GH Transcript Thursday 9/27/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/27/07


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Elizabeth: I don't understand. We agreed getting a divorce was the best thing for all of us.

Lucky: I know, but -- but standing here watching you pack boxes, it just -- it's just wrong.

Elizabeth: No, Lucky, what's wrong is us beating each other up with anger and pain, which exactly what we've been doing for the past year. We've been over this.

Lucky: I know. Maybe you're right. I don't even know anymore, but -- but you and the kids -- that doesn't mean you have to run out of here. I mean, if you can't stand to be in the same room with me, let me be the one to leave.

Spinelli: You know, the blond one really should've finished the breakfast I so lovingly prepared for her. I mean, she's going to be on her feet all day, she might get weak.

Jason: She works at a diner. I'm sure she's not going to starve.

Spinelli: You know, she needs -- she needs someone to look after her. That's a novel idea -- to take that approach in her life, cause, I mean, she's always had to fend for herself and, you know, maybe she would look at the Jackal in a different light.

Jason: Spinelli --

Spinelli: What? Yeah?

Jason: I really need you to start focusing, or I'm going to reconsider letting Lulu live here.

Spinelli: Okay, all right. Oh, okay. Oh, you know, it's most distressing that the second unhinged one has been texting fair Lulu. I mean, I'd like to think that the text messages are innocent, but what do you think the chances of that are?

Jason: Well, Johnny Zacchara has a reputation for being -- unhinged.

Spinelli: Hey -- sorry. Um, you know, it is kind of coincidental that he's been texting fair Lulu, you know, just like the innocent nanny's life-snuffer has been communicating the same way and -- which means that Johnny could be Leticia's killer, in which case Lulu would be in serious danger.

Jason: And until we find a way to keep the Zacchara contingent out of Port Charles, Lulu's not the only one.

Judge: Reckless driving and DUIs have become rampant in our society. People are forgetting that a driver's license is privilege and not a constitutional right, and that privilege is becoming increasingly abused by those who think of themselves as above the law. Celebrities are particularly cavalier, assuming that their status or prominence shields them from the consequences of their actions. Now, D.A. Lansing has recommended Ms. Howard serve the maximum sentence, and considering her prior offenses, I do not see that as an unreasonable request.

Sonny: This is the part that I hate the most. The life that I've chosen makes targets out of the people that I love.

Carly: I don't want you to feel guilty, Sonny, I just want you to back off.

Sonny: The situation is what it is. You know, precautions have to be taken, sacrifices have to be made.

Carly: My marriage can't be one of those sacrifices.

Sonny: I understand you want to protect your husband's ego, and I -- and, look, a man needs to know that he can protect his family, but not in this case. Trevor Lansing came into this town making inroads for Anthony Zacchara. The next thing you know, Leticia is dead, murdered in your own living room. I still can't believe that it happened, but it did because, you know, I was close with Leticia and I mourn her. And I don't want to have to mourn you or our sons.

Carly: I don't want that, either.

Sonny: Then you got to let -- let the boys stay with me where I can protect them, and I wish to God that you would come, too.

Carly: I can't do that!

Sonny: Come on -- Carly, this -- there's real danger here. If anything happened to you right now, I couldn't take it.

Carly: I know Leticia's murder threw you for a loop, and it has been an awful thing to come to terms with for all of us. But the danger is out in the open now, okay? Your enemy took us by surprise and he can't do that again.

Sonny: Don't bet on it, Carly.

Carly: Look, Sonny, I don't want to fight with you, I donít. But I need my boys, and they need their mother.

Sonny: You don't have to be apart.

Carly: Okay, I can't leave my husband.

 Sonny: I tell you what; have Jax move in, too. Seriously.

Carly: Okay, do you have any idea how emasculating that would be for him?

Sonny: Well, his manhood's not going to matter if you're dead.

Carly: Can't you just trust us with the boys?

Sonny: It's not about trust. I know you'd -- you'd lay down your life for Michael and Morgan.

Carly: I would, and so would Jax.

Sonny: I'm just trying to prevent that.

Carly: Okay, look, I'm just trying to maintain some kind of normalcy, all right? Do you understand that since our divorce, those boys have been shuffled around? They had to get used to Jax, get used to everything, and now they're finally happy? They're smiling, and I'm not going to blow that to hell because another enemy of yours wants to show his face. If you want to protect someone, protect Kate, your new girlfriend. She seems the type that needs a hero.

Sonny: You don't know her.

Carly: I don't want to know her. I just want to get my boys, that's it.

Sonny: Okay, why -- why are you being so stubborn? Can't you just admit that you may need a little help?

Carly: I believe the danger is there and I believe the danger is real. But I have a different life now with a different family configuration, and I have to honor that whether you like it or not, Sonny.

Judge: You're a public figure, Ms. Howard. That comes with responsibility. Your punishment must be commensurate with your crime, and not just one more thing for you to capitalize on for publicity. It is my opinion that a jail term will make you a martyr. And a fine, even a stiff one, is not appropriately punitive for a woman of your means. Therefore, my decision is as follows. You are hereby sentenced to six months community service at General Hospital, effective immediately.

Ric: You're kidding, right?

Judge: I'm not in the habit of kidding in my courtroom, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: I'm -- I'm sorry. Forgive me, Your Honor, but really?

Judge: I'm not finished. During the term of your sentence, you are hereby ordered to wear an ankle monitor at all times.

Diane: I object!

Spinelli: Hey, you know, this might actually be a springboard into all of Zacchara's businesses like we've been looking for, you know? Because, no doubt, the mob leader pays for his offspring's calling service -- you know, bringing things full circle, means that we have Lulu to thank, which also means that her living here is a good thing.

Jason: I -- I know you like having Lulu here. Okay, but her camping out upstairs for a little while doesn't -- doesn't mean that she's going to fall in love with you. I -- I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Elizabeth: It's not about not being able to stand being with you. It just hurts too much to stay here, to live with the pain. It's suffocating. I can't catch my breath, Lucky, can you?

Lucky: Maybe we can clear the air.

Elizabeth: We tried, and it doesn't work. Now we have kids to consider, and they deserve better from the both of us. I'm sorry our marriage didn't work out. But we have beautiful memories over many years, and nothing can change that. Unless it's us beating what's left of our relationship to death, letting the present poison the past. And that's why I'm going, and it's right that I be the one to leave because this is your family house.

Lucky: That may be true. But it'll be the loneliest place in the world without you and the boys.

Robin: Hey.

Nikolas: Hi.

Robin: Board meeting?

Nikolas: No, I actually need to get some -- some blood work done.

Robin: Oh. Yeah, if you can wait a few minutes, I'll set you up with a nurse. Are you sick?

Nikolas: No. Is there any way that you can handle this personally? I'd like to retain as much privacy as I can.

Robin: Is something going on?

Nikolas: I -- I'm probably just overreacting, but --

Robin: But?

Nikolas: I want to make sure that my system is clear of the poison that Jerry injected me with.

Robin: Do you have any reason to believe that it isnít? Look, if you're experiencing some kind of relapse or side effects, I need to know before I do anything.

Nikolas: Uh, I thought I was clear. I mean, I -- I feel perfectly healthy.

Robin: Then why are you so concerned all of a sudden?

Nikolas: It's not sudden.

Robin: Okay, if there's something particular that I should be looking for, I need to know now.

Nikolas: Can I just get a damn blood test, please?

Robin: Okay, I'm going to ask you one more time -- is there something going on that I should know about?

Nikolas: It just -- it just makes me crazy, okay? Everything that Jerry's done, he's still roaming around here free. It's just I'm a little on edge about it right now, especially since I'm trying to concentrate on my future with Em.

Robin: Does that mean that we have an engagement to celebrate in the near future?

Nikolas: Well, one can only hope, right?

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: All right, I can take a hint; it's none of my business. But just so you know, my recent disillusionment aside, I would be very happy for you if Emily and you decide to share a piece of wedding cake.

Nikolas: Thanks. I'll just settle for knowing that there's nothing looming over my head to prevent that from happening.

Robin: Okay. I'll set you up.

Nikolas: Okay. Thanks.

Diane: Your Honor, Kate Howard is not some empty-headed wire hanger. She is fashion, which consists of a great deal more than you might imagine, certainly more than what lies between the covers of a magazine. The fashion industry oils and fuels this country's economy, Your Honor. It -- it employs millions of people and generates billions of --

Judge: Ms. Miller, are you attempting to argue that Ms. Howard's community service will somehow send droves of unemployed models to join the ranks of the homeless?

Diane: You are absolutely clueless about fashion, aren't you? Kate Howard sets trends, trends that define our culture at any particular moment in time. Fashion is a historical arbiter. How is she supposed to fulfill that awesome, socially responsible obligation lugging around a box the size of a VCR strapped only inches above her well-turned ankle? What kind of a statement does that make? Well, I will tell you -- we are now a society run amok when people of otherwise impeccable character are so grievously punished.

Judge: The point, Ms. Miller.

Diane: The point is, Your Honor, that an ankle thing is cruel and unusual punishment!

Judge: Do you have anything to add, Mr. Lansing?

Ric: No, Your Honor, I'm effectively speechless.

Judge: Ms. Howard, you make the call -- ankle monitor or six months incarceration.

Kate: I'll take the ankle monitor, Your Honor.

Judge: Then we're adjourned.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Spinelli: The Jackal would never take advantage of his unexpected proximity to the fair one to foist my romantic hopes upon her. I mean, she's so -- she was deeply wounded by the knuckle-scraper and she need time to heal, right? But I -- I stand ready to assist while being emotionally muzzled for however long it takes.

Jason: That's good.

Spinelli: But if I'm being completely honest, there is that -- this unrequited corner of my heart that hopes that someday fair Lulu will return my feelings.

Jason: Just be happy with the opportunity to be this close to someone you care about.

Spinelli: Like you wish you were with stalwart Elizabeth?

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Oh, uh, Mr. Corinthos, Sir, how can the Jackal assist --

Sonny: Okay, I need you to get out of here, because I need to speak to him without you doing what you do.

Spinelli: That was succinct and somewhat articulate, but don't you think --

Sonny: Beat it!

Spinelli: Beating, Godfather.

Sonny: And don't call me "Godfather."

Spinelli: Right. Never, never. Sorry.

Sonny: I told you a thousand times. Okay, I need you to get Carly under control.

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. I thought you wanted me tracing Leticia's --

Sonny: Yeah, I do, but you know what? You need to deal with her, or she's going to end up dead.

Jason: But --

Sonny: You need to get her to understand that Zacchara will come after anybody he thinks will deliver a message, and that includes Carly, Michael, and Morgan.

Jason: So she's resisting protection?

Sonny: She thinks the only thing at stake here is Jax's ego.

Elizabeth: I shouldn't have asked you to marry me again. I should've accepted it when you tried to let go.

Lucky: You know, I think we needed to try. I think we needed to try and fail so we could walk away as friends. We will stay friends, won't we?

Elizabeth: Well, I hope so.

Lucky: Elizabeth, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy.

Emily: I'm ready for the last load, including you -- if you're still leaving.

Georgie: Hi. You look really, really busy.

Spinelli: The Jackal has many responsibilities.

Georgie: Which is why I am so grateful that you are helping me plan my junior year abroad.

Spinelli: Any progress on the determination?

Georgie: Um -- well, I was thinking about studying realism and harmony in global political architecture. In Jackal-ese, it would be like learning the powers, the lineage, and the dirty dinks of creature characters in a fantasy game --

Spinelli: Gotcha.

Georgie: Except I'd be doing it for real.

Spinelli: You know, your insight and intellect will take you far.

Georgie: Thank you. Thank you, but -- and it is so great what you're doing, that you're helping me. We -- we didn't have to meet here; I could've come to your house.

Spinelli: Well, Mr. Corinthos, Sir and Stone Cold requested the Jackal's absence.

Georgie: They kicked you out?

Spinelli: Temporarily. I can only hope that they will be more gentle with fair Lulu when she returns from her toils.

Georgie: Why would they be harsh with Lulu?

Spinelli: Well, she's still learning the rules of casa de Stone Cold. For example, when Mr. Sir arrives to speak with Stone Cold, other residents must immediately retire to their own rooms or vacate the premises.

Georgie: You make it sound like she's living there or something.

Spinelli: She is.

Georgie: Lulu is living with you and -- and Jason?

Spinelli: Yeah, it's only the greatest thing since the World Wide Web.

Carly: Stop banging on my door, Morganís upstairs taking a nap!

Jerry: Your son shouldn't even be in this country since Anthony Zacchara ordered their own living room.

Carly: Jax handled it, okay?

Jerry: Oh, come on. If my brother honestly believes that a threat of a federal investigation is going to deter Anthony Zacchara, he's deluding himself.

Carly: Jax handled the situation perfectly, and that just irritates the hell out of you, doesn't it?

Jerry: Why on earth would you come up with such an absurd conclusion?

Carly: Because Jax used his brain. He didn't need to use an arsenal of explosives or serve poison cocktails to people, so your area of expertise isn't needed here.

Jerry: Misguided faith in my brother aside, you're extremely intelligent and capable. But in this instance, you're being obtuse.

Carly: What do you want?

Jerry: I'm trying to prove a point to the people I deeply care about.

Carly: So prove it.

Jerry: Unless precautions are taken, I guarantee Anthony Zacchara could come into this house at any moment and do whatever he pleases to you and your children. But, of course, you know, it's your family to risk. Do what you want.

Kate: So, do you think the reporters will leave us alone?

Diane: No, I'm sure they're being held outside the courthouse, so I'm going to get someone to take you out the back way.

Kate: Thank you, Diane.

Diane: And then we have to stop by the PCPD for your fitting. An ankle bracelet -- honestly.

Kate: Okay, Diane, I appreciate your outrage on my behalf, but it really could've been worse.

Diane: This is a travesty and I'm going to be appealing the first chance I get.

Kate: I think maybe we should just let it be.

Trevor: Yeah, I agree. An ankle bracelet? You got a slap on the wrist. What'd you do, buy the judge's wife a party dress?

Kate: Well, actually, I stood on my own merits -- just like I always do.

Trevor: And I'm sure you're going to be great standing up for community service at a hospital devoted to sick, injured, and bloody people.

Kate: It's six months, Trevor, and then I'll be able to reclaim everything you tried to take from me.

Trevor: Well, sweetie, don't count on it.

Sonny: I should've been waiting outside the courtroom for Kate after sentencing, because I -- I am the reason that she's in this mess with Trevor, with Ric. But here I am, talking to you about Carly. I mean, it just --

Jason: We've been through this.

Sonny: Yeah, I know we have.

Jason: Did you actually try to reason with her, or did you bully her?

Sonny: No, I didn't bully her. I told her -- you know, I tried to reason with her and tell her the truth. You know -- hey, the kids are not safe at that house where Leticia was murdered. They're -- they're safe in my house, where I can protect them.

Jason: Okay, I mean, Carly's been through tense situations before. If she thinks Michael and Morgan will --

Sonny: Okay, look, you can give me excuses all you want why your boy shouldn't be with you, but I want my boys with me.

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

Lucky: I got the boys all buckled up in Emilyís car.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thanks. I know it's helping Cameron to have his dad be a part of all this.

Lucky: Yeah, Jake, he's -- he's too young to know what's going on right now. Right now I kind of envy him.

Elizabeth: And Cameron -- he's already talking about Halloween.

Lucky: Well, you know what? You should bring the boys over. This neighborhood is -- it's great for trick-or-treating.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Singer: Stars for your love

Elizabeth: And, you know, we can -- we can spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together.

Singer: There's nowhere else I'd rather be

Elizabeth: It's not going to be the family we always dreamed of, but we could make it work.

Singer: Where you are

Lucky: It'll be okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Singer: Moonlight in between us right here in the rain lost in your eyes but I am safe

[Car starts]

Singer: You know I'd cross the stars for your love, and I think you would go that far but there's nowhere else I'd rather be right now than where you are

Sonny: Sorry I couldn't be --

Kate: No, it's okay --

Sonny: Whoa --

Kate: It's okay, it's over!

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: It's over. I'm not going to prison.

Trevor: Yeah, wait a minute. You lost another case. What did you do?

Ric: Excuse me?

Trevor: Judge Parr has made a hard example of every DUI case that came through that door in the last six months, with one notable exception -- Kate Howard.

Ric: And you think I did what, made a deal with the judge? Why would I do anything to please Sonny?

Trevor: To spite me --

Ric: Oh --

Trevor: And that's what you did. Kate Howardís going to do six months community service in this town of Port Charles, while she continues her relationship with Sonny Corinthos?

Ric: I -- I'm so sorry, Dad, that my case didn't benefit you.

Trevor: Well, forget about me. What about your reputation? Don't you care about anything?

Ric: Yeah, I'm -- I'm frustrated, but, clearly, the outcome affected you a lot more. I guess I'm going to have to take my perks where I can get them.

[Music plays]

Spinelli: You will have my undivided attention just as soon as I do a slight detour for the project I'm working on with Stone Cold --

Georgie: No, no, no, take your time.

Spinelli: Um -- oh, well, I -- I appreciate the beverage, but I only partake of orange soda.

Georgie: It -- it's mandarin swirl, the closest thing that you're going to get to orange soda in a latte.

Spinelli: You are most observant and kind.

Georgie: Thank you.

Spinelli: Hmm -- as the Jackal was thinking of potential itineraries --

Georgie: Right.

Spinelli: I hit upon some destinations of interest, most notably Verona, which was the home of Romeo and his fair Juliet -- you know they were real people? They lived and died for love, and I empathize with their pain.

Georgie: Speaking of Lulu, how did -- how did she end up living with you and Jason?

Spinelli: Well, after the crabby commando broke her heart by sleeping with the bad blond one -- unfortunately, your sister -- Lulu wisely felt she could no longer dwell in his loathsome lair, nor could she return to the Quartermaine mansion or camp out with her brother. So I kind of let Stone Cold and others assume a fait accompli -- that she had already moved in -- and she did not dispute my arrangements.

Georgie: You know, Lulu's really lucky to have somebody like you.

Spinelli: Yeah, well, alas, she still only considers me a friend, and I -- I remain hopeful that one glorious day she will open her eyes and see me as more. But until then, I walk a treacherous path.

Georgie: Yeah, I can see how that could get to a person.

Nikolas: Hey. Emily told me Elizabeth moved out. I may be too late to lend a hand, but I am here for brotherly support. She certainly didn't waste any time, did she?

Lucky: That's what I thought. But maybe it was for the best. It's not like I didn't see it coming.

Nikolas: You want to get out of here, go for a walk, get something to eat?

Lucky: No, I got to be at work soon.

Nikolas: Well, at least tell me how -- how you're doing.

Lucky: I'm sorry my marriage is over. You know, I miss Cameron and Jake already, but --

Nikolas: What?

Lucky: At the same time, I just can't help but feeling free.

[Door opens]

Emily: All right, this is it.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you.

Emily: Mm-hmm. Where are the kids?

Elizabeth: Jake is upstairs, out like a light, and Gram is already stuffing Cameron with a bunch of homemade cookies.

Emily: Aw. Lucky guy. What about you? How are you doing?

Elizabeth: It's hard. I look at all these boxes and I think, is this really all that's left of my marriage? Then again, maybe it's good they're all packed away. It's kind of symbolic, you know, so I can face my failure as a whole instead of a bunch of individual mistakes.

Emily: It's not a failure, Elizabeth, and from what I'm hearing, you sound sure of your decision.

Elizabeth: The only doubts I have concern my children, because life as they know it has just changed in a really big way.

Emily: Well, as long as you're making the right decision for you, the kids are going to be fine and I know you're going to get mad at me for talking about this, I know you don't want me to bring it up, but what about Jason?

Elizabeth: What about him? I mean, our lives are completely different.

Emily: It doesn't mean there couldn't be a merger.

Elizabeth: It's too dangerous. And Jason has enough to deal with right now.

Spinelli: See, Verona is a UNESCO world --

Georgie: How big is, um, Jason's penthouse anyway?

Spinelli: Uh -- quite spacious. Why do you ask?

Georgie: I was just thinking it must be really crowded with you and Jason and Lulu all together.

Spinelli: Um, no more so than when Samantha was in residence there.

Georgie: Oh --

Spinelli: Oh --

Georgie: What did -- what did I do?

Spinelli: Nothing, nothing, nothing. I put in a search regarding the project for Stone Cold, and this alert tells me I may have found something useful. Pardon me for a second while I minimize the sites of Verona.

Georgie: Oh, no, no, it -- it's fine. Um -- listen, you're obviously really busy, and it's a lot more important than my silly year abroad. And I've already just -- thank you --

Spinelli: No, no, no, no, no, no, sit. The Jackal is happy to trouble himself for you. This'll -- this'll only take a minute.

Sonny: Let me see that thing.

Kate: Not very attractive, is it?

Sonny: Well, it depends on your point of view.

Kate: It's not that I'm complaining -- I could not be more relieved. Six months community service at the hospital? Oh my God, it's like a beach vacation compared to a dreadful correction facility. And, you know, it's not going to be the blow to my career that Trevor envisioned, and I can -- I can take a leave of absence from "Couture." And I can ask Warren and he'll understand, and maybe I can even -- I can even convince him into doing an article on women paying a debt to society or something.

Sonny: I hope it's that easy, Kate.

Kate: Oh, Sonny, why -- why wouldn't it be?

Sonny: Because this shouldn't have happened in the first place. Right?

Kate: I was -- was the one who was driving recklessly. It's my fault, so --

Sonny: Yeah, but Trevor used it against you to get to me.

Kate: No, Trevor was upset because I made a choice that didn't include him, and you know what? It's just -- it's all water under the bridge now, okay? Maybe I can make an accelerated push to bring back long skirts with a little flirty -- thingy, something at the bottom. Stop it, don't look at me like that, it could've been a lot worse. And now I need to go to the hospital and check in. So I'm going to let you know how it goes.

Sonny: Okay, wait -- wait. I just want -- I just want -- you all right?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I'm very sorry that I couldn't be in court with you today.

Kate: You know, I felt your support, even all the way from here.

Jerry: Kate doesn't have a clue, does she?

Sonny: About what, Jerry?

Jerry: What she's facing -- the fact that you're the reason that she got off as easily as she did.

Sonny: You're the one who found out Judge Parr covered up his niece's drunk driving accident, aren't you?

Jerry: Well, not as good as proving Kate was drugged, but it helped.

Sonny: What I really want to know is who did it.

Jerry: You know it wasn't me. I mean, the sooner you find out who the real threat is, the safer it will be for your loved ones.

Carly: What is this, some kind of lesson on home security?

Jason: Did it work?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: You know, I should've seen this coming. I bet five minutes after I left, Sonny came to you, said I wasn't cooperating and that I didn't want to stay on the island and I don't want to live with him for his protection.

Jason: But you and the boys need protecting.

Carly: I have Jax, Jason.

Jason: Where is he?

Carly: I don't need to be coddled 24 hours a day like a baby. And besides, Jax sent Zacchara a warning, and I believe it was effective.

Jason: What are you -- hold on. What are you talking about, "a warning"?

Carly: Jax threatened to make a bid on one of Zacchara's holding companies so the Feds will look into it and possibly charge him with tax evasion.

Jason: That's just great. Let's just piss Zacchara off. We already know he's going to make a move on us. What Jax did is not going to hold Zacchara off.

Carly: Okay, what are you going to do? You going to kidnap me and the boys and force us to stay at some safe house, is that it?

Jason: Can you just relax? I'm going to -- I'm going to post additional guards. And I'm going to try to be here as much as I can.

Carly: Thank you. And you can feel free to stay, visit, hang out as much as you like. The more you're here, the less you're at the penthouse where Elizabeth can come over and try and stake her claim. Unless she's already done that?

Spinelli: Ah. There it is -- 23 Via Capello.

Georgie: Why is this house so important?

Spinelli: It belonged to the Dell Capello family -- Capello, as in Capulet? This is the legendary home of Juliet. What the Jackal wouldn't give to bring the Blond One there someday.

Georgie: And what if she said no? I mean, what if -- what if she never loves you? I mean, could -- could you possibly see yourself caring about anyone else?

Spinelli: Well, I -- the -- the Jackal can't imagine a day when he won't love the Blond One.

Trevor: Congratulations.

Sonny: Yeah, Kate and I are very pleased with the judge's decision.

Trevor: Well, you should be. Come on, tell me, whatíd you do? Call in a favor? Blackmail the judge to go easy on Kate?

Sonny: No, I think maybe the judge smelled rats in the courtroom and decided that Kate was set up.

Trevor: Oh, wait a minute. Hold on, big fella, I'm just getting started. Because when I'm done, Kate's going to be standing in the ruins of this life that she so cleverly crafted, and how grateful is she going to be to you then?

[Door closes]

Kate: Yes, Clarice, it's wonderful news, but we have a lot of work to do to turn it around so that it works in my favor. So, uh, hold off all my calls until I can speak with the PR Department and release a formal statement. Great, I'll be in touch. Excuse me. Oh, I -- I take it you remember me?

Epiphany: Afraid so, Ms. Howard.

Kate: Yes, well, I've had an unfortunate legal issue, which has resulted in me assigned community service.

Epiphany: Here?

Kate: Mm-hmm. It goes without saying that I'd appreciate something acceptable -- Public Relations would be appropriate.

[Epiphany laughs]

[Music plays]

Singer: You said you love me but then you left me

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Sam, it's me. I know I'm just dropping by. I was just wondering if that hot tub was available.

Singer: You said you love me you said you love me but then you left me but then you left me

Singer: You said you love me

Elizabeth: I know it'd be really easy to get used to being spoiled by Gram, but we have an exciting new life to plan. We do. We're going to have a new house, and we're going to have new routines. It's going to be sad for a little while not having Daddy always around, but guess what -- you and Cameron get to see him whenever you want. But, still, the fact is that the three of us are going to be a family now. And no matter what happens, Mommy will always be there to love and take care of you. Everything's going to be fine.

Carly: Not that I blame Elizabeth -- you are hot, you're available, and you are a sucker for women in distress, and Elizabeth is great at pretending to be just that. But please don't be fooled, please donít.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: Don't let her use another man's kid to yank your chain.

Jason: Shut up about Elizabeth already! You don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: Okay --

Jason: You talk about Elizabeth like she's nothing, like she's not good enough for me, but you know what? It would make me happy to have Elizabeth and her boys to come home to. But don't worry, Carly, it's not going to happen because they wouldn't be safe. I'd rather live alone for the rest of my life than risk anything ever happening to them! So you know what? You can act up all you want, throw your tantrums, defy Sonny, defy me, but don't ever talk about Elizabeth like that again to my face.

Nikolas: Robin, it's Nikolas. If you get anything back on the blood work, just give me a call as soon as you get the results. Thanks. I need to talk to you.

Jerry: Oh. Will that also entail trying to beat me to death again?

Nikolas: No, you're safe -- just as long as you tell me there's no long-term effects in that poison you injected me with.

Jerry: Oh, what's the matter? Not feeling well?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Diane: Your divorce papers.

Elizabeth: The divorce won't be acrimonious. Lucky's not going to contest it.

Carly: We have to have a talk about bad boys and how you stay away from them.

Sonny: You got to be realistic. Your troubles are far from over.

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