GH Transcript Thursday 2/21/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/21/08


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Carly: Hey, don't spoil your appetite. When Jax gets home and Michael gets back, we're going to have a special dinner, okay?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: A special dinner for a special announcement.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hi.

Jason: Okay, I need to talk -- what's wrong?

Carly: Nothing's wrong. Matter of fact, everything's perfect. No one knows, but I really want you to know -- I'm pregnant.

Johnny: You have an amazing heart. Logan could've killed you when he walked in on you and here you are hoping you didn't kill him.

Lulu: And hoping that I'm --

Johnny: That you were right?

Lulu: Oh, I was so panicked and scared. He just had an answer for everything.

Johnny: Including using all the text-message killer tools to frame me? Is he really someone who would feel that threatened by the idea of us that he would go that far? Because if there's a shred of doubt in your mind that he's guilty, you need to tell someone and tell them now.

Maxie: You killed my sister. You tried to kill me and Sam. I used to want to know why but it doesn't matter anymore, Logan, because now you're going to pay.

Anthony: You -- you -- yeah. Oh -- oh.

Anthony: What the hell are you doing here? What are you doing to me?

Claudia: I'm not doing anything to you, Daddy. What -- what's Trevor doing to you?

Sonny: Tell me who ordered the hit on Kate and I might let you off the hook. I'll just sever a couple of nerves so you and your friend Anthony Zacchara can bunk up like a couple of talking heads.

Trevor: There was no hit.

Sonny: Who ordered it -- you, Johnny, or Claudia?

Trevor: Sonny, I am as afraid for her as you are. I love her.

Sonny: Fine, go ahead and lie. But if Kate dies on that operating table, I will take out all four of you.

Sonny: Is she okay?

Jax: Sonny --

Leo: Ms. Howard's not dead. She's in critical condition, but she's not dead. And I came here to apologize to you gentlemen for waiting so patiently without news, which obviously has left you more than tense.

Trevor: How is she?

Sonny: You don't have to ask how she is.

Jax: Sonny, please. How's Kate?

Leo: She's got a bullet lodged between her heart and her lung; she's lost a lot of blood. But she came through, and she's in guarded condition now.

Sonny: What do you mean, "guarded"?

Leo: The angle of the bullet -- it came up at her like the weapon was fired from ground level. Now, we tried to remove it without damaging any surrounding areas, but it's in a very precarious location. Let's just say she's got a fight ahead of her. Now, we're going to watch her for the next 48 hours, see how she improves, okay?

Sonny: Can I see her?

Leo: Yeah. We're moving her to I.C.U., she'll be there. You can catch her in there.

Sonny: Sounds like a snake in the grass just waiting for Kate to come by.

Jax: Sonny, listen, no one could've known that Kate was going to be there.

Sonny: Trevor knows a lot of things, some -- some day he's going to know too much.

Jax: Let him go so that you can be here for Kate.

Sonny: You're right, too many doctors around -- they'll try to save you anyway. I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to wait, find a nice piece of secluded, private property -- right by the water.

Trevor: Did you hear that?

Jax: Well, make no mistake. If I find out you had anything to do with Kate's shooting, I'll be there to watch.

Carly: You know how Jax and I were trying to have a baby?

Jason: Yeah, I know what a pain in the neck you were when you weren't succeeding.

Carly: More like a monster, okay? Excuse me for wanting you to claim your son with Elizabeth, I'm sorry.

Jason: Here we go. Here we go again.

Carly: No, I won't start, you know, I just wanted to tell you, I wanted so badly to tell you -- we haven't even told the boys yet. We kind of wanted to sit with it for a while.

Jason: I'm happy for you.

Carly: Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Jason: When did you find out?

Carly: Well, I first officially found out the night of that horrible storm. That's why I'm thinking for the baby's room, I'm going for sunny yellow, you know, whether it's a boy or a girl. Jax swears it's going to be a girl. But you know, when I was driving down the road and the rain was pouring and I'm reaching for my cell phone, I'm thinking "boy, boy, boy."

Jason: Is that -- is that while you were driving?

Carly: Yes. Please don't give me a lecture. Jax already talked to me. I'm fine, the baby's fine.

Jason: That was the night Sam got hit.

Lulu: I went over to Loganís apartment to prove that Spinelli and Maxie's accusations about Logan were wrong. Logan said that I wanted him to be guilty so it would make it easier for me to choose you.

Johnny: If it's about choosing, that's not how I want to end up with you.

Lulu: It's not supposed to be a competition.

Johnny: I'm sorry if I made it one.

Lulu: I'm the one who couldn't make up my heart or my mind.

Johnny: It's never been a problem for me. Whatever made me send you away or keep you at arm's length, it never had anything to do with how I felt about you. It's about the price I knew you'd have to pay if I told you what I wanted.

Lulu: What do you want?

Lulu: It's cold.

Johnny: We should see if it's okay for you to get out of here, and if it is, we can go someplace warm.

Maxie: Huh. Logan -- huh -- what kind of person does what you do? Strangles women, chases them into traffic so they could get hit-and-run and die? I wish you would wake up, just for one second, so you could see me standing here with this cord in my hands, so you could know that your air supply is about to be cut off and you're going to choke to death and die -- just like you tried to do to me. I wish you would wake up just so you could know you're going to die and you could feel helpless -- like you did to Georgie.

Mac: You were supposed to be watching Maxie.

Spinelli: Okay, no one "watches" the wounded blond one when she's in her retributive state of thinking, not even the Jackal.

Scott: You know, jughead, you might want to get off the computer because you -- you just talk gibberish.

Mac: You know, you and Maxie have approached this like some mystery board game. She needed more time with Lainey, more time to rest. You know, she didn't allow herself enough time to get over Coop's death before she jumped into this obsession.

Spinelli: Okay, but it was in that driven state that we uncovered the real killer.

Mac: And whatever else you've helped my daughter feel driven to do tonight.

Scott: Give me that.

Maxie: Relax, it's for the lamp. Not that I didn't pull it out, and not that I wasn't looking for something a little more destructive. It's just when I did, the charm on my bracelet that Coop gave me made a little noise and I could -- I could just feel him telling me not to do this to myself. So I didnít.

Spinelli: I -- I should endeavor to --

Mac: Don't endeavor, do! Is -- uh -- is he okay?

Scott: I guess so. And when he wakes up, I'll let you know. I know you got a lot of questions -- as do I.

Sam: Logan Hayes is the killer?

Alexis: I don't know all the details, which is why I'm here. I just thought you'd want to know.

Sam: Yeah, of course I do. Thank you. Wow, I don't know. Part of me is relieved, but the -- the other part I -- it just doesn't make any sense. Logan was new in town -- why would he want to kill any of us? He didn't know any of us. Something is missing.

Lucky: Logan had to have surgery. He's still unconscious.

Alexis: So no confession yet, then?

Lucky: No.

Alexis: You have been on your feet too long, all right? Maybe you could take her back to her room?

Sam: Wow.

Lucky: I know -- who would've suspected Logan?

Sam: No, I was talking about the blatant way my mother was trying to push us together. But, you know, I can get back to my room on my own.

Lucky: No, I can take you back.

Sam: No, really, it's not necessary. You have done really good work, Detective Spencer -- one down, one to go. Now all you got to do is figure out who hit me with their car and then this will all be over and done with -- just like us.

Carly: Wow. I'm standing here telling you -- sharing with you the -- the happiest news, and you're going to ruin it by bringing up Sam?

Jason: I know you and Jax wanted to have a baby. I'm not here to try to spoil that, Carly, I'm not trying to ruin anything. I just need to know.

Carly: How do you know Sam didn't hire someone to run her over for the publicity? She's fine. She will live another day to shoot another episode of "Everyday Heroes," and who knows, maybe tell us how we can combat a home invasion of aliens with, what, duct tape and -- and spray starch!

Jason: Carly, it was raining --

[Carly sighs]

Jason: You said you were distracted.

Carly: You are accusing me of hitting Sam.

Jason: No --

Carly: Yes, you are. And I'm standing here with you, my best friend. I'm sharing with you news that -- that makes me so happy. And I want you to be happy for me, and instead you're ruining it by bringing up Sam!

Jason: Why do you sound guiltier with every word you say?

Carly: You want me to be guilty?

Jason: No, I -- I'm -- I'm just saying I can see how it happened.

Carly: Okay, so either I just plain out hate Sam or I'm so selfish that I'm going to hit her, run her over, leave so I can get home to share my great news with Jax?

Jason: Not deliberately, but I know how you are, I know how you get. Things happen and they snowball into something that, you know, I can't --

Carly: And I know you -- what the hell's going on? Oh, let me guess -- Kate Howard was shot and Sonny's freaking out?

Jason: Yeah, he is.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jason: And he knows that you and Jax were at the scene and Jax heard a shot.

Carly: So he sent you out to get information and take down whoever fired it? That's why you're here -- so you can talk to me and get some information to help you? But now we're talking about Sam. Why is that?

Lulu: Huh. Is it funny that we're here? We just started walking and talking and this is where we ended up.

Johnny: I think that sometimes our bodies take over when our minds are too confused to know what to do. That's what used to happen to me all the time when I was a kid. There'd be so much yelling and fighting in my house that I'd find myself just sitting at the piano. And I'd notice that all of a sudden the yelling stopped and I'd look over my shoulder, and I'd notice that my father was staring down smiling and -- well, I'd stop. It was a rarity that he was smiling those days and I'd want to soak it in because I didn't want to forget it, and then --

Lulu: What?

Johnny: Trevor would show up and take my father away and tell me to get away from the piano. That's a weird thing to remember, huh?

Claudia: When I left here, you were lucid. You were a cretin, but you were lucid. I leave and then come back. I see Trevor leave, and now you're suddenly less than human? What did -- what did he do to you, what did he say to you?

Anthony: You'd like something like that, wouldn't you, something to hold over me?

Claudia: I still have that pillow.

Anthony: Nice talk.

Claudia: You don't have any power over me anymore -- or Johnny or this family. You're broken and you're pathetic.

Anthony: Maria will straighten you out. You're not so old we can't punish you.

Claudia: Oh, so now you know who I am?

Anthony: Of course I know who you are, you're my daughter -- and you dress like a whore.

Claudia: You don't get to dictate what I wear anymore.

Anthony: I tried to keep you decent.

Claudia: What you did is you tried to keep me ugly and plain so that nobody would notice me, which is kind of funny considering --

Anthony: Go change. I don't want you going to school looking like that.

Claudia: Okay. Okay, Daddy. Just for you.

Anthony: Oh, see? Now you want something.

Claudia: All I want is the same thing you want.

Anthony: And what's that again?

Claudia: Trevor Lansingís mounted head.

Trevor: We're clean on this one, and it doesn't sound like Johnny. Claudia is capable of doing anything, so find out where everybody was tonight. You can reach me here.

Jax: I really don't think you should be here.

Trevor: You heard me tell Sonny I'm in love with her.

Jax: What? Is that why you tried to destroy her when she chose Sonny over you?

Trevor: Do you seriously think that Sonny's not going to destroy her? Huh, you wait and see.

Sonny: Hey. I'm here if you can hear me. You don't have to talk. You can smile a little bit if you want.

Kate: Hmm.

Sonny: Hey -- if you can hear me, I just want you to know that -- thank you for going through all this trouble -- to prove what a fool I am.

Jason: Text-message killer attacked Sam that night, ran her into the road, okay? Whoever hit her may -- may have seen something for me to go on. This guy killed my sister and he tried to kill you, Carly.

Carly: You're not exactly lying, but you're not exactly telling the truth, either. Maybe you already know who hit Sam, and you're looking for other options. Let's say I did it. Would you cover for me?

Jason: You were in an accident. Which bumper -- passenger or driver?

Carly: Wrong answer. Why don't you go? You'd rather sit here and talk about Sam's accident than, you know, celebrate my wonderful news with me.

Jason: Okay, I already know.

Carly: You already know what, Jason?

Jason: Passenger side -- whatever you hit, Carly.

Carly: I didn't hit Sam! My God, I didn't hit her! I was driving down the road and it was raining and I was trying to call Jax to tell him about our baby. And I hit a pothole or something, I swerved, and I scraped the bumper, so I took the car to the shop to get it fixed. Now, can we stop? Can we drop this? If not, you should just go!

Jason: Fine. Does -- does Sonny know about --

Carly: No -- we haven't even told the boys.

Jason: I am happy for you.

Carly: Not as happy as I would've been if you would've told me about Jake.

Jason: Now, see, why -- why do you have to do that?

Carly: Because you know why.

Jason: Well, stop acting like you donít. I mean, stop acting like your children have never been in danger because of who Sonny is and they're not going to be in danger again.

Carly: Yeah, but the difference is I would not have them with me, loving them, and taking care of them just to keep them safe, Jason. I've watched you with Michael and Morgan, and now I get to watch you with their little brother or their little sister? I want to watch you with your child. I want pictures of you with him. I want memories of that. And Jakeís going to want them, too. But they're not going to be there. And one day when he looks at his father, he's going to see a complete stranger when the truth comes out and you know what? You can bet it's going to happen, he's going to find out. And he's going to look at you and he's going to wonder what could've been -- and so will you.

Johnny: It's kind of funny that your father let this place go all to hell, huh?

Lulu: My father's very good at letting good things go to waste -- like he's afraid to be happy. Hmm.

Lulu: Where are you going?

Johnny: I remember last time we were here and you left me, I noticed the skylight and the way the moon was coming through.

Johnny: And that is exactly how I imagined you.

Lulu: Okay, I feel on the spot, like I need to do something.

Johnny: You don't need to do anything. You're like this little muse made of moonlight sent to inspire me.

Lulu: To light candles?

[Lulu chuckles]

Johnny: Maybe. But all I want to do is this.

[Jazz plays]

Spinelli's voice: [As Sam Spade] The city shone like a sea of jewels behind her. Ah, but she -- she was the only hot piece of ice in the picture. A lot of mugs had already been played patsy for those pins of hers -- and I'd be no exception. Just another peeper low enough on cabbage to want to dry her crocodile tears. Something about her made me feel -- hinky. I figured we'd go to some hash house, put spoiled milk in her coffee, and I could watch her lips move. I'd make her say my name and pretend it was enough, all the while knowing that trying to get a dame like this to love you was just another trip for biscuits -- no matter how she tried to sweet-talk me.

Maxie: God, stop sneaking up on me, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Um -- uh -- your father asked me to -to watch you.

Maxie: I'm fine.

Spinelli: Um -- if I may be so bold, you don't seem fine at all -- which is puzzling to me because, for all intents and purposes, the case of the text-message killer is closed. You and your -- your friend, fair Samantha, are safe and generous Georgie's death will finally have some closure.

Maxie: But I have no Coop, and none of us have Georgie. None of this ended exactly the way I thought it was going to, that's all. I just -- I thought maybe a piece of me would feel -- good. But it didnít. And I know that I should feel safe, but I'm afraid.

Spinelli: Do you -- do you know of what?

Maxie: No. And I think that's what scares me the most.

Nikolas: I hate seeing you like this.

Sam: Yeah, well, accidents happen.

Nikolas: But this wasn't one. Look, I followed through on Elizabethís suggestion. I got a list from the police on the parts of my car that were impounded after it was stolen and I checked the passenger-side bumper and it was fine. It wasn't me who hit you.

Sam: Good. I mean, then I will figure out who did this.

Nikolas: I want to help you. I think it's terrible that this happened to you and completely unfair. Now, I assume that Lucky's on it and he's helping?

Sam: Oh -- no, he wasnít. Lucky and I are taking a break.

Nikolas: Oh. I'm sorry.

Sam: I actually -- I came -- it's just more about Emily, I guess. Um -- well, it turns out that they think that the text-message killer may be Logan Hayes.

Nikolas: Well, Lulu -- is she --

Sam: Lulu apparently is the one who found all the incriminating evidence. I don't know much about it. You're going to have to ask Alexis, but -- I don't know. If it's true -- then maybe it will bring peace to Emily -- and you, too.

Ian: Uh-oh.

Sam: Uh-oh.

Ian: I can't have my star patient running off and ruining all my work every time I turn around.

Sam: That's me.

Ian: How are you progressing?

Nikolas: Slowly.

Ian: Good. I won't push.

Sam: Why does that sound very cryptic?

Ian: Sorry -- doctor/patient confidentiality.

Sam: Oh --

Ian: Shall we go?

Sam: Okay. Oh -- and I -- um -- I'll be back to see you. I just -- I don't know -- I hope this news about Logan helps in some way.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Nikolas: You're back. Uh -- Sam -- she -- Loganís -- she said something about Logan.

Scott: You shouldn't be in here; you should be out living a life -- a good one, a better one than I left you to flounder with. I didn't know you were out there. And if I did, you know, who knows -- maybe I would've goofed up your life anyways. I need you to wake up and make me understand why it looks the way it looks. And I want to tell you something -- I am going to help you no matter what.

Scott: He hasn't come around yet.

Alexis: I'm not here as the D.A., I'm here as a parent.

Scott: You mean one more parent of somebody my son tried to kill.

Alexis: No, as a parent who can look at their child and look past what they've done -- or what we may have done to put them on the path that got them into trouble in the first place. I know what it's like to have a kid that's in pain and want to go back and heal them but you canít. So forensics is in Loganís apartment right now and you have my word that there will be no formal statements, no charges pressed until their investigation is done and he's been able to explain himself. I hope it's not him.

[Scott sighs]

Singer: Here you are now fresh from your war back from the edge of time

Johnny: This isn't why I came here.

Lulu: I know.

Johnny: We've come so close so many times.

Lulu: And you stopped or I stopped.

Johnny: Is there anything to stop us now?

Singer: When you feel the world is crashing all around your feet come running headlong into my arms breathless I'll never judge you I can only love you come now, running headlong into my arms breathless lay down your guns too weak to run nothing can harm you here your precious heart broken and scarred somehow you made it through I only ask that you won't go again

Singers: When you feel the world is crashing all around your feet come running headlong into my arms breathless

Carly: I'm sorry, I just absolutely hate at you were robbed of this feeling that I have right now -- knowing that I created a life and I get to share that life. I hate that, Jason.

Jason: I can't go around feeling robbed.

Carly: How do you feel? What are you feeling?

Jason: Like I made a sacrifice -- a sacrifice for the good.

Carly: Good for who? The baby or Elizabeth?

Jason: I got to go back to work now.

Carly: Okay, before you go, you have to do me a favor.

Jason: Whew. What?

Carly: You have to.

Jason: Do you want me to take a picture?

Carly: Oh, you know what? I want the first picture of you, me, and the baby. Hold this.

Jason: Can you tell me about Kate's shooting?

Carly: Try to smile just this one time for me, please? Okay. Smile!

Jason: You know I'm not going to smile.

[Carly laughs]

[Camera beeps]

Carly: All right!

Jason: You going to tell me about Kate's shooting?

Carly: Let me check it first, let me check it first.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: You're so good!

Jason: Okay, Carly, Kate --

Carly: Okay -- yeah, sorry. I was at the Taylor building, and I got queasy and dizzy and I passed out. The next thing I know, Jax was waking me up, telling me that he had heard gunshots. He wanted to go check it out and see what was going on, but I was afraid. I asked him to take me home; instead he took me to General Hospital. Dr. Lee checked me out, said everything was fine. I came back home, end of story.

Jason: Okay. Well, I got to go keep looking.

Carly: You look tired and you look worried.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: You're not going to share your problems with me, though?

Jason: No, you got your own baby to worry about.

Carly: Hmm. I do. And I know -- I'm not going to do anything careless or stupid to ruin it.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hey, Max, come in.

Max: Is Michael home?

Carly: "Is Michael home?" You were supposed to pick him up.

Max: Well, I -- I waited for him and he never came out. When I went in to get him, they said Michael never showed up for practice today.

Sonny's voice: You don't come near a gun --


Sonny's voice: That's final. You swear to me? If I ever see you with your hands near a gun, you better turn and keep running.

Sonny: Hey. I'm right here, I'm right here.

Kate: Huh?

Sonny: Doctors don't want you to do anything or say -- or say too much. You're -- you're in General Hospital, okay, you're -- you're with me.

Sonny: Listen, I hate to even ask you this, but do you have any idea who did this to you?

Jason: No -- Milo, stop what you're doing. Go to the park and you call me immediately. Okay, Miloís headed over to the park to see if Michaelís there.

Carly: Morgan said Michael never said a word about skipping practice.

Jason: And Milo said Michael hasn't been anywhere near the house since this afternoon. Quietly spread the word.

Max: Mrs. C, don't worry; he's probably over at a friend's house. He just, you know, probably forgot to call, okay?

Carly: What if he's not?

Jason: Well, then we're going to find him.

Carly: Jason --

Jason: Okay, listen --

[Carly sighs]

Jason: The best thing you can do right now is just think of every place Michael may have gone and I'm going to check it out. Do not start freaking out -- not yet.

Carly: Okay.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Hey.

Jax: What's going on?

Carly: Michael's missing.

Sonny: Hey, if you can't talk, just nod. I got to know -- I got to know who -- who did this to you, who shot you. Okay, listen --

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: You don't have to tell me anything, I already know who did it. They're going to pay, each and every one of them. I need you to rest. I got a war to end -- no prisoners, no survivors.

Claudia: So you know what we want and you know how to get it?

Anthony: Trevor's head -- right up there on the wall like a moose so when I'm able to get out of this bed I can spit right in his eyes.

Claudia: So we're understood?

Anthony: As long as I get everything I want.

Claudia: Don't worry, Daddy. You can trust me. Can I trust you?

Nikolas: Was it Logan? Was it Logan Hayes who killed you?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Patrick: I wish I had better news.

Jason: Michael could be missing.

Sonny: This is for Michael.

Sam: Who are you?

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