GH Transcript Thursday 11/1/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/1/07


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Nikolas' voice: How much time do any of us really have? Wouldn't you want to know if it was running out?


Nikolas: No!


[Waltz music plays]

Robin: This is beautiful, Nikolas. Everything looks wonderful.

Nikolas: Thank you, thank you. Emily and I wanted it to be a special night.

Robin: And Alan would be so honored that you're making an endowment to the hospital in his name.

Nikolas: Any excuse for a dress ball, right?

[Robin laughs]

Robin: Yes, and what a perfect opportunity to announce your engagement to Emily. It's very 19th century of you.

Nikolas: Well, there was no time to waste.

Robin: Is something wrong? Are -- are you still not feeling well?

Nikolas: I'm fine. I just don't believe in putting things off, that's all.

Robin: Well, Emily’s a very lucky woman. So, I guess this wouldn't be the best time to ask you to be the father of my child.


Sam: People don't have a clue about the things you've done, you lying bitch!

Elizabeth: Oh, like you haven't slept with half the men in Port Charles?

Lucky: What the hell is going on here?

Sam: Oh, "what's going on?" Lucky keeps asking, Elizabeth! When are you going to answer?

Lucky: Would you just tell me what you're fighting about?


Jax: Carly?

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: You found me.

Jax: What are you doing up here?

Carly: Oh, I -- it's so beautiful. I just love looking at the skyline.

Jax: Yeah, it sure is. So, were you waiting for me to follow you up here, or did I walk in on a clandestine rendezvous with another man?

Carly: Come on. What do you think?

Luke: Well, I hope you're here to ask me to take another spin around the dance floor.

[Lulu chuckles]

Lulu: I was in the ballroom and I noticed that you and Logan left, and I was curious. The only thing that you two have in common is me, which means whatever you were talking about isn't good.

Trevor: John, your father's been on the loose a couple of days now, so I need you to go home in case he shows up there looking for you.

Johnny: He's after Lulu. He won't go home or anywhere else until he's killed her.


Lulu: Did I walk in on my father pressuring you to break up with me?


Logan: No. But even if he tried, it wouldn't work. I'm not going anywhere.

Luke: It's not exactly sincerity he's oozing.

Logan: I know -- I know I hurt you, and no one regrets that more than I do. The truth is I -- I never understood how amazing you are, Lulu, and when I did -- you know, when I realized that we could have something real, I freaked out. You know, I -- I didn't trust myself, I didn't trust us, and I pretty much just self-destructed.

Luke: It's a shame "pretty much" isn't successful.

Logan: Look -- look at me. I know how lucky I am to have a second chance with you.


Scott: Well, well, Spencer -- barely into this party and you're already putting the squeeze on my son.

Lulu: What squeeze?

Luke: Keep him away from my daughter.

Scott: Well, that's not my call. And whatever you think you have on him, I will make it disappear.

Luke: Can you make yourself disappear?

Lulu: Wait a minute. Are you trying to blackmail Logan to stay away from me?

[Waltz music plays]

Trevor: If you stay here, you will lead your father straight to Lulu. Let me handle it.

Johnny: We have different priorities, Trevor.

Trevor: Again with the gun? Please, don't go crazy.

Johnny: Maybe I can't help myself -- it runs in the family.

Ric: I see you're still molding impressionable young minds.

Jerry: Go ahead, ply me with alcohol.

Alexis: You're way too obvious.

Jerry: Hmm?

Alexis: Fine. Why are you here?

Jerry: Oh, come on, you strike me as a woman who loves mystery. You know -- one you give a present to and you shake the present and try and find out what's inside instead of tearing it open.

Alexis: I'm a control freak -- I don't like surprises.

Jerry: Oh, what a shame. I think it's time for you to try something new. So, let's maintain mystery, shall we?

Patrick: That was close.

Leyla: Very.

[Leyla sighs]

Leyla: You know, I came here tonight against my better judgment.

Patrick: You got something against masquerade balls?

Leyla: I thought you had a personal agenda. But this is very special, and I'm having a wonderful time.

Patrick: So am I. Shall we?

Robin: I'm fully prepared to be a single mother. I'm not looking for any type of financial or emotional commitment. Producing a Cassadine heir is not where I'm going with this.

Nikolas: No -- no, I -- Robin, I understand that. It's just the Cassadine genes are questionable at best. And -- and I am flattered, and I'm sure that you will make a great mother, it's just --

Robin: Well, that's a no. It's okay. Don't apologize -- you're not my first rejection.

Nikolas: I -- I'm sorry. I just -- I just wouldn't feel comfortable. There are far too many unknowns at this point, you know?

Robin: Are you concerned that these episodes might be genetic, that you might pass that on to a child?

Nikolas: I just -- I -- it's not the worth the risk at this -- excuse me for one second.

Lucky: What started this fight?

Elizabeth: I started it, and I would do it all over again. Sam's a lying tramp who's got you twisted around every one of her claws.

Sam: Me?

Lucky: Would you give me some credit?

Sam: Are you kidding? You're -- you're saying you attacked me because you think I'm, what, using Lucky?

Elizabeth: Oh, you know she is. She's only sleeping with you to get back at Jason!

Sam: Are you seri-- Lucky and -- and I were the ones who were cheated on and lied to by you and your precious Jason! So where am I in the wrong?

Elizabeth: Because you're a selfish, hateful person who tramples over anybody to get what you want!

Emily: All right, hold on, what happened?

Lucky: Elizabeth went after Sam.

Nikolas: Why?

Elizabeth: Oh --

Lucky: Okay, well, I have no reason. I walked in, and Elizabeth was accusing Sam of all kinds of crazy things.

Elizabeth: Well, are you -- are you kidding me right now? You're actually going to defend her?

Lucky: Okay, it sounds like your guilty conscience got to you after lying about all the things with you and Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh, please.

Emily: Hold on a second. You've done your fair share of sleeping around in your marriage, Lucky. Elizabeth could've taken Cameron and Jake away from you at the divorce mediation, but she didn't, she came to your defense instead. She protected your relationship with those boys. Have the decency to show a little bit of respect.

Nikolas: Wait, who the hell are you to trash my brother?

[Waltz music plays]

Nikolas: You and Lucky have been friends longer than anyone, but there's always that special someone who seems to be just a little bit more important.

Lucky: Nikolas, you don't have to --

Nikolas: I'm so sick of you sticking up for the almighty Jason, and for reasons that completely escape me, you want Elizabeth to be with him no matter who it hurts in the end.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, stop it!

Nikolas: Forget that his marriage is over, and that his sons might be exposed --

Elizabeth: Don't yell at her!

Nikolas: What?

Emily: Um -- Elizabeth, let's just -- uh -- let -- let's go inside, I want to fix you up. I'm okay.

[Emily sighs]

Lucky: Nikolas, I'm glad to have you on my side, believe me, but don't you think you were a little rough with Emily?

Nikolas: You don't worry about Emily!

Sam: Lucky, hey, can I have a -- a minute with my cousin? You know, I -- I did contribute to this whole mess; I'd like to have a chance to explain.

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Sam: Thanks.

Lucky: I'll see you inside.

Sam: Yeah.

[Nikolas groans]

Sam: Hey, hey --

Nikolas: What? What?

Sam: Are you okay?

Nikolas: What? Why? What just happened?

Logan: So what if your father tries to keep us apart? He can't if we don't let him.

Lulu: I'd like to think that my father's trying to protect me, but I have to wonder -- if you weren't Scott Baldwin’s son, would he even care?

Luke: I just don't want you to get hurt.

[Logan chuckles]

Lulu: I also know he wouldn't be blackmailing you, because he knows he can't tell someone who to care about -- just like he didn't listen when people told him he wasn't good enough for my mom. My father knows exactly what it's like to make mistakes and need forgiveness.

Scott: Oh, yeah, your father's all for love and redemption when it's his own. It was okay for your mother to love him in spite of all the crimes that he committed, and believe me, he committed some crimes.

Luke: This would be a good time for you to shut up.

Scott: Where is it written, Spencer, in what book that you're the only one that gets a second chance?

Luke: You're trying to get to me through my daughter! It's despicable! And you can't change history, even if you did stick my daughter with your son.

Lulu: You're just going to have to get over it! And if you can't, I'm telling you right now, Logan and I want nothing to do with your stupid grudge match. Let's go.

Maxie: Hey, there you are! Um -- I thought maybe you ran off to steal some silver or something.

Johnny: I wanted to get us some champagne -- this place is like a maze.

Maxie: Okay, well, now you're back -- with no champagne.

Johnny: It was a long walk. I got thirsty.

Maxie: Oh. Well, you can make it up to me by dancing.


Skye: I'm going to guess you didn't ask me to dance because you like the drape of my dress.

Jerry: Well, I recognize the opportunity to better know my former sister-in-law.

Skye: Get to it, Jerry.

Jerry: You see, given the damage inflicted by the explosion on Jason and Sonny's pier, I think it would be wise for you to liquidate Lorenzo’s waterfront holdings, and you'll need a middleman. And by the way, I do like the drape of your dress very much. Quite gorgeous.

Jax: May I?

Jerry: Oh, well -- you see, I wouldn't give up a beautiful woman to any man, except for my --

Jax: Ahem.

Jerry: Darling brother.

Jax: Excuse me.

Jerry: Thank you. Sorry.

Skye: Did I miss something?

Jax: Well, I was hoping you could tell me. Jerry has no business being here at this party, he always has an agenda. I was wondering if you could tell me what he's up to.

Skye: He was just asking about Lorenzo’s waterfront property, but then again, so have a lot of people. Who am I to complain -- my dance card is full, huh?

Maxie: Hello? Are you looking for somebody?

Johnny: Excuse me. I'm getting you out of here.

Nadine: That line works so much better when you say "please."

Ric: So, who's your friend?

Trevor: Ah, nobody you'd know.

Ric: Well, not many people can pull a gun on you, especially since you're the real power behind the Zacchara organization.

Trevor: Whose fantasy is that?

Ric: Oh, it's Sonny's. He must've been mistaken, right? After all, you wouldn't let a punk like that walk off and live to tell about it.

Trevor: Richie, that "punk" is Anthony Zacchara's boy, Johnny. He needs a certain amount of handling.

Ric: Johnny Zacchara. How did Johnny Zacchara get an invitation to a private function for General Hospital?

Trevor: You know Lulu Spencer, don't you? Johnny's got a thing for her. Now, I tried to convince him to go home, but he's being uncooperative. Johnny's a bit of a troubled kid, not unlike yourself, but for other reasons, you see. His mother, Maria, was totally devoted to him, almost to the point of smothering him.

Ric: Well, you know what they say -- the loss of a mother is the worst kind of trauma a young boy could suffer. It's funny that you, of all people, should have to baby-sit a lovesick kid. Karma's a bitch, isn't it, Dad?

Trevor: Yeah, Richie. Your petulance is becoming boring.

Ric: Yeah, you know, it's a nice deflection, Dad, but I happen to think that you're lying through your teeth.

Trevor: You're so dramatic.

Ric: You know what? The reason you're here has nothing to do with this party. So what's really going on?

Anthony: Maria, I'm doing this for you. Johnny's too young to understand what love does, how it hurts, how it kills.


[Waltz music plays]

Nikolas: I -- I remember walking out here with Emily; I saw the three of you -- that's about it.

Sam: Okay -- um -- so, Elizabeth and I were fighting about Lucky, and it was really, really childish and I am very sorry, Nikolas. But Emily happened to take Elizabeth’s side and she got a little harsh with Lucky, and then --

Nikolas: What?

Sam: Well, you went off on her.

Nikolas: On Emily?

Sam: Yeah, but, listen, it's okay. It's -- really, it's okay. She sort of seemed to take it in stride, so --

Nikolas: It's getting worse. All these tests I've been having -- they won't show anything. Only one doctor left -- some specialist in Switzerland.

Sam: Hey, someone's going to figure out what's wrong with you.

Nikolas: Yeah. All I wanted was one night of happiness for Emily while I could still give it to her.


Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I had no right to cause a scene -- tonight of all nights. But Sam -- she just pushed all my buttons.

Emily: Are you jealous of her and Lucky?


Elizabeth: I have plenty of other reasons to hate her.

Emily: Ooh, that's a word I don't hear you use very often -- "hate."

Elizabeth: Regardless, the way Nikolas treated you was wrong.

Emily: Look, it's not Nikolas' fault. It's a side effect of whatever drug Jerry injected him with months ago or -- I don't know -- it's -- it's something in Nikolas -- either genetic or -- or worse.

Elizabeth: What are you saying?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: What if there's no cure? Elizabeth, I couldn't bear to lose him.

[Waltz music plays]

Carly: Oh --

Jax: What?

Carly: I'm vibrating.

Jax: I know I'm a good dancer, but isn't that a little extreme?

Carly: It's my phone.

Jax: I know. I was just, you know, hoping that you would ignore it.

Carly: Well, I think it's Michael.

Jax: Again?

Carly: Yeah, I'll -- I'll text him back and tell him to go to bed.

Jax: That's a good idea. Tell him I said "good night."

Carly: Okay.

Patrick: These little shrimp wraps are amazing.

Leyla: You ate already?

Patrick: I had to make sure the food was worthy of you.

Leyla: Uh-huh. There's a legend that says if a man feeds a woman with his own hands, he's her sexual slave.

Patrick: Is that right?

Leyla: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: I just thought it meant they were out of forks at the buffet, but your way is far more interesting.

Maxie: We have some important things we need to discuss with you.

Georgie: Girl talk.


Ric: It's interesting how Sonny isn't here with Kate tonight, don't you think?

Trevor: The man is a social embarrassment.

Ric: Yeah, who seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. So does this activity with Zacchara's kid have anything to do with that?

Trevor: I told you that Johnny’s high maintenance.

Ric: Uh-huh.

Trevor: Now, drop it.

Ric: Or what, wind up dead, Dad, like the two guys who were found in the alley yesterday, who work for your alleged boss?

Skye: Once upon a time, I had a date.

Ric: You still do. I'm through here.

Georgie: You cannot stand on the sidelines and watch Patrick have fun with his date.

Maxie: There are a ton of hot single guys here. Pick one, or three. Just don't stand around looking pathetic. It's embarrassing.

Georgie: Maxie.

Robin: Nice. Thanks a lot.

Maxie: I'm just saying that we losers need to stick together. I mean, Coop came here with my sister. Do you see me standing around feeling sorry for myself? Yes, but I plan on partying till I drop, no matter how much it hurts.

Georgie: Maxie, listen, I only came --

Maxie: Georgie, not your fault.

Robin: You know, you're right. I'm acting like I'm in high school and I'm watching my ex-boyfriend dance with the top cheerleader.

Maxie: And at least you didn't do anything to make Patrick hate your guts.

Georgie: And at least Patrick isn't oblivious to your existence, except as a friend.

Robin: If Patrick and I were together, one of us would be miserable. I don't even wish he'd change, you know? He's kind of perfect the way he is.

Maxie: Then what do you wish?

Robin: I wish there was a better way. And if there isn't, I just wish, um, I would stop missing him so much. Ah. Damn it.

Georgie: Come here.


[Classical music plays]

Lucky: Why are you still out here?

Sam: I just needed a little time to myself.

Lucky: I'm sorry about that thing with Elizabeth and --

Sam: Lucky. Look, please, you -- you don't have to apologize. You have enough to worry about.


Sam: You know, when I had my boat, I used to anchor it offshore. And I would come out to the deck in the middle of the night just to listen to the quiet. And you could practically taste it in the air when the weather was going to change.

Lucky: What about now?

Sam: Well, there is a storm coming. And it's going to be bad.

Lucky: Want me to take you back to town?

Sam: Look at you. You are kind and caring, a real gentleman, one in a million. You loved with everything you had and still it wasn't enough for Elizabeth.

Lucky: We grew apart. It happens.

Sam: You know, Lucky, I wished that someone loved me as much as you loved your wife. But she threw you away the same way Jason threw me away. You know, love never lasts. So why do we even bother?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Hi.

Carly: We can finish our dance.

Jax: Did Michael get thumb cramps from texting you?

Carly: Yeah, and I told him to go to bed, so we should take advantage of it.

Jax: Excuse me.

Johnny: Dance with me.

Nadine: Do you ever say "please"? Great, you can't have the girl you want, so you'll dance with one in the same dress.

Johnny: Well, at least both of us get to dance.

Nadine: Fair enough.

Georgie: Do you waltz?

Spinelli: Oh, I -- I've grasped kind of the fundamental techniques, but not really the finer points.

Georgie: What -- what I meant was, would the Jackal like to waltz with me?

Spinelli: I would be -- I would be honored and proud. Here, let's see. Um --

Georgie: Oh, my.

Spinelli: Oh, look at that. Hey! Hmm.


Spinelli: Ooh -- I'm -- I'm sorry. Slight glitch.

Georgie: No, it was -- thank you for the dance.

Maxie: You could really use some lessons in subtlety, Nurse Mir.

Leyla: Excuse me?

Maxie: Oh, come on. That whole cute, coy act you had going on just so you could break up Patrick and Robin?

Leyla: Actually, Patrick was unattached when he asked me out. And this is your business because?

Maxie: Robin is my cousin, and you're a liar and a skank. Excuse me, I'm not done with you.

Leyla: Look what you did!

Maxie: Whoops. That was for Robin.

[Leyla sighs]

Patrick: You okay?

Skye: I don't like to complain, but you are neglecting me horribly by paying some incredible attention to whom exactly?

Ric: Alexis. You know, when I thought that my father was going to use Molly as a bargaining chip against me, I signed custody of my daughter over to her so she could feel safe and be with her sister. What does Alexis do? She takes up with a vicious psychotic, Jerry Jacks.

Skye: It's hard to protect the people that we love, especially when we don't know where the danger's going to come from.

Coop: I can't believe it. This guy has an American Peabody rifle, an old Swiss halberd, and there's another sword down the hallway that's sharp enough to skewer a car door with.

Georgie: Wow.

Coop: Oh. Sorry, I'm just kind of a freak for old antique weapons.

Georgie: Must be the soldier in you. I -- I didn't know. Then again, I don't know a whole lot about you. I know that you did take pity on poor little, dateless me.

Coop: That's not why I'm here, Georgie. You are a good person.

Georgie: So are you. And you know Maxie. She is, too, if she just had someone that was willing to believe in her.

Coop: Maxie and I don't work.

Georgie: I don't know, maybe you could. If you were willing to give her another chance, I really think that she would stop self-destructing.

Coop: I'm sorry. It's a text message. I got to take care of this.

Georgie: Yeah, okay. I'll be -- I'll be around. Boo.

Elizabeth: Em, I know you're worried, but you said it yourself -- the doctors don't know what's wrong with Nikolas, so it could be something treatable.

Emily: I know, I know. But the blackouts are coming more frequently. Elizabeth, they're lasting longer. I mean, there's no pattern, there's no warning. Nikolas doesn't remember them when they're over. And he doesn't want to be anywhere near his son.

Elizabeth: Is he afraid he's going to hurt him?

Emily: He's convinced that he might and that he doesn't want Spencer to witness his rages, so I end up spending more time with Spencer. I don't know. I mean, tonight I convinced him to -- to finally let Norma take him to stay at his Grandma Lesley’s house.

Elizabeth: Oh.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Come in!

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: Hey. How are you feeling?

Nikolas: Uh -- I'd like to apologize to the both of you. My behavior was inexcusable. I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: It's okay. I understand.

Nikolas: She knows.

Emily: I think we should tell Lucky, too.

Nikolas: Yeah. First, I'd like you to reconsider your promise to marry me.

Emily: The man I love asked me to spend the rest of our lives together, Nikolas, and that's what I'm going to do. Don't even try to take that away from me. Nikolas, I love you, okay? And I'm going to fight for you. All I want from you is a promise that you're going to fight for yourself.

Nikolas: I don't even know what I'm fighting, Emily.

Emily: We're going to find out together.

Nikolas: I screamed in your face.

Emily: Your words don't hurt me because I know it's not you talking.

Nikolas: Well, what if it goes beyond words? What if I do hurt you? Then what?

Emily: Look, they say that once you're hypnotized -- for instance, no matter how suggestible you are -- that you won't do anything that goes against your basic nature. And I believe this is the same -- that you won't hurt anyone that you care about. Nikolas, I agreed to marry you. "For better or for worse" -- those vows begin tonight. I love you for as long as we both shall live.

[Knock on door]

Alfred: Mr. Nikolas, it's Alfred.

Nikolas: Come in.

Alfred: I'm so sorry to interrupt, Sir, but I have news of an alarming nature.

[Classical music plays]

Scott: I don't suppose Luke told you where he stashed Laura.

Robin: No, he didn't, but if I did know, I wouldn't tell you.

Patrick: Can I speak to you for a second?

Ric: Excuse me.

Jerry: Hey.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Ric: Can I speak to you for a minute?

Alexis: No.

Ric: No, just come, come here.

Jerry: Don't worry.

Logan: Having a good time?

Lulu: Absolutely, I am.

Nadine: I don't know why, but a little voice is telling me that I need to dance with you. You don't mind, do you?

Lulu: Johnny -- Johnny, what are you doing here?

Johnny: Stay with me.

Diane: You can't give me that kind of information because then I've got -- I have to go. Well, I'm sure I don't know what you've been up to tonight.

Jason: You don't want to know.

Diane: Is Sonny back from Puerto Rico?

Jason: Why do you ask?

Diane: I ask because while I make it a point to avoid any criminal undertaking, I recognize the signs of a mob war when I see them. So it might be helpful to have Sonny on the premises to manage things because you are undoubtedly going to be occupied elsewhere.

Jason: Why's that?

Diane: Because your dear friend Carly’s about to be in some serious trouble.


Alexis: You have no right to question my behavior even if I'm socializing with one of my clients.

Ric: Oh, so, tell me, Alexis, do you socialize with Jerry Jacks in your home?

Alexis: I'm socializing with one of my clients.

Ric: "Socializing" -- is that what you're doing in your house with Jerry Jacks?

Alexis: It's none of your business anymore!

Ric: Are you socializing in the house where my daughter lives?

Alexis: You are out of line.

Ric: The man is a menace, Alexis, okay? He's dangerous, he's unpredictable, but, of course, I forgot -- that's the kind of man that you're interested in, right? What, does it turn you on that you're around guys that are dangerous and unpredictable?

Alexis: Shocking, you're right. I should've learned my lesson with you.

Ric: Very funny. Okay, look, I'm telling you right now, you stop associating with Jerry Jacks or, I swear to you, I'm going to take Molly back.

Alexis: You try it and I will kick your ass.

Ric: Really?

Alexis: And I'm strong enough to do it. Yeah, really, Ric!

Ric: Well, you've already been established as an unfit mother --

Alexis: Get out!

Ric: So we're already halfway there.

Alexis: Get out!

Ric: It's totally up to you, Alexis.

Alexis: Get out, you pig!

Kate: Oh. Are you stalking me?

Trevor: Katie, I still care very deeply about what happens to you. That's why I don't want you to stay in this house tonight.

Kate: Why?


Trevor: Just leave while you still have the chance.

Kate: I'm waiting for Sonny.

Trevor: You're a fool.

Kate: As evidenced by the years I spent with you.

[Classical music plays]

Nikolas: Could I have your attention, please?

[Music stops]

Nikolas: We've spoken to harbor patrol and they've informed me that the storm has shifted and is heading this way. So, consequently, they've -- they've shut down the harbor.

Scott: So we're all stuck on the island.

Nikolas: Yes. Unfortunately, we are all in for an all-night ball. But not to worry -- we have plenty of rooms here, so there's no reason to believe why we can't all be safe here and have a good time, so please.

Jerry: Well, you know, it's a nice opportunity for a newly married man such as yourself, if you only knew where your wife has wandered to, that is.


Alfred: Sir?

Jason: What's Carly done now? What?

Diane: I believe in strict compliance with attorney/client privilege. But there is one loophole, and that is if an attorney has information which could result in a death --

Jason: "In a death." Whose death, Diane?

Diane: Carly has been receiving anonymous text messages. And she believes that they are from whoever strangled Leticia, so she has gone to the ball tonight to confront this person.

Jason: Carly thinks she's going to meet Leticia’s killer at Wyndemere?

Diane: Considering that she took a gun to protect herself, there's a very good chance that someone's going to wind up dead.

Alexis: Oh, perfect.

Alexis: Oh, joy. Wyndemere's in a blackout.

Carly: Freeze.

Patrick: Maxie thinks she's defending you? Look, I know you're upset that we broke up and you blame Leyla.

Robin: No. I am well aware of the fact that even if you weren't with Leyla, we would not be together.

Patrick: Because of your single-minded mission to become a mother.

Robin: Because of your never-ending selfishness. Are we done now?

Patrick: Not by a long shot.


Nikolas: I'm sorry, Miss. I just -- I just wanted to personally apologize for all of us being stranded here. We're trying to get the generator up and running.

Leyla: It's okay. I'm a nurse. We train to deal with all kinds of things.

Nikolas: I'm -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but may I ask why you're crying?

Nikolas: Oh. What happened to it?

Logan: Who was the guy you were dancing with?

Nadine: Take it easy! I bought this dress on a nurse's salary. I'd like to wear it more --

Logan: Just answer the question.

Nadine: I don't know! Some guy, he wanted to dance with your date. What is the big deal --

Logan: Lulu's disappeared, all right? Now, it's a big deal to me. Now, come on, just stop playing games with me, all right?

Spinelli: Unhand her!

Lulu: What are you doing? Let me go!

Johnny: Where the hell are the launches?

Lulu: What is wrong with you? You shouldn't even be here!

Johnny: I have to get you off this island before my father kills you.

[Kate gasps]

Sonny: Hey. You look so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at you.


[Alexis screams a bloodcurdling scream]

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