GH Transcript Monday 10/15/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/15/07


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Lulu: Dad, when did you get back?

Luke: A few hours ago.

Lulu: Is Mom okay?

Luke: She's fine, in a safe place.

Lulu: When can I see her?

Luke: Well, we'll talk about that later. I understand that you made a deal with Baldwin to date his offspring?

Logan: Mr. Spencer, I care a lot about your daughter.

Lulu: Dad, you don't know what happened.

Luke: I know that Baldwin agreed to give up the guardianship nonsense and drop charges against me if you would give in to this loser.

Lulu: Let me explain.

Luke: You made a sucker deal, Lulu. It's time to end that.

Carly: Where'd you get the idea that Nikolas stabbed Jerry?

Jax: Jerry told me.

Carly: Jerry is a liar.

Jax: He said Nikolas walked right up to him and just attacked him.

Carly: Okay. Nikolas may hate Jerry for many reasons, but he's not going to walk up and stab an unarmed man. He wouldn't do that.

Jax: And I gather Nikolas has had a number of these outbursts lately, okay, as well as blanks in his memory. Nikolas might be far more dangerous than any of us realize.

Emily: When did you decide to throw a ball?

Nikolas: Well, I've been planning it for weeks -- it's that secret project I've been telling you about.

Emily: Why didn't you tell me?

Nikolas: Because it was a surprise.

Emily: Yeah, you did ask me to remember my idea of the perfect party.

Nikolas: Right, and you said a bacchanalia, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Come on, everything will be in black and white, candles throughout the whole house, flowers in every room, right?

Emily: Do you have a date in mind?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm, October 31.

Emily: Nikolas, that's just weeks away.

Nikolas: Oh, I know, but don't worry about it. I've already made all the arrangements; Alfred helped me with the planning. I just -- I wanted to have a celebration for you, after everything that we've been through with Spencer, Jerry --

Emily: Nikolas, that's a wonderful idea and I really appreciate the thought, but are you sure that you're up for this right now in your condition?

Nikolas: Why don't you let me be the judge of what I'm ready for?

Jason: What do you know about the night Leticia died?

Johnny: Nothing.

Jason: September 7 -- where were you? Better yet, where was your father?

Johnny: I've answered all your questions, and I'm going to walk out that door. And if I get killed, someone under your protection is going to wind up dead.

Sonny: I want a one-on-one meeting with Anthony Zacchara.

Trevor: I already told you -- Anthony won't agree.

Sonny: He will if he wants his son back.

Trevor: Sonny, you're making another mistake. Anthony Zacchara does not negotiate.

Sonny: He doesn't have a choice, Trevor.

Trevor: Sonny, you push Anthony, and there's not going to be a gradual expansion of hostilities with the potential of a broken truce. Anthony Zacchara doesn't deal like that.

Sonny: I don't, either.

Trevor: Demanding a one-on-one is not going to get you what you want.

Sonny: Your boss sent you on a reconnaissance mission while he turned his wack-job son loose in my town. One person is already dead -- the woman who took care of both of my boys. He's going to have to pay for that, Trevor.

Trevor: It wasn't Johnny Zacchara -- or anybody else who takes orders from Anthony.

Sonny: I want to hear it from him, not from you!

Trevor: You got to give this up!

Sonny: I'm -- I'm asking for a simple request for a meeting, Trevor.

Trevor: Sonny, using Johnny Zacchara is not the way. You mentioned your own children. What would you do if both your boys were abducted at gunpoint?

Sonny: I would never send my boys to do my business. So if that's the price that Zacchara has to pay --

Trevor: Stop rationalizing.

Sonny: Then that's the price he has to pay.

Trevor: Put yourself in Anthony Zacchara's position, "feel" what he does. Day after day, night after night, you are waiting to hear whether your sons are alive or dead. Your anger builds, and you want to take your rage out against the responsible person. So you know what Anthony Zacchara does? He pays men and women to kill on command. That's what you're dealing with if you don't let Johnny Zacchara go.

Jason: No one has to die if you give me answers.

Johnny: You're about to start a war over a killing my family had nothing to do with.

Jason: Then what are you doing in town?

Johnny: Visiting.

Jason: See, I think you did something, maybe you're trying to clean it up.

Johnny: All I did was meet a girl named Lulu.

Lulu: You weren't around; you were taking care of Mom. You can't walk in here and start making judgments.

Luke: Am I wrong? Didn't this bastard zero in on you like a shark after chum?

Logan: Mr. Spencer, with all due respect, that is not what happened.

Luke: Baldwin is pissed at me, so once again, he gets back at me through you.

Logan: When Lulu and I were dating, Scott didn't even know I was his kid.

Luke: Baldwin's obsessed with your mother, you know that, so he used her as bait to put you with this.

Logan: How about you give your daughter a little bit of credit for making --

Luke: Did he sleep around on you or not?

Lulu: We're not discussing this now. I'm going to see you at home.

Luke: He made a bet with Maxie Jones that he could get you into bed, am I right?

Logan: I'm not proud of it, but, yeah, I did.

Luke: Yeah, and you made good on the bet. You slept with her so you could get "Maxie" in the sack.

Logan: I hate what I did, but you don't hear me making any excuses about it.

Luke: You walked away from this chump once. So why did you give him a second chance?

Lulu: It's not that cut-and-dry.

Luke: Gumdrop, if it hadn't been for the deal that Baldwin cooked up, you never would've given this loser a second chance. Would you?

Lulu: Probably not.

Jax: Nikolas assaulted both Logan Hayes and Jerry.

Carly: They probably provoked him.

Jax: According to witnesses, Nikolas was out of control.

Carly: Okay. If Nikolas stabbed Jerry, why didn't Jerry tell the police?

Jax: Jerry told me that he made Emily's and Nikolas' life a living hell --

Carly: Okay, wait a second. I know that your brother cares about you, but he doesn't care about anyone else. He's a liar, and he's lying about this.

Jax: He thought that it was in his best interest not to upset Emily and Jason, since they're all united in the threat against Anthony Zacchara and Trevor Lansing.

Carly: And Emily would crumble if she found out that Jerry was saying all this because it's ridiculous.

Jax: No, maybe not. Emily was the one who told me about Nikolas' erratic behavior in the first place. She thought that it might be kind of -- some kind of side effect from the poison that Jerry gave him. She was frightened, especially after Jerry told her about the stabbing. Nikolas apparently doesn't remember any of it.

Carly: He doesn't remember anything?

Jax: No. These outbursts seem to happen in a kind of blackout state. So --

Carly: Do you think he killed Leticia?

Nikolas: Listen, I understand why you're hesitant. I mean, it's your dream night, right -- black-tie ball, waltzing by candlelight? I completely understand why you wouldn't want to do it.

Emily: Nikolas, it sounds magical. I'm just concerned that it might be too much for you.

Nikolas: Well, what could go wrong when I have the most beautiful woman in the room on my arm?

Emily: Nikolas, there are going to be a lot of people there, some of whom you're not on the best of terms with.

Nikolas: Okay, I'll shorten the guest list -- I won't invite my grandmother -- you win.

Emily: Nikolas, I'm serious. As the host of this ball, you're going to be under a lot of stress. What if somebody tries to cause a fight or start an argument --

Nikolas: You worry too much.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: You have a medical condition.

Nikolas: Yes, I know, and I know that I have to figure out what's happening to me. But you need to stop imagining that I'm on the brink of uncontrollable rage all the time. If I -- if I really felt that way, I would never plan an event like this.

Emily: Okay, what if we try a happy medium?

Nikolas: What do you mean?

Emily: We postpone the ball until after you're diagnosed.

Nikolas: No, I'm not postponing anything.

Lainey: So if you are telling me that you want to be convicted of murder, then I will go to the court and tell them that you're not in your right mind, and your lawyer can plead diminished capacity.

Cody: I hate the idea of being locked up. But I'd hate to be called incompetent even more.

Lainey: So, what, you're willing to sacrifice 10, 20 years, possibly the rest of your life for what, pride?

Cody: Honor, duty -- a good solider is supposed to be willing to die for all of them -- your father could've told you that.

Lainey: What is this, some kind -- some retroactive redemption? I mean, you want to send yourself to prison to make up for having posttraumatic stress disorder? Come on.

Cody: I'm going to tell the truth -- I did for roger what I would want someone to do for me in the same situation. I have no guilt, no remorse. And if a court sees fit to send me to jail for it, I can live with that.

Lainey: What if I can't? Look, you only met my father because of me. You helped him more than once, and I treated you with hostility and suspicion, when I should've been grateful.

Cody: You thought I was trying to score points to get pills, and you were right. I've threatened you, I've grabbed you, I've tried every way I could to manipulate you. Don't go soft on me now, dr. Winters.

Lainey: You know, I have a lot of friends at the hospital, fellow professionals who I respect. Really compassionate people who put themselves on the line for me and my father, and I owe all of them. But I owe you more. My father wanted to die, and you let him when I couldn’t.

Cody: I wanted to help your father, sure, but I also wanted to reclaim some of my self-respect. So you can thank me if you want. But you're going to -- you're going to have to let it go.

Lainey: Do you have a lawyer?

Cody: A -- a public defender. Uh, I think he's been out of law school about six months -- he took about 10 minutes to find my folder in his briefcase.

Lainey: Can you do me one more favor?

Cody: It depends.

Lainey: Tell your public defender not to enter a plea. Tell him you have private counsel.

Cody: I do?

Lainey: I'm going to get you an attorney, Cody Paul, and it's going to be the best one money can buy. And I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that you go free.

Carly: Why would Nikolas kill Leticia?

Jax: I don't think it's premeditated, I think he's doing these things without knowing about it.

Carly: All right, let's say Nikolas randomly targeted Leticia. It doesn't explain the text messages Sonny's getting from the killers, or my phone being hijacked and someone taking photos of us.

Jax: And I asked Jerry if there was any side effect from the poison he injected him with, and he said he didn't know, so --

Carly: That's helpful.

Jax: You know, maybe Nikolas is doing these things in an unconscious state.

Carly: The text messaging and the photos?

Jax: I don't know. He's developed, like, a separate personality, one that's capable of doing things that he would never do in his right mind.

Emily: I'm only suggesting that we postpone the ball until we figure out why you're losing time, Nikolas. Just let Patrick run some more tests.

Alexis: What tests?

Nikolas: Nothing, nothing serious.

Alexis: Patrick Drake is a neurosurgeon. You wouldn't be seeing him if it weren't serious. What kind of tests? What are you talking about?

Nikolas: Okay, Alexis -- to see if I'm having any side effects from the poison that Jerry gave me.

Alexis: Does this have something to do with these outbursts, these mood swings that you've been having?

Nikolas: I've been under a little stress, so what?

Alexis: Don't brush this off; I've been worried about you. Why didn't you tell me you were concerned?

Nikolas: Oh, I don't know -- maybe because I thought you'd automatically jump in and defend Jerry like you always do?

Alexis: Stop doing that. I'm very well aware of what Jerry's done to you. This is not about Jerry, it's about you. You have assaulted him repeatedly, and I'm concerned that if you keep doing it, you're going to find yourself in serious trouble.

Nikolas: Oh, really? So what are you implying?

Alexis: You're seeing Patrick Drake, so, obviously, there's something serious going on here.

Emily: Look, Alexis, Nikolas doesn't need a reason to be angry at Jerry -- or you, for that matter, for continually defending a man who held us hostage, caused my father's death, and poisoned Nikolas.

Sonny: I don't -- I don't roll over when someone threatens my family.

Trevor: Nobody wins if this turns into a war.

Sonny: Why are you even involved? You got a firm in the city with plenty of legit clients. Why are you in bed with a mob boss?

Trevor: Don't change the subject.

Sonny: It can't be the money because -- at least, not on its own -- you've been rich all your life. Oh, I know what it is -- the power.

Trevor: If Anthony Zacchara wants to get you or your family, one way or the other, sooner or later, he will. It's inexorable.

Sonny: At the end of the day, Trevor, Zacchara is a businessman and a father like me.

Trevor: You don't get it.

Sonny: Tell Zacchara I want to meet with him face to face so we can talk before somebody else dies.

Luke: Sweetheart, I don't need you to fight my battles for me. Baldwin pushed you at this loser --

Lulu: Stop calling him a loser, Dad, you don't know him.

Luke: I know that he slimed up out of Baldwin's stagnant gene pool -- that's all I need to know.

Lulu: Okay, you've made your point, and I'm going to take it from here.

Logan: Look, all right, I'm not the type of guy girls take home to meet the family. I didn't think your daughter would give me the time of day. But she saw something in me.

Luke: I'm not surprised. When she was little, Lulu used to drag home every stray cat, injured bird, and three-legged dog she could find, and you are just one more in a long line of projects.

Logan: Look, I made a huge mistake. Maybe Lulu will forgive me, maybe she won’t. But she does make me want to be a better person, all right? She's one of the few good things that has ever happened to me, and if I can even come close to being that to her --

Luke: Are you buying this garbage?

Lulu: You don't want me fighting your battles, fine, but you cannot fight mine for me. This is my life, and I'm going to deal with it on my own.

Jason: You need to stay away from Lulu.

Johnny: Don't worry; she's more trouble than she's worth.

Jason: See, why are you lying to me right now?

Johnny: Why are you warning me off Lulu if you're going to kill me anyhow?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: You still got Johnny Zacchara?

Jason: Yes, I do.

Sonny: Here's what I want you to do.

Lainey: You want to be a mom? That's exciting news.

Robin: Well, I'm not pregnant yet, I'm trying to get that way -- as soon as I find the right father.

Lainey: I take it Patrick is not an option?

Robin: No, he's horrified, judgmental, condescending -- I mean, you name it. Huh. He thinks that my wanting to be a mother is just a phase -- oh, no, correction -- I want to be a mother to help me get over our breakup.

Lainey: Hey, I'm not defending Patrick.

Robin: Thank you, because he just completely humiliated me in front of Leo at the Metro Court.

Lainey: Wait, you talked to Leo about being your baby's father?

Robin: Yeah, I raised the possibility.

Lainey: Yeah, but you barely know him.

Robin: I know that he's intelligent, I know that he's good-looking, he obviously has excellent genes to pass on. But don't worry, he turned me down -- he left a vapor trail when he left the restaurant.

Lainey: Hmm. Sorry.

Robin: And there was Patrick, lecturing me about how I should feel and what's appropriate. I swear, I almost turned around to the bartender and said, "Can I pay you to get me pregnant?" But I didn't do that because that would've just proved what Patrick was saying, so --

Lainey: Yes, wise choice.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I really want to do this, Lainey, I'm not going to give up. But before I resort to a sperm bank, I would like to at least explore the possibility of my baby's father being someone that I respect.

Lainey: Then you should.

Robin: I'm sorry. You wanted to see me before I inundated you with all of my drama.

[Lainey sighs]

Robin: So what's up?

Lainey: I'm hoping you can recommend a lawyer.

Luke: I'm heading out to find Baldwin.

Tracy: Why?

Luke: I'm going to do something, something to make the special prosecutor arrest me so his deal with my daughter will be over.

Tracy: It's not that simple.

Luke: Tracy, there's no way I'm going to let Baldwin force my daughter into a romance with his bottom-feeding kid.

Tracy: You miss the point -- he's not forcing Lulu into anything.

Logan: You okay?

Lulu: Yeah, I guess.

Logan: Thanks for defending me with your dad.

Lulu: Well, my dad's hated Scott for most of his life, so he automatically assumes you're trash because you're his son.

Logan: Yeah, that part I'm clear on. Huh.

Lulu: Still, it could've been worse.

Logan: Really? Because I'm -- I'm not sure how? He called me worthless. Uh -- he said I'm not fit to breathe the same air as you. I actually considered saying, "Why don't you take a swing at me?" But then I figured, why put ideas in his head?

Lulu: My dad's too smart to punch you.

Logan: "Too smart"?

Lulu: It's the same reason he won't forbid me to see you, because he knows it'll make me want to do the exact opposite.

Logan: Ah. So if your father bashed my face in, he would actually be doing me a favor. That's good to know.

Lulu: I'm just saying it's why he didn't lay down the law. He basically just gave his opinion and said I would be a fool not to take it.

Logan: I'm willing to be a fool. How about you?

Carly: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Where's Johnny?

Jason: He's gone.

Carly: You didn't kill him --

Jason: No, no, Carly, I did not.

Carly: Good, because I'm starting to rethink him as a suspect right now.

Jason: Okay, great, because we're not discussing this right now.

Carly: Don't tell me that we can't talk about it because it's business, okay?

Jason: Why can't you just listen to me? Oh, you can't because you're Carly, so just stay out of it.

Carly: Look, Jerry Jacks was stabbed, and Nikolas is the one who did it.

Jason: Jerry -- Jerry told you that?

Carly: He's not someone that I choose to believe, ever, okay? But Nikolas has been having these freaky bouts of rage that he doesn't remember. He's having blackouts, and he doesn't remember stabbing Jerry.

Jason: Well, probably because he didn't do it.

Carly: Well, your sister's worried about him. She's been covering for him for weeks. She even went to Jax and asked him if there could be some kind of reaction to that poison that Jerry gave him. All I'm saying is Emily thinks that this could be dangerous and something bad could really happen. I'm wondering if something bad already did.

Jason: Nikolas didn't kill Leticia.

Alexis: Obviously, my presence at Wyndemere has caused a bit of tension.

Emily: No, Alexis, I didn't mean to imply that you're not welcome.

Nikolas: I need not remind you that the reason you are here is because Carly's nanny was murdered, and as a result, Kristina’s father is probably planning some sort of mob war.

Alexis: We can move back to the lake house. Sonny will increase security, we'll be protected.

Nikolas: No, you're -- you're safer here.

Alexis: I don't want to impose.

Nikolas: You're not imposing. Okay, you're right. We've all been a little tense, we've been through a lot this year, which is why we need a reason to celebrate, I think. As I was telling Emily, I'm planning a ball here at Wyndemere on October 31.

Alexis: A ball?

Nikolas: Yes -- for Emily, who inspired the concept.

Emily: Yeah, I -- I told Nikolas that, um, my idea of the perfect party was the bacchanalia, so he's planning something similar -- a formal ball with everybody dressed in black and white.

Nikolas: Yes. I'm also making an endowment to the hospital to help protect against future takeovers -- and the endowment is in Alan’s name.

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Yeah, I have more than a few surprises up my sleeve.

Emily: Thank you.

Alexis: October 31 is a couple weeks away. Don't you think it's a little soon? Maybe you should wait till things settle down a bit?

Nikolas: No, no -- Emily made the same suggestion. But I just think we need to set all our problems aside and enjoy ourselves for once.

Jax: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Um -- I would like to speak to Nikolas in private, if that's okay.

Nikolas: Sure. Uh -- Emily, do you mind taking Alexis to dinner for me?

Emily: No. Shall we? Hmm?

Alexis: We're not finished.

Jax: Hey.

Nikolas: So, Jax, what's so private that you can't speak in front of Alexis and Emily?

Jax: I don't want Alexis to know that you stabbed my brother.

Lainey: He's been locked up for weeks. His public defender hasn't even managed to set a hearing date -- which is probably a blessing in disguise, because he's determined to send himself to prison.

Robin: For killing your father?

Lainey: "If" Cody turned off my father's life support, it's a gift.

Robin: Well, no one gets to decide just to end another person's life.

Lainey: My father wasn't living, he was existing, and I need a lawyer who can explain the difference to a jury.

Robin: "You" need?

Lainey: Obviously, I'm emotionally involved. I mean, you don't get more personal than trying to help the man who "allegedly" ended your father's suffering.

Robin: Okay, so this is just about your father? You have no interest in Cody?

Lainey: What are you trying to get at, Robin?

Robin: Okay, I have a well-deserved reputation for hiding in my work, but you put me to shame. You are always so calm and supportive and just a little bit distant. I've never seen someone affect you as much as Cody has.

Lainey: Look, I don't want to date the man, I just want to get him acquitted for murder.

Robin: Okay, well, maybe I'm completely out of line, but let me just put this out there. There's a certain kind of man who's dangerous, but you may see another side of that person, another selfless, possibly sweet side, and it's easy to get pulled in and think that that dangerous part doesn't matter somehow or will go away.

Lainey: Look, I am the shrink, remember? I know that Cody’s dangerous. I wouldn't go anywhere near a personal relationship with him. All right, thank you for caring.

Robin: Maybe I just want some equality -- my personal life is such a mess at the moment, I was just thinking maybe yours is, too.

Lainey: Well, at least you know what you want. So, about a lawyer, I was thinking about asking Alexis Davis. But she was a prior patient of mine and I really don't want to impose on that relationship.

Robin: What about Diane Miller? According to my Uncle Mac, she's a shark.

Lainey: But it was my understanding that she worked exclusively for Sonny.

Robin: I'm sure Sonny could recommend that Diane represent Cody. I mean, if it's any indication what she did for Jason, she'll get Cody acquitted. And then you can figure out how you really feel about him.

Tracy: Lulu fell for Logan's rebel act, hook, line, and sinker -- I was there, I watched it.

Luke: And you didn't tell her he was as phony as a $3 bill?

Tracy: I tried. But in case you haven't noticed, she's as stubborn and pigheaded as you are.

Luke: Well, it's nice to know that you can feel remorse.

Tracy: I do. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say I apologize for ever digging into Scott's past and revealing the fact that Logan is his son. He is a messed-up kid and Lulu wants to save him.

Luke: Well, she never would've fallen for it if Baldwin hadn't dangled the bait.

Tracy: She's old enough to make her own decisions, and she will resent you if you interfere.

Luke: She's just trying to save me, Spanky. It's made her a sucker. Baldwin has got to be stopped.

Tracy: You're right. Lulu was looking for a reason to get back with Logan, and Scott handed it to her on a silver platter. But, Luke, there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Lulu: If you're waiting for me to rush into your arms and declare undying love, don't hold your breath.

Logan: Your father thinks I'm working you, okay, pulling out the playbook and studying all the moves.

Lulu: Of course he does.

Logan: I would never treat you that way, Lulu.

Lulu: You already did.

Logan: Oh -- can we get over the Maxie thing, please? I'm talking about where we are right now, all right?

Lulu: Just put yourself in my dad's position. He -- he comes home after months of being away, and he finds out his daughter liked a guy who made a bet about sleeping with her, and then the payoff was sleeping with Maxie.

Logan: Oh -- okay. The facts sound horrible. So how do I convince you I'm being sincere? How -- how do I make you understand that everything out of my mouth is not some ulterior motive?

Lulu: It's just going to take time, I guess.

Logan: Would you at least believe that I would never hurt you again?

Lulu: I believe that now. But an hour from now, months, years -- I don't know. You just change so fast one minute to the next.

Logan: What I felt for you will never change; it's only going to grow stronger.

Carly: Jax thinks it could be just a coincidence that Leticia died when the Zacchara family started making trouble.

Jason: That would be a big coincidence.

Carly: But think about it -- the text messages from the killer --

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Weird pictures being taken from my phone of me and Jax? It doesn't sound like the mob.

Jason: It doesn't sound like Nikolas, either.

Carly: Well, what if Nikolas developed a second personality during his blackouts, and that his condition is just some chemical reaction to the poison Jerry gave him?

Jason: I don't know about that.

Carly: Can't you just for one second think "what if"? What if Nikolas is doing things he wouldn't normally do?

Jason: Okay -- fine, fine, I could believe that Nikolas finally lost it with Jerry, grabbed a knife, and stabbed him.

Carly: Okay.

Jason: And I could believe that Jerry is a liar.

Carly: What about the rest of the stuff, Jason?

Jason: I -- I don't believe that Nikolas rigged your phone, sent the messages, and doesn't remember it -- it takes too much thought and planning.

Carly: What if he's doing it --

Jason: "What if" nothing. Carly, you're on the wrong track -- Nikolas didn't kill Leticia.

Jax: Jerry told me you stabbed him and I believe he's telling the truth.

Nikolas: Hmm. With all due respect, I think you have a bit of a blind spot for your brother.

Jax: You assaulted him on more than one occasion at the Metro Court, didn't you?

Nikolas: Yeah, I had a fight with him, but that's a far cry from putting a knife in someone's chest.

Jax: I think your fits of rage are getting worse, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You know, it wasn't that long ago that you kept my son from me by pretending to be his father, and now you come into my home and accuse me of stabbing your brother and lying about it. I think -- I think you and Jerry are the liars here.

Jax: Do you remember visiting Jerry at the hospital? You asked him what happened in the alley that night.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm, and he lied about it -- wasn't me who attacked him.

Jax: Are you absolutely sure of that?

Nikolas: Jax, your brother has enemies all over this world, any one of them could've attacked him -- it wasn't me.

Jax: Because if you're not sure, Nikolas, I think you should see a specialist -- before you have another blackout and do something that you can't explain away.

Luke: The first step is to get rid of the kid, then Baldwin has to stop hiding behind him and come after me directly.

Tracy: Oh, don't look at me -- I already tried to bribe him to leave town.

Luke: Maybe you didn't offer him enough.

Tracy: Luke, the harder you push Logan, the more he will defy you. The more he defies you, the more Lulu will romanticize him.

Luke: God, how can she be such a patsy?

Tracy: Everybody has warned her about Logan, just like everybody warned Laura about you.

Luke: This is not the same.

Tracy: No? Let me think about that. Lulu likes to push the envelope -- check. Lulu craves adventure -- check.

Luke: All right, all right. It's the Spencer in her.

Tracy: Well, I've been tearing my hair out over it.

Luke: Well, now you've given up, thrown in the towel.

Tracy: No, I'm just facing reality. They have a connection; they're not going to let anybody stand in their way.

Luke: Look, Baldwin never got over the fact that Laura left him for me. Now he thinks he's going to get revenge on me by pushing my daughter into the arms of that worthless kid of his!

Lulu: Could you give me a little credit for knowing what I'm doing?

Man: I told you to stay away from Port Charles.

Johnny: I was taking a drive, that's all.

Man: You left without telling me!

[Glass breaks]

Man: Where is your respect? You're all that's left, and you defy me! You defy your own father! Get out!

Trevor: Well, I hope you had enough sense not to tell him that Jason Morgan picked you up. Otherwise, there would've been hell to pay.

Sonny: Why'd you grab Johnny Zacchara without checking with me first?

Jason: I wanted to question him about Leticia’s murder.

Sonny: What'd he tell you?

Jason: He said he didn't have anything to do with it.

Sonny: You believe him?

Jason: Well, I think that he knows something about Leticia’s death. I mean, why'd you want me to let him go?

Sonny: Because Trevor seems to think that Johnny Zacchara is the key to dealing with his father.

Nikolas: Well, hello. Hey, your husband was just here, so I can only assume that you, too, are here to accuse me of stabbing Jerry. Well, my answer is the same -- I didn't do it.

Carly: There's not a jury in the world that would convict you, after everything he did to you and Emily.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, I think Jerry got what he deserves. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it had nothing to do with me.

Carly: How would you know? Aren't you having blackouts, losing time?

Nikolas: That's none of your damn business.

Carly: You don't remember stabbing Jerry, there could be other things you don't remember.

Nikolas: What are you getting at, Carly?

Carly: You attacked Jerry and Logan Hayes at the Metro Court. What if you've been violent on other occasions but you just don't remember and there were no witnesses?

Nikolas: You need to leave now.

Carly: What were you doing September 7, when Leticia died?

Sonny: Trevor told me you had grabbed Johnny --

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And he said that if Anthony found out, that he'd go crazy. I said, "You know what? Give me a one-on-one meeting with Zacchara. I don't want a middleman."

Jason: Is he going to set it up?

Sonny: He said Anthony doesn't talk to anybody, and he'll retaliate by killing people that are close to me.

Jason: Well, that is his reputation.

Sonny: If Johnny is the key to getting Zacchara to negotiate, I want a meeting. And if he refuses, then I want you to grab Johnny again, and we won't give him back to his father until he cooperates.

Trevor: I warned you. Jason Morgan couldn't have gotten you if you'd stayed home.

Johnny: I survived, didn't I?

Trevor: Yeah. But you put people in jeopardy every time you take off. Don't make your father come looking for you.

Johnny: Well, it's your job to make sure he doesn’t.

Trevor: No, it's my job to make sure that innocent people don't die, and the last time you took off, that happened. You don't want it to happen again, do you?

Tracy: You know I'm not given to greeting-card sentiment, but I would like to mention that the two of you love each other.

Lulu: Logan hurt me, and I'm not sure I can ever trust him again, but I'm not ready to write him off.

Luke: You're playing right into his father's smarmy hands.

Lulu: Maybe I think Logan deserves a second chance. You know what? Sometimes people need to be forgiven. I've made some stupid mistakes in my life.

Luke: Well, you're about to make another one.

Lulu: Dad, just trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Luke: Lulu, Baldwin is using you to get back at me. He's pushing you at his son in a lame attempt at revenge.

Lulu: Nobody is pushing me to do anything -- I care about Logan. When we were together, it was fun, it was great, he listened to me, and we connected in a way that neither of us ever expected, so maybe I want to give him a second chance.

Luke: Well, what -- what makes you think he deserves a second chance?

Lulu: You know what? You're just prejudiced against him because of what happened with you and Mom and Scott decades ago.

Luke: Wait a minute. If you are thinking that forgiving Logan is like your mother forgiving me, you're dead wrong.

Emily: Nikolas' mood swings are so sudden, they're so extreme.

Alexis: Thank you.

Emily: Thanks. Something is clearly wrong, Alexis, it's some neurological problem, it's some chemical imbalance.

Alexis: So he's too proud and too self-reliant to admit that he's getting worse?

Emily: Yeah. I mean, just the fact that he's so determined to throw this ball is proof that -- I don't know -- that he's in denial, I suppose?

Alexis: You know, as frustrating as that is, it's exactly what I felt when I was diagnosed with lung cancer, but at some point you have to accept help.

Emily: But, see, you knew what you were dealing with, Nikolas doesn’t. The first round of tests that he had showed that there's nothing out of the ordinary. And then we went back for a second batch, but we haven't gotten the results back yet.

Alexis: Well, it'll be a lot easier for you once you know what you're dealing with.

Emily: Yeah, but, see, he's not just having fits of rage. I mean, he's losing time, he's forgetting what he's done. I don't know -- I think it would be better for Molly and Kristina if they were just away for a while.

Alexis: Is that why you lashed out at me at Wyndemere? Is that -- you're trying to give me an excuse to get me and the kids out of there?

Emily: I'm so sorry. I know that was awkward. It's just that I don't want them to be upset, I don't want them to be frightened, and Nikolas is just so unpredictable right now.

Alexis: Well, it's very nice of you to think of us. But if you're alone with Nikolas, who's going to be there to protect you?

Nikolas: You're not seriously accusing me of killing your sons' nanny, are you?

Carly: I'm just asking you what you were doing the night Leticia was strangled.


Carly: Or don't you even know? Or did you conveniently forget, just like you forgot stabbing Jerry?

Nikolas: Let me tell you something -- if I were going to stab anybody, it'd be you for taking my son away from me.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: It's not going to work, not with Baldwin's kid.

Trevor: John, you left your father's house again.

Sonny: Who else would want to kill my boys' nanny?

Nikolas: You stole my son from me, and you didn't pay for it!

Carly: I didn't --

Nikolas: You're a liar!

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