GH Transcript Friday 11/16/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/16/07


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Carly's voice: They say when you're dying, you see a white light. I think you remember the face of someone you love.

Carly: So if I use this with my cell phone to call or text someone, you wouldn't know the call was coming from me?

Jax: No, you wouldn't be able to trace it back to your cell phone.

Carly: That doesn't make sense.

Jax: Why?

Carly: Because Leticia and Emily were both killed the same way, which means Anthony Zacchara killed them both. Who's been texting me?


Elizabeth: I don't know -- it just doesn't feel real that she's gone.

[Nikolas mumbles]

[Waltz music plays]

Nikolas: Emily?

Nikolas: Get away from him.

[Emily gasps]

Nikolas: No! No! No! No, get away! Get away from -- Emily! Emily –

Sonny: Wake up, Jerry! Where's Kate?

Jerry: Zacchara took her. He said it's time you played the game.

Anthony: I warned Corinthos the day he forced his way into my home. I told him he'd have to play. He refused.

[Anthony chuckles]

Anthony: Sooner or later, they all play.

Kate: But what if Sonny doesn't come after me? What if he goes after your son instead?

Anthony: He'll come. Women draw men like maggots to rancid meat. You should have run when you had the chance.

Kate: I didn't -- ahem -- I didn't want to miss my chance to see the roses.

Anthony: What roses?

Kate: Here, at Wyndemere. The gardens are supposed to be spectacular. Have you seen them, Mr. Zacchara?

Nadine: This is a salve we found in back. It's supposed to be for horses, but it has an antibiotic, so --

Logan: How'd you hurt yourself, Johnny?

Johnny: I don't remember. I'll do that.

Logan: You know, it looks like you were gripping on something too tight and you gouged you palm. It seems kind of weird you don't remember.

Spinelli: The unworthy one appears to be making a point, but it remains elusive, and is probably erroneous.

Logan: You know, I saw guys in combat with cuts like that. Rope, wire, a cord. They dig in, you know, when you're holding on too tight. Say, when you're strangling someone.

Nikolas: No --

Elizabeth: No, Nikolas -- you've been sedated, honey. I don’t want you to move around, okay?

Nikolas: No, no, I want to be with her, okay?

Elizabeth: I just want you to rest.

Nikolas: No --

Jason: She's -- she's dead.

Nikolas: No, she isn’t. No. That was -- that was just in my nightmare. It wasn't real! Baby -- oh -- oh, God -- oh, God, you're so cold. You're so cold. Why is she -- why is she so cold? Hey -- hey, it's me. It's me, Nikolas. You hear me? Oh, please speak to me. Please. Please -- God, I just need to hear your voice. Please, God -- oh. Please.

Tracy: How are you feeling?

Luke: Like somebody parked an R.V. on my chest. And they said I didn't have a heart.

Tracy: Well, you've been abusing it for years. It finally staged a protest. I can't say I love the timing, but it could have been worse.

Luke: You think?

Tracy: Yeah. You could be face down on the floor in a bar in Sri Lanka with some floozy who doesn't speak English.

Luke: Floozy speaks English. You're thinking of trollop.

Tracy: Why don't you shut up?

[Luke chuckles]

Tracy: Concentrate on living.

Luke: Ah. Going to take more than a mere coronary to kick my bucket, wife.

Tracy: Well, that's reassuring, because I would definitely miss being annoyed by you.

Luke: Sweet. So -- ahem -- any news on our chances of getting out of here?

Tracy: No. The storm isn't abating. We're going to have to stay put for a while.

Luke: Oh, my God. When I think of all the time I've wasted on stupid things --

Tracy: You'll have to be more specific. You've done a lot of stupid things.

Luke: I've been chained -- a prisoner to my past.

Tracy: Except when you go on the road to escape it.

Luke: You're my escape, Tracy. You dragged me out of the past and you gave me a future. I have no intention of giving it up.

Trevor: Oh. You look terrible.

Jerry: Oh. And you look remarkably well for a man who let a psychotic person go on a killing spree. Oh, by the way, Anthony Zacchara abducted Kate.

Trevor: He didn't by any chance mention where he was taking her, did he?

Jerry: Well, if you're planning a rescue attempt, take a number. Sonny's on his way to rescue his lady love.

Trevor: He'll probably do more harm than good.

[Jerry chuckles, coughs]

Jerry: Spoken with the bitterness of the man who lost -- in more ways than one since your attempt at damage control ended in dismal failure.

Trevor: Oh, Jerry, you're rambling. I mean, how much blood have you lost?

Jerry: You called in the mercenaries to control any witnesses to Zacchara's insanity, didn't you?

Trevor: Now, that's an interesting theory.

Jerry: It won't do any good, you know? To smuggle Anthony away. Too many people have seen him. You can't kill them fast enough.

Trevor: Jerry, I never wanted to kill anyone. But Anthony, on the hand -- it's a different story.

Kate: I've heard the roses here are exceptional. Something having to do with --

Anthony: My roses -- I saw you admiring my roses when Trevor brought you to the house. I almost killed you for being alive when Maria was dead.

[Door creaks]

Anthony: You can come in with your hands showing. Or else I'll shoot her. You could watch her bleed to death.

Sonny: I came alone, just like -- just like you asked.

Anthony: I'm disappointed, Mr. Corinthos. So far, you have not lived up to your reputation.

Sonny: Well, that makes two of us. I thought you were a businessman who knew how to prioritize. But I guess I was wrong, right?

Anthony: I managed to get a hostage without a problem.

Sonny: Is that why you came here, Anthony, to get a hostage? Because I can get one, too. Matter of fact, I -- I almost killed your son tonight. He's okay. He was wandering around downstairs. So if you kill me or Kate, my enforcer will shoot your son's head right off. So who wins in that scenario?

Anthony: I do. I hate my son. I've wanted him dead since he was a child.

Sonny: Then kill me. See what happens.

Anthony: Sit. Are you ready to play the game?

Sonny: You want to play Russian roulette? Yeah, I can't wait.

Anthony: Ah. I spin the chamber, I aim at her head. If she's still alive, it's your turn.

Sonny: No, that's not going to work for me.

Anthony: I know. You think I care what works for you?

Sonny: She's an innocent. Okay? But that doesn't matter to you because you kill civilians all the time, am I right, Zacchara? Which makes you stupid and sloppy, and it proves that you have lost your head for business.

Anthony: You love her.

Sonny: I've lost people I love before. And I have been on the brink of madness, just like you. But the difference is you fell. I won’t.

Nikolas: No. No. No. No, baby. How did this happen to you?


Nikolas: I was supposed to protect you. But I -- I failed, didn't I? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why did you come back in here?

Nikolas: I loved you. God, I loved you. I loved you so much. And now -- and now, I -- I killed you. I killed you.

Logan: Where were you, Johnny, when Emily was killed, huh?

Lulu: Johnny didn't strangle Emily, his father did.

Logan: Of course. The all-purpose excuse -- blame crazy father while you play the good guy.

Spinelli: Emily's death is a profound loss, not a weapon for the unworthy one to vent his --

Logan: Hey --

Spinelli: Jealousy of the competition.

Logan: Maybe I just don't want Lulu to be next, all right?

Lulu: I want to see Nikolas.

Johnny: You agreed to stay.

Lulu: Your father said he wouldn't try to kill me until sunrise. It's still dark.

Nadine: Oh, do we really have to do this again? I mean, every time you leave, you risk the lives of everyone lining up to save you.

Lulu: Look, I get that this isn't about me, but my brother's fiancée was murdered! Okay? I'm going to go help them. Will you take me?

Logan: Of course, come on.

Johnny: If we run into my father, I got a better chance of survival. Let's go.

Nadine: Look, try to calm down, okay? From what I've seen, Lulu's in a lot less danger than anyone else.

Tracy: I can only assume when you start yammering about how I've changed your life, that it must be the delirium setting in.

Luke: Hey, I just had a heart attack that ranked a solid eight on the Richter scale. I'm entitled to my delirium.

Tracy: Is this deathbed chatter?

Luke: If it is, you might want to let me get a word in. It's ironic that my ticker jumps its track here, in the house of Cassadine. Mikkos, Stefan, and Stavros must be laughing their flaming asses off.

Tracy: You never let the Cassadines beat you. Why start now?

Luke: Ooh, careful, Tracy. You're thinking like a Spencer.

Tracy: No need to get insulting. I am not a Spencer. I am your wife. You say you want a future. I'd be willing to share mine.

Trevor: The surviving guests should be on their guard, each looking to his own best interests.

Jerry: Oh. I take it we're all encouraged to develop amnesia, then. Anthony Zacchara was never there. It was a nameless, faceless man wandering around in the dark.

Trevor: Ah, Jerry, now you're talking. The world is full of unbalanced individuals.

Jerry: Yes. You and your son are living proof. Now, how is Ric going to feel about you covering for the man who tried to kill him? Huh?

Trevor: Well, I doubt whether Richie will remember anything. But it would be best for you all if you didn't remind him.

Jax: What are you doing here?

Trevor: What do you mean, what am I doing here? I'm checking on your brother. Why did you leave him alone? He could hurt himself.

Jax: What was that about?

Jerry: Trevor's starting to do damage control.

Carly: It's a little late for that.

Jax: How many people have actually seen Anthony Zacchara?

Jerry: Exactly. Trevor might be starting to eliminate witnesses, so you should be careful what you say around him. If Trevor hears that you've spoken or even seen Zacchara, he may decide that you need to be silenced.

Luke: Let's don't get all sentimental here, Tracy.

Tracy: Fine, I won't get sentimental if you don't die.

Luke: Are you sure you want to make that deal? You know, with me out of the picture, you could get yourself some live, winsome cabana boy who would be happy chained to your bed. Wouldn't try to run away. Wouldn't try to borrow money.

Tracy: You don't borrow money, you steal it. And not that live, winsome cabana boys don't have their charms. I just like my men more seasoned.

Luke: Wise woman. I am at your service, madam.

Tracy: When we get off this island, Monica is going to get your heart condition under control.

Luke: Yeah, well, we'll talk about all that when we're out of here.

Tracy: No, I think we're going to talk about it now. There's no bucking this subject, because much to my chagrin, I find that I need you.

Luke: Fine. In that case, I won't die.

Elizabeth: Jason, he doesn't know what he's saying.

Jason: What -- what'd you just say? Nikolas, what's -- what's the last thing that you remember? Was Emily here when you got knocked out?

Nikolas' voice: You have to leave. You have to leave here, right now, because I can't protect you anymore. Come on, Emily, let's go.

Emily: Nikolas, no.

Nikolas: You have to go. No.

Emily: I'm -- I'm staying here.

Jason: Did you see someone attack Emily?

Nikolas: Jason, she wasn't supposed to be here. I wanted to protect her.

Lulu: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Hmm.

Lulu: I'm so sorry.

Nikolas: She said that we would spend the rest of our lives together. She said that. Well, tonight was the end of that, because there is no rest of her life. And it's my fault. It's my -- I did -- I did this to her. I did this.

Lulu: Well, you don't know what you're saying. You're --

Nikolas: What?

Lulu: You could never hurt Emily, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Oh, why is everyone trying to protect me?

Lulu: I'm sorry.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help.

Elizabeth: He just needs to work this out on his own right now.

Lulu: Well, you said your -- your father kills for fun. That's what you said. He's the one who did this, right?

Johnny: It seems that way.

Lulu: He's in shock. He doesn't know what he's saying. Johnny's father killed Emily.

Jax: You know, I've been thinking -- how did the gunmen get to the island?

Jerry: Well, their boat's probably on the north side of the island. Why -- why don't you take Carly and go find it?

Jax: I'm not leaving you.

Jerry: Oh, come on, I'm hardly fit for traveling.

Jax: Jerry, if I have to carry you, I'm not leaving you behind.

Carly: He can't go anywhere, Jax.

Jerry: Yeah, you need to rethink your option here. Once the mercenaries start shooting, they're not going to stop.

Carly: Okay, well, maybe they found Anthony Zacchara.

Jerry: Oh, he was here. Charming man. All but foamed at the mouth.

Jax: What happened?

Jerry: Well, Anthony took Kate, and I was left here to relay the message that Zacchara is in the turret room waiting for Sonny to "play the game," so to speak.

[Jerry coughs]

Jax: Could you get him some water?

Jerry: Ahem. Oh.

Sonny: You remember the rules of negotiation, don't you, Anthony? We both want something, we set our terms, and we reach an agreement.

Anthony: Don't talk down to me, you glorified pimp. You think I don't know how you got started, running a strip club for Frank Smith?

Sonny: We all got to start somewhere, and this is where we wound up. But you got a son downstairs you want to keep alive, and I -- I got the best enforcer in the business just waiting to blow his head right off. So what are you going to offer me, Anthony?

Anthony: Here. You can kiss her goodbye.

Sonny: Okay, that's not -- I'm going to need more than that.

Anthony: What do you want me to do, beg for mercy when I'm the one holding the gun?

Sonny: Okay, you want to leave here with your son. I can make that happen. She's got to go out that door.

Anthony: One of you is going to die. I've been letting people choose tonight, so make a choice.

Sonny: You pull that trigger, it's like killing your own son. Just let her go. I will stay here in good faith.

Anthony: You could do better than that.

Sonny: Take it or leave it, Anthony!

Anthony: You never told me -- do you keep roses?

Sonny: I don't know. You're going to have to ask my gardener.

Anthony: Maybe he could plant one on your grave.

Anthony: She can go. But she'd better go quick!

Kate: Sonny --

Sonny: Go! Okay. I'm going to walk out of here. I don't want to play any more games. You're going to shoot me, you're going to shoot me.

Anthony: Now you can go.

[Knock on door]

Coop: It's Coop -- open up!

Logan: Where have you guys been?

Georgie: Behind something called the north parlor with all the other servants and guests.

Coop: I took a tour of the entire house. The rooms are much too easily accessed, so I got Maxie and Georgie down here to a more defensible place.

Georgie: I'm really glad you're okay.

Maxie: "Glad"? You've been driving us crazy worrying about this nerd. You should be thrilled.

Georgie: I -- I was worried about everyone.

Spinelli: The Jackal is -- is glad the faithful friend is also well, but --


Spinelli: We have some sad tidings. Emily's dead.

Georgie: What happened?

Nadine: She -- she was strangled to death.

Spinelli: Yeah, we -- we assume the assailant to be Anthony Zacchara.

Georgie: Oh, my -- that's awful. Poor -- poor Emily.

Spinelli: You know, it's -- it's time for us men to -- to leap into action.

Logan: "Us men"?

Spinelli: Yeah -- yeah. You two, your soldiery was honed during your -- your time in the field, and the Jackal learned at the feet of Stone Cold. I mean, God, we got to take a stand.

Coop: I'm in.

Logan: We got one gun, Coop.

Spinelli: And courage. And --

Georgie: Oh.

Spinelli: The humble tools of the farrier. Come on, it's a start.

Coop: All right, hey, let's go. You stay here.

Maxie: You don't have to tell me twice.

Georgie: Um -- be careful, okay?

Spinelli: We will be more than that. We will find the monster before he strikes --

Logan: Less talk, more action. Come on, let's go.

Spinelli: We shall return victorious.

Logan: All right.

Kate: I knew you would come -- ahem. I tried to stall him. I -- I remembered what you said about the roses and -- Sonny, that bullet hit you.

Sonny: No, I -- I'm okay.

Kate: No, don't be such a man.

Sonny: I thought you liked that about me.

Kate: Oh, okay. Just -- okay, just stay there.

Sonny: You're a little pushy, Kate. Does that mean you're scared?

Kate: Unbutton your shirt. Yeah, yeah, I'm scared, Sonny. I lost you once and I don't want to lose you again.

Sonny: I've been -- I've been shot before. As far as bullet wounds go, this one's not that bad.

Kate: How many times have you been shot? Okay, you know what? I don't want to know that. Are you dizzy?

Sonny: Sometimes that happens when I look at you.

Kate: Damn it, Carly was right.

Sonny: Don't ever let her hear you say that.

Kate: What? I'm the one who talked you into giving that transfusion and if -- if anything happens to you, Sonny, it's my fault.

Sonny: Listen. You appealed to my better side. A lot of people don't see that in me. And I -- I intend to live up to that.

Trevor: It's time to go home, Anthony.

Anthony: Corinthos is still alive.

Trevor: That can be handled.

[Trevor whistles]

Trevor: Jimmy, come here. Find Corinthos and kill him. Make it look like Mr. Zacchara did it. No. There'll be a woman with him. Don't harm her.

Anthony: When did you start giving orders?

Trevor: Oh, Anthony. We're running out of time. Allow these gentlemen to escort you to the boat and take you home. I'll tie this off.

Anthony: When I leave, it'll be with my son.

Trevor: I'm going to make sure that Johnny goes home. Come on, let's go.

Anthony: Hey! I got one bullet left. Go ahead; give another order like you're the man in charge. Go ahead.

Trevor: Anthony -- we're on the same side.

Anthony: Since when?

Logan: Hey --

Coop: No, no, no. No, no, they have machine guns.

Spinelli: But you have the Jackal.

Anthony: I'm not leaving without Johnny.

Trevor: Tony, how many years we do for each other and how many times I've pulled you out of a tough situation? Well, we're in a mess now. I got to get our people off the island now.

Spinelli: Police! Throw down your weapons!

Coop: Put your hands where we can see them!

Logan: We have you surrounded!

Nikolas: You told me tonight that you wanted to go to Italy. We had so many plans together, Emily.


Nikolas: How am I supposed to live this life without you?

Jason: This isn't right.

Elizabeth: Why are you staring at Nikolas like that? Zacchara did this. Nikolas could never hurt Emily.

Jason: I saw him.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: Jason, I know his blackouts have been really bad and -- and he's been out of control, but he would never do something so completely against his own nature. Emily said it herself.

Jason: Emily was in love.


Jason: Stay here.

Nikolas: No -- no.

Nikolas: I was planning a surprise for you -- Christmas.

Nikolas: It was a trip to Switzerland. We were going to stay in this little chalet in the mountains. Yeah. There's this -- this huge fir tree that grows just outside the front door there so we would have our very own Christmas tree to decorate.

Nikolas: How did you get away from me? You weren't supposed to get away from me. You -- but you did. I just wanted to spend Christmas with you, laughing and having fun like we always have together.

Nikolas: Oh, God. I'll -- I'll -- I'll never hear you laugh again at all. Never again.

Man: Ah!

Spinelli: Curses upon the evildoer! Huh -- yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Fellow -- fellow soldiers of the night?

Spinelli: Guys -- huh!

Logan: Everybody doing all right in here?

Luke: We're okay. Where's Lulu?

Logan: Lulu's fine. Um -- she sent me back here to check on you. Uh -- I have something I need to tell you guys.

Tracy: What?

Logan: Emily Quartermaine was killed tonight. We believe Zacchara strangled her.

Tracy: I don't believe you.

Logan: I'm sorry. Maybe I -- maybe I shouldn't have told you guys.

Tracy: Where is she?

Logan: Emily's down in the ballroom. Um -- I'm not really sure when it happened. I've been with Lulu.

Luke: Does Nikolas know?

Logan: Yes, he does. He's -- he's the one who found her body.

Jason: Carly, stop!

Carly: Oh, God, Jason, you scared me to death.

Jason: Well, what the hell are you doing wandering around here by yourself?

Carly: I have to find Sonny.

Jason: Well, yeah? Well, where is he?

Carly: Anthony Zacchara took Kate up to the turret as some game he's playing with Sonny.

Jason: Okay, I'll take care of it. You go back to Jax.

Carly: I'm coming with you.

Jason: Forget it, Carly.

Carly: No, you are --

Jason: All right, listen, I don't have time for this! Please. Just go back to Jax. I need to know that you're okay.

Carly: Absolutely, whatever you need. Okay.

Kate: I think you give me way too much credit.

Sonny: You don't believe me? You don't think you appeal to my better side?

Kate: I think it's a lovely sentiment, but you need to rest.

Sonny: I'm trying to tell you how I feel here. Every time I try to tell you something, you get all uncomfortable and jittery.

Kate: What? I've developed a pretty tough shell since I left Bensonhurst, all right? And maybe I don't like feeling vulnerable.

Sonny: I don't like it, either. But I -- I have more hope when I'm with you.

Kate: And you think it would've been better if we'd run away together?

Sonny: Well, we're not going to ever know that, right?

Kate: Mm-hmm. You know what, Sonny?

Sonny: Hmm?

Kate: Things happen the way they're supposed to, all right? We both went our separate paths and we both fulfilled our dreams, and along the way, you had three children who loved you.

Sonny: You know --

Kate: Things happen the way they're supposed to.

Sonny: All I know is that rainy night when you showed up in my office trying to act like you didn't know who I was -- it was probably one of the best nights of my life.

Kate: Okay, I'll tell you what. You shut up and rest, all right, and I will give you the best night of your life.

Sonny: Just one?

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: Just one night?

Kate: Maybe two.


Kate: Sonny? Sonny! Sonny?

[Music plays]

Luke: Help me up.

Tracy: No. Luke, what are you doing?

Luke: -- I'm going to Nikolas.

Tracy: No, no, no.

Luke: He's going to need help.

Tracy: No, no --

[Object crashes to floor]

Tracy: Luke!

Luke: Oh -- don't!

Tracy: Luke -- no!

Luke: Oh!

Tracy: Luke, Luke, Luke! No!

Nikolas: You -- you don't understand. It -- it doesn't work without you! I -- I need you! It doesn't work without you!

Singer: Your bedside am I aware of the pain? Tonight all the stars align close my eyes and pray I hold you in my arm do you know I miss you already?

Singer: Underneath the night I cannot stop the tears from falling like pouring rain knowing there's a time here heaven

Nikolas: God -- I can't -- I can't stay here without you.

Singer: Don't let this moment fade

[Door kicks in]

Kate: You're too late. He's gone already.


Anthony: Can you fly, Morgan? Can she? Let's find out.

Jason: Let her down!

Anthony: Drop the gun.

Jason: She's done nothing to you.

Anthony: Somebody flies tonight. If not her, you. Get up on the wall and jump or I'll push her off.

Singer: And how long will I

Anthony: Oh, you love her, don't you? Okay. You can watch her die or you can die for love. Your choice.

Elizabeth: Jason, no.

Singer: Underneath the night I cannot stop the tears from falling like pouring rain knowing there's a time here and hell for me

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Kate: What, you're going to kill me?


Kate: Oh!

Lulu: Carly?

Anthony: Now fly or die!

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