GH Transcript Friday 2/29/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/29/08


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Robin: You pick the worst time to have meaningless arguments.

Patrick: So you being pregnant is suddenly meaningless?

Robin: When it comes to you, yes.

[Ian sighs]

Ian: Has anyone broken the news to the father yet?

Patrick: I was about to, but Dr. Scorpio's determined to do things on her own.

Kate: What do you mean, "work on things together"?

Sonny: What I mean is, you came here, you -- you distanced yourself from Manhattan, right? You -- you're determined to start over with me, and I don't know how to --

Kate: And you acted like a rejected schoolboy. It’s somehow appealing on you. Especially when you smile.

Sonny: This whole thing is just -- well, it's taking me way off my game, you know? And I just want to ask you, do you -- do you still want anything to do with me after what I've done to you?

Kate: Why? What have you done to me?

Lulu: Hello? Johnny? Hello?

[Door opens]

Lulu: Hi. Uh -- is Johnny here?

Claudia: Who wants to know?

Lulu: I'm a friend of Johnny’s.

Claudia: Hmm. I didn't know Johnny had any friends. Tell me, friend, aren't you afraid of what happens to little girls like you who play with big boys like Johnny Zacchara?

Maxie: Oh! Oh! Spinelli, something moved!

Spinelli: Arthropod or annelid?

Maxie: What? Who cares? It was hatched in the sewer with enough legs to be really disgusting.

Spinelli: Okay, private investigative rule number 26 -- sometimes when walking in the footsteps of the killer, the most brilliant clue can be found in the darkest of places.

Alexis: Sam, it's your mother. Will you do me a favor? Please call me. I'm very worried about you. I am not comfortable with you being out there alone. The killer's still out there. He came after you once, and I don't care if you think I'm a nag. Call me.


Jason: Whew.

Elizabeth: Why did you kill Emily? She didn't do anything to you!

Diego: Oh, she was Jason's sister, and Jason needed to pay for what he did to my father. Agh!

[Tires screech]

Diego: Oh! Sit down! Shut up and sit down! Shut up! Sit down!

Elizabeth: Closed bridge!

[Elizabeth screams]

[Tires screech]

Diego: Oh!

[Glass shatters]


Sonny: Well, you know, the truth is, I can -- I can name a lot of things that I've done to you that sound pretty unforgivable. Why are you smiling about that?

Kate: It's the medication. You said the word "pretty" and it made me think of Celeste Tesoro.

Sonny: Ah --

Kate: Right? Well, she said that you were pretty. I said you were handsome. And we fought. It escalated. I flushed her rosary. She planted cigarettes in my locker.

[Kate chuckles]

Kate: And it went on and on for, like, three months.

Sonny: So you fought over me?

Kate: Well, it was easier than fighting with you.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: You were saying something about all the awful things you've done to me.

Sonny: Well, first of all, you -- you're in here because of me.

Kate: Sonny, you don't know that.

Sonny: Yes, I do know that. You want to -- you want to tell me about your not-so-nice encounter with Trevor the day you were shot?

Kate: He was inappropriate.

Sonny: Huh. Well, that's -- that's a permanent state of mind for Trevor. What did he want?

Kate: Me, I guess.

Sonny: Did he know where you were headed next?

Kate: Yeah, but I --

Sonny: What was the last thing he said to you?

Kate: He said, "You’ll live to regret it." Sonny, I don't think that he would shoot me. The bullet at -- at Metro Court was an accident. And yeah, he'd take advantage of an accidental bullet, but I don't think he'd out and out kill me.

Sonny: Trevor is desperate. He's making inroads. He wants aces to hold.

Kate: I liked the conversation better when we were talking about you being pretty.

Sonny: Even if it wasn't Trevor, it had to be somebody in the Zacchara organization who did it, and a lot more. But it's okay, because -- ahem -- I'm holding aces of my own.

Milo: Keep it down. You're going to wake up the bears. They should be getting hungry right about now.

Johnny: Sonny's making a big mistake. I don't know a damn thing about who took his kid or Kate Howard.

Milo: Well, when you get some inspiration, let me know.

Lulu: Johnny and I had a date and he didn't show.

Claudia: So? What, are you two joined at the hip now?

Lulu: Huh -- well, it's not like Johnny to stand me up. I mean -- well, it is, but not this time. It was different.

Claudia: Because you had sex? Don't get nervous. I read people. That's what I do. For instance, I read that you wouldn't even be here unless you had a lot of guts.

Man: I'm sorry, Ms. Zacchara. She got by me.

Claudia: Oh, that's okay. Let's see how you get by without your last paycheck. Get out.

Lulu: Um -- I didn't want to cause any trouble. I just wanted to talk to Johnny.

Claudia: Hmm. Well, if you don't want trouble, you're in the wrong house, cutie.

Lulu: Who are you?

Claudia: Johnny didn't mention me?

Lulu: No.

Claudia: He didn't? Oh, that's okay. I mean, he didn't actually mention you, either -- not directly. He's hiding me. Yeah, I think he's afraid I might scare you off.

Lulu: Well, I don't scare easily after being stalked by Johnny's father at a ball, and when he tried to strangle me, so --

Claudia: You're the one he tried to kill? Well, then you should count yourself special. Daddy doesn't feel threatened by just anyone.

Lulu: "Daddy"?

Claudia: Mm-hmm. I'm Claudia, Johnny's half sister. Charmed, I'm sure. And you -- you're the reason that my father is in a maximum-security asylum, paralyzed from the neck down. You and Jason Morgan.


[Beeping stops]


Diego's voice: You've just made it harder on yourself!

[Sam coughs]

Sam's voice: Wait a -- what are you going to do?

Diego's voice: I'm going to make sure you end up just like my father!

[Turns phone off]



Ian: Is she always like this?

Patrick: If you mean strong, dedicated, stubborn, and compassionate, yes.

Ian: Actually, I was referring to the snotty, standoffish part.

Patrick: I give her some allowances.

Ian: Why, because of the baby?

Patrick: Because of the baby's father.

Robin: It was all -- very sudden. We're not even sure if Angie had the right type of care during her pregnancy that this would've turned out differently.

Joe: So -- so everything I did that day in the E.R. -- the fake bomb and terrorizing everyone? That was -- it was all for nothing?

Robin: No, I wouldn't say that. Would you like to see her?

Joe: Yes, yes.

Robin: Okay. Come with me.

Russell: Now, that's Joe Smith. Don't you let him out of your sight.

Patrick: Wait a second -- what is that for?

Russell: The last time that man was here, he threatened innocent lives, right?

Patrick: It was a fake bomb for a very real reason. He was a desperate father with a pregnant wife and you turned him away.

Russell: No, he was a danger to the patients in this hospital and now, thanks to you, he's out on bail.

Ian: The only danger to the patients in this hospital is the way you run it.

Russell: Excuse me?

Ian: No, there is no excuse. This case shouldn't have ended up in death.

Russell: And you could of course run this hospital more efficiently?

Ian: Well, at least a little bit more compassionately, maybe from a healing perspective.

Russell: Healing? I haven't forgotten what I've learned in med school.

Ian: Well, maybe you've just forgotten how to be human.

Alexis: I'm sure you have a very entertaining explanation as to why you're sitting at my desk in the dark.

Jerry: Yes, I do. The door --

Alexis: Don't tell me that I left the door open again.

Jerry: Was open. How's Kristina?

Alexis: Kristi-- stop bringing Kristina into this and using it to deflect.

Jerry: I was genuinely concerned about you and your daughters. I mean, I was shocked to hear that Ric left town again after what happened. I mean, what could possibly be more important --

Alexis: You cannot just walk in here like it's the corner by -- this is my office. I'm the district attorney. This is the highest legal authority in this --

Jerry: Yes, and I can only imagine how frustrated you must be feeling about not bringing this man to justice -- you see, the killer with the catchy moniker who nearly killed Sam and scared Kristina into a state of semicatatonia?

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Alexis Davis. Yes, hello, Mayor -- what can I do for you? No -- nothing new on the T.M.K. I -- I'm doing everything that I can -- yes, I do understand that -- that it's an election year and I also understand that you're down in the polls, which is why you're interested in this case. How about you let me do my job instead of trying to come up with catchy campaign slogans for you? Good, then.

Jerry: The man's an idiot.

Alexis: You're all idiots. I'm worried about Sam. I have a bad feeling.

Jerry: Well, I can check up on her if -- a little easier.

Alexis: Wait a second. What is that?

Jerry: Oh, that? Um -- I had a -- an accident.

Alexis: You've been shot.

Maxie: Okay, so is there any reason we're just hanging around down here?

Spinelli: The Jackal has intuited why the clean-cut cadet found this place of such import. We are standing -- we are standing in drain channel 17 of the city of Port Charles department of waterworks, okay? This portion of pipe that we are standing in leads back to a connection, an intersection of connecting pipes and -- and channels basically dissecting the whole urban world above.

Maxie: So?

Spinelli: So -- from this starting point, the killer could go from point A to point B through P completely undetected and underground.

Maxie: So what you're saying is we're dealing with some kind of mole man?

Spinelli: Some sort of clever man, someone that is intent on remaining hidden and couldn't just blend in with the crowd.

Maxie: I'm sorry -- maybe it's the smell, but you're not really making that much sense.

Spinelli: Okay. The -- the text message killer does not want to be seen, period.

Maxie: Like who?

Spinelli: Well, maybe we could find a clue to that if we could get beyond this grate.

Maxie: Something Coop didn't do or couldn't have the chance to.

Spinelli: Or maybe -- and the killer knew that or maybe even saw him through the barrier. It looks like it leads to a single tunnel.

Maxie: To where?

Spinelli: Well, according to the D.W.P. map that I jackaled, straight under the abandoned waterfront property of Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jason: I -- I can't believe this. It looks like Diego Alcazar is the killer.

Max: But he was shot and he died.

Jason: Apparently not. His voice is on this phone -- he's got Sam.

Max: All I saw was Elizabeth and a duffel bag.

Jason: He said, "I'm going to see that you end up just like my father." What does -- what does that mean? "I'm going to see you end up just like my --" he's taking her to Hangman's Bridge. That's where I dumped Alcazar's body.

Alexis: Who shot you and why -- and I'm not asking you as a friend.

Jerry: Oh -- that not only hurts, I think it'd make a wound far deeper than this flesh wound.

Alexis: Who?

Jerry: Well, any, you know, in a long list of people with an equally long list of grievances.

Alexis: You know what? I'm not buying for one minute that you don't know who did this to you.

Jerry: Well, you know, "stuff happens," as your current president would say. I mean, your nephew stabbed me in a fit of rage without even remembering it.

Alexis: My nephew didn't do it.

Jerry: Well, the last time I heard, he had a tumor the size of a golf ball without getting close to curing it, so why are you so sure?

Alexis: You come into my office; you sit here in the dark. You didn't come in for legal advice, you certainly didn't seek medical attention, so my guess is that whatever happened to you happened nearby, and you came in here to hide out.

Jerry: Wow, you're good. You should be on a cop show.

Alexis: Yeah, I'm Nancy Drew -- years of dealing with felonious minds.

Jerry: Then I won't bore you with my little tale of woe.

Alexis: Okay. So maybe you want to tell it to the police.

Jerry: I'm in a race of some sort.

Alexis: Really? What kind of race?

Jerry: I'm trying to get to the finish line before some other people, some very determined people who would go to great lengths to see that I don’t.

Alexis: The same people who are after the same thing that you are, who will do anything to get that? The Sonnys, the Jasons, the other five families who all want this same valuable thing? What is it? Here's what I think. I think you came into this office to check my messages because you have a vested interest in where Ric is. Very concerned that he left town, so you came in here to see if you could find him, if you could contact him, because what you want is the waterfront property just like everybody else. Isn't that right?

Jerry: Do you know where Ric is?

Alexis: Do you think that I would tell you if I did?

Jerry: Only if you want Kristina to grow up knowing her father.

Alexis: Don't you dare use my daughter to scare the hell out of me anymore!

Jerry: No, this is the harsh reality -- think, Alexis! Do you think others will be as generous when they negotiate with him?

Alexis: I will have Ric contact the authorities.

Jerry: Oh, you don't want me to be locked up; you don't want me out of the picture. Not now, trust me.

Alexis: Trust you?

Jerry: Yes, alliances are being made, forces are converging. There will be a battle that is fought and it will be soon, and I am the only one person in the world who is invested in this, who has a vested interest in keeping Ric alive and well, believe me.

Alexis: So you want me to believe that you're doing this for my benefit?

Lulu: The only thing that happened at the ball was a lot of people trying to defend themselves.

Claudia: Mm-hmm. And what was my brother doing?

Lulu: He was trying to protect me. He didn't care what happened to himself. He did whatever he could, right down to --

Claudia: Right down to killing his own father if he had to to save you?

Lulu: We tried to stay apart, but it's not going to happen.

Claudia: So these feelings are mutual?

Lulu: I think so.

Claudia: Do you hope so?

Lulu: Uh -- I like Johnny a lot.

Claudia: Good. Because I'm going to give you an opportunity to prove it.

Sonny: So, um, you still haven't answered my question. You want me to keep hanging around or not?

Kate: Well, a respectable girl would play hard to get. I think I've pretty much exhausted all the charm in that notion.

Sonny: Well, you know, Easter’s coming up and you'll be out of here by then, and I figure I -- I need to straighten a few things out, right? And I'm thinking maybe I'll buy you a -- a nice, big, yellow hat.

Kate: Oh, okay. I see. You think I'm going to say no, right, because I'll refuse to make myself look ridiculous? Oh, I'll see your dare, and I'll raise it.

Jason: Get back to Spinelli; keep him working on Michael’s disappearance and Kate's shooting.

Max: Well, the boss thinks he's got that under wraps.

Jason: Yeah, I don’t.

Max: What about Nikolas and the nurse?

Nikolas: What about us?

[Sam whimpers]

[Sam groans]

[Sam whimpers]

Elizabeth: Sam?

[Sam groans]

Elizabeth: Sam --

[Sam groans]

[Elizabeth screams]

Diego: Going somewhere?

[Ian sighs]

Patrick: Easy.

Ian: Dr. Ford armed all the nurses with tear gas against the dangerous Mr. Smith?

Patrick: I wouldn't take you for someone to be as upset about this as you are. It's not the first time, Ian. We're in the business of saving lives, it doesn't mean we don't lose one here and there.

Ian: You know, it's the same everywhere I go. Huh -- a chronic case of bureaucracy. We are so afraid of doing and saying the wrong thing with a patient to avoid litigation that we end up doing and saying the worst thing and lose one here and there.

Patrick: What's behind all this malcontent, huh?

Ian: Just a quick glance at the human condition and the sad condition that we're in. You know, we'll wet ourselves with joy over the birth of a child. But then we'll let that same individual just slip through the cracks if he or she doesn't grow up with the right paperwork -- health care, education, immigration.

Patrick: So something's made you bitter.

Ian: Realistic.

Patrick: Well, I would hope you put those energies into making changes.

Ian: Oh, I do. I just don't like running with the sheep.

Patrick: There's strength in numbers, Ian.

Ian: Hmm. I guess I just prefer being the lone wolf -- keeps my brain sharp, not to mention my teeth.

[Door slams]

Kate: Every year, as part of a playful publicity move for "Couture," we would put the hottest high-profile model in the Easter parade. She would don a bonnet specially made by New York’s avant-garde designer du jour and parade up and down Fifth Avenue -- they've been doing it since the Civil War.

Sonny: I don't do costumes.

Kate: Well, Mr. Corinthos, your costume would be on your arm --

Sonny: Oh. So I just, like, walk up and down the street, right, while you wear a big, yellow hat?

Kate: It would be a very nice tribute to what your father witnessed years ago -- you and I smiling. And the world was so much less complicated than it is now.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Sorry to interrupt. Uh -- Sonny, do you have a minute?

Sonny: Yeah. I won't be long.

[Sonny sighs]

Lulu: I can't find Johnny. We were supposed to have a date, and he didn't show up.

Sonny: Well, I'm not Johnny's keeper, and I can't solve your love life.

Lulu: Well, he wouldn't disappear on me.

Sonny: You could actually say that after everything that you know about the guy?

Lulu: I know more about Johnny than you do.

Sonny: Johnny's going to turn up.

Lulu: Alive?

Sonny: You -- you like to get involved in a lot of things, don't you, like Jason and Jake, the text-message-killer thing, and running around that house with Zacchara trying to kill you?

Lulu: Yeah, you know what? I can go to the police, it --

Sonny: No, listen to me, okay? You're not going to do that. Johnny will turn up when I say he's going to turn up.

Claudia: So, you do have my little brother.

Johnny: I want to talk to Sonny! Now!

Jason: Nikolas, I can't have you with me. You still have your blackouts and I can't take that risk.

Nikolas: Wait, wait -- you have a lead, don't you?

Jason: What? Sam's not here. She might come back; somebody might come back after her. You want to do something? Sit tight and look out for your cousin.

Nikolas: Wait –


Diego: I warned you. I told you -- sit down, shut the hell up!

[Elizabeth groans]

Diego: You couldn't even do that!

[Elizabeth screams]

Diego: Agh -- sit down! Sit down! Enough -- get off! Sit down. Stop moving!

Elizabeth: Agh -- ow!


[Elizabeth whimpers]

Diego: Enough!

Elizabeth: Agh --

Diego: One scream, one word, and you die first.

Robin: I've got a little girl here that wants to say hello to her daddy. She's feeling kind of lonely.

Joe: I prayed so hard to be here when my baby was born. I didn't think to pray for Angie, too. You know, maybe if I had --

Robin: No. Life doesn't work that way.

Joe: How does it work?

Robin: One day at a time. One emotion at a time.

[Baby fusses]

Robin: Oh --

Joe: All I'm feeling right now is a lot of anger at the world and --

Robin: I understand. Just try not to take it out on your daughter. We almost lost her, too.

Joe: Thank you so much for saving her.

Robin: Angie did her part. She was afraid she wasn't going to make it. She said, "I want Joe to have something to remember us by."

Joe: Look, I -- I need a minute here. I don't want to be crying all over my baby -- would you mind?

Robin: Oh, okay. I got her.

Joe: Okay.

Robin: Oh. Everything's going to be all right. You have someone to love you; you just have to let him. Okay? Hmm.

[Baby fusses]

Robin: Oh –

Maxie: This has been fun -- as far as field trips down the toilet go -- but I think we should probably go back and just tell Mac everything that we've learned.

Spinelli: Why, when we can keep going?

Maxie: Obviously, we can't keep going because we're blocked.

Spinelli: Okay, all the Jackal has to do is access the central computer of the D.W.P., override the system, and raise the gate.

Maxie: You can do that?

Spinelli: It's done regularly anyway to rush-and-flush all the city debris that get stuck to the face of the grate.

Maxie: Oh -- gross!

Spinelli: It would be much more beneficial to the Jackal, P.I., to have the light trained on more pressing matters, less I execute --

Maxie: Do you know how many lies I had to tell to Mac about needing schoolbooks so I could buy these shoes?


Both: What'd you do?


Nikolas: Well, it looks like we've been duped, made to sit here like kids being sent away from the dinner table.

Nadine: We don't have to stay here, and you certainly don't have to be saddled with me.

Nikolas: No, that's not -- that's not what I meant by it.

Nadine: Well, maybe if you're alone, Emily will come back.

Nikolas: Or maybe she won’t. All this time I've had with her, I thought I'd have a chance to say goodbye to her, but I guess not. I guess I just used her to get rid of my guilt.

Nadine: I think she'd want you to feel okay before --

Nikolas: It was supposed to be my choice when I'd say goodbye to her, my choice when I got rid of this stupid tumor and stop all these hallucinations. I didn't know -- I didn't know that I wouldn't have any time left with her.

Nadine: Yeah, we never do. Where are you supposed to be? You were in a hospital bed not that long ago, and you had seizures. I just don't think --

Nikolas: I know, I know, okay? I just -- I can't give up. I can't have gone through this whole -- this whole thing for no reason. I mean, she showed me who her killer was. I'm not just going to sit here on the sideline and watch it. I -- I promise you that I will get revenge on Diego Alcazar for killing my fiancée, I promise you that.

Nadine: Well, maybe I should drive you back to the launch, take you back to Wyndemere? You might find Emily there. Aunt Rayleen says that it's where a person died that you can feel them the strongest, usually.

Nikolas: Of course. Of course.

Nadine: What?

Nikolas: No, I don't want to involve you any more than you already are.

Nadine: What do you need?

Nikolas: I want you to take me somewhere. Come on.


[Siren stops]

Lucky: Dispatch, Detective Spencer reporting an 1180, requesting a backup and an ambulance.

Diego: Get down -- now!

[Elizabeth whimpers]

Diego: We're better now.

Elizabeth: Lucky!

Alexis: Lucky, hi, it's Alexis. It may seem a little inappropriate that I'd be calling you, but I am seriously worried about Sam. I have called her several times and I haven't heard back. I'm really worried.

Jerry: It was a trap set by one of the five families or Corinthos. I was able to escape with a superficial bullet wound.

Man: You'll be wishing it was a mortal wound if they saw your face.

Jerry: Relax. Nobody knows that Jerry Jacks and the mysterious Mr. Moreau are the same person. But it proves one thing -- this whole thing's about to blow wide open. Now, we need to cement our alliance with the Zaccharas.

Man: We need to bring something to the table.

Jerry: I will get the deed to the waterfront property from Sonny's kid brother before anyone else does -- whatever it takes.

Sonny: Why are you so surprised?

Claudia: Because I thought you were smarter than that. I thought you were only that knee-jerk about stuff that took place in hotel rooms.

Sonny: I want my son back.

Claudia: I don't have your kid!

Sonny: Shh. Then Trevor does. And if you want your precious brother back, you tell Trevor to give Michael back to me. The only reason he's not in an alley bleeding to death is because he's still useful to me.

Claudia: You let Johnny go, and I swear to you I will do whatever it takes to help you get Michael back.

Sonny: You think I buy that after the -- what you're trying to sell to Jason?

Claudia: You know, I'm not vengeful by nature, Sonny. I acquired a taste for it, and I am trying to deal with you fairly because of our history.

Sonny: History isn't made in hotel rooms -- only beds and the occasional whore.

Claudia: Hmm. Remember who started this, because I swear to God you won't forget how it ends.

[Robin sighs]

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: So how was it holding Joe’s baby?

Robin: Can we not get into this right now? I'm a little shaky.

Patrick: You can lean on me.

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: No, I can’t.

Patrick: You don't want to.

Robin: Won’t.

Patrick: It should've been a family in there -- mother, father, baby.

Robin: Well, sometimes it doesn't work out like that.

Patrick: Is that what you're going to tell your kid when he or she asks who the father is?

Robin: I'm going to know what to tell my child when the time comes.

Patrick: Robin, it's time that you tell the baby's father.

Robin: Just don't do this right now.

Patrick: Stop avoiding the truth.

Robin: As if you really want to hear it.

Patrick: You know what? I'm not going to do this anymore.

Robin: Good!

Patrick: I'm not going to pretend -- if you don't say it, then I will. I'm the baby's father, aren't I?

[Piano plays]

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Yes.

[Piano stops]

Sonny: Johnny stays on ice until I get my son back.

Kate: Uh -- you were here -- you were here before.

Claudia: Mm-hmm. Though, I had to leave before we were able to get properly acquainted.

Kate: Why would we want to do that?

Claudia: Because we have so very much in common -- like Sonny. I'm the woman that he slept with right after your big breakup.


Maxie: It's not moving.

Spinelli: Well, something is.

[Maxie gasps]

Maxie: Spinelli!

[Spinelli stammers]

Maxie: No!


[Grinding stops]

Elizabeth: Lucky --

Diego: What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you -- sit back.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Patrick: The baby's mine. You have to let me be a part of this.

Kate: You and Sonny?

Claudia: You're wondering if it's true.

Sonny: You okay?

[Sam groans]

Diego: Get off!


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