GH Transcript Friday 3/21/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/21/08


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Nikolas: You're back.

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, I'm back, Nikolas, only because Dr. Devlin gave you an experimental drug.

Nikolas: Yeah, I was afraid it hadn't worked.

Emily: Well, you should be afraid. The drug's illegal, Nikolas. You have no idea what kind of a side effect it's going to have on your body -- it could kill you.

Nikolas: Yeah, or it could keep me with you as long as I live.

Kelly: I'll give you some time alone.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I lost our baby.

Jax: No, no. Hey, you did nothing wrong.

Carly: I should've been more careful.

[Jax sighs]

Carly: I was so lucky to get pregnant, and I ran around thinking I was invincible. I'm so sorry.

Jax: Hey, listen to me --

Carly: I'm so sorry.

Jax: Listen to me. It's not your fault. Okay?

Sonny: You keep telling me Johnny wants peace. But he's out for blood; he's not going to stop till he gets it.

Jason: I'm just saying if we go to war with the Zaccharas right now, we might not win.

Johnny: So you are defending Sonny Corinthos?

Claudia: No, I hate Sonny Corinthos. I think he's a pig. I want him to fry for what he did to you, John. You got to be smart, though. You don't just go and blow his head off.

Johnny: Watch me.

Claudia: Johnny, bringing Sonny down is not worth your life.

Sam: I have to admit that I really did want to press charges against you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Yeah, you made that clear.

Sam: Look, I was just -- I was really upset and angry about the hit-and-run, and it seemed only fair that you would have to pay some sort of consequences for your actions. But I actually realized that I grew up without a mother myself, and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone, especially Cam and Jake.

Lucky: You know what? That's very generous.

Sam: I just -- you know, I -- I want to put this behind us and move on, all of it.

Lucky: We all do. And I think Sam is being very reasonable.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Sam: You're welcome. I just hope this will give us all a chance to heal. Okay, on that note, I -- um -- I got to go to physical therapy.

Lucky: Sam -- thank you.

Sam: Lucky, you are a really great father, and if the truth were to come out, those kids could've been taken from you, and I wouldn't want that to happen.

Elizabeth: Butter wouldn't melt --

Lucky: Elizabeth, it's over.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lucky: I mean, aren't you relieved?

Elizabeth: Yes, but that whole speech about doing it for Jake and Cameronís sake -- come on.

Lucky: Sam has made a lot of mistakes, but inside she's got a good heart.

Monica: Um, I -- I need to know why my patient in -- in 610 was moved.

Elizabeth: Mr. Kirby?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: He was discharged yesterday on your orders.

Monica: Oh -- oh -- oh, that's right, that's right. That's right, I deliberated about whether I should keep him any longer, and then I decided not to.

Elizabeth: Dr. Quartermaine, you've been on your feet all day. Why don't you take a rest?

Monica: Oh, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine, thank you. Excuse me.

Nikolas: Dr. Devlin said the medication will stabilize the tumor, at least enough to where I can live a relatively healthy life.

Emily: Yeah, for how long?

Nikolas: Well, it's -- it's not a cure, but Spencer will have more time with me, you and I can stay together.

Emily: You're rationalizing.

Nikolas: Emily, when you died, nothing mattered to me. I was in so much pain I wanted to die myself. But now you're here, I'll do anything to keep you.

Emily: I'm only in your mind.

Nikolas: You're real to me.

Emily: You're betting your life on a man that you barely even know.

Nikolas: That's all I've got.

Emily: You could have the surgery.

Nikolas: I -- I don't think the hospital would've hired Dr. Devlin if he didn't have the right credentials.

Emily: Have you asked him about the side effects?

Nikolas: Well --

Emily: Nikolas, this whole thing is way too risky!

Nikolas: Look, I -- I haven't had a seizure in -- in days, so something must be working. And you're here, and I can -- I can touch you, I can feel you. That's all the assurance I need.

Jax: Carly, you're the strongest woman I know. You practically willed us to get pregnant.

Carly: You wanted this child so badly.

Jax: Yeah, I was already picturing our little baby.

Carly: You were so sure it was a girl.

Jax: Huh. I would've been happy either way.

Carly: You were so sweet -- talking about all the things that you were going to do with her.

Jax: Huh.

Carly: Remember when you signed up for the father/daughter dance?

Jax: Yeah -- huh -- you told me that I was a little early.

Carly: Turns out I was right. I'm sorry, Jax. I am so sorry. I'm -- God.

Jax: I didn't realize how much this baby meant to me until just now.

Johnny: You are ordering me to keep peace with Corinthos?

Claudia: I am not going to let you get killed over this.

Johnny: I am the head of this family. You said you supported me -- unless you want to run it yourself.

Claudia: You don't get it, do you? John, you are the only reason that I came back to this hellhole.

Johnny: Then let me do this.

Claudia: No -- what, put yourself front and center in a mob war? No way!

Johnny: We have the manpower, we'll win.

Claudia: So what does it matter? John, what does it matter if you end up dead or killed in t process?

Johnny: Then I guess you'll get your shot to run things.

Claudia: That's not even funny. Don't -- you know what? Don't -- don't even joke about that. Trevor would fight me tooth and nail, and there is no way in hell that I'm going to let that snake take what's ours. I just want you to walk away from this alive, Johnny, which means neutralizing Sonny in a way that can't be traced back to you.

Johnny: It doesn't work for me.

Claudia: Well, you need to listen to me!

Johnny: You listen to me! I want him dead, and I want everyone to know that I'm the one that did it.

Jason: We -- we cannot win a war against the Zaccharas right now, you -- you're too vulnerable.

Sonny: I've been controlling this territory for over a decade. I'm not going to let a punk like Johnny Zacchara take me --

Jason: Okay, things are different now, Sonny, you have too many liabilities. You have Carly, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, Mike, Alexis.

Sonny: I had a family when I got rid of Alcazar.

Jason: What about Kate? What about Kate? You lost it when Kate got shot. The Zaccharas know how much she means to you, they will use her against you.

Sonny: We'll get more guards on Kate, and we'll get more guards on my --

Jason: More guards? We're already short on guards.

Sonny: Then hire some more.

Jason: Sonny, we cannot protect everybody, this is not the time to go to war.

Sonny: Then we're going have to talk to Johnny Zacchara in a language that he understands.

Jason: Okay, Johnny Zacchara has nothing to lose, and you have everything to lose.

Patrick: Epiphany, I need Robin for a consult. Can you page her for me, please?

Epiphany: I could, but she's not going to be in today. What are you doing?

Patrick: I'm calling her at home.

Epiphany: Um -- survival tip? Steer clear of your future baby's mama.

Patrick: Is there something I should know?

Epiphany: Let's just say that her mood swings have gone into triple overtime.

Ian: You made a wise decision.

[Patrick sighs]

Patrick: What's that?

Ian: Staying out of the picture, letting Robin go it alone.

Patrick: It was Robin's decision to have a baby, and she wants to be a single parent.

Ian: Yeah. Thank your lucky stars that she did. Because if you were involved right now, you'd be running out to buy ice cream every time Robin had a craving, spending hours going over baby names, shopping for cribs and toys and stuffed animals. You would be stuck on the baby treadmill, no way off.

Patrick: Yeah -- scary thought.

Carly: What aren't you telling me?

Jax: Nothing. What?

Carly: You keep saying that losing our baby isn't my fault.

Jax: Hey -- no, it doesn't matter, because we can't turn back the clock.

Carly: Come on. You have to tell me what you're thinking.

Jax: Carly, you've been through enough, okay? We don't need to talk about this now --

Carly: If you don't tell me what's going on, then I'm going to go crazy, and I'm going to start to imagine the worst, so talk to me.

Jax: Oh. Okay, fine. It's just -- Michael bought a gun, he accidentally shot Kate, and -- and he was gone for days.

Carly: Well, and he knew -- knows what he did was --

Jax: And it's because of Sonny. It's the endless violence that surrounds his life, and it cost us our baby.

Sonny: Wait till you hear this one. I went to see Claudia at the hospital, because I wanted to see why Trevor was at the cannery. Maybe she told him to meet her -- meet her there or whatever.

Jason: Did -- did she?

Sonny: Well, we -- we didn't finish the conversation because Johnny comes in and he slams me against the wall, puts a gun to my head, punches me in the gut. He's making threats, and he wants to live up to them.

Jason: I get it, Sonny, I get it -- he wants payback, he's gotten it.

Sonny: No. He doesn't just want payback, he wants me dead. So in order for me to avoid a war, I got to kill him first, and all I want to know is if you're with me on this.

Jason: Am I -- am I with you? How -- how many wars have we been through? I'm just saying right now, the way to keep Kate and your family safe is to call a truce.

Johnny: Sonny has taken half a dozen attempts out on my life.

Claudia: And he's never succeeded.

Johnny: You want him to try again?

Claudia: No, Johnny, I want you alive. That's what this is about -- a way to kill Sonny without you getting hurt.

Johnny: Okay, look, I understand you're trying to help, but I got this.

Claudia: No, honey -- look, you kill Sonny, then you're going to have to kill Jason Morgan, too, because his enforcer will avenge his death. And then we're talking about what, an all-out mob war, and that's going to cost us money and lives.

Johnny: If I back down now, Corinthos wins.

Claudia: He can't win if he's dead.

Johnny: That's my point.

Claudia: Right -- so we get a third party to take him out, someone who cannot be traced back to us. And then once he's out of the way, we make peace with Jason. Look, you said so yourself -- Jason is the voice of reason here. Sonny's been controlling Port Charles for years. With him out of the way, we could coexist with Jason, and then everybody gets a piece of the action.

Johnny: Okay, that's one option.

Claudia: Right.

Johnny: The other option is I blow his head off right now.

Jax: You know I love Michael like a son. And it breaks my heart to see the choices he's made and the people he's hurt.

Carly: He was just trying to help. He thought he was helping, Jax.

Jax: That's just it. That's just it -- he bought a gun because he thought he needed to protect you from this text message killer because he doesn't trust the police. He doesn't trust the authorities to do their job, so he took matters into his own hands, and look what happened.

Carly: He's learned his lesson.

Jax: Yeah, well, his father is his role model. He's watched Sonny do business for years. Now, if somebody crosses Sonny, he takes them out. I mean, violence is his life.

Carly: It doesn't have to be Michael's life, it doesnít.

Jax: Okay, then you know what? He needs to come forward and admit to the authorities what he's done so he knows that there are consequences.

Carly: I can't do this. I can't have this argument with you; I don't have the strength right now.

Jax: Look, look -- hey, hey, I'm not upset with Michael, okay? It's Sonny that I'm upset with. I went to talk to him.

Carly: What did you say to him?

Jax: What I'm telling you right now -- that Michael needs care and treatment, and that Sonny should get out of his life.

Carly: I'm sure Sonny was furious.

Jax: Oh, he didn't take it too well -- and actually thought he needed to spend more time with Michael, not less.

Carly: He -- Sonny has been a very loving father, Jax.

Jax: Carly, we're a family now. I'm not going to let your ex-husband ruin our future.

[Knock on door]

Patrick: Hey. I've got to run one more test. If everything looks good, you can go home today.

Carly: Um -- not necessary. We lost the baby.

Patrick: Wow, I'm sorry. I didn't know. Um -- I'll come back later.

Jax: Ahem.

Ian: Quite a place you've got here -- if your taste runs to gargoyles and suits of armor.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, you seem a bit uneasy here?

Ian: Someone could've seen me getting on the launch, not to mention your dozens of servants -- any one of which could've I.D.'d me.

Nikolas: They've very loyal and discreet; you have nothing to worry about.

Ian: All the same, I prefer a more neutral venue.

Nikolas: I'm not some -- I'm not some junkie here looking for a fix. I'm a legitimate patient -- who's fortunate enough to finance this experimental medication, by the way.

Ian: I take it you're happy with the results?

Nikolas: Yes, I'd like you to continue providing me with the medication indefinitely.

Ian: Remember, this isn't a cure. You're buying nothing more than a hallucination.

Nikolas: It's my money.

Spinelli: Whoa --

Lucky: What are you doing?

Spinelli: Um -- just -- I was just -- just stretching my foot, which, you know, is still convalescing after my household mishap, that's all.

Lucky: That was last summer.

Spinelli: Yeah -- Spinellis are slow healers.

Lucky: You're here on Jason's orders, aren't you?

Spinelli: Why would Stone Cold send me to stroll among the hospital flora?

Lucky: To prove that Monica was responsible for the hit-and-run that injured Sam so Elizabeth could be cleared.

Spinelli: That accusation is most unjust -- although, the evidence does point to the fact --

Lucky: You know what? Get out of here before somebody else gets hurt.

Spinelli: If my presence is causing distress, I would --

Lucky: Out.

Lucky: How you feeling?

Monica: What -- oh, well, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm just taking a little break.

Lucky: That's what I called it, too -- among other things.

Monica: Excuse me?

Lucky: You know you have that same look in your eye that I used to have when I was hooked on pills?

Monica: What, are you suggesting --

Lucky: Monica, you've been drinking. I can tell, and that means if I can, so can everybody else.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey. Hi. Oh. I missed you.

Jason: I missed you, too.

Elizabeth: How was your surgery?

Jason: The doctors say I should make a full recovery.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's great.

Jason: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Patrick said your doctor was brilliant but that hand surgery can be a little tricky.

Jason: I was actually more worried about you. I got Spinelli working full-time to prove that you're innocent.

Elizabeth: Jason, I know I did it. All the evidence points to me -- the dent in the car, the blood on the bumper, I know I fell asleep.

Jason: Monica hit something, too, and she was drunk.

Elizabeth: And I love you for believing in me, but even Sam has accused me of hitting her.

Jason: But Sam's got no proof.

Elizabeth: She doesn't need proof to manipulate me. That's why I'm going to go down to the police station and confess.

Claudia: What is the point of risking your life? I mean, Sonny's going to end up dead, and you and me, we're going to be left standing. I'm your big sister -- you got to listen to me on this, kid.

Man: Sonny Corinthos is here to see you.

Claudia: All right, send him in.

Johnny: Pat him down twice before you do.

[Claudia sighs]

Johnny: It certainly saves me a trip.

Claudia: John, don't! John, donít. Listen to me; we have to play this right. Please?

Johnny: What the hell do you want?

Sonny: When Kate Howard was shot, and Michael disappeared, I thought you were responsible, and I was wrong.

Johnny: Oh. So you came here to apologize?

Sonny: I made a mistake, and you retaliated the other night at the hospital, so now we're even.

Claudia: What -- what do you mean, you're even? You almost killed him.

Sonny: Is he alive?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: Okay, he has a chance to stay that way. I'm here to negotiate a truce.

Kelly: We'll need to follow up again tomorrow, but you don't have to spend the night in the hospital.

Carly: Thank you for everything you've done.

Kelly: I wish we could've had a better outcome.

Carly: I wish I could say something brave like, you know, "I'm sure we'll feel better soon" or "who said life was fair?" But that seems pretty empty to me right now. I just want to -- want to go home. I just want to get my stuff.

Jax: Hey, you know what? Just wait here and I'll pack everything, okay?

Kelly: Give yourself some time to heal. And whenever you're ready for your next appointment, you just let me know.

Carly: My next checkup, right?

Kelly: Well, it's too soon to talk about this now, but I hope you'll leave your minds open to the possibility of trying again. Even though it's difficult for you to get pregnant, it's possible you two can conceive another child.

[Jax sighs]

Ian: A successful outcome is far from guaranteed. Your body could develop resistance to the medication, or hallucinations may start to change, become more vivid, darker.

Nikolas: I'm aware of all that.

Ian: This protocol also hasn't gone through lab trials. It could have some unforeseen side effects, some of them serious.

Nikolas: I'll take the risk.

Ian: Fine. I have to remind you, though -- nobody can know about this. If you should develop any complications that may get scrutiny from another physician, I'll disavow any knowledge or involvement.

Nikolas: Your -- your warnings are duly noted. Do we have a deal or not?

Ian: We haven't discussed price yet. In exchange for a year's dosage, I want $10 million in a Swiss bank account.

Nikolas: 10 -- $10 million. Are you -- are you joking? Do you think I'm that desperate?

Ian: Emily Quartermaine was everything to you. I'm the only one on earth that can keep you alive and keep you with the woman you love.

Nikolas: Or so you claim.

Ian: If you're less than satisfied, you're more than welcome to go to Patrick Drake, and he can carve the tumor and Emily out of your head.

Nikolas: Okay, okay, I'll go ahead and assume that this $10 million deposit is another detail that you'll "disavow" if the truth comes out?

Ian: We never even had this conversation.

Nikolas: We have a deal.

Lucky: I know you've been through a lot this past year -- after losing Emily and your husband.

Monica: And this is none of your business.

Lucky: Monica, you're responsible for human lives. So unless you promise to get some help, I'm going to have to report you to the chief of staff.

Monica: Tracy put you up to this, didn't she? Of course she did. She told you to blackmail me so she can get back into the house. And -- and the Quartermaines are your father's meal ticket, so of course he's going along for the ride.

Lucky: Dad and Tracy had nothing to do with this.

Monica: Yeah, sure.

Lucky: I just want you to be well.

Monica: Well, I am well. Thank you, thank you.

Lucky: You know, I'd recommend that you take the rest of the day off.

Monica: And I recommend me going back to work. Excuse me.

Lucky: Hey, Sam? Hey, wait up.

Sam: So, you're still here?

Lucky: Yeah, you know, I -- I want to talk to you. There's something we need to clear up.

Jason: Okay, just -- how did Sam find out?

Elizabeth: She overheard me talking to Lucky. And, of course, she confronted me and threatened to press criminal charges.

Jason: Well, you could send her to prison for assault and kidnapping.

Elizabeth: I know, and that's what I told her, and then she backed down. But she could hold this over me for the rest of my life. I don't want to wait for the other shoe to drop. I would just rather confess and deal with it.

Jason: But you can't confess to something you don't remember.

Elizabeth: Jason, I have gone over and over the idea that I actually could've hit a human being with my car, hurt someone -- and then just drive away like nothing ever happened?

Jason: No, if -- if you would've remembered, you would've been aware of it. You would've pulled over, you would've called 911.

Elizabeth: And that's exactly what I'm going to tell the police. Keeping it to myself makes me -- I don't know, it makes me feel like smug, like I don't care that I could've hurt someone.

Jason: Of course you care. I -- I know I've asked you a lot, but can you just give me a little more time? Will you trust me?

Elizabeth: I do trust you, but I'm --

Jason: Okay, and if it -- if it turns out you did it, then you can go to the police.

Elizabeth: Okay. Okay, I'll wait.

Jason: Will you be okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Jason: Okay.

Elizabeth: I'm glad your surgery went well.

Jason: Thank you. I'll call you later, all right?

Elizabeth: I hope so.

Jason: Yeah, I need to see you right now.

Claudia: What are the terms of your truce?

Sonny: We use our own docks in the harbor, nobody crosses into each other's territory, you don't interfere with my shipments, I won't interfere with yours.

Johnny: What's the rest of it?

Sonny: No -- no drugs in my territory, that's nonnegotiable.

Claudia: Okay. What else?

Sonny: We both agree not to acquire Alcazar's piers from Ric.

Claudia: Wait -- no, you know damn well we're after those piers.

Sonny: They're too valuable. If you get them, I will come after you.

Claudia: Take the piers off the table, we'll agree to the rest.

Johnny: Deal's reasonable; I think we should take it. If we don't, we'll find ourselves in a mob war that none of us can win. We're satisfied with your offer.

Spinelli: Stone Cold. Welcome back. Um -- what's the prognosis? Are you going to regain full function in all of your 10 digits?

Jason: Yeah, the doctor said yeah, I will.

Spinelli: Okay, that's excellent, and a great relief, considering your chosen --

Jason: Okay, what -- what have you got on the hit-and-run?

Spinelli: Um -- you know, this recuperative time is of the utmost importance, but, I mean, surely your surgeon must've stressed that, so --

Jason: Yeah, I have to do physical therapy.

Spinelli: Might I also suggest yoga? Perhaps Stone Cold could accompany the Jackal to his Tuesday and Thursday classes?

Jason: No yoga, not going to happen. What have you got on the accident?

Spinelli: You know, several saunas massage the hands in a regenerative way. There's -- you know, there's the -- the sprouting petunia, and the leaping tiger, and -- I mean, the jazz hands #4 --

Jason: Okay, listen -- I said no yoga -- and don't do that in the office. I need proof of who hit Sam.

Spinelli: Uh -- forgive the Jackal, I was -- I was merely dreading conveying the information I collected today.

Spinelli: There you have it -- conclusive evidence as to who the guilty party is.

Elizabeth: Dr. Drake, is Mrs. Hill out of I.C.U.?

Patrick: I'm sorry, what?

Elizabeth: Mrs. Hill?

Patrick: Uh -- yeah, her vitals are clear, she's been moved to Room 622.

Elizabeth: Okay, thanks. Are you okay?

Patrick: Dr. Lee is going to ask you to look over the chart, so I don't mind telling you, but Carly and Jax lost their baby.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Patrick: They're devastated; I didn't know what to say. And then I started thinking about Robin and how she'd feel if it was her.

Elizabeth: Don't -- don't even go there.

Patrick: Couldn't help it. She'd be destroyed, this baby means so much to her.

Elizabeth: How about you?

Patrick: When Robin was talking about having a child, for those months I was honest about where I was and how I felt. I didn't want to be a father, didn't know if I would ever be ready.

Elizabeth: Which is why you guys broke up.

Patrick: Yeah, but now she's pregnant, she's determined to be a single mother. I'm technically the father, but I have no responsibility, I'm free to stay clear of the whole situation.

Elizabeth: But?

Patrick: If Robin lost the baby, I would feel the loss.

[TV plays]

Sonny: Hey, boys. Guess who's home.

Morgan: Daddy!

Sonny: Hi.

Michael: Hey, Dad.

Morgan: How's Mommy?

Sonny: Mommy's good. Guess what -- uh, she loves you, she says, right, and she's going to be home soon. So why don't you and Mercedes go upstairs, and you can -- you can make her one of those welcome-home cards, you know, those things that you do? Go, go, go, yeah.

Mercedes: Come on.

[Mercedes chuckles]

[Michael sighs]

Michael: You sent Morgan upstairs because you want to talk to me, right?

Sonny: Okay, turn off the TV and put the remote down, please.

[TV turns off]

Sonny: Ahem.

Michael: I know you're really mad that I shot Kate.

Sonny: You got angry, you ran -- you pretty much punished yourself, right?

Michael: It was really stupid of me to drop a loaded gun. It went off by accident, I swear.

Sonny: I -- I know, I know, and -- and so does Kate. She's not pressing charges. But we got to figure something out here, okay? Because things got to change, all right? First of all, you shouldn't have lied, and you shouldn't have gotten the gun.

Michael: I was wrong, but I wanted to protect my mom.

Sonny: I don't care. That's not the way to do it.

Michael: You're just saying that because you think I'm too young. But that's what you and Jason do; you protect your loved ones. That's why you have guns.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? My -- my business has been dangerous, and you've had to pay an enormous price, and that is all over now.

Claudia: When did you become a player?

Johnny: You doubt my sincerity?

Claudia: Well, one minute you're ready to shoot on sight, the next you're practically male-bonding?

Johnny: He bought it, didn't he?

Claudia: Yeah, it was pretty convincing.

Johnny: I still want him dead, and I want it done ASAP.

Claudia: Johnny, we have a truce now with Sonny. I need you to not blow that. Please?

Johnny: Okay, so we do it your way and we find a third party to carry it out.

Claudia: Aren't you the cold-blooded one? I so -- I am so proud of you.

Johnny: All right, I'll find a professional to take care of it.

Claudia: Uh-uh, keep your hands clean. I got this.

Nikolas: I was beginning to wonder where you were.

Emily: Yeah. So why did you make that deal with Dr. Devlin?

Nikolas: You know why I did.

Emily: I don't like that man.

Nikolas: Yeah, okay, well, his -- his personality is a little off-putting, but as long as he's giving me that medication, I don't care.

Emily: No, Nikolas, this is way too risky. Dr. Devlin said it himself -- you ha no idea what kind of a side effect this is going to have on your body.

Nikolas: It's worth the risk.

Emily: All right, what about the money -- $10 million in a Swiss bank account?

Nikolas: I'd -- I'd pay 10 times that much to keep you with me.

Emily: Nikolas, I love you, but this is wrong.

Nikolas: Listen to me. When you died, I thought I would never see you again. And now you're here, you're with me; you're so real that I can touch you, right?

Emily: No, you're postponing the inevitable. Sooner or later, this is going to catch up with you.

Nikolas: Then we should make the best of the time I've stolen.

Man: Ms. Zacchara will see you now.

Claudia: Ian -- mm-hmm, it's been a long time.

[Claudia giggles]

Ian: You're looking more beautiful than ever, Claudia.

Claudia: Well, thank you, nice of you to notice.

[Claudia giggles]

Claudia: So our last deal was in Milan -- I didn't even know you were here.

Ian: I go where the opportunity takes me.

Claudia: Yeah? You want to be more specific?

Ian: I worked out a new source of financing --

Claudia: Yeah?

Ian: Using these funds to bring a large drug shipment through Port Charles. I'd like you and your family to transport it.

Claudia: I think that can be arranged.

Sonny: I will be running my business without violence, which means I don't have to pick up a gun, you don't have to pick up a gun, right?

Michael: You mean we'll be safe -- you, me, Mom, Morgan, and Jax?

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: You mean we'll be like a family -- a normal family?

Sonny: Well, I don't know about "normal." I mean, you know, I'll be able to pick you up, take you to the park, play baseball with you.

Michael: Sure -- video games?

Sonny: Video -- whatever you --

Michael: Hi, Mom. Hey, Jax.

Carly: Hey. Hey, sweetie, how are you?

Michael: Good.

Carly: Sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Jax: Certainly didn't expect to see you here.

Michael: Dad just said that everything's going to be different. He's going to be around us more, we'll be almost normal.

Lucky: I know you were kind of busy with physical therapy, and I just -- I didn't want to interrupt.

Sam: You didn't -- I -- I wish you would've. It's like -- I feel like she's torturing me in there. It's hard. It really is hard.

Lucky: Yeah, I've been there myself. You know, and the harder you work, the sooner you'll be well.

Sam: So you said you wanted to talk to me about something?

Lucky: You know what? I don't even know where to start, I just --

Sam: Look, if this has anything to do with Elizabeth and me, letting her off the hook, I -- I really mean it, I'm not pressing charges.

Lucky: And I appreciate that, Sam --

Sam: I don't like her. That's -- that's not what I'm saying -- I don't -- I don't know if I'll ever like her. I'm -- I'm really angry that she gets to get away with everyone thinking that she's little miss perfect after all the damage that she's done, and I really don't understand how the two of you could be so attached to each other aft-- I'm sorry.

Lucky: No --

Sam: This is really none of my business, and this is what I'm trying to do -- I'm just trying to move on.

Lucky: Well, you don't have to jump to defensive, Sam.

Sam: I'm sorry, but when you've been hurt as much as I have, it's sort of second nature.

Lucky: Believe me, I know.

Sam: Anyway -- um -- I am really glad the boys get to keep their mom and dad. And I was just talking through the whole thing, and you're the one who said that you wanted to ask me something, so I'm -- I'm really sorry. Go ahead, let me hear it, I can take it.

Lucky: You said you wanted to move on, and so do I. I just --

[Lucky sighs]

Lucky: It's just every time I find myself trying, I can't stop thinking about you.

Sam: Me?

Lucky: I didn't want to care about you, but I do. You know, I -- I don't -- I think where I'm trying to go with this is saying that I've missed you. I just -- I wanted to know if maybe you might want to try again.

Sam: Hmm. Well, I have to think about that one.

Lucky: Yeah, well, you can take all the time you want.

Sam: Come here.

Alice: Hey, Dr. Q. How about I make you some tea?

Monica: Uh- no, thank you, Alice, no, and thank you very much for picking me up at the hospital.

Alice: Oh, that was no problem at all -- I love driving the Bentley. It handles so beautifully. You know, I could take you to the hospital and pick you up every single day as part of my job.

Monica: No, no. Really, really, that won't be necessary.

Alice: Well, did you have lunch? How about a sandwich? I'm going to go talk to Cook --

Monica: Alice, I'm fine. I'm just fine. I would really, really just like to be alone, okay?

Alice: Okay -- but you'll call me if you need anything?

Monica: Sure.

Monica: What do you want?

Jason: You're the one who hit Sam.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason: You were drinking.

Monica: Can you blame me for drinking? You've taken everything away from me.

Jax: Our baby would still be alive if it wasn't for the violence in your life.

Jax: I'm done with this.

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