GH Transcript Wednesday 2/13/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/13/08


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Sonny: And while you're at it, I want you to find out how the Zacchara organization got itself so deep inside our business and political operation while our people did what? Shine their shoes, file their nails -- okay, you know what I want you guys to do? Get out on the street, figure out why everybody's falling asleep on the job. Do it yesterday -- get out of here. And you know what? Tell Jason I need to see him now.

Luke: Sounds like you need some help, whip these snot-noses into shape.

Sonny: Huh -- what are you talking about?

Luke: I'm talking about me having to make my way in the world again, and you needing me to kick some butt. I'm looking to be put on the payroll, pal.

Claudia: None of these do me any good. It's not what I asked for, so go get what I want and don't come back until you have it.

Mr. Vaughn: Ahem.

Trevor: Vaughn has been a loyal and a useful employee for a long time. Please don't talk to him like that.

Claudia: Loyal and useful -- to whom?

Trevor: To the Zacchara empire.

Claudia: You mean the Trevor Lansing living trust?

Trevor: Are you losing your cool because of what happened at the meeting with the five families last night?

Claudia: No, I am trying to find the right information to put Sonny Corinthos where I want him.

Trevor: Well, with the looks that I caught, where would be more appropriate than the nearest hotel bedroom?

Kate: I have two major designers who are committed to developing and promoting lines specifically for the working woman.

Jax: Hmm.

Kate: And you couldn't care less.

Jax: No, no, no, I do. I -- I care, I just -- I'm sorry. I'm just -- I keep thinking about your secret past as -- as Connie.

Kate: Um, Jax? Don't make me regret having told you.

Jax: No, it's just -- it's what you haven't told me that's got my mind racing, you see. But that's okay, you know? I'm sure if I throw enough money out there, I can probably find that out on my own.

Kate: I'm sure that you can, Jax. And if you do, two things will happen -- our friendship will be over, and Kate Howard will have to disappear as quickly and efficiently as Connie Falconeri.

Sam: How did you get past the guard?

Jason: It doesn't matter.

Sam: It does to me.

Jason: I just want to ask you a few questions about the hit-and-run.

Sam: Why, Jason? Why do you care who ran me down?

Elizabeth: I don't even know how to say this. So much is going to be destroyed; so much is going to come out.

Lucky: What are you talking about?

Elizabeth: Lucky, I think -- I think I'm responsible.

Lucky: Responsible for what?

Elizabeth: For Sam's hit-and-run.

Kate: Jax, I am begging you -- leave this alone.

Jax: What happened all those years ago that's scaring you so much? What could possibly be so bad that you can't even tell Sonny?

Kate: You're just going to have to trust me, okay? It is something that has to stay buried and if you can't do that, then we're done here.

Jax: Kate, maybe I can help.

Kate: No, Jax, you can't help. This is mine to shoulder, this is mine to deal with it, and it's mine to keep locked away.

Jax: Okay, fine. If that's what you want --

Kate: It's what I need.

Jax: It's what you want. Okay, but if you ever change your mind --

Kate: I wonít.

Jax: Okay, okay, okay.

Kate: So -- what do you think of my ideas?

Jax: I love your ideas, I really do. I love your ideas and I also like the fact that you're going to make Port Charles the home base, which will keep costs down.

Kate: And having you as a major investor will do wonders for the project, not to mention me. I don't see how I can lose.

Jax: Unless, of course, you're doing it to win Sonny back.

Luke: Bringing me in does nothing but help you. I mean, I'm a grownup. I'm not some of these punks that you're running with right now. You know where I've been, you know who I am, and you know I'm no mole sent in to bust you by the Feds. You know I know all the angles and the anglers. I know my way in and out of a tight situation. I know my way around a gun. And long ago, my -- my shade of morality turned as gray as my liver. This could do nothing but help you, Sonny. And I got some ideas that could put you hip-deep in cash.

Sonny: I know who -- who you are, Luke, and I know what you were capable of.

Luke: I "were"?

Sonny: I -- I'm not trying to be indelicate here.

Luke: Oh, no, Sonny, don't do that. You're known for your delicacy.

Sonny: How long have you been out of the hospital?

Luke: Long enough to get my sea legs back.

Sonny: And how many heart attacks have you had?

Luke: The number doesn't matter, man. What matters is I survived them.

Sonny: What are you supposed to be doing in the world?

Luke: I'm supposed to be sitting on a shelf gathering dust. And I'm about to explode, and if I do -- I can't answer for the casualties.

Sonny: Things have changed in the business, Luke. There's a code -- nobody gives a damn anymore. The world has gone to hell, everybody's expendable, everybody's a target -- women, children. You work for me, you got -- you got to -- you got to be at the speed of light.

Luke: And what am I? Like dial-up? All right. I can see you've written my walking obituary like everybody else. You think I'm too feeble to play cops and robbers anymore. Well, I can tell you I'm too damn stubborn to take a desk job, so I don't know where that leaves me -- just staring into the barrel of another dark, lonely night.

Sonny: You know, Luke, I'm not sure. I'm not sure where it leaves any of us, but I can tell you right now -- it's getting real dangerous out there.

Trevor: That meeting last night with the five families was about business, not your own sexual pleasure.

Claudia: What's the matter, Trevors -- you're not getting any?

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: Not to worry, toots. I never confuse my sexual satisfaction with business. You want to run this? You want to be head of the family? Go ahead, do it. But just don't treat it like it was your first night at a public pick-up joint.

Claudia: Who do you think cleaned up the mess in Sydney and put the Cavazzi organization back in the red in Miami? You think that was Uncle Rudy? Unlike you, I'm tired of working behind the scenes. I'm here and I'm driving. So until you understand who you're really dealing with, you get in the back seat.

Trevor: And I am telling you that your father would not want this.

Claudia: I don't know what my father would want. But I'm going to find that out.

Trevor: Well, it's too bad that he's insane.

Claudia: Well, guilt will do that to you. The man's got a lot of things to feel guilty about, but I'll tell you something -- I betcha I can still figure out what's going on in that maze of a mind of his. You never know what you might find out.

Elizabeth: You know I've been having nightmares about the fire and losing Jake and seeing Sam with Jake and -- and I haven't been sleeping. I shouldn't have left the hospital when I did --

Lucky: Stop. I know what you're afraid of. You're worried that the lie about Jake will come out -- well, it wonít. All right, there's no reason that story will see the light of day.

Elizabeth: There's more.

Lucky: No, it is not your fault. I'm the one who dragged Sam's lies out of you. I'm the one who got in a fight with her and threw her out of the house and put her in the right path of the text message killer. The guy, he played cat and mouse with her, he attacked her, and she wound up running out in front of a car. So, I mean, do you see that this has nothing to do with you? I'm just not sure I can say the same thing about Jason.

Jason: What did you see the night of the accident?

Sam: I don't have to tell you anything. And there's actually no point in telling you anything since you're not going to believe me any more than anyone else does anyway.

Jason: Why not?

Sam: Why -- why not? I don't know, Jason. Maybe because I'm the great liar, the great manipulator, the big bad witch -- remember?

Jason: The accident report says that you were thrown to the right.

Sam: How would you know what the accident report says? I'm pretty sure that's illegal, isn't it? Oh, wait, that's right -- I mean, using poor Spinelli to do your spying and prying and -- and breaking into private polices files is nothing compared to the crimes and cover-ups that you and Sonny commit. Is Elizabeth riding shotgun yet like I used to? Or is she still afraid of her own shadow?

Jason: You were struck by the passenger's side of the car. What -- what did you see?

Sam: What do you think I saw? I saw -- I saw headlights, Jason. I was thrown in the middle of the road, two -- two headlights. I was too busy fighting off the text message killer. Oh, what's the matter? Is this the first time the all-knowing, almighty Jason Morgan is hearing about this? Or are you just waiting around here for him to finish me off?

[Door closes]

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Hey!

Diane: Hi.

Alexis: Hi!

[Alexis chuckles]

Alexis: What are you doing here?

Diane: Prego -- the working woman's friend.

Alexis: It's heart smart, okay?

Diane: So is what's in here.

Alexis: I'm sure it is.

[Diane chuckles]

Alexis: All right, so what's going on here? Why are you here?

Diane: Well, I have decided that you need to relax and take your mind off of Sam.

Alexis: I don't think that's going to happen.

Diane: Okay. Well, what if I tell you that I am taking on the case of Joe Smith, bomb-wielding mechanic, versus General Hospital?

Alexis: I am going to say to you that I don't want to talk about this right now.

[Diane chuckles]

Diane: Yeah.

Alexis: I donít.

Diane: And when I am done, not only will Joe Smith be a free man, but General Hospital is going to have to pay him so much that he will be able to buy his garage back and build his own maternity ward to watch his child being born. First step -- the filing for his bail hearing.

Alexis: You know you don't stand a chance.

[Diane giggles]

[Alexis snickers]

Sam: I know everybody thinks I have a reason to make all this up, but --

Jason: No, I believe you. Now, I don't want this guy to get you, I don't want this guy to get anybody else. He needs to pay for what he did to my sister, Leticia, and Georgie.

Sam: And even me? Why the sudden thaw -- what's in it for you?

Jason: I'm -- I'm sorry you're so bitter. I know I didn't -- I didn't help.

Sam: Wow. There is hope for you yet. Must be fatherhood. Or maybe it's St. Elizabeth's influence -- you know what, Jason? Don't do this, okay? Just get out. Go, get out!

Jason: Sam, if --

Ian: I hope you have a very good reason for being here with my patient, or I will have security arrest you where you stand.

Lucky: I know Jason couldn't be more of a sore subject between us, and you're staying away from him for the sake of Jake. I know you'd never willingly get Jason into any kind of trouble. But he was at the scene where Sam was hit, and frankly, he doesn't have a very good explanation for it.

Elizabeth: Jason drives a motorcycle. Sam was hit by a car.

Lucky: Defending him is almost like a reflex to you. It's like you two talk in alibis.

Elizabeth: He didn't do it.

Lucky: Listen, you and I have this urge because we feel guilty for what happened to Sam. It's because we have a conscience. Jason -- he's got a blind spot in that area or he would not be able to do what he does for a living. He may not have hit Sam, but he knows something about that accident. So please just take my advice and keep your distance. It's still the best thing for our little boy.

Patrick: Ahem. Hey, so this, um -- this sperm donor thing --

Robin: Yeah?

Patrick: It's, uh -- it's completely anonymous, right? I mean, the prospective mother doesn't know who the prospective father is, do they?

Robin: No, that's the way it works. Why?

Cassius: Hey, I need a doctor fast -- it's Epiphany. I found her unconscious in the locker room.

Luke: You know what it's like to cheat death. You've seen that bright, white light go out. And you've danced with the dark and clawed your way back, and what did you want to do when you made it back?

Sonny: Live.

Luke: Yeah -- live. And what would you do if some witch doctor and a bunch of meddling relatives had the rest of your life planned and what you consider living was not on the menu?

Sonny: I'd fight it like hell, but I wouldn't put other peoples' lives at risk, and that's what you're asking me to do, Luke.

Luke: You owe me, Sonny. Among other things, I'm the guy that found your boy Jason after the train wreck when he was looking at a mile of dirt over his head.

Sonny: I owe you; I owe you many times over, man. You know what? Maybe turning you down is -- is paying you back and you don't even know it yet.

Luke: I'm not giving up on this, Corinthos.

Sonny: That's what I hear living's all about, Luke.

Luke: Yeah -- that and a warm body to come home to at night. But I don't suppose you have any lack of that, either.

[Knock on door]

Mike: Hey.

Sonny: What?

Mike: I, uh -- I caught Michael buying bullets on the docks last night. And I thought I should give you a heads-up before -- before this thing got out of hand.

Ian: This man threatening you?

Sam: I donít know -- what would happen if I said yes?

Jason: It would be a lie.

Ian: I don't believe I've given you the floor.

Sam: His name is Jason and we used to be together. You know, I offered my life to him on a silver platter when I thought he was human.

Ian: Well, I don't care who you are or what you do outside of this hospital, but inside it, you have two obligations -- respect the people that are sick and stay out of the way of the people trying to take care of them. Right now, you're not doing either.

Jason: If you remember something, I'd like to know if you want to tell me.

Ian: Your friend looks like he likes to walk on the wild side.

Sam: Yeah, he does. But someday, he'll meet his match.

Singer: This time I'll go all the way I might get full of steams I'm sorry about your broken heart but I can't live your dreams

Coleman: Well, hello there. Welcome to Jakeís. What -- what are you in the mood for?

Claudia: Trouble.

Luke: I can arrange that.

Singer: I'm going to tangle love and all the way

Jax: You know how I feel about Sonny -- and any women that get mixed up with him.

Kate: Jax, I remember this time in Monte Carlo.

Jax: Well, I remember many.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Well, it was the first time that we met, and I saw this handsome man walking across the room towards me with this determined smile and --

Jax: Oh.

Kate: Imagine my surprise when you not only knew I was Kate Howard, but that you wanted me to introduce you to "Couture's" hottest model. Mm-hmm.

Jax: Hmm, yeah.

Kate: Yeah, she was standing aloofly and appropriately by the ice sculpture --

Jax: Yes, she was, mm-hmm.

Kate: And no amount of warning would deter you, so I relented and introduced you.

Jax: Yes, and I paid the price.

Kate: And I will pay the price with Sonny -- or not. Look, he wouldn't be hurting this much if he didn't still love me.

Jax: Well, sometimes the more Sonny loves, the more people get hurt.

Diane: Nuts with your Prego?

Alexis: This man is in prison and that's exactly where he's going to stay.

Diane: That man is going to go free.

Alexis: He's dangerous.

Diane: There are far more dangerous men roaming the streets.

Alexis: Uh, uh! Where do you think you're going?

Kristina: Ariel!

Alexis: Did you leave her out on the porch again?

Diane: Oh, the poor princess is going to be a frozen fish stick! Sounds like she needs rescuing.

Alexis: No, no, no -- you stay right here. You just got over a cold. Iíll go check.

Ian: Well, I'm pleased to say you're coming around much better, although I would advise against any potato sack races or --

Sam: Hmm.

Ian: Confrontations with ex-boyfriends or stalkers.

Sam: You weren't afraid of Jason?

Ian: Should I be?

Sam: Oh -- I don't know. I guess you don't know him, do you? And why would you know him? He -- he works for Sonny Corinthos, the local crime boss.

Ian: And you used to go out with him?

Sam: Yeah.

Ian: If you're not afraid of him, why should I be?

Sam: I don't know -- that's a very odd trail of logic.

Ian: Well, sometimes in my line of work, you have to follow very odd trails of logic.

[Sam chuckles]

Ian: How's the pain?

Sam: Oh, I can take it.

Ian: Good. Because if I dope you up any more, you're going to be getting all randy on me --

Sam: Oh.

Ian: And do yourself some more damage. The surgery has left you with a nasty scar above and below what a beautiful woman like you wears -- well, what passes for a swimsuit. Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. That probably sounded totally inappropriate.

Sam: Yeah, a little.

Ian: Um -- let me explain. Before I became an oncologist, my specialty was reconstructive surgery. I only mention the issue of the -- the scar because I can help take care of it later, if you want. And as far as the issue of the swimsuit -- well, that was a gross assumption on my part, because you're a beautiful woman.

Sam: Oh. Thank you, I guess.

Lucky: Am I interrupting something?

Diane: Found her!

Alexis: Oh.

Diane: She was behind the couch doing the backstroke. There you go, sweetie.

Kristina: Thank you.

[Diane giggles]

Diane: What's the matter?

Alexis: I'm not sure.

Leo: So your tests confirm what Cassius thought when he sent for me. You suffered a heart attack. Your E.K.G. shows acute ST elevations.

Epiphany: It's exhaustion.

Leo: Epiphany, I want to do a PCI with a drug-eluting stent. And you know we have to do this as soon as possible, because in this situation, time is muscle.

Epiphany: Right now, all I know is that I'm about to suffocate with all you people standing around. Don't you have patients to take care of?

Leo: Right now, like it or not, you're one of them. And you know it.

Epiphany: Like it or not, as soon as I catch my breath, I'm getting out of this bed and Iím going back to work.

Cassius: Uh -- excuse me. Um -- can I have a moment alone with Nurse Johnson, please?

Epiphany: What do you think you're going to say that he can't?

Cassius: You're just going to have to find out, won't you?

Leo: All right, Cassius, every second counts, okay?

Cassius: And here, I thought you had some more sense in that head of yours.

Luke: Well, I've seen quite a cross section in this town. Mobsters, psychos, killer nurses, blackmailers, con artists, garden-variety freaks and fetishists. Even a couple of upstanding citizens -- which I'm proud to say, I am not.

Claudia: An honest man in a bar? Imagine that.

Luke: That was self-promotion. Actually, I have a severe allergy to honesty.

Claudia: I'm sorry -- what exactly are you selling?

Luke: What are you buying?

Claudia: Information.

Luke: I'm the town oracle. Cash in advance, no credit, no samples.

Coleman: You know, I -- I know things, too.

[Luke and Claudia chuckle]

Luke: Whoops. Ooh, you better pick those up. Somebody might slip and crack a shell.

[Claudia chuckles]

Coleman: Very childish.

Luke: Wow. So, what's your poison?

Claudia: Sonny Corinthos.

Luke: Pretty lethal stuff.

Claudia: I can take it.

Luke: I'll bet you can. Are your interests business or pleasure?

Claudia: Maybe both. What's his weakness?

Luke: Huh. I'd say you'd pretty well got that wrapped up in a tight little package, with the red boots and all. Okay, Sonny Corinthos -- well, you want to go after Sonny? Go after him. He knows how to play the game. But don't go after his family. That would be a mistake. You do that and you're done. A house will fall out of nowhere on top of you. And your little red shoes, too.

Michael: Morgan, you better not be fooling around in my room! You'll be sorry! Give it! It's not a toy! Hey, I'll get mom and Jax to sell you on the internet.

Sonny: What's going on in here?

Michael: Hey, Dad. Uh -- Mom's in the shower.

Sonny: Yeah, Mercedes told me. Can I sit down?

Michael: Uh -- sure.

Sonny: So, what, you and Morgan are having a little bit of a disagreement? What's going on?

Michael: Um, well, he's always trying to take my boxes so he can put his dumb toys in.

Sonny: Well, it wasn't that long ago that you were playing with the same stuff.

Michael: Yeah, but I'm not a kid anymore, and Morganís a baby.

Sonny: You're a man, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Who likes having guns.

Michael: You know about the bullets, don't you?

Sonny: Yeah, but I didn't know you had anything to put them in. Don't turn your head. Do you have something to put the bullets in, Michael?

Michael: No.

Sonny: Then why the bullets?

Michael: I got to start somewhere.

Sonny: Okay, this is going to end right here. I'm not going to even bother your mother with this, but you -- you need to understand what I'm saying and listen to me. I'm going to tell you again -- do not go anywhere near guns. I don't care if you're trying to protect your mother from the bad guys, or what. If I hear or see you going anywhere near a gun, you better run, and keep running. You got that?

Michael: Yeah, I got it.

Singer: It ain't cool the N word B and N word the B word nor the things they serve it ain't cool

Claudia: So Corinthos is a family man?

Luke: In more ways than one, but think you know that. You wouldn't be asking these questions otherwise.

Claudia: I'm looking for information I don't already know.

Luke: Right. You want a piece of his business or a piece of him?

Claudia: I'm the one with the cash. I ask the questions --

Luke: Okay, well, a strange coincidence here -- I just came from Corinthos, and -- see, I went there to pull in a marker and it didn't really work out for me, but I do have some information that's valuable.

Claudia: What information is that?

Luke: The further away from Corinthos you stay, the longer you will live.

Claudia: Have a long and dull life.

Luke: Now you sound like my doctor.

Claudia: Ladies' room?

Coleman: Yeah, we got one. We got one. It's -- uh -- it's down the hall in the back on the left. She looks pissed -- hot, but pissed.

Luke: Yeah, I get the feeling that's a permanent condition.

Coleman: So you want a cocktail?

Luke: More than life itself, but I'm here for a job.

Coleman: Come on, man. You'd drink the profits and steal my tips. It ain't happening, Duke.

Luke: "Duke." It's Luke! Oh, hell. No broad, no booze, no bread. Oh well. Later.

Kate: Oh, I'm aware of all of Sonny's pitfalls and blind spots and faults and flaws.

Jax: Is this Kate Howard talking or the -- the other girl that knew him a long, long time ago?

Kate: I don't know, I guess both. The problem is, is it's hard to integrate the two, but you know what? That's -- it's what I'm going to have to do if I'm going to fight for Sonny. And the one thing that Kate and Connie have in common is that they go after what they want and they don't take any prisoners.

Jax: Why would you beat around the bush? Why don't you just be more direct? I mean, do you really think starting a magazine and being in his line of sight is going to wear him down? I'm sorry. Okay, you know what? We're -- we're not here to talk about Sonny, we're here to talk about the magazine, which brings me to the -- the next thing -- a property. I've had my eye on this property for a while -- it's down on Water Street, okay? It's an old warehouse that can be converted into offices, and I think that would be quite cost-effective.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: I'm being a fool.

Jax: What?

Kate: I'm going about this all the wrong way.

Jax: No, no, no -- no, Kate --

Kate: No, no, Jax -- Jax?

[Kate taps table]

Kate: It's going to stop right now, so listen. Thank you, I will be in touch about the property. But right now, I have something more important to do.

Jax: Sure.

Alexis: I'm not really clear on what the purpose of this is.

Diane: Well, then you need another drink. Now, sit down, we've only got 10 seconds. Here.

Alexis: No, I'm -- you're not taking a picture of me.

Diane: Yes, I am, yes, I am. This is for some old friends.

Alexis: What friends?

Diane: Cheese. Cheese.

[Diane laughs]

Diane: Look what I got this morning.

Alexis: It's Big Dave.

Diane: And Gunner -- the origins of our redneck couture.

Alexis: Which one are you dating?

Diane: I'm not dating either of them. I simply left my card in the bar -- because you never know where your next controversial case is going to come from. I mean, I can't keep baby-sitting Sonny all the time. They sent a photograph; they wanted a photograph in return. So I thought we'd wear the jackets, have a little fun -- you know, what the hell.

Alexis: There's someone out there.

Diane: Where?

Alexis: There, near the lake.

Diane: You got a back door to this place?

Alexis: It's locked.

Diane: Well, fine, you can lock it again behind me.

Alexis: What are you going to do?

Diane: These jackets aren't the only souvenir that we took out of the bar that night. You make sure the girls stay in their room.

Alexis: Are you insane? Do you even have a license for that?

Diane: Nitpick about that if I don't have to use it.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Jason: Hi. I can't really stay long. I got to meet Spinelli; I got some things to check out that might actually prove that you didn't hit Sam after all.

Elizabeth: I almost told Lucky.

Jason: What?

Elizabeth: I almost told Lucky that I think I'm the one who hit Sam. But then I got to thinking if I say one thing, I'm going to have to say another -- then where was I going that night and why, or you and me and our place and --

Jason: Nobody has to say anything at all yet, okay? Look, I -- I just want you to be careful; there's some evidence that the killer might still be out there. I can't -- I can't say anything else right now, but just promise me that you'll be careful.

Elizabeth: I promise.

Ian: I'm sorry I wasn't here the other night when you wanted to question me. But for what it's worth, I don't believe that anyone -- let alone Ms. McCall -- could've faked the kind of terror that I saw on her face when I walked in here the other night. You need anything, just have me paged.

Sam: Thank you.

Sam: So?

Lucky: I still need evidence.

Sam: Well, I hope you get it. And I do hope you can solve this case, because it is quite clear to me that you can't stand being around me.

Lucky: That's not true.

Cassius: You're a nurse. You know what gender you are, what race you are. You know what kind of stress you've been under lately. You know you're at a higher risk by having a heart attack --

Epiphany: And I still did my job.

Cassius: Part of your job is staying alive.

Epiphany: What business is it of yours, Cassius?

Leo: How we doing?

Epiphany: We're lousy, but I've decided to go through with it.

Leo: Okay.

Patrick: You know the gallery is going to be full of people that love you during this procedure?

Epiphany: Hmm -- they just want to see me on the other side of the coin for once.

Robin: No, you're wrong about that. They're going to be in that gallery making sure that Leo does right by you.

Epiphany: Don't go give me any crap about my being the heart and soul of this hospital. I'm already sick, you want to make it worse?

Leo: "Heart and soul" my foot, you're the boss. This place will go to hell if we don't get you moving again.

Epiphany: You're in charge at the desk until I get back on my feet.

Patrick: Which is going to be at least a week.

Epiphany: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Leo: Let's get you prepped and ready to go. You have any questions before we start?

Epiphany: No, I know what you're supposed to be doing. You just make sure that you do. Now, everybody else, get back to work. I know I'm not the only patient in this hospital! Uh -- Stanfordís ashes. I had them in my hands when --

Cassius: Don't worry, they're safe.

Elizabeth: You're going to be okay.

Epiphany: You better believe I will, because somebody still has a whole lot of explaining to do.

Kristina: Mommy?

Alexis: Honey -- honey, get back in the room right now. Go -- go with Molly.


Diane: You make one move, and you'll be holding your guts with both hands!

Alexis: Good God, what are you doing? You just coldcocked the mayor!

[Mayor Floyd groans]

Diane: The mayor?

Alexis: Garrett --

Diane: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Alexis: Are you okay?

Diane: I'm very sorry; I didn't realize that it was you.

[Mayor Floyd groans]

Diane: He didn't look like the mayor.

Alexis: Well, it looks just like him. All right, are -- just -- you know, can I get you anything?

Mayor Floyd: Uh -- uh --

Alexis: Just go in and sit down.

Mayor Floyd: When I got your message, I thought I'd come out here by myself. Uh -- what goes on here at the lake?

Diane: Why don't you just -- just sit down, let's get you a drink -- or at least some ice for your head.

Alexis: Take two. Here you go. Honey? Everything's fine, it's the mayor. You remember the mayor, don't you?

Mayor Floyd: Hi, sweetheart.

Diane: All right, now, let me take a look at what I did to you. Well, I didn't open you up.

[Kristina screams]

[Door opens]

Sonny: Good, you're here.

Kate: I think we should talk.

[Music plays]

Jason: Spinelli -- seen him yet?

Coleman: No, I haven't seen him, man.

Singer: Did you think you'd get away? Come back here, boy did you think you can have it all one? Uh-uh

Claudia: Are you interested in taking me on?

Singer: I'll make it louder I'll make it harder until you can't take it, oh, but I might take you down

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: I think I may have done something awful.

Alexis: Tell Mommy what you saw.

Claudia: So what else are we playing for?

Sonny: What do you want?

Kate: You, Sonny. You still love me.

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