GH Transcript Monday 1/28/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/28/08


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[Maxie screams]

Lulu: That's Maxie.

Logan: Whoa -- just stay here. I don't want you involved in this.

Lulu: Involved in what?

Maxie: Help! Help! You have to cut him down! Please cut him down, Mike, please!

Mike: Oh, God -- shh.

Maxie: Cut him down!

Elizabeth: What are you doing with my son?

Sam: Lucky -- he -- he got a call --

Elizabeth: Lucky left you alone with Cameron and Jake?

Sam: No, Cameron is not here -- he's at a friend's house. But -- um -- I don't think he thought you were going to be released so soon.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'll bet you didn't, either. Now, give me my son, and get the hell out of this house.

Nadine: Those two look as thick as thieves.

Regina: The question is, what did they steal?

Leyla: I'd say a bit more than their fair share of broken hearts.

Nadine: Present company included?

Leyla: Oh --

Epiphany: Where I come from, nursing is not a spectator sport. So, you can find something to do, or I'll find it for you.

Patrick: Dr. Ian Devlin in the flesh -- which is how most of the female students got to know you in med school.

Ian: Still jealous?

Patrick: You still have something to prove?

Ian: Hmm.

Patrick: What are you doing here?

Ian: Heard you were on staff, so I assumed they hired only the best.

Patrick: Come on, you're joining our staff?

Ian: I start next week.

Patrick: All right. Well, I'm on break, let me show you around.

Ian: I appreciate that.

Patrick: Cool.

Ian: I have to tell you, what I've seen so far has been most impressive.

Kate: I didn't know you were back. I was worried. I came by earlier to ask Jason if he had heard from you, he said he hadn't, I thought something awful had happened to you.

Sonny: Yeah, it did, actually. But I'm over it. Matter of fact, I'm finally over you.

Kate: I would like to explain.

Sonny: There's nothing to explain. We came together after a lot of years. I overlooked the hurt. You know, I -- I let myself fall in love with you again. I proposed to you, you turned me down -- that's pretty much how it went.

Kate: Well, I'm sure that you're feeling more than that, it's not that cut-and-dry for you.

Sonny: Okay, you want cut-and-dry, I'll give you cut-and-dry! I gave you my heart! And you threw it to the curb, and you walked away -- correction -- you ran away!

Kate: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Sonny: Oh, come on.

Kate: You took me by surprise.

Sonny: Surprise? What do you mean, "I took you by surprise"? I -- you know, I thought I knew who you were. But there's -- there's Connie, who I knew from Bensonhurst with the great smile and that beautiful laugh, and then there's Kate Howard with the flashy career and the big life, and Kate Howard has Connie, you know, just locked in there deep down inside, just buried! And I almost got buried with her.

Kate: No, Sonny, don’t.

Sonny: "No" what?

Sonny: You did me a favor the other night, so do me one more. Go out that door. I never want to see you again.

Kate: You know what? I'm not going anywhere. You had your say, and I'm damn well going to have mine.

Boy: Come on, Corinthos. You paid for the piece, take it.

Michael: You know who I am?

Boy: I know who your father is.

Second Boy: How come you didn't just lift the gun off your old man?

First Boy: Maybe he didn't want it to get traced back to his family, or maybe he got caught.

Second Boy: Caught a beating for it.

Michael: My dad's not like that.

Boy: Right. He's father of the year, I bet.

Second Boy: Yeah -- do what daddy says, not what daddy does.

Michael: My dad wants me to be my own man.

Boy: So be a man and take it.

Second Boy: Heavier than you thought it'd be?

Michael: Not really.

Boy: Who you figuring to waste?

Michael: Anyone who tries to hurt my mother or anyone else in my family.

Boy: You sure you know how to use it?

Michael: Yeah, I know -- I watch TV.

Boy: You know, you got a deal on that. You sure you gave us every last buck?

Michael: Yeah. I already said that. I got to go.

Boy: One more thing.

Michael: What?

Boy: You want bullets with that?

Maxie: You have to cut him down! You can't leave him like that!

Jason: We can't touch him until the cops get here.

Maxie: Jason, please, he might still be alive!

Jason: He's not. I'm sorry, Maxie, you shouldn't be in here.

Maxie: No, I'm not leaving!

Mike: Come on, kid, come on, come on, let's go.

Maxie: No, please -- Coop can't leave me! Why is everybody dying?

Mike: Call 911. Coop's dead.

Maxie: No, stop saying that! We don't know that for sure! Just call him an ambulance, okay? Just get an ambulance!

Lulu: What happened? What happened?

Mike: It looks like he stood on a chair, put a noose around his neck, and hung himself.

Maxie: No, he wouldn't do that. Coop had no reason to kill himself. If he's dead, somebody killed him.

Logan: They're on their way.

Mike: Okay.

Jason: Did you hear anything before this happened?

Mike: No, no, nothing. I didn't even know Coop was up there.

Jason: When was the last time you saw Coop?

Maxie: This morning. Um -- we spent last night together. He -- uh -- he said he wanted to go away with me. I -- I went to go pack my bags, and then I came back here to pick him up. This doesn't make any sense.

Jason: It might if we can figure out who the last person was to see him and what they wanted.

Sam: I already fed and changed him, he was just eating a snack.

Elizabeth: Just go.

Sam: I told Lucky I would stay.

Elizabeth: I'm sure you told Lucky a lot of things to weasel your way into his life -- and get back at me and Jason.

Sam: You know what, Elizabeth? Not everything is about you and Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh, it is where you're concerned. Because you are so full of anger and spite, you will do anything to get back at us. It's a shame Lucky's too blind to see it. He can do whatever he wants with his own life, but to leave my son alone with you chills me to the bone.

Sam: With me? I would never do anything to hurt Jake.

Elizabeth: Really? I mean, really, Sam? I mean, is that why you stood there and watched Jake get kidnapped? Is that why you hired two armed thugs to harass us?

Sam: Come on, that was before --

Elizabeth: Bore what? Before you realized that you could get your hooks into Lucky? And before you -- you could keep this -- this whole game of revenge?

Sam: Elizabeth, what's wrong?

Elizabeth: Nothing. Nothing. You need to go.

Sam: No, I don't think so. You look very pale. You don't have to do this. Lucky called Audrey, she's on her way over, she's going to watch Jake for the night. Why don't you lay down, and I will wait until she gets here?

Elizabeth: You are not going to spend another second with my son. And you need to make plans to break things off with Lucky, or I'm going to tell him what a conniving bitch you really are.

Sam: I don't doubt that I deserve that. What I did to those boys was unforgivable.

Elizabeth: Good, then we agree on something. Now, stay out of their lives and mine.

Sam: Okay, well, what about Lucky's? I know I've kept things from him, but so have you -- maybe worse because you were his wife.

Elizabeth: I'm so tired of defending myself. He was an addict, he was having an affair.

Sam: Yes, and you should have let him go.

Elizabeth: I was afraid for him. I was afraid he would bottom out if --

Sam: "If" what? If he found out that you slept with Jason, and the son he wanted so badly wasn't his?

Elizabeth: Well, he knows all that now. What he doesn't know about is you.

Sam: You are now the woman who is filled with spite and anger. You would do anything to get back at me. So -- so, what, does that make you right and -- and me wrong? Everybody's free now, Elizabeth. Everybody is free to make their own choices and be with whoever it is that they want to be with. Go be with Jason -- nobody cares. Lucky and I actually have a chance at being happy together. Or maybe that's it -- is that the problem?

Elizabeth: He doesn't know you.

Sam: No, but I'm sure you're going to tell him and you'll -- you'll destroy him once again.

Elizabeth: Oh, just get out.

Sam: It is not my fault that Jason turned on me and threw me away in the name of protecting me. It is not my fault that you slept with him and got pregnant with his child while you were married to another man. It is not my fault that you lied to your husband and you blew your marriage all to hell. Lucky is with me now.

Elizabeth: You're using him.

Sam: No, you are wrong! I am falling in love with him.

Ric: Hi.

Woman: You look like you were just somewhere else.

Ric: I just -- just remembered something.

Woman: Looked more like a someone.

Ric: Guilty.

Woman: Good memory this time, unlike those at your family home?

Ric: Oh, yeah, a good one -- one of the few.

Woman: Now, why is that? Why does a man that's so handsome and successful have so few good memories?

Ric: Well, I don't know. Maybe because I let anger and revenge rule most of my life.

Woman: You mean most of your life so far -- you are still young.

Ric: And still angry.

Woman: With who?

Ric: You name it -- my father, my half brother, myself.

Woman: So? Change.

Ric: Oh -- okay.

Woman: Yeah, I mean, you obviously want to. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come here to, you know, face the past.

Ric: Well, you know, I do have a chance to change everything. That scares me to death.

Woman: Hmm. Why?

Ric: What if I let go of all of the anger and all of the pain and all of the revenge -- I find that there's nothing left of me?

Boy: Would I lie to you about such a thing?

Michael: It's no good without bullets.

Boy: How many you need?

Michael: I don't know.

Boy: Ain't free, you know.

Second Boy: Special price for new customer -- 10 bucks a pop -- no pun intended.

Michael: I already told you -- I don't have any more money.

Boy: Then look us up when you do.

Michael: I will.

Sonny: You had your chance to have your say. I was -- I was on my knees -- can you imagine? On my knees -- captive audience, and I -- I didn't hear anything. So whatever you have to say to me right now, I don't want to hear. We're done.

Kate: How dare you summarize my entire life on the refusal of an engagement ring.

Sonny: You left Port Charles to go to Manhattan, to be with your -- with your fancy magazine and your squirrelly friends. I should've left well enough alone. But I didn't want to give up, and I didn't want you to give up.

Kate: I never said "goodbye" to you. I never wanted to say "goodbye" to you -- all those years ago, and not the other night.

Sonny: Yes, you did! You said it a hundred different ways, but I didn't want to hear it! You told me how many times that -- that my life, my violence terrifies the hell out of you?

Kate: Well, guess what, Sonny -- almost being shot in a restaurant does that to normal people! And let's not forget that you made it very clear that my life alternately bored you and drove you to the point of physical violence!

Sonny: I tried, Kate!

Kate: And I tried, too, Sonny.

Sonny: No, you failed because you wanted to fail.

Kate: You know what I actually did when I left you? I actually missed you, day and night. What I did was agonize over my decision. And I let myself wonder if the threat of being killed by an enemy of yours was worth being in love with you.

Sonny: And the answer's no, so it's not a big deal.

Kate: And the answer was yes, Sonny. When you showed up at my hotel room, I was over the moon. And you know what? If you would ask me right then and there, I might've made the mistake in saying yes.

Tracy: Oh -- Monica, I was looking for you, I need a minute.

Monica: Well, I don't have one.

Tracy: Find one.

Monica: Okay, what is the drama now?

Tracy: Well, because of the hatchet job you did on Luke, he has run off to parts unknown to feel alive again.

Monica: Or maybe he's just running away from you, Tracy, in which case, I'm sorry, I can't fix floundering marriages.

Tracy: I can fix you.

Monica: What does that mean?

Man: Dr. Monica Quartermaine?

Monica: What?

Man: Are you Dr. Monica --

Tracy: Yes! Just give it to her! I'm not paying you by the hour!

Monica: Give what? What --

Man: You've just been served.

Monica: Served with what?

Tracy: A suit for malpractice.

Monica: You got to be kidding.

Tracy: Do I look like I'm joking?

Alan: You never had much of a sense of humor.

Tracy: You stay out of this.

Monica: Tracy, you try to sue me, and I will see that you're back in Shadybrook faster than you can talk to a chair.

Tracy: Been there, done that. Besides, Daddy doesn't care if I speak to my dead brother. He needs me to make sure that E.L.Q. doesn’t go under, which is what this hospital is going to do if you botch another surgery.

Monica: Luke pulled through.

Tracy: No thanks to you. You froze in the middle of a bypass surgery. You almost cost my husband his life.

Alan: Actually, Luke’s way of living almost cost him his life.

Tracy: Everybody in that operating room was a witness. As a matter of fact, Luke’s family heard your pathetic admission right here on this spot.

Monica: Okay, what do you hope to get out of this?

Tracy: A pound of flesh -- and judging from the way you wield a scalpel, there's probably plenty of it lying around.

Monica: You call your lawyer and you end this.

Tracy: No, I'm not going to do that.

Monica: Taking me to court isn't going to bring Luke back from wherever he is hiding!

Tracy: It could save another life.

Monica: You just want to punish Luke, but you can't find him, so you're going to punish me instead.

Tracy: You know what just occurred to me? You were the one that looked after Alan when he got --

Alan: Don't go there. Don't go there.

Tracy: From the hostage situation. Maybe you killed him. Oh!

Tracy: All right, that's it, I've had it! Get over there! I have had it with you!

Monica: Just stop it right now!

[Monica and Tracy shout]

Sonny: What difference would it have made when and where I proposed?

Kate: All the difference in the world, Sonny.

Sonny: Why?

Kate: The lovely dinner at Fortunato's?

Sonny: Right.

Kate: The movie theater we used to make out at --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: As teenagers? The -- the street corner, even, where we promised to meet? It was just like old times. That's when it hit me.

Sonny: What?

Kate: You don't love me.

Sonny: Are you serious? That's what you -- "I don't love you"? I just asked you to -- to spend the rest of our lives together.

Kate: No, no, you didn’t.

Sonny: No?

Kate: You didn't ask me. You didn't ask me to marry you. The girl that you want is Connie. You're not in love with me. You're in love with a memory.

Mr. Vaughn: Was that her?

Trevor: Absolutely -- but she's still just as monosyllabic. Yeah. I told her that our little Johnny is such in a lot of trouble, that if she really cared about him, she might come and surprise him, stay a while.

Mr. Vaughn: You think she bought it?

Trevor: I don't know. Hope springs eternal. But if there was ever anybody who really had a calming influence on our problem child, it was her.

Mr. Vaughn: This still begs the question -- will she do it?

Trevor: I think she's going to see the truth of what I've been saying, and then -- then we can move forward with my plan.

Johnny: And what would those plans be?

Maxie: I came to tell Coop that I was ready to go.

Mac: Go where?

Maxie: He wanted to go away with me for a few days.

Mac: Where?

Maxie: Well, we talked about going to Canada, but that -- that didn't really matter. He just -- he wanted to spend a few days with me.

Mac: Did anyone hear, see, or talk to Cadet Barrett after Maxie left?

Logan: I did.

Mac: What did you two talk about?

Elizabeth: I don't believe you love Lucky, or that you're even capable of that emotion.

Sam: I really don't care what you think. You know, I am suddenly realizing how surprised I am that I could actually feel something like love after everything I have been through.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, I didn't think it could get any worse and it just did.

Sam: Really? Because what happens if it turns out that Lucky has the same feelings and he's falling in love with me? That this arrangement could wind up being permanent, and Lucky and Cameron and Jake and I could be a family -- like you and Jason and Jake and Cameron won't?

Elizabeth: You don't deserve a man like Lucky, and my children are not safe around you. I won't let this happen.

Sam: Oh, my God --

Elizabeth: Just go, just go.

Sam: You're bleeding.

Lucky: That tip was a bust -- what happened?

Sam: I think one of the stitches popped on her leg when she was putting Jake into his crib.

Elizabeth: I'm fine.

Lucky: No, you're not, you're white as a ghost. Did you call somebody?

Sam: I couldn't -- she passed out, like, two seconds before you came in.

Lucky: Okay, I'm taking you back to the hospital.

Elizabeth: I just want to go home.

Lucky: You can't -- the construction on your house won't be finished until tomorrow. And you're bleeding, and you won't be any good to Cameron and Jake in this condition. There's no reason to worry about them.

Sam: Just go. I'll -- I'll stay here with Jake, he'll be fine.

Officer: You can't come in here.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, look, I didn't know you were here. Please -- please don't be angry still. Are you -- what happened here?

Jason: Cooper -- he's dead. Maxie found him in his room, he hung himself. They think it's a suicide.

Spinelli: But you think otherwise?

Logan: Oh, you know, I came to see Coop in his room, I needed to borrow some money. Um -- we talked in his room, then we came down here. He wanted some coffee, I didn't, so I left.

Mac: Can anyone verify that?

Daniel: I can.

Logan: Coop wanted to get away with Maxie for a while.

Mac: Well, did he seem nervous at all?

Logan: Coop was Coop.

Mac: Meaning?

Logan: He wasn't a heart-on-his-sleeve kind of guy, you know?

Det. Harper: Well, you served together in the army. You didn't know how to read him?

Logan: Look, we were soldiers. I wasn't the man's psychiatrist. Played everything close to the vest. You couldn't tell what Coop was thinking just by looking at him. You just had to -- you had to go on his word for things, you know?

Mac: Did you see Barrett?

Jason: Only after Maxie found him.

Mac: Maxie, did Coop express any feelings of sadness or regret, any remorse?

Maxie: No. And stop trying to act like Coop killed himself -- he didn’t. I knew him better than anyone, he had nothing to hide.

Det. Harper: Well, it looks as if he did. One of the officers found this in Barrett’s pocket. It's the missing forensics report -- the D.N.A. match off Georgie to our killer.

Mac: It doesn't match Johnny Zacchara. It matches Coop. He was the text message killer.

Maxie: That's a lie.

Johnny: Leave us.

Trevor: You know, you look pretty good -- for somebody who almost blew himself up on our company ship.

Johnny: Lulu could've died in that explosion -- you and your filthy deal with Moreau.

Trevor: Hey.

Mr. Vaughn: Is there a problem, Mr. Lansing?

Trevor: No, Vaughn. Everything's all right, thank you. John, you were the one who drew Lulu Spencer into this. I told you to cooperate with Moreau. Instead, you spat in his face.

Johnny: And what did you do?

Trevor: I tried to make an alliance. Everything that went wrong was because you are a hotheaded amateur.

Johnny: I took control.

Trevor: You took control of dirt. You almost killed yourself. And you destroyed not only our ship, but an alliance that we could've used against Corinthos.

Johnny: An alliance that's still mine to make.

Trevor: Oh, Johnny. Not necessarily. What am I, chopped liver?

Kate: I was the one who wasn't getting the signals. From the moment I arrived in Port Charles, you've been trying to bait Connie into coming to the surface with no regard for what it would do to me.

Sonny: Because I thought it -- it might make you human again.

Kate: Okay, so what you and your associates do to each other -- that's human?

Sonny: We got to do what we got to do to survive, Kate.

Kate: Well, Sonny, that's what I had to do. You think I could get where I wanted to go in polyester shorts, eating lasagna off tinfoil?

Sonny: Then maybe where you wanted to go wasn't such a great place.

Kate: Right, so the place where you are? Um, bodyguards for your children, kidnapping threats, assassination attempt -- what is so enviable about the place you put yourself in? And God help me, Sonny, but I can see past all of it and still be in love with you. No matter what, I can -- I can love you for the man that you've become, but you cannot grant me the same grace.

Sonny: That boy had nothing!

Kate: And that boy still has nothing. You're still angry at the world, trying to get back at it instead of living in it. You are living behind a mask of pain. I see him, Sonny. I can see glimpses of him when -- when you let them come out, when you leave this tomb of an office, when -- when you let someone coax you into doing something completely unselfish and uncalculated, like saving your brother's life and giving him blood when he needed it. Now, you told me that you did that for me.

Sonny: I did do it for you.

Kate: No, I don't think so. I think you did it for the little boy inside you, but you can't be proud of yourself, Sonny. You can't let down your guard because you're too afraid of showing weakness.

Sonny: You want to talk about somebody afraid of showing weakness? You want to talk about somebody unable to give an inch? Why don't we talk about the real reason you don't want to marry me?

Sonny: You painted a perfect world for yourself -- sitting up there in your upper eastside prison, being very careful not to let the past interfere with anything that has to do with your make-believe life. You are untouchable, Ms. Howard, but you are lonely as hell. No, let me -- let me just say that again -- Connie is lonely as hell.

Kate: You're wrong, Sonny.

Sonny: No, that's Kate Howard talking. Sure, she surrounds herself with, you know, people that she doesn't care about or -- or respect, but Kate Howard is just a designer suit of armor you drape over yourself when you go out in public. But Connie is still somewhere locked in there, screaming for help. The beautiful, silly girl who used to, you know, look down on everyone, thought she was better than anyone, until she'd snort out a laugh because she forgot herself. She is standing right in front of me -- cool as a statue, afraid to break because she doesn't want the real woman to come out.

Kate: Okay, so I'm right -- there's nothing about Kate Howard that you love.

Sonny: Kate Howard doesn't want to be loved! She doesn't want it, she doesn't need it, it scares the hell out of her! Kate Howard doesn't want to be Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, she doesn't want to be Mrs. Anybody.

Kate: That is ridiculous.

Sonny: That is not ridiculous! I wanted a life for us. You know, husband and wife, the real -- the real things. Doing real things, you know, like bumping each other trying to get a cup of coffee, having snowball fights with Michael and Morgan, laying on a couch, you know, falling asleep together, waking up in each other's arms, laughing about who -- who snored the loudest.

Kate: I want those things, too.

Sonny: No, you don't, no, you don't! Because eventually, the contact would be too much for Ms. Howard. Connie would -- would show herself more, and Kate Howard’s not going to have that! Because she's going to have her magazine, she's going to have her name, and she's going to have her say, but I tell you what -- she's going to have nothing else when she could've had everything.

Ric: Look, without going into the deep, dark details of their lives, I can turn this property over to my father, and he can use it to destroy my brother. Or I could turn it over to my brother and he could use it to destroy my father. Or I could hold on to it myself and -- I don't know.

Woman: Oh, God. And the woman who gave you this devil's choice -- she's --

Ric: Skye -- she's -- she's not in the picture anymore.

Woman: Was she special to you?

Ric: I don't know. I guess -- I guess she -- she could've been. She had the good sense to walk away when she did. She saw me as another mistake in a long list of self-destructive landmark decisions and left town.

Woman: Hmm. Okay, so you came here to decide who is the least or most deserving of the three of you?

Ric: She said -- Skye -- that this could either be my salvation or my destruction.

Woman: Uh -- what do you say?

Ric: I don't know. I mean, look, I'm -- I practically told a complete stranger my entire life story, so I think that qualifies you for an opinion. If you were me, what would you do?

Woman: Whatever you're looking for, it ain't in these papers. It's in your heart.

Ric: Huh. Some people would say that I'd have to find that first.

Woman: Why not start there?

Monica: Tracy, I've had it with you! I really have --

Tracy: Agh -- stop!

Monica: Let me help you up, Tracy.

Tracy: Let go of me! I'm going to have you arrested for assault.

Monica: Can you imagine what Alan would be thinking right now? First, you forge his will, and then you assault his grieving widow.

Tracy: Which I als-- almost became, and I'm going to save another woman from becoming a grieving widow. Oh, you can rip that up into tiny little pieces, it's not going to make a bit of difference.

Epiphany: I guess --

[Cassius coughs]

Epiphany: Nursing has become a spectator sport around here.

Patrick: We have some of the best research facilities this side of the Mississippi.

Leyla: Nice to see you again, Dr. Devlin.

Patrick: So you've met Nurse Mir?

Ian: She gave me a tour of the O.R.

Patrick: Yes, Leyla's very proficient, eager to learn.

Ian: How is she as a nurse?

[Ian chuckles]

Patrick: You finally decide what you want to do when you grow up? Last time I heard, you were heading for the fleshpots of Hollywood, going into plastics.

Ian: As much as your salacious imagination would have me in a sea of needy breasts, I found myself doing more than my share of reconstructive surgery for cancer survivors. I decided rather than do damage control, I'd start on the other end -- I'm an oncologist.

Patrick: Wow. That's a dramatic change.

Ian: Maybe I'm not as shallow as you remember.

Patrick: Yeah.

Ian: Why don't you show me the lab.

Patrick: It's this way. So, what kind of cases pique your interest?

Ian: The hopeless ones.

Det. Harper: It's kind of ironic, isn't it -- a guy who strangles people winds up hanging himself?

Mac: You have any doubts about this?

Officer: The tread marks match the photos of the ones on the perimeter of the crime scene, as well as the ones walking away from it.

Det. Harper: No doubts now.

Mac: Thank you.

Maxie: He was innocent.

Mac: I'm sorry, Maxie. Look, Coop felt he had nowhere to go.

Maxie: We were going away together.

Det. Harper: Well, it's a good thing you didn't -- you could've ended up a hostage or worse.

Mac: Sweetheart -- Maxie --

Maxie: I want to see him, please, Dad.

Mac: No, absolutely not, no.

Maxie: He didn't have anyone, nobody except for me. I have to at least ride with him in the ambulance.

Mac: Maxie, he killed your sister.

Maxie: No, he did not!

Lulu: I feel awful for Maxie. First, Georgie, now Coop -- it's just -- it's hard to believe. I mean, what kind of reason would Coop have to do something like this?

Logan: Well, we won't know what was going through his head now.

Kate: Wow. That hurts -- and mostly because it's probably true. I still love you, Sonny. I still want you. What can I do?

Sonny: "What can you do?"

Kate: What we can we do?

Sonny: We can make sure that, you know, history doesn't repeat itself a third time. Or we can just pretend that you never came into this office out of the storm and back into my life. Or I can just pretend that I -- I never really knew you.

Kate: Well, I can't do that.

Sonny: Well, I can't -- I don't want to, either, but I'm going to have to.

[Music plays]

Kate: Sonny --

Sonny: Ahem. Doesn't "Couture" magazine have a deadline that maybe you need to go to?

Singer: You're used to getting things the easy way my life has been in all these years yes, I've paid for honesty I bend my heart on the ground

Singers: But then you came around

Singer: And everything was clear

Singers: You came around

Woman: You know, there are other places to eat at Martha’s Vineyard.

Ric: Yeah, but I like it here. You know, it's safe, welcoming.

Woman: And therein lies the danger. This place is called "The Siren" -- named after the beautiful maidens of the sea who sing their songs of welcome to the sailors on the ship to lure them to their death on the rocks?

Ric: Oh. Well, they probably died happy -- I mean, how many men can say that?

Woman: Oh, God, put your papers away, they can wait, happiness cannot.

Ric: You're very wise, you know that?

Woman: Yeah, well, I talk too much, -- um -- eventually I'll get around to saying something sensible.

Ric: Whoever tells you that you talk too much doesn't listen to you.

Woman: Yeah, but I -- I got other customers, so --

Ric: So I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

Woman: Yeah, true.

Singer: Then you came around everything was

Jason: Hey, hey, what -- what'd you find?

Spinelli: Okay, I -- I hacked into the police database per your request and left the information you inquired about on your desk. But can I ask, why the sudden interest?

Jason: I guess it's possible it could be an open-and-shut case against Cooper, but one thing is bothering me.

Spinelli: What?

Jason: I got a call from Cooper. I mean, it couldn't have been much before he died. What would a guy about to kill himself want to tell me?

Lulu: As awful as this is --

Logan: What?

Lulu: It means Johnny’s innocent.

Logan: Did you think he wasn't?

Trevor: Good news -- they just dropped the A.P.B. on you. So, from now on, you're going to be more careful -- and you're going to follow my advice to the letter.

Johnny: And if I don't?

Trevor: Well, John, I got miles to go before I sleep. And you'd be surprised how many tricks I still got up my sleeve.

[Trevor chuckles]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: The person who killed Georgie is still out there.

Elizabeth: You're not going near my children after what you did.

Kelly: I gather you haven't told the guy who got you pregnant that he's the father.

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