GH Transcript Monday 3/10/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/10/08


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Sam: Well, you know, I'm -- Lucky, I am so sorry. You two have met, right?

Ian: Well, not formally. Dr. Ian Devlin.

Lucky: Lucky Spencer.

Ian: Detective Spencer, right? Huh. So I -- I assume that you're here with some information about Ms. McCall’s hit and run?

Lucky: Yeah, the department is still working on it.

Ian: And are you working on it personally?

Lucky: No, I took myself off the case.

Ian: Oh. Well, then, I guess I won't be interrupting any official police business when I take Ms. McCall upstairs to run some tests.

Sam: Tests? No, no, no -- what tests? You said I was going to leave today.

Ian: Ah, you made that call yourself before. This time, I'm having some say in your future.

Sam: Oh, that's interesting. You seem like you're in a better mood today.

Ian: Well, it's amazing what sleeping in the right bed will do for you.

Lucky: Do you want me to take you back upstairs?

Ian: We have it, Detective. It's okay. I'm sure Ms. McCall would far more appreciate you finding that reckless animal that hit her.

Sam: Thank you for --

Lucky: It's okay. Dr. Devlin's anxious.

Ian: To help heal a beautiful woman -- what man isn't?

Ian: Nurse Johnson.

Epiphany: Dr. Devlin.

Cassius: Why -- why are you always so down on that man?

Epiphany: Why are you so all up in my business?

Cassius: You -- you think I got an ulterior motive for -- for getting help after you had your heart attack? Or -- or maybe I had an ulterior motive for pushing Spinelli into looking into Stan’s death, hmm?

[Cassius sighs]

Cassius: Look, the guy that may have had Stan murdered -- his name is Moreau. He's some kind of a -- I don't know -- phantom drug dealer.

Epiphany: I knew it. I knew that Stanford would go off and get entangled in -- what?

Cassius: I don't -- you -- you just always have to think the worst about everybody, don't you? I mean, with me, I'm branded as some kind of brownie pointer for scraping you up off the floor. And -- and as far as Stan's concerned, he's automatically on a street corner in Key Biscayne dealing crystal meth and D.M.T. For all you know, he could've been working undercover trying to expose this badass Moreau. You ever think of that?

Jax: Okay, Carly. I will. I love you, too.

Jerry: Love you, too. And I assume Carly doesn't send her best.

Jax: No, of course -- she doesn't really like you. You know that.

Jerry: Well, then, I mean, she has every reason not to, as do you. I mean, I would never have come if you hadn't first come to see me but you know what? I -- I really feel the need to have roots and -- and family.

Jax: You're so full of crap.

Jerry: What? No, I'm not.

Jax: No, really? Then try it with a little bit more sincerity, then.

Jerry: No -- no. Bloody hell --

Jax: No, go ahead -- come on.

Jerry: Oh, bloody hell. I feel the need to have roots and family -- there, are you happy?

Jax: That's better. Look, I got something to tell you -- things are a little sensitive at home at the moment.

Jerry: Oh, yes, yeah -- things that Carly wouldn't want me to know.

Jax: No, no, things we don't want anyone to know. She's going to kill me for telling you this, but -- I've been wanting to tell you this for a while.

Jerry: Yes, come on.

Jax: You're going to be an uncle.

Jerry: Oh, my God!

Jax: Yeah.

Jerry: Congratulations! That's fantastic. Does Mum know?

Jax: No, no, no, no. We're just trying to keep it quiet, just -- at least for a while, yeah.

Jerry: Well, that's great. Oh, well -- well, if you have your hands full, if you want, I can come by and pick up the Jacks shipping proposal if you want and actually read it this time.

Jax: Okay.

Jerry: Good.

Jax: I'm going to trust you with this.

Jerry: Yes, I know you are.

Jax: Don't disappoint me.

Jerry: I won’t.

Jax: Okay -- I'm serious.

Jerry: Yeah, I won’t. Go away, come on. Congratulations.

Jax: Thanks.

[Music plays]

Mike: Ric? Listen, guys, I'm sorry. I'll be -- I'll be with you as soon as I can. Here you go, honey. Okay. All right.

Ric: Oh, boy.

Mike: All right.

Ric: I left my wallet in the car.

Marianna: Oh.

Ric: Okay, I'll be right back.

Marianna: Bye, baby.

Woman: Mike, excuse me -- I ordered meat loaf.

Mike: Oh, the meat loaf. Oh, okay.

Man: Could I get another cup of coffee?

Mike: Coffee, you got it, yeah.

Woman: I need some more ketchup.

Mike: Ketchup. All -- all right, sweetheart. I'll be right -- I'll be right there. Boy, jeez.

Marianna: Did you order this?

Woman: Um --

Marianna: No, right? I didn't think so. Here's your meat loaf. Coffee, right?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Marianna: Did you order this?

Woman: Oh, thanks.

Singer: I fell in love in a seedy bar radio waves

Marianna: Ketchup. Hi. Have a seat.

Singer: I know better than to meet you there hold on and fly your way back home

Mike: Uh -- I -- ahem. I don't know who you are, but that was amazing. And you did it all with a smile. I mean, you -- you wouldn't be looking for a job, would you?

Singer: Over ocean and stone

Robin: As far as I'm concerned, I'm still going to raise this baby on my own and its father is some anonymous genetic donor off the internet.

Patrick: But he’s not.

Robin: But you wish he were.

Patrick: Robin, let's try and deal with what is here.

Robin: No, I am going to deal with what I originally set out to do, which is have a baby. I mean, you did everything you could possibly do except get on the hospital intercom and tell everyone that the last thing you would ever want to be is a father, so you don't get to stand there and act proud and happy just because you found out that you are one, because as far as I'm concerned, you're not.

Patrick: How can you say that?

Robin: You are my child's genetic donor -- that is it, period.

Patrick: Okay, not wanting to be father and going along with it to see how things turn out because I love you -- those are two different things.

Robin: What isn't different is your uncertainty. I don't want my child to be an experiment. I don't want you to give it your best shot for the first couple of years and then figure out that you can't hack it, that you're suddenly not interested anymore and, "oh, I'd rather be at a strip club." I don't want you finding out after the fact that you can't be there for the child. That's not fair to the child and that's not fair to me.

Patrick: Okay, you know, what's not fair -- you not telling me and then shutting me out. Whether you like it or not, I am a part of this and you don't get to decide what kind of father I am going to be.

Nikolas: What are you talking about?

Emily: Nikolas, do you think it's just going to go on like this until, what, you take a nap and you fade away? You slip off with me somewhere, hand-in-hand?

Nikolas: Why can't it be that way if that's the way we want it to be?

Emily: Because, Nikolas, you're a romantic, because you're so in love, all right, that you've been able to see me this way. You've been able to see me this way up until now.

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean?

Emily: All right. I'm a doctor, okay? For lack of a better word, I'm the practical one. I'm the one who sees what you want to remember. I'm the one who sees what you can't remember. I'm the one who can see what's going on inside of you. I'm the one who can see how ugly it's going to get.

Nikolas: No, no, it won’t. I promise.

Emily: Your tumor is going to get worse. Your symptoms are going to get worse. You're going to lose control. There's going to be madness before death. You're not going to be in charge of anything.

Nikolas: Oh, God, it hurts so much.

Emily: You're not going to be able to see me the way you want to see me.

Nikolas: Yes, I will.

Emily: You're only going to be able to see me the way you're afraid to see me.

Nikolas: No, that's not true. It's not true.

Emily: Dead --

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Dying --

Nikolas: No.

Emily: And in pain.

Nikolas: No, okay, you're lying. You're lying to me right now because you just want me to live.

Emily: Yes. And if you love me, Nikolas, if you truly love me, then you will.

Nikolas: No. Emily -- God, wait. Wait, please. Oh, please. Oh, God!

Alexis: Nikolas, I'm not leaving until we've worked -- oh, my God.

Alexis: I have an emergency. I need an ambulance.

Marianna: Table two wants key lime pie, table four needs change.

Mike: Change.

Marianna: Table five has a wobbly leg -- but I fixed it.

Mike: Okay.

Marianna: And I've got a new pot of coffee brewing.

Mike: Yeah, well, you wouldn't be after my job right now, would you?

Marianna: I just love to see people smile.

Mike: Oh.

Jerry: Call me back when you come back from your mysterious workplace. I made the first steps and Jax is suspicious but amenable. I found that I have a conscience, after all, and I -- I feel that I've sold my brother's soul to the devil.

[Phone beeps]

Sonny: We all do things we want to take back. But I'm just -- you know, I'm looking forward to the day you get out of here and I hope that you decide to stay with me so I could take care of you while you recuperate.

Kate: I'll think about it.

Sonny: Ah. You're out to play hard to get. Listen, uh, I got to go make some calls about Michael. Um -- you'll be okay? Yeah.

[Kate gasps]

Lulu: I don't know why I didn't believe you when you said you weren't the killer. I should have, and now you're like this --

Scott: What the hell are you doing in here?

Lulu: I wanted to talk to Logan.

Scott: I got a news flash for you -- he can't talk. He's in a coma, you put him there. And if he was awake, you would be the last person that he'd want to talk to, Lulu.

Elizabeth: How do you feel? Do you remember what happened?

Jason: Yeah, Diego had you.

Elizabeth: And Sam and the car was about to go over the bridge when you --

Jason: Why were you there?

Elizabeth: Where?

Jason: At Sam’s. I mean, that's where Diego grabbed you. What were you doing at Sam's in the first place?

Elizabeth: I couldn't -- I couldn't stand the guilt anymore. I went to her apartment to tell her that I think I'm the one who hit her on the road that night.

Elizabeth: And that's how I walked into this whole mess with Diego. I went to Sam's apartment to tell her that I think I'm the one who hit her.

Jason: I know, but there were other people on the road that night that could be responsible. You said you'd wait until I checked them all out.

Elizabeth: And I have waited.

Jason: Just please -- just give me a little more time.

Elizabeth: You just don't want it to be true, Jason. Believe me, neither do I. But it's time we have to face the fact that the person who ran down Sam and left her in the road possibly dying was me.

[Ian sighs]

Nadine: Interesting tattoo.

Ian: Yeah. It's an angel's wing.

Nadine: Only one. What -- you can't quite believe they exist?

Ian: I take it you do.

Nadine: I met someone who convinced me.

Paramedic: We needed to ventilate him when we arrived on the scene.

Alexis: Oh, Robin --

Paramedic: Last check, the BP's 90/60, his respirations are shallow --

Alexis: I was over there, we got into a thing.

Paramedic: His pulse is very thready --

Alexis: I went out of the room, and I came back in and he was just against the couch, and he was unconscious.

Robin: Oh -- take him to cubicle two, get an O.R. prepped, and page Dr. Drake.

Nikolas: Where is she? Where'd she go?

Alexis: Nikolas, we're all here. Honey, everything's fine. You're going to be ok. All right? Here I am.

Nikolas: No, Robin, please don't cut it out of me. Please leave it.

Robin: It's okay, Nikolas. You're going to be fine. We're going to take the pain away. All your headaches.

Nikolas: No. No, then she'll go away. Please don't make her go away.

Alexis: Are you going to take him to surgery, Robin?

Epiphany: Ok. You have to let them do their jobs, ok? And right now, there's not any time to waste, so I know you don't want to be in the way.

Alexis: Robin, take care of him.

Epiphany: Let us help him get better.

Alexis: Ok.

Epiphany: And you just come out here and have a seat over here.

Alexis: All right, all right.

Epiphany: All right?

Nikolas: Emily? Emily? Emily?

Lulu: Did you see that? His hand moved. It was only a little bit and for a second, but his hand moved. I -- I wasn't imagining it. He actually did it. I felt it. He's coming -- he's starting to come out of it and then he actually might get better.

Scott: Well, no thanks to you, Lulu.

Patrick: I wouldn't be so sure.


Johnny: Did you figure out you made a mistake? That I really don't know where Michael is?

Sonny: What I figured out is I need to motivate you to remember.

Patrick: It's been well documented that some comatose patients, even though they can't actually hear, respond to people spending time with them, talking to them -- especially people they care about.

Scott: Well, she's the one that put him in here. She's the one that attacked him, went off on him like most Spencer women like to do.

Lulu: Oh, you really do not want to go there right now.

Scott: What I want is you out of here. How -- how is it possible that she's any good? I mean, she's the one that thought he was a serial killer, picked up a monkey wrench, and clubbed him for crying out loud after she kicked his heart around!

Patrick: You're the one that's not doing your son any good right now. And I don't have to tell you that even though you feel like your heart's been kicked around by women, you don't stop loving them.

[Pager beeps]

Patrick: Excuse me.

Sonny: It's pretty clear you love music. Wow. It's a way to deal with being locked up in here, isn't it? Play piano? Well, if things don't change, that's going to end real quick, especially if the only fingers you're going to have left are to play chopsticks. You see, at the rate it's going, Trevor is not worried to have you back. As a matter of fact, you know, his world is probably better off without you in it, especially now that he has your sister to hide behind. Claudia does not strike -- as the family type. I mean, she already left you when you were kids once, left you trapped with your psycho father who put a bullet in your mother -- a bullet that daddy meant for you. And the way I'm thinking, Claudia’s just waiting to do it all over again. So the only person who's going to save you now, Johnny, is you.

Johnny: I'm the one who should be scared here. But it's pretty clear the only person who's scared in this room is you.

Trevor: Vaughn, listen to me. I want you to pinpoint every piece of property that Corinthos or Morgan own, locate anything that looks like a safe house. I want to find Johnny.

Mr. Vaughn: What about Ric? Are you any closer to getting the deed to the waterfront property?

Trevor: His newfound girlfriend, the immigrant -- she's turned out to be a total wash. She thinks she's going to sail off into the sunset, a fantasy, with my son and his newfound conscience. We just have to remind her how tenuous life is.

Randy: Hey there, Marianna.

Marianna: What do you want?

Randy: Coffee. I know you know how I like it.

Marianna: I meant what are you doing here?

Randy: Well, I'm responsible for you being in this beautiful country. I want to see how you're living the American dream.

Marianna: I didn't want you to be hurt. I just wanted my life back. I wanted –

Randy: I think it's pretty obvious what you wanted and how you got it. A guy with all this money shows up to the vineyard to see the old homestead, feels kind of nostalgic, kind of lonely. You played it beautifully, I got to hand it to you.

Marianna: It wasn’t like that.

Randy: I know what it was like. I understand -- really, I do. That's why you haven't had immigration breathing down your neck. Hey, I haven't called anyone and I won’t. There won't be any trouble at all -- just take off that apron and walk out the door with me now.

Ric: The only one who's going to be leaving is you. Now, you can walk out of here or you can crawl. Either way, it makes no difference to me.

Jason: No, I don't want to believe that you hit Sam, and you don't remember doing it.

Elizabeth: Well, I can remember being so tired from all the nightmares I was having in the hospital and the meds they were giving me to help me sleep. I can remember just wanting to be with you and be in your arms, and I know that I shouldn't have been driving and I was fighting to stay awake and the car jerked and there was this sound and --

Jason: Yeah, the sound was the tire bumping when you drifted off the road.

Elizabeth: We both know I hit something. The car was dented; there was blood on the bumper. Remember -- I thought it was an animal?

Jason: I know -- there's no reason to assume anything else. Elizabeth, there's no reason to say anything.

Ian: We had to ventilate him after the second seizure during transport.

Patrick: We need to stabilize him. I don't want to prep him for surgery until I know his body can handle the stress.

Ian: Agreed. Let's monitor him closely in case he starts to go south on us. Nurse Thompson?

Alexis: Oh, Patrick -- good, I'm glad you're here. He had just come back and he was helping the police find the text message killer.

Patrick: Well, he shouldn't have been chasing after the guy.

Nadine: That "guy" killed his fiancée. Nikolas was determined to catch him and he did. Otherwise, he'd still be out there.

Patrick: He should've left it to the cops. Alexis, come on, you can't be in here.

Alexis: All right.

Patrick: Epiphany, what's up with the O.R. room?

Epiphany: O.R. Two is prepped and ready to go, the rest of the team is assembling as we speak, and we're tying up the loose ends right now. We should be ready in a minute.

Patrick: All right. Thank you.

Epiphany: Nurse Crowell? I need you.

Ian: You collapsed. You're in the hospital. You didn't start on the drug regimen I prescribed, did you? It would've prevented things from getting this bad. Why didn't you take it?

Nikolas: Because someone means more to me than my own life. I don't expect you to understand that.

Ian: Maybe I do.

Robin: I've been on Nikolas' team since the beginning, I am more familiar with his history than anyone else. You need me in there, so I'm going to scrub in.

Patrick: No, you're not.

Ric: Please give me an excuse.

Marianna: I was handling this.

Ric: No, it's all right; it's all right, okay? You don't have to put up with him anymore. Randy -- right, it's Randy? You're going to listen to what I have to say, and then you're going to leave. You can't control Marianna anymore, all right? You can no longer get her to do what you want her to do and hold her deportation over her head. Yeah, no, that's right. See, "city boy" has connections with the state capital, and I got that whole mess cleared up that you made. Her papers are all in order, she's staying, and she's legal.

Randy: So now you can hold it over her head.

Ric: Okay, that's it. Now you can go.

Randy: The offer still holds. You know what they say -- "better the devil you know."

Ric: Okay, we don't have to worry about him anymore or listen to any more of his garbage. What?

Marianna: No.

Ric: No, what's -- what's wrong?

Marianna: He's right -- about you.

Scott: Look, I don't care what Dr. Drake said. You got no business in here.

Lulu: Don't you ever speak about my mother that way again. You and I both know that you killed Rick Webber and let my mom take the blame, and the only reason that I haven't told my father is so that he won't go to prison for killing you. And you have no right to judge me about what happened with Logan, because when you found out that the killer had a rib injury, you wondered the same thing I did. You wondered if -- if it could've been the son that you never really knew, the son that you dumped like garbage when he was born.

Scott: That's still no excuse here.

Lulu: Don't make me out to be the villain just so that you can play protective father so you feel better about yourself. Logan loves me, he still does, and -- and what we feel about each other is none of your business. So if you care anything about your son, you're going to listen to what the doctor said and let me stay here and talk to him and try and bring him back!

Johnny: You're scared that you're wrong -- that we don't have Michael and you've made a mistake. You've gone this far, you've taken this stand, and now you're wondering how you can back off without waging a war for all the wrong reasons.

Sonny: Shut him up, get him up there.

Johnny: And still, you are no closer to having your son back.

Sonny: You know what? I can -- I can send pieces of you to Trevor just to let him know that I mean business, but I don't think it would have the desired effect. But I know one thing -- these pretty tunes won't sound the same with a bunch of missing notes. You know what? I'm not going to -- I'm going to let you have your fingers for now because I'm feeling charitable. You're going to be making a phone call anyway to Trevor to convince him to give me my son back.

Peg: Running from what you've done is never going to change it, it's never going to make it better, and it could make it a whole lot worse.

Jason: We didn't know Sam had been hit the night you had your accident.

Elizabeth: But now we do.

Jason: But the storm washed any traces of blood. It's gone -- something that I could've checked to be sure. But, Elizabeth, we need to be sure before --

Elizabeth: I know what it's going to mean if I come forward. It's going to come out where I was going, and that we've been seeing each other in secret, and that you're Jake’s father. That's the worst part -- not that Sam wants to see me in jail -- I don't care what happens to me. I'm worried about what's going to happen to our little boy after everything we've done to protect him.

Jason: I mean, you're talking as if you're sure you're guilty.

Elizabeth: We already have proof that it wasn't Nikolas and that it wasn't Carly.

Jason: There's one person I haven't cleared yet, one person who could've hit Sam that night. It's Monica.

Elizabeth: Oh, Jason --

Jason: Her car struck something on the right fender before it was smashed into a -- into a bench in the park. It was abandoned, the cops found traces of alcohol. She said the car was stolen. Just please -- just give me a chance to find out, that's all I'm asking.

[Pager beeps]

Elizabeth: I can't do this much longer.

Jason: I --

Spinelli: Greetings, maternal one.

Elizabeth: Hi, Spinelli.

Spinelli: It appears the generous healer is still much troubled by the ordeal.

Jason: Did you get what I asked for?

Spinelli: Oh, yes. Um -- sorry, the delay was unavoidable. I mean, Jackal, P.I., was still recovering from heroic deeds that brought the text message killer to justice and --

Jason: You mean you were sleeping off the chloroform you accidentally inhaled, right?

Spinelli: An unfortunate and minor detail that was completely distorted in the media account, okay? I -- I fell down once. The other time I just sank to a knee. Anyway -- okay, photos of the pernicious peddlers that sell contraband to youth like video game play. Oh, oh, oh, and the overbearing orderly came to me about the effects of the son of formidable Nurse Johnson --

Jason: Okay, can we just focus? We need to save Michael. You know what? Just -- just give this back to Mike, all right? Give it to him. He saw Michael trying to buy bullets; maybe he can recognize one of these punks.

Spinelli: It's most distressing to even imagine a kid with a --

Jason: The residue in Michael’s backpack was definitely gun oil, so I have to assume the worst.

Robin: This is a patient we're talking about here. You don't get to jeopardize his chances for success just because you're angry with me because I didn't tell you that you're the father of my child.

Patrick: Robin, that's not why I don't want you to scrub in.

Robin: Well, then don't hand me some lame excuse about protocol or scheduling or --

Patrick: That's not why, okay? I was worried about the baby. We're using a portable C.T. scanner to image the tumor during the operation. There's been literature recently about the pediatric C.T. and the cumulative radiologic --

Robin: Yeah, I know, I know, I read it. I'll be fine -- I mean, we'll be fine. I'll wear protective shielding.

Patrick: Okay. Well, then there's no doubt that I think Nikolas will benefit to you being part of the team.

Robin: Thanks for the warning.

Leyla: Looks like Robin's not interested in you stepping into the role of surrogate father.

Patrick: Well, she shouldn't be worried. I'm not father material, she wants to do this on her own, and that's fine by me. I have to scrub in.

Leyla: Wait.

Peg: Fathers say things they don't mean sometimes, or they don't mean them the way that they say them.

Michael: My dad's different than other dads.

Peg: Yeah, kick you out on the street because you done something?

Michael: No, but I've never done anything like this.

Peg: Yes, and has he ever had to deal with something like this?

Michael: I told you, I shot his girlfriend.

Peg: That was an accident. And as bad as that seems, the way I'm hearing it, he -- he's never done anything to you to make you think that he would give you physical harm, has he?

Sonny: Make Trevor reason. Convince him that giving me my son back is in your best interest.

Johnny: And if I can't?

Sonny: 24 hours. If my son isn't back with me, if I'm not holding my son in 24 hours, that's how long you got left on this planet! 24 hours starting from now.

Max: Boss, what if he is telling the truth? What if he really doesn't know, what if they don't have Michael?

Sonny: They have him. Hey, I don't want you to do this to me right now, okay? Don't be Jason -- don't question me.

Max: Boss, I'm not questioning you, just hear me out, all right? If you do this, they have no reason to keep Michael alive.

Sonny: Well, they have no reason to keep him alive now, so this is how it plays out.

Andy: Anesthesia will take effect very soon, Mr. Cassadine. This will be over before you know it.

Nikolas: I -- I have to see her. I have to say goodbye to her first, please?

Nadine: She's not going to leave without saying goodbye.

Patrick: We have to be ready for rapid disconnect on all table apparatus, including anesthesia, just in case we have to take him to imaging.

Robin: Has the team had enough presurgical prep for this?

Patrick: I'd like to do it 20 times, but we can't wait. We have to go with what we have and the homework we've done. How long till he's under, Andy?

Andy: It's going to be a couple of minutes, he's fighting it.

Patrick: Once we've excised part of the parietal bone, I need my retractors set and cushioned with premoistened swabs. It's important we keep the meninges from drying out during surgery. Stay on top of things with damp gauze and light irrigation. The tumor itself is resting against several arteries, so we'll use the cusa to suction it out layer by layer. Are we ready yet?

Andy: He's almost there.

Nikolas: No --

Nikolas: No –

Marianna: I was handling Randy.

Ric: Oh, yeah, I saw that, I just didn't want you to have to.

Marianna: I don't need you to protect me; I don't need you to fight my battles.

Ric: Really? After your last run-in with him, you needed medical attention. Remember that -- I took you for it?

Marianna: And I am so grateful. I am so grateful for everything.

Ric: I -- I don't want that, okay? I'm happy to do it.

Marianna: Well, Mr. Corbin just hired me.

Ric: "Mr. Corbin just hired you"? I was just out -- I just went to get my wallet. You -- boy.

Marianna: Yeah, I work that fast.

Ric: I guess.

Marianna: So I got a new job, and I'm going to start paying you back.

Ric: Okay, I -- I don't want your money.

Marianna: Everybody wants something, everyone does things for a reason.

Ric: You're not comparing me to the guy who treated you like an indentured servant, a guy who abused you?

Marianna: It's just a different kind of control.

Ric: I'm not trying to control you.

Marianna: I'm -- you don't have to try. You know, it's just effortless for you, babe.

Ric: Oh.

Marianna: Seriously, it's -- I mean, you take it for granted. It's just there, unspoken, you know, when someone else has the control. You may not have to work, but I do.

Mike: Oh, hey, I'll -- I'll get that. You know, I -- uh -- I might've warned you about Ric, but I can see you can handle yourself just fine.

Marianna: Warned me why? I -- I met him at Martha’s Vineyard. He was there putting some things behind him, and -- um --

Mike: Well, look, you know, that's -- that's really a good thing for anyone -- if you can really do it.

Trevor: Your source is not reliable -- Johnny’s not around here.

Lulu: I'm sorry that I hurt you. And I know I did -- a lot of times. You told me how you felt about me, and I told myself that I was being honest with you, but I wasn’t. It wasn't fair -- the way that I defended Johnny and took care of him, got so close to him. You talked about the girl that you dreamed of when you were in Iraq, one who would take your life in a whole other direction, wipe away all the bad stuff that happened before, the girl with the amber eyes.

[Music plays]

Lulu: And it scared me -- the idea of being that girl, of meaning that much to someone, really. And I know what it's like to love someone so much that your heart throws your brain out the window. That's what happened to me and Dillon, and we all know how that turned out. I wasn't honest with you, Logan, I know that. But I want to be. So I -- I need you to wake up so that we can make this right.

Singer: Gently close my eyes

[Phone rings]

Singer: Your lips touch my lips oh, I felt so alive my first, my last my always, my

Lulu: Hello?

Johnny: It's me.

Singer: Sweetest kiss

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: We both know I hit something.

Sam: Is there something you're not telling me?

Sonny: Anything on Michael?

Jason: I don't know that the Zaccharas took him.

Nadine: We're losing him.

Emily: You have to choose.

Patrick: Clear.

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