GH Transcript Friday 1/18/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/18/08


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Kate: What's it say?

Sonny: Nothing. Some stupid card out of a stupid machine.

Kate: Well, then let me see it. What's your fortune?

Logan: Spinelli, did you find Lulu or not?

Spinelli: I've infiltrated the lions' den, only to discern that fair Lulu was here but found a means to escape. Um --

Logan: Spinelli, you sound like you're in a rabbit hole.

[Speech breaks up]

Logan: Where are you? Spinelli, where are you? I'll come and get you.

Spinelli: In a tunnel --

[Line disconnects]

Logan: Spinel-- Spinelli?

Johnny: We're trapped.

[Johnny groans]

Lulu: Your leg's still bleeding.

Johnny: I'll live.

Lulu: Tough guy till the end, right?

Johnny: "The end" is right. And now we got to get you out of here, and soon.

Lulu: Why? What's going on? Who is behind all of this besides you?

[Phone rings]

Jerry: [French accent] Hello. Oui?

Man: Good evening, Mr. Moreau. That is who you are for this transaction, right?

Jerry: [Normal voice] I thought we were going to meet face to face. What do you say I buy you a drink?

[Man chuckles]

Man: All in good time.

Jerry: All right. On to business, then. The shipment is on the Zacchara boat which should arrive in Port Charles by morning.

Man: "Should"?

Jerry: Yes, should -- barring any unforeseen complications, that is.

Man: I prefer to deal in absolutes. Don't tell me the boat should arrive, tell me it will arrive. There won't be any unforeseen complications, will there, old friend?

Patrick: What are you doing?

Robin: I'm -- I was just going over Nikolas' most recent brain scan.

Patrick: Robin, you should be in bed.

Robin: I bet -- you know, scratch that -- I know you say that to all the women.

Patrick: You just fell. I just watched you collapse in the middle of the nurses' station.

Robin: I've been checked out, I'm fine.

Patrick: Okay, then why don't you do us both a favor -- go home, get some rest.

Robin: Listen, Nikolas just agreed to check himself in, and one thing we can agree on is the fact that he's getting worse. So the sooner you get off my case and on to his, the better everyone will be.

[Door opens]

Nadine: You look disappointed. Who were you expecting?

Kate: I showed you mine; you have to show me yours.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. I don't want to jinx it. You know, last -- last one I had, it didn't come true. Here you go.

Kate: All right, let me guess.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: "You will meet a tall, cool brunette who likes a good rusty nail with a single-malt scotch."

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Moose: [High voice] "On your wedding night, you will go bald."

Sonny: You know what? If I do, I'll use the hair off your back and I'll put it on my head. How did -- there's no way you could remember that.

Moose: [Normal voice] It's not so long ago, you know.

Sonny: Well --

Moose: I got a mind like a steel trap -- that's why you're still so familiar to me.

Kate: Well, I'm sure I remind you of someone you used to know.

Moose: Then how about ending the night with the best tiramisu this side of the Atlantic?

Sonny: You know what, Moose? Love to, but I got to go somewhere else for -- I'm going to give her a special dessert.

Moose: Ah, suit yourself.

Nikolas: I -- I was hoping to see Robin so I could apologize to her for knocking her down. I -- actually, I need to apologize to everyone in the E.R. for going after that guy with the bomb like he was carrying a firecracker.

Nadine: You were having one of your episodes, and from what I heard, it wasn't even a real bomb. He just wanted to get his wife some help.

Nikolas: Nevertheless, at the time I was more of a menace than he was.

Nadine: Well, to be fair, you didn't know that Dr. Drake was purposefully bringing on one of your episodes to take a blood sample during a rage.

Nikolas: Oh, but at least he's trying to do something to figure out what's wrong with me before I die -- or do some real damage.

Emily: You didn't hurt me, Nikolas. You could never hurt me.

Nadine: Well, I am just here to check your vitals.

Emily: I'm glad you admitted yourself to stay overnight.

Nadine: It's good you agreed to stay here overnight.

Nikolas: Yeah, probably. I still wish that -- that I was at home, though.

Nadine: Yeah -- it's easier to talk to Emily there?

Nikolas: No. It's just -- just different, okay?

Nadine: Of course. Here you have memories of Emily at work. At home, memories are more special.

Emily: More intimate.

Nikolas: It's also where she died.

Nadine: Yeah, it's okay. I understand.

Nikolas: What? How could you possibly understand what it's like for me?

Emily: She does know -- just look at her.

Nadine: This may be hard for you to understand, but with all due respect, Mr. Cassadine, you are not the only person who's ever lost someone.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.

Nadine: No, I -- I am officially off duty. It's been a long day and I need a tall beer. But I hope you get some more positive news -- and as my aunt would say, "a visiting comfort."

Patrick: Is there a reason why you're being more hostile than usual?

Robin: I am not being more hostile.

Patrick: Oh.

Leyla: Maybe it's because you're being nicer to her than usual? Oh, but wait -- that's how you are with women after you stop sleeping with them. Isn't it, Dr. Drake?

Robin: I'm out of this conversation.

Patrick: Well, I'm getting it from all sides today.

Leyla: You reap what you sow.

Patrick: I was nothing but honest with you.

Leyla: Brutally.

Patrick: And I thought we had an understanding.

Leyla: We did.

Patrick: Look, Leyla, I -- I didn't make any promises or anything to you.

Leyla: Look, the only promises that were broken then were the ones I made to myself.

Patrick: Okay, then why the chilly reception?

Leyla: I suggest you bundle up, Dr. Drake -- it's about to get a whole lot colder.

Johnny: There's this guy, Moreau. Trevor was on me about pushing some product for him.

Lulu: Drugs?

Johnny: I don't know. But I blew him off.

Lulu: Why?

Johnny: Because I'm supposed to be in charge now, calling the shots. I deserve the respect that my father got.

Lulu: Your father had it because he was ruthless, and from what I saw, a man without a soul. Is that what you're trying to be?

Johnny: I'm trying to be myself, not my father, not anyone Trevor or anybody else wants me to be.

Lulu: And you blew this guy off --

Johnny: And you got grabbed. You were supposed to be released when the shipment reached New York. I've already told you more than you need to know.

Lulu: Excuse me, I have been left in the dark, I have been blindfolded, and I've been locked up in some dank cell. I think I have a right to know.

Johnny: You already know too much.

Lulu: What do I know, Johnny? I don't know anything!

Johnny: Everybody knows too damn much about me -- how I feel or how they think I feel.

Lulu: You mean about me?

Nikolas: Well, I handled that like a complete clod, didn't I? And you think that's funny?

Emily: No -- yes -- no.

Nikolas: I love hearing you laugh.

Emily: Well, maybe that's why you said what you said the way you said it.

Nikolas: Maybe.

Emily: Because I'm a part of you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: I mean, I think we've already agreed on the fact that I'm not a ghost -- or at least, I don't feel like I am.

Nikolas: No, I don't feel like you are, either. I don't know, though. Maybe -- no, I think that you're -- that you're a projection of -- of my heart and of my love for you, I think. Damn it. I just -- I just wanted to be home today to celebrate your birthday, that's all I wanted. I just wanted to celebrate you --

Emily: My life?

Nikolas: Yes, your life and the fact that you were born, that you loved me, and -- we were supposed to be married. Damn it. I was supposed to wake up every day with you by my side.

Emily: Nikolas -- I don't know about forever -- I don't even know about tomorrow. All I know is that I'm here with you now and this is where I want to be.

Coleman: Well, look who's here. All my regulars have been asking when you were coming back.

Leyla: Really?

Coleman: Oh, yeah -- in fact, I got a table already set up for you in the corner if you want. In fact, I'll even wipe it down so you don't slip.

Nadine: I already have a table. There will be no floorshows tonight -- thanks.

Nadine: Oh, no. The last time I saw that look, I was picking dollar bills up off the floor.

Leyla: Don't worry, not tonight. I have to find a different way to handle the situation with Patrick. My parents didn't raise me to dance on pool tables and collect tips from strange men, for goodness sakes. No, they gave up everything so that I could pursue a career in medicine. I was serious about my career. Well, I got serious about Patrick Drake -- only he didn't get serious about me.

Nadine: Yeah, well, love hurts more often than it should.

Leyla: I knew he had feelings for Robin, but I just thought that --

Nadine: I mean, you -- you wanted to be special enough to mean more than you did?

Leyla: I guess so.

Nadine: Well, maybe he doesn't know what he lost because he never knew what he had.

Leyla: Would this be your Aunt Raylene speaking?

[Nadine chuckles]

Nadine: No, no, this is me. I just think that sometimes you got to let loose with a guy.

Leyla: I'm not that type of girl.

Nadine: Maybe you should be.

Jerry: The shipment will cross the U.S. border in a Zacchara vessel which will travel through Corinthos-controlled shipping lanes, and Corinthos is not someone you want to get on your bad side, believe me.

Man: I have no interest in Mr. Corinthos.

Jerry: A mean to an end, huh?

Man: More like a means to a beginning. We wouldn't have to be engaging in half of this trouble if you could get your hands on that perfectly situated waterfront property.

Jerry: Yes, the Alcazar piers -- I'm working on that.

Man: Same old Jerry. Work harder. Do I have to remind you that you owe me?

Jerry: Of course not.

Man: Think of this in terms of the greater good. Let's have a talk.

Jerry: About what?

Man: General Hospital. Tell me about some of the people in General Hospital.

Johnny: How I feel about things and what I choose to do about them are two completely different stories -- ow!

Lulu: You need to wash that.

Johnny: There's no time. I need to get you out of here and I need to get onto that boat.

Lulu: What for?

Johnny: Once I know that you're safe, I'm going to make sure that whatever Moreau was transporting doesn't get there.

Lulu: How did you find me?

Johnny: It was a group effort -- Spinelli and your boyfriend.

Lulu: Logan?

Johnny: You got any others I don't know about? We used the call that you placed. Spinelli cross-referenced all the clues, ended up at this monastery. It's an interesting base of covert operations. That skeleton I tripped over -- he was a soldier and a smuggler, and this is what they were smuggling a few hundred years ago.

Lulu: It's some kind of alcohol.

Johnny: Yeah, it's probably rum.

Lulu: Look, you feel on that rusty bayonet. You could have blood poisoning or some kind of infection.

Johnny: If we don't get out of here soon, we could run out of air. There's got to be some sort of hidden release for this door up in here.

Lulu: You need to take care of that wound.

Johnny: It's obviously stronger than its regulated descendants. Agh! Oh, damn it. You're freezing.

Lulu: Don't worry, I always shake like this when I'm having fun.

Johnny: Here. Take this. Have a swig of this. Come on, you need the warmth.

Johnny: I need a painkiller.

Lulu: Ah.

Kate: Oh, wow. I can't believe it's still here

Sonny: Stillwell Movie Theater. It looks -- still looks good, right?

Kate: How did you know it was still here?

Sonny: Well, I made a lot of calls between Manhattan and Port Charles. How could you go to Fortunato's and not come here? Let's sit down.

Kate: No, no, wait! No, no, it's not that row! No, we don't like that row, we like this row in the back.

Sonny: All right.

Kate: No, don't you remember? Unless you sat perfectly, perfectly still, the seats made all kinds of noise and people looked.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. But you know what? I don't remember much at all about that time -- you know what I'm saying? Uh -- so, I told you I got dessert, right? Did I?

Kate: Well, you hinted it. Seriously?

Sonny: Yep.

Kate: Chocolate-covered raisins?

Sonny: Yep.

Kate: I can't believe I still have teeth. Okay, so, do you know what they're playing?

Sonny: Does it really matter?

Kate: It never did! I don't think I ever saw the end of a movie with you.

Sonny: Well, seeing as I -- I used to sneak you in here without paying, there's justice in that.

Kate: I think I'm overdressed.

Sonny: Kate Howard overdress -- how can that happen?

Kate: I want to thank you for tonight.

Sonny: You know what?

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: Ain't over yet.

Kate: Well, I know what an effort you're making. The Sonny that I recently got reacquainted with wouldn't necessarily drop everything to go back to the old neighborhood -- especially for his gutter girl.

Sonny: You know what? Just for the record, Moose never called you that. And why couldn't you at least just admit --

Kate: Expose myself -- professionally speaking. I think I want some water.

Sonny: No, no, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Kate: No, maybe I want to get you your favorite candy.

Sonny: Well, I'm looking at my favorite candy.

Kate: Oh!

Sonny: You know what?

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: Everybody loved Connie Falconeri.

Kate: Everybody but me. The people I work with who know me as Kate Howard probably wouldn't think much of her, either.

Sonny: The question is, what do you really think of Kate Howard?

Kelly: I'd like your opinion on the wife of our bomb-scare guy. It's an unusual case and I'm waiting for some test results.

Robin: Sure.

Kelly: How are you feeling?

Robin: You know, I really don't want to get into it. There's been enough people fussing all over me today.

Kelly: You're going to have to get used to some fussing after you get pregnant.

Robin: I want a no-muss, no-fuss pregnancy. Now, I realize that's nearly impossible given my condition, but that is why I have picked someone from the sperm bank website.

Kelly: Since they took your blood when they checked you out, I had them run some final tests. The results should be out by now so if they indicate that you're ready to go ahead with the procedure, we can contact the lab and get you pregnant.

Robin: Sounds like a plan.

[Music plays]

Patrick: I thought there was an emergency.

Leyla: It is an emergency.

Singer: I flew miles and miles just to get to you

Lulu: So, where are Logan and Spinelli now?

Johnny: Logan's keeping watch in the front. I scoped an entrance out back, and Spinelli went in to find you in disguise.

Lulu: As a monk?

Johnny: Be hard-pressed to find another girl that could laugh in a situation like this.

Lulu: Well, what am I supposed to do -- sit in the corner and cry?

Johnny: I remember you at Wyndemere -- trying to bait my father. You were gutsy.

Lulu: Huh.

Johnny: I thought it was just a one-time thing, but I guess not. Maybe you do have more bravery than brains.

Lulu: And maybe you should scope out the people that you do business with before you go pissing them off. And by the way, just so you know, Loganís not --

Johnny: Logan's not what?

Lulu: Logan's not any of your business.

Johnny: Yeah, I think you've had enough of that.

Lulu: Uh-uh. Oh -- sorry.

[Woman giggles]

Young Kate's voice: You still got plenty of time to finish school.

Young Sonny's voice: Who says I want to?

Young Kate's voice: Maybe I want you to.

Young Sonny: What? You feel better sneaking into the movies at night with a guy who sits in English class during the day?

Young Kate: It's not about me, it's about you. I could talk to the principal -- unless --

Young Sonny: Unless what?

Young Kate: Moose told Mary you were looking for some guy -- a bad-news guy.

Young Sonny: Hey, I'm a bad-news guy already.

[Young Sonny laughs]

Young Kate: It's not funny! Tell me it's not true, tell me you'll go back to school and graduate.

Young Sonny: You want me to give you a class ring or something, huh? I -- I can find a ring.

Young Kate: I don't care about those things. I want you to be somebody.

Young Sonny: I am somebody.

Young Kate: You know what I mean.

Young Sonny: What I know is there's no going back. Ready?

[Movie plays]

[Movie stops]

[Patrons groan]

Man: Great.

Sonny: Uh --

[Kate giggles]

Kate: Well, timing is everything.

Sonny: Well, I'm going to go see what's going on.

Kate: Okay.

Young Kate's voice: I want you to be somebody.

Young Sonny: I am somebody.

Young Kate: You know what I mean.

Young Sonny: Yeah -- you think I'm a nobody. Besides, like I said, there's -- there's no going back.

Young Kate: I think you're smart. I think you could have anything if you'd just try.

Young Sonny: Huh. I don't need a diploma for that -- I got my smile.

Young Kate: Hmm. Well, I don't see it much anymore. Is there something at home?

Young Sonny: I got nothing at home.

Young Kate: Is it this Scully person I've heard about?

Young Sonny: Well, that -- that's not a name you should let anyone hear you talking about.

Young Kate: Then it's true?

Young Sonny: Okay, you hocking me, now?

Young Kate: You're working for him!

Young Sonny: You want me to go back and -- and be on the geek squad? Okay, fine, fine.

Young Kate: Promise?

Young Sonny: Yeah, yeah, promise.

Young Kate: I want you to be happy.

Young Sonny: I want us to be happy, and there's another option -- we could run away together.

Sonny: Ah. They're putting the pieces together now.

Kate: Oh -- oh, the movie.

Sonny: What do you mean, "oh, the movie"?

Kate: No, I was just --

Sonny: What did you think I was talking about?

Kate: I was just somewhere else for a minute.

Sonny: I got somewhere else to take you.

[Music plays]

Patrick: Okay, what if somebody --

Leyla: Walks in? Some doctors need to sleep, others need to sleep around.

Patrick: Leyla, I'm not really sure you should be -- or whatís happening here.

Leyla: I'll guide you through it.

Singer: From you no more lonely nights away from you

Man: Mr. Moreau? We have a problem.

Johnny: No. We can't do this.

[Music plays]

Patrick: Well, that was --

Leyla: Fantastic.

Patrick: Yeah, for starters. Now what do we do?

Leyla: "Now" nothing. We have no claims on each other. We go back to hospital business as usual. I don't want to impede your progress with the nursing staff.

Patrick: Ah, so this was all about revenge?

Leyla: No -- it was about pure pleasure. And it was very enlightening. It made me realize that I can focus on my career as if it means everything, and sleep with a man and have it mean nothing at all.

Singers: Do we start all over?

Singer: This heart has given up all fight I don't care who knows, no

Nikolas: Emily?

Emily: I'm here.

Nikolas: Hey.

Emily: Hey. Nikolas -- I still don't know. I -- I don't know if whatever it is that I am is good for you.

Nikolas: No, no. No, don't say that. You're always here when I need you.

Emily: No, I don't think that's true. I mean, where was I when you hurt Robin or when you went after the man with the bomb? I should've been there to stop you.

Nikolas: No, no, maybe I don't want you around when I'm angry so I don't -- so I don't hurt you.

Emily: No, you can't -- I'm dead.

Nikolas: Well, maybe -- maybe I -- I'm afraid that it'll make me remember what I did to you. What -- what? You didn't -- you didn't refute me hurting you this time. What --

Emily: Maybe it's because I don't think that it helps you accept the fact that I'm dead or convinces you that you didn't hurt me.

Nikolas: Oh, God -- I want Patrick to help me. I want whatever this thing is that's stuck in my head, that's turning me into an animal, removed. Once it's gone, I want to -- I want to go on a long trip with just you and Spencer. Yeah. We can -- we can go down the seine under the Eiffel Tower in the spring, the Fjords in the summer, Aspen in the fall. Can you see us there, Emily?

Nikolas: Emily?

Lulu: What's wrong?

Johnny: First of all, it's the fact that we need to get out of here and you need to stay out of my life.

Lulu: I didn't arrange my own kidnapping to throw myself at you.

Johnny: That's exactly my point. I want you, Lulu -- hey, what guy in his right mind wouldn't? But whatever does happen between us, I want it to be real. And these conditions -- these are not real, and I don't want us to do anything that we would regret in them. If or when we're together, I don't want it to be because of some 200-year-old rum or we have nowhere else to go. But you should go, all right? Go to Logan.

Lulu: Don't tell me what to do.

Johnny: He told me he's in love with you. You don't seem like the kind of girl that would take that lightly, and what kind of guy would I be to get in the middle of that -- as much as I want to.

Lulu: Oh, my -- you need a doctor.

Johnny: Whew.

[Johnny groans]

Johnny: I'm fine.

Lulu: The door.

Spinelli: Blond One? I --

Lulu: Oh, thank you for helping Johnny and Logan find me.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Johnny: Where is Logan?

Spinelli: Um -- he's awaiting us by the front wall.

Johnny: Can you get back to him? You know the way back?

Spinelli: Yeah, I -- I do.

Lulu: Did you leave a trail?

Spinelli: I just -- I just got hungry -- but I do know the way.

Johnny: Are you sure you can get Lulu back to him in time -- on your own?

Lulu: Why? Aren't you coming with us?

Kate: Oh, all these streets -- every Saturday night, so noisy, Sunday morning, completely quiet, right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Lamppost -- Mary Minucci, big hair, trying to crack her gum like her mother told her all the girls did when they were young. Oh -- and then every street corner -- every street corner had food, if it was a restaurant or a bakery or someone's house that should've been a restaurant.

Sonny: You want to know what I remember?

Kate: What?

Sonny: I remember trying to figure out every way I could to hide from my stepfather. Because I got to tell -- he had eyes on every block, so you know what I did?

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: I just moved further and further and further in the shadows.

Kate: Mm-hmm -- where you met Joe Scully.

Sonny: I would try to figure out every shortcut -- fire escape, bins, barrels -- even the -- the trunk of a car once. I could get to any place from here, except to you. This is where I -- I laid it all out on the line for you.

Kate: Sonny, is this where --

Sonny: The night -- yeah, where we agreed to meet that night. And we were going to run off together? I waited a long time that night. And here you are.

Patrick: Hey. I have some test results.

Nikolas: Okay.

Patrick: I've got good news and I've got bad news.

Nikolas: I'm ready.

Patrick: The tumor is slightly larger which makes it easier to study, but it's putting pressure on the part of the brain that's normally associated with dreams and neuron receptors that respond to hallucinogenic drugs.

Nikolas: What does -- I'm -- I'm not following.

Patrick: I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Let me start from the beginning. Are you seeing things that defy plausibility or rational explanation?

Nadine: Ah -- uh -- so?

Leyla: Now I'm that type of girl.

[Nadine laughs]

Kelly: Do you have a minute?

Robin: Uh -- just one. I -- I have a consultation. Why? Did you find something unexpected in my latest set of tests?

Kelly: You might say that. You're pregnant.

Lulu: Logan -- oh, thank God you're okay.

Man: Look who found their way

Lulu: Logan -- oh, thank God you're okay.

Man: Look who found their way back. You know, there are rats in those tunnels -- big ones.

Kate: Hmm. It doesn't look the same.

Sonny: Feels the same.

Kate: Well, then maybe this isn't where we should be. Tonight has been a lot of fun, Sonny, and --

Sonny: What do you -- what do you mean? I mean, we've -- we've been doing a lot of talking about who we were, who we thought we were going to be.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Right? So --

Kate: And a lot's changed.

Sonny: Yeah, but, look -- I mean, this place is still a place, right, as far as places go? But there -- you know -- there are things that are inside, you know, like a lot of heart, a lot of laughter -- I mean, maybe not so much in me. I can still hear your -- your little shrieking voice, you know? "Stay away from me, come get me." I -- I used to chase you between the delivery trucks and then I'd feel your heart pounding when I would hold you against my chest, you know? Oh, man. It's a beautiful thing.

Kate: I was a very good Sacred Heart's girl.

Sonny: Yeah, I can't believe we didn't go all the way -- why, because I was like the devil?

Kate: There was a lot of temptation, let me tell you.

[Sonny laughs]

Sonny: But you know what?

Kate: What?

Sonny: Forget all that, you know? It's -- it's a lot of wasted time wondering what could've happened, and I don't want to do that anymore -- especially about the past or the future.

Kate: What are you doing?

Sonny: What does it look like I'm doing?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Kelly: You're a good four weeks along.

Patrick: We can find a way to remove the tumor.

Nikolas: If they do take it out, I lose you. I have to make a choice.

Sonny: Will you marry me?

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