GH Transcript Tuesday 4/1/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/1/08


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Aliceís voice: Yes, that's it.

Luke's voice: God, you love this.

Alice's voice: Oh, God, I want more. Give me more -- don't stop!

Luke's voice: You want some more?

[Slapping noise]

Alice's voice: Yeah! Yeah!

Tracy: Luke Spencer!

Patrick: Well, any interesting cravings today?

Robin : Well, I just want to say thank you so much for the ribs and the ice cream last night.

Patrick: A rare opportunity to do something for a totally independent woman; how could I pass that up?

Robin: Does it threaten you that I don't need a man to make my life work?

Patrick: You know what I think?

Robin: Think what?

Patrick: That's a conversation that I'm really not going to get into. It's a little bit repetitious, so --

Elizabeth: Hey, Robin?

Robin: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I forgot something in my locker that I have to get before I take the boys to daycare. Do you mind --

Robin: Oh --

Elizabeth: Just for a minute?

Robin : Sure -- sorry.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Robin: Hi.

Elizabeth: I will be right back. Cameron, you listen to Robin, okay?

Cameron: Okay.

Elizabeth : Okay, thank you.

Robin: No problem. Hi. She'll be right back. Um, can -- honey -- give that back to me. Put it -- put it in my pocket.


Maxie: You're not listening to me. Miss Howard will be back any minute, and those pages from Milan were not with these faxes. Well, I need those pages now!

Lulu: Could you dial it back a notch? Some of us are just waking up.

Maxie: You are late.

Lulu: Hey!

Maxie: This isn't Kateís.

Lulu: That's mine.

Maxie: A half cafe latte with cinnamon and half a pack of low calorie sweetener? I ask you to do one thing and you can't even get that right?

Lulu: [Clears throat] Good morning, Miss Howard. I was just about to go get your cafe latte with the cinnamon and half low cal sweetener. Right?

Kate: I'm assuming that was rhetorical.

Kate: Maxie, did you have my faxes from Milan?

Sonny: I'm gonna personally be here to oversee the shipment when it comes in on Friday.

Bernie: The coffee shipment?

Sonny: Okay, here's the -- here's the deal. I'm gonna be more hands on, right? And I want to make the coffee business more important.

Bernie Okay.

Sonny: Okay? Is that all right?

Jax: I need to talk to you.

Sonny: About what? Is everything all right?

Jax: About your plans to spend more time with Michael. It's just unacceptable.

Sonny: Okay, Jax, you're not telling me how to raise my children, are you?

Robin: Cameron, get back. That's not a toy, honey. Can you give it back to me? Can you put it right back -- just put it in my pocket, okay? Epiphany, can they -- can you help me for a second?

Epiphany: You need to learn how to handle that.

Robin: Well, it's not like I'm going to give birth to two full grown children. Honey, just give it back to me. Cameron -- well, don't just stand there.

Patrick: Hey, you didn't help me when I had the baby was thrown in my lap.

[Robin scoffs]

Patrick: Well, you are the can-do girl.

Robin: Listen, if you give it back to me, I'll take you to get some ice cream, okay? Do you like sprinkles? Yeah, and some cookies? Okay, okay, give it back to me, put it right back in my pocket.

Elizabeth: Cameron Steven Webber, what are you doing? Give this to me. You know you're not supposed to be playing with them. I'm sorry.

Robin: Oh, no, it's okay.

Elizabeth: Cameron, you need to apologize right now.

Cameron: Sorry.

Elizabeth: Here. I'm sorry.

Robin: No, no, we were getting along fine.

Elizabeth: All right, good. Thank you. Come here please, grab hold of me. Thank you.

Luke: Help me, wife. She's killing me.

Alice: Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Luke: Pain is the body's way of screaming, "leave me the hell alone!" Call her off, will you? You owe me.

Tracy: How do you figure?

Luke: What do you mean, how do I figure? You're the one that smashed my kneecap with that I.V. pole.

Tracy: Oh, well, you should count your blessings -- I wasn't aiming for your kneecap.

Luke: I'm in this mess because of you.

Tracy: No, Luke, you're in this mess because you were plying a hospital chippie on the maintenance staff with bourbon laced bon-bons, if you remember correctly.

Luke: I was doing that to try and give you leverage over Monica.

Tracy: Well, Monica is taking full responsibility for her actions. In fact, I am on my way to the hearing right now.

Luke: You're not feeling guilty about trying to blackmail her, are you?

Tracy: Of course not. Blackmail is a time honored tradition in the Quartermaine family. So is showing support. Don't let up.

Alice: Don't worry. All right, I want 20 of these. Come on.

Luke: One, two, three, four.

Johnny: Find anything you can dig up on Sonny Corinthos. I want to know exactly where he's vulnerable.

Claudia: What happened to you last night?

Johnny: You're the one who disappeared on me.

Claudia: You're the one who didn't come home. What happened?

Maxie: I don't know why the faxes from Milan didn't come through. I sent them with the instructions, just the way you told me to.

Kate: Maxie, was I unclear about my interest in excuses?

Lulu: Here's your latte, Miss Howard. Is there anything else I can do for you?

[Helicopter whirring]

Kate: Yes, actually, you can run out to the landing and pick up a package. Adrian is dropping off some new designs on his way back to New York.

Maxie: Adrian Gaudet?

Lulu: Who's that?

Maxie: Only one of the most important, influential designers in the world. The unisex stuff he did in Paris last year was phenomenal. I would be happy to go get the sketches.

Kate: No, you have a phone call to make to Milan. And I am behind schedule. Lulu, you can run out there, and make sure you tell Adrian I'll call him tonight to discuss the designs.

Lulu: I'll do that.

Maxie: Lulu doesn't know Adrian Gaudet from the ice cream man.

Kate: And?

Maxie: It just would have meant a lot for me to meet him.

Kate: Well, I can't put my work on hold to indulge your hero worship. Perhaps when Lulu gets back, she can manage to receive a fax -- it seems to be beyond you.

Maxie: Are Lulu and I in some sort of competition?

Kate: Hmm, if so, it looks like you're off to a disappointing start.

Carly: Okay, Jax is Michael and Morganís stepfather. He gets to have an opinion on their life.

Sonny: I understand that, but Jax just announced that he wants me to stay away from my own kids. Is he speaking for you, too?

Jax: You're the one making the pronouncements, Sonny, playing born-again father. I mean, you show up in our home, you tell us all to get used to the fact that you're going to become a fixture in Michaelís life.

Sonny: I'm his father, Jax.

Carly: And Jax is my husband.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: And he's helping us raise the boys. Whether you like it or not, he gets to have an opinion here.

Sonny: But I don't see a problem here. All I want to do is spend some time with Michael, assure him that he's safe and that I'm not the dangerous criminal that he's lead to believe.

Jax: You're actually going to pretend to be a legitimate coffee importer?

Sonny: I am a legitimate coffee importer.

Carly: Sonny, it's a front. And if you tell Michael any different, you're just going to be lying to him.

Monica: Hi -- hi, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I know your court date is today, and I just wanted to come by and wish you luck.

Monica: Well, thank you. And I have to say for one brief second, I mistook you for Emily. I haven't been seeing Emily everywhere I turn these days, thank heavens, but --

Elizabeth: It's understandable that she'd be on your mind.

Monica: Yeah, well, it's some tribute I'm paying to her memory and to Alanís by hitting the bottle.

Elizabeth: Monica, with everything you lost, you can't --

Monica: And endangering lives and almost killing Sam.

Elizabeth: You know she's not going to press charges.

Monica: Yeah, I know that, but maybe she should. You think -- you're on this roller coaster, this downward spiral, you know that you're getting out of control. You know that eventually you have to make a choice. You have to fight it or -- or just do what I did. And that's let it all go, just drink.

Elizabeth: If Emily were here, I know what she'd say. She'd say that she loves you and that she believes in you. And that you really need to forgive yourself and try to move on with your life.

Monica: I miss her. I miss them both so much.

Elizabeth: I know. Me, too.

Man: Get a postponement. It's their 45th anniversary and I have to be there.

Nikolas: Alexis, wait.

Alexis: Oh, hi.

Nikolas: Hi. Uh, listen, at the risk of sounding like I'm trying to influence the D.A. --

Alexis: If this is about Monicaís hearing, rest assured I'm going to do everything I can.

Nikolas: Okay, I know. She's lost so much already. Emily, Alan --

Alexis: I get it -- I do, I get it, all right? When they brought Sam into the hospital, I imagined what it would be like to lose a child. It's horrible. She's lost two. It's no wonder that she did whatever she needed to do to numb the pain.

Nikolas: Right. In a way, I kind of blame myself for not realizing exactly what she was going through, not seeing that she get help sooner.

Alexis: I feel the same way. You know that. Because truthfully, I don't think that you are handling Emilyís death --

Nikolas: Alexis, please, I really don't want to get into this right now.

Alexis: You agreed to a surgery that would have saved your life, Nikolas, yet you went out of your way to stop them.

Nikolas: The medication I am taking right now --

Alexis: For how long? The only explanation I have for this is you want to die, because you feel like you'll be with Emily.

Nikolas: I don't want to die.

Alexis: We'll what you are doing, the choices that you are making are going to make that happen.

Nikolas: We need to focus on Monica right now, can we do that?

Alexis: I don't want Monica to suffer any more than she already has. My goal when I get into that courtroom is to see she that she gets the help that she needs.

Nikolas: Okay, thank you.

Alexis: Don't thank me, just do the same.

Claudia: So, how is Lulu?

Johnny: That's not where I was last night.

Claudia: Then where were you?

Johnny: Why the interrogation?

Claudia: Why the secrets, John come on, this is what Trevor wants. He wants to get us doubting each other.

Johnny: Should I doubt you?

Claudia: I do have a confession to make. Do you remember those really creepy zombie movies we used to watch when we were kids? Where the zombies used to wander through the town, and any time the villagers got in their way, they'd rip off their head and suck out all of their blood? I'm one of them now -- the undead. And any man stupid enough to get in my way --

[Makes sucking noise]

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: Except you, you're safe. M just trying to keep you that way, little brother. Help me out. Tell me where you were.

Johnny: I got a phone call from one of the guards on our payroll at the prison. It turns out Ric Lansing paid Dad a little visit. He's under the impression he can get him released.

Claudia: You can't let that happen, John.

Johnny: Well, you've talked about bringing him home several times.

Claudia: Yeah, I was messing with Trevorís head, Johnny. Dad is exactly where he needs to be. He is exactly where he needs to stay for what he's done.

Johnny: The doctors are saying that he's schizophrenic. They're going to try and treat him with medication, and there's a possibility that he could be declared legally competent.

Claudia: He's still evil, John.

Johnny: That's exactly what I told Ric -- right before I told him Dad is never to be released.

Claudia: Thank you.

Jax: Listen to me. The damage that has been done to your kids is real. Especially to Michael. You can't ignore that anymore.

Sonny: I'm handling it.

Jax: Your son knows that you are a criminal, Sonny. He wants to follow in your footsteps.

Sonny: I'm gonna show him a better way.

Jax: You just said that nothing's gonna change. Michael is a smart kid.

Sonny: I know my son.

Jax: Well, then you know he's gonna see right through this. If you really want to help him, Sonny, you have to distance yourself from him.

Sonny: I was abandoned by my own father. I'm not going to do that to my kids. I don't think you would want me to do that, would you, Carly?

Carly: No, I donít.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: But I want Michael to be all right and I want him to be safe. And I want him to know he's never going to be part of your violent world.

Sonny: Then we absolutely want the same thing. I want to show Michael that, you know, his father can do more than just, you know, shoot a gun. I'm out of here.

Jax: That's -- that's great, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: Then you won't just be lying to Michael, you'll be lying to yourself as well.

Maxie: How can this be a competition? Lulu doesn't even want to be here. She's a fashion train wreck and she knows nothing.

Kate: So are most people who try to derail your career. In fact, the less they now, the more vile the attacks.

Maxie: But who's going to listen to them?

Kate: Maxie, do you think that the fashion industry is one big happy family? You have to prove yourself every day. You have to try and find a way to stay ahead of the curve, to prevent being yesterday's news. And if you do manage to make it to the top? Oh, people will smile and they'll congratulate you to your face, but all the while they are taking aim with a dagger at your back. If I put the word out that I was looking for a new assistant, do you know how many people would apply -- people who know how to receive a fax?

Maxie: I made a mistake.

Kate: I can't afford to look bad, Maxie. And you can't afford to make a mistake.

Lulu: Adrian's new sketches. He's expecting your call tomorrow.

Kate: Fantastic. Did Adrian say anything else?

Lulu: Just that he thinks your new assistant is fabulous.

Lulu: Adrian's great. He and I had the best talk. I really think I'm gonna like it here.

Maxie: Think again.

Nadine: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nadine: Um, I wanted to go check out plans for the new medical clinic. You know, the one that Nikolas is building in Emilyís name? But no one is in the office.

Elizabeth: I'm sure Nikolas is at the courthouse at Monicaís hearing.

Nadine: Oh, right.

Elizabeth: Hey, Robin.

Robin: Hey.

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for letting me dump my kids on you. I know they can be a handful.

Robin: No problem at all. You know, I really am in awe of you -- juggling the job, your kids, running the household. How do you do all that?

Elizabeth: Sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything badly. I mean, like just this morning, I totally lost my patience with Cameron. I burnt the oatmeal, I lost my keys, and that was all before I got here to deal with Epiphany.

Robin: Wait, you always look so together.

Elizabeth: Oh, God -- I constantly feel like I'm on the brink of a total collapse. I'm exaggerating -- a little. I mean, there are those wonderful moments.

Robin: Right, but it must be a change from when you had someone to share in the responsibilities, right? To help carry the load?

Elizabeth: Yeah, but unfortunately, Lucky and I are over for good.

Robin: What about Jason?

Tracy: My, my, my, that limp seems a little more pronounced today.

Sam: I have been advised by my legal counsel not to talk to any of Monicaís family.

Tracy: Good, maybe you'll listen. Don't even think about pulling any last minute maneuvers that will hurt my sister-in-law.

Edward: You will have to forgive my daughter. She is trying to be supportive, but she is unaccustomed to that practice. I will speak for my entire family when I tell you how very sorry I am for the ordeal that you are going through. Come on.

Nikolas: Hi, I wasn't sure you'd come.

Tracy: What was that about? That was practically an admission of guilt. She's up to something.

Nikolas: I'm glad to see you. I think it will -- it will be good for the judge to see you here in the courtroom, you know, that you're not pressing charges, you're not trying to punish Monica.

Jax: We need to talk about this.

Carly: I have a little work to do.

Jax: I realize you're caught in the middle. That's why I went to see Sonny on my own.

Carly: You went behind my back.

Jax: On my own, okay? You won't tell him what you really think. Somebody had to tell him. Somebody had to tell him how bad all this is for Michael.

Carly: I'm not going to take Sonny to court and limit his visitation. I'm not going to do that, okay?

Jax: Even if it's best for the children?

Carly: Attacking Sonny is not the solution and I don't think it's best for the children. Come on, I love you, I love you. Yes, I want us to work together. I don't want us to be apart on this.

Kate: Jax, sorry -- sorry I'm late. I got just five minutes to go over that office space with you.

Alice: Come on, no pain, no gain.

Luke: You know, if I drop dead, all this pain isn't going to gain me anything.

Alice: Come on, let's get started.

Sonny: How's the leg?

Luke: Hey, this is the case of the injury being not nearly so bad as the cure.

Alice: One more set and you're done.

Luke: You know, dominator, let me just tell you something. You set the bar so high that a mere mortal like me, without your athletic prowess, is doomed to failure.

Alice: Well, I guess you're right.

Luke: Yeah?

Alice: Okay, we can be done today.

Luke: Oh, thank you.

Alice: I'm gonna have time to run.

Luke: Oh, that's wonderful. You know, you're an angel.

Alice: Uh-huh.

Luke: Love ya. Love you! Get me a drink, will you?

Sonny: So what did you want to see me about?

Luke: Listen, somebody came by the Haunted Star the other day asking questions about you. It's the second time.

Sonny: Why did you wait until now to tell me?

Luke: Because the first time I didn't know it was Claudia Zacchara. I've got some information I think you are gonna be interested in.

Spinelli's voice: A favor for a friend had the Jackal P.I. tailing the kingpin of Port Charles.

Luke: She wanted to know where you were the most vulnerable. I told her that to cross you in any way was unhealthy and that you weren't vulnerable.

Sonny: That's good to know.

Luke: So what's happening here, man? Are we gearing up for a mob war?

Sonny: Nope, not at all. Here's the deal. I have an understanding with the Zaccharas now. It doesn't make sense for either of us to break the truce.

Luke: Well, that's very cool and logical, but this Zacchara broad doesn't strike me as a logical thinker. And she's got a real nasty dislike of you.

Sonny: I appreciate the warning.

Luke: You've gotta watch these women scorned, Corinthos. Take it from me, they can be lethal.

Sonny: Drink up, because you don't want, you know --

Luke: To your health.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: My husband and I were discussing a personal matter. For you to barge in is really rude.

Kate: Oh, no, that would be your province, Carly. I actually did have an appointment.

Jax: That's true. Kate and I made arrangements yesterday.

Carly: Okay, fine. Fine. Kate can take a seat and wait until we're finished.

Jax: You know, maybe we should take a break and pick this up later when our heads are clear.

Carly: This is important, Jax.

Kate: Ahem. As is finding my new office space. In fact, it could be critical to the success of my new magazine. And by extension, the success of your cousin Lulu. I know how important her future is to you. I mean, after all, that is why you demanded that I hire her as an assistant, right?

Carly: If you want, you should go.

Jax: Okay, we'll pick this up later.

Carly: You bet we will.

Jax: Bye. Come on.

Robin: I'm sorry. I don't mean to get into your personal business.

Elizabeth: What made you think that Jason and I were --

Robin: It's just that the whole parenthood thing has been on my mind a lot lately, obviously. And it just brought up memories of when Jason was raising Michael. He is, I mean, and was a wonderful father, loving and patient and kind. It didn't even matter that Michael wasn't his biological son. Obviously, you may think that his job is an issue and that would put your kids at risk, so maybe he wouldn't be an option.

Elizabeth: But you're talking as if you think it is an option.

Robin: I know that you and Jason were involved, and I don't think you're the type of person to take that lightly.

Elizabeth: You're right, but it was one night and that was two years ago. It doesn't mean I don't care about him, because I do.

Robin: I don't mean to play matchmaker, but Jason -- he has so much to offer and -- I know you're capable of doing it on your own, but don't you sometimes wish --

Elizabeth: That I had somebody to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be okay?

Robin: Exactly.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I can do it on my own, but sometimes I just want it all. Is that so wrong?

Edward: Hey, hey.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Edward: Leave it alone.

Tracy: I have to stop her.

Edward: You will do nothing.

Monica: Sam, I've have, uh -- I've tried to think of what I could say to you. I know what you must be feeling.

Diane: Excuse me; the judge will be in at any moment.

Bailiff: All rise. The Honorable Howard Morris presiding.

Judge Morris: Please be seated. This court is now in session. On the matter of the state vs. Monica Quartermaine on the charges of driving while intoxicated and causing serious personal injury to a pedestrian with her vehicle and leaving the scene of an incident, how does the defendant plead?

Diane: Your Honor, my client pleads no-contest. She will voluntarily enter an alcohol treatment program and will serve six months of community service.

Alexis: The D.A.'s office seeks to impose no further penalty. I'm satisfied, Your Honor.

Judge: Well, the court is not satisfied.

Alice: You have a visitor, Mr. Luke.

Luke: Ah, no rest for the weary.

Alice: That's for the wicked. Hey, wait a second. Do I smell bourbon?

Luke: Well, it's probably just my body detoxing. That was a spectacular workout you gave me earlier. I'm gonna be sweating 90-proof for quite a while now, you know. Oh, I'm suddenly a very popular guy.

Alice: You get too close, I'm gonna get up close and personal. I'm gonna put you in a gory lock followed by a face smasher, you got it?

Luke: The dominator is just working out a few new moves.

Alice: Oh, and I could use the practice.

Luke: Okay, Alice, why don't you go warm up your pile driver. I'll be okay with Mr. Zacchara.

Alice: You sure?

Luke: Oh, yeah, but thank you.

Luke: Well, what's on your mind, my ledge-walking compadre?

Johnny: The Haunted Star.

Luke: My beloved vessel?

Johnny: It's neglected -- decaying.

Luke: Well, she may have seen better days, but I'm going to get her on her feet again.

Johnny: I can help your speed up that process -- provide you with the proper cash flow to get your casino up and running again.

Luke: Why would you want to do that?

Maxie: How'd it go?

Lulu: It went -- a lot.

Maxie: Did you scoop?

Lulu: Yeah, yeah, I scooped. Maxie, why didn't you tell me his gorgeous musette was his froofy little dog?

Maxie: Well, you and Adrian had such a wonderful talk, I'm surprised you didn't know that already. By the way, here are his instructions on how to feed musette.

Lulu: Forget it, I am not here to baby-sit some spoiled little mutt.

Maxie: No, you're being paid to be the second assistant. So if you'd like to stick around, you'll do what I tell you.

Lulu: What is your problem?

Maxie: My problem, Lulu, is that you didn't even know who Adrian Gaudet was. You don't know the first thing about fashion. This is all just some big joke to you. However, it's what I want to do with my life.

Lulu: And you're scared.

Maxie: Of you?

Lulu: [Laughs] That you'll keep screwing up and I'll be the one to call the shots around here.

Maxie: Okay, well, until then, you have a dog to feed.

Lulu: Well -- wait, you're about to screw up again. This is supposed to go to Paris.

Maxie: No, this is supposed to go to Hong Kong.

Lulu: This box is going to Hong Kong, Maxie. Kate has to sign off on it tomorrow.

Maxie: Will you stop trying to screw me up? I know what I'm doing. I can handle it.

Lulu: Great, Maxie, why don't you handle everything? I'm out of here.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Kate: Uh, just wanted to see how a legitimate coffee business is run.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, I mean, I appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule.

Kate: Actually, I had a very productive day. I found a perfect office space. Jax is giving me a deal at the Metro Court.

Sonny: [Laughs] Jax, he's -- he's great. He's just helpful, isn't he?

Kate: I know you don't like him very much.

Sonny: No, I don't care one way or the other about him -- if he would just stay away from my business and stop trying to tell me how to raise my children.

Kate: I can imagine that must get very tricky -- now that he shares that responsibility.

Sonny: It's way past Jax wanting to share anything. He has decided that I'm not good for my kids, that I'm a danger to my kids, that I should stay out of the picture, and that Michael should stay away from me. Oh, I don't see you arguing the point. You agree with him?

Carly: This is great. We're booked the 18th, 19th -- Kate Howard booked the launch party for her magazine here?

Marty: Jax signed off on it.

Carly: I can see that. I can also see he says we're comping the whole thing.

Marty: In exchange for valuable publicity.

Carly: It could be worthless publicity because the magazine could bomb.

Marty: She's Kate Howard.

Carly: So what? What's so great about Kate Howard?

Marty: Besides the fact that she's at the pinnacle of her profession, in demand all over the world, and epitomizes style and grace?

Carly: Bill the magazine. We're not comping the party.

Marty: But Mr. Jacks said --

Carly: I don't give a damn what Jax said. What's wrong with you? Kate Howard swans around here like she's the queen of the world, acts like she's better than everyone else, and you guys buy right into it. It's ridiculous. We're done. Thank you.

Claudia: You know, Carly, I couldn't agree more.

Carly: You're not welcome here.

Judge Morris: You were so drunk that you were oblivious to the fact that you hit a woman and left her lying in the road. She could have easily died.

Sam: Your Honor, I chose not to press charges because I know the grief that Dr. Quartermaine has been going through.

Judge Morris: That's very generous, Ms. McCall -- too generous. Everyone suffers loss, but that does not justify a person putting other lives in danger. Dr. Quartermaine wants to seek help. Well, she should have sought that help earlier. Therefore, it is the judgment of this court that the defendant --

Nikolas: Your Honor -- Your Honor, wait, please.

Judge Morris: Who are you?

Nikolas: I would be Dr. Quartermaine's son-in-law if her daughter Emily were still alive today. Listen, Your Honor, Emily was brutally and senselessly murdered, and she would've been the person that Monica turned to during this time. And also, her husband died of a heart attack less than a year before that.

Judge Morris: You know, we need to move on --

Nikolas: Listen, just listen. I -- I understand about what you said. You were right. We all -- we all suffer loss, but I think this is different because Emily was more than just a daughter to Monica. She was this -- this miracle that walked into her life when she was battling breast cancer, and she was the joy and the comfort in her life during that time. I'm asking, just for a moment, imagine having that stolen away from you. And then maybe -- maybe you'll be able to understand the depth of Monicaís loss.

Patrick: Uh, the drug therapy is clearly working, but I think we should alter the dosage.

Robin: Hmm. So you really got a kick out of seeing me being swamped with Elizabethís kids earlier. Don't think that it gave me second thoughts about raising this child on my own.

Patrick: Does every conversation have to be about pregnancy and babies? You know, can't I just take you out and t talk about that and just have a normal conversation like adults, have a good time? No, we canít. What am I thinking? Because it's always about babies because you have a one-track mind.

Robin: No, I donít.

Patrick: You -- come on.

Robin: I think about other things.

Patrick: Really? Okay, so?

Robin: So what time are you picking me up?

Luke: If you're hoping to get me to line up with you against Corinthos, you're wasting your time.

Johnny: Sonny and I have agreed to a truce -- that's not going to happen.

Luke: I see. Well, don't insult me by claiming you'd be a silent partner or that you wouldn't launder money.

Johnny: That's exactly what I'll be doing.

Luke: Okay. Well, the truth is that the amount of cash that you would make from me on the star is peanuts. So could it be that the real reason you're here suggesting this is that you would like to get closer to my daughter?

Maxie: Oh, thank you for coming.

Spinelli: Of course.

Maxie: I really need your help. Okay, so, you have to help me figure out which cities are in which countries and where all those are.

Spinelli: I'm sorry -- this is a geography emergency?

Maxie: Yeah, so there won't be any more emergencies. I can't keep screwing up, Spinelli. You have to figure out a way to put your brain into my head. Hello?

Spinelli: I'm sorry; I was momentarily paralyzed by the image.

Maxie: Look, I can do this, okay? I have a whole system set up. These are supposed to go out tomorrow --

[Phone rings]

Maxie: Hold --

Spinelli: Yeah.

Maxie: Kate Howardís office. No, the Paris box is supposed to go out tomorrow. No, no, no, no, don't -- don't do that. I'll fix it. Oh, I completely screwed up.

Spinelli: We can fix it.

Maxie: No, no, we canít. I blew it. I have single-handedly ruined the launch of Kate Howardís new magazine she can't afford to look bad, and I just made her look really, really bad. She's going to fire me. Oh, my God. I -- I know this is just a job, Spinelli, but I really wanted it and Ė

Sonny: I know how much Michael has suffered, right? And I know, unfortunately, how much of it is my fault. And if I could do anything to make it better, I would.

Kate: Sonny, I know how much you love your kids and of course you need to spend more time with Michael, not less. You're making all kinds of changes in your life, right? You're focusing on your legitimate business. You're turning your whole life around for Michael. It's the right thing, Sonny. Good things are going to come of it.

Claudia: I have every right to finish my drink.

Carly: I own this hotel, and I'm asking you to leave.

Claudia: Actually, you co-own this hotel with your husband.

Carly: My husband won't want you here any more than I do when I tell him that you were in the room when I miscarried his child.

Claudia: You didn't lose your child because I was standing next to you, Carly.

Carly: I don't like you, and I don't have to have a reason. I want you gone.

Claudia: Oh, you're jealous cause I slept with your ex-husband.

Laura: I am proud to be your wife.

Stone: I love you.

Sonny: Is he dead?

Jerry: Everybody stay where you are!

Tony: The heart for Maxie is B.J.'s.

Singer: 'Cause we've got something that's great something worth makin' time for it's not just momentary this could be all we dreamt and more

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: You're buying the Haunted Star because of me.

Maxie: You cannot let that package be delivered.

Carly: I want you out of here.

Claudia: Do you always get what you want?

Robin: We're not going to dinner. I don't have anything that fits me. Now I have an outie.

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