GH Transcript Tuesday 2/12/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/12/08


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Alexis: Any luck in finding the person that left my daughter lying in the road near dead?

Mac: Why don't you ask Lucky? He's in charge of the case.

Lucky: Not anymore.

Sam's voice: Get off -- agh!

[Man groans]

[Sam gasps]

Sam: Stop! Ow.

Elizabeth: I want to tell the police that I fell asleep at the wheel on the road where Sam was hit.

Jason: Elizabeth, we've been over this.

Elizabeth: But I could've done this.

Jason: Okay, Spinelli was able to put three more people on the road who could've been behind the wheel -- Carly, Monica, and Nikolas, okay, and Nikolas already told you he had a blackout. Please -- please don't say anything. Don't put yourself through even more hell until I'm able to check this out.

Elizabeth: And how are you going to do that? You going to confront them all -- a man with a brain tumor, your best friend, your own mom? Don't do this to yourself.

Jason: You don't know that you're responsible for this.

Elizabeth: You don't know that I'm not.

Epiphany: A comatose patient in 1058 is due nine meds.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, I had a problem getting one of them from the pharmacy.

Epiphany: Then hang the other eight and check the pharmacy again. If they're out, reorder the meds.

Jason: Carly, are you going to be home because I need to talk to you.

Carly: Yeah, I'll be here. What's going on?

Jason: I'll tell you when I get there.

Luke: Tracy is willing to call off the malpractice suit.

Monica: Oh, and what should I do -- just forget and forgive the fact that you forged my husband's will?

Luke: Monica, I've had three close brushes with death recently, I now know what hell looks like -- it's normal family life. It's a house, a mortgage –

Monica's voice: Check the patient charts, show that I'm still involved, still on my game.

Luke: Everything that they call "the American dream." Now, what I love, what I've lived for -- these things are now out of my reach. They're, like, in a shop window and I'm the guy outside with my nose pressed against the glass.

Monica's voice: And in a minute, I can go to the supply room and I can have a drink.

Luke: Punishment you could possibly devise. Monica, Tracy misses her family. With her boys gone, she's only got you and Edward left. She doesn't want to waste time, you know, not being together.

Monica: She said that?

Luke: Yes, she did. Can you meet her halfway? Tracy is willing to take the first step.

Tracy: The hell I am!

[Monica laughs]

Monica: You rotten con artist. And as for you, if you cannot afford a motel room, then just go sleep in your car.

Tracy: What?

Monica: This business of pretending you're here on hospital business and sleeping on the sofa in the board room? Well, I have called security.

Tracy: You can't order a paper clip, you're on suspension which begs the question -- what are you doing here? Pass out in the on-call room again?

Luke: Uh, pumpki--

Tracy: What are you hiding, besides the fact that you were driving drunk and you hit public property with your car?

Luke: I think maybe we should go have some lunch, you and I.

Monica: My car was stolen.

Tracy: It -- that's such a lie, Monica! And if the police test the alcohol on the front seat of the car, they're going to find out it's your favorite vodka.

Luke: Well, so much for trying to pull your butt out of the fire.

Tracy: My butt doesn't need help from you!

Jason: Monica --

Monica: What?

Jason: Can -- can I just talk to you for a minute?

Monica: Look, I am fine!

Jason: Okay, I -- I know, your car was stolen -- the same night Sam was a victim of a hit-and-run.

Patrick: Why am I only finding out about this now -- that you were threatened by some masked attacker last night?

Sam: Because nobody else saw him.

Patrick: Dr. Devlin?

Sam: He showed up after the guy had already ran out, after he put his hand over my mouth and said, "Not this time, bitch, it won't be any fun if you don't struggle."

Patrick: Sam, I'm sorry.

Sam: He's the text message killer.

Patrick: Wait a second; I thought the text message killer was the cop, the cop that killed himself.

Sam: I know, I know, that's what we all thought, but I guess it turns out that we were all very wrong.

Patrick: Why isn't this all over the news?

Sam: Why? Because Lucky doesn't believe me, because he thinks that I need him to feel sorry for me. I guess that he thinks that I am that pathetic and -- and desperate and I -- I just -- I don't know. I -- I guess I know how he -- I guess I know how he really feels about me.

Patrick: I'm sorry.

Lucky: Given the history between me and Sam -- the stuff that's happened, the lies that have been told --

Mayor Floyd: What lies?

Alexis: What difference does it make what lies have been told? What if she's telling the truth right now?

Lucky: And you know she wasn't, about a lot of things and that's -- that's the problem -- I don't know what to believe.

Mac: You should've thought about this before insisting on heading up the investigation.

Lucky: I thought I could be objective, but things changed.

Alexis: Sam told Lucky that the text message killer was in her room last night and threatened her.

Mac: That's impossible.

Mayor Floyd: Yeah, of course that's impossible.

Lucky: That wasn't the first time.

Alexis: This has happened before?

Lucky: We had a fight. I told Sam to get out of my house and stay out of my life. A little while later, she called me with this story -- she got a text message, that she was being chased, how she was fighting him off, kicking him in the ribs.

Alexis: My God, why wouldn't you have said anything, Lucky? What, are you -- what, are you hoping the guy comes back and finishes her off?

[Lulu gasps]

Lulu: God --

Logan: Easy. I didn't mean to startle you.

Lulu: That's what happens when you sneak up on people.

Logan: I was just standing there watching you and the light on your hair.

Lulu: First, you go caveman on me and now you're some sort of poet?

Logan: Listen, Lulu, I know why you're so upset --

Lulu: It is my fault --

Logan: What you've been carrying with you all this time.

Lulu: For giving you another chance, another chance to hurt me.

Logan: It explains so much, Lulu; I just wish I'd known.

Lulu: Known what? What? What sort of insights could you possibly have? What -- what lessons have you learned that would change anything, Logan, huh? Never mind.

Logan: Lulu, wait, I know what your father did to your mother.

Alexis: You didn't follow it up?

Lucky: That's what I'm trying --

Alexis: You didn't file a report?

Scott: Based on what?

Alexis: Based on my daughter's word.

Scott: A scorned woman desperate to hang on here?

Alexis: See, I knew something was wrong with this because she is way too smart. She's actually too good of a liar to come up with a story that could be so easily dismissed.

Lucky: No one else has seen this guy, there's nothing else to back it up.

Mayor Floyd: You risk starting a citywide panic.

Mac: Because of a story that may or may not be true.

Alexis: So, what, are we going to wait till he strangles my daughter, too?

Scott: Uh -- now, come on, come on, Alexis.

Alexis: I'm really sorry.

Mac: You're worried.

Alexis: I am.

Mayor Floyd: Yeah, well, you should be worried -- about more than your daughter.

Alexis: You could care less about this threat. All you care about is the political backlash because we'd be wrong, wouldn't we?

Mayor Floyd: You went on television and announced to the world that Cooper Barrett was the killer.

Alexis: Look at you, doing damage control already. You're distancing yourself.

Mayor Floyd: No, I want to make sure that everything's being done to make sure that this maniac isn't still out there.

Lucky: Sam said she lost her phone on the docks. If she's telling the truth, there's a text message on that phone from the killer. I'm going to go back and check again and check any other hospital for rib injuries or --

Scott: I'll do that. And you're trying to distance yourself, so --

Mayor Floyd: Look, Spencer, I don't give a damn about your personal feelings. This is your job, go do it.

Mac: Mayor, excuse me. Alexis, Cooper Barrett was our guy. Carly played text message tag with him at the ball. She lured him out into the open but no one took her seriously. He was a D.N.A. match to the skin found under Georgie's fingernails -- the test results were with his body. Look, he hung himself because he knew the truth was about to come out.

Scott: And you went on television and told everybody that we had the guy.

Alexis: So what? Maybe I'm wrong. Who cares, because if she's right, if Sam is right, that son of a bitch is still out there.

Logan: My father told me that your dad raped your mother.

Lulu: So he just dropped it in a conversation? "The weather's nice -- oh, by the way --"

Logan: Lulu, I -- I was just -- I was so confused with what happened between us, your reaction.

Lulu: When you wouldn't take no for an answer?

Logan: Lulu, I am so sorry, I had no idea.

Lulu: Is that your excuse?

Logan: No. No. There's no excuse for what I did -- for trying to force you, trying to get you to go faster than you were ready to go.

Lulu: You keep saying that you don't want to hurt me --

Logan: You're right. I never would.

Lulu: I need to get a clue because this started based on a bet that you made to get me into bed!

Logan: Lulu, I have told you a dozen times that was before I knew you, before you reminded me what it was like to hope, to imagine a better way of life, to believe that there was some way out of this darkness that had come down on me and begun to consume my life. Why -- why would I want to hurt a person who gave me all that?

Lulu: Because you can't help it? I don't know.

Logan: Lulu, since you gave me a second chance, I have tried in every way I know how to show you that you're not like the others, you're not like anybody else I've ever met. I am not good with the words, but you understood me. I know you did, and you felt it, too. But since Johnny’s come along, nothing's been the same since.

Johnny: I need to talk to you. It's about my father's condition.

Patrick: Okay, well, what I can tell you is that there are very limited options when it comes to a spinal cord injury as severe as the one your father suffered. And I know how difficult it can be to watch somebody you care about on a slow, steady decline.

Johnny: Yeah, but he keeps saying he can move his toes.

Patrick: You got evidence of this?

Johnny: No, but he'll make a big deal about showing me and then he tries and nothing moves --

Patrick: Given his mental state, Johnny, it's not --

Johnny: Yeah, I know -- it would be very easy to write off, I get it. Yeah, but then he goes on talking about his roses and my mother as if she were still alive and then he'll go on and say something completely --

Patrick: What, lucid?

Johnny: Yeah. It's like, "What the hell did I just hear?" Is there any way he could be getting better?

Robin: Hi.

Kelly: Hi!

Robin: Hi, what -- what's this?

Regina: Baby presents.

Robin: Aw.


Robin: Okay, let me have them before he starts talking.

Kelly: I know it's early, but we were walking by the cutest little store and we couldn't help ourselves.

Robin: Oh, thank you.

Kelly: Who does he remind you of?

Robin: Um --

Epiphany: This is a hospital, people. Room 1040 needs his insulin shot.

Leyla: I know, I was trying to find some but there wasn't any in the med cabinet. Um -- have you used any insulin today?

Elizabeth: I had to reorder it; it'll be in in 30 minutes.

Epiphany: Which means that he'll be eating his dinner tray late, which means that all of his evening's meds will be off, which is unacceptable!

Regina: She's turning into Dr. Ford right before our eyes.

Kelly: Scary.

Robin: Do you know if she's talked to Lainey after her son died?

Regina: You mean she has actual feelings?

Robin: She has to do something with them or -- I don't know. I'm just worried what will happen when the dam breaks.

Iris: Orderly?

Cassius: Well, well, well, Ms. Sneed, aren't you looking fantastic today. What is it -- don't tell me -- new hair, new glasses?

Iris: What is your name?

Cassius: Kibideaux. Cassius Kibideaux. And let's try not to be so formal next time, all right?

Iris: Mr. Kibideaux, you cannot move a patient without a transport sheet. Why don't you have a transport sheet on this patient?

Leyla: I'll take care of it.

Elizabeth: It's my fault.

Epiphany: I don't need you covering for me. You people can barely cover for yourselves. Nurse Mir, go check on the meds in the pharmacy. Nurse Webber, Sam McCall still needs her vitals checked hourly. Do it!

Jason: You reported your car stolen not far from where Sam was hit and I just -- I heard Tracy just now --

Monica: Oh, yes, well, the whole hospital heard Tracy. That's her point -- she's made a vested interest in making me look bad around here because I threw her out of the house and I had her assets frozen.

Jason: I'm just asking because I don't want to see an innocent person take the blame.

Monica: What, you think I hit Sam?

Jason: Did you?

Monica: You know, that would be almost laughable if it wasn't insulting and -- and hypocritical. I mean, you talk about morality? You're the one who covers the bodies and hides things, not me.

Jason: That's -- that's not an answer.

Monica: Well, I'm not going to dignify it with one.

Jason: I don't -- I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to see you hurt yourself even more than you already are.

Man: Epiphany Johnson?

Epiphany: Over here.

Delivery Man: It was the only address they had for you, apparently.

Cassius: What is it?

Epiphany: My son's ashes. What -- what are you looking at? Get back to work.

Alexis: Mac, you need to take this seriously -- certainly more seriously than Lucky did.

Mac: Lucky did the right thing --

Alexis: Lucky did nothing.

Mac: Based on the facts.

Alexis: The public needs to be alerted.

Mayor Floyd: No. Excuse me, absolutely not.

Alexis: At the very least, the case needs to be reopened.

Mac: Let's see if Lucky can turn up Sam's cell phone. If there's a text message on it --

Scott: Well, she might've put something on it herself.

Alexis: That's not something that she would do.

Scott: Well, it is something she would do. She's been scamming men her whole life -- you know, marrying them, taking their money --

Alexis: Excuse me, that's my daughter you're talking about.

Scott: I know, Alexis. Sometimes it's tough to think that your children might be capable of --

Mayor Floyd: Well, you know, it is understandable that this could cloud your judgment which is why I want you to work closely with Scott on this.

Scott: Absolutely.

Mayor Floyd: Yeah, look, I need your objectivity now

Alexis: You need him to cover your ass.

Mayor Floyd: Excuse me, Counselor. You are only temporary D.A. in Ric's absence.

Alexis: You're right, Mayor, I'm not objective because that maniac not only tried to kill my daughter, he tried to kill me. This is personal.

Logan: I could feel you letting go, slipping away because of Johnny and I just -- I tried to grab on stronger.

Lulu: Don't blame this on Johnny.

Logan: I'm not. Listen, I'm not blaming it on Johnny, I'm just trying to explain it to you. It was not about the sex.

Lulu: Uh-huh.

Logan: It was about holding on to everything that was -- that was wonderful about you. I know what they say -- if you love someone, you got to let them go. "Let go and let God" -- that's -- that's what my mother used to say. She believed that if you did the right thing and -- and stayed true to yourself, things would work themselves out. She instilled that in me. Somewhere along the way, Lulu, in life, in the -- in the war, it -- it chipped away at my faith and I -- I thought it was dead, I thought I was dead till I met you. Even if I have messed this up for good, I want you to know I am so grateful to have felt that again. I think you felt it, too. Now, I got to do something, probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do -- I got to let you go. I got to let y go find out who -- who Johnny is all on your own. But I want you to know I'm going to be here waiting.

[Helicopter flies]


Luke: Shall I give you a shove, see if you can fly? That would be great. I could drop you right out of my daughter's life, make a few other people happy, too -- namely, my old friend Sonny Corinthos.

Carly: Wow -- could you have said it any more cryptic and mysterious on the phone? I was a little, you know, scared, Jason.

Jason: Carly, listen --

Morgan: Uncle Jason.

Jason: Hey, what's going on, guys? Listen, can you -- can you do me a favor? Can you guys go upstairs and do your homework or play or whatever? I really need to talk to your mom.

Michael: Um --

Jason: Good, I like that -- you listen. What about you?

Michael: I am old enough to know what's going on.

Carly: Hey -- what'd your father tell you?

Michael: He is not here. Jax isn't, either. Hey, if something happens --

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, nothing's going to happen.

Carly: Except you're going to start listening to me. Go upstairs and do your homework, please. You could be grounded. You know what, Michael? I understand that you're not a little kid anymore but that's exactly how you're acting. Being grown up means doing what you're supposed to do and taking responsibility. Now, I need you to do like I asked and go upstairs and do your homework, please.

Jason: I'm worried about him.

Carly: Okay, well, you're the one who has me worried. What's going on?

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I heard you had a car accident.

Carly: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Everything's fine. I mean, Jax was a little freaked out because we thought --

Jason: Why -- why was he freaked out if it -- if it wasn't serious?

Carly: Just being overprotective, that's all.

Jason: Okay. Well, you know, Sam was a victim of a hit-and-run that same night.

Carly: Yeah, I heard about that.

Jason: Yeah -- on Tuckerton Road between 10:00 and midnight. You were on the road at the same time.

Carly: Okay, how do you know that?

Jason: Okay, is there a reason you didn't report the accident to the police? I mean, is there a reason that Jax was in a panic, Carly?

Carly: What are you doing?

Jason: Can you -- can you just tell me?

Carly: Why are you trying to find out who hit Sam? Why do you even care?

Sam: No. Oh. Oh, God.

Elizabeth: Sam --

Sam: No, stop.

Elizabeth: Sam, it's okay.

Sam: No, don't -- don't -- oh, God.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Sam: Sorry for what?

Elizabeth: Sam, you were having a nightmare.

Sam: I saw the car coming at me.

Elizabeth: The car that hit you?

Sam: It was so real, it was so clear; I could see the rain and the lights on the wet pavement. And then I looked up.

Elizabeth: And?

Sam: The headlights, they're just -- they're so bright. They're -- they're blinding. I tried to see past them -- inside the car, the person inside the car.

Elizabeth: You -- you saw?

Sam: I'm trying to see, yeah, just -- just trying to tell them to stop. And then I woke up and there you were and -- and you said --

Lucky: How is she?

Elizabeth: Um -- her vitals are -- are fine. Cerebral edema is going down but needs to be monitored.

Lucky: Can I talk to her about the accident?

Elizabeth: Just for a minute because she really needs to rest.

Lucky: I found your cell phone on the docks.

Sam: Was the text message still there?

Lucky: Why wouldn't it be?

Sam: I don't know -- it's been out there a long time. It's -- I mean, it started raining, it was raining --

Lucky: Your phone was smashed.

Sam: Hmm. Oh, yeah, that must've happened during the fight after.

Lucky: I thought you fought with him after you dropped the phone.

Sam: I did -- I mean, I -- I don't -- I don't remember exactly how --

[Lucky sighs]

Sam: Wait, you -- do you think I -- I put the messages on there myself?

Lucky: You know what? It doesn't really matter what I think. I told Mac I cannot run this investigation.

Sam: I'm telling the truth, Lucky.

Lucky: It's not my problem anymore.

Sam: I am telling the truth, you have to believe me!

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Somebody has to believe me.

Elizabeth: I'll be happy to cover for you.

Epiphany: And who's going to cover for you?

Regina: We'll pitch in.

Cassius: And I can give you a ride if you want.

Epiphany: You can barely handle it with me around here hounding you every minute of every day. And you expect me to leave a hospital full of sick people to you incompetent --

Leyla: I got the meds.

Epiphany: And the patients are going to get them half an hour late due to your incompetence, Nurse Mir, because you failed to plan! Because you'd rather be doing the mating dance with every doctor on this staff instead of your job! Well, those -- those meds are not going to jump into the syringes and IVs by themselves. Administer them.

Leyla: Yes, Nurse Johnson.

Patrick: Hey -- about what Epiphany said --

Leyla: She was right.

Patrick: No, she wasn’t.

Leyla: I had goals; I came here to build my career.

Patrick: Leyla, that had nothing to do with you.

Leyla: But I find myself flirting with strange doctors just to make you jealous.

Patrick: They just delivered her son's ashes. She's not sure how to think or how to deal with her feelings right now. You walked in and she unloaded that all on you. It had nothing to do with you. That was about a mother dealing with the loss of her son, okay? And just for the record, it doesn't bother me at all that you flirt with all the other doctors. Come here -- you okay?

Leyla: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Leyla did not deserve that. Patrick was just being a good boy.

Robin: Any excuse to get his hands around a beautiful woman -- I mean, I saw him doing it with Sam earlier.

Elizabeth: He is not the dog he was before he met you.

Robin: Yeah, but we're over now and so he's back to his old ways.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but even at his worst, I don't think he was ever into heavily sedated women.

Robin: Elizabeth, you didn't see what he was doing.

Elizabeth: I just came from Sam's room; she's completely out of it. You're just looking for the worst -- for things that support your theory that Patrick’s going to be a bad dad because you're afraid to tell him. No man is ever ready to become a father until it happens. And sometimes, it's the most unlikely guys who make the greatest fathers.

Carly: So Sam got hit by a car.

Jason: Carly, come on.

Carly: She survived, Jason.

Jason: She might not have.

Carly: I'm sure there's someone out there who cares and there's someone out there who will find out who did it. Why does it have to be you?

Jason: Okay, listen, if -- if you did this -- I just need you to tell -- what?

Carly: I didn't do it! I didn't hit Sam, okay? Are you satisfied? I did not do it. Why is this your problem?

Jason: Well, I -- I just need to know!

Carly: Sam survived. There are some women out there who may not be so lucky. If your instincts are right and Cooper Barrett is not the killer, the guy is still out there. He killed Leticia, he killed Emily, he tried to kill me --

Jason: I have guards on you; I have guards on the kids. I just want to talk about the night you had your accident. What's the problem here?

Carly: Why don't you stop worrying about Sam, you know? Maybe I need you. Maybe I need your protection. You need to get that psycho off the street!

Singer: Peter piper picked pepper and rock-rock rhyme hip-hop headed to hell I'm talkin' speed past the stop sign it's about time they tapped it back with their nonsense mama said knock you out now the whole world is unconscious from Compton to Cincinnati seeing bling and don't lift the baggie them gir can't help it that bad head come from they daddy wanna bash me and put me on blast like I'm 8 years old truth be told, too much power in radio shows it ain't cool too much power it ain't cool it ain't, it ain't, it ain't it ain't cool the stuff we say with our lips teens yelling "what does it mean?"

[Hip-hop plays]

[Doorknob turns]

[Music stops]

Michael: How did you get in here? I locked the door!

Carly: It was raining, it was dark, the wind was blowing really hard, and it blew a stick or something across the road. I hit my brakes; I slammed into a guardrail -- that's what happened.

Jason: And -- and that's it? That's all?

Carly: Yes! That's it, that's all.

Jason: Okay, there's no chance -- there's not a little chance that you might've hit something else?

Carly: I didn't hit Sam. Believe me, if I did, I'd be more than happy to tell you, okay?

Jason: You're hiding something. Okay, I -- I know you, Carly. What are you hiding? What are you really afraid of? What are you --

[Knock on door]

Jason: What --

Carly: Lulu, hey.

Lulu: I don't know what I'm doing. I need someone to talk to -- is this -- this a bad time? I can --

Carly: No, no, we were done. Jason was just leaving, it's okay. What's going on?

[Door closes]

Lulu: I need help.

Carly: Oh, really? With what?

Lulu: Johnny and Logan -- how do I choose?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Okay, you know I really want to tell you to dump them both and start over but you're not going to do that, so --

Lulu: Well, I mean, you know how things started with Logan.

Carly: Yeah, he was the bad-boy type.

Lulu: Yeah, but it was also a way for me to get back at my dad by dating the son of his worst enemy. But then it changed into something else, and Logan showed me a side of him that he keeps hidden from everyone else. That sounds so naive and stupid, I know.

Carly: Yeah, it does, but you know what? It takes one to know one.

Lulu: But he's been hurt more than I even realized.

Carly: And you're cursed with the rescuer impulse.

Lulu: It's more than that. It -- Logan wouldn't have been able to hurt me if -- if I hadn't gotten myself so invested, and I did. And I -- I gave him another chance because I really wanted to make it work. But Johnny had come along and one look at that guy and you know he's trouble.

Carly: A totally different kind of trouble, Lulu.

Lulu: And when I'm with him, I feel -- well, not like rescuing him.

Carly: I bet you don’t.

Lulu: Nothing has happened between us physically.

Carly: Oh, you've been able to control yourself -- is that it?

Lulu: Well, sorry to break it to you -- actually, Johnny is the one who's holding back. And I know it's because he doesn't want to drag me into his crazy and dangerous life and he doesn't want to see me get hurt, and that just makes me like him even more and it makes me want to be with him.

Carly: Lulu --

Lulu: I know, I --

Carly: You're in so much trouble.

Lulu: I know.

Luke: Huh -- you shouldn't have to perch on a ledge to get your adrenaline rush -- not with the family you were born into.

Johnny: That's actually why I'm here -- to talk to the doctors about my father's condition.

Luke: And you want him to live because --

Johnny: I would imagine Lulu gets asked the same thing about you.

Luke: Huh. Yeah, I imagine she does. This is where I live, son -- on the edge. It is where I will die.

Johnny: I'd hate to have to deliver that news to Lulu tonight.

Luke: What exactly are your intentions towards my daughter?

Johnny: You serious?

Luke: No. Well, maybe.

Johnny: If I could be with her and be sure she'd never get hurt --

Luke: Well, that's asking a lot, isn't it? I think you worry too much. Lulu has my finely tuned survival skills.

Johnny: She's quick on her feet, that's for sure. She's not scared of anything, even when she should be.

Luke: Yeah, well, see, that's where she gets into trouble. She leads with her heart -- she gets that from her mother. As far as her getting hurt, you can't stop that. That's life. I want her to live a long, long time. You know what else I want?

Johnny: What's that?

Luke: I want to drop face first and know what it feels like to be two inches above the pavement. And I wouldn't mind living to tell the tale over a bottle of something that burns.

Johnny: You don't have to worry about me. I'm going to stay away from your daughter.

Luke: Really? In my experience, that just makes you all the more attractive. You know, if I were a different kind of guy, if I were a man who wanted to control my daughter's love life, I would've dropped your competition Logan what's-his-name off this rooftop a long, long time ago.

Cassius: Hey --

Elizabeth: Hey.

Cassius: I'm worried about her. What's going to happen if it keeps going on like this? Look, I'm ready to go to Dr. Ford and have him force her to go home.

Elizabeth: Dr. -- You hate Dr. Ford.

Cassius: I hate this way more.

Elizabeth: All right, as a last resort. Epiphany, we've got everything under control. Why don't you let me take over your shift?

Cassius: Please let us do this for you, okay? Look, why are you being so damn stubborn? You think Stan would've wanted this?

Epiphany: I just want you to leave me alone.

Mac: Hey, Robin?

Robin: Hey.

Mac: I need to ask Sam McCall a few questions. Is she up for it?

Robin: I'd say so.

Mac: What?

Robin: You know what? Never mind. I'm just being --

Mac: Come on, what is it?

Robin: No, really, it -- it shouldn't matter what he does, so --

Mac: Who are we talking about?

Robin: The father of my baby.

Mac: I thought you used an anonymous donor.

Robin: That's what I wanted everyone to think but it turns out that he's not so anonymous after all and --

[Music plays]

Robin: I'm having a really hard time.

Mac: Well, look, if you know who the donor is --

Robin: You know what? It doesn't matter because his life isn't compatible with children and he loves his freedom, so I'm not going to be the woman to take that away from him.

Singer: If you only knew how long I've been longing to love you if you only felt what I feel when you're in my arms if I could stop time we'd still have last night

[Epiphany groans]

Singer: If you only knew how it feels when I see you there

Carly: You know what? I could tell you what to do and what guy to choose but it's not going to make a difference. You're going to do whatever you want to do -- no matter what I say.

Lulu: Oh --

Singer: If you only knew what it's like to be lonely that's not right

Elizabeth: Lucky, I need to talk to you about something --

Singer: If you only lost

Elizabeth: About something I've done.

Singer: What I am losing right now

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Patrick: This sperm donor thing -- it's anonymous, right?

Jason: What did you see?

Sam: I was too busy fighting off the text message killer!

Claudia: Sonny Corinthos -- what's his weakness?

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