GH Transcript Thursday 1/24/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/24/08


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Lulu: Oh -- uh -- could -- could I get some apple pie?

Mike: Apple pie? Sure. How many -- how many slices?

Lulu: Can I get the whole pie?

Mike: The whole pie? Sure. I wish you'd tell me your secret.

Lulu: What secret? I don't have a secret. I'm not hiding anything.

Mike: No, honey, about how you stay in such great shape.

Lulu: Well -- oh, the -- the pie is not for me. I -- I mean, some friends and I were --

Mike: I'm just teasing you, Lulu. I mean, not even I could eat all that. So, you and your friends enjoy, and be careful out there. You heard about what happened to Sam and Alexis, right?

Lulu: No, what happened?

Mike: Oh, they -- they were attacked on the docks last night. They're all right, but it was a pretty close call. It looks -- it looks like it might be the same guy that killed Georgie and Emily.

Lulu: Oh. Wow, I'm -- well, I'm glad Sam and Alexis are okay. Thank you for the warning.

Mike: Sure, honey. Bye-bye.

Lulu: Bye.

Logan: Lulu, I'm in so much trouble.

[Logan sighs]

Maxie: You know, I'm glad you changed your mind and you called me to come over last night. But I can tell something's on your mind besides me.

Coop: I just keep thinking about Georgie.

Maxie: Yeah, me, too. But at least they're close to finding the killer, right? I mean, if they tested for a D.N.A. match between Johnny Zacchara and the skin underneath Georgie's fingernails, and now the test has been stolen, that makes him look guilty, right?

Coop: Yeah, right.

[Baby cries]

Elizabeth: Jake?

[Elizabeth's voice echoes]

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: I wanted to stop by and check on you and Elizabeth. She was still at work.

Sam: Of course I don't mind. I never would. It's actually, it's -- it's great. It's actually better than great. You know what? Kristina is in the bedroom, and I'm sure she'd be really happy to see you. You want to go play?

Cameron: Yeah.

Sam: Go ahead.

[Lucky chuckles]

Lucky: So how did you sleep last night?

Sam: You know, I -- I didn't even try. I -- I know you have officers posted outside, but I really can't stop thinking about what happened.

Lucky: What you did last night was very brave. That maniac -- he would have killed your mother if you hadn't jumped in. Just -- please, be careful. We need to try to keep everyone else calm so they don't do anything foolish and wind up getting themselves hurt.

Jason: What are you doing?

Lulu: Sorry I haven't returned your calls. I've just been going to bed early.

Logan: Look, Lulu, please don't lie to me. Okay? Just tell me one thing. Are we over?

Lulu: Oh -- I -- I don't know what we are. We -- we seem to get things started, and then something stops us, and then we try again and then something stops us again.

Logan: Because of Johnny. Huh, because of Johnny. He's hurt and you're taking care of him someplace, aren't you?

Lulu: Look, it's not what you think.

Logan: Lulu, it's all right if you are. It is. You know, I've realized if we have a chance in hell of being together, I can't -- I can't control you or chain you to me. I just have to let you know that I'm crazy about you. I am. And I hope that, you know, the feeling's mutual. It's called trust, and it's not something I'm good at, but it's all I got here, so -- huh -- um -- I know I've given you a lot of reasons to doubt me. But I'm going to trust that no matter what, you know that Johnny's bad for you. And I'm going to work at being somebody you can respect and one day trust back.

Lulu: Logan, I --

Logan: Listen, how about we go later, grab some food? We'll go to Miller's Pond, skate around the ice, have some fun, huh? Yeah?

Lulu: Sure, yeah. Okay.

Logan: Okay, good. So I'll meet you later about 7:00, all right?

Lulu: Okay, yeah.

Logan: Good.

Lulu: Bye.

Logan: Bye.

Coop: I'm so sorry about your sister. Last time I saw her, it wasn't very nice.

Maxie: It wasn't?

Coop: You know, I'm thinking about cutting out for a while. You want to come with?

Maxie: Um -- are you allowed to just leave town when you're a cadet?

Coop: Well, I do have an in with the police commissioner, don't I? Special dispensation for dating his beautiful daughter.

Maxie: Coop, I don't really know if now's the best time. I came down on my mom for abandoning us, for abandoning Mac, and I would never want him to feel like that's what I was doing.

Coop: But I don't think he would. I mean, if anything, he'd -- he'd like you away from all this -- safe. You know, we can get in the car this afternoon and just go.

Maxie: Today?

Coop: Yeah, we can be in Montreal by dark.

Maxie: You want to go to Canada?

Coop: Well, it doesn't matter, all right? I just -- I just want to feel free, and I want you with me. I started out in this town getting locked in a vault with you, and I want --

Maxie: Even then -- even through that dumb ski mask you were wearing, I could see in your eyes everything I needed to know about you. I would love to go away with you. How long do you think we'd be gone for?

Coop: Oh, we can play that one by ear.

Maxie: Lately, it just feels like my world has gotten so dark and small. It's like you're the only light left. I'm going to go shower, and then run by my house and pick up a few things, and I'll be ready in a couple hours?

Coop: Sounds perfect.

Maxie: Okay.

Coop: A couple of things I got to take care of myself. All right.

Maxie: Bye.

Coop: See you later.

Ric's voice: You never spent a summer in this house? Sonny's voice: Yeah, I did, with my mother.

Ric's voice: Uh-huh.

Sonny: Your father must have been the landlord here.

Ric: Yeah, well, fine. If that works for you, that's fine. But how was your mother going to be able to afford to rent a place like this, Sonny? You know how much this place was worth, even back then? She was a single mother educated in Cuba. She was fortunate to have a job as my father's secretary, and even more fortunate to have fallen in love with him.

Sonny: That never happened.

Ric: Oh, yeah? He got her pregnant.

Sonny: That's a lie.

Ric: You know what the sad part about this whole thing is? Hmm? My father really loved her.

[Phone rings]

Trevor: This is Trevor Lansing.

Jerry: [French accent] Moreau.

Trevor: I've been expecting this.

Jerry: More like fearing it, I expect. Do you know how much time and money it's cost me?

Trevor: Mr. Moreau, I don't fear you or anybody else. I've been looking into the explosion on my ship.

Jerry: Yes -- don't waste your breath. I've been looking into it, and we all know what happened. It's Sonny's pet thug, Jason Morgan, happened.

Trevor: Well, maybe you should have controlled the Spencer girl better.

Jerry: The offending, ineffectual parties have been terminated. Now, what can you promise me about yours?

Trevor: It won't happen again, period.

Jerry: But I'm afraid that won't be enough. There is always the Corinthos-Morgan franchise.

Trevor: Let's stop this, will you? You and I need to meet.

[Jerry hangs up]

Alexis: All right, Molly's sleeping and Kristina is right there, and there's Cameron!

Sam: Hey!

Lucky: Get her!

Alexis: Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run! Faster! You better run, Kristina! He's coming! It's a good thing she doesn't know how close she came to not having a mother. Thank you once again for the rescue. All right, look, I feel a little uncomfortable, a little anxious about leaving. This is going to be a very quick trip.

Sam: I'm here.

Lucky: Yeah, me, too. My advice is try not to be afraid. I mean, that's what this freak wants. He gets off on it. I mean, the text messages -- they're not about fair warning, they're about keeping you feeling helpless, afraid of your own shadow. Just -- you know what? Use it against him. Be prepared without being reckless. You can count on us. We're going to find the guy.

Alexis: I get that intellectually. It's just everywhere else, I'm a little shaky.

Sam: Just be careful, please.

Alexis: I will, I will. All right, so if the kids need anything, you call me.

Sam: Nothing, go. I'm here.

Alexis: All right, fine.

Sam: Go.

Alexis: Okay. All righty. I'm gone.

Sam: Huh.

Alexis: See you later.

Sam: Bye.

Lucky: What's this, huh? What's that? What do you think of that? Boo! Why are you so fascinated with Cameronís hat?

Sam: The hat -- um -- this hat reminds me of my brother, Danny. He never went anywhere without his red baseball cap. No, he always approached life with so much wonder and -- and love. You know, it was -- it was just the way that he was. And for long stretches of my life, Danny was the one person that I could always count on. I loved him, he loved me, and he was the one guy that I thought I would never lose. I just -- you know, I hate -- oh, I hate feeling helpless.

Lucky: Hey, what's this really about?

Sam: Fear. Okay, no. Terror, I guess. I -- I guess I'm just -- I'm a little terrified.

Lucky: Okay, of what?

Sam: Of losing you.

Jason: What are you doing out of school?

Michael: Oh -- well -- I had a free period, and I wanted to come see Dad. I haven't talked to him in a while. Nobody has. Have you?

Jason: You know how your dad stays out of touch with all of us sometimes. I'm sure he's okay.

Michael: So you're not worried?

Jason: Only when I have to be.

Michael: The man who tried to kill Mom is still out there. He already hurt Emily and Leticia. I mean, why hasn't someone tried to stop him? Why haven't you tried to stop him?

Jason: Is that why you were trying to take this?

Alexis: Well, if Sam hadn't come along, I obviously wouldn't be sitting here right now.

Jerry: I -- I know, I know. It must have been a horrible experience for you.

Alexis: Oh, it was an eye opener.

Jerry: I really should find ways to stick closer to you. You know, to -- to ward off the shadows, that is.

Alexis: Actually, I'm here for the opposite reason, because I am taking over as D.A. while Ric is gone, temporarily. But because of that, I won't be able to take on any private clients until he's back.

Jerry: Oh, come on. Come on, does anybody really need to know if we continue our -- our relationship, so to speak?

Alexis: It would put us in an awkward position.

Jerry: Well, are there really any other kind, darling?

Alexis: If you were to do something, say --

Jerry: Naughty, illegal? Irreversible, reprehensible?

Alexis: Just to name a few.

Jerry: Yes.

Alexis: The simple solution would be for me to just -- to find someone to distract you from getting into trouble because should you get into trouble I, of course, would not able to represent you because it would be a terrible conflict of interest.

Jerry: Terrible.

Alexis: I -- um -- have to go. I have a meeting.

Jerry: Oh, but I'll -- I'll walk you over. Good.

Alexis: I can do it myself.

Jerry: No, no, no -- consider it mutually beneficial. First of all, you'll have an amazing bodyguard, and then I'll have the delightful distraction to keep out of trouble a little while longer.

Woman: Ahem -- the usual?

Ric: Um -- you?

Woman: Yes, me.

Ric: Well -- I'm sorry, when you said you collected the mail for the people who lived in my old family house, I just assumed that you were their personal assistant or something.

Woman: No, nothing quite so grand. This is my real job. In the summers, I earn extra money cleaning that house.

Ric: Oh.

Woman: So, the usual? Coffee, one sugar, milk, not cream?

Ric: Yeah, that was -- that was pretty amazing you're able to do that, just know how I took my coffee by looking at me.

Woman: Yeah, well, comes with the territory.

Ric: Is something wrong with your lip?

Woman: Oh -- um -- I was so busy listening to the ocean on the walk to the bus last night that I tripped and fell.

Ric: Oh.

Woman: I'm clumsy like that. Always a cut here, bruise there. I'm -- I'll go get your coffee.

Leo: You know, if you go running down the hall popping open the stitches I put in, you're going to make me look bad. You don't want to do that, now, do you?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I was just having such a bad dream. I heard Jake yelling for me, and I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall like I do at home. I -- I -- it was just a reflex or sleepwalking. I don't know what it was.

Robin: Well, we could give you something to calm you down.

Elizabeth: I took a sedative and it made the dreams worse. And then it was harder for me to wake up. I'm just -- I -- I don't -- I don't know, I don't know.

Robin: Well, I do. You ran into a burning building to save your baby, and you're having a little posttraumatic stress from it.

Leo: Hey, you know what? Let me -- let me see about a different kind of sleep aid. Maybe something that'll just help calm you down and not affect your sleep as much, okay?

Elizabeth: Okay.

Leo: Okay.

Robin: I'll stay with her for a while.

Leo: Yeah, I appreciate it. All right, I'll see you later.

Elizabeth: I guess I'm such a mess, right?

Robin: No. You're a mother. And -- well, with any luck, in about nine months, I'll be one half as good as you.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: You're pregnant?

Robin: Yes, yes, yes, but don't say anything, okay? Nobody knows.

Elizabeth: Oh! So you finally found someone to donate sperm after all?

Robin: In a manner of speaking, yes.

Patrick: I need a duty nurse for O.R.

Epiphany: Will there be a patient in there, too, or just you?

Patrick: Is it cold in here, or just you?

Leyla: Actually, I think it's me. Our little tryst in the exam room got me a suspension.

[Music plays]

Woman: You must be here on business, then.

Ric: You know, just the business of discovering myself. Why?

Woman: It's the way you're dressed. Like a bright, new, sharp, shiny pencil.

Ric: How am I supposed to be dressed? Like a -- a crayon?

Woman: Why not? We're casual here.

Ric: Oh. It'd be a slightly worn crayon

Woman: Yeah, with a peeled label.

Ric: Blue.

Woman: Just blue?

Ric: Well, cadet blue.

Woman: Hmm -- no, sky blue. Strong, but still warm, somehow.

Trevor: Cup of coffee, please.

Trevor: Cup of coffee, please. I want to have a chat with my son.

Woman: Yeah.

Jerry: At last count, I'm not sure how many sides you've been batting for, but I know that D.A. Lansing had high hopes of getting the goods on Michael Corinthos Jr. But Sonny boy had already discovered that you were one of my merry men at the Metro Court hostage crisis. Isn't that right, Three?

Coop: What do you want?

Jerry: Someone with enough dirt that I can hold over their head so they can help me with a new venture.

Coop: Well, I'll have to get back to you on that.

Jerry: Oh, well, that's cheeky for someone with as much to lose as you do.

Coop: Maybe I'm just tired of living a lie.

Jerry: Talk like that, and you'll come off as someone who's just tired of living, period.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I remember you telling me that you and Patrick wound up together the night of Georgie's funeral.

Robin: Yeah. Interesting night for a child's conception, right?

Elizabeth: I think it's perfect. Life from death. A child was made by two people who love each other.

Robin: Who aren't together anymore.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but don't you think this is going to change Patrickís whole attitude a little?

Robin: No. I don't know. I don't know. I'm just -- I'm so confused, you know? Eventually, it's going to be obvious that I'm pregnant, and Patrickís going to ask questions, and I'm going to have to lie. I want this baby so much, but I'm going to have to tell the father of my child that it's not his. Does that make me an awful person?

Elizabeth: Okay. You asked for my opinion, so I'm going to give it to you. The truth has an ugly way of coming out in the end anyway. Tell Patrick that he's the father. It really does change a person.

Jason: I -- I don't even know what to do. I mean, you're breaking every rule here, Michael.

Michael: You're going to tell, aren't you?

Jason: No, first I want you to tell me why. Why -- why -- why did you want this gun?

Michael: I wanted to protect my mother and my brother. It's what you and Dad use to make people go away, isn't it?

[Piano plays]

Lulu: That was beautiful.

Johnny: I hope you brought some food. I'm starved.

Lulu: Logan knows that I'm helping you. But he doesn't know where we are, so he won't bother us.

Johnny: And I'm supposed to trust Logan?

Lulu: No, you're supposed to trust me.

Lulu: Logan isn't who everybody thinks he is.

Johnny: So you're right about him and the rest of us are wrong?

Lulu: He thinks that you're all against him.

Johnny: We are, and with good reason.

Lulu: He doesn't want to lose me.

Johnny: No man in his right mind would.

Lulu: Um, I went by my -- my brother Lucky's and he wasn't there, so I snuck in and grabbed some of his clothes. How are you doing?

Johnny: Fine. Fever's gone.

Lulu: Yeah, but you're still weak. You should probably rest a while longer. Do you think you'll be okay alone while I'm gone?

Johnny: Big plans with Logan? He's no good for you. He's a lot better for you than I am, but he's no good.

Lulu: Why do you say that?

Johnny: Why do you want to question it?

Lulu: I didn't know that you played piano.

Johnny: Yeah, I haven't in a while. My mother made me start lessons when I was 5. I hated it at first, but then I realized music was a place I can go and get lost, you know? I stopped playing after my father killed my mother and eventually picked it back up again. He kind of left me alone when I played. It's interesting -- it's almost like it calmed him down. Trevor hated it.

Lulu: Why?

Johnny: I don't know. But I think there's a lot about Trevor I don't know.

Trevor: Richard, I'm going to give you 50% more than the current market value for those piers.

Ric: What part of "Skye gave them to me" don't you understand?

Trevor: You and Skye had a great thing going, didn't you? Too bad it turned to nothing. But then again, I sort of expected it would. Do you -- do you really know a good thing when you see it?

Ric: If this is your idea of winning me over, it's not working.

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: So what are you going to do with those properties? You going to let your brother sell "coffee" from them? You going to build your own version of Port Charles' Coney Island?

Ric: Well, I know what you want to do with it.

Trevor: Do you really?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Trevor: I want to continue growing my kingdom.

Ric: Yes, an empire filled with guns and drugs and God knows what else, all for the glory of Johnny and the Zaccharas?

Trevor: And Trevor Lansing.

Ric: No, mostly Trevor Lansing.

Trevor: Hear me, Richard. You're my son. Whatever you help me build will one day be yours.

Ric: Huh. Trevor, come on -- is that your best? I mean, is that your best shot? That's your best angle, huh? I'm going to do what I want to with this property.

Trevor: So tell me. What are you going to do -- give them to your brother?

Ric: I don't know, maybe. I thought about it -- maybe.

Trevor: Before you do that, why don't you walk back out in the snow and take another look at the house where you grew up? Yeah -- really look at it. And think about what happened in there and what it led to. You could give 20 times more than the real estate value of those piers to your brother and he would still spit on your grave.

Ric: Yeah, unlike you who spat on me in person when I was a child, right?

Trevor: Oh, Richard. Every sap feels sorry for himself. You want to be treated like a man, then act like one -- stop crying about your childhood!

Ric: Okay, conversation's over.

Trevor: Huh? Have the guts to take control of what Skye gave you.

Ric: Huh -- what's that supposed to mean?

Trevor: You haven't even transferred the properties into your name. You haven't signed the documents. Let me warn you about something. Somebody could come along and steal those documents and sign his own name to them, put a cap right in your head, and drop you off the Port Charles pier into the harbor.

Sam: What I said about losing you -- it didn't really come out the way that I wanted it to. I -- I know we are only being casual. I mean --

Lucky: No, we're way past "casual."

Sam: Yeah, um -- okay. I'm just saying that there's nothing really set in stone, there's no tattoos yet or -- huh.

Lucky: Does it have to be? I mean, we're not in high school.

Sam: No.

Lucky: We're adults.

Sam: We are.

Lucky: We're human.

Sam: Yes.

Lucky: If we have problems, we deal with them and right now -- you know what? Problems aside, I want to be with you. I want to see where we can go.

Sam: Whew -- good. Me, too.

Jason: Look, your father and I have made choices for ourselves. I mean, some -- some good choices, some bad choices, but all any parent wants is for their -- for their kid to have something better than they did, okay? We want you to make the best choices. We want you to have a happy life and we're always here to help you do that, but using a gun? No matter how good you think the reasons are, that is not the good choice. Look, I know you know this is not a toy, Michael. I know you see what a gun does to people on TV, in the movies, on those video games you played. I know --

Michael: Blah, blah -- I've heard this all in school. I don't know how to use it and I could get hurt or hurt somebody else.

Jason: Well, then maybe you need to be quiet and hear it from me! Look, I -- I think it's great that you want to protect your mother and your brother. It's not great that you want to get your hands on a gun to do that. You're -- you're old enough to understand what happens to a person when they get shot. You're not old enough to understand what it can do to you, how it can affect the rest of your life. You have no idea. Your father doesn't want you to have a gun, I don't want you anywhere around guns, okay? Holding a gun does not make you a man. Go back to school, you learn something, you do something nice for somebody. Are we okay?

[Johnny plays classical music]

[Johnny stops playing]

[Glass shatters]

Logan: Mr. Baldwin, what police evidence are you going to accuse me of stealing this time?

Scott: I'm just looking for Lulu.

Logan: What do you want with Lulu?

Scott: Well, we got an A.P.B. out on Johnny Zacchara. The D.N.A. test results are missing from the station. He was there, his attorney, Lansing, was there, so one of them could've stole the results.

Logan: What if I told you that I saw Lulu, I followed her and she's with Johnny?

Scott: Then I would expect you to tell me.

Logan: Even if she never forgave me?

Scott: She wouldn't have to know.

Logan: Well, I'd know, and I'm trying to get Lulu to trust me again.

Scott: And I'm trying to solve some murders here. Now, where did you follow Lulu to?

Logan: I didn't -- I haven't seen her all day.

Scott: You're lying -- now, tell me.

[Music plays]

Woman: Can I get you anything else?

Ric: Hmm -- it's amazing. 10 minutes with my father and I feel like my entire miserable existence with him flashes before my eyes.

Woman: I'm sorry.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Woman: It's not right -- family should love each other no matter what.

Ric: Yeah. Is that what your family does?

Woman: Did. My family died when I was young.

Singer: Right on living

Ric: I'm sorry.

Woman: Look. Whatever reason you came here, just forget it for a while.

Ric: Hmm.

Woman: Go take a walk on the beach.

Ric: It's windy.

Woman: Huh -- so? Don't resist it. Play with the wind like a -- a kite does. Maybe it'll give you a whole new perspective on things.

Singer: 'Cause the best has yet to come

Patrick: Hey. I'm sorry. I -- I never thought any damage would come from -- what did Ford say exactly?

Leyla: Well, I -- I got two weeks suspension without pay and a permanent mark on my record.

Patrick: All right, well, I'll talk to him.

Leyla: I really don't think it's going to do much good.

Patrick: How can I make this right?

Leyla: I don't know. I mean, he did say something about disciplining you, too.

Patrick: Wait -- how did he even find out what happened in -- between --

Leyla: I think he followed the telltale trail, Dr. Drake.

Leo: You got to learn to pick up after yourself, Drake, you naughty boy, you.

Cassius: Hey, I found these in the supply closet over on five, Dr. Drake -- or should I call you "Dr. Feelgood"?

[Leo and Cassius chuckle]

Patrick: You guys are hilarious, really funny.

Leyla: "Dr. Feelgood."

Patrick: Really funny. Don't you think they're funny?

Epiphany: All right.

Leyla: Uh-huh, really.

Epiphany: Now that everyone has had their five minutes of fun, let's remember that this is a hospital and there are patients that need tending to. Are you getting paid to smile or work?

Cassius: Oh, it's so good to have you back, Nurse Johnson.

Epiphany: I never went any place. And I certainly didn't break down and go to pieces over the death of my son and need your help to put me back together again, however grateful that I might be if that were to happen.

Cassius: Your secret -- it's safe with me. Right?

Jason: Uh, how's Elizabeth?

Epiphany: That information is only available to family members. But, if a family member were to ask that question, I would tell them that she is mending physically but that she needs something to keep her mind occupied so that she can rest.

Jason: Thank you. And thank you for what you did for Elizabethís son that night in the E.R.

Epiphany: Just doing my job.

Jason: And I'm doing mine. I'm looking into Stanís death.

Leo: Hey, Patrick, let me ask you something.

Patrick: Yeah?

Leo: What do you think if I were to ask Elizabeth Webber for a -- a drink or something?

Patrick: Elizabeth Webber?

Leo: Yeah, man. She's -- she's beautiful, she's -- I like -- I think --

Patrick: She's a mother of two.

Leo: So?

Patrick: "So?" You're not going to be going for drinks. You'll be taking home chicken in a bucket, tripping over toys as you make your way to bed to go to sleep. And then you'll be chained to life, forced to make all the mistakes that your parents did. But if that's what you want to do, go ahead. I would personally never do that to a child.

Leo: You know what that is? That right there -- you know what that is? That's your bachelor brain talking, you know, because if you were in that position, maybe you'd feel a little bit differently, you know?

Patrick: Okay, well, you know what I do know is that I'm never going to find out, so that's it. Go ahead.

Robin: Whew.

Ric: Okay. Is this better?

Woman: Oh.

Ric: Hmm? Huh?

Woman: Oh, my God. Well, it's a start.

Ric: Yeah?

Woman: Oh, whoa, whoa.

Ric: What, what's wrong?

Woman: Wait a minute.

Ric: What, I got something on me?

Woman: You did pay for this, didn't you?

Ric: Yeah, of course I did. What -- what do I have?

Woman: Um -- the tags are still on it.

Ric: I knew that. Okay.

Woman: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, no.

Ric: Wait -- I'll get it.

Woman: No, no, no! No, no, no.

Ric: I'll get it. Let me get --

Woman: No, let me --

Ric: I'll get it, I'll get it. Stop, stop. I'm very ticklish. Don't do that, don't do that.

Woman: I got it, I got it!

Ric: Okay, you got it? Got it? Okay.

Woman: Hold on, okay.

Ric: All right.

Johnny: What's wrong?

Logan: What the hell is this?

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Sonny: Tell him yourself.

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