GH Transcript Wednesday 3/12/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/12/08


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Elizabeth: I wish we could just sneak away and go to our place and be together.

Jason: I -- I can't hold you.

Elizabeth: Would it be so bad to let someone hold you for a change?

Jason: As long as it's you.

Orderly: I need to change sheets. I'll be back in a few.

Elizabeth: I'm not even assigned to this floor. I should go.

Jason: Elizabeth? I -- I need you to call Sonny for me.

Trevor: Sonny, you can't leverage me. You got no firepower.

Sonny: At this point, Trevor, go ahead, blast away. Just prove what a fool you really are.

Trevor: Don't overestimate Johnny's importance to me.

Sonny: I know where he is, you don’t. If I bite it, so will he. And I know you don't care if Johnny lives or dies, but I know somebody in this house who does.

Claudia: What have you done with my brother?

Lulu: Hi. I brought some things over. I'm going to try something new. Let's get busy.

Patrick: We need new gloves and gowns. We need some sterile drapes.

Nikolas: No, please --

Patrick: Let's do this.

Nikolas: No, please --

Robin: Nikolas, you're okay --

Patrick: Andy --

Andy: Yeah.

Robin: Listen, just stop fighting --

Nikolas: No, Emily!

Andy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Nikolas: I won't let you do this to me!

[Robin screams]

Patrick: Oh! Robin!

Andy: Relax!

Nikolas: Get off of me! Get away from me!

Andy: Hold it, Mr. Cassadine.

Patrick: You got this?

Andy: Yeah, yeah, get her out of here! We'll handle it!

[Nikolas screams]

Andy: Help me keep him down. We need to get him sedated. Nadine, five milligrams of --

Nikolas: No!

Regina: No, you'll tear out your lines! Don't! Oh!

Andy: Oh! Take it easy!

Nikolas: Release me!

Ian: Well, I think you got enough exercise for one day. Let's get you back in a room.

Sam: You've got that look in your eye.

Ian: What look?

Sam: I'm not sure at it is. It's that confusing look that I see every so often where I don't really know who I'm dealing with. Are you the kind and caring Dr. Jekyll, or the scary, evil Mr. Hyde?

Ian: Why do I suspect you prefer the latter?

[Ian chuckles]

Lucky: Hey, big guy. What does he got?

Alexis: You don't like that guy, do you?

Lucky: Who?

Alexis: Sam's doctor.

Lucky: He's just a little too attentive.

Alexis: Well, you know, maybe Sam needs that right now. You certainly wouldn't -- wouldn't want to begrudge her that opportunity, would you?

Lucky: What are you saying, I'm jealous?

Alexis: No, I didn't say that. I mean, just interesting that you mention that right now. Huh?

Patrick: Can you page Dr. Lee, stat?

Lucky: What happened?

Patrick: Your brother lost control and kicked Robin in the stomach.

Robin: It's okay.

Patrick: No, it's not okay. All right? You could've been hurt.

Robin: I'm fine.

Patrick: Yeah, and what about my baby?

Lucky: Listen, I'm going to go to the O.R., okay?

Alexis: No, I'm going to -- you stay here, I'm going to do it. I can handle him when he gets like this.

Nikolas: You just want to take Emily away from me.

Andy: Get security in here now. Here, give it to me, I'll do it.

Nikolas: Just let me go, please.

Nadine: It's okay, Nikolas.

Nikolas: No, it's not. It's not okay. You know it's not okay, Nadine.

Andy: Be careful. You don't know what he'll do.

Nadine: Yes, I do. Nikolas risked his life to save me. He wouldn't hurt me. You'd never hurt me, right? Okay, it's okay. He's ready to go. Okay, okay. It's okay. Come on. Come on.

Lulu: This is from those boxes of car stuff that you were collecting. Remember when people used to work on their own engines? Now it's all computers. My dad taught me to hotwire a car, so -- if you ever lose your keys, you know who to call. I mean, you probably know how to do that yourself. A guy like you, been everywhere, done everything. Still, I bet I'm faster than you. Once, I hotwired my dad's old caddy in under 10 seconds. So, you know, when you get better, we'll have to have a contest. That's why you have to wake up. So you can prove me wrong.

Scott: I don't want you doing this.

[Music plays]

Sonny: Your ambulance chaser here doesn't really care for your little brother too much. Must have made for some nice family dinners.

Claudia: Where is Johnny?

Sonny: Well, I can remember a lot better if I didn't have a gun pointed to my head.

Claudia: Lower your weapons. Now. Lower your weapon! You do not want to hurt my little brother.

Sonny: I do not want to hurt your little brother. That's why when I get my son back, we can negotiate. I'll give you Johnny back. That's the way it works, see?

Trevor: You're bluffing.

Sonny: I'm not bluffing! If I were a bad person, I could send Johnny to you piece by piece in the mail! Would you like that?

Trevor: Yeah. And you would die standing right there.

Sonny: I don't hear you denying you have my son.

Trevor: Sonny, you guys picked me up and roughed me up. I denied it then, and I'm going to deny it now. You just don't want to listen, because I negotiated that railroad property right under your nose. It pisses you off. You're angry. You see, you want to go to war because you look bad.

Claudia: All right, you know what? This is enough. Enough! Both of you, zip up your pants. The contest is over. Get out, all of you. Out.

Trevor: These are my men.

Claudia: Yeah, this is my family home. And this is my family business. Shut your mouth and follow them out.

Trevor: Don't you ever talk to me like that.

Claudia: Ugh. I do what I want, when I want. Do you hear me?

Trevor: Huh.

Claudia: Now, shut your mouth and follow them out.

Sonny: You're going to have to be very careful with Trevor, because he don't care if Johnny dies.

Claudia: That's why this is going to get settled between you and me.

Nadine: I only helped you because I figured you needed some more time to figure out what you wanted to do.

Nikolas: I know what I want to do.

Nadine: Yeah, that's what worries me. Look, I have so much to say, to thank you for. You risked your life coming to find me in that elevator shaft. And I know why you did it. You know, you couldn't save Emily, so --

Nikolas: No, that's not true. You know, it's not always about Emily. I wanted to help you.

Nadine: Well, you put your mind and body at risk over and over again. And now you're insisting on getting up after being resuscitated only a few hours ago. You can't risk leaving and collapsing again. You do realize you almost died in that O.R. today?

Nikolas: Yeah, that's what I wanted. Emily did come to say goodbye to me. But I didn't want her to leave, so I -- so I followed her. And then -- and then she just left.

Nadine: She left because she wanted you to live.

Nikolas: In the end, maybe that's what I wanted, too.

Nadine: What changed your mind?

Spencer: Daddy!

Nikolas: Oh.

Mike: Spinelli --

Spinelli: Yeah?

Mike: There were three names of interest on that list you gave me.

Spinelli: Yeah. Is it -- is it possible that one or more of them might be the pernicious peddlers that you saw with the little dude?

Mike: Yeah, we got J. Tomkins, J. Trujillo, and J. Toomey. Now, one of the guys that sold bullets to Michael was called "J.T." I'm going to check these guys out.

Spinelli: Okay. May justice soar with you.

Mike: Justice?

[Mike chuckles]

Mike: No, I'm taking Max with me.

Maxie: Hi. Oh.

Spinelli: Oh, no, you are not authorized.

Maxie: What?

Spinelli: Those are Stanford Johnson's personal objects.

Maxie: Hello? I know. I was here earlier when you opened the box. There's clues inside connecting Stan to --

Spinelli: Okay, look, Jackal, P.I.'s, been commandeered into another case of the utmost urgency.

Maxie: Oh.

Spinelli: And secrecy, okay? It is a most confounding missing-persons case, okay? And right now, the Jackal is perusing surveillance video to see in which direction the missing person was headed!

Maxie: Spinelli!

Spinelli: Huh? No! Jee--

Maxie: Oh, it's the Taylor building.

Spinelli: How did -- how did you arrive at those precise coordinates?

Maxie: Well, see that billboard right there? That's the Wyndham, like, really terrible Christmas billboard with the reindeer with the tacky jewelry hanging on. It's red, too, so they think it'll pass for Valentine’s Day. Kind of cheap.

Spinelli: Okay. So that's -- south. Okay, great. Um -- and -- and -- and this?

Maxie: Two stoplights down headed east. I know, it's the only light in town long enough for me to put mascara on both my eyes.

Spinelli: East, okay, great. The little dude is going southeast.

Maxie: "Little dude"? Michael Corinthos?

Spinelli: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Secret, remember?

Maxie: Oh. So I guess this means I can help you on your case, then.

Claudia: Look, people like you and me -- we don't fall in love, right?

Sonny: I'm nothing like you. Don't -- don't --

Claudia: Okay, okay. We possess, because we bore easily. So we consume and we exhaust, and then we move on. Now, we don't have the patience. And we don't have the manners for love. So we settle for sex.

Sonny: Are you going to take your clothes off?

Claudia: Family is the only thing that we have in common. Because family is the one place where what we do counts as love. Because -- so, we hold on to that for dear life, because that's all we have. I know how you feel about Michael, because that's how I feel about my Johnny. I would never do anything to take your son from you.

Sonny: Maybe not, but you're not Trevor --

Claudia: Yeah, but Trevor is a scavenger. He's an opportunist, Sonny. He will absolutely take advantage of whatever happened to Michael, and Kate Howard. But instigating it? That requires risk, and that's not Trevor's style. He hates you, yes, but, Sonny, he's not stupid. He's not stupid. He's just waiting for you to play right into his hands.

Sonny: I don't know if I can trust you or Trevor from one second to the next. So I'm keeping Johnny, until you give me something to trade for, something I want.

Claudia: She can't keep up. Kate Howard? She'll slip and fall. And she'll get crushed under your wheels. Just saying –

Monica: Hello.

Kate: Hi. Um -- I actually asked for Dr. Julian.

Monica: Yes, I know, I know, but he is not available, so Dr. Ford asked me to look at you. Is that okay?

Kate: Yeah. No, that's fine.

Monica: So what seems to be the problem?

Kate: There's something wrong.

Scott: These are all car parts. What's he going to do with these things?

Lulu: Maybe you can ask him when he wakes up. You have to think that way, because if you don't believe that he wakes up, he'll hear it, and he'll feel it, and he'll know it.

Scott: Well, my thinking is a little screwed up right now, Lulu. Obviously, he was into cars and stuff, huh?

Lulu: Yeah, he learned to strip engines when he was in Iraq. He said it kept his hands busy and his head down.

Scott: You know, Lulu, I don't know anything about Logan. He had a whole life before I met him. Had a whole life here that I just dismissed. I'd like to be able to help him, and that's what I meant when I said to you I don't want you to do this. I thought maybe I could talk him out of this coma, but I don't know anything about him. Neither one of us took the time to find out. So you know what? You do the honors. You put him here. Bring him back.

Johnny: Guess it'd be too much to ask for another pen?

Milo: Got orders from Mr. C. Let's just say you won't be needing a pen anymore. All right, let's go.

Sonny: Got your message. If this is about coming down on you yesterday, I was --

Jason: It's fine, Sonny. It's about Michael.

Sonny: You got a lead?

Jason: I have theories.

Sonny: You got theories? So you're going to give me reasons why the Zaccharas didn't take him?

Jason: I think I know who shot Kate.

Sonny: Who?

Jason: What -- what if it was Michael?

Spinelli: Okay, so going south and east would logically lead little dude to this pier into a one of these three boats, christened Big Sue II through IV. One can only imagine what Sue did to be thrice memorable.

Maxie: I don't think that really matters. We're making progress.

Spinelli: Yes, this is true. The overworked, underpaid docks man did recognize little dude's pictures.

Maxie: Only because I charmed him into telling us.

Spinelli: Ooh, Jackal, P.I., senses that maybe there's a need for credit where credit perhaps isn't due.

Maxie: Oh. Okay. Well, then I don't need to tell you how I know this is the boat that Michael was on.

Patrick: Hey, what -- what are you doing?

Robin: I came to see about Nikolas.

Patrick: Robin, you were just kicked in the stomach. I don't give a damn about anything else.

Robin: I had the wind knocked out of me.

Patrick: And the doctor who diagnoses herself is a fool.

Robin: Has a fool for a patient, I know. The patient you should be concerned with here is Nikolas.

Patrick: Yeah, well, Nikolas is AWOL. Vanished without a trace, and I can't keep chasing him around the city. It's all I can do for him as a doctor. Well, why are you not still with Kelly?

Robin: Because Kelly agreed with Dr. Ford that I'm okay.

Patrick: What about the baby?

Robin: I said I'm okay!

Patrick: Yes, of course you're okay, because you're back to being hostile and impatient. You know, when I carried you out of there, you actually leaned on me, and that's when I knew that there was something seriously wrong. But suddenly everything's back to normal.

Robin: Suddenly you decide to turn around and tell everyone that we're having a baby. You have no right to do that.

Patrick: I have every right.

Ian: Is there a reason I've been paged to meet you down in the bowels of the hospital?

Nikolas: I think you're the only one who can help me now.

Ian: I've tried to help you before. So has half this hospital and you've done your best to throw it back in all of our faces.

Nikolas: Yeah, that's because you don't understand. Nobody understands except for --

Ian: Nurse Crowell, yeah.

Nikolas: She knows what I see.

Ian: Hallucinations.

Nikolas: No, it's more than that.

Ian: You don't see things, do you?

Nikolas: Things? No.

Ian: No, you see someone -- someone you loved, someone you lost. And if this tumor is removed, your heightened sense of vision will disappear. You're not ready to say goodbye.

Nikolas: No.

Ian: No one's ever ready.

Nikolas: I went after her as she was leaving and I followed her.

Ian: From what I hear, you damn near succeeded, so why bother coming back? It seems like your choice is pretty clear.

Nikolas: I have a son.

Ian: You're not ready to say goodbye to him, either.

Nikolas: No.

[Ian sighs]

Ian: So what are we doing here, Mr. Cassadine?

Nikolas: There was an experimental medication that you spoke of.

Ian: Yeah, that was supposed to reduce the size of the tumor, to make surgery less risky, but that's not what you're looking for, is it?

Nikolas: No.

Ian: No, you want both your lady and your little boy. Well, I'm sorry -- that drug isn't going to give you what you're looking for.

Nikolas: Well, I'm betting that you had another idea all along, something that would give me what I want. And you do, don't you?

Ian: Nothing that Dr. Drake and Dr. Scorpio would approve of.

Nikolas: Well, they're not dying -- I am.

Patrick: I'm not going to let you pretend that I'm not the father of your baby.

Robin: Until what? Until I feel guilty and let you in?

Patrick: Until you let me support you.

Robin: And how long are you going to do that for, huh? How long until you start to get bored or feel tied down?

Patrick: Robin, I don't know. Look, I -- I don't know if I'll ever feel that way and you don't, either.

Robin: Yeah, that's just it -- you don't know. I know what I want. Have been committed to this child from the very beginning. I want it.

Patrick: You wanted one with me once, even when I said I wasn't sure.

Robin: Okay, you have made your case, I have listened to you, but I am far more certain of what you'll do than you are.

Patrick: Of course, you are, because you've already mapped it out in your head. There's no room for change. I'm never going to change. You're so determined to be right, so determined to do this on your own, to push me aside. You're going to raise this baby alone in spite, and our baby is going to pay the price.

Robin: Unlike the price of having you as a father? See, right now, you're just -- you're angry with me because I didn't tell you. I've wounded your pride.

Patrick: Hey -- what?

Robin: So you don't shoot blanks -- I mean, good for you; you have sperm. So do a thousand other guys in the donor bank -- it doesn't make them any more father material than it does you. You said that you didn't want a family, so you cannot stand here and tell me now that you do.

Patrick: Why are you -- why are you saying this? You want to hurt me so badly that I'll just give up?

Robin: I -- I don't know why. No, I'm doing this because I love you.

Patrick: And I love -- and I love you.

Robin: And if we go down that road, we are going to hate each other and I will not subject my child to that.

Patrick: Robin –

Maxie: This is the trademark tag for free reign denim, worn by teens, tweens, and juniors from upper-middle-class families, and I noticed when you enhanced that picture of Michael so you could see the background, that he was wearing these pants. I saw the stitching on the back. So, deduction -- Michael was on this boat and he probably went to hide under that tarp next to the cargo and when he went to get off, this ripped off his pant pocket.

Spinelli: Jackal, P.I., is oddly impressed despite himself -- an elementary deduction by fashion statement.

Maxie: I guess I navigate by makeup. Huh.

Spinelli: Your mood, although rarely as constant as the North Star, has curiously dipped.

Maxie: I think it's because I just realized how shallow my life is -- hmm -- or I am. I lost my sister, and I lost Coop.

Spinelli: Look, you've just temporarily lost direction, that's all.

Maxie: As if I had any. The only direction I used to have was just to head for the closest pair of broad shoulders in my field of vision. Coop and I had something that I didn't realize.

Spinelli: As I never realized what I had with wise Georgie. As oddly comforting as this may or may not sound, we do have each other. You know, I should -- I should really -- I should really take that info to Stone Cold but, you know, you're welcome to -- to join me on the next leg of the case if you'd like.

Maxie: Thank you, but I think I have some stuff I need to figure out with my life, and to be honest, I'm not sure getting trapped in a sewer and wading through seagull crap is going to take me where I want to go. But good luck. I know you're going to find him.

Sonny: What have they got you on in here? How would Michael shoot Kate?

Jason: We know Michael was sniffing around a gun. We know he tried to buy bullets. Who says he didn't get his hands on a gun?

Sonny: Who says he did?

Jason: I -- because I found gun oil in his backpack. There's only one way that could've gotten there.

Sonny: Says your theory.

Jason: Says as much circumstantial evidence as you have that Trevor did this.

Sonny: Okay, don't bring Trevor into this, unless you're defending Trevor, because --

Jason: I'm trying to avoid a war; I'm trying to do my job, which is not very easy in this condition. Do you want to hear about this or you -- or not?

Sonny: Talk.

Jason: Okay. Whew. What if Michael had a gun?

Sonny: He wouldn't know how to use it.

Jason: Okay, so what? He'd go -- he'd find some abandoned property like Alcazar's waterfront and he -- he would start practicing. And he accidentally shot Kate.

Sonny: And he would just leave her there?

Jason: Yeah, he'd -- he'd leave her there. He's scared hell, this kid.

Sonny: He'd call for help.

Jason: Sonny, you don't -- you don't know that. We both had talks with him.

Sonny: That's why I know he wouldn't go near a gun.

Jason: Okay, and what did you tell him?

Sonny: What did I tell him?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Doesn't matter, because this is going nowhere.

Jason: No, no -- what did you say to him exactly? What'd you say?

Sonny: I told him -- that if he -- if I caught him anywhere near a gun, that he should run and keep running.

Jason: Maybe that's what he did.

Sonny: I know my son.

Jason: Do you know him well enough that he would even go near a gun to begin with? I mean, he lost Leticia, he lost Emily, he knows how we feel about people who hurt our family or hurt people we care about. If he thought that he hurt Kate or killed Kate, somebody you cared that much about --

Sonny: Well, even -- even if this happened the way you're saying it happened, Michael wouldn't just disappear.

Jason: How do you know that, man? He could be -- he could be in shock. He could be afraid of how you're going to react.

Sonny: My son's not afraid of me. I'm not Deke. If he did this, he would come to me. You know what? Just -- you concentrate on getting better. I'm going to -- I'm going to handle this.

Jason: You better think long and hard before you do something that you can't take back.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Kate: Ah. So?

Monica: So, we have done the exam and we've run some tests.

Kate: And?

[Monica sighs]

Monica: Well, the news could be better.

Mr. Vaughn: No, there's no movement yet, not that I know of. Johnny's still inside the old nut house with three of Sonny's guys.

Trevor: Just monitor the situation, all right? Keep me informed. Right.

Claudia: You're up to something.

Trevor: Huh. What, do you got a hot date?

Claudia: You sound like my father now.

Trevor: Oh, in your dreams. Have you seen him lately?

Claudia: Matter of fact, I have. He's doing a lot better.

Trevor: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Claudia: He's more lucid, Trevor. Does that worry you?

Trevor: No, no, because pretty soon, he's going to play us off against each other.

Claudia: No, we're pretty much already there already, don't you think? Don't even think of sacrificing Johnny.

Trevor: No, Claudia, I don't have to do that. He's going to do it himself just like you -- you're reckless.

Claudia: Really? How's that?

Trevor: I'll tell you -- because you're common, you're cheap. Why don't you just take Sonny Corinthos right here on the study floor?

Claudia: Who says I haven't already? Jealous much?

Trevor: Yeah, I am.

Claudia: Hmm.

Trevor: But Sonny is just not my type.

Claudia: Yeah, I'm not your type, either. You wouldn't know what to do with a real woman if she came up and bit you on the neck. You like them young and pliable like Kate Howard used to be.

Trevor: Hmm.

Claudia: And don't look so surprised -- I did my homework. Another reason you and Sonny hate each other. I'm not daddy's little girl anymore, Trevor, and I never will be again.

Trevor: Yeah, Claudia. You're never going to be anybody's anything ever again. You're going to die alone.

Claudia: Hmm. Well, probably. But you're going to die first --

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: And at my hand if anything happens to my little brother from anything you've done.

Trevor: Hmm?

Sonny: Okay, I just got to do it quick because I got to get back to the hospital to see Kate, all right?

Mike: You wanted to see her.

Sonny: What's this?

Mike: These are the maggots that sold the bullets to Michael that night.

Sonny: Take them out and waste them.

Boy: No, Mr. Corinthos --

Sonny: Get back over there. You tell me one good reason why I shouldn't waste filth like you. You are no use to anybody; you're no use to me.

Mike: Sonny?

Sonny: Tell -- what?

Mike: What about the information?

Boy: Hey, yeah, man. I mean, we know stuff -- right, Bugs?

Sonny: Yeah? You know stuff?

Boy: Yeah.

Sonny: You know stuff? Tell me who sold a gun to my son.

Boy: Some --

Sonny: Do you know that?

Boy: Some --

Sonny: Yes or no?

Boy: Yeah.

Sonny: Do you know if my son bought a gun?

Boy: He did.

Sonny: From who?

Boy: I -- I don't know.

Sonny: When?

Boy: Couple of months ago.

Sonny: Okay, I tell you what -- you find out who it is, right? You got me?

Boy: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And you come back to me, and you may not have to see me ever again, but if I ever hear that you're selling guns or ammunition to children, I will beat you down myself.

Boy: It'll never happen again, Mr. Corinthos. We -- we swear.

Bugs: Uh --

Sonny: Get them -- get them out of here.

Max: Let's go.

Spinelli: There is indeed a possibility that the little dude stowed away on the boat we saw on the surveillance video.

Jason: All right, tell me about the boat.

Spinelli: Well, I -- it's a -- it's a simple supply ship that navigates the great St. Lawrence between here and the Canadian border and back. Um -- should I alert Mr. Corinthos, Sir?

Jason: No, I should go myself.

Spinelli: I don't think it's wise to risk further damage to your formidable digits.

Jason: Forget it. I just don't want to send somebody who's going to scare Michael.

Spinelli: Well, then, it would seem you need someone clever and innocuous that wouldn't be perceived as a threat to someone so young.

Jason: I think I know somebody.

[Spinelli sighs]

Sam: Hey, um, do you know what happened to Dr. Devlin? He left in the middle of a consultation -- Lucky!

Lucky: Thank you.

Sam: Yeah. I will be in the exam room if you get Dr. Devlin.

Alexis: Well, that was interesting.

Lucky: Yeah, things are still complicated between me and Sam and Elizabeth.

Alexis: Yeah, well, you know, from my experience, I've noticed that people make things a lot more complicated than they need to be, but wouldn't it be nice if they didn't do that anymore? Excuse me; I'll be right over here. Hi. How -- how's Nikolas doing?

Nadine: I thought he was here with his son.

Alexis: I saw you go into the O.R. with him.

Nadine: Yeah. Nikolas is a good person in a lot of pain.

Alexis: He also needs to start focusing on his son, Spencer. It's time for him to let go of the past and start getting on with it.

Nadine: He's going to have to say goodbye to Emily in his own way, on his own time -- not ours. If we try to force it, he might do something desperate.

Nikolas: Yep.

Ian: Hey, you realize you're getting worse, right?

Nikolas: Well, I'm dying -- how much worse can it actually get?

Ian: Oh, you have a terminal condition that can be reversed with a surgical procedure. They're not exactly the same thing.

Nikolas: Don't lecture me.

Ian: No. I'm sorry. You're not looking for a lecture -- you're looking for these. These drugs will be more to your liking than the last ones I recommended. They will prolong your condition but not improve it.

Nikolas: Okay. Will it give me more time --

Ian: Yeah, with tangible memories with your ex-fiancée, Emily -- yeah. But you should know that these haven't been approved for testing and they are illegal in this country.

Nikolas: I know, I know. So?

Ian: So, well, you take it twice a day and I'll monitor you privately and if you are caught with it on you, I will deny it came from me.

Nikolas: Okay, I understand.

Ian: Now -- huh. What I'm about to say is a flagrant slap in the face to the Hippocratic Oath, but if I give this to you, what's in it for me?

[Music plays]

Singer: This town is colder now I think it's sick of us it's time to make our move I'm shaking off the rust I've got my heart set on anywhere but here I'm staring down myself counting up the years steady hands just take the wheel and every glance is killing me time to make one last appeal for the life I lead stop and stare I think I'm moving but I go nowhere yeah, I know that everyone gets scared but I've become what I can't be oh, stop and stare you start to wonder why you're here, not there and you'd give anything to get what's fair but fair ain't what you really need oh, can you see what I see? They're trying to come back all my senses push untie the weight bags I never thought I could steady feet, don't fail me now gonna run till you can't walk something pulls my focus out

Elizabeth: Jake says good night.

Singer: I'm standing down

Elizabeth: He wishes you could hold him, too.

Singer: I think I'm moving but I go nowhere

Elizabeth: And all day I've been wishing there was just some way we could be together.

Singer: Everyone gets scared but I've become what I can't be oh stop and stare you start to wonder why you're here, not there and you'd give anything to get what's fair

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason: Don't tell Elizabeth what you know.

Sonny: What's going on?

Kate: You slept with someone after our fight, didn't you?

Michael: Hi, Mom.

Carly: Where are you?

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