GH Transcript Tuesday 1/29/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/29/08


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Tracy: Stop what you're doing!

Monica: Oh, cue the beast.

Tracy: Those are my belongings out on the lawn. What is going on here?

Monica: An exorcism.

Regina: Loser buys vending machine junk food.

Nadine: You're on.

Ian: Ah, the overworked and understaffed angels of General Hospital.

Nadine: Ian.

Regina: Hello.

Ian: Good evening.

Nadine: Hmm.

Epiphany: Don't encourage him. One Patrick Drake in this hospital is enough.

Ian: Feel like we're back in med school -- you have the nurses taking bets.

Lainey: Okay, that's more than I needed to know. I will do a psych consult on Mrs. Bowman and I'll keep you advised.

Patrick: Absolutely. You're not even on staff yet and you're up to your ears in hospital gossip? So what's the wager?

Ian: Will you ask the lovely Nurse Mir to scrub in on your temporal lobectomy or not? I gather she made off with your clothes, left you hanging out to dry -- as it were.

Patrick: You think I would stoop to payback?

Ian: Yeah.

Leyla: Monitor Mrs. Levy's bowel obstruction?

Robin: Well, the human race is evolving at an accelerated rate it seems, but that doesn't include the male species. They are still ruled by primal urges, which means they're only good for one thing.

Kelly: I gather you haven't told the guy who got you pregnant that he's a father?

Robin: He couldn't care less.

Kelly: And how does that make you feel?

Jason: Hack into the phone records, find out who Cooper called before and after he left me the message that he wanted to talk to me.

Spinelli: Yes. The grasshopper obeys and assumes by his master's continued interest that he is still not convinced that cadet Coop is the text message killer. Which would mean that Coop's ironic demise by self-inflicted strangulation is neither ironic nor self-inflicted.

Jason: Spinelli?

Spinelli: Yes, I strive to be terse and laconic like men of action everywhere.

Alexis: I have a prepared statement and then I'll take your questions. The man in the press that you have referred to as the "text message killer" has killed for the last time.

Tracy: No -- no! That's mine!

Monica: Oh, let her have the dreadful thing. Just tell security to watch out, okay?

Tracy: No -- no! That's mine!

Monica: Oh, let her have the dreadful thing. Just tell security to watch out, okay? Thank you.

Tracy: You cannot throw me out of the family house.

Monica: It is my house!

Alan: I gave it to her.

Tracy: Everything you have, everything you are, you owe to the Quartermaine family. You have been living off our generosity.

Monica: Oh, please -- have the Tasers ready, fellows!

Alan: What did you think she was going to do? You filed a malpractice suit against her.

Tracy: She almost killed my husband on the operating table.

Alan: And now your husband is out trying to commit as many of the seven deadly sins as that speck of a heart will allow him to, and that's what's really eating you, Tracy. See, he'd rather die fast than die of boredom with you.

Tracy: So, Daddy, tell me -- did you know about Monica throwing me out?

Edward: Ooh, I heard her threatening to, hmm?

Tracy: Okay, well, even though it's her house, we can still override her with a family vote.

Monica: Yeah, let's take a vote. All in favor of tossing Tracy to the curb, raise their hand.

Tracy: Daddy, I don't believe this.

Alan: You practically begged Monica to do this.

Tracy: How could you choose her over me?

Edward: Besides the fact that you stole the company out from under me, and you refused to give me my heart medicine while I was lying on the floor practically dying.

Tracy: You weren't dying.

Edward: Oh, you didn't know that.

Tracy: Daddy, that was ancient history!

Monica: And you will be, too, unless you drop the malpractice suit.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Monica: Look familiar?

[Jake cries]


Elizabeth: Jake? Jake, I'm coming, Jake!

[Elizabeth gasps]

Sam: It's okay, it's okay. It was just a dream -- you were having a bad dream.

Elizabeth: Why are you here?

Sam: To make peace.

Alexis: The satisfaction that I take in telling you that this serial killer can no longer threaten the lives of the citizens of Port Charles is tempered by the fact that this person who committed these heinous crimes was, in fact, an officer in training in this very police department -- Cooper Barrett. Mr. Barrett's reign of terror was brought to an end by his final victim, Georgie Jones, who bravely tried to fight off her attacker.

[Shutters click]

Alexis: Skin was taken from underneath Ms. Jones' fingernails -- it was a D.N.A. match to Barrett’s. Those test results, which Cooper Barrett stole from this squad room, have been discovered with his body after he committed suicide by hanging. If you have any questions, I'll take them now.

Reporter: As police cadet, Barrett had relatively easy access, he had means. But look at the other victims -- the Corinthos nanny and Emily Quartermaine, the attempts on Georgie Jones' sister and Carly Jacks. What's your theory about motive? Why did he do it?

Maxie: He didn't do it.

Spinelli: Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital or something?

Maxie: Listen to me, okay? Coop didn't kill my sister, he didn't kill Emily, he didn't try and kill me, he absolutely didn't kill himself. He is not the text message killer and you are going to help me prove it.

Lulu: Ugh.

Logan: Let me get that.

Lulu: How can you be so nice to me after the way I treated you, assuming the worst?

Logan: I've given you reason to.

Lulu: Yeah, but you didn't turn Johnny into the police. I was wrong.

[Logan sighs]

Logan: Lulu, I don't like that guy, all right? But you see something in him, something good -- maybe, you know, something he didn't even see in himself. And that's the reason you gave me a second chance, so I got to deal with it.

Lulu: No, no, there is nothing to deal with. There is nothing going on with me and Johnny like that. Can you just do me a favor?

Logan: Name it.

Lulu: Can we not talk about him?

Logan: Well, I think I can do a little better than that. Now that you're off work, I'm going to take you out, show you some fun.

Monica: My husband's will -- or rather, the one you forged.

Tracy: I didn't --

Edward: No, you had Luke do the dirty work.

Monica: Which just makes you a lousy accomplice.

Edward: You see, no one actually believed all that poppycock that Luke put in the will about the special bond that you and Alan shared --

Alan: Actually, that part was true.

Edward: That made it necessary for him to donate everything to you out of some misguided sense of loyalty.

Monica: You know, even if Alan had decided to stick it to us -- the whole family, as a parting shot -- he never would've done it to Emily.

Alan: But you got greedy.

Edward: But you got greedy.

Monica: Emily was the hope of this family. She was everything good about us. If you hadn't cheated her out of her inheritance --

Tracy: Oh, no, you don't!

Monica: If she had realized that we needed her as much if not more than Nikolas --

Tracy: You're not going to blame me for Emily’s death any more than you can blame me for this family turning into a Eugene O’Neill play. All we need is a little more drinking.

Monica: I'm celebrating.

Tracy: Huh, yeah, you are, and living in style. In fact, even if your career went up in smoke, you'd still be living in style -- why? Because of the one true salvation of this family -- me.

Edward: Oh, please!

Tracy: So what if I did forge the will?

Edward: Aha!

Monica: Huh -- you admit it!

Tracy: No, I'm not admitting anything. I'm just pointing out that your lifestyle never changed because I have been carrying this family!

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: How about a truce?

Patrick: This is an autopsy.

Regina: Ms. Quinn -- she's one of your patients.

Patrick: I didn't order this.

Robin: I did.

Regina: Well, her results will be ready soon.

Robin: Her cause of death didn't make sense, and I was hoping that this would provide us with some answers.

Patrick: Sometimes there are none, Robin. Sometimes you just have to let go and move on.

Paramedic: It's a bottleneck down in the E.R., so they told us to come directly up here. She's got some blunt head trauma from an explosion. Blood pressure's 144/88, heart rate's 130.

Leyla: A bomb?

Paramedic: No, high-school chemistry class.

Girl: I guess I can forget about that extra credit.

Patrick: Can you tell me where it hurts?

Girl: How many times has he used that line?

Leyla: Too many to count.

Ian: What's your name, beautiful?

Girl: Huh -- oh, the competition. God, this place is a regular hotbed.

[Girl groans]

Patrick: Okay, let's go. It could be a cerebral edema or a bleed.

Ian: Okay, I'm going to need an E.T. tube and an ambu bag. We need to hyperventilate her. Put her in reverse Trendelenburg.

Spinelli: I'm -- I'm sure the doctors are most concerned about your posttraumatic well-being.

Maxie: Okay. Well, I'm not going to sit around some hospital while people are spreading lies.

Spinelli: Okay, wait. I mean, you were -- you were still dealing with the attempt on your own life when your sweet sister was brutally murdered. It was tragedy enough to have to see wise Georgie's lifeless body, but -- but now to find --

Maxie: Coop hanging by his neck in his room?

Spinelli: And with duty-bound Mac dispensing justice and your estranged mother gone, don't you think it would be wise to seek the help of a professional to aid you in your grief?

Maxie: I'm not grieving.

Spinelli: The -- the massive data influx has overloaded your emotional power --

Maxie: Spinelli, don't you dare tell me how to feel. I will not let myself grieve, not until I clear Coop's name.

Spinelli: It's impossible for you to be objective.

Maxie: You're right! I am not objective because I knew Coop like nobody else did. He showed me his heart. Spinelli, he is not the text message killer!

Spinelli: The alternative would be too painful to contemplate.

Maxie: Okay, well, contemplate this. You're going to help me find out who really killed my sister. And if you don't, I'm going to show you just how bad the bad blond one can be. Huh. Spinelli, you say you cared about my sister. Here's your chance to prove it. You owe her, because the person who killed Georgie is still out there.

Lulu: You're a lifesaver.

Daniel: No problem. I could use the extra shift after missing work the other night.

Logan: The night Alexis Davis was attacked, right?

Daniel: So the guy who hung himself upstairs is the text message killer -- crazy, right?

Lulu: Yeah, creepy is more like it, but at least we know he won't be hurting anybody else.

Daniel: Well, enjoy your night off.

Lulu: Thank you.

Mac: A psychological profile of Detective Barrett is already emerging -- a loner who may have been involved in criminal activity -- something our own screening process missed. You can bet that will be looked into.

Reporter: How does it feel that your daughter's killer won't be brought to justice?

Mac: He's facing a higher justice.

Mayor Floyd: All right, ladies and gentlemen, no more questions. Thank you very much for coming. Good night.

Lucky: Mac --

Mac: What kind of question was that? I mean, what did -- what did she expect me to say?

Lucky: I'll make sure it never happens again.

Mac: That I wish I would've killed the son of a bitch myself? Yeah, I wish I had, Lucky. I brought him into this department.

Lucky: Mac, don't do this to yourself.

Mac: He killed my daughter.

Lucky: It's over. Mac, it's over.

Sam: I just wanted to apologize because I think that Lucky and I should've probably talked to you and -- and made it very clear about how far things have progressed with us as a couple -- I mean, that we're actually together now.

Elizabeth: I'm not following -- what are you apologizing for?

Sam: Come on, Elizabeth -- the whole unpleasant scene when you walked in and found me baby-sitting. I think it could've been avoided. I screwed up. I screwed up big-time and I am going to have to live with that for the rest of my life, but I care about Lucky, more -- more than I ever realized or thought I would and -- and I care about those kids, I care about what's best for them, and I think that it might be best for all of us to start working together. I'm just -- I'm asking you to maybe let go of the past, to maybe start thinking about letting me be a part of the kids' lives. I just --

Elizabeth: If you think I will ever let you be alone with my children again after what you did, you are out of your mind.

Monica: Too late, Tracy. You missed your chance at a peaceful resolution.

Tracy: Okay, Monica. But if anything happens to my husband, you're going to have a lot more than a malpractice suit to worry about -- I will take everything you have and throw you out on the street.

Monica: Well, not if you're there first.

Tracy: Don't make idle threats. You will hear from my lawyer in the morning. I am going to the Metro Court to stay.

Monica: I don't make idle threats.

Patrick: I want to perform a C.T. scan on your head.

Girl: To check my brain capacity?

Patrick: No, to check for swelling -- the way you passed out.

Girl: Look, I just got dizzy. It happens sometimes, since I got pregnant.

Patrick: I still want to run the C.T. scan for her.

Girl: It'll give me character -- a scar.

Ian: It's sutured, so there won't be one. I can do subcuticular sutures, which means "underneath the skin," so you won't even see it. You can get character the old-fashioned way. Nurse Mir? While we're waiting for that C.T. scan, you want to grab a quick bite?

Leyla: Sure.

Patrick: You know the rules.

Ian: Hey, you put the girl back in play.

Mayor Floyd: Well done, District Attorney Davis. This is a very good day for Port Charles.

Alexis: Thank you, Mayor, and how's your leg?

Mayor Floyd: Oh -- much better, thanks for asking.

Alexis: You bet.

Jerry: Hello there.

Alexis: What are you doing here?

Jerry: Well, I had a small traffic matter to attend to and I decided to stay to see the lovely new D.A. in action. Oh, the mayor was right to be impressed -- although that reporter did have a point. I mean, Cooper Barrett seemed like an unlikely serial killer -- from the little I knew of him.

Alexis: This is more common than you would expect in Port Charles. Very often, seemingly law-abiding citizens turn into psychopaths.

Jerry: Oh, well, and alleged psychopaths turn into wonderful company. And, no, seriously -- I mean, despite the consensus that you've got your man, I'm still not comfortable with you walking the streets alone.

Alexis: That's okay. Now that I'm D.A., I have an image to protect.

Jerry: Yes, maybe, but it would be different if Ric was here to look after you and the kids. I -- I gather he ran off with Skye.

Alexis: Actually, Skye ran off without him.

Jerry: Oh, really? I thought the two of them had a symbiotic relationship.

Alexis: I think something that would've led to mutually assured destruction, but in a moment of sanity, Skye opted out -- but not before leaving Ric with the means to self-destruct.

Reporter: Are you satisfied that the PCPD got this right, that Cooper Barrett is your sister's killer?

Jason: No comment.

Reporter: Is there any chance the cadet's death was a mob hit and not a suicide?

Mac: The man said no comment.

Elizabeth: You're not going near Jason’s son, near either of my children ever.

Sam: What am I supposed to say? What, what, I'm supposed to say, "Sorry, Lucky. I can't be alone with your kids, but don't ask me to explain why"? How am I supposed to share my life with him? I'm not -- I guess that's the point.

Elizabeth: Because I can't trust you.

Sam: Or maybe because you can't be with Jason, because you can't stand the fact that I could actually find some happiness. You know what, Elizabeth? You would actually be punishing Lucky, too, all because I was so desperate to hold on to Jason because I was out of my mind with jealousy that you had given him the one thing I couldn’t. I had a lapse.

Elizabeth: A "lapse"?

Sam: Yes, a lapse. I did a terrible thing, I was at bottom. I actually have a chance with a decent guy right now, so I am asking you, I am begging you to let this go. Let Lucky get on with his life so he -- so he can actually have somebody that treats him decent.

Elizabeth: Oh, you mean lie to him? Because that's what you've been doing all along.

Sam: Okay, that's fair enough. I know this all started out as a way to get back at you and Jason, but something happened, something changed between Lucky and I, something I cannot explain but --

Elizabeth: You were able to keep him from seeing what you really are. Do you really believe that I could ever trust you again with my children after what you did?

Sam: It must be nice knowing that whatever you say, people will just accept it. No one will ever wonder if there's more to the story.

Elizabeth: If you're suggesting that this is in some way my fault --

Sam: No, you're just going along, living your life and terrible people inflict themselves on you -- Ric, Lucky, me. And you suffer and you suffer beautifully but ultimately, in the end, you emerge untarnished. Yeah, the town saint.

Elizabeth: I am raising two kids by myself, Sam. And when I am not working my days consist of doing laundry, changing diapers, and cleaning up puke -- not to mention the fact that Cameron’s best friend taught him it was really cool to play with matches and he almost burned down the house with Jake in it. You think I planned all this to retain my title as town saint? Guess again.

Sam: Elizabeth, what are you going to do?

Elizabeth: I'm going to stay here until my leg heals and then I'm going to go home to my saintly duties.

Sam: Come on, you know what I mean.

Elizabeth: What am I going to do about you?

Sam: Yes.

Elizabeth: As far as I'm concerned, nothing has changed.

Leyla: You were really good with that patient, Kendra.

Ian: You could try not to sound so surprised.

[Ian chuckles]

Leyla: Well, why plastic surgery?

Ian: To get chicks. Hey, it worked.

Leyla: Huh.

Kelly: She's in over her head with Dr. Devil boy.

Regina: Do you think this is going to be a search and rescue?

Nadine: Oh, come on, have a little faith. Leyla is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Kelly: Yeah, like a bright, shiny tropical fish in a piranha tank.


Lainey: Yeah.

Ian: I know you only agreed to go out with me to get under Patrick's skin.

Leyla: I'm sorry.

Ian: Don't be. Couldn't be happier to oblige.

Logan: Hey -- this all right? We can go someplace else if you want --

Lulu: No, no, it's not that. Um -- I was just wondering what it must be like for you to know that someone you knew, someone you were once friends with, turned out to be the killer.

Spinelli: Why -- why -- why did you insist on coming here to wise Georgie's room?

Maxie: You know, Georgie didn't even want to play field hockey. She went out for the team as a cover so that she could see Dillon. She ended up making varsity. The debate team -- now, that was Georgie's thing. I got to see her in action -- once. I don't even remember what they were debating about but I remember the look on the kid's face when Georgie was done with him. He was stammering his words and bobbing his head like a cartoon, so I started calling her "Senator Jones." I only went because Mac made me and I was grounded. "You're going to show your sister some support," he said, and I didn't do enough of that.

Spinelli: It is most unsettling being here among her things.

Maxie: I want you to be upset. I want you to be mad as hell, Spinelli. I want your guts to be churning. I want you to look around and see who your wise Georgie really was. She was a -- a girl who took care of everyone, she remembered things that everyone else forgot. You couldn't see that -- because you were too busy looking at her as your faithful friend like she was some cocker spaniel. And she loved you, Spinelli -- I have no idea why.

Spinelli: Neither do I! And -- in -- in the private unsent emails that Georgie was meaning to send to me, she professed -- she professed a love that existed in some parallel universe for someone much more worthy -- someone I could only hope to be.

Maxie: Well, here's your chance to start! You are so smart, so smart that Jason puts up with your geeky weirdness. You have to help me. You have to help me find out who took Georgie away from us and everything she could've been.

Spinelli: Okay. Okay, okay. Okay, so -- "Leticia, Carly, attempt -- Emily, Maxie -- attempt," um, uh -- "Georgie and Alexis -- attempt." Okay, so -- okay, so now we just have to find some -- a pattern, like some commonality, okay, so -- okay.

Maxie: They're all -- all women.

Spinelli: Right -- great, okay. Well, okay, then -- then the method, that -- that was the same, so -- strangulation. What -- what do you remember?

Maxie: Just that it happened really fast and he definitely wanted me dead.

Spinelli: Uh -- okay, so it's someone that was, I guess, comfortable with killing and had some skill at it.

Maxie: You write like a chicken. I'm going to redo this.

[Maxie writes]

Spinelli: You write like a girl, so give this --

Maxie: Ugh.

Spinelli: What -- look. Maybe you should go to General Hospital. You know, you seem a little overwrought. Do you want to talk to somebody?

Maxie: Of course I'm overwrought! This person killed my sister! I don't want to -- I don't want to talk anymore. I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to talk to anyone, okay? So either write like a human being and help me out or get out of my face.

Spinelli: Maxie, please just calm down, okay, all right? I'm -- the Jackal is here, willing to help. Okay? Um -- hey, look, after you were attacked, wise Georgie urged me to hack into Coop's military records -- remember?

Maxie: Yeah, and you found out some woman was strangled near where he was stationed in Iraq. I know all of that.

Spinelli: Right, right, but the crabby commando was also stationed there.

Maxie: Logan?

Logan: You serve shoulder to shoulder with guys that wake up every morning ready to lay down their lives for their countries. The idea that one of them could do something like this -- Coop and I served together but we weren't friends. I guess I really didn't know him.

Lulu: Do we ever really know anyone?


Alexis: You scared me to death!

Jerry: Oh, come on, it's better than being strangled to death.

Alexis: Oh, God.

Jerry: You should be a little more careful -- any psychopath could get in here.

Alexis: No kidding. Look, the police are certain they've found our killer, okay?

Jerry: Are you?

Alexis: What is your continuing interest in this case?

Jerry: My interest, darling, is in you.

Alexis: I told you --

Jerry: Yes, you told me to keep a respectful distance so I would not tarnish your image -- fine.

Alexis: I told you that I don't need a guardian angel.

Jerry: Well, you see, I lack the required qualifications in that, darling.

Alexis: I told you that now that I'm D.A., I can no longer represent you.

Jerry: Oh. You make it sound that it might be more than temporary. It feels good getting back in the saddle, doesn't it?

Alexis: Huh. I'm doing Ric a favor.

Jerry: Of course, yes. But somehow, I get the impression that you think that you might not be coming back at all.

Alexis: I know what this is about. I know why you're here.

Spinelli: I -- I can't make the pattern fit -- I mean, at least not yet anyhow.

Maxie: Well, you should add Coop to the list. You've already made up your mind that Coop did it just like the rest of them.

Spinelli: No, no, that's not true. I -- I swear on what is most precious to me, okay? I -- I'm willing to accept that cadet Coop is not the evildoer.

Maxie: Why?

Spinelli: Reasons I cannot divulge.

Maxie: Because you're scared of me?

Spinelli: Fear plays a prominent factor, but I -- I also -- I also feel that you -- you can't accept the fact that maybe someone that you -- that you trusted, perhaps even loved --

Maxie: I know that you think I'm incapable, but I did love Coop -- a lot.

Spinelli: Well, what if he turns out to be someone you didn't know?

Maxie: I want you to understand this so I'm going to tell you how I met Coop, and if you ever tell anyone --

Spinelli: Oh, it will go with me to my grave.

Maxie: During the Metro Court hostage crisis, I was locked in a vault with one of the gunmen -- Three. That was Coop. He only took the job so that he could make some quick money and afterwards, he tried really hard to rebuild his life but he was always looking over his shoulder.

Spinelli: Because his identity, his real identity was known to the warped one -- Mr. Craig, also known as Jerry Jacks.

Alexis: This is about the piers. You know that Skye owns them, you want them, and I stupidly told you too much before so I should've known that you had ulterior motives.

Jerry: Oh -- what are you afraid of, darling?

Marty: I'm sorry, Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: That one, too?

Marty: They've all been rejected.

Tracy: That's not possible.

Marty: You could pay for this evening with cash while you sort this out.

Tracy: Cash? Who carries cash?

Marty: People with no credit?

Tracy: I'd like to speak to Mr. Jacks, please.

Marty: He's out of town.

Tracy: Fine. Then get me Carly. Never mind -- just put it on the Quartermaine account.

Marty: Ahem. It says here that you've been taken off the Quartermaine account. And there's a notation.

Tracy: And what does the notation say?

Marty: That your assets have been frozen.

Logan: You looking for something?

Johnny: Do yourself a favor -- keep your mouth shut. I just came in here to get something to eat but I would love the excuse to hear some bones crack. If you can't make things work out with her, it's not going to be because of me.

Regina: I hope she doesn't fall for that "face of a Botticelli, body of a Greek goddess" line he used on every woman at the hospital.

Kelly: Oh. It worked on every woman at that hospital, right?

Nadine: Somehow, it just didn't seem like a pickup line.

Lainey: Or maybe we just didn't care.

Nadine: Oh, God.

Kelly: You know, here's to Leyla who's giving it back to Patrick Drake for every woman at General Hospital.

Nadine: Hmm. Cheers.

Kelly: Cheers.

Lainey: Cheers.

Ian: You have skin like alabaster and the eyes of a Botticelli.

Leyla: And you have the face of a "wanted" poster and the mind of a wedding crasher.

[Ian chuckles]

Patrick: So, what do you think of the new staff member, Dr. Devlin?

Epiphany: Another pretty-boy surgeon if you ask me. I don't think about him one way or another -- but you do. You're thinking that you've got yourself some serious competition.

Robin: I just got the autopsy results back on Mrs. Quinn -- there was no trace of the anemia drugs in her system.

Patrick: Because she wasn't taking them.

Robin: She was taking them.

Patrick: Then her body didn't respond and she's got an abnormal absorption rate.

Robin: Okay, you're not hearing me right now.

Patrick: Robin, I am hearing you -- how can I not hear you? You're obsessing about this just like you're obsessing about having a baby.

Patrick: You've completely lost your perspective and it's starting to affect your work, your judgment as a physician.

Robin: I have legitimate concerns about Mrs. Quinn.

Patrick: Concerns like you had with the pregnant woman with H.I.V.?

Robin: That was different.

Patrick: Robin, it's not different -- it's all the same. This obsession about having a baby has worn a groove in your brain and everything's starting to fall into it, so why don't you just go to the sperm bank, find a father, do whatever you're going to do -- just get it over with.

Robin: I don't have to do that because I'm already pregnant.

Leyla: I know the other nurses were quite charmed by your false flattery.

Ian: Hmm, not false.

Leyla: Painfully predictable. It's like I'm staring at Patrick's clone. Did you two have some kind of a score sheet in med school, keeping track of conquests? A rating system -- yeah. Well, you seem like a very competent surgeon, Dr. Devlin, and I look forward to working with you but other than that, I'm afraid you'd be wasting your time. I'm really not the type of girl you'd be interested in.

 [Women laugh]

Kelly: Way to go.

Lulu: I'll wait outside.

Logan: All right, I'll be right back.

Lulu: You're still here.

Johnny: I'm waiting for a car to come pick me up.

Lulu: How are you doing?

Johnny: Don't worry about me.

Lulu: Huh. Don't tell me what to do.

Spinelli: The killer may have just snapped not even intending to kill the first victim and -- and then some terrible beast inside was unleashed.

[Blender shatters]

Maxie: But at some point, it became a game with the text messages. This killer obviously enjoys taunting his victims.

Jerry: Do you really believe the only reason I'm here is because of a pier? You don't believe I could really be attracted to you?

Sam: Oh -- I, um -- I didn't realize --

Jerry: Ah, it's -- it's all right. I was -- I just was accompanying your mother from the press conference. I -- I was leaving. Be careful.

Alexis: Are you all right?

Sam: I don't know.

Lucky: I overheard your conversation with Sam -- not all of it, but enough. I want the truth. What else is Sam keeping from me?

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