GH Transcript Thursday 3/6/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/6/08


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Carly: Jason's not here. He's still in surgery. I've been back three times. Wasn't bad enough that you cost him his son. How many fingers is he going to lose because of you?

Mike: Hey, hey, hey. Is this any way for a hero to act in public, huh? Look at this -- "text message killer dead for real." It says here, "Damian Spinelli" --

Spinelli: Present.

Mike: "Nikolas Cassadine, and the police commissioner's daughter" caught the bastard. Way to go, way to go. So you spent the night at PCPD giving your statement, huh? You know, it also says here that you had a hard time remembering a lot of things because of an -- an accident with chloroform?

Spinelli: Um, could I have some coffee so this could be a two-sided conversation?

[Mike laughs]

Mike: You got it.

Cassius: Hey, hero. Let's get it together. You've got a job to finish.

Robin: Nikolas, this is a bad idea. I don't know how many ways to tell you, you were brought in by the ambulance last night. You collapsed again.

Nikolas: I need to find Nadine.

Robin: The police are looking for her.

Nikolas: Really? Well, they couldn't find the killer for months. I don't think Nadine has that long.

Robin: Well, neither do you if you don't go through with your surgery.

Nikolas: I can't just abandon her, all right? She stood by me and believed in me about Emily.

Robin: What about Emily?

[Tapping on door]

Diane: Hello? Hi.

Kate: Hi.

Diane: Oh, can you forgive me? I have been so remiss in coming to see you. But I was trying to find the best "get well" present. And what does one give to Kate Howard? So I finally hit on this. You ready? It is the last issue of "Couture" that they did without your input and it is a train wreck. So, since laughter is always the best medicine, I thought it would be good for a couple of chuckles. Plus, I want your advice on whether or not to buy a delightful, little, day-to-evening combo on page 190 --

[Kate sniffles]

Diane: Are you crying?

Kate: Oh --

Diane: Kate, have you been crying? They told me that your recovery was going so well.

Kate: I'm fine, I'm fine. Diane, I --

Diane: Well, then what on earth is making -- Sonny. Sonny. That uncouth, open-collared brute -- what has he done to you now?

Max: Hi.

Claudia: Hi.

Max: I'm sorry, Ms. Zacchara. I'm going to have to ask you to wait out here for a moment -- a minute.

Claudia: Oh, really? You are dying to pat me down, aren't you?

Max: Um --

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: Go ahead, take your best shot. But you should know -- I don't usually conceal my weapon.

Max: Oh.

Sonny: Max? Bring the car around.

Claudia: He's not going to be needing the car for a while, Max.

Sonny: Max, bring the car around.

Max: Excuse me.

Sonny: Okay, I'm busy right now. I got to find my son, and I can't really squeeze you into my schedule.

Claudia: You will listen to me unless you don't ever want to see your son again.

Sonny: Okay, thank you. It finally comes out, you took Michael. Are you also responsible for shooting Kate?

Claudia: My uncle raised me understanding that wives and children were off-limits. When did that change?

Sonny: You tell me. Where the hell's my son?

Claudia: I don't know.

Sonny: Okay, you're wasting my time now! What do you want?

Claudia: I want my brother.

Sonny: That's not going to happen.

Claudia: I have a trade.

Sonny: I know what the trade is. It's Trevor. He's not worth the spit it takes to shine my shoes.

Claudia: No, you know what? Forget it. I’m taking Trevor off the table. You can't have him.

Sonny: What?

Claudia: He's mine to deal with.

Sonny: What did he do -- what did Trevor do to you?

Claudia: No, you want to find Michael? I'm telling you that we don't have him. And every second that you waste thinking that we do makes the possibility of you actually finding out where he really is more and more remote, doesn't it?

Sonny: Why should I believe you?

Claudia: Because I wouldn't wish this on anybody.

Sonny: What do you know about losing a child?

Claudia: Family's family, you know? Johnny doesn't deserve to be paying for this.

Sonny: Johnny is a snot-nosed, arrogant, little bastard who thought he could take me on, but he can't, as you can see right now!

Claudia: So what do you feel? You feel more like a man because you can keep somebody that you think of as a snot-nosed little kid? Come on. I thought you had one-night stands to feel like a man.

Kate: Um -- uh, I was just having a rather unflattering moment of feeling sorry for myself, Diane.

Diane: I have those all the time. I actually bring them on before a shopping spree. It's amazing the amount of financial damage that can result.

[Diane chuckles]

Kate: So have you and Alexis crossed the tracks lately for another front-row, beer bottle fight in biker bars?

Diane: No. No, not lately, but I do feel a night of daring coming on.

Kate: Oh, no.

Diane: I actually managed to get ahold of a name of a firemen's watering hole on the south side of town. I think Alexis and I should go while it's still cold enough to wear our souvenir hunting jackets. Lordy, what is wrong with us?

Kate: Nothing, Diane.

Diane: Oh, please. It's like we're -- we're sneaking out to some seedy bar for a couple of beers and some exposure to some brave, heroic, sweaty, blue-collar men just so we can be completely different women.

Kate: Well, a lot of us have that woman inside of us. At least you and Alexis know how to find them.

Diane: So you're saying that you have that kind of woman inside of you and you just don't know how to let her out? Oh, come on, spill it. I won't tell a soul, not even Alexis. What kind of neon, naughty, work-a-day, pole-dancing woman lurks beneath the cool, calm exterior of Kate Howard?

Jax: Well, it sounds like I'm here just in the nick of time.

Elizabeth: Dr. Drake has brought in several specialists and there are more watching the surgery from monitors in their own hospitals. Believe me; they are doing everything they can to make sure that Jason does not lose --

Carly: You don't need to soften it, okay? I know the facts. Sliced tendons and severed nerves in both hands, all to save your sorry butt?

Elizabeth: He would've done the same for you, Carly.

Carly: But he didn't do it for me. He did it for you and Sam.

Elizabeth: What was he supposed to do? Let us die? Okay. You're a little more hateful than usual today, and I'm not sure what's causing it, but I've got to go.

Carly: This could really work out well for you, couldn't it?

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Carly: If Jason comes out of this surgery without the use of his hands, he can't work for Sonny anymore. That would leave the door wide open for you. But just so we're clear, Jason would be miserable. You could cost Jason everything.

Epiphany: I need you on 10.

Carly: We're not done yet.

Epiphany: I said I needed Nurse Webber. You will get out of her way and let her do her job.

Carly: You don't need to be pushy.

Epiphany: I said I needed Nurse Webber on the 10th floor. You will get out of her way or, heart attack or not, I will turn you upside down and mop this floor with your hair.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Epiphany. I'm on my way. Jason is going to come out of surgery needing to take care of himself, not you. So whatever drama you have going on this week, take it to somebody else, like maybe your husband?

Ric: Here. Yeah. This used to be an old cannery. Now it's pretty much of a tear-down.

Marianna: It's hard to believe a property in this condition could be worth so much to so many people.

Ric: Oh. Location, sweetie, location. Alcazar's piers and waterfronts run for miles in both directions from here. It's the haunted house listing the Port Charles waterfront. It was a major hub for underworld activity. Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar created a legacy of filth, corruption, and death here. From what I understand -- this morning I read in the paper that Diego, Lorenzo’s son that we thought was dead, tried to take one of these warehouses and carry on the family tradition.

Marianna: Oh. The energy in here is very bad. I can feel it.

Ric: I'm not surprised.

Marianna: Oh.

[Marianna chuckles]

Ric: You know, if I sign those papers, I could change all that ugly history. You know, find some investors and turn this place into something good and profitable, legally speaking. What's the matter? Are you cold?

Marianna: No, I just can't explain it. I just feel something, and it doesn't feel like something bad that's already happened here. It just feels like something bad's just yet to come, you know?

Cassius: How many times have you promised Epiphany that you'd look into her son's death?

Spinelli: Okay, Stone Cold and the Jackal, P.I. are larger-than-life men of their words.

Cassius: Okay, well, have you even opened the box of Stan’s stuff that she got when he died?

Spinelli: Jackal has been pretty busy lately, but I have pondered the procedure.

Cassius: Oh, you know what -- you know what I'm thinking? I think the Jackal should stop pondering and find a box cutter so he can get to it. I mean, where's the box?

Spinelli: Still safely secret at Stone Cold's fortress.

Cassius: Perfect. Today's my day off. Let's go get it. Let's open it up, see what's inside.

Spinelli: Okay. The potential clues contained in Stanford’s box of personal belongings, they're sensitive objects.

Cassius: Oh. Well, let's just hope one of those objects isn't cheese, because by now, it would be pretty funky, and that won't be pretty. Just like it won't be pretty if you put me off on this one more day.

Spinelli: Okay, look, I just have one more thing to do.

Cassius: What? What, you need to wax your were-hat or something?

Spinelli: What do you know of such things?

Cassius: You happen to be speaking with the highest score holder of international interplay.

Spinelli: The Jackal is oddly impressed and jealous at the same time.

Cassius: Well, I'll be happy to wipe the screen with you sometime. That is, after we find Stanford’s killer.

Spinelli: I meant what I said, okay? But I, Damian Spinelli, fragile and emotional mortal, though I wish I were not -- I have someplace I need to be. But then, Jackal, P.I. shall begin his next case.

Jerry: Well, I have to say, debauchery becomes you. Although this room does need a little bit of a woman's touch, don't you think?

Man: I save that for where it's needed most.

Jerry: The air's a bit stale, and it's bloody hot in here.

Man: I'm sweating out the alcohol and the impurities of intimate contact.

Jerry: Really? Well, a daily ritual, I guess.

Man: Only when it's needed. No. Please, leave the light off. It's artificial.

Jerry: Oh. You afraid of the dark? I mean, we could open the blinds. I mean, there is a sun shining out there.

Man: Mr. Moreau, why would you want the sun to blaze in here and shine a spotlight on your failure? Oh, excuse me -- failures, plural. Perhaps double identity is getting in your way. You've done it once before with disastrous results. I should know. I cleaned up after you.

Jerry: A fact you never stop reminding me of.

Man: I have product piling up. You promised me a venue. There are all those warehouses and piers just sitting vacant across from the Taylor building. Miles of waterfront property going to waste.

Jerry: Oh, you see, these days, you know, procurement has become a little problematic.

Man: Success, Mr. Moreau. Or the next thing that could get wasted is you.

Ric: You know, imagine something new and wonderful here, something unexpected.

Marianna: People smiling?

Ric: Yeah. Have you ever been to Seattle?

Marianna: Uh -- no, remember, Randy kept me on a very tight leash.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, there's this marketplace there.

Marianna: You'd make a grocery store here?

Ric: No, it's more than that. It's like a -- it's a whole experience. You know, there's, like, shops and there's these galleries. There's cafes. You know, the place on the corner is so walled in that you wouldn't even know that it's an old music hall. You know? This could be like a -- I mean, we could be sitting right in the middle of a -- an aquarium. Seattle has one of those, too.

Marianna: Yeah?

Ric: You take this whole miles of darkness and turn it into light, you know? Someplace to come and celebrate life.

Marianna: That could take years.

Ric: Yeah? No more than I've already wasted.

Marianna: Hmm. But what if --

Ric: What?

Marianna: Nothing.

Ric: What?

Marianna: It was a terrible thought.

Ric: Oh, no, no, no.

Marianna: Terrible negativity.

Ric: What, what? What, what, what?

Marianna: Okay. What if people like your brother or father try to stop you?

Ric: Oh. Well, let 'em. You know, there's these -- there's these apartments across the street. They're going through this whole gentrification process. We can find a way to change them up --


Trevor: Oh, look who's here. The master builder. What are you doing, making the mother of all surveys? What is it that we're calling you these days?

Robin: Is there something unusual on the stairs that I'm not seeing?

Nikolas: I need to be alone right now.

Robin: Nikolas, what do you see?

Nikolas: I told you to leave me alone.

Robin: Dr. Devlin was right. You've been lying to us. You've been having hallucinations.

Nikolas: No. No, it's more than that. It's more than I can explain to you. And I have no intention of trying, so would you please -- would you please just go?

Robin: Nikolas, I don't think that's a good idea.

Nikolas: Leave me alone! Okay. Okay, unless you're ready to bring in the white coats and have them take me away, the easiest path for you is to just do as I ask, okay? I'm in control. I'm not going to hurt anyone. So will you please just be my friend and go?

Nikolas: Oh. I thought you'd be gone. I thought with Diego dead that you wouldn't --

Emily: Nikolas, you still need me.

Nikolas: I always need you.

Emily: No, I mean, I'm still of some use to you. You know, what's left? I -- I helped you find my killer and now that's done. So why am I still here?

Nikolas: Maybe Nadine. Maybe you remember what Diego did to Nadine.

Emily: You think he might have strangled her?

Spinelli: My eyes have been opened by you. I only regret that you always saw me looking at someone else while you were still with us.

Maxie: What are you doing here?

Spinelli: The same as you. Honoring gentle Georgie on her birthday.

Emily: Diego's a very disturbed man, Nikolas.

Nikolas: That's a funny thing to say to someone who's standing here talking to his dead fiancée.

Emily: No, Nikolas, he was filled with hate. You're filled with love.

Nikolas: No. More hate than love right now, Emily.

Emily: It doesn't make you blind. It doesn't make you hurt people. Like I've told you all along, Nikolas, you would never hurt me. And now Diego’s never going to hurt anyone else. There are going to be no more victims.

Nikolas: Unless there's one we haven't found yet.

Patrick: We'll know more when the swelling goes down. We were able to repair a good 90% of the damage.

Elizabeth: Only 90%?

Patrick: Well, that's a positive outcome, considering the possibilities. He's going to have to heal, then there's rehabilitation.

[Pager beeps]

Patrick: Excuse me. I'll be back to check up.

Elizabeth: I am so sorry. I know you think I shouldn't be, but you saved me life again. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Sonny: I didn't realize you were so lonely that a one-night stand would have such an impact on you.

Claudia: It wasn't the stand. It was the man, okay?

Sonny: Okay, you know what? If you came here for that --

Claudia: No, I came here for my brother!

Sonny: He means a lot to you, doesn't he?

Claudia: Yeah, he means a hell of a lot more to me than your brother means to you, obviously.

Sonny: Ric is a waste of oxygen.

Claudia: Interesting family dynamic you have there -- Ric, Trevor, and you.

Sonny: The only family I'm interested right now is my son.

Claudia: Then maybe you need to strip away a little bit of your pride and your arrogance and just a tiny bit of that hatred you have towards Johnny and Trevor. Look at the big picture here, Sonny.

Sonny: Why would you want me to look at any direction unless it provides a distraction? Why would I even think you give a damn at all about finding my son?

Claudia: Because I like the idea of you being indebted to me! I like the idea of collecting on that debt even more.

Kate: Diane was just being chatty.

Jax: Yeah. In a friendly, intrusive kind of way, I'm sure.

Kate: Jax, it would shatter her illusion of Kate Howard if she found out about my humble beginnings.

Jax: Well, they didn't shatter mine.

Kate: Well, that's because you're a friend, not Diane. It's a lot easier to shatter the illusion of someone than I thought.

Jax: And who are we talking about?

Kate: Sonny, of course.

Jax: Of course.

Kate: And I know your image of him isn't great to begin with, so I probably just shouldn't even tell you.

Jax: You can tell me anything and it won't go anywhere. You already know that.

Kate: I've already told you so many of my worst secrets. I suppose I could just -- Sonny cheated on me. –

Spinelli: The constant commissioner just left. He didn't know I was here.

Maxie: Yeah. He wanted to come here with me, but I just wanted to be alone.

Spinelli: Well, I can come back.

Maxie: No. It's kind of right that you're here.

Spinelli: It is?

Maxie: Yeah. I mean, my sister loved you. She would get all huffy if I chased you away. She would probably want me to be nice to you on her birthday, especially since you helped me prove that Coop was innocent and you tracked down Diego, even though you subjected me to the degradation of getting stuck in a sewer with you. No, I think she probably would've gotten a kick out of that. I can almost see her standing here laughing. I just wish that I could hear her, you know?

Spinelli: Well, perhaps she can hear us. And therefore, she knows that we cherish her and will always hold her in our hearts.

Maxie: It just seems wrong that we're here and she's here.

Spinelli: It's very wrong. But it's right for us to be here, on this day.

Nikolas: So Diego grabbed Nadine when I was on the catwalk, so he couldn't have gotten far with her.

Emily: Well, the police have searched the building.

Nikolas: They must've missed something.

Emily: Nikolas, what's wrong?

Nikolas: It's just -- besides the pounding in my head, I don't know. I'm not sure. I don't know why you're a part of this. I didn't black out around Nadine. There's nothing I don't remember.

Emily: Nikolas, there's guilt involved in my presence, okay? I'm something that protects you when you're feeling responsible for something. You feel responsible for fighting with Nadine and leaving her alone.

Nikolas: I know, but I recognize that, so --

Emily: All right. Well, then there's some clue during your last exchange with Nadine.

Nikolas: Oh, come on. Well, Diego took Nadine right after I left her. Who knows? He may have been listening to us the whole time. Spinelli, Maxie, they came up through the sewer. I don't know. Diego's been living here for months and nobody even knew it. Who knows how many trap doors and secret hideaways he had here? Come on. We could be standing right on top of Nadine and not even know it.

[Elevator starts]

[Nadine whimpers]

Emily: Robin's right, Nikolas. You should go.

Nikolas: I can't go.

[Nadine whimpers]

Nikolas: Nadine has been a good friend to me. She selflessly helped and understood things that no one else could. Because she lost whoever was inside this locket. So would you please just help me?

Emily: Okay, Nikolas. You didn't hurt me. You didn't abandon Nadine. There you go, that's all the help you get.

Nikolas: That's not helping. Could you just pull on the –

Nadine's voice: Fine. I'll just drop me and my morality down some elevator shaft and be out of your way.

Nikolas: Nadine!

[Muffled screams]

Nikolas: Nadine! Nadine! Nadine, can you hear me?

Nadine: I'm here, Nikolas! I'm here! I'm here!

Jax: How do you know that Sonny slept with someone?

Kate: The woman he slept with told me.

Jax: Oh. Did you want me to ask you who it was?

Kate: Does it really matter?

Kelly: Oh, there you are. You wanted to see me?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Kelly: Okay.

Kate: Let's just say she was an obvious looking woman.

Jax: "Obvious"? "Obvious," right.

Kate: I don't even know why I let it upset me. I'm not really surprised. I guess I'm just a little vulnerable and tired.

Jax: Yeah. And Sonny wasn't the one who told you.

Kate: And Sonny wasn't the one who told me, Jax. I mean, it's not like he didn't stray when we were teenagers.

Jax: Well, you know, some men never grow up.

Kate: We had this stupid pact. I knew that there were other girls that kissed him. I knew there were girls that led him down under the boardwalk at Coney Island. He knew that if it only happened once, it was okay. But if it was more than once, then it -- we were definitely through.

Jax: It's different when you're an adult.

Kate: Is it?

Sonny: Whatever you're collecting, I'm not interested.

Claudia: Oh, come on. You know you enjoyed it when you didn't know who I was. And you know what? You'd like it twice as much knowing I'm the enemy. But you know what, Sonny? I'm not your enemy. Not unless you're determined to make me one.

Sonny: You want to trade sex for Michael? Are you telling me you know where Michael is?

Claudia: I'm telling you that I don't think Trevor has him, and that's something.

Sonny: Oh, so Trevor, you think, tells you everything?

Claudia: No, what -- why am I the only person who's concerned about making peace between our families?

Sonny: You just want to know the hotel key --

Claudia: No, and don't flatter yourself too much, Sonny, okay? Clothes or no clothes, I'd cut you down in a second for Johnny.

Sonny: You should have another conversation with Trevor, then.

Claudia: Maybe you should stop hating me so much that it clouds your judgment. Trevor just might win in the end if you don’t.

Sonny: I'll see him in hell first.

Claudia: Look, why would he take Michael and not ask for anything in return?

Sonny: Because Trevor feels like he has no use for Johnny. Maybe he wants to push me to the edge, get rid of Johnny, so that way, he has an excuse to start an all-out war.

Claudia: Okay, let me tell you something. If anything happens to my brother, Trevor won't be the only one calling for war. Do you remember what I told you when I first met you in the hotel room and you hinted at the idea of the two of us hooking up again? Do you remember?

Sonny: A woman like you and a man like me, there wouldn't be nothing standing for miles.

Claudia: If you hurt Johnny, there will be nothing standing, including you.

Ric: You know, you're trespassing.

Trevor: Bravo. Bravo. That means you must have signed the deeds. It's a pipe dream, but it's probably one of the most important things you've ever done in your life.

Ric: As usual, Trevor, you're the only one who knows what you're talking about.

Trevor: Richard, down deep inside, you know that you don't have the guts, the vision, or a sense of responsibility to bring this project home to fruition by yourself. So it's just going to sit here and rot. It'll be called, "Richard Lansing’s folly."

Marianna: That's a terrible way to speak to your son.

Trevor: I don't think I've been addressing you at all. Richie, pay attention to that small voice in the back of your head. It keeps whispering, "Turn the property over to your father. He is going to make you a very wealthy and powerful human being."

Ric: Right, with Zacchara blood money.

Trevor: You judge me? On what moral authority do you speak? Come on, Richard, cash in. You can retire to a deserted island with Miss Third World here, whatever --

Ric: Okay, that's it. That's enough.

Trevor: Hey, hands, Richard, hands. I'm your father.

Ric: You know what?

Trevor: I'll smack you!

Ric: You want to talk to me, that's fine.

Marianna: No, don’t.

Ric: No, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay, just -- I won't be long.

Trevor: Boy, I must have hit on a nerve. She probably got more tricks in her repertoire than I thought she did.

Ric: That's enough!

Trevor: Richard -- Richard –

Emily: You found her.

Nikolas: Huh? Yeah, yeah, she's -- she's fine, just a little shook up. The paramedics are -- are checking her out right now.

Emily: Well, what about you?

Nikolas: What about me? I'm just -- I'm really afraid right now that -- that this is over, it's over.

Emily: It has to be.

Nikolas: No, no, it doesn't, no.

Emily: We can't wait anymore; you have to have the surgery.

Nikolas: I need you!

Emily: No, you can't have both. Okay?

Nikolas: Why?

Emily: Listen to me. You need to be with Spencer -- and Lucky and Lulu and Elizabeth. I can't take up any more of your time.

Nikolas: But just being with other people and -- and especially with my family -- it's just really hard right now.

Emily: Okay. Then do it for me.

Ric: What is your problem with Marianna, huh? What is it; you can't stand to see me happy? Can't stand to see me succeed in the one area of life that you have failed over and over again at? How many is it? You got your first wife, you got your second wife. You got Sonny and my mother, you got Kate Howard.

Trevor: Richard -- you always think you have to learn the hard way. The problem is, you don't forget this girl. Damn her -- she's an opportunist.

Ric: Dad, she doesn't want anything from me!

Trevor: Oh, yes, she does, Richie. She is playing you for everything that you're worth. Come on, Richard, you can't bring this property to fruition by yourself, so --

Ric: There we go.

Trevor: Turn it over, or sell it to somebody who can.

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: And by the way -- if you're really thinking of your brother, that he's going to give a damn whether you turn around and give it to him -- surprise. He's only going to think that you're a bigger fool than you're currently being with -- whatever the hell her name is --

Ric: Yeah, yeah, go, will you?

Trevor: Wherever she comes from.

[Phone rings]

Trevor: Yeah, where are you?

[Timer beeps]

Jerry: We might have to face the fact that the Alcazar waterfront will remain a dead issue.

Man: I'm not comfortable with that answer.

Jerry: And I'm not comfortable with being threatened. Do we understand each other?

Man: You know better than to do something foolish. There are things I know about you that other people would kill to know, and kill you once they did. I'm afraid my death would send off a special delivery -- each and every one of them -- and there won't be any wiggle room for a new face this time. They'll probably also be interested in your family -- your brother, his wife, their child.

Jerry: What?

Man: Oh. Oh, you didn't know that your sister-in-law was pregnant? I thought you and your brother, Jasper, shared everything.

Jerry: You don't go near them.

Man: Then live up to your end of the bargain. You got sloppy the other night.

Jerry: It's a flesh wound.

Man: Perhaps I failed to mention that I have competitors as my front men, Mr. Moreau. You need to keep a more careful profile. You also got sloppy when you had Stanford Johnson killed long distance.

Jerry: Well, the Johnson boy walked in the door with a short shelf life.

Man: Let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite us. You may go.

Jerry: I'm being dismissed?

Man: You're being sent on a mission, even if it's temporary. Find yourself a business partner, and find one fast.

Jax: So you're going to confront Sonny about this, I'm assuming?

Kate: In my own way, in my own time.

Jax: Ah, that sounded definite.

Kate: Kate Howard relies on frosty glances and cold shoulders to get even, but Connie, she -- she shoots with both barrels, so if Sonny wants Connie, then I guess he's just going to have to take what comes with her.

Jax: There you go, that's the spirit, that's the spirit. Oh, I almost forgot something -- I got you a gift.

Kate: Ja-- Jax, I don't think that etiquette requires gifts for shootings.

Jax: No, no, no, no, they're from one friend to another. They're -- I remembered that you like Belgium chocolates -- they're Belgium chocolates.

Kate: I love Belgium chocolates.

Jax: Yeah, can I have one before I go?

Kate: Well, they're a long way away from Raisinets in local movie theaters.

Jax: You know, just got to remember that you've come a long way and you're not done yet. I got to go find Carly.

[Kate giggles]

Sonny: Okay, should I be jealous?

Jax: Yes, you should be -- of every man that walks up to Kate -- especially compared to you.

Sonny: Give me a second. Jax?

Jax: Hmm?

Sonny: What have you heard about Michael?

Jax: Well, we've heard some things, and we've purposely been keeping it from you, Sonny.

Sonny: Okay, is there -- is there a reason why you have more of a problem with me than usual?

Jax: More than usual?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: No.

Sonny: No?

Sonny: What's going on?

Elizabeth: I brought you a visitor. Jake wants you to hurry up and get better. But I say take your time and make sure you do, because we both love you. Can you say "bye-bye"? Say "bye-bye." Say "bye-bye."

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Diego killed my reason to live. I'm not having the operation.

Lucky: I shouldn't have thrown you out.

Sam: But you did.

Ian: Sam?

Kate: Something happen you're not telling me?

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