GH Transcript Wednesday 12/26/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/26/07


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Carly: I think it fits perfect. Can I have a kiss on my cheek, please? Oh, thank you. Mercedes is waiting for you outside. Okay. Michael, come on, let's go!

Michael: Um, I decided that I'm not going to go today, because I'm just going to go over and hang at Dad's office because he might need my help.

Carly: Don't think so.

Lulu: Hey, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lulu: How -- oops --

Elizabeth: Uh-oh.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Oh, fabulous -- a fresh pot of coffee. You can just bring the table --

Trevor: Paper?

Kate: Ahem -- go away.

Trevor: Oh, manners, manners, manners, manners, Katie. I know you got them because I taught them to you. Look, Katie, I just dropped by with an offer. Call it a late Christmas gift -- and I think you'll like i.

Sonny: When do we retaliate against the Zaccharas?

Jason: I'm looking at our options right now.

Sonny: Okay, the only option I really care about is the one that takes out Johnny as quickly as possible.

Jason: You know killing Johnny is not going to bring Kate back.

Tracy: How you feeling?

Luke: Alive. Should I wish you a Merry Christmas?

Tracy: Too late. You slept through Christmas.

Luke: Oh. Sorry I didn't get you a present.

Tracy: You're wrong. I have my present.

Lulu: We've been here pretty much around the clock since my dad had his heart surgery.

Johnny: So heís okay?

Lulu: He made it through. That's a big win. And I -- I got some coffee from Sonny's, and -- and the muffins looked so good I couldn't resist.

Johnny: So far, this doesn't sound like a very fun Christmas for you.

Lulu: Well, at least we had something to celebrate. What about you?

Johnny: I went to see my father. He said he's got some feeling in his right foot.

Lulu: Well, I thought that you said your father's paralyzed from the neck down.

Johnny: Yeah -- that's why I want to talk to Patrick Drake. I figured maybe he could tell me what's going on.

Lulu: Yeah, Dr. Drake is really good. Um -- do you want to share my breakfast with me? I bought way too much food anyways.

Lucky: What's going on?

Lulu: Uh -- breakfast. Do you want some?

Lucky: You're the prime suspect in Georgie Jones' murder. I want you to stay the hell away from my sister.

Lulu: Lucky, that was completely uncalled for.

Lucky: Don't say that to me. That guy is dangerous.

Elizabeth: Hey, you guys? I know this is a really bad time, but your dad did pull through. It's good news -- can you please try not to fight?

Lucky: I'm not going to stand by and do nothing while my sister here throws herself at a killer.

Lulu: Oh --

Lucky: I already did that with you.

Carly: Bye, sweetie.

Michael: I'm not going to go out and sled, it's for babies.

Carly: Fine. If you don't want to go to the park, you don't have to go to the park. You can go to the library and read. But you won't sit around and play this. And you will not, under any circumstances, go to your father's office.

Michael: Dad likes it when I'm there.

Carly: He liked it when you would show up and color in the corner. There's no reason for you to go now, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, when I'm there, I don't have to pretend that I don't know my own father's business.

Carly: Your father is a coffee importer. And stop rolling your eyes at me, I don't like it.

Michael: Okay, no matter what you say, I'm going to be working with Dad. He's going to be teaching me everything he knows.

Carly: You will never be a part of your father's business, and he feels the same way I do.

Michael: Dad just says that so he doesn't have to fight you. When I'm going to be old enough, I'm going to be working with him.

Carly: I know that you would like for that to be true, but your father has a very different life plan for you. Do you understand?

Jax: What's the problem?

Michael: Mom thinks that she can forbid me being like Dad, but she canít.

Trevor: Ooh, oatmeal -- my favorite.

Kate: That's mine, Trevor, paid for with my own sweat and tears. You try to touch it again, you'll be wearing it.

Trevor: Katie, hostile is not you.

[Kate sighs]

Trevor: You've been hanging out with the wrong kind of people.

Kate: Yeah, Trevor -- you, for starters. I keep trying to keep you out of my life. I don't know how to do it, short of a restraining order or a gun.

Trevor: Well, those are two very bad influences in your life.

Kate: Trevor, look me in the eyes, okay, so there'll be no doubt whatsoever. What was once a decent relationship is now over. I despise you -- which shouldn't come as a surprise, since I've tried every way I know how to keep you out of my life, and yet you still keep showing up. So perhaps a cup of scalding-hot coffee over your head might get the point across.

Trevor: Oh, Katie, violence is not necessary. I only dropped by here to try to change your mind about me.

Kate: Not going to happen.

Trevor: Katie, you have every right to be angry with me. But, look, I love you, and when you chose Sonny over me, you made me very angry and you hurt my feelings. I caused a lot of unhappiness in your life and I am sorry for that. And I want to make it right by you.

Kate: Well, Trevor, there's no way you can make up for the unhappiness you caused in my life.

Trevor: No, you're wrong, Kate, because I can give your life back -- "Couture."

Sonny: Getting rid of Johnny Zacchara is -- is not connected to what's going on with Kate. Yeah, I miss her; I'm not going to lie to you. But Johnny is a loose cannon, he's tried to have me killed, right? I'm not going to wait around for his aim to get better.

Jason: You don't know if it was Johnny -- it could have been Trevor trying to start a war.

Sonny: Jason, why aren't you willing to take on Johnny?

Jason: Because Johnny is not the real danger. Trevor Lansing hates you, he always has. He's the one who's been running the Zacchara family for years. Remember, it was Trevor who made the first move into Port Charles.

Sonny: I under-- but if we take out Johnny, it will neutralize Lansing. I mean, the last thing he wants is to be linked to organized crime. If we take out his frontman -- which is Johnny -- all he is, is a lawyer.

Jason: Trevor's going to find another frontman, Sonny. I say instead of killing Johnny, we use him.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: What?

Diane: You wanted to see me?

Sonny: Keep working on the options, I'll talk to you later.

Jason: All right.

Diane: How was your Christmas, Sonny?

Sonny: Oh, just lousy, actually, and it's your fault.

Diane: Oh?

Sonny: Because you went out of your way to get Kate out of town. Now, you figure out a way to get her back.

Kate: Are you seriously offering my career back at "Couture"?

Trevor: Katie, you're back in New York City, the town which you were born. You left Port Charles and everything and everyone in it, and that's good. That shows progress, you're coming to your senses, you are halfway there.

Kate: You know, Trevor, I learned a lot about myself in Port Charles -- who I am, what my values are. I also learned a whole lot about you -- that you're a liar. That you're incapable of love or even simple affection, that you're completely bereft of values. You're an immoral man, Trevor, who is consumed with ego and power, and you will use anything or anyone to get what you want.

Trevor: Don't you think that's a little bit harsh?

Kate: You exploited a madman and put us all in danger. You may not have killed anyone directly, but make no mistake, Emily Quartermaineís death is your fault.

Trevor: Why can't you be smart about this?

Kate: You tried to have Sonny murdered in a public restaurant with innocent people all over the place!

Trevor: No, no, no, no. You're wrong about that, Katie. Sonny sent that bullet, and it had my name on it. To his credit, he pushed you out of the way, and it so startled me that it created that little space. And you saved my life, so I want to return the favor.

Kate: Wow. That might be the most despicable lie you have ever told.

Trevor: Oh, Katie. Would you rather that I died? Here, come on, you do it. Do it!

Kate: Oh, Trevor --

Trevor: Do it.

Kate: Stop it. Look, as far as this job offer, this payback as -- as some reward for supposedly saving your life -- you know what? It's not your call whether or not I go back to work at "Couture."

Trevor: No. I was in a position where I could've given you that opportunity. But you're right. I got it now, hmm. You don't want me in your life at all. I got it. So, you close two doors -- one to "Couture," and one to my heart, huh? They're permanently closed.

Jax: Michael, whether or not you go to work for your father one day, it's not going to be today. Okay? Once you think about it anyway, it's not going to be that much fun -- sitting around a coffee house, bussing tables. I mean, this is your winter break, you really should enjoy it.

Michael: I'm not a little kid.

Jax: I know, I know, and I respect that. But what this family needs from you right now is to make Morgan feel like everything is okay. He just lost Emily and Leticia. Now, your little brother, he looks up to you. Show him that life -- you know, that life is okay, that life is normal. Take him sledding -- that will certainly show us how mature you really are. You get what I'm saying?

Michael: I'll go sledding. Dad said I should do everything I can for Morgan.

Carly: You're the best big brother in the whole wide world.

Michael: But you always said that I can be whatever I wanted to be when I grow up. If I want to be like Dad, I'm going to.

Carly: He's right. I tell him he can be whatever he wants to be. I want him to reach for the stars, not be a mini-mobster. What's happening to my little boy?

Jax: He's growing up.

Carly: Ugh.

Jax: It's inevitable. But let's not kid ourselves. This transition is going to be more dangerous for Michael than other kids.

Tracy: So -- ahem -- Dr. Julian says it went very well. He cleaned out your arteries and your blood is fully flowing.

Luke: Hmm -- care to test it?

Tracy: Excuse me? I don't think we'll be testing that blood flow for a while yet.

Luke: I'm going to prove you wrong, spanky buns. Hmm.

Lulu: Hey. I -- I got you a blueberry muffin.

Tracy: He's on Jell-o and consommť.

Luke: Toss it over. I'll get to it when Attila the security guard is gone.

Lucky: Well, you look good, Dad. How do you feel?

Luke: Cowboy, I feel like that elephant that was sitting on my chest finally went off to join the circus.

Lulu: I am really happy you made it through the surgery.

Luke: So am I, cupcake. So am I.

Robin: Elizabeth, do you have the Lisa Parry chart?

Elizabeth: Let's see --

Patrick: If you need a consult, I'm available.

Robin: Thanks, I -- I already asked Noah to take it. I didn't realize that you were --

Patrick: No, no, it's okay.

Robin: Agh!

Elizabeth: Wait, what's that about? I thought you guys were getting along.

Robin: We -- we were. I mean -- we are getting along. I -- the night of Georgie's funeral, I was really upset. I -- my pride didn't matter, nothing mattered. I just wanted to be with Patrick and feel how great it is to be alive. So I went over to his place --

Elizabeth: And you slept with him.

Robin: We spent the night in each other's arms -- and I would do it again if I could.

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm not surprised you slept with Patrick. It happens when people are faced with someone's death -- it reminds us of our own mortality.

Robin: I bet something like that makes you really want to be with your kids.

Elizabeth: Everything makes me want to be with my kids. But the truth is when tragedy strikes, your whole perspective changes, and all the petty differences seem to fall away.

Robin: Yeah, like even the life-cringing ones don't matter anymore, because all you really want is to feel alive and safe and like you're somewhere you belong.

Elizabeth: Yeah, exactly. So if you love someone and you have a chance to be with them, then why not?

Robin: Because, eventually, it's morning, and you realize absolutely nothing has changed -- Patrick still doesn't want to have children, and I do.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm not the person to talk you out of being a mother. It's the best thing I did twice over. But I also know it's a mistake to turn your back on love.

Patrick: Hey, Robin, sorry to interrupt, but can you help me on a case, please?

Robin: I'd be happy to.

Luke: Your sister seemed awful anxious to get out of here.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I think she had to work. You know, she probably picked up some extra shifts since Georgie's death.

Luke: Hmm. I thought maybe it had something to do with the tension between the two of you.

Lucky: You know what? We're doing fine, don't worry about us.

Luke: Lucky, my circulation is working again. That means the heart is pumping and my brain is finely tuned -- so I know when I'm being fed a crock. Now, if you are shining me on because I'm a sick old bastard, stop it. Just tell me what's going on.

Bobbie: Time-out. Your father is fresh out from the O.R., and he's in no condition to be questioning anyone.

Lucky: You heard her.

Luke: Barbara Jean, I'm a new man. When do I bounce out of here?

Bobbie: You're out when I say you're out.

[Lucky and Bobbie laugh]

Luke: Oh, brother -- she's been waiting for this her whole life.

Lucky: Yep.

Luke: She thinks she's going to boss her big brother around? Okay, you go for it, but don't talk down to me.

Bobbie: I would never do that. But one thing I want to tell you is the truth -- you are a long way from being fully recovered.

Luke: I love you, baby sister. But you know I just had my chest cracked open and my heart messed with twice -- in one week. I figure that means I'm in charge of my own life.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Thanks for coming.

Jason: You said it was about Michael -- is he okay?

Carly: Whew. You know how when you ask a little boy what he wants to be when he grows up and he says a fireman, or an astronaut, or maybe even a baseball player? Guess what Michael wants to be.

Jason: Tell me that's not the reason you called --

Carly: He wants to be a mobster. He wants to start his training now; he wants to follow in Sonny's footsteps. I'm the bad guy because I won't let him go over Sonny's office and hang out and watch Sonny conduct business. And I get that this is typical adolescent behavior, but we both know what Sonny does, so this isn't really funny to me. I don't know, Jason. I mean, I -- it sounds horrible to say, but I would much rather my boys grow up following in Jax's footsteps than their own father.

Sonny: Kate was making the adjustment -- before you interfered. I got her to agree to security, we were working things out, then you barge yourself in with petitions and filings. Who the hell asked you to?

Diane: The petition was perfectly reasonable, considering Kate's life was at stake.

Sonny: I -- I'm doing what I can, Diane, to protect her -- you know that.

Diane: Like you did at the restaurant? You want to take a chance that next time your timing is going to be that much off? I know you miss Kate. You'd miss her a hell of a lot more if she were lying dead in your arms -- and thank you very much, I couldn't live with myself if I were a party to that.

Sonny: Kate's no safer where she is. Have the judge reverse himself -- order her to come back to Port Charles.

Diane: Oh -- tell me even you are not that selfish! Kate Howard had the most wonderful life before she met you. Not that you didn't make her happy on some level, I'm sure, but it's not as if she was walking around with a big, gaping hole in her heart that needed filling.

Sonny: And how do you know that?

Diane: Kate Howard was successful, creative, revered. She had the love and respect of an entire industry, including simple fashionistas such as myself. Now, Sonny, you may be a lovely man. You may be romantic and generous and unparalleled as a lover. I don't know, and I never intend to find out. But tell me even your ego doesn't believe that you could be all those other things to Kate. Yes, certainly, there are perks to being with you. But dodging bullets and the dysfunctional sturm und drang of your emotional life --

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Get out of here, I'm about to kill my attorney.

[Diane laughs]

Max: Really?

Sonny: What do you want, Max?

Max: Uh, boss, Lulu Spencerís here to see you.

Sonny: Tell her I'm busy.

Diane: No, he's not!

Sonny: We're not finished here, Diane, come back here.

Diane: We sure are. Have a blast.

Max: Ahem.

Sonny: I'm kind of in the middle of something --

Lulu: Okay, well, I'll keep it simple -- you don't want to kill Johnny Zacchara.

Sonny: You are getting involved in matters that don't concern you, Lulu.

Lulu: I swear I am not trying to cause trouble, especially with my own family falling apart at the seams.

Sonny: You shouldn't even be here.

Lulu: You think that Johnny's your enemy, that he ordered that hit on the warehouse and had your guys shot, and -- and that he ordered the shooting at the Metro Court -- he thinks that you're his enemy, too. Please, Sonny, don't look at me like that. I'm Luke Spencerís daughter and I know things.

Sonny: All right, Luke Spencerís daughter, what is it you think you know?

Lulu: None of what you believe is actually true. Truthfully, you and Johnny aren't that different -- he doesn't want a war, I don't think that you do, either. Johnny just wants to be left alone.

Sonny: You are in way over your head, Lulu.

Lulu: I'm just saying if you want peace, maybe you guys should talk. I actually had Johnny convinced of that -- we made it as far as your terrace when I heard you order Jason to shoot him.

Sonny: My --

Lulu: Maybe you guys just need a cooling-off period.

Sonny: Okay, just like I thought. You know what? You should not be involved.

Lulu: That's what Johnny said. He said that you would let me die if I got in the way and it wouldn't even bother you.

Sonny: Okay, now, that's a conversation you shouldn't be having with anyone. Now, look, you're the daughter of an old friend of mine, okay? I would never let anything happen to you.

Lulu: And that's what I told him.

Sonny: You want to stay safe? Here's what you got to do. Stay away from Johnny Zacchara.

Lulu: Oh -- you guys -- look, it --

Sonny: You heard me.

Lulu: It is better to talk than to kill each other. You're both really good people -- this is not right, Sonny!

Sonny: Max, do me a favor. Can you show Miss Spencer out?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah? Tell me something I want to hear. What? What's Trevor doing in her room?

Warren: You're looking well, Kate. I must say I was remarkably cheered to hear you were back in town.

Kate: I'm fabulous, you're wonderful, the weather's great. So why don't we just pretend we got the niceties out of the way and just get down to it?

Warren: Well, I'm glad to see you haven't lost your edge. Fine. Shall I go first, or would you like to?

Kate: Well, if you're here to discuss my return to "Couture," I should tell you that I just had a rather unpleasant meeting with Trevor Lansing.

Warren: Yeah, well, most meetings with Trevor are unpleasant lately.

Kate: He assured me that I would never get my job back at "Couture." So I have to assume that he blackmailed you with some transgression from your life, and since I am still very fond of you, Warren, I don't want to put you in a position to be coerced by Trevor because of me. So -- I can offer you something to drink. We can -- we can have some small talk, or --

Warren: Are you finished?

Kate: Well, I'm just -- I'm just saying I have options.

Warren: Well, I'm sure you do, but I want you back at "Couture."

Kate: Well, I don't -- I don't understand.

Warren: Well, you don't have to, all right? Suffice it to say that the situation's turned favorably in your direction. The magazine's struggling without you, Kate. The advertisers want you back and so do I. I'm willing to reinstate your contract.

Kate: My old contract?

Warren: And a substantial bump, with performance incentives. You'll have the addendum to look at shortly.

Kate: And Trevor?

Warren: I'll handle Trevor.

Jason: I -- I know that you're worried, and you have every right to be, but Sonny is not going to allow Michael to be in this business -- he's -- he's seen more than he should already.

Carly: I -- I know. Oh, God.

Jason: Look, Michael -- I mean, the kid loved Leticia, he loved Emily, they -- they were both murdered. He's got to feel powerless.

Carly: I know -- we all do.

Jason: Yeah, and -- and he doesn't know where to look for justice, he doesn't know what to do with that, so he probably thinks Sonny can do it for him.

Carly: I got to get him off of revenge. I do, I have to replace it with something positive. I mean, he's fond of Jax, so I can reinforce that connection. I just need to have a good adult male role model for him. I'm sorry, I -- I didn't mean that.

Jason: No, no, I know. Hey, stop, because I know that you love me, but you do not want your kids to turn out like me.

Carly: That's not true. It's not about who you and Sonny are, Jason, it's about what you do. And Michael needs a strong, normal family.

Jax: Just the woman I was looking for.

Robin: Hey.

Jax: Hi.

Robin: I'm always happy to see you, too.

Jax: I -- um -- I wanted to tell you in person how sorry I am. I know that Georgie was like a sister to you. I wish that we -- we could've come to the funeral.

Robin: Well, it's probably best, considering how Carly and I feel about each other. And around Christmas, I'm sure you had better things to do than attend a funeral with the boys.

Jax: Well --

Robin: Georgie would've understood. Christmas at the Scorpio house was not, uh, the greatest, but we did our best for Uncle Macís sake and for all of our sakes. Georgie already had all of her presents wrapped and they were under the tree -- exactly right for every person that she bought it for. And she really was the sweetest girl.

Jax: I'm so sorry.

Patrick: Mr. Murray in 1023 has edema. I ordered a diuretic, and he needs to be switched over to a low-sodium -- diet.

Elizabeth: Anything else?

Patrick: No -- unless you can tell me why Jax is here.

Bobbie: Do you remember that family that used to live across the street from the school? There were, like, eight children.

Luke: Oh, the McCarthy kids. A bunch of rotten little bullies.

Bobbie: You and I were living on pennies a day. I would have my milk money all tucked away, and those nasty little brats held me up every single day for about two weeks.

Luke: Two weeks?

Bobbie: Yeah, I didn't say anything to you about it at the time because I knew what you would do, and I was terrified that you would get hurt.

Luke: Uh-huh. And I kicked their asses.

Bobbie: Yes, you did, and they didn't stand a chance.

Luke: Uh-uh.

Bobbie: And I was so proud of you. I was so impressed, because you were my big brother. You were my hero. And I remember thinking, "One day, I'm going to do that for Luke." Well, today is that day. Today is the day I'm going to save your life.

Luke: Barbara, the operation was successful, wasn't it? I mean, they -- they tell me these bypass operations are very successful. It's like popping open the hood and dropping in a new engine, so I'm -- I'm running on all cylinders, right?

Bobbie: You are recovering from a major, major surgery that essentially shut down your entire system. You can't go out and run a four-minute mile. You need physical therapy, you need special diet, and you have to do things gradually.

Luke: I don't do gradually.

Bobbie: Yeah, well, now would be a good time to start. You've always been one to want to try new things. So why don't you start taking care of yourself? Something you have never done in your entire outrageous life.

Luke: Oh, Bobbie, I don't want to have this fight with you.

Bobbie: We will have this fight until I have no fight left. Because I love you.

Tracy: I couldn't agree more, which is why I am personally going to supervise Lukeís recovery, and see that he does exactly what the doctor suggests.

Jax: Come on.

Robin: Please.

Elizabeth: I need you to sign off on this meds adjustment. I'm sure it's nothing.

Patrick: Well, he was on her list. The Robin Scorpio "Will you be my baby's daddy?" list. Maybe she's going around for a second time.

Elizabeth: I'm pretty sure that's a question you should ask her.

Patrick: Well, I don't want to know.

Jax: I'm sorry. You know, the last thing I wanted to do is make you cry.

Robin: It's okay. I -- you know, I cry anywhere, anytime. It's just -- I think that I'm doing fine. I'm dealing with patients, navigating through hospital politics, and then suddenly --

Jax: Yeah.

Robin: Waterworks.

Jax: See, you got to take some time, you know.

Robin: It's just so ironic, you know? I mean, when I was diagnosed with H.I.V., the conventional wisdom was that it was a death sentence.

Jax: Yeah.

Robin: And then Maxie with her diseased heart -- I mean, when she was given her new heart, there was always the possibility that she could die.

Jax: Right.

Robin: Georgie was the healthy one. She wasn't the one who was supposed to die young. I don't know -- I just feel like I need to do something in her honor, you know, to not waste the time that I've been given.

Jax: Yeah. That's a good idea.

Robin: Thanks for listening.

Lucky: Excuse me, is Elizabeth still here?

Patrick: Oh, you just missed her.

Jason: Hey, Max.

Max: Hey.

Jason: Merry Christmas. Where's -- where's Sonny?

Max: Uh -- well, he -- he --

Jason: Where is he?

Max: He said he had something important to take care of.

Jason: Well, this is hardly a time for him to be left unguarded.

Max: Well, I -- he insisted. He said that he'd be out of Port Charles.

Jason: Kate?

Max: Kate. It's always Kate these days. You know, I know the boss wants to take care of the Zacchara situat-- wow -- Zacchara situation, but I'm not sure he's going to get the results he wants.

Jason: Okay, listen, listen, I'm going to take care of the Zacchara situation. Did you get the safe house set up?

Max: Yeah. It's all secure.

Jason: Who else knows about it?

Max: Just you and I. I haven't told Bernie yet.

Jason: Okay, no, no. Don't -- don't tell Bernie. No one else needs to know.

Trevor: Why do you insist on having a meeting in this Godforsaken place?

Johnny: Because it's what I want. What took you so long?

Trevor: I had to come all the way from Miami.

Johnny: Family business?

Trevor: Personal. Listen, when do you come off interrogating me?

Johnny: Now you can see how it feels.

Trevor: Make sure of this, John. My residual feeling of loyalty to you as your father's son only goes so far. You cooperate, maybe we can still make this partnership work.

Johnny: And if I don't cooperate, Trevor?

Trevor: If you don't, then I'm going to let you fend for yourself, and you will be dead in a week. I thought that this supposed truce meeting you had with Sonny taught you something.

Johnny: Yeah, it taught me not to trust anyone, even you.

Trevor: You still think that I set up that sniper hit, huh? I was in the line of fire. And if Kate Howard had not created a disturbance, I would be dead. Sonny's going to try again to kill both you and me, if we don't get him first.

Tracy: Well?

Leo: What can I say? I'm good. And don't go mess with perfection by blowing out your new pipes, either. All right?

Tracy: Any recommendations?

Leo: Yeah, a little physical therapy, just to get him going. Adjust his diet -- low fat, high fiber, moderate regular exercise. Treadmill's always good, or swimming, once his heart heals. How much do you drink?

Luke: You can't count that high.

Leo: Okay, well, that'll change. And I seem to recall you like the occasional cigar? That won't fly.

Luke: It's a waste of stitches if you're telling me I can't live.

Leo: Look, Luke, if you go back to your old ways -- I mean, you're going to -- you're going to end up right where you started. Although if what you said is true -- I mean, your liver and lungs will do you in way before your heart does next time.

Luke: Okay. All right. Well, we'll take it a day at a time.

Leo: All right. Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: The doctor makes a point.

Luke: Tracy, you can eat all the sprouts you want. Personally, I'd rather die.

Tracy: You have been given the gift of life, again, my friend. Mind that you don't trash it, or my love for you.

Luke: Hey. Luke Spencer here. How you doing, fingers? Look, man, did that shipment of Cuban cohibas come in yet? Excellent. Ah, excellent. I am dying for a good cigar.

Kelly: Hi.

Robin: Hey. Can you squeeze me in for an appointment?

Kelly: Yeah, what's the rush? Hmm?

Robin: No more waiting. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Kelly: Okay, I'd love to help you, but you're still missing a key component.

Robin: No, no, I know. I'm considering a sperm bank. That's a good option, right?

Kelly: All the benefits without any of the complications.

Robin: So, when can we do the exam and set up an appointment to do the procedure?

Kelly: I have one more patient to see, and then we can do your exam and then do the paperwork, and then we'll get you started.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Okay.

Kelly: I'll see you in a bit?

Robin: Yeah.

Kelly: Okay.

Robin: Whew.

Carly: Still shopping for a man who's willing to father your baby? You know what? You should try the internet.

Robin: Unlike you, who manages to get knocked up by the man of the minute.

Lulu: Hey, I'm glad you waited.

Johnny: Listen to me. I know you're trying to help, but --

Lulu: Would you shut up and listen? I talked to Sonny today.

Johnny: You had no business --

Lulu: I tried to explain to him that it was all a mistake, that you didn't mean to hurt him, and I don't think he believes me. I seriously think that he plans to kill you, so you have to go. I'm -- I'm not kidding. If you want to live, you need to go on the run.

Johnny: Why do you care if I live or die?

Woman: This is the girl?

Man: Lulu Spencer. She's been to the Zacchara house several times in the past weeks. There's no doubt she's Johnny Zacchara's girlfriend.

Woman: Then she's our way in. This is how we get to Johnny.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hi. Why'd you ask me to come here?

Jason: Because I had -- I had to see you.

Kate: Clarice -- Clarice, calm down. I haven't signed anything yet, but yes, I did tell Warren that I would go over the pages. Yes, Clarice, it's all good. But let's not get smug. The magazine's on life support and we need to resuscitate it. So, where are the pages? No, Clarice, it does me no good to see them online. I have to see the actual layout, and if you don't know that by now, I will find --

[Knock on door]

Kate: An assistant who does -- never mind, they're here. Okay, so have -- oh, what's her name -- the number two girl come by in half an hour with my changes.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: The killer smelled sweet.

Lucky: We have new information.

Spinelli: Leading to the killer?

Lucky: It leads us right to you.

Jason: Nobody ever has to know.

Kate: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I came to take you home.

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