GH Transcript Thursday 12/20/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/20/07


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Sonny: You got out of bed way too soon.

Kate: Oh, wow. Have you always been this insatiable? Don't answer that.

Sonny: You know what?

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: You bring out the best in me. Everything okay?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Hmm?

Kate: What?

Sonny: No, I'm just --

Kate: I woke up in your arms.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: You promised me a wonderful breakfast.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: Today, my home is being fitted for bulletproof glass. Why wouldn't everything be peachy?

Jax: Kate Howard gets shot in my restaurant, and I only just find out about it now?

Carly: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't tell you because I didn't want to upset you, and now you're upset, see?

Jax: Yeah, it upsets me when -- when shots are fired in my hotel. Yes, it really upsets me. What happened?

Carly: The Zaccharas made a move on Sonny, and Kate Howard happened to be in the way --

Jax: Oh, yeah --

Carly: That's what happened.

Jax: Yeah, that's great, that's wonderful. A mob war, huh? This time it lands on our front door.

Maxie: I'm so sorry, Georgie. You deserved so much better than this.

[Phone chimes]


Maxie: Mom?

Felicia: Huh.

Mike: Hey. What -- what, are you here for breakfast?

Lulu: Huh. I couldn't possibly eat breakfast. I know Georgie was scheduled to work mornings this week, and she always got upset when she couldn't cover her shift, so -- I know it's silly. I just want to feel like I'm doing something --

Mike: Yeah.

Lulu: For her.

Mike: Yeah.

Lulu: What I said makes no sense, but you nod like you understand.

Mike: I do, sweetheart. You know, you -- you don't get to be my age without knowing something about coping with loss and the business of getting on with life. Work helps.

Lulu: Yeah.

Mike: Hmm.

Dillon: The conquering hero returns. No, no, no, no, seriously, don't -- don't applaud. Just -- just throw a lot of money. I'm kidding. Is Georgie here? Because I have news for her. I have a surprise that's going to, like, make her day.

Dillon: I was going to try to tell Georgie first, but, you know, since she's not in yet and you guys are here -- guess what. Okay, you know the film -- the film I've been working on?

Mike: Hey, Dillon, listen --

Dillon: No, lien. Listen, the production company -- they gave me a few days off because of the holidays and whatnot. Here’s what I decided. I'm going to take Georgie up with me to Montréal. I'm going to show her what we're going to be filming.

Mike: There's something that --

Dillon: All right? No -- and, Mike, I know what you're going to say, okay? I know what you're going to -- you're going to give me all the warnings about, you know, making spur-of-the-moment decisions, but that is what life is about, okay? You know, throwing away the routine and doing something spontaneous and different, and Georgie never does that. She's, like, the most reliable person on the planet, so I know she's got vacation days racked up. Am I right? Am I right? Lulu? All I need from you -- just -- just cover a few shifts, okay?

Lulu: Dillon, she's gone.

Dillon: She's not -- she's not gone, guys. I just -- I just talked to her on the phone, okay? I talked to her on the phone. I told her I was coming, and she didn't say anything about, you know -- about going anywhere.

Mike: Listen, uh -- maybe you -- maybe you ought to just sit down, okay?

Dillon: No, I -- I'm -- I don't -- I don't think I -- no, I don't think I want to sit down. I don't want to sit down. You know what I want to do? I want to get Georgie right now, and I want to go with her to Canada, and I don't want anybody telling me that I can't do that, okay? She's dead -- she's -- she's dead.

Lulu: I'm so sorry, Dillon.

Felicia: I'm sorry. I -- I should have -- I don't know -- knocked? Called first? I didn't mean to scare you after everything that's happened, after all you've been through. Oh, baby --

Maxie: What are you doing here? Just happened to be in the neighborhood?

Felicia: No, I came home the minute I got the news about Georgie.

Maxie: One of us had to die to get your attention. That's great.

Felicia: Maxie, I know that I owe you an explanation --

Maxie: I'm surprised that you even know what's going on around here.

Felicia: Mac got word to Frisco through the state department.

Maxie: You've seen Dad?

Felicia: That's why I stopped calling, why I haven't been able to make contact with you. I've been working with the government, with Frisco.

Luke: Is that you, in the gorgeous flesh? Or am I dead again, and you're just here to guide me back to hell?

Skye: It's me. And you're not in hell, Luke. You're in the hospital, and you really need to have that surgery.

Luke: No, Blaze, I'm out of the bypass business. And they already ripped my chest open. And did they finish the job? No.

Skye: Yes, Luke, it's true. If you have the surgery, you will have some recovery time. And no, you won't be able to live your life as freely as you'd like. But it's a heck of a lot better than the life you're living right now.

Luke: You promise, baby? Because this really sucks.

Skye: Hey -- the idea is not to give yourself another heart attack.

Luke: Hmm. You're awfully quick to write me off. Don't you bet that waterfront real estate. I've been proving people wrong all my le.

Skye: Hey, I'd really miss you if you died. But from what I can tell, you're determined to make that happen, and nobody, least of all me, is going to be able to stop you.

Carly: Sonny believes that Johnny Zacchara ordered an ambush. He's freaking out because Kate was in the line of fire, she almost got herself killed, so Sonny's being Sonny, and he's ready to retaliate.

Jax: Come on, Carly, you and I both know that Sonny doesn't share his business information with you, so where'd you get it?

Carly: Lulu came to me.

Jax: Oh, Lulu?

Carly: Yes, Lulu came to me because she overheard Sonny and Jason discussing "business," and she asked me to talk him down.

Jax: And why is Lulu in the middle of this?

Carly: Because Lulu's friends with Johnny and she doesn't believe he ordered the attempted hit, okay? And I know Sonny's going to strike back, because when I confronted him, he didn't deny it.

Jax: That's really -- that's wonderful. So instead of choosing to resolve this peacefully, Sonny is going to make a really bad choice and put everyone around him at risk.

Kate: Hmm. This is really amazing. Well, you know that. You could actually have a career as a chef if you ever wanted a change.

Sonny: Is that a hint?

Kate: No, Sonny, it's more like wishful thinking. I think it's too late for either of us to go back to that proverbial fork in the road.

Sonny: Why don't you think of me as your part-time, sometime personal chef -- with, you know, like, benefits.

[Kate giggles]

Sonny: You know what I mean?

Kate: I will.

Sonny: Hey --

Kate: Oh. Thank you.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Is that dessert?

Sonny: No.

Kate: Hmm.

Sonny: You know, I've been thinking about something -- I don't know. Michael and Morgan are going to spend Christmas with Jax and Carly, and Kristina’s with Alexis, so, I just -- I was wondering if you wanted to spend Christmas with me.

Diane: You can thank me profusely later, and you will, because I think I have figured out a way to get you out of Port Charles and back to Manhattan where you belong.

Diane: I can file a motion with the court describing the events of last night, spelling out how to remain in Port Charles would present a clear and present danger for you. Then I file a petition with the judge to have him transfer your community service from Port Charles to Manhattan. Voila -- you are out of the crosshairs.

Sonny: Is that what you want, Kate?

Diane: Oh, yes, well, that's a -- that's a very fair question right about now considering that you have spent the night and obviously most of the morning wooing Kate within an inch of her life, giving her assurances that you, and only you, can protect her. I think the more appropriate question is, what is in Kate's best interest?

Sonny: I'm doing what I can, Diane. What do you want me to do --

Diane: I under--

Sonny: To keep her safe? I don't understand what else --

Diane: I understand that, Sonny. But the woman walked into the most public of places last night and directly into the path of a bullet meant for you, and she nearly lost her life because of it. And for your edification, normal people -- which means people who are not used to being target practice -- experience aftereffects, sometimes serious, sometimes devastating, as I was witness to yesterday. And considering that the violence is only going to escalate, it is -- it's borderline delusional for you to try and -- and give any guarantee of your own safety, let alone Kate’s. Now, Kate, the decision is obviously yours, but I am paid substantially for my advice, and in my considered opinion, you would be much better off out of Port Charles.

Kate: Just file the petition. We'll see what happens, take it from there.

Jax: You know, there's only really one solution and that is to move away from Port Charles.

Carly: We can't do that.

Jax: Why not?

Carly: We've discussed this before. Michael and Morgan are Sonny's kids, too. We can't just take off with them, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, at what point does the danger become unacceptable? When one of the boys is actually shot?

Carly: Hey -- hey, don't say something like that.

Jax: No, no, I know, I know. I'm just trying to find the line here, that's all.

Carly: I don't know, okay? I don't know. Sonny said that he's going to manage the situation without putting any of us in danger.

Jax: That's just great. You're just going to take his word for it?

Carly: I don't have a choice. Come on, I don't want to talk about this right now. It's -- it's almost the holidays, okay?

Jax: Okay. Okay.

Carly: Why don't you take the boys to school?

Jax: All right.

Carly: Okay? Michael, Morgan, let's go.

Jax: Come on, Morgan, I get to be your chauffer today.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Let's go. Come on, Michael, we're going to be late.

Carly: Michael?

Jax: Oh, yeah. Okay, come on, grab your coats.

Lucky: Hello there.

Luke: Hey. Good to see you. Oh. You here to add your voice to the rabble trying to browbeat me back onto that operating table?

Lucky: Don't worry, I know better than to waste my breath. You're going to do what you want.

Luke: You know what I want? I want my old life back. The one where I could walk more than 10 steps before falling on my ass.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: They ripped my chest open. Did they finish the job? No, they didn’t. They sewed me back up just so they can do it over again. I'm going to sue these bastards.

Lucky: You know what I think?

Luke: What?

Lucky: I think you're afraid.

Felicia: Mariah got worse. I couldn't take care of her by myself anymore. So I put her in a private health-care facility. It broke my heart, Maxie, but I didn't have any other choice. I was making arrangements to come back home and -- and I got a call. It was from Frisco. He was needing my help. He was in a situation that was deteriorating rapidly, and he didn't know who he could trust.

Maxie: Is Dad all right?

Felicia: He is now. It was touch and go for a little while, but we got through it, together. And then I realized how much I missed us -- how incomplete we were. In your life, Maxie, you get maybe one great love, and Frisco was that for me, but I couldn't live his life. You and Georgie were just babies, and I couldn't just pick up and leave on a moment's notice. So I had to make a choice. I know that you needed me more than Frisco did, so I had to let him go.

Maxie: And you regretted that ever since.

Felicia: No. That is not true. I have loved the life that I have lived in this house with you, Georgie, and Robin and Mac.

Maxie: Did you even love him? Because Mac is wonderful, and he was more of a parent to Georgie and me than you or Dad ever were.

Felicia: I'm well aware of that. Maybe that's why I felt comfortable to leave you with him.

Maxie: But Georgie and I were big girls, and we would have been happy just to know where you were -- to know you were with Dad. We would have kept your precious secret, Mom, even from Mac if you had asked us to, but you didn’t. And you have to tell me why.

Felicia: I didn't really have time to think. I just went. It all happened so fast. So then when I hooked up with Frisco, I couldn't call you. I mean, people were watching us, waiting to see how we were vulnerable. I didn't want to take the chance of putting you and Georgie at risk. Once things settled down, so much time had gone by that I didn't feel like I could make this call, so I kept putting it off. I wish that I hadn’t. I wish that I could hear her voice one more time. I wish that I had come back to see the young woman that she had become. I can see how angry you are with me. And I'll take that anger. I deserve that anger, because I wasn't here when you and Georgie needed me the most. And there's got to be a price to pay for that. But please don't ask me to regret the time that I spent with your father, because I cannot.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Hey, I didn't want you to be alone. Felicia? Oh.

Felicia: Oh, Robin -- oh --

Robin: I'm so sorry.

Dillon: I know this. I mean, I -- I've seen the "husband -- ex-husband realizes his ex-wife has been killed" scene. I've seen that a hundred -- a hundred times. I mean, I can cite the dialogue in my sleep. I know the music used, I know the camera shots. I know -- I know how it's supposed to look onscreen. I know how to manipulate an emotion in the audience. That's real to me. That's -- I don't --

Lulu: I know.

Dillon: You know, it's -- do you know what's -- do you know what's funny is that I was wrong. I was wrong. This is -- this is my vocation. Not -- not directing. I mean, my -- my -- my fate is to become a master in the -- in the art and ritual of burying the people that I care about! And telling the stories of young women whose lives were -- were cut short, violently. Sage and -- and Emily and -- oh, I don't -- oh, you know what? I -- I'm going to -- I -- I got to go. I'm going to be sick. I'm going to be sick.

[Dillon pants]

Spinelli: Ibiza.

Dillon: What?

Spinelli: It's where Georgie was going to spend her junior year abroad. Wait. Did you hear that? Huh. I called her "Georgie." I mean, how many times did she ask that of me? To call her by her name, not "loyal little sister" or "faithful friend" or "wise one." And today -- today of all days, it just comes trippingly off the tongue. Is that irony?

Dillon: I don't know. I don't know, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Georgie was a gift. You know, she accepted me with all of my flaws. I mean, you know, I know -- I have plenty. But I was -- I was fine with Georgie just the way I am.

Dillon: She -- she was like that, you know? She was -- why are we -- why are we talking about her in the past tense?

Spinelli: You were Lucky to have the time you were given with her.

Dillon: I was a fool.

Carly: Hi.

Woman: Hey.

Carly: Mercedes, I know that you've helped out Leticia quite a few times, but I thought we should get together and talk and, you know --

Mercedes: Oh, I --

Carly: Discuss a few things.

Mercedes: I'm really looking forward to taking care of Michael -- and Morgan.

Carly: Yeah, you know what? They're great kids. They are, but I want to talk to you about Michael. Michael's at an age where he's pushing the boundaries, and Morgan loves to follow his lead. So I just think we should be on the same page when it comes to rules and discipline.

Mercedes: You're the mom, so what you say goes.

Carly: Great.

Mercedes: Mrs. Jacks, if I may just be so --

Carly: My name is Carly. You can call me Carly. We're really informal in this house, okay?

Mercedes: Carly -- um -- I'd like to thank you for your generosity with my cousin. Leticia very much enjoyed working for you and for Mr. Corinthos.

Carly: Thank you. Leticia was like family to us, and what happened to her was awful, and I want you to know that if you're worried about working here, I understand that. But we've upped the security.

[Phone rings]

Carly: I think you're going to be -- excuse me. Michael's school -- great. Hello? This is Michael’s mother. What do you mean, he's missing?

Max: Hey, buddy. Shouldn't you be in school?

Michael: I have business with my father.

Sonny: Listen, call me as soon as possible, okay? I need to talk to you. It's important. What are you doing here?

Michael: Mom wants you to hold back because of me and Morgan, but she's wrong -- whoever shot at Kate should pay, just like the pig who killed Emily.

Felicia: That's why I stayed away for so long. It wasn't because I didn't want to be here.

Robin: Well, you don't have to explain. I know from my own parental experience that working for a national security agency wreaks havoc on your family. But I guess the tradeoff is that what you're doing is really important to a lot of people. And I'm sure if Georgie knew that you were with Frisco, she would have been so happy for you.

Felicia: I just wish that I had handled it differently and called the girls. But we're left with what we're left with, and all we can do now is put the pieces back together.

Maxie: You make it sound like we just left the puzzle sitting on the table and we're going to finish putting the pieces back together, Mom, but it's not that easy. There's a huge piece missing now.

[Knock on door]

Dillon: I just -- I just heard. I -- I came back to, um, ask Georgie to go with me to Montréal --

Maxie: Dillon --

Dillon: And --

Maxie: It's so awful. I feel like the whole world's turned upside down.

Dillon: Yes, it has.

Maxie: Hey, Georgie loved you, okay, and she never stopped, Dillon. You have to know that.

Luke: No, my problem is not fear, son. It's helplessness. I mean, I -- I can't face off with this invisible stalker who's trying to kill me. And it goes against every instinct I have to just lay there on a table and let a bunch of faceless strangers fight my battles for me.

Lucky: The doctors can only perform the surgery. Surviving is up to you. It's not like you're taking on the mob or the Cassadines. Dad, that fight comes from within.

Luke: I know it.

Lucky: All I'm saying is that if you want to be in this fight, that surgery is the first punch. You need to have the surgery, Dad.

Lulu: Why wouldn't he?

Michael: Hi, Mom.

Carly: "Hi, Mom"?

Sonny: Ahem.

Carly: What are you thinking, Michael?

Michael: I needed to talk to Dad.

Carly: That's what cell phones are for. I talked to the principal. I told him that Michael’s going through a very difficult time right now. That doesn't mean you're not going to be held accountable, okay? You don't get to walk out of school whenever you feel like it.

Sonny: Michael knows what he was doing was wrong, but I just don't know why he would do --

Michael: I needed to tell Dad that he can't back down just because you are afraid.

Carly: I knew you were standing there listening! How many times have I told you not to do that?

Michael: You do it.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey --

Carly: You better watch your mouth.

Michael: People have to know that if they mess with Dad, they have to pay.

Carly: That's why you don't stand there and listen to other people's conversations, because you have no idea what you're talking about.

Michael: It's business.

Sonny: My business. It has nothing -- nothing to do with you. And I love you, you're my son, but you are never going to get involved in my work, because you're going to be provided with other things, like family, education, and the most important thing, choices. You are going to live a very different life than mine.

Kate: Oh -- ugh.

Cassius: No, no. No, no, no. Leave it, leave it, leave it. See, Mr. Curtis' mashed potatoes -- they accessorize wonderfully with your ensemble. Did you hear what I said? I said "ensemble." That's a fashion word, right? I said it especially for you. How about "fashionista"? That's, like, a nice one, right?

Kate: I'm sorry. What?

Cassius: Hey, Kate, look, I'm trying my hardest try to get you out of this little funky mood you're in, and you're not even listening.

Kate: I'm sorry.

Cassius: Uh -- you want to talk about it?

[Kate chuckles]

Kate: I'm just at a crossroads. I can't seem to avoid them lately. They're popping up all over the place, but -- I -- I put something into motion, and I'm not sure that I should have. Should I stay, should I go? That –

Cassius: Okay.

Kate: Kind of thing.

Cassius: Here's what you do. Here's how you figure it out. You figure out exactly what it is you really want. You see it, you say it. You just put it in the universe. If it was meant to be, it'll come back.

Kate: That is such good advice.

Cassius: I know.

Kate: If I could just figure out the "what I want" part --

[Cassius chuckles]

Cassius: Tell you what. How about you go to the lounge, think it over, and I'll finish up here, okay?

Kate: Oh, come on, I can do this.

Cassius: Uh -- I just put you on break, so why are you still here?

Kate: Got it.

Cassius: Thank you.

Diane: There you are. The judge signed off on the petition. Not only are you now free to reclaim your life in Manhattan, but that egregious ankle monitor is going on the trash heap. Am I brilliant, or what?

Lulu: So, there's a possibility that you're not going to get the surgery?

Luke: You know, cupcake, I'm sort of talked out on this subject. Could we just suffice it to say that whatever happens will be my choice?

Lulu: No. Emily and Georgie are dead, murdered. Their lives were stolen from them. They didn't have a precious choice, not like you, Dad. You can make the decision to save your own life, instead of making a mockery of the memory of those two girls, and spitting on the wishes of your family. So at least give me this much. Make me understand.

Dillon: I loved Georgie with all my heart. And I also -- I also happened to hurt her more than anyone. And --

Felicia: It happens. But hurting somebody doesn't negate the love. I happen to know that Georgie never stopped loving you. I have a box filled with letters charting your relationship.

Dillon: It's my -- it's my fault that we didn't last. I mean, I -- I blew it. You know? I never realized how much I loved her, how much I still love her. And, um -- it's too late. It's too late.

Felicia: Oh. Dillon.

[Dillon cries]

Carly: I love you. What you did was wrong, and you're going to be punished. But I know that you and Morgan are going through a very difficult and confusing time right now. You've lost two people that you love very much, and that is hard on anyone, especially two little boys your age. And I know that you said and you did some things today because you were angry and you're sad. I know that you were trying to find some sense and order where it just doesn't exist.

Michael: I'm not a little kid like Morgan. I'm not confused.

Carly: Michael -- Michael, anybody would be.

Michael: I know what Dad does.

Carly: I don't know what you think that you heard, okay?

Michael: Dad might not want me to be a part of this business now, but when I'm old enough, I'm going to run it, just like him.

Sonny: So, Kate has allowed me to put in security, okay? So I want every square inch of her house with cameras and everything. I want to be able to monitor from here, as well as her house.

Max: I'll take care of it.

Diane: That won't be necessary.

Sonny: What? What now, Diane?

Diane: Hi, Max.

Max: Hi.

[Sonny sighs]

Diane: I managed to convince Judge Carson to transfer Kate's community service to Manhattan.

Sonny: Doesn't mean she's going to go.

Diane: I hope she does, for her sake, and for yours. If Kate Howard gets hurt, or worse because of her involvement in your life, I shudder to think what that would do to you.

Lulu: I get that you want to live life on your own terms. I've certainly heard it enough. You would rather go out in a blaze of glory than be anything less than the man, the myth, the legend. And I also get that I may not be your biggest priority, but you are the only functional parent that I've got, so I would really like it if you didn't die. And I think Lucky would have a problem with it, too, though God forbid he would actually say it out loud. And Tracy -- you remember her, your wife, who would crawl through glass if it meant you would live another day? Does she even matter to you? Do any of us matter to you at all? And you know what? I am not going to cry, and I am certainly not going to beg you, so you can do whatever the hell you want.

Luke: Wait, wait. Lulu, wait, wait. I'm selfish to the bone. You matter, sweetheart.

Lulu: Hmm.

Luke: You matter. I'll have the surgery.

Luke: Hmm. Shh. It's okay.

[Turns on jukebox]

Singer: As I look into your eyes you leave me mesmerized and it's you that keeps my head above the clouds the beauty in you shines a simple little smile because of you all my worries pass me by and we can win

Maxie: This is my mother.

Spinelli: Ah.

Felicia: You must be Spinelli.

Spinelli: Um -- yes, I am. My most profound condolences. Your daughter was a woman of strength, compassion, and wisdom beyond her tender years.

Felicia: Oh. She really thought highly of you, too.

Spinelli: Well -- well, thank you. Thank you for relaying such comforting information. You know, wise Georgie spoke fondly of you, as well. Um -- in -- in Texas, yes? Dealing with an ailing grandparent?

Sonny: Kate, it's Sonny. Can you -- can you call me as soon as you can? Thanks.

Max: Boss, Miss Howard just dropped this off for you.

Sonny: Well --

Max: I don't know.

Kate's voice: "Sonny, you know I want to be with you, but I think we both know that can't happen. And the harder we try to put off the inevitable, the more difficult and painful the end will be. So I'm going to make this easy. I'm leaving for Manhattan tonight, and I won't be back. I ask that you respect my wishes and don't come after me. I love you, and I wish you all the best. Kate."

Carly: You have no idea what your father's life is really like.

Michael: I don't care. I'm going to be just like him.

Jax: I heard you had a bit of trouble today.

Carly: Michael is grounded for a month. You get no computer, okay?

Michael: Mom acts like whatever Dad does is bad. He's a man. People look up to him.

Jax: Well, actually, your father's business hurts a lot of people, Michael.

Michael: You're just saying that because you're an outsider. I'm not. I know how this business is run. And one day, I'm going to run it.

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Carly: That's my surprise!

Jax: With this kind of buildup, it must be really worth waiting for.

Mac's voice: Georgie's dead because I failed her.

Maxie: There's one person that deserves special attention -- our mother.

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