GH Transcript Tuesday 10/2/07

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/2/07


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Emily: If there's one person that Jerry might be honest with, it's you. So I was hoping that you could ask him if there is a weird side effect that could be the reason for Nikolas' behavior. Because it's getting worse, Jax, and I'm afraid of what could happen next.

Nikolas: Why are you talking to Jax about me?

Jax: She was just asking me about Jerry --

Nikolas: I specifically heard you say something about me getting worse. So what is it you think you can find out?

Lulu: Really, Maxie, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Logan came close to being the worst mistake of my life, and who knows how long I would have gone on believing his lies? It could have been so much worse, so really, thank you.

Logan: You're lying.

[Phone chimes]

Carly: You bet your crazy ass I want to meet you.

[Phone chimes]

[Johnny sighs]

Spinelli: No, Valkyrie, what demons could have possibly possessed you to exchange messages with that also unhinged one? God. Oh, come on. What could you possibly have to say to the scion of evil?

Carly: "C.U. in the park."

Sonny: You think I don't -- I don't know what you're doing?

Kate: I'm being honest. I want you to go.

Sonny: You are scared. And I -- I know what that's about because I've been there. Everything that you've worked so hard for, all your expectation falls apart. The last thing you want to do is let somebody -- let somebody see how -- how much it hurts. Besides, who do you trust, right? Come here. I can't -- I can't promise you a lot. But right here, right now, you can -- you can trust me, okay? Now, if you want, you can lean on me. I won't fail you.

Robin: Has someone been going through my patient charts? This was supposed to have been filed this morning.

Epiphany: Well, they were all supposed to be filed. If Nurse Molina doesn't take -- get to it in the next half an hour, I'll write her up and --

Robin: Nurse Molina has worked on the 10th floor for over a month. If she doesn't know our system, find another nurse that does. Nikolas Cassadine’s chart was right on the top. I didn't put it there.

Epiphany: Well, you might want to talk to Emily Quartermaine.

Robin: Emily Quartermaine is not Nikolas' doctor. She lives with him. I mean, looking at his charts is not only a bad idea, it's borderline unethical.

Epiphany: Well, you're not going to get any argument out of me. But you might want to take it up with Emily.

Robin: Since when do you refrain from expressing your opinion to the staff, especially the interns?

Epiphany: Okay, Dr. Scorpio, I understand that you and Drake Jr. have broken up, and you're feeling all out of sorts about that, but the sooner that you stop taking it out on me and everyone else, the better it will be for the people you work with and everyone else, not to mention the patients.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Oh, this is not a good time! It's not a good -- oh, God. Bad timing, Tracy, okay?

Tracy: I need you to put yourself aside for a minute. I'm here about Lulu. I need you to use your common sense to protect her from her own worst instincts.

Carly: Fine, I will talk to Lulu. Thanks for dropping by. Let's go.

Tracy: She's in danger. Do you know that she is living at Jason's?

Carly: I'm not going to stand here while you trash my friend.

Tracy: You mean your best friend? She's at risk by being within 10 feet of Jason.

Carly: How is this any of your business?

Alan: More to the point, why are you dragging Carly into this in the first place? It's a terrible idea.

Tracy: I'm appealing to your sense of family. I want you to get Jason to evict Lulu. Please.

Alan: Tracy, your skin gets this strange color when you're desperate. It's not your best look.

Carly: What are you looking at?

Tracy: Don't change the subject. Lulu needs to be home -- where her father left her.

Carly: Where Luke left Lulu? Or where he left you?

Logan: You're right, I lied, okay? But you're the one who's lying right now. There's no way you're -- you're grateful for what Maxie did. It was hurtful.

Georgie: Okay, okay. It's time to stop blaming my sister. She didn't force you to lie to Lulu. It was as much your idea as it was hers. I mean, really, how great could a relationship be that was built on a lie? Did you ever ask him why he just didn't come clean and tell you the truth?

Logan: I was afraid of losing you.

Georgie: No, it's more like "I wanted to be your hero, Lulu, and I don't want to fess up --"

Logan: Stay out of this, Georgie. You don't know what happened.

Maxie: Hey, back the hell off my sister, okay? Georgie's the one who saw through you from the start.

Logan: You know what? I'm not going to let you two stand here and cloud her judgment.

Georgie: Oh, that's insulting. I think she can figure out what a jerk you are all by herself.

Lulu: Thank you, Georgie. I can handle this.

Georgie: Lulu, seriously, you can't let this guy back in. He -- he's bad news. He's going to hurt you. It's your life, right?

Maxie: Georgie's right. You listen to anything Logan has to say, and you're a fool.

Lulu: Huh.

Emily: I have no idea what's wrong, Nikolas. All I know is that you've been having these emotional outbursts, and it's not like you.

Nikolas: Then why discuss it with him and not me?

Jax: Look, Emily was worried that your health might be compromised by the poison my brother was injecting you with. She asked me to speak to Jerry. Now, I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable for you, but it might be worth looking into.

Nikolas: Well, if you would have bothered to talk to me first, I could have told you that Robin ran some blood tests, which all came back clear.

Emily: I know, Nikolas. I ran across your test results at work. Since you ran those tests without confiding in me, I thought that you might not be willing to have an open conversation about it. And then, I found out that you attacked Logan Hayes for a second time.

Nikolas: That's right, I did. Because he humiliated my sister and broke her heart.

Jax: Well, is it rational to attack someone in public and have to be pulled off of him? I think you need help, Nikolas, whether you want to admit that, or not.

Kate: It's not for you to fix what's wrong, Sonny. It was my decision to drive away from the car in the Hamptons. This was my decision to drive away from the police car I sideswiped here.

Sonny: But if it wasn't for me, Trevor Lansing wouldn't be in Port Charles.

Kate: I chose to get involved with Trevor all those years ago, just as I chose to pull away from him now. The point is I can't afford wasting any energy blaming anyone. Whatever happens now is all on me.

Sonny: It is not a sign of weakness to let someone help you.

Kate: I appreciate your kindness. I have to keep a clear head in order to plan my next move.

Sonny: You got to feel what you feel. Otherwise, you can't get past it.

Kate: Ahem -- I can rebuild. I am talented and I'm smart, and I have experience --

Sonny: Connie --

Kate: I have a vision --

Sonny: Connie, please. Like I said before, you can trust me, okay? I never -- I never said anything, you know, to anyone, that you're from Bensonhurst. And I won't tell anybody if you cry.

Kate: I'm fine, Sonny. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Sonny: It's okay. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Robin: Nurse Johnson, notify the lab that we have a new pharmaceutical rep.

Epiphany: It's already been done.

Robin: Dr. Henry needs to know, too.

Epiphany: A memo went out to all senior staff. Perhaps you should check your inbox.

Lainey: Yikes. What'd you do to get on Epiphany's bad side?

Robin: Nurses are supposed to take orders from doctors, not the other way around.

Lainey: Okay, but Epiphany knows more about patient care than anybody in this hospital.

Robin: Fine, so I'm unfocused, pissed off, and in a really bad mood.

Lainey: No -- let me guess. It's all Patrick’s fault.

Robin: I miss him. There, I said it.

Lainey: Okay. What do you miss?

Robin: What, are you going to shrink me now?

Lainey: No, Robin, this is what friends do. Look, you're obviously miserable. So tell me about it.

Robin: I miss the little things, you know? I miss Patrick rubbing my feet while we sat on the couch and I miss reading something in the newspaper and thinking about "oh, I want to tell him later," but I can't, because the intimacy is gone.

Lainey: Hmm.

Robin: But we're still coworkers, we still cross each other's paths. You know what? Every time I see him, still, my heart races like crazy, and I think that man there -- the best, the smartest, the hottest man -- I want to say that he's mine, and he's not mine, so I go home and I eat ice cream out of a carton and I cry myself to sleep, and I try and think about the fact that maybe -- just maybe he's feeling a little bit of what I'm feeling.

Lainey: Look, even if Patrick is better at covering the hurt, he feels it, too. Does it help you to know that?

Robin: Maybe it would be easier if we stopped loving each other, but we haven’t.

Lainey: The baby thing?

Robin: I can't force Patrick to want children. But I can't give up my dreams, either.

Lainey: Can I tell you -- I so admire you and Patrick for respecting each other enough to be honest about what you really want.

Robin: Okay, it's one thing to do the right thing, but it's another to deal with it. I mean, right now, I just feel like a cliché, you know? That woman that just can't get on with her life.

Lainey: But, Robin, you have to give yourself a little time, you know? I mean, women in general don't really think that jumping right into something is the answer. Men, on the other hand --

Robin: Are dogs.

Scott: Hi. Excuse me. I got a call from the lab, the results are back. My name is Scott Baldwin. It was a paternity test.

Epiphany: Too much information, Mr. Baldwin. Okay, here you go. Good luck.

Scott: Yeah, whatever that is.

Logan: Maxie already hated you. And now she hates me because I chose you. And most important, Maxie hates losing. She has got to justify some reason for driving Coop off --

Maxie: You will seriously say anything.

Logan: Look, we can beat her at her own game, okay, if we just trust each other.

Lulu: Did you sleep with her after you slept with me?

Logan: Look, we can work on what we had, okay? We can build on it.

Maxie: I rest my case.

Lulu: You're a liar. Why would I believe anything that you say? There is nothing that you can say that'll fix what you did. I can never trust you again. So go away and leave me alone.

Logan: I'd do anything to take it back.

[Maxie sighs]

Maxie: That was breathtaking. Trash dumping trash.

Lulu: Shut up, you skanky ho.

Tracy: My husband didn't leave me, he's coming back.

Carly: Whatever. You know, Luke didn't have a problem dumping Lulu in the middle of your crazy family, so why should he get a say on where she lives?

Alan: Tracy, you're a birdbrain. You want to get to Carly, use Bobbie’s name, not Luke’s.

Tracy: What about your mother? If Bobbie were in town, what would she do?

Carly: My mother understands that Lulu is an adult.

Alan: Betcha Bobbie’s had a wonderful trip.

Tracy: Lulu is a lost little girl.

Carly: Oh, come on. Like you care?

Tracy: I do care. Lulu got her heart broken by that Logan. She needs a family environment.

Carly: Oh, yeah, and what better family than a controlling shrew, a greedy old man, an overworked, grieving doctor, and let's not forget the mud-wrestling maid. That'll straighten Lulu right up.

Alan: I'll bet you Monica could use a vacation. I wonder why Bobbie didn't invite her.

Tracy: Don't look at me like that. It's just a -- whew -- hot flash. Just you wait.

Carly: You're wasting my time. I have someplace to be, and I don't tell Jason what to do.

Tracy: You tell everybody what to do.

Alan: Wonderful -- red cape, meet bull.

Tracy: Would you shut up already?

Carly: Oh, my God. Lulu's right. You really think you see Alan.

Tracy: Don't you try to diminish my concern for Lulu by bringing up my dead brother. I came here with the best of intentions.

Carly: That's crap. Truthfully, I don't care if you see dead people. I want you out of here.

Nikolas: I already spoke with Jerry about the poison. He was very amused, by the way. And in his opinion, the poison was developed just to kill people, that's it. There are no known lasting side effects.

Emily: Jerry lies whenever it suits him, Nikolas. He might be truthful with his own brother.

Jax: Look, I'd be willing to try.

Nikolas: The two of you are overreacting here. Have I had a short fuse lately? Yes. But Robin's tests show that I'm perfectly healthy, so maybe I'm just a little stressed. You really want to help? Keep your damn brother away from me. That certainly will ease a bit of my tension.

Jax: Okay. If you change your mind about questioning Jerry, just let me know.

Emily: Nikolas, I'm so --

Nikolas: Don't you ever go behind my back again.

Lulu: Let me be clear. I wouldn't go back to Logan for anything, but I know the person most to blame for all of this is you. You wanted to hurt me so badly that you cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend. Looks like you're the one who's paying here. I mean, you lost Coop, who was the best thing about you. And I've made mistakes, but I can't even comprehend being that self-destructive. But then again, you are the baby-faking and pill-stealing tramp of Port Charles.

Maxie: You know, getting your heart stomped on was the least you deserve. I was thrilled to be a part of it. I mean, the look on your face when I told you about my plan with Logan -- priceless. And that, little Miss Not-so-perfect, is exactly what you get for trashing me to Lucky, breaking up Georgie and Dillon, coming on to my boyfriend.

Lulu: Oh, ex-boyfriend. See, actually, I really like Coop and I'm glad he doesn't have to put up with your garbage anymore. In fact, he hates you. And Logan hates you, and you've been exposed for the lying slut that you are. So remind me -- who's the big loser here?

Spinelli: Rest assured that the Blond One is safe for now, but I fear that the Valkyrie is playing a very, very dangerous game with the warped one, so please, when you get this message, call me back with extreme haste, please.

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Um -- who -- who's -- no, I'm sorry. Who's there? Sorry, Stone Cold, someone's at the door. I'll call you back.

Georgie: I'm really, really sorry. I know you're working and I don't mean to interrupt. I just really needed somebody to vent to about this -- this stupid Lulu/Logan/Maxie thing, and I -- hello? Hey --

Spinelli: I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You were saying?

Georgie: Wow, normally, I mention Lulu's name and I have your full attention.

Spinelli: Well, it's just that I'm -- I'm distracted with fear for the Valkyrie.

Georgie: Carly? What -- what did she do?

Spinelli: She's been exchanging messages with a denizen of darkness, and as of yet, I have no access to the communications, but I expect that when I find these texts, they'll be dire.

Georgie: Okay, okay, look, don't jump to conclusions. Maybe Carly --

Spinelli: Okay, I've traced their missives, okay? And --

Georgie: What -- what --

Spinelli: My algorithm worked. Come here. Um -- there it is. There it is.  The transcripts of the Valkyrie’s messages to -- wait a minute. Well, that's -- the messages aren't from the Amazon goddess, they're from fair Lulu, and -- she's just agreed to meet face-to-face with the warped one, Johnny Zacchara.

Carly: It is really time for you to leave.

Tracy: Where do you have to be that's so important? Lunch with a friend? Oh -- that's right, you have no friends. Work? Hmm, I think Mr. Jacks runs the hotel.

Carly: I have an appointment, and it's none of your business.

Alan: Carly's up to no good. She's distracted, she's rushing, and she's dressed to impress -- or seduce.

Tracy: I will leave just as soon as you promise to get Lulu out of Jason’s.

Carly: I'm going to drag you out of here myself.

Tracy: Why can't you see this is in Lulu's best interest?

Carly: Your stepdaughter has the legal right to live anywhere she wants. And this big plan you have about wanting Lulu back in the mansion so you can get Luke back in your bed -- it's not going to happen.

Alan: Yep, Carly has an agenda.

Tracy: You have an agenda.

Carly: Oh! Okay, I will talk to Lulu. I will talk to her about moving in with one of her siblings. That's the best you're going to get.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hi, honey.

Jax: Tracy? What are you doing here?

Tracy: Well, I appear to be keeping your wife from something very important. I'm sorry I stopped you from getting out of here before your husband came home. I just hope he doesn't put a crimp in your plans.

[Phone chimes]

Jax: Oh. Oh, that's probably the hotel in Montréal. Listen, I got a message just before.

Sonny: Well, now that we all know that we have this totally under control --

[Kate laughs]

Sonny: How do you really feel?

Kate: Oh, Sonny. I left home at 18, and I gave up so much that mattered to me. And I ended up chasing an illusion.

Sonny: You made something out of nothing. You changed the world of fashion.

Kate: Yes, and we all know how much you love that world.

Sonny: Well, that's not the point, because you turned yourself into something that matters. You, you know, gave a lot of influence -- to the arts, to education. You know, all those charities. You know what? I think you're brilliant.

Kate: I made some phone calls today.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: To my friends, my business associates. All those beautiful, lovely people who got their breaks on my coattails. Trevor gave me a boost, so I did the same. Guess how many answered the phone.

Sonny: It's their loss.

Kate: What do I do now? I have no job. Without my career, who am I?

Sonny: I have faith in you.

Kate: Please don't ask me to lean on you.

Sonny: No, but -- I'm not going to ask you forever to lean on me. But just -- just for tonight, let me take care of you.

Emily: Anything for me?

Epiphany: Other than Dr. Scorpio having a meltdown because you looked at her patient's lab results?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Okay, maybe I overreacted a bit. But it wasn't just any patient, it was Nikolas. Which is probably why you couldn't help but look in the first place.

Emily: Well, there is the matter of patient confidentiality. I'm sorry.

Robin: The truth is if something was happening with the man that I love -- moot point.

Emily: Still, I should have asked you first.

Robin: It's okay, it's done. Don't worry about it. But I'm sure you saw that everything's fine. His blood work was clean.

Emily: No, but he's not fine, Robin. There's something wrong.

Robin: Why do you say that?

Emily: Oh, he's had mood swings, these extreme outbursts of anger where he just flies off the handle. He's broken things, and it's getting worse. He's getting physically violent with people.

[Music plays]

Maxie: Listen to you. Already making excuses for Logan.

Lulu: I'm just saying you're equally to blame.

Maxie: You're such a sucker. You're already thinking about forgiving him.

Lulu: You're ridiculous.

Maxie: It's all over your face, Lulu. You're starting to think Logan is not such a bad guy. Maybe he just got sucked in by big bad Maxie. He needs someone to understand his inner torment, a girl who'd be patient, defend him. A doormat.

Lulu: Hmm -- don't project your own twisted patterns on me.

Maxie: Oh, you'll get back together with that loser. That'll be real fun for me. You see, Logan -- he's incapable of real human emotion. He'll just end up annihilating you again. And then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Singer: Let me tell you you're whole once again you seem stronger today

Carly: I got that.

Jax: What's wrong with you?

Tracy: She has been behaving very oddly. Worst of all, she refuses to take me seriously, but I have confidence that you will do better. Would you just hear me out?

Alan: Good God, Tracy, have you no shame?

Tracy: Lulu cannot stay at Jason's, with Spaghettini, no less. And unfortunately, Carly is the only one that can get through to Jason/

Alan: You know, Tracy, there's an easier way. Why don't you just find out what Carly’s up to and blackmail her?

Tracy: Oh, my God -- will you shut up? I have had it!

Jax: So, how is Alan?

Alan: Well, haunting Tracy is tough, but otherwise, I'm fine. Thank you for asking.

Tracy: Alan is still dead, thank you, and I wish everybody would stop bringing him up.

Carly: You need to leave. You need to leave now. Take Alan with you. I have an appointment, please!

Tracy: How rude, even by your standards.

Carly: Oh, my gosh.

Jax: Bye, Tracy.

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Hi.

Carly: Hi. Alone at last.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I have to go.

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. Why are you wearing that hot outfit for anyone but me?

Carly: I have an appointment with Dr. Lee. I'll be back later.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: I love you.

Jax: Huh.

Spinelli: Oh, I hate voicemail! Doesn't anyone have the common decency to answer their -- ahem -- good afternoon, Mr. Corinthos, Sir. It is I, The Jackal. I have patiently heeded your warnings and avoided direct phone contact between us, but The Jackal fears there is much danger, and since Stone Cold is curiously incommunicado -- look, I -- I just -- at the risk of your wrath, I ask you to return my call when you receive this message. Many sincere thanks. With love, The Jackal.

Georgie: I'm sure that Sonny will call you back as soon as he gets your message.

Spinelli: Okay, I -- I worry -- okay, it is one thing for Stone Cold to, you know, be unreachable because he's on some mission of dubious secrecy, but when Mr. Corinthos, Sir, drops out of sight, the situation must indeed be grave.

Sonny: You -- you don't have to stay all night. You -- we don't have -- I mean, whatever you want to do. I can just hold you, if you let me. Come here.

Kate: Do you remember high school science? The principle of inertia? You -- you build up momentum, and you -- you keep it going. You don't slow down, you don't look back. I taught myself how not to lean on someone. I've forgotten how.

Sonny: I know you're afraid of losing everything -- your lifestyle, your -- your career, you know? The person you created. But Trevor can't destroy that. There was always a little bit of Kate in the girl I knew back when. And I got to tell you, there's a whole lot of Connie in the person that you've become. You are who you are, and no one can take that away from you.

Kate: How is -- how is it that we could be apart all these years and after the different lives we made, the person who knows me best is my guy from the neighborhood?

[Phone rings]

Lulu: Kelly’s.

Scott: Yeah, I'm looking for Logan Hayes.

Lulu: Uh -- who's this?

Scott: It's Scott Baldwin. Lulu?

Lulu: Logan left a while ago.

Scott: I've been leaving him messages everywhere. I -- I -- I need to talk to him. It's important.

Lulu: I'll see if I can find him.

Spinelli: I don't get it. Why would -- why would Lulu text from Carly’s phone? Unless the Valkyrie is masquerading as fair Lulu.

Georgie: Look at the messages themselves. The earlier ones from Lulu's phone -- well, they have a totally different tone. They're -- they're polite, but still, you know, very cautious. And then when she texts and says that her line isn't secure, she switches to Carly’s. Then they become all about meeting up with Johnny.

Spinelli: Yeah, it's like a -- you're right, it's like a totally different person. Someone like the fearless Valkyrie. But -- oh, my God -- Carly is walking into the den of a lion. The warped one has a fondness for firearms. It's not safe.

Georgie: What are you going to do?

Spinelli: I don't know, but -- look, you should leave.

Georgie: Listen, two heads are better than one -- I could help.

Spinelli: Okay, but the -- The Jackal must fly solo from this point on, okay? It's far too risky for the faithful friend and dispenser of wisdom, but The Jackal is most impressed by your detecting skills, and exceedingly grateful.

Georgie: Please, call me if you need any help, and be careful.

Spinelli: Thanks.

Jax: Yes, hi, this is Jasper Jacks. My wife, Carly, has an appointment with Dr. Lee today. I'm not sure if -- if she's there yet, but could you tell her that she left her PDA at home? I don't want her to think that she lost it. Oh, she -- she doesn't have an appointment today? Oh -- I'm sorry, you know what? I must have got my days mixed up. Sorry to bother you.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax.

Spinelli: Yes, good afternoon. May I speak to the Valk -- um -- Carly, please?

Jax: She's not home, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Ah!

[Dial tone]

Jax: Hmm.

[Phone chimes]

Emily: Look, I understand that you felt betrayed, but --

Nikolas: There's something really important I need to ask you. This afternoon at the Metro Court, who left first, me or you?

Emily: You did, Nikolas. Why do you even -- you don't remember?

Nikolas: No. No, I don’t. I mean, I remember -- I remember talking with you and Jax. And the next thing, I'm at the damn coffee house, and I don't know how I got there.

Emily: Um -- what are we going to do?

Nikolas: I -- I don't know. I don't know, but there's something really wrong. With the anger and -- and now I'm losing time. I don't know what the hell's the matter with me.

Logan: I'm here. What do you want?

Scott: Listen, I, um -- I got the paternity results back. I, uh -- thought we should read them together.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, it's -- it's The Jackal, once again. I -- I -- I have no way of knowing where you are, and the Valkyrie’s about to walk into a trap, so please -- please, call me. If I don't hear from you in four -- make that two minutes, I'm going to have to take matters in to my own somewhat inexperienced hands. So as I said, please -- please, call me.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Spinelli --

Spinelli: Mr. Valkyrie -- it's an honor and a pleasure.

Jax: Why were you looking for Carly?

Spinelli: It is with great regret that I say I cannot divulge that information. And anyway, I must be going. Urgent business.

Jax: Okay, you know what? Something's going on. I'm her husband, Spinelli. You need to tell me where Carly is.

Carly: Johnny? I'm Carly, Lulu's cousin.

Johnny: It was stupid to set me up like this.

[Music plays]

Man: I'm lost without you can't help myself how does it feel to know that I love you, baby? Lost without you can't help myself how does it feel to know that I love you, baby? Tell me how you love me more and how you think I'm sexy, baby that you don't want nobody else you don't want this guy you don't want that guy you wanna touch yourself when you see me tell me how you love my body and how I make you feel, baby you wanna roll with me you wanna hold me you wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me I just love to hear you say it it makes a man feel good, baby tell me you depend on me I need to hear it I'm lost without you can't help myself how does it feel to know that I love you, baby? I'm lost without you can't help myself how does it feel to know that I love you, baby? Baby, you're the perfect shape baby, you're the perfect weight treat me like my birthday I want it this way I want it that way I want it tell me you don't want me to stop

Woman: Don't stop

Man: Tell me it would break your heart that you love me and all my dirty you wanna roll with me you wanna hold me you wanna make fires and get Norwegian wood with me I just love to hear you say it

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Emily: You don't remember anything?

Nikolas: It's happened before, too -- the night that Sonny's nanny was murdered.

[Phone chimes]

Kate: "Nanny got the phone cord. Who's next?"

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