GH Transcript Friday 11/2/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/2/07


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Sonny's voice: Sometimes, you -- you only see the danger in hindsight. And you tell yourself "I should have known." And then it's too late.

Sonny: Looks like the power went out.

Kate: Well, power is overrated.

Sonny: Here you go.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Are you warm enough?

Kate: Well, ends.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: If I stay in your arms, definitely. If you plan on letting me go, I might catch a chill. I had just about given up hope seeing you tonight.

Sonny: I got to tell you -- I'm lucky I made it. But you know what? We're stuck here, which is actually a good thing. I mean, if you --

Kate: You think? You think we're stuck?

Sonny: Well, I mean, I'm with you, right? The storm has settled, so the water's rough. There's no way to make it back to the mainland. How -- how was the -- how was the party?

Kate: Mm-hmm, pleasant enough.

Sonny: Pleasant? Well, that doesn't sound like a great endorsement.

Kate: I was at wit's ends just a few moments ago. I think that the party is going to start looking up right about now.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: It's already better.

Coop: Easy now.

Carly: I want you to keep your hands where I can see them.

Coop: What's this about?

Carly: Karma. Payback. Whatever you want to call it. And before it comes down all over you, I want you to tell me why.

Coop: Why what?

Carly: You killed Leticia. And I want to know why. And then I'm going to blow your head off.

Lulu: Your father doesn't even know me! Why would he want to kill me?

Johnny: I'll explain when we get back to Port Charles.

Lulu: Well, as you pointed out, there are no launches, and even if there were, there's no way I'm getting on a boat in the middle of this storm!

Johnny: Then you better hope my father never made it onto this island.


[Alexis screams]

Alexis: I'll get -- I'll get -- I'll get Patrick and Robin!

Lulu: Oh, my God! What happened?

Alexis: Go, Lulu, go! Go get help!

Johnny: I'm coming with you.

Alexis: It's okay, just stay there. No, you stay right here. He might come back. Just stay right here. It's okay.

Johnny: Be careful.

Alexis: God, just hold on. Just hold on. Hold on. It's okay.

Sam: Great. Just --

Lucky: Sam, what are you doing?

Sam: Hey. Um -- the generator's out, and I used to have a generator on my boat, and it used to act up all the time, so I figured I would try and get this one going, because it sure as hell beats standing around feeling absolutely useless.

Lucky: Okay. You want some company?

Sam: Not necessary, actually.

Lucky: You still upset about your fight with Elizabeth?

[Sam sighs]

Lucky: Unless you're upset with me.

Sam: Why would I be?

Lucky: Well, something's bothering you.

Sam: Okay, Lucky, listen. You are a great guy, a really great guy, and you don't deserve to be treated the way that Elizabeth treats you. So, it's just -- sometimes --

Lucky: It's just what?

Sam: All right, I'm going to say it -- I just --

Elizabeth: Hey, Lucky, I need to speak with you.

Sam: Go ahead. I'll be fine.

Lucky: What's up?

Elizabeth: I know I'm not your favorite person tonight, but this is really --

Lucky: Well, can you blame me? What were you thinking, starting a fight with Sam at my brother's engagement party?

Elizabeth: Okay, I realize you think Sam hung the moon, but every conversation is not about her. Nikolas could be seriously ill.

Nikolas: Looks to me like the clasp just snapped right off. Did you catch it on something?

Leyla: It was -- it was an accident.

Nikolas: Oh. So in other words, someone ripped it off? Well, certainly -- it's certainly beautiful. Antique?


Leyla: It was my great-grandmother's. The necklace is one of the few things my parents got out of Iran when they immigrated, so it means something to me.

Nikolas: Well, I know what it feels like to have a family heirloom passed down into my care, and how upsetting it is when it's broken. Listen, you can cover all you want for whoever did this, but someone deliberately ripped your grandmother's antique necklace off.

Leyla: It's not a big deal. It's --

Nikolas: No, I -- I completely disagree. Does Patrick know about it? And if he does, why didn't he defend you? Or is he the one who did it?

Leyla: I'll just get it fixed. It's really -- really not a big deal. Don't worry about it.

Nikolas: Well, that's not the point.

Emily: Nikolas –

Logan: Spinelli, look, okay, back off. Something's happened to Lulu you don't know about. She's disappeared.

Spinelli: Do you have inside information about this?

Nadine: Not really. I mean, I have no idea where Lulu is.

Logan: Why -- why don't you just tell us what you do know.

Nadine: Some guy came up to me. He thought I was Lulu because we're in the same dress. He wanted to dance with her but he said he couldn't cut in, so he asked me to do it for him.

Jax: Have you seen Carly?

Jerry: No, he answers with creeping dread. Why?

Jax: She claims she's been texting Michael all night, but --

Jerry: And knowing Carly, that means trouble looms.

Jason: Is the boat ready?

Max: The Coast Guard shut down the harbor for a reason. This storm's supposed to be a record breaker.

Jason: I don't need a weather report; I just need a full tank of gas.

Max: You're still not going to make it to Spoon Island.

Jason: I don't have a choice, Max.

Max: What's out there that's worth risking your life for?

Jason: Carly is running around Wyndemere with a gun. If I don't stop her, she's going to kill somebody or she's going to get killed.

Carly: I received a text message from the person who killed Leticia, and he said he'd meet me here in 10 minutes.

Coop: Half the town is in this place tonight. Anyone could have walked in this room.

Carly: "Anyone" didn't, you did.

Coop: I am a cop, not a killer. Now, I know you're upset about your son's nanny --

Carly: Why did you respond to my text message?

Coop: I didn’t.

Carly: The text I received said to meet in 10 minutes and you walked in right on time.

Coop: I --

Carly: Am I supposed to believe that's just a coincidence?

Coop: I -- I'm working a case. I got a text from the station, and I was about to answer.

Carly: That sounds convenient.

Coop: You don't want to do anything here that you can't take back, so give me the gun.

Carly: Don't move!

Coop: Killing the wrong person isn't going to bring Leticia back. Now give me the gun.

Carly: I missed on purpose. Next time, I won’t. Now, once again, tell me, why did you kill Leticia?

Coop: How about this? Don't give me the gun, just put it down. I'll back out of here with my hands where you can see them --

Carly: Nice try -- I'm not that naive. The second I put this gun down, you're going to kill me.

Maxie: What's wrong with you? Why are you holding him at gunpoint?

Coop: Carly thinks I killed her nanny.

Maxie: Carly, that's ridiculous.

Carly: Really? What is it about this man that makes you trust him so much?

Maxie: That's easy. I know who he really is.

Spinelli: Look, back off, simian. My date has told you everything she knows about fair Lulu and the phantom dancer, right?

Logan: Look -- move, move. Listen, if you didn't know this guy, why would you go out of your way to help him?

Nadine: Because he asked, because he was cute, because it's a masquerade ball, and it sounded like fun. Or how about because I felt like it, and it didn't seem like the end of the world? And if none of those answers satisfy you, then maybe you're the problem and not this guy, whoever he is.

Logan: Whoa, whoa, hold on. You're a little new around here to be throwing around the attitude and judgment. There are things going on you don't even know about.

Lulu: We need a doctor! Somebody stabbed Ric Lansing!

Robin: You're acting like I told Maxie to go and rip that necklace off of Leyla's neck.

Patrick: Okay, Robin, why don't you explain to me? What happened?

Robin: Maxie and Georgie saw that I was a little sad, and so they corralled me for some girl talk.

Patrick: "Girl talk" -- wow, that phrase covers a whole multitude of sins, doesn't it?

Robin: What does that mean?

Patrick: It's always the same with you. Blame someone else than taking your own emotional responsibility. Easier to play the victim to your family and blame Leyla. You put undeniable pressure on our relationship and that's what ended it.

Robin: First of all, I didn't play the victim to anybody. And it ended because I made the unspeakable mistake of admitting that I wanted to have a child with you.

Patrick: You wanted a child, period. It didn't have a hell of a lot to do with me, proven by the fact that five minutes after we broke up, you got up every guy in this city looking for DNA. Do you know how reactive that sounds? How immature and desperate that is?

Robin: Excuse me; you're the one that's immature. You said that you loved me, and then the minute you had to actually back that up, you bolted. Now, that's desperate.

Patrick: That's one thing. You wanted a family and I didn’t.

Robin: No, you wanted an excuse to get out of the relationship. You said that you loved me; you actually made me believe that. It turns out I was just an exercise in fidelity for you.

Patrick: I loved you. I was honest with you from the beginning about my commitment issues, about not wanting a family. As soon as everything didn't go your way, you bailed. Now, take responsibility and move on!

Nikolas: So how many women are you planning on leaving in tears tonight, huh?

Robin: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Huh?

Robin: What are you -- Nikolas! Nikolas, stop!

Nikolas: Go away!

Emily: Nikolas -- stop!

Elizabeth: Nikolas has been having these rage attacks for the past few weeks now. And when they're over, he doesn't remember what he did. That's what happened in the courtyard when he was yelling at Emily. And sometimes it's worse. Sometimes he gets violent. According to Emily, he's already gone off on several people, even Alexis. That's why he sent her back to the lake house to be with Kristina and Molly.

Lucky: I'd better go find Nikolas. Thanks for telling me.

Elizabeth: I know how strong and caring you can be in a crisis.

Lucky: Thanks for that, too.

Elizabeth: I left the ballroom to go look for flashlights and stuff, so --

Lucky: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hmm?

Lucky: Be careful wandering the corridors, okay?

Elizabeth: I'll be fine. I'm constantly telling Cameron there's no such thing as monsters in the closet. What kind of mom would I be if I didn't believe it myself?


Jax: Is he going to make it?

Leyla: He's alive. That's all I can say right now.

Nadine: Mr. Lansing's losing a lot of blood. This sword went straight through. It looks like it hit an artery.

Leyla: We need a doctor.

Jax: I didn't see Patrick or Robin in the ballroom. They must be somewhere else.

Alexis: Would it be better if we took him off the floor?

Leyla: I --

Jax: You think that's a good idea?

Leyla: No, he needs to be in a bed. It's better for him.

Jax: Okay.

Leyla: Keep staunching the wound. I'm going to get Drs. Drake and Scorpio.

Skye: No land lines, no cell phone. No way to get help.

Jax: That's exactly what the attacker was probably counting on.

Skye: Who would do something like this?

Jerry: All right. I think we need to proceed for the remainder of the night with extreme caution. Whoever did this is more than likely still in the house, and we are sitting ducks, ladies and gentlemen.

Jax: Where's the nearest bedroom?

Alexis: I'll show you.

Jax: Okay. Let's get him up. One, two, three --

[Jax and Jerry grunt]

Lulu: I can't believe how awful this is.

Johnny: He's here.

Lulu: Who?

Johnny: My father.

Kate: You know, we're being extremely rude. We're neglecting our duties as guests, and I'm fairly certain we're drinking someone else's champagne.

Sonny: The bottle was here, the glasses were here, so we might as well make the most of it.

Kate: Yes, I think that this was intended for Nikolas and Emily -- their own private after party once the guests have gone.

Sonny: Well, then it would have gone to waste. And, like I said, the storm's getting worse, no one's leaving Spoon Island tonight, and Nikolas and Emily are going to be busy with a house full of people.

Kate: Okay. So you wouldn't just be rationalizing it to get your own way?

Sonny: And you wouldn't just be arguing with me just for the hell of it? Listen to me. I'm with the only person I want to be with tonight. And if we are stranded here --


Sonny: That's even better.

Kate: I won't argue that.

Sonny: And I also know that you -- you always want me for yourself.

Kate: Hmm.

Sonny: Because that's just the way it is, you know.

Kate: Oh, there's that modesty.

Sonny: Am I wrong?

Kate: I missed you. And I was more than a little worried. Sonny, we don't -- we don't have to talk about your business, and I really don't like to consider myself high-maintenance relationship-wise, but a call? An email? Just to let me know you were at least alive? It would have been appreciated.

Sonny: I know, and I'm sorry. It's just that I had to stay below the radar, because the truth is -- I'm supposed to be dead.

Sonny: I was on the phone with Bernie. I told the driver to bring the car around -- boom. Exploded.

Kate: I don't ev-- I -- I don't even know --


Kate: Your car exploded?

Sonny: Yeah, I was -- it threw me back, right? But I -- I -- I fell, kind of hurt a bit, but I'm fine, otherwise. I had to stay out of sight until Jason can arrange to bring me home.

Kate: So you couldn't board a plane? Not an option?

Sonny: Well, here's the thing, okay? And I don't know -- it's very difficult to tell you this -- to talk about this with you -- but -- it's difficult when you try to kill somebody, because if the person doesn't die -- you see, if you try one way, then you got to follow up, immediately, and try something different.

Kate: So you've been running for your life since you landed in Puerto Rico?

Sonny: It's okay. There were complications, but everything's been handled. Did I not tell you I was going to be back before the ball? I promised you that.

Kate: Sonny, this is surreal. What am I -- I'm -- so I'm not supposed to -- to act like -- that you almost dying is a big deal to me, Sonny.

Sonny: I only told you this because I wanted to explain to you why I hadn't called. I -- I don't want you to worry. And I want to thank you for saving my life.

Carly: You said you know who Coop really is. Does that mean he's here under false pretenses?

Maxie: Coop is exactly what he appears to be. He's kind and good, steady and loyal, and I had no idea until I was stupid enough to ruin it.

Carly: I think you're being stupid by falling all over yourself to defend him.

Maxie: You're wrong, Carly. He would never hurt you.

Carly: He would if I were on to him. See, I think you could be looking at the man who has been bragging to me on text messages about how he strangled Leticia. A man who told me to meet him here, and look who showed up. So as far as I can see, Coop is guilty as sin.

Maxie: Well, my experience tells me he's not. And if Coop is guilty, then all he needs to do is use me as a hostage to get away.

Emily: Not only are the rage episodes becoming more violent, but they're coming closer together.

Robin: So you've been keeping track?

Emily: Yeah, I started a journal.

Patrick: And the tests we ran don't indicate any of this.

Emily: He has one more specialist to see in Zurich, and he wound up on the waiting list because he insisted on throwing me this big party.

Patrick: Well, that's called denial. If Nikolas doesn't get this under control, he's going to wind up on assault charge -- if he's lucky.

Nikolas: What happened?

Emily: What do you remember?

Nikolas: Uh --


Nikolas: I was talking to that -- that gal, Leyla, in the ballroom. Something about broken pearls. Excuse me.

Emily: Well, wait, where are you going?

Nikolas: I have guests to attend to.

Patrick: Your guests are the least of your problems right now.

Leyla: We need you right away. Someone tried to kill Ric Lansing.

Luke: Pardon me. Sir, would you check with the launch pilots and see if my wife made it to the island? She was going to be late --

Alfred: In light of recent developments, one can only hope Mrs. Spencer is safe on the mainland.

Luke: Yes, but would you check anyway, please?

Alfred: Yes.

Spinelli: Um -- um -- excuse me. Cool but intimidating paternal unit, we have a situation.

Luke: Lulu?

Spinelli: No. Oh, no. The D.A. of darkness, Ric Lansing, has been run through with a sword.

Luke: What are you smoking?

Spinelli: No, I'm serious! Ask anyone left in the ballroom. See, fair Lulu came in and announced that the D.A. of darkness had been stabbed and pinned to the wall, as it were. And see, noble doctors Robin -- Robin and Patrick were --

Luke: Where is Lulu now?

Spinelli: Guiding the rescue team to where the skewered D.A. lies.

Luke: Who's with her?

Spinelli: Um -- well, the angels of mercy Nadine and Leyla, Senior Sith Lord Trevor Lansing, the brothers Jacks, and the flame-haired one.

Luke: Skye?

Spinelli: Yeah, yeah.

Luke: So Lulu's with a crowd? Well, she's not -- not as safe as she would be in here. Somebody put a sword in Lansing, you say?

Spinelli: Yes.

Luke: Well, this sounds crazy. Whoever did it is probably still on the island. Or maybe in the house.


Lulu: You think that your father tried to kill Ric?

Johnny: My father's crazy. That's why his house is like a prison and no one gets in to see him.

Lulu: I'm going back to the ballroom.

Johnny: No, that's exactly what my father wants -- to catch you alone so he can kill you.

Lulu: You keep saying that, but it makes zero sense. Anthony Zacchara has no reason to try and kill me.

Johnny: Yeah, he had no reason to kill my mother, either, but he did. I know. I watched it happen.

Sam: Lucky, wait.

Lucky: Yeah, what's wrong?

Sam: It looked like someone took an ax to the generator.

Luke: Hey, you two shouldn't be wandering around out here. Stay in with the other people.

Lucky: What now?

Luke: Apparently, Ric Lansing has been speared like a cocktail onion.

Lucky: Somebody speared him?

Luke: Spinelli says he was run through with a sword, which means there's probably some nut case hanging around. Safety in numbers -- stay with the others. There's too many people already wandering around out there, including your sister.

Lucky: So what about Elizabeth? Did she find those flashlights?

Elizabeth: Um, are you going down to the ballroom?

Man: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Could you do me a favor?

Man: Anything for a pretty lady.

Elizabeth: Could you take these flashlights?

Man: Sure, no problem.

Elizabeth: Great. Thank you.

Man: Sure.

Johnny: My mother died for loving me.

Lulu: Are you saying your father was jealous of his own son?

Johnny: Couldn't stand the competition.


Lulu: I'm sorry.

Johnny: My mother wanted to take me to a concert in the city, and my father made plans for the two of them, but she refused to go. They fought, and she left to sit out in the rose garden. I then came down the stairs, and I was dressed in my suit all bright and shiny. My father then started toward me down this long hallway. He had this weird look on his face. Then I saw the gun. I had grown up around a lot of guns my whole life, but that was the first time he'd ever pointed one at me.

Lulu: What'd you do?

Johnny: Just stood there, frozen. Then I heard my mother -- she came into the hallway.

Maria: No!

Johnny: My mother died for me. I don't remember much of anything after that. Trevor came in, I think. And the story was that an intruder got in and killed my mother, but I knew the truth, and so did my father. I'm all he has left of her. And now I'm the obsession, the one he can't let go of. He thinks that -- that I'm dating you, and he doesn't want to lose me, so he'll kill you -- and anyone else who gets in his way.

Patrick: Did you see who did this?

Robin: We haven't been able to stop the bleeding.

Alexis: Oh, God, Robin, try harder.

Patrick: We need to evacuate him now.

Jerry: Don't waste your time. A storm of this magnitude must've knocked down a tower or two.

Jax: Besides, we couldn't call anyone -- a MedEvac won't fly in this weather.

Alexis: Then how are we going to get him out of here?

Jax: We find a boat.

Jerry: Let's go find Nikolas.

Robin: He's with Emily somewhere. I -- I know where he keeps the keys to the launch.

Nikolas: I have family and friends out there, people I invited over for a beautiful night, and now it's rapidly turning into a nightmare.

Emily: Lucky and Coop are cops, Nikolas, just let them handle this!

Nikolas: But this is my house! I need to take care of this situation.

Emily: Yeah, you just had a blackout! Nikolas, what if it happens again? What if --

Nikolas: What, what, Emily? "What if" what? What if someone else sees me flip out and thinks that I'm the one who tried to kill Ric Lansing? They probably already do! I mean, apparently I stabbed Jerry in an alley, amongst other things that I don't remember. What if I start flipping out completely and go on a killing spree? Maybe I already have!

Emily: Just stop it, Nikolas. That's not true, okay? You haven't, you couldn’t.

Nikolas: Emily, I love you, and I appreciate that you are on my side, but the truth is nobody knows what I've done.

Maxie: We're going to show Miss "I know everything" that she's way off base. You didn't kill Leticia, and you wouldn't kill Carly -- although, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to. Maybe your killer got held up or someone's just pulling your chain, Carly. Or maybe he's waiting outside, waiting for you to kill Coop so he can get away with Leticia’s murder -- is that what you want?

Jax: Carly? What the hell are you doing?

Carly: Jax.

Maxie: Great timing. Could you possibly muzzle your wife before she shoots someone?

Carly: No. Stop.

Jax: Give me the gun. Let go of the gun. Get out of here, you two. Go.

Carly: Coop might've killed Leticia.

Jax: Carly, there is a killer here tonight, but he's not in this room.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jax: Ric Lansing was just found. He was speared to the wall with a sword.

Carly: What?

Jax: And he might not make it.

Coop: Come on, I need to get you someplace safe.

Jax: I'm sorry. Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?

Carly: I was trying to get Coop to admit that he killed Leticia.

Jax: Where did you get the gun?

Carly: I brought it with me.

Jax: This is why you were so determined to come here, isn't it?

Carly: I've been in contact with Leticia’s killer.

Luke: Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please? Before the rumors get started and we have a panic here, here's the situation. The party seems to have taken a bit of a turn. Along with the storm and the lack of electricity -- and the music -- we've got a freak wandering around, wielding a knife. Now, the fewer hysterics and yahoos running around trying to play hero, the fewer bodies we'll have to pile up. Now, on the positive side, there's a lot of food and good booze. So kick back and get loaded. Eat, drink, be merry -- it's a party!

Sam: Yeah.

Luke: Yeah, come on, it's a party, that's it.

Lucky: Hey, Dad, real sensitive speech there.

Luke: Wow, what a crowd. What do you want me to do -- lie to these people? You think that's going to keep them in line? It won’t. I'm going to go find your sister.

Logan: I'm coming with you.

Luke: No, you're not.

Logan: I want to help.

Luke: Well, then stay here and help keep these people alive.

Logan: Okay, you know what? Look, with all due respect, you can't keep me here.

Lucky: Wait, why'd you let Logan go?

Luke: Well, because maybe he'll end our grief by being the next shish on the kebab.

Scott: Well. Voice of humanity as usual, huh, Spencer?

Luke: Feel free to join your spawn on the skewer.

Scott: You'd love to see me skewed like a Florida grouper, wouldn't you?

Luke: Well, it would make it a party again.


Sam: Lucky -- Lucky, wait.

Lucky: Hey, I'm going to go find Elizabeth and my sister.

Sam: Okay, I'm going to come with you.

Lucky: Listen, I know you can handle yourself, and I'd worry about you, and I just -- I can't afford that distraction.

Sam: Okay. All right, at least for now.

Lucky: Okay.

[Music plays]

Georgie: I bet you're worried sick about Lulu.

Spinelli: Not just fair Lulu, the Valkyrie, the maternal one, noble Emily -- even the bad blond one because she's your dear, beloved sister. It frustrates the Jackal to feel so useless. I should be out roaming the halls, putting to practice all I've learned from Stone Cold.

Georgie: You could do that. Um -- or you could stay here, and you could -- you could take care of someone who is worried and freaked out, and -- and someone who -- who could use a little looking after.

Spinelli: Well, of whom do you speak?


Georgie: Hello? Me.

Spinelli: Oh, oh -- uh -- well, yes, the -- the Jackal would be -- would be happy to guard over your person and ensure that not one evildoer touches you.

Kate: Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled that you're alive, and it's nice to be given credit for helping you stay that way. But, Sonny, it's not normal. Normal people don't go on business trips and almost get assassinated.

Sonny: It's a hazard of my profession, Kate. What do you want me to say to you?

Kate: Carly was here tonight. She's -- you know that I -- I don't like Carly very much, but I'm doing business with Jax, and so pleasant conversation is a requirement. And it was idle conversation until -- until the end when I finally broke down and asked her if she had heard from you.

Sonny: I didn't call Carly, either.

Kate: No, she made that very clear. But she also made clear -- and at the time I thought this was out of spite, but I realize it's a fact. She said that I better get used to it if I was going to be with you. That you could go, you could disappear, and -- and you could die, and there is nothing that I could do but sit back and wait.

Sonny: Well, sometimes that's just the way it works out.

Kate: And giving me a warning? Giving me a heads-up that -- that you might be in danger or you might be out of touch for -- for who knows how long -- that -- that isn't an option?

Sonny: I'm good at staying alive -- you noticed I've managed to do it pretty well. I got -- I got to tell you this. You're going to have to trust me on this one.

Kate: It doesn't look like I have an option.

Sonny: Well, I don't want you to be mad.

Kate: Sonny, I'm scared. It turns out I like you, and the fact that you were almost blown up tonight is unsettling on all kinds of levels.


Sonny: There's no -- you know, there's no use in worrying after the fact. As a matter of fact, you're the one who made me realize that Trevor was setting me up. Because I started thinking to myself, there's no reason why Trevor would talk business in front of you. And the way he warned me that the Zaccharas were in contact with my business partners -- and then -- and then when you said that he gets off on playing mind games --

Kate: I don't -- why does Trevor have to do with any of this?

Sonny: He wanted me to go to Puerto Rico -- without my guards, without my security. He's the one who tried to have me killed.

Skye: It might help your son to know that his father's here pulling for him.

Trevor: No. I'm going to get Richard the medical care he needs.

Patrick: We've done just about everything we can.

Nikolas: Did -- did Ric happen to say anything about who did this to him?

Alexis: He wasn't very coherent.

Nadine: We should try to find something for the pain.

Robin: Yeah, some alcohol or something.

Nadine: I -- I can go back to the ballroom.

Patrick: No, it's not safe. Robin, Leyla, and I will stay here with Ric. Everybody else, go back to the ballroom and stay there.

Skye: I'm not leaving.

Alexis: I'm not leaving, either.

Nikolas: Listen -- listen, I'll take -- I'll take Nadine here and Emily back to the ballroom, I'll grab a bottle of brandy or something like that.

Alexis: Listen, I know you like being the center of attention, but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

Patrick: Alexis, help me put pressure on the wound.

Patrick: It doesn't look good for Ric, he's lost a lot of blood. Look, I didn't mean to rub your nose in anything by asking Leyla to stay. Robin? Hey -- hey –

Johnny: Trevor, we need to stop him before he gets to anybody else.

Trevor: This is all your fault.

Johnny: How did I know you were going to say that?

Trevor: I told you to stay away from that girl! I knew exactly how your father would react. Oh, my God. How many more innocent people are going to die this night because of what you did?

Johnny: My father is barking-mad, you should've locked him up years ago, but you didn't want to lose your power.

Trevor: The only way that we can manage him is if you convince him that you're not going to leave him.

Johnny: He can't be managed. He has to be stopped.


Elizabeth: Ow.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Carly: So when Coop walked in, I figured he was Leticia’s killer, and m still not sure that he isn’t.

Jax: I can't believe that you would put yourself at risk like this.

Carly: I was trying to get justice for Leticia.

Jax: Where's the justice if you're dead, Carly? This little showdown with Coop -- it's the reason you tried so hard to get Jason here, isn't it?

Carly: That's right. And please don't take offense, but I still wish I had.

Kate: I'm beginning to realize how much Trevor really hates you.

Sonny: Oh, no, no. This had nothing to do with hate. Trevor didn't try to kill me because he hates me. He tried to kill me because he wanted to shut me up. If he want-- you know, if he wants to run the Zacchara organization, then no one can know that Anthony is crazy. You were right when you told me the other day that I was risking my life to go see Anthony.

Kate: You know, this would be easier if it was some anonymous gangster that was trying to kill you, instead of someone that I was involved with for years and it turns out I really didn't know at all.

Sonny: Yeah, but you know what? Trevor had -- he -- he has a talent for deceiving women, as we know that now.

Kate: I thought that I was so savvy and sophisticated, justifying my relationship with Trevor, allowing him to guide and mentor me. I never told him that I was really Connie from Bensonhurst. I didn't -- I didn't want him to be ashamed of me. And now I'm the one who's ashamed.


Kate: I could just smack myself for being so stupid.

Sonny: Hey, Kate? You think you're the only one who was young and ambitious and -- and blind because of it? I can tell you some idiot things I did, but they carry a penalty of 20 to life, and --

Kate: Okay, don't, -- don't try to make me feel better.

Sonny: No, I'm just saying. I hate that you were with Trevor. But what you did, the choices you made, led you back into my life. And I am not complaining.

Kate: I'm really glad you made it to the party.

Sonny: Me, too, considering the alternative.


Kate: I don't like how close I came to losing you, and you cannot smooth it over with those dimples.

Sonny: Okay. Um -- what do you want to do next?

Logan: What did you do with her, you piece of garbage? Where did you take her?

Johnny: I took her back to the ballroom.

Logan: I knew it was you.

Johnny: Yeah, I grabbed a dance with Lulu -- big deal.

Logan: No, no, you did more than that. You tried to take out Ric Lansing for your old man.

Johnny: I don't have time --

Logan: You're not walking off on me.

[Elizabeth screams]

Lucky: I was so worried about you.

Lulu: I'm okay.

Lucky: Did you happen to run into Elizabeth?

Lulu: No, I haven't seen her for hours.

Lucky: Okay. Coop, Nikolas, and I -- we're going to go try to find her, so promise me you'll stay here?

Lulu: Yeah, no problem.

Lucky: Okay.

Nikolas: Excuse me. I'm going to go help Lucky find Elizabeth, okay?

Emily: Okay. I'm not going to argue with you, but please be careful.

Nikolas: Okay. This was supposed to be a special night for you, I'm sorry.

Emily: No, we're going to have a lifetime of special nights, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I love you.

Luke: And that, ladies and gents, as they say, is that. In the interest of safety, we will remain on this side of the doors, and hopefully the sword-wielding wack job will remain on the outside.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Liz pulls a screwdriver out of a body and holds up the bloody weapon as self-defense when the door opens.

Anthony Z stares at Lulu.

Jason drives a speedboat to rescue people trapped on Spoon Island, but there's a bomb aboard.

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