GH Transcript Thursday 2/14/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/14/08


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Tracy: I'll have a garden salad.

Luke: House salad's cheaper. Of course, it comes with wilted lettuce and squishy tomatoes but you can drown the flavor in extra dressing. Beggars can't be choosers.

Tracy: What are you doing here?

Luke: My job. I had to find some way to provide for my lovely wife.

Sonny: You keep thinking we still -- we still have things to say to each other.

Kate: And you think that you can solve all of our problems by avoiding me in public. Walking out of that restaurant the other night -- it's right out of high school, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, I wouldn't know because I never finished high school. I -- I'm not interested in solving anything that has to do between us.

Kate: Yes, you are. You are just scared, Sonny.

[Sonny sighs]

Kate: To think, all these years later and Sonny Corinthos is afraid of little Connie Falconeri.

Jason: All right, you break.

Claudia: No, thanks. I'll take the advantage my own way.

Jason: Suit yourself.

Claudia: Nice. So what else are we playing for?

Nadine: Is it true?

Elizabeth: Is what true?

Nadine: Epiphany -- I just heard a horrible rumor she had a heart attack?

Elizabeth: Yeah, Leo just took her down to the cath lab and she left me in charge of all of this, which means I need to ask you -- can you stay in Pediatrics for an extra three weeks?

Nadine: Are you kidding? I love kids. I wanted a family so badly.

Elizabeth: Really?

Ian: Not bad for the first time back on your feet but be careful, don't overdo it.

Sam: You know, I don't think that's going to be a problem.

[Ian laughs]

[Pager beeps]

Ian: Well, rest here for just a second while I take a quick consultation and then I'll take you back to your room. Nurse, would you keep an eye on our intrepid self-defender here for a bit? Is there a problem?

[Kristina screams]

Alexis: Kristina, what is it? Come on, baby, talk to me and tell Mommy what you saw.

Spinelli: I -- I don't understand your hesitation. It's Valentine’s Day and that is a Valentine’s Day gift, ergo --

Maxie: This is a Valentine’s Day gift from Coop.

Spinelli: Hmm.

Maxie: And now he's dead and we're on the trail of his killer.

Spinelli: I know the circumstantial evidence keeps pointing to the crabby commando.

Maxie: I'm really sorry but I have to stay strong and focused and if I open that gift, I'm going to start crying for Coop and Georgie and I might never stop.

Spinelli: All right, well, then by all means stay strong. But I, one lesson away from completing my course to become Jackal, P.I., must away. Stone Cold is expecting my cyberistic aid on some important but somewhat mysterious mission.

Tracy: You are not my husband.

Luke: I have paperwork that says otherwise.

Tracy: That's only because I can't afford an attorney since Monica froze my assets.

Luke: Well, you did throw that malpractice thing her way.

Tracy: Oh, well, excuse me. I guess I got caught caring about whether or not you lived or died -- even when you didn't care.

Luke: I'm running a special today. It's sort of my way of honoring that spiteful little cherub who originated all this bow-and-arrow nonsense. I invented it myself -- I call it "burgers to love by."

Tracy: Ew! No, thanks.

Luke: Come on, you must be hungry. Camped out in the G.H. boardroom on the sofa for, like, a week? There have to be only so many meal trays that you can swipe from patients when nobody's looking. And I'm sure you're dying for a drink. Booze is an expensive luxury when you're on the skids. Personally, I have friends under the overpass who top me off whenever I go by, but you require something classier.

Tracy: I do require something much classier than you.

Luke: Is that any way to talk to your chief provider?

Tracy: Luke, the only thing you've ever provided me with is anxiety and regret.

Luke: Well, that was then, this is now. How would you like a roof over your head? There's a vacancy upstairs -- the other half of my bed is vacant.

Tracy: You're living here now?

Luke: Sure, this is an old family business and I'm old family. According to that Elvis impersonator who married us, you're family, too. I miss you, Tracy.

Tracy: Well, I don’t.

Luke: Hey, don't do that. Don't lie to your beloved on this holy day of chocolate and roses or St. Valentine will smite you where you sit.

Tracy: What I was going to say is that I don't miss you, I don't want you, and you know exactly what you can do with your burgers and buns. Oh!

Luke: Oh --

Tracy: Oh --

Luke: Tracy! What happened? Are you okay?

Alexis: Come on, come on. I want you to -- hey, hey -- I want you to try to tell Mommy what you saw. Was -- was it an animal or was it a person?

Diane: I'll go check outside.

Mayor Floyd: No, you stay. I'll go, I'll go. Wait -- whoa, whoa --

Diane: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's right, Rambo.

Alexis: Go sit back down there.

Diane: You come sit right down here and you just try to look threatening -- I'll go.

Alexis: No, nobody's going anywhere. Will you do me a favor -- call the police. Come here, sweetie. Oh, okay. Can you tell Mommy what's going on? You're safe; we're all safe here, okay? So do you think you can tell Mommy what you saw? Oh, God. Oh, not again.

Kate: Every time that we had a fight, you would go run off and sit under the boardwalk or you would find some alley and you would brood and I would go out of my way to find you, to run into you, and you would avoid me.

Sonny: Well, smart people avoid me these days.

Kate: Are you afraid of confrontation?

Sonny: Nope.

Kate: Why were you always afraid? You afraid it was going to make you look weak? Do you know, Sonny, that most of the time all I ever wanted to do was say that I was sorry because maybe I was wrong. Or maybe it was the wrong timing -- like the times that I pushed you to go back to school or to talk to Father James because I could only speculate what was going on with you at home or the times I thought you were cheating on me. Oh --

Sonny: What --

Kate: You thought I didn't know about Celeste Tesoro, huh? Hmm -- you playing tongue tag with her in the alley? Oh -- or Donna Garafolo when she cornered you in the pizza parlor with her skirt up to her cannoli? Good, good, Sonny.

Sonny: That's stupid.

Kate: It's good that you're smiling because that's all anybody ever wanted you to do because I knew we were okay. So you kissed Celeste and you checked out Donna and you held them in your arms or -- I don't know -- whatever it was. It was only once because I knew that if it was more than once, that we were really through.

Jason: I'm just meeting somebody here, just killing some time.

Claudia: This "somebody" is not going to mind that you're killing your time with me, right?

Jason: No.

Claudia: Okay, well, every game needs high stakes, even games between strangers -- I'd say especially games between strangers -- so what are we playing for?

Jason: I don't know, just pick something, make it interesting. We're not even going to be able to finish this game.

Claudia: I always finish what I start and I never start anything that I can't finish so I'll tell you what -- I'll make it easy on you.

Jason: Yeah.

Claudia: If I win, you dance with me.

Jason: If you -- what if I win?

Claudia: Then you choose.

Elizabeth: Nurse Johnson put me in charge of the front desk, so I really don't have an extra --

Ian: I wasn't asking you to monitor a leaking nuclear reactor, I was just asking you to take care of a patient.

Elizabeth: I think it would be best if we found another nurse.

Sam: Here, I'll help you out here. What Elizabeth is trying to say is that we have history with the same men and I think she would rather see me crawl back to my room over broken glass than help.

Elizabeth: Sam, you know that's not true.

Sam: Oh, and another thing -- speaking of the truth, it's not one of her strong suits.

Ian: Well, frankly, I don't care. She's a patient, you're a nurse. If she needs your care and attention while I'm a little tied up, well, you're just going to have to help her. Is that clear?

Elizabeth: Yes, Doctor.

Ian: Later when Ms. McCall makes a full recovery, you two can have a food fight in the hallway with my blessing. In fact, I'll -- I'll bring the whipped cream.

Nadine: I can help you to the lounge if you want.

Sam: You know what? I'd actually like to stand here for a minute and just rest my hip.

Elizabeth: It's fine, Nadine.

Sam: Thanks. Okay, time for the truth.

Sonny: What do you want here, Kate?

Kate: You, Sonny. Look, I know it's going to take some time, and I've got plenty to keep myself busy with. Between "Couture" and starting up the magazine here in Port Charles, I've moved out of the Metro Court, I've opened up the house. We're going to be neighbors again.

Sonny: I had the wall sealed back up.

Kate: Well, I told Alexis to drop the lawsuit.

Sonny: So now you're open to me after you refused my proposal?

Kate: I'm open to us, Sonny, of where we can go, to the changes that I can make to see that happen.

Sonny: What makes you think I'll wait? What makes you think I've waited at all?

[Music plays]

Coleman: Sorry, I was just -- just admiring your form.

Singer: I walk alone at closing time I walk alone with my head down keep on, keep on

Claudia: So, rock, Latin, blues?

Jason: What?

Claudia: What kind of music turns you on for our dance?

Spinelli: Headmaster! Uh -- a thousand pardons! Um -- the private investigatory grasshopper was held up greatly by the wounded blond one and her --

Claudia: Any idea what you've just done?

Spinelli: A thousand and one pardons to Stone Cold and Vixenella. I had no idea the master was entertaining.

Claudia: What are you?

Spinelli: Jackal -- internet -- cyberspace.

Claudia: Hmm, well, you need to get out of your room more. Hey, what -- what about our bet? Double or nothing?

Jason: Maybe some other time. Did you get the address I wanted?

Elizabeth: So what's your version of the truth?

Sam: You wish that I had died out there on that street.

Elizabeth: If you say so.

Sam: You took a lot of delight in telling Lucky all the awful things that I did to you.

Elizabeth: "Delight"? No, no, not delight. I told you -- Lucky overheard us talking about how you watched Jake get kidnapped and you hired those guys in the park.

Sam: Yeah, I'm very aware of everything that I did. You wanted revenge; you destroyed my chances of happiness, Lucky's chances of happiness. Like it or not, that is where we were headed but you couldn't stand that. What, you can't have Jason or Lucky so nobody else can -- is that it?

Elizabeth: Sam, you really shouldn’t be standing on your hip like this.

Sam: I came to you that day in the hospital to ask for some sort of a truce, to -- to make some -- some peace, and --

Elizabeth: What was I supposed to do? Lucky knew something was up, he wanted the truth.

Sam: Would it have killed you to lie to him one more time so this could all be over with? No, you wanted to keep it going. Fine, you know what? Fine, have it your way. I would like you to know the ball's in my court.

Elizabeth: Are you threatening me?

Sam: No, I'm just telling you the truth -- and that is what you're all about these days, right?

Nikolas: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Nikolas: Hi. Uh -- out of bed already? Are you sure that's a good idea?

Sam: Yeah, actually, this is the best I've felt since I woke up in here.

Elizabeth: Do you have an appointment with Patrick?

Nikolas: Yes, yes, I do. I'm just a little early. I actually wanted to talk to you. Um -- I really don't know how to say this, but I think I may have done something awful.

[Baby coos]

Jax: That's going to be us soon -- a new addition to the family.

Carly: I can't wait. I can't wait. This is a weird place to be spending Valentine’s Day?

Jax: No.

Carly: And we're not being selfish by just wanting to keep it to ourselves?

Jax: I don't think so. I think that we should tell Michael and Morgan. And I know that my mom would be thrilled if she found out, so maybe we should tell my mom.

Carly: I love you.

Jax: I love you, too. Why don't you go see if Dr. Lee's ready for us.

Carly: I want to stay here just a few more minutes.

Jax: Okay. I'll just -- I'll check and I'll come back and get you.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Okay.

Robin: No, you're -- you're not --

Carly: You've got to be kidding me.

[Baby cries]

Carly: See? You scared the baby.

Robin: It probably sensed you were going to be a mother.

Carly: So who was stupid enough to give you their sperm?

Patrick: What's going on?

Alexis: I felt something outside and then I went to the window and I saw somebody.

Lucky: It could've been the mayor.

Alexis: You saying that you don't believe me?

Lucky: I'm saying I want to understand where everybody was.

[Mayor Floyd sighs]

Mayor Floyd: Look, I came up the path from the lake because the driveway was covered with ice. It was too dangerous. I'm still healing from my knee injury.

Diane: Yes, our hero -- I mistook him for an intruder on the porch. I managed to get the best of him.

Alexis: Kristina went to the window and started to scream.

Det. Harper: We've got nothing. If there was somebody out there, they stayed on the dry patches, didn't leave any tracks.

Scott: Well, you know, maybe Kristina saw a dog or a cat or something out there.

Alexis: Kristina knows what a dog and a cat look like; she's used to seeing deer and raccoon around here. She saw someone, the same as Sam saw someone at the hospital and the sooner you believe that, the sooner that my children and myself and all the other women in this city will be safe.

Lucky: Have you checked your phone for any messages?

Sam: You need to lose the long face. You know, it only hurts -- all right, so it hurts pretty much all the time but I'm dealing with it. So you don't have to feel guilty because I know you've been going through a lot and I know you wanted to come see me, I'm sure, but it's okay. I understand.

Nikolas: No, no, I -- of course I did. Listen, it's not like I haven't been thinking about you. It's just --

Sam: Look, I told you, it's okay.

Nikolas: No, no, it's not okay. Look, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm just frustrated, and like I said earlier, I -- I don't even know how to say it. I think that I may be the one who hit you on that road the other night.

Spinelli: You know, Stone Cold, the Jackal has exhibited nothing less than Sherlockian wisdom and patience while dealing with the wise Georgie's sister and also trying to find the real identity of the text message killer.

Jason: Yeah -- code?

Spinelli: Oh, um, 78963.

[Keypad beeps]

Spinelli: Which lesson 14 of my online P.I. course clearly states is a necessity --

Jason: Does it mention anything about being quiet?

Spinelli: Indeed it does.

Jason: Okay, try that.

Spinelli: Um -- try 36975.

[Keypad beeps]

Spinelli: Um -- but if I may be so bold as to speak once more?

Jason: What?

Spinelli: Who is the -- um -- nocturnal temptress that was aching for a dance with the master?

Jason: Some-- someone looking for a good time, okay? She actually kind of bugged me so I hope I don't run into her again.

Kate: Well, we don't have any claims on each other, Sonny, except what our hearts are telling us -- and hoping for us. I'm really hoping that we could still give each other some grace -- some wiggle room for fatal flaws and room for improvement. Okay. Um -- there was -- there was just one more thing that I wanted to tell you -- Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sonny: Oh, man.

Kate: Oh -- you can deny it all you want but it's still there.

Sonny: Yeah, with nowhere to go.

Kate: Sonny, you know, the night I ran away from you, I wandered back to my street -- nothing had changed.

Sonny: Why is that such a bad thing? I mean, your -- your family, they -- they loved you, they were proud of you, right?

Kate: Yeah, they were.

Sonny: And what -- what do they think of you now?

Kate: I don't have any contact with my family, Sonny.

Sonny: Do you know how sad that sounds?

Kate: Yeah, I do, and you know what? I made my choices just like you made yours and I wish that we didn't have to go on being punished for them, but are you still only in love with the girl from way back then?

Sonny: There was a lot to love about her.

Kate: And the woman standing in front of you right now?

Sonny: She doesn't love herself.

Kate: And you don't have moments like that?

Sonny: I keep them in perspective.

Kate: Yeah, and they keep you a prisoner of your own making just like mine do. Sonny, don't you ever just want to be free?

Sonny: It's not that simple, Kate.

Kate: You know what? It is, Sonny because I just want to be free to love you. And the least that you could do is tell me that you still loved me.

Kate: Do you remember what Delores Munchuk used to say how we'd end up? You know, with a linoleum table and a lace tablecloth? Me with too much makeup and my thighs spread out over the chair?

Sonny: Yeah, and -- and me with a 42-inch waist --

Kate: Yeah, with pants unbuttoned and --

Sonny: Powdered sugar on my shirt, right?

[Kate laughs, snorts]

Kate: Oh --

[Sonny and Kate laugh]

Kate: Did I just --

Sonny: That's --

Kate: No, I haven't done that in a very long time. I also remember something else she said about us, how we'd end up.

Sonny: What?

Kate: Happy.

Sonny: Yeah, well --

Kate: I'm going to go now.

Claudia: I need something from you -- and it can't wait.

Carly: Hmm -- should've known your new brave world didn't extend past your ex-boyfriend.

Robin: It's really none of your business.

Carly: What are you thinking? What's wrong with you?

Patrick: Carly, I'm not the father.

Jax: Hey, hi.

Robin: Hey. So, congratulations -- I think.

Jax: I thought we weren't telling anyone.

Carly: I didn't tell her, she figured it out. But now with Robin's big mouth when it comes to kids, I'm sure the whole world's going to know.

Robin: No one's going to know.

Carly: I wish I could believe that.

Robin: Well, I guess you may as well know that I'm pregnant, as well.

Jax: Wow! Congratulations! That's --

Robin: Thank you.

Jax: That's awesome!

Patrick: I'm not the father.

Jax: Oh. So who -- who do we congratulate, then?

Patrick: Robin went to a sperm bank, actually.

Carly: Couldn't find a real one?

Jax: You know --

Patrick: It was very brave and independent of her, I --

Carly: Or calculated and selfish.

Jax: Okay, you know what? I think Dr. Lee's ready for us so we should probably get going.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: It's -- it's wonderful news, really.

Robin: Thank you.

Jax: And, um, we would like to keep it, you know, to ourselves a little bit longer so if you could just keep it quiet?

Patrick: Absolutely.

Robin: Of course.

Jax: Okay, thanks.

Robin: I'll have to remind Kelly not to schedule us anywhere near each other. I'd rather not be stressed out while I'm pregnant.

Patrick: If you need anything -- um, I mean, it's a good thing you have a lot of family and friends that love you, care about you and support you, but –

[Keypad beeps]

Jason: Okay, we -- we need this green light to go on, Spinelli. Keep looking for a combination that works.

Spinelli: Okay, um, you know, the Jackal did find it interesting to be subjected to the innermost workings of the wounded blond one's thinking process. I mean, it is -- simplistic and illogical but somehow somewhat productive and practical. Um -- 93191?

[Keypad beeps]

Spinelli: You know, Logan remains our person of interest given the clues that we've amassed. Um -- 77777.

[Keypad beeps]

Jason: You know what? Maybe you should've brought Maxie.

[Spinelli scoffs]

Spinelli: You know, the first thing that she would've done was abandon all understanding of mechanical devices and entry codes and probably just tried the door and walked in.

Spinelli: Shazam.

Mac: I have to warn you. Now, keep in mind there's no solid proof yet, but --

Maxie: The text message killer is still out there and Coop didn't do it? I think I already told you that.

Mac: There may have been someone out at Alexis' house tonight. Kristina saw something.

Maxie: I think Coop was close to figuring it out, too -- that's why he died. He got this for me.

Mac: I'm so sorry.

Maxie: I want to see him cleared.

Mac: I want to see you get past this.

Maxie: I lost Jesse and Coop and my sister and my mom.

Mac: Your mother is still alive.

Maxie: Not to me. I don't even have my own heart.

Mac: Why don't you open that?

Maxie: Huh.

Mac: Coop asked me weeks ago what I thought you might like.

Maxie: "You will always have a heart to fall back on -- mine. I love you. Coop."

Tracy: Give me that!

Luke: Why don't you let me take you over to General Hospital and check you in for a couple of days of clean sheets and pain meds?

Tracy: No -- thank you. Monica will be hiding behind every potted palm waiting to cut my heart out if she's not too drunk. You'd think that car accident would be enough to sober her up for good. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was the one that hit Sam.

Luke: Really? Hit-and-run -- that's a pretty stiff sentence.

Tracy: Yeah, that's why I'm counting on the police to uncover it.

Luke: Imagine the leverage you'd have if we uncovered it first.

Sonny: I should have my partner here, Jason, or at least one of my guards. Since this is business, you might need to be patted down.

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: Well, the night is young.

Sonny: I thought we finished our business for a while after the meeting.

Claudia: See, I thought we were just starting -- especially in light of the fact that it wasn't our first meeting. I'm interested in a trade.

Sonny: I'm listening.

Claudia: All right, you own the dock unions, but you must know I managed to bring a few of the shore patrol and the pilot boat operators to my side. You can't unload product if you can't get it to the shore.

Sonny: Well, the Zaccharas also bought up the packaging plants on Water Street. It's going to be a little crowded down there when I get my hands on that deserted pier complex.

Claudia: Trevor seems to think he has that under control.

Sonny: I don't see the Zacchara name being pasted up anywhere.

Claudia: Well, it will be. Besides, there's such a thing as coexistence.

Sonny: That's not Trevor talking.

Claudia: Uh-uh. Trevor doesn't run this family.

Sonny: He has. Is that what this is all about? You want to bring home a trophy; you want to rub Trevor’s nose in it? And then you got your wonderful brother who's -- I'm sure he --

Claudia: Johnny's a good kid.

Sonny: And then there's Anthony Zacchara -- you got a lot of distractions I could be taking advantage of.

Claudia: You could. Or you could think about what I said. I see I was right before, by the way.

Sonny: About what?

Claudia: About the girl, about you --

[Sonny chuckles]

Claudia: You still being in love with that woman that you were trying to erase in my arms in the hotel room the other night? That was her, right? That was Kate Howard?

Sonny: She stays out of this.

Claudia: Well, that kiss I walked in on says she's already in deep, and so are you. That makes her fair game.

Sonny: I'm going to say this once -- leave her alone.

Spinelli singing: My funny valentine sweet, cunning valentine you make me smile

Spinelli: My mission with Stone Cold is accomplished.

Maxie: Okay, well, Mac was here and someone was out at Alexis' lake house -- most likely after her.

Spinelli: Did you -- did you mention our suspicion about the crabby commando?

Maxie: No -- Scott Baldwin’s on the case and who knows what he would do to cover up his son's guilt? We have to be careful, Spinelli, and get some real evidence against him.

Spinelli: And soon. Jackal, P.I., Is noticing a disturbing pattern in the killer's behavior.

Nadine: Here you go.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Nadine: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: What is that?

Nadine: That is hello, ducky. "Hello, ducky."

[Nadine giggles]

Nadine: It's a great attention grabber for the kids, especially when they're upset, and it keeps my hands free. I also have a hello, stinky -- it's a pig.

Elizabeth: Whatever works, right?

Nadine: That looks intense.

Elizabeth: Nadine, I have to apologize for what happened earlier in front of Dr. Devlin.

Nadine: Oh, don't worry about it -- you can't get along with everybody. As Aunt Rayleen used to say, "Every garden has its weed."

Nikolas: I -- I don't know that it was me; I don't know that I was on that road. I just know that I could've been and I could've hit you and if I did -- I don't know.

Sam: Okay, look, I -- um -- I am angry that this happened. But if it were you, I -- I could never hold you responsible for this.

Nikolas: Well, if -- if I did, I'll -- I'll take care of everything -- your hospital bills, everything.

Sam: Oh, no -- no, I don't need that. What I need is for you to take care of yourself. So, when are you going to have the operation?

Elizabeth: Hey. Hey, look, look, look. Nikolas is telling Sam that he thinks he's the one who hit her. This could be the end of all of this.

Jason: The only problem with that is Nikolas is innocent.

[Music plays]

Jax: You know, Dr. Lee gives you this wonderful clean bill of health and you bring me to Jake’s now for what again?

Carly: Buffalo wings -- I'm craving Buffalo wings, yes.

Jax: You're just determined to pass down your love for junk food to our child, aren't you?

Carly: Did you hear what you said? You said "our child." Doesn't that sound perfect?

Jax: Yeah -- "our child."

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: All right.

Carly: This place is deserted.

Jax: I'd hope so.

Singer: We tend to find together

Coleman: Bon appetit.

Jax: I took the liberty of calling ahead and making a few arrangements. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Carly: Oh, you're wonderful, you know that? Okay, I'm hungry! Thank you.

Coleman: You're welcome.

[Baby cries]

Patrick: Good news on Epiphany -- looks like the angioplasty was a success.

Robin: What a relief.

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: What a day, huh?

Patrick: Well, I hope --

[Robin laughs]

Patrick: This can make it a little bit better.

Robin: What's this?

Patrick: Valentine's Day. Friends and exes can still give gifts, can't they?

Robin: I suppose they can.

Patrick: While everyone knows what a wonderful mother you're going to be, I've always known what a wonderful woman you already are.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: Yeah.

 [Music plays]

Luke: There has to be a way to prove that Monica’s car wasn't stolen. We punch holes in her story, then we can get --

Tracy: No. Uh-uh-uh, nothing. It's too easy.

Luke: What is?

Tracy: To fall back into our old routine. I hate you.

Luke: That's only because you're crazy about me.

Tracy: I have to get you out of my system once and for all.

Singer: Couldn't fall in love this way save me climb on top of this building

Luke: It's pretty chilly out there, Tracy. It's going to be hard to walk away with that bum ankle.

Tracy: Let's just see if St. Valentine has decided to heal me so I can get away from you after all, okay? Let's just see.

Singers: Hold on

Tracy: There.

Singers: I tried but no one was able to fake your touch

Spinelli: It's only logical. Okay, the extra attempts made on the fair Samantha and her goddess mother suggest that it's not only what the victims have in common with each other, it's what the killer has in common with the victims.

Diane: So if she did see the text message killer, what is it about him specifically that frightened her so much?

[Kristina screams]

Alexis: Oh, it's okay. It's okay, it's okay, okay?

Jason: Okay, I got into the police impound warehouse -- that's where they took the parts of Nikolas' car after they found it at the chop shop.

Elizabeth: And?

Jason: Well, and according to the police report, Sam was hit on the passenger side of the car. The right front bumper of Nikolas' car was undamaged.

Elizabeth: But mine is damaged.

Claudia: Looks like I hit a nerve.

Sonny: No, what you hit is a wall. I already warned your brother -- you come near anybody that I care about, there will be bloodshed.

Claudia: When I said "fair game," I meant woman-to-man. I like competition.

Sonny: You wasted your time here tonight.

Claudia: Really? On the contrary, because I feel like I'm leaving with some valuable insight.

Sonny: No trade. You got nothing I want.

Claudia: Then I'll just have to take something you do.

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