GH Transcript Friday 3/7/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/7/08


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Patrick: Ah, you're back. He's still out. I would like him to get as much rest as possible.

Elizabeth: Okay, good.

Patrick: Saw you left with Jake earlier.

Elizabeth: I was on a break. I just thought I'd swing by and say hi.

Patrick: With Lucky's son?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry; I don't know what you're getting at.

Patrick: Look, it's really none of my business, but I don't know if Lucky would appreciate you bringing Jake to see Jason. And he is the father. He should have a say in his kid's life.

Marianna: I can see my mother's face leaving something so beautiful behind, accident or not. "Que error, Marianna, que error."

Ric: Yeah, I could say the very same thing, what my mother would say if I had left something so beautiful behind at Marthaís Vineyard. It's no accident that I didnít.

Spinelli: As promised, the Jackal is a man --

Cassius: Okay, yeah, yeah. I get it, I get it. Let's just open it.

Spinelli: Okay.

Cassius: Just open it! Come on.

Spinelli: The last clue that helped the Jackal, P.I. was found on the inside of gift wrap, so --

Maxie: Yeah, that I found.

Cassius: But this is kind of a sensitive issue, so if we can get a little bit --

Spinelli: It's been a sensitive day for wise Georgie's sister, so -- you may join us.

Maxie: So, what's going on?

Cassius: Okay, your friend here and Jason promised Epiphany that they'd find out who killed her son, and this is the box the police found at some cheap room that he was staying in.

Spinelli: Yeah, and it is my belief that the anti-capitalist fanatic -- and also beloved deceased of stalwart and nurturing nurse Epiphany Johnson -- would've been smart enough to leave clues behind in case of his untimely demise.

Cassius: It's -- it's just an old book.

Spinelli: I believe -- I believe it's much more.

Maxie: Why?

Spinelli: Well, it may all be in the title -- H.G. Wells' classic, "The Island of Dr. Moreau."

Kelly: The baby's okay. But I strongly urge you to calm down and avoid as much stress as possible.

Carly: Easier said than done.

Kelly: But I know you'll do it because I know what your children mean to you. Okay?

Jax: What's wrong?

Carly: It's Michael and Jason.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Hello?

Jerry: Hello, brother. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Is that offer to be business partners still on the table?

Kate: Jax and I were just talking about our history together, the candy and other old scars.

Sonny: Well, I'm back in your life now. You don't have to talk to Jax about that stuff anymore, you know?

Kate: Well, a girl should have some secrets with her friends.

Sonny: Well, uh -- he's going to have a hard time getting to you anyway.

Kate: Why?

Sonny: Why? Because I talked to Dr. Julian, all right? And he said you can be released in a couple of days and -- as long as you rest and have a lot of care. And what better place to do that than my house?

Kate: I'm not sure that's such a good idea, Sonny.

Sonny: Why not?

Patrick: I'm sorry. That was -- that was completely out of line.

Elizabeth: No, it's okay. I'm sure Lucky wouldn't be happy if he knew I was bringing Jake to visit Jason.

Patrick: I'm not going to tell him. Honestly, I don't make it a point to get in other people's business.

Elizabeth: But you're making an exception for me?

Patrick: Little bit of a sensitive issue right now, fathers and children. Like it or not, I'm going to be a dad, too.

Sam: Ow.

[Door opens]

Nikolas: Alexis, come on in. So how's Kristina?

Alexis: Well, she's not doing as well as we'd like her to do. She is not quite buying the fact that we're telling her over and over again that Diego is not some monster that's stationed at her window that won't die. She's just not ready to accept that yet. It'll take some time. Kids are impressionable, you know? Sometimes when they're young, things stick with them and they have trouble shaking it. Yeah. It makes me wonder a little bit about Spencer. I'm sure he's wondering why his dad isn't seeing him anymore.

Nikolas: You're right. I'm actually -- I'm actually glad you brought that up. I've been going over my will here and wondering who should take care of Spencer when I'm gone.

Alexis: Where are you going?

Sonny: Why wouldn't you want to stay with me and let me help you get you on your feet?

Kate: Because that wasn't the tone of our relationship when I got shot and was brought in here.

Sonny: I thought we got past that, Kate.

Kate: I bet you thought you got a lot past me while I was a captive audience.

Sonny: What did J-- I mean, did Jax say something? What happened that you're not telling me?

Kate: I don't know, Sonny. Did something happen you're not telling me?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, something did happen, and -- and -- I shouldn't have kept it from you.

Anthony: The slut's back.

Claudia: Are you calling me that because you do or don't remember who I am today?

Anthony: I'm calling you that because of the way you're dressed. You were such a nice little girl.

Claudia: I was a wimp. I let people walk all over me and worse. Look, I didn't get a lot of the things I wanted growing up. Well, I'm going to give you an opportunity to make that up to me.

Anthony: How?

Claudia: By helping me get something that I want right now.

Anthony: Stop playing games. What do you want?

Claudia: Sonny Corinthos.

Nikolas: Things happen.

Alexis: You're talking about this operation, I hope, this very long overdue operation.

Nikolas: Well, Alexis, if -- if I hadn't put it off as long as I did, I would've never remembered that Diego was the one who killed Emily. And it would've just -- it would've just gone on. He would've kept killing people.

Alexis: Okay. Okay, so it's done and you have avenged Emily. So now it's time for you to put that behind you and get to the business of living your life again. One of the reasons I'm here -- and it's conflict of interest aside -- but the D.A.'s office is not pressing charges against you. Even with Maxie's statement, at best it would be manslaughter. You would've gotten off on self-defense. And we are all very satisfied with the fact that Diego hung himself accidentally.

Nikolas: Well, it could've been murder -- and would've been, if Emily didn't stop me.

Sonny: You were just out of recovery. I didn't want to upset you.

Kate: Yeah, well, some things are more upsetting as time goes by.

Sonny: I didn't want to even tell you at all, to be honest with you.

Kate: So why are you?

Sonny: Why? Because I know you see that I'm a little jumpy and I figured Jax already told you.

Kate: Just -- just tell me.

Sonny: Michael's missing.

Kate: What do you mean, missing?

Sonny: It happened the same day you were shot. Max went to pick him up after this -- after practice, okay, and he wasn't there.

Kate: No, Sonny, no, no. Do you think he ran away?

Sonny: No. I think -- I think he was grabbed by the same people who were responsible for shooting you.

Anthony: What do you mean, you "want" Sonny Corinthos? Never mind. I don't want to envision too much.

Claudia: Getting a man in bed is easy for me, Daddy.

Anthony: Hmm. Where's Maria? You should be having this talk with Maria -- or your mother.

Claudia: Both dead and gone, both of them. And I don't have any intention of ending up like either one of those women -- shot to death or crazy.

Anthony: Why would you say such awful things? Maria could walk in and hear you. Your mother could walk in and hear you.

Claudia: When was the last time Trevor was here, Daddy?

Anthony: He comes and goes. I don't know.

Claudia: Does he ever give you anything?

Anthony: Give me what?

Claudia: We had this conversation.

Anthony: Well, I hope you already know the answer because the questions are confusing the hell out of me.

Claudia: Okay. Does he ever give you pills?

Anthony: The nurses give me pills, the big ones --

Claudia: Trevor -- does Trevor ever give you pills, Dad?

Anthony: He used to give me a headache. He still gives me a headache.

Claudia: You're giving me a headache.

Anthony: What does this have to do with Sonny Corinthos?

Claudia: You are giving me a headache! I need you to focus, now! I need information from you!

Anthony: For what?

Claudia: A trade.

Milo: Got a guy bringing in some food. Mr. C says you can have a snack.

Johnny: And with that, he certainly secured himself a seat in heaven.

Milo: Going to start writing on the ceiling now, Mozart?

Johnny: While I'm encouraged that you actually know the name of a classical composer, the piece on the wall was composed by Debussy.

Milo: Whatever you say.

Johnny: Mozart composed his first piece of music at the age of 5.

Milo: 5. And what exactly have you done besides --

Johnny: Art takes inspiration. Can you even spell "inspiration?"

Scott: Mayor Floyd? Yeah, we got to get Alexis out, get me back in. Right. All right, we'll talk soon.

Scott: Any change?

Epiphany: No, but we'll have Dr. Drake call you and let you know what to expect next.

Scott: Listen, um -- is it wrong that I want revenge on the person that did this to him?

Epiphany: No.

Scott: I didn't think so.

Epiphany: But you can be grateful that he's alive.

Cassius: Hey. Hey, glad I found you. Great news -- Spinelli may have a lead on Stanís killer.

Jerry: No, I don't have time to talk now. I'm meeting with someone who might have a transport venue for us.

Man: "Might" won't move the product I have piling up.

Jerry: Yes, I'm aware of that. In the interest of good faith --

Man: And keeping on my good side.

Jerry: Yeah, see, if we're careful, we might work out an interim arrangement with the monastery.

[Man chuckles]

Man: Ah. Mr. Moreau and his brothers at St. Fiacrius. Sounds like the title for the feel-good hit of the summer.

Jerry: Well, I think the Abbott would love you. He has a peculiar penchant for belladonna.

Man: I'll make sure to avoid afternoon tea with him then. I just called you to let you know that I'll be leaving for the day. I'm going to work.

Jerry: You are gainfully employed?

Man: You should try it sometime.

Jerry: Where?

Man: Ah. I've seen you, but you haven't seen me.

Jerry: How long have you been pulling the wool over my eyes?

Jax: Should I be wondering the same thing?

Alexis: In a way, I actually am responsible for this.

Nikolas: Why?

Alexis: Because I've read Sam's statement, and the details were sketchy, but Diego wanted revenge on all the people that tried to hurt his family. He wanted revenge on me because he believed I killed his uncle. And I did -- I wanted him dead, and I wanted revenge. And he wanted revenge, so really, in the end, what's the difference?

Nikolas: There's a big difference. Itís not the same. You went after someone because they tried to hurt you. Emily didnít hurt anyone. She didn't hurt Diego. She didn't hurt Luis or Alcazar or anyone. Diego killed Emily because he wanted Jason to suffer. Well, that's great. He did, he does, and he will. Now, he may be able to handle it better than me. He may be able to hide it better than me. But Emily was my fiancťe. She was the rest of my life. You understand? Although I do find it somewhat ironic and just that Maxie and I were the last ones Diego saw. I mean, she -- she lost her sister from Diego, Coop -- two people she loved, she loved very much. So I think that she did get some satisfaction in Diego's death.

Alexis: But none for you?

Nikolas: No, no, none for me. Diego killed my reason to live.

Alexis: You're in mourning, Nikolas.

Nikolas: No, I'm in hell! I'm not --

Alexis: You have a brain tumor, which is clouding your judgment. That is part of the problem.

Nikolas: No, it's not. What it does is it allows me to see the past, see everything I've lost. Without it, all I see is this empty space here.

Alexis: So what are you saying?

Nikolas: I'm saying I'm not having the operation.

Alexis: Like hell you arenít.

Alexis: I realize that you were raised to be a self-absorbed, entitled prince of a man by your father, but you have a mother, too. Remember her? Generous, kind, caring. And everything that just came out of your mouth right now is spitting at what --

Nikolas: Don't you guilt me! This is my life!

Alexis: And your son's! Or doesn't he count? I realize that what happened to Emily was cruel and senseless, but not as stupid and ridiculous as what's coming out of your mouth right now. You've decided that you can't live without Emily, so you're going to join her? What about the person who can't live without you? What about your son?

Nikolas: He's not old enough! He's not old enough to be affected by any of this!

Alexis: Well, maybe I am. Maybe your brother is. Maybe Lulu and Kristina and Molly and all the other people who happen to love you -- what are we supposed to do, just accept this romantic gesture and be happy about it?

Nikolas: No, I'm just asking you to understand it, that's all!

Alexis: I'm not going to understand it! I'm never going to understand it! And by the way, one day your son is going to be old enough to understand what you've done. And he's going to be wondering his entire life why you didn't care enough --

Nikolas: Just stop, stop, stop! I should be able to die any way that I want to, okay? So I've drafted a living will. And once it's official, nobody can step in and stop me.

Alexis: I will, I will. I'll stop it, I'll fight it.

Nikolas: Fine. Then I'll fight you right back. And by the time it leaves the judge's desk, I'll already be dead anyway.

Alexis: And I will have you declared insane, because that's exactly how you're acting.

Nikolas: Okay, here it is. If I survive this tumor and have to live the rest of my life without Emily, that is what you don't want to see! Now, this is what I want, and you or anyone else won't stop me.

Emily: Then I will.

Lucky: Are you okay?

Sam: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I wouldn't have been if I would've landed wrong. Of course, I could say the same thing about falling several hundred feet off of a bridge, but you were there to catch me, too, even though you were shot. And -- I know. You know, nothing -- nothing personal, all in a day's work. It's just your job. I got that.

Lucky: You know, it was good that you remembered Diego going off to set some explosives because we found a whole bunch of them in the drainage system under the pcpd. We don't know how many there are or where he put them, but we think that it's controlled by his computer, which we found, which the hard drive was really smashed with -- with the fight with him and Nikolas, you know, which we haven't recovered too much.

Sam: Nikolas? How is Nikolas?

Lucky: You know, I don't know. I thought he might be here scheduling surgery, but -- I left a whole bunch of messages for him at home, and I just haven't heard anything back. And I've just been too busy doing followup and -- or to even to check on him.

Sam: It's good that he's the one who got Diego. I mean, just -- he stole Emily from him.

Lucky: No, he stole Emily from all of us.

Sam: It is not easy to lose somebody that is really important to you, especially when you didn't have anything to do with it, unlike me. Anyway, Detective Spencer, I would just like to say, for the record, thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

Lucky: You know, for the record, it had nothing to do with the job.

Patrick: I'm sorry. That was way too much information.

Elizabeth: Please. Finding out you're going to be a parent is life-altering. You're allowed to have a little trouble processing.

Patrick: And here I thought I was handling it so well.

Elizabeth: Why did Robin finally tell you?

Patrick: She didnít. I guessed it, and I made her admit it. I heard her talking to Mac, and she said that she never used a sperm bank. Then she mentioned some unflattering characteristics about the daddy, so --

Elizabeth: Well, for what it's worth, I encouraged her to tell you.

Patrick: You need to work on your persuasion skills.

Elizabeth: Oh. I didn't want to turn a happy time into a stressful one. And I did use the argument that the truth has a way of coming out.

Patrick: Did you use that argument to convince her that I might be a good father after all?

Elizabeth: Have you?

Jerry: I didn't think you'd be so prompt.

Jax: Oh, you didn't think I'd come at all.

Jerry: Well, that's quite true after I rejected your kind offer to be Jacks and Jacks Brothers, Incorporated.

Jax: Kindness had nothing to do with it, Jerry. My offer to go into business with you is strictly to keep you out of trouble and it still is. But, according to you, that's impossible, right, because you don't want to subject me to your somewhat questionable past.

Jerry: Oh, now that is kind.

Jax: So what changed? Why should I trust you now?

Mike: Hey, guys, I'll be able to finish this up in a minute. Just have a seat and I'll be with you as soon as I can, okay?

Ric: It's okay.

Mike: All right.

Ric: I wanted to grab a quick bite, but looks like it's kind of busy in here. I imagine it probably reminds you of that place you used to work in Marthaís Vineyard. Come on, I'll take you someplace nice.

Marianna: No, this is nice.

Ric: Oh, come --

Marianna: And it's not that. And I'm not afraid of being reported anymore.

Ric: All right. Have a seat.

Marianna: Thank you. I am with a charming, handsome man.

Ric: Oh.

Marianna: And there's no Randy glaring at me with hooded eye behind the counter and that awful plaid shirt he always wore. Thanks to you, he can't touch me anymore.

Emily: I'm not going to let you hurt yourself for me, Nikolas.

Alexis: I can't let you do this to yourself.

Nikolas: You need to -- please, you need to leave right now.

Alexis: No, no, no. You need to get ahold of reality.

Nikolas: And you need to get ahold of what it feels like to be so in love with someone you can't live without them. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. That's right, you canít. You're not capable of turning that kind of power over to anyone, are you?

Alexis: I know you didn't mean that.

Nikolas: If I said I did, will you please leave?

Nikolas: God. God.

Emily: That was awful, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't care! I just wanted her to leave, okay? Oh, God. What -- what -- why are you wearing this? It's like -- it's like you're a part of everything.

Emily: Well, yeah, that I'm a part of everything around you? Yeah, Nikolas, that's the natural progression of things when someone you love dies!

Nikolas: No, it's not. It's different with you, right?

Emily: Because of a tumor.

Nikolas: No. No, not because of that, because of -- because of our love. You said you believed that, Emily.

Emily: Yeah, okay, that's right, Nikolas. What do you think is going to happen to you when you die?

Nikolas: We'll be together then.

Emily: Yeah. How can you be so sure, huh? Because what you feel, what you see, what we have, Nikolas, it's not real. It's not death. It's a defiance of death.

Nikolas: Know what this is? It's an affirmation of our love. Remember? That's what you --

Emily: For now. Yes, but it's not going to last. Nikolas, your tumor is going to get worse. Your symptoms are going to get worse. If you don't go through with this surgery, then this little piece of me that you're holding on to, Nikolas, it's not going to comfort you in your sleep. It's going to turn your dreams into nightmares.

Patrick: I barely had time to make any arguments with Robin. I guessed the truth, she admitted it -- kind of took the wind out of me.

Elizabeth: Maybe you were hoping you were wrong.

Patrick: Maybe. But I wasnít. I said all the wrong things. We fought. She said nothing had changed, that as far as she and the world were concerned that the father of her baby came from a sperm bank, and, as you could imagine, it kind of went downhill from there.

Elizabeth: What do you want?

Patrick: Huh. I don't know. I mean, I'm a father now, so that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. I love the baby's mother. I don't know, maybe when this baby's born, there will be some miracle and the love I have for her will work wonders on me.

Elizabeth: Have you told Robin this?

Patrick: She hasn't really given me the chance, you know.

Elizabeth: Maybe she's afraid.

Patrick: Yeah, well, maybe she's not the only one.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: I don't know where you are, Johnny, or if you're even okay. Um -- I know that you and Sonny are having problems. I told him not to hurt you. There's so much that I want to say and it's just not going to come out right over the phone, so I guess I'll wait till I can see you. I really need to see you. I -- just be careful.

Lulu: How do I ever make this up to you?

Robin: Well, you've obviously retained your ability to detach from a woman as soon as I walk in the room. But you know what? It doesn't matter because I know that, number one, Elizabeth knows better, and, secondly, I don't care.

Elizabeth: I have rounds to make. You two need to talk.

Patrick: She's right.

Robin: No, she's not. We have nothing to talk about.

Patrick: I told Elizabeth. I told her about the father.

Robin: Well, then you are spreading false information, and I want you to stop right now.

Lucky: That night, I saw that car going over the bridge and I heard you screaming. I yelled for you and I didn't hear a thing.

Sam: Lucky, please, let's not make this any more than what it was, okay? Maybe saving me wasn't about you doing your duty as a police officer, but it certainly wasn't about you risking your life for the woman that you would die for. Your reflexes to -- to grab me from the brink of death was about you being an amazing, generous, giving man. Your instinct was to risk your life to save someone else. Someone else, okay? My instinct is about self-preservation.

Lucky: Sam --

Sam: No, please, Lucky. Please, just let me say this, okay? No more lies by omission or sweeping things under the rug. I thought we were past that the night you threw me out.

Lucky: I shouldn't have thrown you out.

Sam: But you did, and it's okay because it was my fault, okay? I am -- I am the one who destroyed everything that was good between us. I lashed out at Jason and Elizabeth, and I put innocent children's life at risk to do it.

Lucky: I lashed out at Elizabeth -- drugs, infidelity.

Sam: Yes. Drugs, Lucky, drugs! You had an excuse! I didnít. I donít. I'm just -- I am tired of the hurt. I am -- I am tired of being angry.

Lucky: You said loving me changed you. I didn't want to believe that that night.

Sam: Okay, well, what do you believe now? Hmm? Can you honestly tell me that you believe everything, every single word that comes out of my mouth? You have your truth and I have mine. You know, Lucky, there's just -- there's too much hurt between us. I think we both deserve people who can look at us and see the beauty and the promise and not all of the ugly failures, okay?

Lucky: We know who we are.

Sam: And we know who we're not. Can you really tell me that you want to build a future on that?

Ian: Well, as pleased as I am that you're getting some fresh air and exercise, I don't think you should be on that hip for so long. Allow me.

Sonny: I should've been watching Michael and Morgan closer.

Kate: Sonny, they don't live with you. And even if they did, I'm not sure you could change the course of history. Boys Michael's age start hiding things from their parents.

Sonny: I already knew Michael was wound up.

Kate: About what?

Sonny: He -- Michael took Leticia and Emily's death a lot harder than Morgan did, and he has this thing that he wants to be like me. So he was out running around trying to protect his mother and Morgan from the text message killer. I said, "You don't have to do that, Michael. We don't need your help. Me and Jason are handling it." He says, "No, you're not, Dad, because the killer's still out there," which is true.

Kate: No.

Sonny: Yes, it is true.

Kate: It's probably not true, Sonny. And you're probably feeling more than the normal parent guilt right now because of your father and your stepfather and Trevor and how they treated you growing up. You cannot protect a child from childhood, Sonny.

Sonny: This isn't childhood, Kate. Michael's out buying bullets, trying to steal guns? Because he thinks that's the solution and he got that from me and Jason? That's probably why he was down in the waterfront in the first place. My men found his backpack near where I found you.

Kate: It doesn't mean that he was taken, Sonny. It doesn't mean that anything happened to him.

Sonny: There's a connection, you know? It's like you and Trevor get in a fight, right? He threatens you, and then you end up getting shot at the same place you tell him where you're going, the same place that Michael ends up missing.

Kate: You're taking this all out on yourself now.

Sonny: Well, no. Here's what I'm going to do -- I'm going to take it out on the people who are to blame.

Kate: What are you going to do?

Sonny: I'm going to end this game with the Zaccharas once and for all. Yes.

Kate: Sonny, this is not my business, and I'm -- I'm just going to say it. You were always like this. Someone hurts you and does something against you and you lash out. You lash out without thinking, without consequences, and you always end up hurting yourself. I mean, look at what you did after I refused your proposal.

Claudia: You know, I could've just driven to New York and gotten this information from Carlo myself.

Anthony: Yeah. You could've gotten a lot of things from carol dressed like that.

Claudia: Daddy, that's inappropriate, really. You sure this information is correct?

Anthony: Yeah, give or take a few names and addresses. Some of the people might be dead by now.

Claudia: You wouldn't be setting me up, now, would you?

Anthony: Anybody hurts you, I'll see they eat dirt the hard way -- buried alive in it. You don't think I'll come back and get what's mine? You wait. You all wait everybody can have the same damn look of surprise on their mugs as you do when they die. They'll be sweeping the bodies off the streets like confetti after a parade.

Claudia: It's not so much that I'm surprised at your ruthlessness. I'm -- I'm surprised to hear you talk about protecting me. I mean, you know, you -- I don't understand you at all, Daddy. I really donít. I certainly didn't get the best of you, and Johnny -- I don't know. Sometimes I think Johnny would've been better off if I had stuck around to take care of him.

Anthony: You and Johnny would've gone nuts.

Claudia: No, well, you did go nuts enough for both of us.

Anthony: Where is Johnny? He ain't been here. Maria says she's hasn't seen him, either.

Claudia: I'm going to bring Johnny out to see you myself, okay?

Anthony: Claudia, wait. You bring my son here soon. I want to see my son.

Nikolas: What are you talking about?

Emily: Nikolas, do you think it's just going to go on like this until, what, you take a nap and you fade away? You slip off with me somewhere, hand in hand?

Nikolas: Why can't it be that way if that's the way we want it to be?

Emily: Because, Nikolas, you're a romantic. Because you're so in love that you've been able to see me this way. You've been able to see me this way up until now.

Nikolas: I don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean?

Emily: All right. I'm a doctor, okay? For lack of a better word, I'm the practical one. I'm the one who sees what you want to remember. I'm the one who sees what you can't remember. I'm the one who can see what's going on inside of you. I'm the one who can see how ugly it's going to get.

Nikolas: No. No, it won't, I promise.

Emily: Your tumor is going to get worse. Your symptoms are going to get worse. You're going to lose control. There's going to be madness before death. You're not going to be in charge of anything.

Nikolas: Oh, God, it hurts.

Emily: You're not going to be able to see me the way you want to see me.

Nikolas: Yes, I will.

Emily: You're only going to be able to see me the way you're afraid to see me --

Nikolas: No, that's not true. That's not true.

Emily: Dead --

Nikolas: No --

Emily: Dying --

Nikolas: No --

Emily: And in pain.

Nikolas: No, you're lying. You're lying to me right now because you just want me to live.

Emily: Yes. And if you love me, Nikolas, if you truly love me, then you will.

Nikolas: No. Emily, wait. Wait, please. Oh! Oh, God! Oh!

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Patrick: You don't get to decide what kind of father I am going to be.

Robin: As far as I'm concerned, you're not.

Jason: What were you doing at Sam's?

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