GH Transcript Monday 11/19/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/19/07


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Nikolas' voice: How do you live for love when the one you love is gone?

Nikolas: You said -- you said that we would be together forever, right? And this way, we can.


Nikolas: I know that you want me to be strong for Spencer. I know that you want me to live for him. But I -- I can't do that if it means I have to live without you, you understand. Okay.

Nikolas: Oh.

Nikolas: God.

Tracy: Luke, it's okay. It's all right, it's all right. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Luke gasps]

Tracy: You need Daddy's pills. They're in my purse -- I'm going to find the pills.

Luke: Spank-- Spank--

Tracy: No, no, no, no, no, don't speak, don't speak, don't speak. Shh, shh, shh, it's okay. I'm just going to find the pills. They're here somewhere.

Luke: Couch, couch!

Tracy: Oh, my God. Ah!

[Luke pants]

Tracy: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't, it's all right, it's all right, I'm coming.


Tracy: Hold on, Luke. Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke.

Luke: Oh --

Tracy: Shh. Don't you dare leave me. Don't you leave me, sweetheart. Help! I need help in here!

Robin: What happened?

Tracy: Luke had a heart attack.

Robin: Oh, my God.

Tracy: Do something.

Robin: It's okay, it's okay.

Tracy: Don't let him die.

Kate: He's dead -- what more do you want?

Jimmy: Proof.

Kate: I had to watch the man that I love die. I'm not going to watch you desecrate his body.

Jimmy: Shut up!

Kate: Or what? What, you're going to kill me? Go ahead!


[Kate screams and gasps]

Sonny: Hey. Hey. It's okay, he's dead.

Johnny: Come on. Breathe. Breathe, damn it.

Lulu: Carly?

Jason: The storm is passing. You need to get out of here.

Anthony: You're concerned for me?

Jason: You're wasting time you don't have. You're going to get caught, Anthony.

Anthony: Quit stalling! Either you fly or she does. Now I'm pissed! Somebody's winging it tonight, dead or alive! Now, fly or die! Okey-dokey -- flight canceled.

[Gun cocks]

Anthony: I'll see you in hell.

Anthony: Ah! They're calling my flight -- I got to go!



Lulu: Carly? Carly, please be okay. Is she breathing, is she okay? Oh, my God.

[Carly coughs]

Lulu: Oh. Oh, thank God.


Lulu: It's okay. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. You're okay. You're okay.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Someone came up behind me.

Lulu: He'll get you some --


Lulu: Get you some water.


Lulu: Johnny was the one who found you. He gave you CPR. If it wasn't for him -- you're okay.

Carly: Thank you.

Lulu: Did you see who did it?

Carly: No, they came up behind me. One minute I was standing here waiting for Jason, the next minute, I just couldn't breathe. I kept trying, but I just kept choking. I couldn't breathe.

Lulu: It's okay, it's okay. You're okay.

[Carly coughs]

Lulu: Oh, my God, you're okay.

[Carly pants]


Anthony: Get me out of here.

Trevor: Not this time, old friend.

Anthony: You can’t.

Trevor: It's time to go home, time to die. We're of no use to each other anymore.

Nikolas: The person that you expect me to be -- the man, the father -- does not exist without you. Do you understand? Damn it, I need you. My life -- it doesn't mean anything without you.

Nikolas: I was the one who was supposed to go, not you -- never, ever you. I just wanted -- I just wanted to make you happy. That's all -- that's all I ever wanted to do.

Sam: Nikolas? Nikolas. What happened?

Sonny: Kate? Kate? Look at me. You need to relax, you need to breathe.

Kate: You are the one who donated most of your blood to save your brother's life and then got shot not long after. It's --

Sonny: Ow -- got it.

Kate: Sorry.

Sonny: I'm all right.

Kate: It's amazing that you can walk, let alone shoot someone.

Sonny: I know you were scared, but you did great. You kept your head level.

Kate: After the way you handled Anthony, I had no doubt that you could handle his henchman.

Sonny: I know I probably scared you with everything I said to him, but that's not really, you know --

Kate: What -- it worked, right? You went in there unarmed and you took control of the situation. You know, there's a lot of fortunate people on Wall Street who are happy that you chose a life of crime. Otherwise, you'd be running their businesses by now.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I never wanted this part of my life to touch you -- you know that.

Kate: You know, right now, Sonny, all I can think about is how grateful I am we're both alive.

[Luke pants]

Tracy: I gave him one of Daddy's pills -- it's not working. Why?

Robin: His pulse is sporadic and irregular. I need to shock his heart back into normal rhythm. Do you see that defibrillator? Go get it. Okay, okay. We need to move you to your back, nice and easy.

Luke: Ah!

Robin: All the way on your back. All the way down, okay. It's going to be okay.

Tracy: Here, sweetheart.

Robin: Open his shirt.


Robin: All the way.

Tracy: I'm sorry.

Robin: All the way. Okay, let me have it.

Tracy: Look -- what are you doing? Hurry up!

Robin: Do you want to do this, Tracy?

Tracy: No, you do it! He's dying!

Robin: Okay, stand back.

[Defibrillator charges, shocks]

Tracy: Anything?

Robin: No, no change.

Kate: This is the last thing that you need. You can barely walk, let alone shoot someone.

Sonny: Kate, you had no choice. Neither did I.

Kate: My hands are shaking.

Sonny: Listen to me. Hey. Remember last time we went to Coney Island, you wouldn't go in the ocean any deeper than your ankles because you thought the waves were going to pull you in and then take you down.

Kate: Yes, yes. You carried me out to the surf to get me to conquer my fear.

Sonny: Okay. You got to trust me right now like you did back then.


Kate: I'm not sure that you can last much longer without medical attention.

Sonny: Where are you going, Kate?

Kate: I'm going to go get a doctor, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't need a doctor.

Kate: You need help!

Sonny: I need you.

Mac: Tell the mayor no one wants those people off Spoon Island more than I do. My daughters and niece are out there.

Det. Harper: Hey.

Mac: How's Alexis?

Det. Harper: Ms. Davis came through the surgery, no complications. She gave a complete statement.

Mac: Does that corroborate what Jasper Jacks and his brother told the paramedics?

Det. Harper: Mm-hmm. According to Ms. Davis, there were several armed men patrolling the property when Mr. Jacks carried her down to the boat.

Mac: And what about Anthony Zacchara?

Det. Harper: Well, she never actually saw Zacchara, but D.A. Lansing got stabbed with some kind of ornamental sword and Ms. Davis thinks Zacchara did it.

Mac: All right, have a chopper standing by. As soon as the wind lets up, I want it in the air.

Det. Harper: No pilots are going to want to fly in this weather.

Mac: Then I'll fly it myself! We got to get those people off the island.

Elizabeth: Oh.

[Jason sighs]

Elizabeth: I was in the ballroom when Zacchara grabbed me and dragged me up here.

Jason: Did Zacchara say anything?

Elizabeth: That he wasn't going to let me have the chance to betray someone the way his wife betrayed him. You know, all I could think about when I was up on that ledge was Cameron and Jake, and who would take care of them when I was gone. I really tried to fight. I just wasn't strong enough.

Jason: You are stronger than you think.

Nikolas: I had another blackout.

Sam: Nikolas? Did you --

Nikolas: And when I woke up, she was -- she was next to me on the floor. I -- I tried -- I tried to save her, Sam. I -- I did. I did everything I could to help her breathe again. It was just too late.

Sam: Nikolas, I am so sorry. Does anyone else know?

Nikolas: Jason. Maybe some other people, I don't know, I'm not sure. The only thing I really care about right now is her.

Sam: Yeah, yeah, I know, but was there anyone else here? Nikolas, did you see Lucky?

Nikolas: Elizabeth gave me a shot -- I guess to take the pain away. Like that's even possible.

Carly: I can't believe I didn't see this coming.

Lulu: How could you?

Carly: Because after Leticia was killed, I started getting text messages from the killer.

Lulu: You tried to use yourself as bait to lure the killer out in the open? That's insane.

Johnny: You should know.

Carly: Well, look, you know, it doesn't matter because the messages were a hoax. Anthony killed Leticia and Emily and he just now tried to strangle me.

Johnny: My father didn't do this to you.

Carly: Yeah.

Lulu: No, Anthony did this. He tried to strangle Carly just like he did Emily.

Johnny: When I walked in the room, the guy who was choking Carly took off. I only caught a glimpse, but it was enough to know it wasn't my father.

Carly: Are you telling me there's another maniac running around this house killing people?

Johnny: All I know is it wasn't my father.

Lulu: So who killed Emily?

Logan: Everything okay?

Regina: There you are.

Leo: Hey.

Regina: How's Mr. Barnes?

Leo: Well, he's resting comfortably in post-op. I mean, aside from a few burns, you'd never know the guy got struck by lightning. Anyways – hey, Epiphany, where are we with triage?

Epiphany: Oh, the walking wounded from the expressway pileup have been treated and released. The three criticals are in surgery -- we've transferred two to Mercy.

[Phone rings]

Leo: Yeah. Okay.

Epiphany: Fifth-floor nurses' station.

Leo: Hey -- um -- is there any word from Patrick or anyone else on Spoon Island?

Regina: There was a detective here to speak to Alexis Davis.

Leo: Yeah, one of the paramedics who brought her in said D.A. Lansing was pinned to a wall with a sword stuck through him, something grotesque of that nature.

Epiphany: And with all due respect, Doctor --

Leo: Yeah?

Epiphany: We have at least a dozen patients waiting to be seen down in the E.R. Hmm?

Leo: Okay.

Epiphany: The D.A. is not one of them the last time I checked. Until he's admitted, I suggest that we focus on the patients we do have.

Russell: I just talked to Commissioner Scorpio. He's going to try to get a helicopter over to Spoon Island. Now, the commissioner requests all available medical personnel. Are there any volunteers?

Leo: Yeah, I'll go.

Russell: It's going to be dangerous.

Leo: Not afraid of a little bit of wind.

Russell: Apparently, the weather's going to be the least of the problems.

[Carly coughs]

Lulu: Johnny was giving Carly C.P.R. when I walked in.

Jason: Carly, what are you doing? I told you -- who -- who did this?

Carly: I don't know. They came up from behind me.

Jason: Are you breathing okay? Is your vision clear?

Carly: It looks worse than it is.

Jason: No, don't pretend to be okay. Were you unconscious? Did you stop breathing?

Johnny: The guy choked her. She started breathing again inside of a minute.

Jason: Was it your father?

Johnny: No.

Elizabeth: Oh, you know it had to be.

Carly: Oh.

Johnny: I only caught a glimpse of the guy, okay? He was running out of the room but I know it wasn't my father.

Logan: You know what? Listen, I can't believe any of you are buying this, all right? Carly gets strangled, Johnny happens to walk in just in time to save her so he provides an alibi for his crazy old man, who is still on the loose.

Jason: No, he's not. Your father jumped off the turret. And if the fall didn't kill him, maybe the shots I fired did.

Carly: How long ago did that happen?

Jason: I don't know, 20 minutes ago.

Carly: Then Zacchara couldn't have been the one who strangled me.

Nikolas: I'd been having blackouts all night, losing time. They're getting more frequent and they last longer.

Sam: Look, someone had to have hit you pretty hard to cause all of those bruises on your face and -- I don't know -- maybe if they knocked you out, it would explain why you don't remember what happened to Emily.

Nikolas: She had every reason to give up on me and just walk away. I saw -- I knew how scared she was, Sam. But she -- she just stayed with me anyway. And it cost her her life.

Sam: Excuse me. What the hell is wrong with you? Your best friend is lying there dead and you're going to leave Nikolas with her body so you can go after Jason?

Elizabeth: Does Lucky know?

Sam: I -- I doubt it. He went after Zacchara.

Elizabeth: Alone?

Sam: Oh, come on. Do not pretend that you care. Thanks to you and your lies, Lucky has nothing left to lose.

Luke: Lighten up, wife. I told you -- I'm not going to die in this hellhole.

Tracy: You just lie still. I'm not going to let you push it anymore. Robin had a difficult time getting your heart started.

Luke: Thank you, Dr. Robin.

Robin: Luke, if you have another heart attack, you're probably going to die.

Luke: Oh. Nice bedside manner.

Robin: Well, you need to know what you're dealing with. You have a very serious condition which requires immediate medical attention.

Tracy: Can't we do anything while we're waiting?

Robin: Well, I'm not a cardiologist. And I certainly can't perform a bypass with a butter knife and a spool of thread. You need to be in a hospital.

Luke: I've spent my life cheating death. He's not turning the tables on me now.

[Helicopter flies]

Tracy: Is that a helicopter?

Robin: It's the police. If they can get a chopper in, maybe they can get you out.


Trevor: The storm's abating. Huh. So let's get the men off the island before the police come.

Man: Yes, Sir. There's a backboard on the boat. Bring it up for Mr. Zacchara.

Trevor: That won't be necessary. From now on, Mr. Zacchara's going to fend for himself. Get moving.

Johnny: Congratulations. It couldn't have worked out better if you'd killed him yourself.

Trevor: John, your father's not dead -- yet.

Anthony: Johnny?

Anthony: Come closer. I want to see your eyes.

Anthony: Such beautiful brown eyes, like your mother. Take care of my roses.

Trevor: When the police arrive, admit to nothing. You didn't know your father was this unbalanced, much less a threat to anyone.

Johnny: Whose ass are you trying to cover, Trevor, huh? Mine or yours?

Trevor: No, John. Your interests are mine, and vice versa. We're going to do this together, so you better be very careful.

Johnny: Screw your advice.

Johnny: I'm done -- with all of it.

Kate: The helicopter must've landed on the north side of the property. I -- I can't see around this Godforsaken house. You know, Wyndemere is seriously making me reconsider my stance on conspicuous consumption. I mean, why the hell would anyone live in a house you need a G.P.S. to navigate its halls?

Sonny: Kate?

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: I know I must look like hell, but I tell you, I got no intention of dying.

Kate: You know what, Sonny? I would like a doctor's opinion on that.

Sonny: You have to stop worrying.

Kate: I have stopped worrying. It's a little hard, all right? You come into my life after 20 years, you tell me that you love me, and now you might possibly bleed to death.

Sonny: What's worse? Getting shot or saying "I love you"?

Kate: They're both equally traumatic in their own ways. I do love you, Sonny. I always have.

Trevor: Let it happen. Morgan will go down for murder and save your father humiliation of a public trial.

[Gun cocks]

Johnny: No.

Jason: Get out of the way.

Johnny: He can't hurt anybody now.

Jason: Let me make sure of that. Get out of the way!

Mac: Morgan. Drop your weapon, put your hands up.

Mac: Stand down.

Det. Harper: You want to tell us what happened here?

Jason: He jumped.

Mac: Before or after you put these bullet holes in him? Well, let me guess -- you're not going to talk without your attorney. All right, we'll start with you. Did you see Jason Morgan shoot your father?

Georgie: Dad!

Mac: Hi. Oh.

Georgie: Hi.

Maxie: We heard the helicopter from the barn.

Mac: Are you okay?

Georgie: We are now.

Mac: Good. Where's Robin?

Maxie: Last time I saw her, she was going up the stairs to help Ric.

Mac: How is he?

Maxie: Better than Emily.

Georgie: Emily's dead. She was strangled.

Det. Harper: Stay back, please.

Nadine: I'm a nurse. I might be able to help.

Det. Harper: A MedEvac is on its way.

Nadine: Then I'll see what I can do until it gets here.

Spinelli: I just wanted to express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your sister. If -- if there's anything I can do to be of assistance --

Mac: Jason -- I'm sorry about Emily. How long after Zacchara killed her did you try to kill him?

Sam: It's your fault that Lucky feels like he has nothing left to live for, and now he's out --

Elizabeth: I am not going to do this while my best friend is lying dead.

Sam: No, what if it were Lucky lying there? Not that you would give a damn, as long as you get Jason in the end.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, if you weren't so determined to get your pathetic revenge, Lucky would be here with Nikolas right now helping him through the worst night of his life.

Sam: Hmm. No, the truth needed to come out, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Then why don't you tell him all the deceitful things you've done?

Sam: Because he's been through enough already. I don't need to cause him any more pain.

Elizabeth: No, you don't want him to know who you really are.

Sam: Listen, I have never pretended to be perfect. Unlike you, I happen to care about what happens to Lucky. Since you obviously don't give a damn, I'll go find him myself.

Robin: Pray you don't have to use this again, but just keep it close by, in case.

Tracy: Where are you going?

Robin: To get help. I'll be right back. Listen, lie still. All right? Any additional exertion could bring on another heart attack.

Luke: You be careful out there.

Robin: I will.

Luke: Huh. Well, wife, alone at last. What do you say to a little mattress tag? Between my half-beating heart and your back, it might be kind of fun.

Tracy: Do you know, I've been so worried about you, I forgot about my back. Thank you for reminding me.

Luke: Well, you know, the grass is always stronger on the other side.

Tracy: Oh, enough.

Luke: What you need is a massage. So when we get out of here, feel free to call boy-toy Ramone to see if he can fit you in.

Tracy: Do you know how to shut up?

[Luke chuckles]

Tracy: The only hands I want on me are yours.

Sonny: Doctor's word or not, I'm -- I'm going to be fine. So, you don't have to say things that you normally wouldn't mean.

Kate: Well, too bad. I meant it, all right? I love you. God help me, but I do.

Sonny: I bet right now, you -- you wish I was anybody else. Like a banker or a media mogul -- anybody who didn't nearly get you killed.

Kate: Well, you saved my life tonight.

Sonny: And you put yours on the line for me. And that did not have to happen. This is who I am, Kate and if you're waiting for me to turn in -- you know, I don't know -- somebody else, it's not going to happen.

Kate: Shh. All right? I know who you are and where you come from. You're -- you are a loyal and caring man who happens to be in a very dangerous line of work, and I would rather learn to accept it than live without you.

Carly: I need to go find Sonny and Jax.

Lulu: No, no, someone tried to kill you, Carly. Until we know who it was, you are not going anywhere alone.

Logan: Lulu's right, Carly. Okay? You can't go running around the halls by yourself.

Carly: I thought you didn't believe Johnny's story.

Logan: I don't, all right? He's probably made it up to cover his father's tracks, or his own.

Lulu: Johnny did not try to kill Carly. He saved her life.

Carly: Then who did try and kill me?

Lulu: Whoever it is, is still out there

Logan: Not to mention, Zacchara's men are still hanging around, too.

Carly: I don't care; I need to find my husband.

Lulu: Then we are going together.

Johnny: Check the courtyard first.

Carly: Why?

Johnny: The cops are here. They're setting up a staging area, then they're taking everybody off the island by helicopter.

Carly: Sonny's probably out there.

Lulu: Are you coming?

Johnny: Go ahead. The cops have a MedEvac standing by. Make sure they know that your father needs to be one of the first people on there.

Det. Harper: Zacchara -- you walked away before the commissioner finished questioning you.

Johnny: I got distracted. Nobody told me to stick around.

Det. Harper: This is a crime scene. You're a potential witness, what we call an "interested party." But surely Anthony Zacchara's son knows all about that.

Johnny: You got questions, Detective, ask them.

Det. Harper: What can you tell me about your father's actions here tonight?

Johnny: I got nothing to say without my lawyer.

Det. Harper: Well, he can meet us at the station.

Trevor: No, that's not going to be necessary, Detective. Trevor Lansing, John's counsel.

Det. Harper: Detective Harper, PCPD.

Trevor: Well, how can we help you, Detective?

Det. Harper: I need to know what happened here tonight, and your client had a front-row seat.

Trevor: Well, Johnny wants to cooperate with you in any way possible.

Det. Harper: Good. You can start by telling me what your father was doing here.

Trevor: Detective, do you have kids?

Det. Harper: I don't see what that has to do with this investigation.

Trevor: Well, I remember the first time that my father got really sick. It terrified me. I mean, we didn't have a particularly good relationship. But just the fact that I could lose him -- it devastated me. So, you know that John is distraught with what transpired here this evening. He had no idea that his father suffered a severe mental breakdown, and it is going to take time for him to get used to that tragedy.

Det. Harper: Hmm.

Trevor: However, I would be happy to tell you exactly what happened here.

Det. Harper: You're not going to let him say a word, are you?

Leo: Luke Spencer?

Luke: Who's asking?

Leo: How are you? I'm Dr. Julian. Robin thought you could us my help.

Luke: I could use something to take the edge off. What do you got in there?

Leo: How about some nitroglycerin?

Tracy: We tried it. It's not working.

Leo: Okay, Epiphany, go ahead and start an I.V. -- morphine, two milligrams. Put him on oxygen ASAP, okay? Mr. Spencer, when did you first start noticing the pains?

Luke: About the time I hit the floor.

Leo: Okay, and any previous history of heart disease? Any risk factors I should know about? Anything?

Luke: No. I'm healthy as a team of horses.

Tracy: Well, except that he eats, drinks, and smokes anything he wants.

Luke: I mostly smoke fine Cuban cigars. They can't hurt you.

Tracy: Excuse me; my husband just had a massive coronary. If you do anything to exacerbate the situation, I will sue you.

Epiphany: Hey. I know you're scared. But yelling at the people who are trying to help is the quickest way to get a seat downstairs.

Tracy: If anything happens to my husband, I will have your medical license revoked.

Epiphany: People died here tonight. If you don't want your husband to be one of them, I suggest that you shut your mouth long enough for us to do our jobs.


Nikolas: The rain stopped.

Elizabeth: The helicopter landed a few minutes ago. They'll be coming in soon to take Em.

Nikolas: Will you stay with her?

Elizabeth: Where are you going?

Nikolas: I want to be alone, okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, of course, but where are you --

Nikolas: Thanks. Thank you.

Mac: Wait a minute, I need a statement.

Kate: Sonny is in no condition.

Sonny: Kate, Kate, it's okay.

Mac: What happened?

Sonny: Anthony Zacchara is what happened. He's totally certifiable. He should have been locked up years ago.

Mac: Did Anthony Zacchara try to kill Emily Quartermaine?

Sonny: Mac, you want to blame somebody for Emily's death? You blame Trevor Lansing, because he knew what Anthony Zacchara was up to, and he did nothing to stop him.

Trevor: Johnny, you did great. But you got to keep up your guard, because the stakes are higher than you can possibly imagine. Now, look, you follow my advice, I'm going to make this go away real quick. Together, we can minimize the fallout.

Johnny: And then what?

Trevor: Well, then -- Mr. John Zacchara, then maybe we can have some fun and rule the world.

Lulu: What did he want?

Johnny: To attach the ring to my nose. Hmm, you thought my father was nuts.

Tracy: Would it be too much to ask -- uh --

Sam: How's he doing?

Leo: Well, we're not going to know the extent of the damage until we get him to the hospital, do an angiogram --

Tracy: Then why are we still standing here? Let's move!

Leo: Let's go.

Luke: Wait! Where's Lucky?

Elizabeth: I keep waiting for you to wake up, for you to tell me that this has all been a huge mistake, that you're not really gone. I know this is selfish, but I need you, Em. You were the one person in my life I could talk to, the one person who could tell me what to do when my life was falling apart. You're my best friend.

Det. Harper: Ahem. I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is now a crime scene. I'm going to have to ask you to step back.

Elizabeth: I told her fiancé that I wouldn't leave her.

Det. Harper: I just need you to take a couple steps back so the evidence isn't compromised.

Det. Harper: Do you know if the body's been moved?

Elizabeth: Um -- yeah, when I -- when I first came in, her fiancé was holding her in his arms. They were sitting on the floor over there.

Det. Harper: Were you the one who found them?

Elizabeth: No. I was in the stables.

Det. Harper: Do you know who found Mr. Cassadine with Ms. Quartermaine?

Carly: We did.

Det. Harper: Can you walk me through what happened?

Carly: Um -- we were in the main entry with my husband and his brother, and we heard Nikolas screaming.

Det. Harper: And what was he saying?

Carly: He was saying Emily's name. When we came in the room, he was sitting in the middle of the floor and he was holding Emily, and, um, she was already gone.

Det. Harper: Did you see anyone leave the room?

Carly: No.

Det. Harper: And what about you? You seem to keep popping up everywhere. Surely you must know something.

[Surf crashes]

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Sam: Have you seen Lucky?

Det. Harper: What about Mr. Cassadine? Any reason you know that he'd want to hurt his fiancée?

Nikolas: God, what have I done to her?

Luke: I need you to do something for me, if anything happens.

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