GH Transcript Monday 12/3/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/3/07


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Trevor: You don't have the resources to fight the Zacchara organization, so I'm going to make this simple. Accept a generous truce offer and continue limited operations, while the Zaccharas move into Port Charles. Otherwise, a lot of people die.

Sonny: A threat like that would've mattered when Anthony Zacchara was in charge, but now? You can't even hide behind a spoiled kid. You can't pull any strings anymore, Trevor, so you're going to have to stick your own neck out there. And you know what? I can't wait to chop it off.

Johnny: I was free the second my father dove off that tower at Wyndemere. He's crazier than ever and paralyzed, he has no power over me or anybody else.

Lulu: Then what's keeping you here? You watched this business, this life destroy your father. Why would you want any part of this?

Johnny: Maybe it's all I know.

Nikolas: May I see the arrest warrant? Wait, you don't have one, do you?

Det. Harper: I'm giving you the opportunity to turn yourself in.

Nikolas: No, I think you're bluffing to try and force me into a confession.

Det. Harper: The sooner Emily's killer comes forward, the sooner her family and everyone who loved her can heal. You were found with the body, and the woman's mask that was found at the scene has your blood splattered on it. Yeah, according to statistics, over 40% of murder victims are killed by someone they know -- very often by someone they love.

Lucky: You've known all along that it's way too dangerous for Jake to have Jason for a father.

Elizabeth: Every choice I have made from the start was to protect Jake.

Lucky: Then why change anything now? Why jeopardize your own son's life by telling the whole world that Jason Morgan is his father?

Patrick: Watching you today with the family of the accident victim, I've realized --

Robin: Melina Karakalos.

Patrick: That's exactly what I mean -- you treat every patient like a person. The way you calmed the family down -- I remembered all over again what an amazing person you are. Not only a great doctor, but a strong, compassionate woman. I remember leaning on you when I was exposed to HIV and -- just everything. I remember how much I love you.

Robin: But we keep coming back to the same problem -- we have different life goals.

Patrick: For two arguably brilliant people, we seem to have overlooked the obvious solution -- a compromise.

Robin: I want to be a mother; you don't want to be a father. I don't see how we're supposed to compromise on --

Patrick: Okay, so if we agreed to table the subject of children right now? What if we agree to discuss it a year from now and agree to not be miserable in the meantime?

Elizabeth: Lucky, we're both grieving. It's a really bad time to be making any decisions.

Lucky: Do you want Jake to be safe or not?

Elizabeth: Nothing is more important than the safety of my children.

Lucky: Then you know what you have to do.

Elizabeth: Having you continue as Jake's father may not even be possible -- a lot of people already know the truth. So maybe we should just let it be public knowledge and -- and move on.

Lucky: You want to move on with Jason?

Elizabeth: Jake is going to start asking questions before we know it; I don't think I can lie to his face.

Lucky: You could before, what's different now?

Elizabeth: Because I saw what my lies did to you. I don't want to do that to Jake. And even you said lying to him for the rest of his life would be a terrible mistake.

Lucky: Well, you can use all my words against me if you want. But all I hear is you want to move on with Jason, even if it means risking your own child's life?

Johnny: I survived my father. Maybe this is my reward.

Lulu: Come on, Johnny. You survived a childhood that would've destroyed most people. Why don't you give yourself the real reward and go away? You know, start someplace new -- you got tons of money, you can go wherever you want.

Johnny: You trying to get rid of me?

Lulu: I'm serious. Don't let Trevor turn you into your father, walk away.

Johnny: Why do you think I stayed here all these years?

Lulu: Because you didn't have a choice.

Johnny: I could've taken my father out any time over the past few years.

Lulu: But you didn't because you know it's not Anthonyís fault that he's crazy.

Johnny: I've been baby-sitting my father for years, waiting for my turn to run things, and now it's here. I'm ready to give the orders -- that's my reward. I've earned it.

Lulu: What happened about driving to Canada, counting the islands on the way to Georgian Bay?

Johnny: That was just a dream I had while I was waiting for my father to die.

Lulu: No, no, it wasnít. It was more than that -- you wanted to be free.

Johnny: And now I am. Who gives a damn about some island in Canada -- unless you want me to buy you one.

Lulu: Huh. Wow, maybe you are really this heartless and shallow, or maybe you're lying to me again for my own good. But either way, it's very obvious that you don't think very much of me.

Trevor: You were always so arrogant. There was always somebody else who had to pay -- first, your mother, then Richard. I wonder who's next. And when is it going to be your turn when someone finally gets around to taking care of you?

Sonny: You're not in some courtroom in Manhattan now, Trevor, or some party with a bunch of rich people who've never worked a day in their lives. You're in my world. Actions matter here, not words -- especially when you can't back them up.

Trevor: No, Sonny, we are negotiating -- you use words.

Sonny: Right.

Trevor: I'm trying to save you a lot of lives.

Sonny: You're blowing smoke, Trevor. You wouldn't order a hit that could be traced back to you. You wouldn't jeopardize your fancy reputation getting all tangled up in a mob war.

Trevor: Mob war? Who is talking about a mob war?

Sonny: You can't be the big man now hiding behind the scenes. So, why don't you just go back to the city where it's safe, because you got no business here.

[Knock on door]

Max: Ms. Howard.

Sonny: Oh, great. Um, we're finished.

Trevor: When the killing starts, you got nobody to blame except yourself.

Sonny: You --

Kate: I apologize for interrupting.

Sonny: Oh, it's all right. Yeah, he -- Trevor was just leaving, actually.

Trevor: Katie. It's always nice to see you, but my advice? The next time you wander into this criminal's office, be a little bit more careful. You never know what could happen.

Det. Harper: I've heard from several witnesses who say your behavior's been erratic; you're prone to violent rages. You've seen doctors, but no one can figure out what's wrong with you.

Nikolas: I'm really not interested in your medical analysis of me.

Det. Harper: If there's a medical reason for what you did, it might be a mitigating factor. But stonewalling the investigation will only make things worse for you.

Nikolas: Detective, I've given police full access to my home, answered all of their questions to the best of my ability, and even opened my medical records. And though I object to being arrested without a warrant, I certainly didn't stonewall anyone's investigation.

Det. Harper: I'm giving you a chance to make things right.

Nikolas: If you aren't prepared to arrest me right now, leave.

Det. Harper: You know, every single witness has told me how much you loved Emily. Now, if you snapped -- for whatever reason -- the guilt must be hell. You'll feel a lot better once you admit what really happened.

Emily: Nikolas, don't you dare even think about making a confession. I'm absolutely certain that you did not kill me.

Robin: Putting off having a baby feels more like giving in to you than making a compromise.

Patrick: Robin, you're healthy. Despite being HIV positive, there's no reason to believe that you can't have a baby just as easily in a year from now.

Robin: That's assuming a lot.

Patrick: Yeah, but it gives us time to spend together with no pressure. We can take the trips we talked about. We can argue over work, we can spend Sunday mornings in bed, come home from work and open a bottle of wine and have dinner. Go to jazz in the city, I'll take you to the opera.

Robin: You're really working it now, aren't you?

Patrick: I just -- I just want to be together for a while. Look at our careers -- we've already accomplished so much. I'd just like to spend a year, no pressure. Just enjoy ourselves for one year.

Robin: Okay, are you saying that in a year, you would be willing to consider fatherhood or that you would be ready to make a real commitment?

Leyla: I apologize for interrupting, but Dr. Drake's needed in O.R. 2 immediately. Melina Karakalos has stabilized and she needs you to operate.

Patrick: Will you think about it?

[Knock on door]

Jax: Carly?

[Jax tries locked doorknob]

Jax: Come on, don't be childish. I know you're in there.

Carly: I don't appreciate being called a liar to my face by my husband.

Jax: Well, what you told me wasn't true. If you have another word for "liar," then I'd be happy to hear it.

Carly: I also don't appreciate being interrogated in the middle of the lobby in my hotel.

Jax: Hey, you know what? You clearly told me that you were going to visit your mother and you didn't, okay?

Carly: You wouldn't know that unless you were checking up on me.

Jax: I wasn't checking up on you.

Carly: You were too, liar. Who's the liar now?

Jax: No, I called Bobbie --

Carly: You don't call Bobbie! You never call Bobbie!

Jax: I called Bobbie because I wanted to take the boys over for dinner -- that's the only reason I found out that you weren't with her, okay? So that -- what?

Carly: If you want me to admit that I'm lying, you have to admit that you checked up on me. We start with honesty and then we take it from there.

Sonny: Hey, Trevor? Just so you know, if anything happens to Kate, or anybody else that I care about, you're not going to be able to hide anymore.

Trevor: Sonny, your paranoia is getting worse. Come on, you and I both know that violence follows you everywhere you go. And the women in your life -- Kate now, God knows who's next -- somehow they always wind up as collateral damage.

Kate: Trevor, do you think that I've forgotten that you tried to have Sonny killed in Puerto Rico? Huh? And not to mention the hell that we all just went through at the black-and-white ball, which was a direct result of your greed.

Trevor: No, no, no, Kate, you forget I risked my life to save yours, and what did I find -- you and this animal on the floor at Wyndemere.

Kate: Oh, please save it, Trevor. You knew that Anthony was loose; you knew that he was headed towards the island. All you had to do was warn someone, but you didnít. You wanted him to lose control; you wanted him to injure as many people as possible so that you could take over.

Trevor: "Take over"? I am the lawyer!

Kate: An innocent women is dead, Trevor. Several people were seriously injured, including Zacchara, who should've been locked up years ago!

Trevor: Years ago. "Years ago"? Years ago, Anthony was just like Sonny is now -- paranoid, reclusive, obsessed with money and power, and women. And you tell me, huh? How long is it until Sonny himself is out there running in the dark with a gun trying to kill his own kids? Are you going to defend him then? Ooh!

Kate: Get out.

Trevor: Katie, it's really nice to see you fired up like this. I must've hit a nerve.

Kate: I hate that man.

Sonny: Maybe.

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: Or maybe you're just afraid that he might be right.

Elizabeth: I can't give you the answer you want to hear. I can't tell you that I don't love Jason, or that I don't want to be with him, because I do.

Lucky: At least you're finally admitting it.

Elizabeth: I was wrong to marry you when I was in love with someone else. And I will always regret lying to you about Jake.

Lucky: No, I don't want to hear how sorry you are. The only thing I want to know is that you want to do the right thing for Jake.

Elizabeth: Okay. Okay, you want to keep this secret and continue being his father, then fine, because yes, that would be the safest choice for Jake.

Lucky: You know, you didn't have to make this so difficult, Elizabeth. And you probably won't even give a damn, but I love your kids, even if they aren't mine.

Elizabeth: Jason?

Kate: I'm sure that you don't mean to be insulting, but to imply that I give credence to a single word that comes out of Trevor's mouth is basically calling me a fool.

Sonny: If you don't care what he says, why -- why does he make you so angry?

Kate: Trevor Lansing is a liar. It is only natural that he would twist your illness into something sinister. But I have no intention of buying any line of crap from Trevor, and you shouldn't, either.

Sonny: Um -- did I just hear Kate Howard, the former editor and chief of "Couture" magazine, say "line of crap"?

Kate: Are you flirting with me? Don't do that. Don't change the subject.

Sonny: Is that what I'm doing? I'm not flirting with you.

Kate: I am not afraid on any level that your bipolar disorder will morph you into a demented murderer like Anthony Zacchara.

Sonny: Okay, let me explain something to you, okay? Anthony Zacchara went crazy from a combination of being -- you know, having power, violence, right, and -- and paranoia, which is something I deal with every day. Are you going to tell me right now that you're not just a bit worried about at?

Kate: You are nothing like Anthony Zacchara. That's not even why I'm mad.

Sonny: Why are you all Connied up?

Kate: I hate Trevor.

Sonny: Okay! So?

Kate: Look, I am just mad that I was involved with him, all right? I'm mad that I didn't see him for the garbage that he was years ago. Look, are we clear?

Sonny: Yeah, we're clear. Ah. You know, let me -- no, no, listen to me, okay? I just want to tell you that you look really beautiful when you're angry and all protective and -- you know.

Kate: You remember that we're broken up, right?

Jax: Okay, it's possible that I called Bobbie in part to check up on you -- in part.

Carly: Do you know how much it hurts me that you were this suspicious of me? Do you?

Jax: Oh, please -- it hurts to be lied to, as well. But let's get past all that, because this little tantrum is just a diversion anyway. So could you please tell me what's really going on?

Carly: What if I swore to you that I was not investigating Leticiaís killer? That whatever I might or might not be doing isn't dangerous, has nothing to do with Sonny, Jason, or any mob people? Could you possibly give me the freedom to not tell you every little thing I do and -- and respect me enough to let this go, please?

Jax: Yeah, of course I could do that --

Carly: Okay.

Jax: If you hadn't lied to me for months. Come on, Carly, these -- these lies put your life at risk. There's no way I'm letting this go.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Hi. I am so sorry to bother you. I just -- I really want to talk with someone about Johnny Zacchara, and it can't be Spinelli nor Carly because they're completely biased against him.

Elizabeth: Okay, just take a breath.

Lulu: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: No. I just had a really difficult conversation with your brother, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I'll try.

Lulu: What happened?

Elizabeth: Lucky -- God, he -- well, he wants to continue being Jake's father.

Lulu: Well, did you take him up on it?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I did.

Lulu: Well -- I mean, that's going to be a lot safer for Jake -- I mean, of course, that's going to be really hard.

Elizabeth: Yeah, it is, because at some point, Jake is going to find out. I just hope he's all grown up and will forgive me.

Lulu: Well, at least Jake will have a chance at living normal life -- unlike Johnny, who could've been a decent guy if he wasn't so warped by growing up in the mob.

Jason: I need to see Jerry Jacks.

Leyla: Okay, I'll get that room number for you.

Jason: Thank you.

Jason: Hi.

Robin: Hi. I am so sorry about Emily. I didn't see you at the funeral, but I had a feeling you were there.

Jason: Yeah, I heard most of the service from the vestibule. But I had to get out of there because Monica asked me not to come.

Robin: Well, I'm glad you found a way around that. When I was sitting at the funeral, I was thinking about Emily as a teenager and how she'd always come over to see you. She'd be decompressing from the Quartermaines or rhapsodizing about her crush on Nikolas. And you would get this cute yet puzzled look on your face, but you would just let her talk and talk until she was finished. Then she would give you a great big hug and leave. I didn't think about it that much at the time, but I always thought you were an unconventional yet really wonderful brother.

Jason: A wonderful brother would've saved her.

Emily: You love me. You would never hurt me.

Nikolas: But, Emily, you heard the detective -- my blood's on the mask.

Emily: Oh, which proves nothing. Nikolas, how many fights were you in that night? Come on, including the terrible one with Jason, where you wound up knocked out and tied to a chair?

Nikolas: I know, but the only thing I remember about that is begging you to leave, that's all.

Emily: You were all bruised up. Your blood could've easily gotten onto that mask then or at any point that evening -- they can't even prove that that mask is mine.

Nikolas: I'm not sure they have to.

Emily: Why are you so willing to believe that such weak evidence proves that you killed me?

Nikolas: Because, Emily, I'm standing here talking to a woman who I know is dead, a woman that I happen to love very much.

Emily: I love you, too.

Nikolas: See, that's my point. By having this conversation proves that I've completely lost my mind. I don't -- I don't know if it's guilt. I don't know if I'm seeing you because I can't stand the pain of remembering if I killed you. I don't --

[Knock on door]

Emily: Go ahead.

Nikolas: Come in.

Sam: Hey. Are you alone? I just -- I -- I thought I heard voices.

Nikolas: Uh -- yeah. Yeah, I was just talking with Emily.

Sam: I understand, actually. You know, sometimes it does help to talk to the person that you've lost. I find myself going to my daughter's grave a lot when I feel upset -- I've even had several conversations with my brother, Danny. So if I am intruding, I -- I do apologize.

Nikolas: No, you're not -- you're not intruding.

Sam: Okay -- um -- that's good because Alfred said that there was a police detective here.

Nikolas: Yes. Apparently, my blood was found on the mask next to Emily's body.

Sam: Which means absolutely nothing.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, Detective Harper believes otherwise.

Sam: Ignore him. He is a cop trying to close a high-profile case. Everybody knows how much you love Emily. You would never hurt her.

Nikolas: Yeah, everyone keeps saying that.

Sam: Because they know you.

Nikolas: So do you, Sam. You -- you've seen what I'm like during one of those blackouts. I almost threw you off the turret, you remember?

Sam: Yeah, I do, but you didnít.

Nikolas: You looked me right in the eyes, and you saw that rage firsthand. So can you honestly say that you could stand up in court and say there's no way I could've killed Emily? Can you say that?

Jason: I was going to talk to Jerry about all the people who were unaccounted for at the time of Emily's death.

Robin: But aren't the police fairly certain that Anthony Zacchara killed her?

Jason: They haven't charged him yet, and now they have other suspects.

Robin: Not Nikolas?

Jason: Possibility.

Robin: Okay, I know that he's been suffering some mood swings lately -- I witnessed his rage firsthand that night -- but Nikolas would never do anything to hurt Emily.

Jason: Not consciously.

Robin: Okay, you weren't there at the beginning of the night. They were dancing, they were so in love. I mean, all I kept thinking about was that they had their whole lives ahead of them, and now she's just gone, no warning.

Jason: That's how it works sometimes.

Robin: Yeah. You'd think I know by now that you can't take the future for granted, that one day does not guarantee the next.

Carly: This feels like life with Sonny, okay? We're not like that; we're supposed to be different.

Jax: Well, violence around Sonny is still polluting our lives. That's the reason Anthony Zacchara was at Wyndemere. Has it ever occurred to you that all the victims of this killer, they're all related to him?

Carly: Yes, of course it has! Unfortunately, I've had way too much experience with how the mob works. But this killer doesn't feel like an enemy of Sonny's -- that's what I think.

[Jax snickers]

Carly: What is funny?

Jax: Well, it's just -- think of all the people that Sonny has hurt over the years, okay -- the ones that have disappeared, the ones that have been "taken care of." What if they had a friend or a relative -- somebody that wants revenge, somebody that thinks that Sonny should pay? Look, I love you. But I'm not going to stand by -- I'm not going to stand by and let somebody kill you just to get revenge on Sonny.

Sonny: First of all, I'm not going to apologize for wanting to keep you safe.

Kate: You have no right to take over my life, Sonny -- to have me followed, to have my car swept for explosives, to have security systems installed on my property linked to yours without my knowledge or permission, Sonny.

Sonny: I told you from the beginning that I am a target of violence. And since we're involved now and we're out in the open, that makes you a target, also.

Kate: I'm willing to deal with a little danger, all right? It's your so-called protection that I have a problem with. I have my own life, Sonny, separate from yours.

Sonny: Okay -- I -- I never had -- said anything about that, I never argued about that, so what's the problem?

Kate: Um, I'm willing to have a little bit of risk.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: But I will not risk my career that I've worked so hard for because you're in the mob. That's why I couldn't take your money to start my magazine. That's why your people can't be running around my property, following me, speeding by on boats in the --

Sonny: Okay, but you know what? You didn't know they were there until a couple nights ago!

Kate: Okay, that is what makes it worse, Sonny -- you were not honest with me.

Sonny: Okay. What do you mean, I wasn't honest with you?

Kate: Look, I miss you, okay? I miss you. But I will stand firm on not seeing you until you can respect where I start and you stop.

Sonny: What are you doing here, then?

Kate: Um -- if your people come on my property without my expressed permission, I will have them arrested for trespassing. Have a nice day.

Sonny: Kate, Kate -- wait, wait, wait -- Kate, we're -- we're not talking about shooting statues out of the sky, or my children running around in your flower garden. Emily was murdered, Leticia was murdered, somebody tried to kill Carly, and that person is still out there! Now, it may be my business, it may not be, but it's my responsibility, I feel, to make sure that it doesn't happen to you!

Kate: Sonny -- Sonny, I will not be involved with organized crime -- not in Bensonhurst, and not on my property in Port Charles. Not even for you.

Robin: Leyla, we're already behind, so I'll need this as soon as possible.

Leyla: I understand.

Robin: How are you feeling?

Leyla: A little sore, but glad to be back at work.

Robin: Well, Patrick wouldn't be in the O.R. -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- if it weren't for you. Thank you for saving him.

Leyla: I acted on impulse. I really wasn't thinking.

Robin: You threw yourself in the line of fire. It was an incredibly courageous choice, and I think you knew exactly what you were doing.

Leyla: How's Melina?

Patrick: She's fine, barring any complications.

Leyla: Good, glad to hear it.

Robin: I wonder how Melina is going to feel when she wakes up and hears that she can no longer have children.

Patrick: I hope she realizes how fortunate she is to be alive.

Robin: Let's hope so.

Patrick: So?

Robin: I'm sorry. Your compromise will not work for me.

Sam: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Sam: Hi. Come in. Can I get you something? Did you have any lunch, or you want a soda -- anything?

Lucky: You seem a little wound up.

Sam: Oh. Yeah, I guess. I -- I just got back from visiting Nikolas.

Lucky: Was there any trouble?

Sam: Well, he didn't flip out on me, if that's what you're asking. It was actually kind of the opposite. I think he's grieving so deeply, he was calm.

Lucky: Well, I guess people grieve in different ways.

Sam: Did you know that that new detective, Harper, was over asking questions?

Lucky: Well, it's just standard procedure, considering Nikolas a suspect, but nothing will come of it.

Sam: Are you sure?

Lucky: Anthony Zacchara killed Emily. I mean, he's just one more gangster drawn to Port Charles by Sonny and Jason. Listen, I couldn't save Emily, but I can save Jake.

Sam: What do you mean?

Lucky: I agreed to go on claiming Jake's my son.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Jason: Hi.

Elizabeth: Thank you for meeting me. I know it's a little dramatic after all the time you've been spending at my house lately.

Jason: Yeah, I won't be coming to your house again.

Elizabeth: Oh, I wasn't sure. After Lucky left, I went to find you and -- how much did you hear?

Jason: That Lucky wants to continue as Jake's father and that you believe Jake is safer if he does.

Elizabeth: Do you think I'm wrong?

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I worried you, I -- I am. I swear that I'm not doing anything dangerous -- not after what happened at Wyndemere. My boys just lost Emily and Leticia; they're not going to lose me.

Jax: You're still not going to tell me where you were? What?

Carly: Christmas is right around the corner.

Jax: And?

Carly: I'm working on a surprise for you, okay, something that will make you very happy, something you will love.

Jax: I -- I'm worried sick, and you're working on a surprise? Why didn't you just tell me?

Carly: Because then it wouldn't be a surprise.

Jax: Oh, you're infuriating.

Carly: I can't believe you made me tell you. You have to understand that after everything we went through, it made me realize what's important. We're important, our kids are important. You have to trust me.

Jax: Hey, I'm sorry. It's just that I almost lost you, and the killer's still out there and he's waiting for another chance.

Carly: I know, and it's scary.

Jax: So I have to ask you a favor.

Carly: I already said I wouldn't investigate anymore.

Jax: No, it's -- I'm thinking about buying another hotel -- it's in Hawaii, north shore of Oahu, and I wanted to show it to you and the boys.

Jax: This evening would be good, tomorrow at the latest.

Carly: You're trying to get me out of town just to protect me.

Jax: No, no, no, no -- it is an ulterior motive, but that's not it.

Carly: Then what?

Jax: It's surf season, it's going to be a five-foot swell this week, so --

Carly: Oh.

Jax: I'm just kidding. Look, I really want to spend some time with my family, okay?

Carly: Then why didn't you just say so? Oh, you know what? I have to pack.

Jax: But Ė

Johnny: Why'd you need to see me?

Sonny: Trevor Lansing just threatened me with a mob war. He wouldn't make that kind of move on his own because he wouldn't want to expose his involvement in your organization. So it occurred to me that he might be looking for a new figurehead or, you know, somebody to hide behind. I'm just -- I'm just curious. Are you going to let Trevor use you like he used your father?

[Music plays]

Robin: Living with HIV, working in a hospital every day, dealing with emergencies -- if anything, it's taught me that life is uncertain. You shouldn't miss an opportunity to follow your heart.

Singer: Shook my head and left me mesmerized

Robin: So, as much as I want that year of perfect couple-do with you, I don't think I can waste a whole year of my life wondering if you'll change your mind, praying that when that year is up, you're going to be ready to settle down. What happened tonight in the O.R. is just another example. I don't want to miss the opportunity to carry my own child. It means too much to me.

Singer: It's where I reside

Patrick: That's not the answer I was hoping for.

Robin: I know.

Singer: You take me away

Patrick: Appreciate the honesty.

Robin: Same here.

Patrick: Well, I guess this is where I -- wish you happiness.

Robin: And I wish you the same.

Leyla: Dr. Drake -- ahem -- would you mind taking a look at this chart? There seems to be a discrepancy.

Nikolas: Look, I don't want to be responsible for a crime that I didn't commit, but nothing I remember, nothing I've heard makes me believe I'm innocent.

Emily: You are.

Nikolas: You're so stubborn, even now.

Emily: Nikolas, you're grieving. Okay, you need someone to blame, so you're blaming yourself, but all you're really doing is protecting my killer. Nikolas, someone murdered me, someone took my entire life, my chance to bear your children, to grow old with you. We survived all kinds of disappointments -- I mean, all kinds of broken promises to be together, Nikolas -- and now all of that means nothing? Someone took away my future. Why should they take yours away, as well? I know you love me. You love me enough to find my killer, because I know it wasn't you.

Sam: I don't know. After the ways Elizabeth lied to you and used you, you do have every right to just walk away.

Lucky: Okay, Cameron and Jake aren't to blame for what their mother did. I love those boys.

Sam: I know, and I can see it now just when you say their names. You get this look in your eye, and your face lights up. You are great with those kids.

Lucky: They make it easy.

Sam: Well, they're great kids. I -- I mean, I'd love to spend some time with them.

Jason: On the night of Emily's funeral -- when I was with you and the kids came home and I helped out -- that's the life I wanted. And I wanted to live in that house with you and the boys, watch them grow up. I wanted to read to them, I wanted to teach them things, and, of course, I still want that. And I'm always going to -- I'm always going to want that. But I heard what you said. Having Lucky as a father was the safest choice for Jake. I can't disagree. So I'm going to stay out of Jake's life.

Kate: Oh, man --

Trevor: Katie, Sonny's cost you too much already; don't let him cost you your life.

Sonny: All you got to do is take off, get out. I'll offer you whatever protection you need. I'll bankroll whatever you want to do -- within reason.

Johnny: Are you trying to buy me off, in my own house?

Sonny: Well, this was your father's house, your father's business. He lost his, you know, his mind here, he was isolated, which made him a prey for vultures like Trevor Lansing. I'm just saying to you, hey, you could have something different.

Johnny: No, you're trying to shut down the competition.

Sonny: This was your father's life. Why would you even want any part of it?

Johnny: You don't pay me off, and you sure as hell don't tell me what I want. Don't worry about Trevor, worry about me, because I'm going to take this organization exactly where my father wanted it to go. And if you don't get out of my way, I'll take you down.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: I wanted to continue as Jake's father.

Sam: Elizabeth is still in love with Jason.

Jason: You've always wanted what's best for Jake.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but Jake couldn't have a better father than you.

Sonny: You're going to end up killed. Can't say I didn't warn you.

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