GH Transcript Thursday 12/6/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/6/07


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Leyla: Hello.

Alexis: This is awkward.

Jerry: Oh, believe me; it appears far more interesting than it is.

Leyla: Ms. Davis, do you dance?

Alexis: I've obviously interrupted something and --

Jerry: No, no, no --

Alexis: I want no part of it.

Jerry: Please, please, Alexis. I need your help. Please?

Leyla: Hi.

Lulu: Johnny, I can't imagine why you're here. I thought you had some important mob business to take care of.

Johnny: I went to see my father in that prison facility for psychos. Not that he needs to be locked up -- the man's paralyzed.

Lulu: Is he completely paralyzed?

Johnny: He can move his head. That's it.

Lulu: But he knows you?

Johnny: Yeah.

Lulu: Yeah, so, that's one step ahead of my mom.

Johnny: Well, I started talking to him, but, you know, he's in and out of reality.

Lulu: In and out? Hey, you're two steps ahead. Sorry.

Johnny: Oh, it's just one minute, he doesn't know who the hell I am, and the next, he's screaming at me like I'm 8 years old.

Lulu: Is he getting worse?

Johnny: Not really. He's been crazy like this for years.

Lulu: And you won't walk away until you're just like him.

Trevor: Gentlemen, you already know that John has an alibi for the night of Leticia Juarez’s murder, and I think you're going to find that the murderer of poor Emily was a random act of madness by John's father.

Lucky: What about the attack on Carly’s life?

Trevor: Huh. Didn't John tell you that he saw a witness fleeing the scene?

Det. Harper: A man he can't identify.

Trevor: John was the man who saved Carly’s life. That's not an act of a guy who wants the woman dead.

Lucky: No, that's a good alibi.

Trevor: Gentlemen, if your department is trying to use John as an easy target for a quick arrest to mollify the public, don't do it. Go outside and find the real killer. He's probably stalking his next victim.

[Glass shatters]

[Kate gasps]

[Kate pants]

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Corinthos.

Kate: Sonny, we have a problem.

Jerry: Alexis, please --

Alexis: I am here on business, as your attorney. I'm not available to assist you in your personal life.

Jerry: Come on, Alexis. How many times have you heard me say "please"?

Alexis: Never.

Jerry: So you really need to know what -- what went on.

Alexis: No, I don’t.

Jerry: Yes, yes. The young woman and I were having a chat in the lobby, and I got the mistake --

Leyla: Hi, it's "Leyla."

Alexis: Hi, Leyla. I remember. Go on. In the lobby --

Jerry: Yes, we were discussing the latitudes of everlasting love.

Alexis: I'll bet you were.

Jerry: Yes, but I -- I had no idea she was inebriated until we went up to my hotel room, and then she -- she proceeded to vomit all over her clothing.

Leyla: It's the tequila.

Jerry: Oh, is that what you were drinking?

Leyla: Yeah, and vodka, and I think a beer.

Jerry: Oh.

Alexis: Oh, God.

Jerry: Yes, well, I -- I sent her clothes to the hotel cleaners, which explains her state of current dress.

Alexis: Undress.

Jerry: Well, yes, but I think the girl is in need of feminine counsel.

Alexis: Leyla --

Leyla: Are you still here?

Alexis: Why are you in Mr. Jacks' bedroom?

Leyla: Why? Uh, why, yeah -- because I'm still in love with Patrick Drake, and he's in love with someone else. And this nice man said that I would feel better if I have sex with him.

Coleman: Sympathies, dude. Here, hey, the first one's on the house. Hey, yo.

Leo: Cheers.

Patrick: And just for the record, just because I don't want to be a father doesn't make me a coward. I don't care what the women say.

Leo: Hey, look, I'm a fan of women in general. They're beautiful and imperfect and soft.

Patrick: They do smell good.

Leo: Yeah, that, too. On the downside, they think they can change a man's mind.

Patrick: They think we should change our mind because they want us to.

Leo: It's in the general guidebook. And the sad part -- the softer and more beautiful they are, the more often we do exactly what they want.

Patrick: You know, some things are important, I get that. But I mean, if I want sushi and she wants Italian, fine, Italian it is. But having a baby -- that's not a compromise, that's a life-changing decision. I know who I am, I know what I want. I'm not going to let Robin make me feel like a criminal because I don't want a kid.

Robin: I mean, is it a crime to want to be a mother?

All: No.

Kelly: You've got stuff --

Lainey: It is a shame that men --

Kelly: Hello?

Robin: Sorry.

Lainey: It's a shame that men are so afraid of change.

Kelly: Or of failure.

Nadine: What if he's right? What if he would make a lousy father? I mean, not every guy's a football hero just because you want to pass them the ball.

Kelly: Are you from Texas? That is so Texas.

Lainey: Texas?

Robin: Totally.

Kelly: The problem --

Robin: Hmm?

Kelly: Is that men are babies themselves. Oh, no, they don't want competition!

Kelly: Oh, no, they don't want competition! I read that in the boys-to-men handbook.

Lainey: I had a patient once who was married three times, and each of his marriages broke up within a year after a child was born, because daddy dearest wanted his wives' undivided attention, instead of sharing it with the babies that --

Nadine: Oh.

Lainey: He just helped create!

Patrick: You guys want to talk about babies? Is that what you want to do?

Lainey: Whoo.

Patrick: I'm right here. Let's talk.

Sonny: How the hell did this guy get past your foolproof security system?

Max: Boss, listen, I had --

Kate: Don't blame Max. I told you I would rip out the security system you had him install. I just haven't had a chance to reactivate mine.

Sonny: Do you have any idea what could have happened here?

Kate: Yeah, someone could have tried to break in, and I could have had to hit them over the head. Sonny, you can cut it out now, okay? I know that he's one of your stooges sent in to demonstrate how I need protection -- which I find incredibly patronizing, not to mention massively controlling.

Sonny: Turn him around. Let me see who it is.

Sonny: He's not one of mine. Max?

Max: No. No, he doesn't work for us, boss.

Sonny: Okay, get him up. Get him up, get him up. All right, you got five seconds to tell me that you work for the Zacchara family, or you're going to leave here in two pieces, possibly three. You choose.

Man: I don't understand.

Sonny: Who sent you?

Man: Aubergine's!

Max: Isn't that the new family out of New Orleans?

Kate: Oh, dear God.

Sonny: What?

Kate: Aubergine is a design firm in Manhattan, which means you are --

Man: Rene Chopaire.

Kate: My new interior decorator. Oh, Mr. Chopaire -- welcome to my home.

Johnny: I've hated my father most of my life. But seeing him the way he is now --

Lulu: Well, he's still your dad. I usually get my dad's attention by doing the exact opposite of what he says. To be honest, he is most proud of me when I stand up to him and tell him to go to hell.

Johnny: Lucky you.

Lulu: Yeah, not really. You saw what a brat I was running around Wyndemere, trying to lure your dad out.

Johnny: You were trying to help.

Lulu: Yeah. I guess I wanted to take that risk. I think it's genetic. I mean, before I was born, my mom was an adventure junkie. You -- my dad -- you wave something dangerous in front of his face, it's like waving a cape in front of a bull. He goes at it with everything he's got.

Johnny: Nothing wrong with that.

Lulu: Yeah, except now, Emily’s dead, and my brothers are in hell, and my dad is having heart attacks, and for once, I am just going to stay out of trouble.

Johnny: You don't seem like somebody who just follows the rules.

[Lulu chuckles]

Lulu: Okay, yeah, you can admit it -- I was obnoxious at the ball.

Johnny: That's one word for it.

[Luke coughs and wheezes]

Luke: Oh, look who's here. My beautiful little princess. And the newly crowned prince of the underworld.

Rene: I wanted to get a sense of the place -- let it wash over me from all angles. It's my process. When I got up here, I saw the terrace doors were open.

Sonny: Oh, they were open? They were open? They were open, Kate?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Oh.

Kate: Yeah, Sonny, they were. I heard a noise, I saw a shadow. I assumed that you were up to no good, so I left them open and waited inside.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: So, do you always go into people's homes uninvited?

Rene: These two make me tense. I abhor tension. It's bad feng shui.

Kate: Sonny, make them leave.

Sonny: Why? Okay, go.

Max: We'll be in the hall.

Kate: This is all my fault. I told them to send you right away. I wanted to get started. I needed a distraction.

Sonny: I still don't understand why, you know, you had to sneak in instead of ringing a doorbell.

Rene: I like to experience a home privately -- like an artist with his palette. I let the walls speak to me.

Sonny: You're lucky you didn't get yourself shot.

Rene: I did not come out to the provinces to be met with threats and bodily harm. Your walls are on their own. I will not be touching them.

Sonny: Okay, here's the deal, Frances.

Rene: Rene.

Sonny: You're going to paint whatever room Ms. Howard wants you to paint in her house. Otherwise, I'm going to have my friends here snap your legs like matchsticks. Deal?

Trevor: You guys want to boost your reputation by bagging a member of the Zacchara family, and poor, crazy old Anthony is an easy target.

Det. Harper: We know Anthony went on a rampage, and we've got all the evidence and witnesses we need.

Trevor: Why don't you just leave it that way?

Lucky: We got an anonymous text that Anthony didn't do it.

Det. Harper: We're proceeding under the assumption it has to do with Emily Quartermaine's murder.

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: Come on, guys. That's no way to run an airline. You don't have any leads and you don't have any suspects. And if you don't stop hounding us, I'm going to slap a harassment suit on you so fast, it'll get you such bad P.R. that you are going to end up on your next beat lifeguard at some dumb pool.

Det. Harper: You know, it's funny the way you give orders in this house like you've been doing it for a long time, and you have no plans to stop.

Lucky: We'll be back.

Tracy: Good news, my darling. I found those nasty magazines you wanted. Actually, I had Alice go find them. The bad news is I decided they were too stimulating for your heart. However, I did come up with something else to get your blood boiling, and if you guess that it's blackmail material to get Scott -- Luke? Sweetheart, this is rude. You snore when you sleep.

Lulu: What are you doing out of the hospital? You could have another heart attack.

Luke: I could have a lot of things -- a heart attack, a stroke, internal bleeding. Hell, I could even burst into flames, spontaneously. But I will not be an invalid.

Lulu: Dad, please, you're scaring me.

Luke: Hmm. Relax, little girl. Just relax now. Ah -- there's only so much tapioca and tap water a man can take before he needs real sustenance. I got to sit down. Ah.

Lulu: Dad, where is the car? How did you get here?

Luke: Yeah -- it felt really good, really good to ride the wild side.

Lulu: What?

Luke: It feels good, doesn't it? Doesn't it, cupcake?

Lulu: Huh? Oh --

Luke: Ugh! Agh! Oh!

Lulu: Oh, my God. We need -- we need an ambulance!

Kate: Ignore Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Oh, that is bad advice.

Kate: I insist on it.

Sonny: When can you start, Frances?

Rene: Is tomorrow soon enough?

Kate: Please, Rene, don't listen to Sonny.

Rene: No, I insist. Tomorrow it is.

Sonny: Okay, I'll tell you what. Just go to the hotel, right? You just wait for her call, will you?

Rene: Yeah.

Sonny: Hmm.

Kate: You can take your muscle and leave now.

Sonny: All right, you guys -- yeah, you can wait outside.

Max: We'll be out there.

Sonny: All right, you know, I'm glad this just happened. Do you know why? Because that way, we -- we get a chance to work on things for the future.

Kate: Hmm --

Sonny: Because if that --

Kate: You want to work on things?

Sonny: That's kind of what I just said, right?

Kate: Right, okay. Well, why don't we start with this? You keep this up, and we don't have a future.

Kelly: Hmm.

Robin: Hmm.

Patrick: Now, looking around the table -- none of you have kids. How can you possibly tell me how great they are when you don't have any? Kelly, you went as far to tell me you never want kids.

Kelly: If I was madly in love with a guy, and children were a deal breaker, believe me, I'd give it a hard look.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: A hard look?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Okay, so outside of baby-sitting or delivering somebody else's kids or some sort of fantasyland, none of you have any personal experience with kids?

Robin: I had this dream. Don't make fun of me. It's important to me, okay? I was holding a baby -- my baby. And my whole body was reacting to it. It was like my skin was tingling, and I had this sense of -- of peace and purpose. I woke up and I knew that had to be exactly how it felt. And I wanted to make that real. I think it was a sign.

Patrick: It was a dream.

Robin: It might be the most profound thing a woman ever does in her entire life.

Patrick: Not for me.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I wish you could see yourself the way that I do. A smart, loving, generous man who can be so kind when he wants to. You would make a child's life so rich. Come on, I know you would end up loving our child.

Leo: Oh, come on. But he doesn't want to, you know? So why do you have to keep busting his chops?

Kelly: Why do you have to stick your little nose in it?

Lainey: It's not a competition.

Leo: Oh, no, no, no. It definitely is. It's Venus versus Mars, and --

[Pager beeps]

Leo: Mars is the warrior planet.

[Lainey groans]

Leo: Need I say more? I got to get out of here.

Robin: I don't want this to be about fighting or winning. I mean, I want this to be about us.

Patrick: You want it to be about us and a kid.

Robin: And you want it to be about us and the freedom to pick up whatever you can on the side.

Jerry: Well, I don't see any ginger ales. Let me call room service.

Leyla: Oh, God, this is so wrong. I'm a mess. You shouldn't be taking care of me.

Alexis: We're women. We're in this world together. Hear us roar. We owe it to each other to help navigate the rocky shoals of testosterone that we face on a daily basis.

Leyla: What's it like to be a man?

Alexis: I'm going to pretend that you didn't just ask me that.

Leyla: But don't you wonder what it would feel like to really go after what you want and not think about anything or anyone else? Men just put their eye on the prize and they go for it. You better not stand in their way. Women -- we look over our shoulders in case somebody falls. Or we pick them up and we reassure them. We're the fools who jump in front of bullets. We're caretakers and enablers. We only think of ourselves when the ship's sailed. We're the ones who -- who make the dinner reservations. And -- and we sing the lullabies, and we color inside the lines. And if we dare not behave according to the rules, well, then we're bitches. And then we're witches and narcissistic and selfish. We punish ourselves if we're anything less than perfect. Until someday, something deep inside says "take a chance on something." And then we end up dancing on a table in a nasty bar. But it's only because we want to be with the last person on this earth we should be with. And our common sense is totally melting down. Oh, forget it. You're so put together; you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Alexis: No.

Jerry: Huh. Together.

Epiphany: Dr. Julian's been paged. Get the patient back to his room and hooked up to his monitors.

Tracy: What's going on?

Epiphany: The doctor's been paged.

Tracy: No, wait, no, wait -- I'm asking you!

Epiphany: Your husband's heart gave out again. The doctors down in the E.R. stabilized him, but his blood pressure's higher than we'd like it to be.

Tracy: So what's going to happen now?

Epiphany: What happens is if you don't get out of my way, you could be a widow before the sun comes up.

Alexis: Taking advantage of a girl in that condition is reprehensible.

Jerry: Oh, look, it would be if it were true.

Alexis: It's true.

Jerry: I had no idea she was in her condition.

Alexis: It's disgusting!

Jerry: Look, Ms. Davis, you know, your outrage is commendable -- fine. But in more favorable circumstances, I'd still be a single, healthy male who makes no apologies about having an occasional romp with another consenting adult.

Alexis: You know, I'd really like to leave but I don't think she'd be safe.

Jerry: Oh, come on. You know that's not true, which means there's another reason. There's another reason -- jealousy, perhaps, right?

Alexis: You are a pig.

Jerry: Oh, well, yeah -- and there she goes immediately on the defensive.

Alexis: No, that would be to presuppose that I had my own interest in you which I don't, nor have I ever found you the least bit attractive.

Jerry: Oh, right, right, which is why you came up to my bedroom to discuss business when I can guarantee it could've waited until normal business hours.

Alexis: Then I just don't suppose you want to know that Scott Baldwin is about to arrest you for Emily’s murder.

Jerry: Scott Baldwin is demented.

Alexis: That would be funny coming from you, but instead it is dripping with irony.

Jerry: Oh -- and yet, you still represent me.

Alexis: Not anymore I don't, now that I know that you lure young, helpless women into your room with the promise of sexual healing.

Jerry: Alexis, conventional wisdom in this town is that I'm an amoral if not well-traveled psychopath. Apparently, that didn't seem to disturb you in the least until you saw competition in my bed.

Alexis: Oh, that is rich. That is outrageous, that is disgusting. It is appall--

Jerry: How about now -- still outraged, appalled?

Alexis: I'm billing you.

Jerry: Yeah -- I didn't hate it, either.

Alexis: I'm billing you for my services.

Leyla: This party's getting way too loud.

Patrick: I know you think I'm being selfish. I'm trying to be responsible. Robin, I could let you talk me into me getting you pregnant and trying to make you happy. What if I end up miserable? Worse, a failure? I'm trying to protect us from that. I'm trying to somehow make this work.

Robin: The compromise that you came up with -- to have us be a wait-and-see couple for a year. That was genuine, I know that. It came from your heart. But if everything else that you say is true, a year from now nothing will change except maybe I'll love you more than I already do and then there I am, having to choose between you and being a mother.

Patrick: Yeah, but it'd be a great year.

Robin: Both Emily and Alan thought that they had all the time in the world, and now they're both gone.

Patrick: I'd rather spend any time with you than without you. Robin, I miss you.

Robin: I miss you, too. But you'll be fine. I mean, there's always Leyla, right?

Patrick: Yeah, maybe I could like Leyla if I could ever stop loving you.

Robin: She took a bullet for you. I think she'll be expecting a little more than that.

Patrick: Yeah. Well, maybe that's my problem -- women expect more than I think I can give.

[Phone rings]

Patrick: Hello, this is Dr. Drake.

Alexis: Hey, Patrick, it's Alexis. Listen, this is really none of my business, but I know that you went to the ball with Leyla Mir. I think she's in trouble.

Luke: How long?

Tracy: They brought you in about 20 minutes ago.

Luke: No, no, no. I mean, how long did it take before you knew it wasn't me in the bed?

Tracy: Oh, don't even start. You wouldn't stand a chance in hell.

Luke: "Hell" -- hell. Yep, now it all comes back to me.

Leo: I saw the tests from the emergency room.

Luke: And you can tell my little girl that she has nothing to worry about.

Leo: If you call "nothing" an episode that nearly killed you.

Luke: Aren't you the doctor that said I'd never survive another heart attack? Here I am.

Leo: Let me tell you something. It's only because your daughter and her friend brought you in themselves. Trust me -- any other way, you'd have been DOA. Excuse me.

[Luke chuckles]

Milo: What do you think we should do?

Max: "Think"? Milo, we don't get paid to think. We're told what to do and we were told to wait here.

Milo: Yeah, but I mean, we could be here all night.

Max: Yeah, we could.

Milo: All the cold, cold night.

Max: We're going to be here as long as it takes.

Milo: What do you suppose they're doing in there?

Max: The boss is seducing Ms. Howard, come on.

Milo: Great. Then we really could be here all night.

Max: Didn't we just have this conversation?

Milo: It's not going to happen. She is a tough cookie, Kate. Yeah. No way he seduces her.

[Max chuckles]

Max: Then you don't know Mr. C.

Milo: And you don't know women.

Max: What?

Milo: Yeah. 50 bucks says we're home by 10:00.

Max: It's on.

Sonny: You're pretty proud, huh, the way you handled things tonight?

Kate: I can take care of myself.

Sonny: Well, I can see that, the way you knocked out your interior decorator -- bam! But what if it had been one of Zacchara's men who came here to hurt you -- then what?

Kate: Well, he probably would've ended up just as unconscious.

Sonny: You know, when you called me and you told me that somebody came in -- into your house, you know what happened? My heart stopped -- because I've -- you know, I've -- I've seen people get shot, I've seen people kidnapped, held hostage, and all because they let me love them. It's my job to make sure that they don't die.

Kate: Sonny, do you really think that you have the power to stop bad people from doing bad things?

Sonny: No, but I -- I do think that I have to try.

Kate: You can't protect all of us.

Sonny: It -- it took you a long time to come into my life. I'm not going to lose you now.

Lulu: Have you met anyone so stubborn? I mean, why would somebody who can help themselves refuse?

Johnny: I don't know -- they have something to prove?

Lulu: It's just so stupid. I mean, if you lose an arm or a leg, you can't make it come back, but there are a million things that my dad could do to help himself. He could have the surgery, he could change his lifestyle -- whatever. I mean, he's sneaking out of the hospital, getting drunk, almost killing himself. It's a death wish.

Johnny: No, I think he wants to live, on his terms. Anything else may as well be death, you know?

Lulu: You don't even know him.

Johnny: No, I know what it's like to live like you're in someone else's cage.

Lulu: You are just as bad as my father. You have the chance to escape, Johnny, to get out of the house with all of its ghosts, but you're the one keeping yourself prisoner.

Luke: Well, look on the bright side – if I die --

Tracy: Stop, Luke.

Luke: If I die, maybe I'll get to be your anti-conscience. You know? See me with a little tail and horns sitting on one shoulder while Alan in his halo and his harp is on the other.

Tracy: Hold yourself back.

[Luke chuckles]

Tracy: Alan's nobody's angel, by the way.

Lucky: So, how's he doing?

Luke: He's right here -- you can ask him yourself.

Lucky: Yeah, well, you would just lie about it.

Tracy: He's weak and he needs surgery.

Luke: That ain't going to happen.

Lucky: Yeah, well, so it's true -- you do have a death wish?

Luke: No. I want to live -- my way. No rules, no restrictions. I got to be able to wipe my own --

Tracy: Oh! Luke!

Luke: Nose. Wipe my own nose.

[Tracy sighs]

Luke: Now, cowboy, you tell me -- would you settle for less? You know you wouldn’t.

[Knock on door]

Patrick: Where is she?

Jerry: Right here.

Patrick: What the hell did you do to her?

Jerry: I didn't do anything. She's been sleeping here for quite a while.

Patrick: Leyla? What did you give her?

Jerry: I -- I didn't give her anything. Apparently, the deed was done at this seedy pool bar.

Patrick: Jake's?

Jerry: Oh, by the way, housekeeping brought these up a few minutes ago. I have to admit -- it's harder to get her into them than get her out of them. Oh, oh -- yeah, that didn't sound very good. Let me rephrase that. I -- I did not touch her. I mean, all I did was to clean her up when she vomited on herself.

Patrick: Let's get you out of here.

Leyla: Patrick, no! Go away -- I'm over you. I'm not falling for you again.

Patrick: Come on. Let's get you home. Come on. Hey.

Robin: Dr. Friedman is supposed to be in later this evening. Would you make sure that she gets this, please?

Clerk: Certainly, Dr. Scorpio.

Robin: Thanks.

Clerk: Yeah.

Patrick: All right, be ready. It's cold out there.

Leyla: Oh, that's nice.

Patrick: Whoa. Whoa. Hey.

Leyla: Oh, God -- so nice, except when you're not. Oh, what the hell, there's no harm in letting myself love you in my dreams.

Patrick: Ok, Leyla, whatever you say.

Leyla: Now I know I'm dreaming.

Patrick: Come on, let's get you home, ok?

Leyla: Yeah.

Patrick: All right. Oops.

Kate:  It's late, Sonny.

Sonny: Let's go -- let's go upstairs.

Kate:  No, I'm going to go upstairs, and you're going to go home.

Sonny:  Ok, hold -- hold up. You're not serious, are you?

Kate:  Well, nothing has changed. I mean, I want -- Sonny, I have to deal with your dangerous life in my own way.

Sonny:  I'm not going to apologize for wanting to protect you.

Kate: Ahem, yeah, well --

Sonny:  What are you -- what?

Kate: Does it bother you to have to change careers?

Sonny: Does it bother me? It's not that easy to change careers.

Kate:  Oh, tell me about it, Sonny. Not too long ago, I was one of the top five most influential people in the world of fashion, and now look at me. All that's changed -- I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sonny:  Ok, Kate, please, please. Do not ask me to change for you.

Kate:  I didn't. I wouldn't. I understand and accept the rules of your life, Sonny. All I'm asking is that you accept my boundaries.

Sonny: I don't understand. I thought we settled this already.

Kate: No, no. You thought that you got your way. I saw the man sweeping my car for explosives, so when I went to the bank, I looked up -- I saw my tail making sure he never lost sight of me. That's unacceptable, Sonny. It's as unacceptable as Trevor offering to get my old job back at "Couture." No one runs my life but me. No one makes my decisions but me.

Sonny: No matter what the cost?

Kate: Aside from the fact that I refuse to ever owe Trevor anything ever again, I am very excited about the prospect of my new magazine venture with Jax. And I can't have it compromised, Sonny, by an underworld entourage swarming around me like locusts.

Sonny: All right.

Kate: Sonny, call off your guards. Hey.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: Respect my boundaries. Well, until then, have a good night.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Let's go.

Max: Great. Unbelievable.

Trevor: Excuse me, Mr. Zacchara? Your car's waiting.

Johnny: In a minute.

Trevor: With all due respect, John, Ms. Spencer, I wouldn't wander around in Corinthos territory without protection.

Johnny: Thank you, Trevor. I'll let you know when I'm ready.

Lulu: I will never believe that this will make you happy.

Johnny: Who said anything about "happy"? You got to stay true to who you are.

Lulu: Huh -- more like who you think you're supposed to be.

Tracy: I will let you know if his condition changes.

Lucky: Yeah, I'd just rather see a change in his attitude.

Tracy: I agree, but I don't think your father wants these four walls and a walker to be the last things he sees before he dies. He's not afraid of dying, per se. He's afraid of boredom and helplessness and I can't blame him.

Luke: I'll do it.

Tracy: Do what?

Luke: I’ll have the surgery.

Tracy: Oh this is a nasty precedent. Luke acquiescing?

Luke: I’m not acquiescing. I hear they give you really good drugs.

[Tracy chuckles]

Tracy: I’ll get your doctor.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Kate: Sonny and I are at an impasse. I was hoping to retain your services.

Jason: The real killer is still out there somewhere.

Sonny: And I want to know why.

[Phone chirps]

Georgie's voice: "Seen your sis?"

[Maxie gasps]

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