GH Transcript Thursday 1/10/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/10/08


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Nikolas: Hi. I was hoping you'd be here.

Emily: I told you -- I'm where you want me to be. So you're meeting with Patrick about the brain tumor?

Nikolas: Yes, yes, he's -- he's trying to find a connection between the rage and -- and the blackouts, but we've already gone over it. I told him everything I can -- everything except you. I mean, he's -- he's just going to confirm what I already know, what the doctors in Zurich told me -- that it's inoperable, it's possibly genetic. I mean, how much more bad news can I get at this point?

Emily: Nikolas, don't even think like that. There's always hope.

Nikolas: Is there hope that whatever this is here that I've created -- whatever you are -- won't go away?

Nadine: Hi, Mr. Cassadine. Who are you talking to?

Logan: Where the hell is Lulu?

Lulu: Let me out of here! You're going to regret it! You have no idea who you're messing with! I know somebody's out there. Who are you, and why do you have me locked up in here?

[Bang on door]

Sonny: You should just put it up in neon lights -- "organization is a mess, ripe for the taking."

Jason: What happened?

Sonny: The warehouses aren't even halfway done, there's a hold on the next shipment, Johnny Zacchara isn't dead yet where -- where have you been all afternoon?

Jason: I've been dealing with a different kind of hell -- Carly knows about Jake.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Carly. Do you ever quit?

Carly: Not when it comes to Jason's best interest -- and his son’s.

[Window shatters]

Alexis: This is breaking and entering.

Diane: Misdemeanor trespass.

Alexis: It's also grand theft -- you took Big Dave’s gun.

Diane: Oh -- if you're so certain that you should be litigator of the year, then I'm sure you will find some way to get us off should the need arise.

Alexis: I've already won litigator of the year -- and I wasn't there.

Diane: I won, and my lonely little trophy is as cold as I am -- although, not half as hungry.

Alexis: They stole our coats, you know. It's not any warmer in here. We should've stayed in the car.

Diane: Oh, please. If it weren't for me, you would have left your Neela Llorente gown in the back of that car, and now you would have to explain to Kate Howard why it's just a little pile of ashes.

[Diane sighs]

Alexis: So what now, Sherlock?

Diane: Well, I'm freezing, I'm all wet, I can't stay in these clothes.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I was just thinking out loud, I guess, trying to remember all the -- all the questions I want to ask Dr. Drake. There's a few things that I don't want to lose sight of.

Nadine: Oh, I talk to myself all the time. Some people think it's weird, but I have known people that talk to their pets like they understood every word, or stand in front of the mirror and tell the reflection to get it together and get to the gym. You know, some people just do it because they're lonely and it helps drive away the bad stuff.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, how -- how long will Dr. Drake be? I have an overseas conference call that I can't miss.

Nadine: Uh -- I know he's a little backed up, but I will tell him that you're in a crunch.

Nikolas: All right, thank you.

Nadine: Um -- I never got a chance to tell you how sorry I am about your fiancée. She seemed like a very kind, loving, and beautiful woman.

Nikolas: Yeah, she was -- well, she is, and that's how I'll always remember her. Death can't take that away from her -- or from me.

Johnny: I haven't seen Lulu.

Logan: She was supposed to meet me back at her father's hospital room. She went to Kelly’s, and she never came back.

Johnny: Maybe she was trying to get away from you.

Logan: Or maybe she got detoured by you. Maybe you're causing trouble again because you can't stand the competition.

Johnny: There is no competition.

Logan: Yeah, right. Like you don't want her?

Johnny: I don't want her hurt.

Logan: She won't be, we're in a good place.

Johnny: If it was so good, you wouldn't be looking for her.

Johnny: It's me.

Trevor: Johnny. Are you avoiding me?

Johnny: We need to meet, now.

[Music plays]

Joe: The banker looked me in the eye, said he'd come through with the loan; 17 years I ran that garage, I can't believe I had to close the place. My father would kill me.

Mike: Hey, come on, you and Angie -- you'll bounce back.

Joe: I haven't even told her yet -- I mean, she came down with something. She doesn't need this on top of being pregnant and sick, you know?

[Spinelli sneezes]

Mike: Uh -- pull up a seat, Mr. Spinelli.

Spinelli: I should probably keep my distance in deference to your health.

Mike: Hey, you coming down with something?

Spinelli: So it would seem. I -- I venture forth for your famed chicken soup. Wise Georgie believed in its fortifying attributes.

Mike: Yeah, well, I'm sorry, kid, but I'm all out. You know, the flu's going around, and everybody and his dog wants my soup.

Spinelli: Fortunate canines, indeed.

Joe: Try one of these -- wife's been taking them.

Spinelli: Uh -- the Jackal is wary of over-the-counter meds -- they seem to have a strange effect on his system.

Mike: Ooh, that's -- that's hard to believe.

Spinelli: Uh -- maybe just one? What's the worst that can happen, right?

Singer: Am I supposed to just sit here and pretend I care?

Lulu: I have friends, very powerful friends -- the kind that you don't want to mess with. People will come looking for me.

Monk: Landry, is your niece all right?

Jerry: Oh, yes, yes, she is. You see, she's extremely troubled

Monk: Oh.

Jerry: You see, her -- her mother was not stable and her father turned to the bottle and she blames herself.

Monk: Oh, poor thing. My God.

Jerry: In fact, she witnessed a crime and she ran away with her boyfriend, and then the police managed to find her and they were trying to get her into the witness protection program so that she could be safe and start fresh.

Monk: Surely.

Jerry: And then somebody tried to kill her -- it was an inside job.

Monk: The police? That's horrible.

Jerry: I know -- it seems possible for the criminal-minded to infiltrate any institution these days.

Monk: Well, your niece is very Lucky to have you on her side, Mr. Landry.

Jerry: Well, she doesn't feel that way. I mean, she will do and say anything to get you to release her -- so that she can run away with a boy. You know, drugs -- it's a terrible waste, terrible.

Monk: Yeah, yeah.

Jerry: You can understand my -- my need for the most extreme privacy -- that's why I've adopted the robes, and that's why there's a guard for her protection.

Monk: It's obvious you love your niece very much. Well, rest assured that the brothers can keep tightlipped when need be. And you have been, well, most generous.

Jerry: Well, it's the least I could do.

Monk: No, no, no, the abbot is very grateful. The monastery, I'm afraid, has been counting its last pennies.

Jerry: Well, from now on, you know you can count on me.

Jerry: If anybody finds her, you know what to do. Where is it? Okay.

Carly: Jason couldn't lie to my face about being Jake's father, so your hooks aren't in that deep. We had a long talk.

Elizabeth: Oh, good. Then you know what he's decided about Jake.

Carly: What you've decided.

Elizabeth: No, everyone in Jake's life -- everyone whose opinion actually matters. We've all agreed that it's best that the world keeps on knowing that Lucky is Jake's father. So you can leave now.

Carly: Wow. You think you're holding all the cards, huh? You used Jason's love for his son to keep him dangling on a string.

Elizabeth: Why would I do that?

Carly: I don't know -- you're one of those women that just can't stand on her own two feet without a man to fall back on.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Carly: Yeah, you have Jason and Lucky dancing to your tune. Who cares that Jason's heart is in pieces and that Lucky's whole life is based on lies -- and you fed him to Sam -- as long as you got what you wanted?

Elizabeth: What I want is what's best for Jake.

Carly: You can spare me. I'm not Lucky, and I'm not Jason. All you care about is yourself. But I have news for you -- you're taking a back seat. Jason comes first, what's best for him. And what's best for Jason is being with his son.

Sonny: I know you're not crazy enough to tell Carly. How'd she find out?

Jason: Sam.

Sonny: How the hell did that happen?

Jason: I don't know -- payback.

Sonny: You tried talking to Carly?

Jason: Yeah, I tried talking to Carly.

Sonny: You got nothing?

Jason: I -- Carly hates Sam, she hates Elizabeth, and now in the name of protecting my son, she has reason to go after both of them. She thinks I should've fought -- fought harder for Jake.

Sonny: Well, I'm not going to go there with you on that one.

Jason: Okay, you know what? Sonny, please, Elizabeth can't be in my life. I'm not going to let our enemies know that I have a little boy. I won't let them use that against me.

Sonny: I have three kids, maybe you can do it.

Jason: Yeah -- "maybe" what? I have a job, okay? Part of that job is making sure you and your family and the people we care about stay okay. I wouldn't be able to do that; I'd be worried about Jake and Elizabeth all day long.

Sonny: You're saying you can't claim your son because of me?

Alexis: Oh -- I'm afraid if I sit down, I'll stick to it.

Diane: Here.

Alexis: Oh -- gross.

Diane: I'm sorry, Alexis, but I just did not take you for this much of a priss.

Alexis: This is a Neela Llorente gown.

Diane: And this is a biker bar -- with a broken thermostat. And this is our $500-a-plate award dinner. Hmm. To capable women.

[Bottles clink]

Diane: Ooh. What?

Alexis: I was just thinking about your sudden confession about how you killed a man.

Diane: Well, I certainly didn't use one of these. I was a very young public defender who had just been assigned a client accused of a hate crime; 27-year-old Caucasian male -- blond-haired, brown-eyed William Guidry.

Alexis: You still remember his name?

Diane: I remember his crime. He raped a 16-year-old girl because -- as he so gleefully told me -- he could. And then he killed her because she was black. I found a procedural violation that would've gotten him off -- and I didn't act on it. I could not look at the victim's family and watch him go free. So he went to prison, and he was murdered -- stabbed doing laundry detail. And I still can't decide who committed the worse crime -- William Guidry, or the men who executed him, or me -- for playing God and giving them the chance to do it. You know, maybe I'm not really award material after all.

Diane: Alexis Davis, I present you with litigator of the year.

Alexis: Yeah, well, it turns out I can't accept this award.

Diane: Why not?

Alexis: Strangely enough, I killed somebody, too.

Lulu: Why are you doing this to me?

Monk: I brought you some food. You must eat, child.

Lulu: I don't want to.

Monk: Well, you've got to keep up your strength. I -- I brought you a little supper.

Lulu: You -- first, you lock me up, and -- and --

Monk: Child?

[Lulu coughs]


Monk: Are you all right?

[Key turns in lock]

Monk: Oh, dear. What happened? What happened?

Lulu: I don't know. I'm so cold.

Monk: You're cold?

Monk: Oh!

Jax: Dr. Lee? Hi. Do you have a minute?

Kelly: Have you come to take me away from all of this? Charm me with diamonds, lay the world at my feet?

[Kelly chuckles]

Jax: Talk about my wife, actually.

Kelly: That is not a female fantasy.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: What are the chances of Carly and I having a child together? I mean, is that a fantasy, too?

Elizabeth: Jake is not your child, Carly. It is not up to you. You cannot be this selfish.

Carly: "Selfish"? You're talking to me about selfish?

Elizabeth: I love Jason.

Carly: Really? Not enough to be with him. Not enough to let him acknowledge his son, and certainly not enough to let him raise his son. Don't get me wrong -- I don't think you're good enough for Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Carly: You wouldn't simplify his life, and you certainly are afraid of it.

Elizabeth: If that were true, I would've never told Jason about Jake in the first place.

Carly: Oh, whatever. I heard about your tearful confession in the elevator. Yeah -- telling Jason you were having his kid just about guaranteed you were going to get out of the hotel alive.

Elizabeth: God, you are unbelievable. I thought I was going to die and lose my baby -- I thought Jason had a right to know.

Carly: No, Jason was happy with Sam.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Carly: He was losing interest in you, and you couldn't stand it, so you found a way to grab it and keep it -- all the while, keeping his nasty little life at bay. I guess things could be worse -- you guys could be shacked up somewhere and Jason could be losing all focus of his life.

Elizabeth: This is his life. You're just not a part of it and it's making you crazy.

Carly: Not being with his son is making Jason crazy.

Elizabeth: Okay, look, it was a very difficult and painful decision for all of us, but Jason believes this is what's best for Jake. He's okay with the way things are.

Carly: He's not okay! No parent would be okay!

Elizabeth: What is it that you want from me, Carly?

Carly: I would really, really love for you to disappear.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Carly: But since you would take Jason's child away from him, I'm going to make sure you can’t.

Sonny: Elizabeth should've told you about the baby from the beginning. Lies, secrets -- you know, it always comes out eventually. You were always big on the truth no matter what, right?

Jason: You're right. You're right, but the truth is I can't have my son. And now Carly is going to try to make that happen, whether I want it or not, and she's going to make a mess of all our lives.

Diane: You killed someone?

Alexis: It was an accident. I accidentally pushed a man over a hotel balcony and to his death. There were mitigating circumstances.

Diane: Well, there'd have to be. I mean, he was, after all, a man.

Alexis: He was a monster -- killed my sister, got away with it. And then when I was in labor in the middle of nowhere, he was there and he left me there to die, so I snapped.

Diane: Abandonment issues.

Alexis: Hmm.

Diane: Something tells me you came from no more of a loving parental relationship than I did. It says a lot about you -- no judgment, just an observation.

Alexis: So why do we do it?

Diane: Do what?

Alexis: Sonny and Jason and Ric --

Diane: Jerry.

Alexis: I'm doing that for Jax.

Diane: Oh, Alexis, and here I thought we were being truthful.

Alexis: I am just too tired to figure that one out.

Diane: No, you're too uptight --

[Alexis chuckles]

Diane: But we'll get you there.

[Alexis giggles]

Alexis: Okay.

[Diane giggles]

Trevor: So there you are. Look, except for a couple of details -- which I'm handling -- we are ready to meet Moreau's shipment in Canada and bring it downriver.

Johnny: Lulu's missing.

Trevor: Oh, is that why you were stalling me -- you got girlfriend trouble?

Johnny: I checked around, and I --

Trevor: Listen, will you please forget about her? Your father tried to kill her! Leave her alone, she's going to be fine.

Johnny: "Going to be fine" doesn't work for me.

[Phone rings]

Jerry: [French accent] Johnny Zacchara, you're a hard man to track down. Moreau here.

Johnny: I know who it is.

Jerry: We have arrangements to make.

Johnny: Meet me face to face and we'll talk.

Jerry: Oh, yes. Like a man, huh, a macho man? You see, this type of a man is stupid, dies young, and spends the rest of his life in prison. But then your father should've told you that, but -- you know. And if I was stupid, I would not have time for this meeting because my needs are pressing.

Johnny: I don't care.

Jerry: Oh, well, you know, Johnny, there are different levels of caring -- you know, someone who cares for his father, cares for his dog, and, let's say, cares for his pretty, blond girlfriend with a very powerful set of lungs. I mean, she must be an animal in bed.

Johnny: You son of a bitch.

Jerry: Oh, so now you want to talk? Good.

Jax: I love Carly, and I know that she would love nothing more than to give me a baby, and I would -- I would love that, too, but not at the expense of our marriage. So what do you think our chances would be?

Kelly: I can't talk to you about Carly.

Jax: Right, of course, of course. Yeah, I forgot about that part.

Kelly: Right. But a woman in Carly's hypothetical situation --

Jax: What -- what would she be dealing with?

Kelly: The first line of treatment is drugs -- to cause her to ovulate or make more eggs.

Jax: Okay.

Kelly: If that doesn't work, she'll move on to more invasive technologies -- possibly surgery to remove the scarring or unblock the fallopian tubes.

Jax: Sounds romantic.

Kelly: Yeah. If that doesn't work, she'd move on to assisted reproductive technologies -- artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization.

Jax: Yeah, I remember some of that from when Courtney was trying to get pregnant.

Kelly: If a woman in -- like Carly decided to go this route, it would require the commitment of both partners. The longer it didn't happen, the more work and time you would put into it, and then --

Jax: Right -- the more strain it would put on the relationship. Yeah.

Kelly: The most important thing is communication, okay?

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: You can't be working at cross-purposes or keeping each other in the dark, not telling each other what you want.

Jax: Yeah.

Kelly: And my advice -- talk to your wife. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Jax: Thank you.

Kelly: Yeah.

Jax: Thank you, thank you very much.

Elizabeth: You're not here out of care and concern for Jason or his son. You're jealous because it's not your child with Jason, and that you were left out of something important in his life.

Carly: That was your doing.

Elizabeth: No one makes Jason do anything he doesn't want to -- you should know that better than anyone.

Carly: You used his love for that baby.

Elizabeth: You know, Carly, it's no accident that Jason left you on the outside. He knew you were going to make things worse like you always do. You are so afraid of being replaced in Jason's life.

Carly: I know one thing -- it won't be by you. Jake needs his father, and I am going to do whatever it takes to pry him out of your hands.

Elizabeth: You're a mother. How can you possibly advocate separating me from my little boy?

Carly: I never said anything about separation. It's called "joint custody," and it works great for me and Sonny, and it'll work great for you and Jason -- whether you like it or not.

Diane: All righty. Pick your poison.

Alexis: Cyanide.

Diane: You want to stay warm or not?

Alexis: Which one do you want?

Diane: Which one do you want?

Alexis: That one.

Diane: I want that one.

Alexis: It's a good thing nobody can see me in this.

Diane: Poor you.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: God --

Diane: Hey, look what I found.

Alexis: Whoa!

Diane: So, you come to any conclusions?

Alexis: About what?

Diane: About the men in our lives. Powerful men -- the Sonnys and the Jasons and the Rics and the Jerrys?

Alexis: I don't know. Maybe it's about control.

[Music plays]

Alexis: People fear them and respect them out of fear, then they come to us for help.

Diane: Bingo. Very good. But wait -- there's more.

Alexis: Hmm?

Diane: I was raised by my father -- he was a powerful man. He was a judge, so he was respected and feared. But the man would've starved to death if I hadn't cooked dinner for him every night. So I was needed -- albeit, at a very cold distance. Of course, this was before the cancer got him and he turned into a puppy. But by then, it was too late. There's a reason why women like you and I are alone -- or we have an occasional dalliance and then go back to being alone. For us, it's enough.

Alexis: Is it?

Singer: Sometimes they've never been sure

Nikolas: Oh -- Emily? Em--

[Knock on door]

Nadine: Dr. Drake shouldn't be more than a few minutes.

[Nikolas sighs]

Nikolas: So what does that mean, another hour? You think I got nothing else better to do?

Nadine: Hmm. I have 45 patients waiting for their meds, I share your frustration.

Nikolas: Don't -- don't try to manage me.

Nadine: Uh – look, I’m just trying to get you the best medical help possible as quickly as I can.

Nikolas: No, you're not, you’re trying to cover for Dr. Drake. What, did he get held up at the tennis club?

Nadine: Okay, we're not stamping sheet metal here, Mr. Cassadine. Sometimes patient care takes longer than expected; sometimes there are unforeseeable complications --

Nikolas: Listen -- listen, do you -- do you know how much money I give this hospital? Do you?

Nadine: A lot.

Nikolas: A lot, a lot. You're damn right, "a lot." Who do you think pays for this Alan Quartermaine wing that's going up? Who, after this little string of disasters when the HMOs were trying to take over, who single-handedly kept this hospital afloat?

Nadine: You have been very --

Nikolas: I did! I did! So what is it going to take to get some treatment around here? Huh?

Nadine: It was my sister. She was -- she was the one responsible for that string of disasters, so I understand more than anyone --

Patrick: What's going on?

Nadine: I -- Mr. Cassadine --

Nikolas: She was -- she was just trying to convince me that you were -- that you were off healing the sick and the lame, instead of banging some nurse --

Patrick: How long has he been like this?

Nadine: A few minutes.

Patrick: And what triggered it?

Nadine: I --

Nikolas: You think you can just waltz in here any time you want? Sleep your way through the entire staff -- is that what you think?

Patrick: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Because no one would do a damn thing about it because you are the great God, Dr. Patrick Drake. You went through Robin, Leyla -- you just threw them aside, broke both their hearts. Hey, congratulations -- I guess you're the new meat around here. I'll tell you what -- you two can go ahead and have this nice, comfy bed -- I'm out of here.

Patrick: Okay, you're not going anywhere, not in this condition.

Nikolas: You cannot keep me here against my will!

Patrick: You're a danger to yourself --

Nikolas: Get off me!

Patrick: Hey --

Nikolas: Why don't you do something and figure out what the hell is going on with me? Why don't you do that? Em-- Emily, where -- Emily, where are you?

Patrick: Hey.

Monk: He has relieved us of our financial burden. I mean, it's a miracle. Our prayers are answered. Father Franco says that our benefactor is committed to our monastery.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Spinelli's voice: Hello. You've reached the Jackal, cyber-sleuth -- discreet, thorough. You know what to do.

Lulu: Spinelli, it's Lulu. Somebody grabbed me, I don't know who. Please tell Jason, just hurry. With all the speed dialing, I don't know anybody else's phone number but yours, and I have no idea where I am. I'm -- I'm looking at a painting of -- of a guy in a robe with a spade and watering can, and I don't know what's going on here -- agh! Spinelli! Spinelli, help me! Spinelli, they're taking me away!

Jerry: [French accent] I will signal the shipment to head for the border. Now, you move your ship out of New York to go upriver and I'll consider that a significant gesture -- that we've finally reached an understanding.

Johnny: Lulu better not have a scratch on her, you understand me?

Jerry: Oh, she'll be fine, and she'll continue to do so -- if you don't fail me, that is. Okay?

Johnny: Moreau's got her.

Trevor: I told you not to stall them.

Johnny: How do I know you weren't in on it?

Trevor: Kid, you keep mistrusting me like that, and you and your girlfriend are going to have a lot more than you know how to handle.

Logan: Johnny, I'm going to ask you this one more time -- where's Lulu?

Johnny: Somebody's holding Lulu hostage to make me do something I refuse to do.

Logan: I knew it had something to do with you. If anything happens to Lulu, you son of a bitch --

Johnny: I'm going to go along with this guy, whatever it takes to make sure nothing happens.

Logan: No, no, Johnny, we're going to go to the cops right now, and we're going to tell them everything.

Johnny: If we go to the cops, Lulu dies. I'll handle it.

Logan: Correction -- we're going to handle it.

Johnny: I don't want you involved.

Logan: Look -- hey, listen to me. You think your lawyer buddy, Lansing, cares what happens to Lulu? No. You know I do, though. I want her back safe. Now, that may be the only thing we have in common, but for right now, it's going to have to be enough.

Mike: Oh. So, Joe, tell me, how long have you and Angie been together now?

Joe: Been just the two of us for 12 years. I'd die for that woman.

Mike: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

[Spinelli snores, coughs]

Mike: I tell you what -- if you sound anything like him while you're sleeping, she'd probably help you.

Joe: Okay, babe, I'm on my way. Yeah -- don't worry, flu's going around -- Mike says everybody's got it. All right, love you. I got to hit it -- she's getting worse.

Mike: Yeah. Well, listen, if you need anything -- I mean, anything -- all right?

Joe: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Take care.

[Spinelli snores]

[Music plays]

Diane: Did you see the phone? Could you have told me about the phone? I just finished putting all the sticky quarters I had found into that jukebox so we'll have music for the rest of the evening. Of course, it will also drown out the sound of the cockroaches carting off what's left of the chips.

Singer: Sometimes

Alexis: So do you think that we've learned anything tonight?

Diane: About each other? Maybe.

Alexis: So where do we go when we need something?

Diane: Ourselves.

Alexis: Yeah. Yeah, that's enough.

Diane: Is it?

Singer: And when you fall I'll know better than to

Patrick: Take some blood, rerun every test. Something's not right. I know he's been diagnosed with a brain tumor, but there's more to it than that. Maybe it's a residual effect from the experimental drug that Jerry was injecting into Nikolas to control him.

Robin: Well, he should be having these rage episodes all the time, so something is keeping them at bay.

Patrick: Whatever it is, we need to figure it out.

Nikolas: Oh -- where'd you go?

Emily: Wherever I go when you don't need me.

Nikolas: What? I always need you. Something just happened. I was arguing with a nurse. It's only going to get worse, isn't it?

Nadine: You shouldn't think that way, Mr. Cassadine.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry. I -- I'm sorry.

Diane: Oh, it comes with the territory, I'm okay. The important thing is that we get you okay -- and we will. So the next time you're talking out loud, tell yourself this -- "there's always hope." And if we don't see it, maybe it's just because we're looking in the wrong direction.

Elizabeth: Hey, Jake? Jake, look at Mommy. Hey, buddy everything's going to be okay. Yeah, you don't have to worry about anything, okay? What are you looking at? Do you see outside?

[Music plays]

Singer: How does circumstance seem to cost us every chance of living out the truth in our hearts? It seems the best-laid plans fall just outside our hands and leave us broken down and far apart but if faith plays a role I know someday I'll hold you in my arms forevermore so let's love like it's ours to keep love

Johnny: You're on a need-to-know basis about my business.

Logan: What I need to know is how to get Lulu back.

Singer: And maybe this time the fates will be kind to us so let's love like it's ours to keep

Lulu: Let me go!

Singer: I wish there was a way that we could somehow stay in this perfect moment in time

Mike: Okay, okay.

Singer: I'd give up everything 'cause this is all I dream about whenever I'm alone inside my mind I pray faith plays a role so that someday I'll hold you in my arms forevermore so let's love like it's ours to keep love like we've always dreamed and maybe this time the fates will be kind to us so let's love like it's ours to keep love like we've always dreamed and maybe this time the fates will be kind to us so let's love like it's ours to keep I wanna love you like it's ours to keep

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