get drowned in it. And you don't, because you're a survivor. Which means you're like me.

Lulu: Well, I mean -- I see girls in college going to frat parties and football games and hanging out in the quad. Why can't I be like that?

Carly: You don't want to be like that.

Lulu: Why is life so complicated?

Carly: Because you are over thinking it. Stop, you need to focus. Stop thinking about my opinion or your mom's opinion or your family history. Just think about Johnny. How you feel when you are with him?

Lulu: Wonderful.

Carly: Okay, take it from there.

Lulu: Yeah, I mean -- if Johnny and Sonny were still fighting and threatening to kill each other, I would never be able to side against Sonny. It would be like siding against you. But, you know, since they made a truce.

Carly: Green light.

Lulu: Green light, yes. Yeah.

Johnny: Okay, fine, yes. I would like it if Lulu wanted to be with me.

Claudia: So you're just going to hang around the casino hoping she changes her mind?

Johnny: No.

Claudia: Then -- I mean, why buy the Haunted Star?

Johnny: We always need ways to launder our money.

Claudia: We have nine different fronts in New York City alone.

Johnny: Yeah, but none in Port Charles.

Claudia: Honey, you're crazy about that girl. It's written all over you're face, you are so cute. When you care about somebody, Johnny, you are so loyal. That's what this is about, I know it is. Just be straight with me, come on.

Johnny: Lulu doesn't have any money of her own. I don't want her depending on her rich brother or her father's rich wife.

Claudia: This is about taking care of Lulu?

Johnny: Look, it may be a stupid way to spend my money -- I get it. But at the end of the day, it's not hurting anybody.

Claudia: Hey, you know what, it's as good a reason as any to buy the Haunted Star.

Johnny: But you do make a good point about Luke. He's smart; we can't risk him connecting us with Sonny's death.

Claudia: When is he planning on reopening?

Johnny: He's got a bum leg, so probably not for another couple of weeks.

Claudia: Not a problem -- Sonny dies on Friday.

>> On the next "General Hospital."

Carly: Is this your way of punishing me for the miscarriage?

Elizabeth: Surprise.

Claudia: All you need to do is find an alibi.

Sonny: Everything goes strictly by the book.

Kate: Can I tag along?

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