GH Transcript Wednesday 9/26/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/26/07


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Elizabeth: I left some of the boys' toys and clothes for when they stay here.

Lucky: I know this was my idea, it just feels so fast.

Elizabeth: Our marriage has been over for a long time. The only thing left was to say it out loud.

Lucky: Do you need any help? I can call work and let them know I'll be late –

Elizabeth: Actually, you what? If you don't mind, I was kind of hoping we could tell Cam together -- that Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced.

Spinelli: Ah, salutations. The protector of the night has returned from his vigil. I thought you should have sustenance and rest.

Jason: Oh, good. That sounds great. I am starved --

Spinelli: Um -- actually, um -- a thousand pardons, master, but this is for fair Lulu.

Jason: You're not going to make her breakfast every morning, are you?

Spinelli: I -- I mean, you make it sound as if she's just simply staying here, but she is our housemate. I mean, she -- you know, like, housemate.

Jason: Any lock on tracing that text message, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Well, I -- I've combed through cyberspace looking far and wide, and --

Lulu: Morning.

Carly: When the car picks you up, you come straight home. No ice cream and no playing out front. Have a good day!

Jax: Great. Thanks.

Carly: Oh. Did we make the right decision by coming home? Did we?

Jax: I thought we agreed on it already.

Carly: I know, I know. I just keep -- I keep picturing Leticia’s body right there, you know, and -- Jax, if Anthony Zacchara really killed her --

Jax: You don't have to worry about that. I've taken care of it. Anthony Zacchara won't come after you or t boys.

Diane: Well, considering Kate's previous incidents of reckless driving and hit-and-run, this latest incident makes it look like a pattern of behavior.

Sonny: That's exactly what Trevor wanted.

Diane: And Ric Lansing plans on asking for the maximum sentence.

Sonny: Well, you know what?

Diane: Talk about predictable --

Sonny: In Ric's mind, getting Kate is getting me.

Diane: Unfortunately, we drew Judge Parr, who's a big proponent of equal justice for all or some such nonsense.

Sonny: I am not going to make things worse for Kate. As matter of fact, it will be like I'm not even there.

Diane: You got that right -- because you won't be.

Nikolas: Oh -- Alfred, get in here! He's supposed to keep the coffee fresh till at least 10:00 A.M.

Emily: You weren't here.

Nikolas: You were.

Emily: It's not worth getting upset about, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Well, I'm having a bad morning. But that's all about to change, once I get us out of here and into the plans that I have for us today.

Emily: Oh, I didn't know we had plans.

Nikolas: Well yeah, I thought we would take a nice sail to the north side. We could take a hike -- what?

Emily: I'm so sorry. That sounds wonderful, but I can’t.

Nikolas: Well, why not? I thought you had the day off.

Emily: Yeah, Elizabeth called. She's trying to move herself and the boys into Audrey’s, and you know she would never call unless she really needed something.

Nikolas: Yeah. I -- I can't imagine what they're going through with the boys and all. That certainly would kill me.

Emily: Yeah. Well, that's why she doesn't want to drag this out any longer than she has to. Nikolas, I love you for making such romantic plans. So maybe we could just push it back for a few hours and squeeze in a nice, romantic sunset sail in the cove?

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sure you'll just be too tired.

Emily: Oh, uh-uh. I could never get tired of you. Okay -- here.

Nikolas: Thank you.

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: I have my phone on me, so call me whenever you want, okay?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I told Diane that I want to keep the divorce simple, that I'm only taking with me what I brought into the marriage. And, of course, you can see the boys whenever you want.

Lucky: You hear that, Jake? You and Cam can come over here whenever you want.

Elizabeth: I know how much you love them.

Lucky: You know, Audrey -- she must be excited to have the boys around.

Elizabeth: I'm only going to stay there until I can find a place of my own. I don't want the boys --

[Jake fusses]

Elizabeth: To get settled and then have to uproot them again.

Lucky: You know, I can help you. Yeah, I just want to make sure you're someplace safe. I just want to give you more than just money.

Elizabeth: Money? What -- what money?

Lucky: Alimony. Child support.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no. I told Diane that I don't want to take any money from you.

Lucky: What kind of man would I be if I couldn't take care of my boys?

Spinelli: The Jackal calls this dish "The Elixir of Elvis." See, the King's favorite meal was fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. But in the interest of preserving your delicate arteries, the Jackal has skipped the frying process and just has the -- the elements here. Critical food groups, okay -- potassium, grains, protein, vitamin C.

Lulu: Um -- is there just coffee?

Spinelli: Yeah. Yes, it would be my pleasure.

Lulu: Oh, no, no, don't, don’t. I can get it. Um -- ahem -- it looks like Jason wants to talk to you.

Spinelli: She's -- uh, fair Lulu is unaccustomed to being pampered.

Jason: Maybe she just doesn't eat breakfast.

Spinelli: Oh, come on, can you blame her? She -- she's obviously still reeling from the heartache of the knucklescraper's betrayal, not to mention being in the clutches of the septic son of darkness.

Jason: Who?

Spinelli: Johnny Zacchara. I mean, who knows what would've happened if we hadn't stepped in when we --

Jason: Okay, now I need you to come back down to earth. I need to find out who killed Leticia.

Spinelli: Okay, look, Stone Cold, it's going to be really difficult to identify the loyal nanny's killer from the text message that Mr. Corinthos received.

Lulu: Are you serious? You're getting text messages from Leticia’s killer?

Carly: Wouldn't it take a lot to back off a guy like Anthony Zacchara?

Jax: Well, I spoke with Trevor Lansing, and I have a pretty good idea how he and Zacchara conduct their business.

Carly: Okay, what did you -- what did you do?

Jax: I asked Mr. Lansing to tell Mr. Zacchara to stay away from my family.

Carly: And that just worked?

Jax: Well, I also pointed out that I was in a position to make a rather large stock bid on one of Zacchara's companies that he uses as a front, which means the S.E.C. would get involved, and that would leave that company's books open to review, which means Zacchara would be busted for tax fraud or tax evasion or both.

Carly: That's brilliant. You are brilliant. And you're smart --

[Jax chuckles]

Carly: And you're brave, and I love you.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Yes.

Jax: I love you, too.

Sonny: Between Trevor and my brother, Kate is being railroaded. She just needs to know that she's not alone.

Diane: Okay, so how is it going to help when the judge looks over and sees Port Charles' most celebrated gangster in Kate Howard’s corner?

Sonny: You realize that she's in this trouble because of me, right, Diane?

Diane: Yes, but your presence there today is not going to remedy that. You can help Kate by staying away.

[Sonny sighs]

Jerry: The lady has a point, you know?

Sonny: Okay, Jerry, you better be here because you got something to help Kate out, or be prepared to die as you walk out of here.

Lulu: Leticia's killer texted you?

Spinelli: Actually, it was Mr. Corinthos, Sir that --

Jason: Whoa -- whoa, hold on. Lulu, this doesn't concern you.

Lulu: I just wondered what the police had to say about it.

Spinelli: Well, it is a -- a vile -- a vile, twisted web that sith lord Lansing has woven through the police department with, you know, sinister spies that allow the denizens of darkness to slip through --

Jason: Spinelli, please, that's enough. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want, but you can't ask questions about my business. And you -- she should not hear anything that compromises her or puts her in danger.

Spinelli: There are, um, certain constraints to living at casa de Stone Cold. One -- don't ask questions about the business. Number two -- no listening in on conversations. And -- um -- yeah, an increased likelihood of being caught up in armed confrontations. But there are -- there are benefits, right? I mean, you don't have to pay rent -- thank you -- you know, you're free of the Quartermaines, and you're assured a hearty and healthy breakfast.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: All right, daddy, he's here. Cameron, mommy and daddy have something very important we want to talk to you about, okay? Here, sit with daddy.

Lucky: Yeah, you are a wonderful boy.

[Lucky laughs]

Lucky: And I love you very much. But your mom and I --

Elizabeth: Well, you know mommy and daddy love you and your brother more than anything in the whole wide world, right?

Lucky: Yeah, just like mommy and daddy love each other.

Elizabeth: But sometimes, no matter how much y love someone, it's just not always best to live with that person. So you and mommy and baby Jake are going to go live with Gram for a little bit -- and daddy's going to stay here.

Lucky: But you are going to have your room upstairs, and you can come over here as much as you want.

Elizabeth: So now, Cameron, listen, you're going to have two homes, and you're going to have two rooms -- one for when you're with me, and then one for when you're with daddy, okay?

Cameron: Okay.

Lucky: But I just want you to know, just because mommy and daddy don't live together doesn't mean we don't want to take care of each other. And I'm going to love you and your mommy and your little baby brother my whole life.

Nikolas: Alfred, have you noticed Emily acting somewhat suspicious lately? You don't think she knows, do you?

Alfred: I couldn't really say, Sir.

Nikolas: Because it certainly would be a terrible time for anyone or anything to cause a disruption, don't you think?

Jerry: Do I smell French roast? Oh, I've always appreciated Alfred’s lovely cup of coffee.

Nikolas: By all means, please pour our guest here a cup.

Jerry: Oh, well, that's very hospitable of you. Has Alexis returned? I need to see her on a legal matter.

Nikolas: I'll go get her right away.

Jerry: Well, that's very kind. Ooh -- ugh!

Alfred: Sir --

Jerry: Aah!

Alfred: Sir, don't –

Diane: You know, I -- I know you that you pay me very well for my counsel, but it would be so gratifying if just occasionally you would listen to my advice.

Sonny: Diane, relax, I'm not staying. I want to talk to Kate before the hearing starts.

Diane: Right. Here I was hoping you had some useful information in the eleventh hour.

Sonny: Whew.

[Diane sighs]

Sonny: You all right?

Kate: Mm-hmm. So far. You want to know something funny? The reporters are more interested in what I'm wearing than what I'm actually accused of.

Sonny: Aren't you the one that's supposed to tell them what you wear is important?

Kate: Touché. So what are you doing here?

Sonny: I just want you to know that you're not alone.

Kate: Actually, I am, I am alone. And with everything that is going on in your life, I shod be the last thing on your mind.

Sonny: But you're not.

Kate: Sonny, I can handle this. I've grown very tough in the world of high fashion; it's more cutthroat than you know.

Sonny: Worse than growing up in Bensonhurst?

Kate: Oh --

Sonny: "Oh."

Kate: Sonny, Bensonhurst is a slice of thin crust pizza compared to the world that I live in. Don't underestimate me.

Trevor: Ooh. The Godfather of Port Charles is going to be your character witness? Not smart. The judge is not going to be lenient with you.

Sonny: That's interesting coming from the mouthpiece of Anthony Zacchara. Hey, Ric, not too late to man up. Or are you just going to be your dad's little lap dog while he uses you to prosecute an innocent woman?

Marty: Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: Thank you.

Marty: Now, the spa renovations started a couple of days late -- something about the tiles.

Jax: Oh, I'll take care of that. I wanted to make a couple of changes anyway.

Carly: I need to make a couple of changes, too. I need to move Trevor Lansing.

Marty: Where to?

Carly: Preferably the street in the middle of the night. Can you make that happen?

Jax: She's kidding.

Carly: No, I'm not kidding at all.

Jax: Excuse us.

Carly: What?

Jax: What's going on?

Carly: I reserve the right to refuse service to a twisted creep -- that's the perk of being an owner.

Jax: I -- I told you I took care of Zacchara.

Carly: You were able to back him off, but Trevor Lansing is a different story. In addition to fathering Ric Lansing -- one of the worst people on earth -- Trevor nearly destroyed Sonny, and I don't want him here.

Jax: Okay, we're married, um, which implies that we should make each other a priority.

Carly: I --

Jax: I think it's time to let Sonny fight his own battles.

Ric: Kate brought this on herself. She broke the law.

Sonny: Kate was drugged and set up to have an accident -- she might've even been killed. I don't know -- Trevor, was that the idea?

Ric: I can only go on the evidence that I have, Sonny. Really, I so wish that I could give Kate special treatment because of her celebrity status, but, I'm sorry, I can't do it.

Sonny: I'm sure you're smiling really pretty for the press. You got to make sure that your makeup's good when you're on camera, Ric.

Ric: Give it up, Sonny.

Sonny: You really are his son, and that's nothing to be proud of for either of you.

Diane: Judge Parr is getting ready to come in.

Sonny: Hey -- I'm sorry I -- I couldn't do more for you.

Kate: I made my own choices, and I will pay for them.

Sonny: All right.

Diane: Mr. Lansing, word, if you please?

Trevor: Kate, you should know that the sole reason you're going to lose everything is Sonny Corinthos.

Kate: I haven't lost anything yet, Trevor, and if I do, I'll know exactly who to blame.

Lulu: You know by now that I can keep my mouth shut -- not that I am interested in hearing the inner workings of organized crime. I'm just saying that if I hear something by accident, my lips are sealed.

Jason: Thank you. Remind me why I pay you -- have you found a way to trace the message or not?

Spinelli: Yes, the Jackal has -- the Jackal has determined that the text message was sent from the phone of one Michael Corbin, the eminent father of Mr. Corinthos, Sir, and Sir Sr. couldn't possibly have done this, it's absurd. So I surmise that someone with evil intent piggybacked the message on Sir Sr.'s phone.

Jason: Okay, I'm going to update Sonny. Here.

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Let me refresh your java.

Lulu: Oh, no, Spinelli, you don't have to wait on me.

Spinelli: It's okay.

[Phone rings]

Spinelli: Oh --

Lulu: Thank you.

Spinelli: No. No, no, come on -- say it isn't so -- you're not texting the demented denizen of darkness? You're texting Johnny Zacchara?

Emily: Where's Lucky?

Elizabeth: We broke the news to Cameron together, and then he took the boys to be with Lesley and then went off to work. I don't really know how much Cameron understands.

Emily: Elizabeth, he knows that you and Lucky love him, and that's what matters. What else can I do?

Elizabeth: I still have my closet to clean out, and I have to decide what to take and what to leave for the boys.

Emily: Are you having second thoughts?

Elizabeth: It just hurts, you know -- packing up all the he dreams we used to share. But I know there's no going back. We tried, and it got bitter and ugly, and there's a million reasons why this marriage shouldn't work. This is just better if we end things now.

Emily: But knowing it's the right thing doesn't make it hurt any less when it's actually happening.

Elizabeth: Well, there's nothing worse than lying to yourself that everything's okay when you know it's not.

[Nikolas and Jerry struggle]

Alfred: Nikolas, for God's sakes, restrain yourself!

Alexis: What the hell is going on here?

Nikolas: You get the hell out of my house! Get out of here!

Jerry: Your madman of a nephew attacked me!

Nikolas: Get out of my house!

Alexis: Stop it! Both of you, stop it. This is insane. What happened?

Alfred: Nikolas was defending himself --

Jerry: Okay, the loyal servant lies through his teeth -- good dog, Alfred.

Nikolas: Get out!

Alexis: You need to go, Jerry.

[Nikolas sighs]

Alexis: What happened?

Nikolas: Can you believe that he had the audacity to show up here yet again?

Alexis: Calm down.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Who threatened who first this time?

Nikolas: Oh, my -- do you really need to keep asking that question? Let me go through the list with you once again -- shot Robin, poisoned me, held a roomful of people hostage! If that's not threat enough, then I don't know what is! And if you continue to defend him, then I'll throw you the hell out of here, too!

Alexis: You invited us here because you thought your cousins would be safer. I volunteered to leave yesterday, you said, "No, don't, stay." So today you want us to leave again?

Nikolas: Did -- did you or did you not just defend Jerry in this house?

Alexis: I stopped you from attacking him so I didn't have to defend you on felony assault charges.

Nikolas: Look, I'm not forcing you and your daughters to leave here, but I am telling you I will not tolerate Jerry Jacks inside my house.

Alexis: But if I stay, do I have to tolerate you abusing me and throwing glassware at my head?

Nikolas: Oh, do -- do I really have to apologize yet again for "not" throwing a glass at you?

Alexis: Just like you didn't throw the first punch at Jerry?

Alfred: I really did witness everything.

Nikolas: Alfred, it's fine. It's okay, you can go. I'll have my limits, and I expect people to respect those limits. Now, you and your girls are my family, I love you very much, and I want you all safe. But I don't care if Jerry is your client, your friend, hate I do not want him in this house.

Alexis: And that justifies a physical attack?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Alexis: What happens if he does come back here? You going to kill him?

Emily: Nikolas hates not being able to help his brother, he hates feeling helpless, it makes him so angry, Elizabeth. It's obviously a Cassadine gene.

Elizabeth: Thanks. He has been a little moody.

Emily: You know, when Jerry had us all under his thumb, Nikolas had to control all of that rage, all of that frustration. And now he's just like a volcano -- he just blows up for no reason.

Elizabeth: Has he hurt you?

Emily: No, not at all, but I'm worried.

Elizabeth: Well, underneath all that moodiness is a true romantic. He loves you, and that's going to get him through a lot.

Emily: Yeah. Well, you know, it's important to have someone that you can count on. Will you and the boys be okay at Audrey’s?

Elizabeth: I have a feeling Lucky will be keeping an eye on us. And it's only until I can find a place of my own to rent. I just hope I can find someplace homey like this for the sake of the boys. I know I'm not going to be able to afford a place with a yard, but -- I don't know -- maybe someplace near the park?

Emily: Elizabeth, if you want to buy a place, I have a trust fund that's just waiting to be used.

Elizabeth: No, no, Emily, stop.

Emily: I'm serious, I can help you --

Elizabeth: No, thank you -- thank you, thank you, but Lucky and I are already fighting about alimony and child support. We both work really hard; we make nearly the same amounts. Why should he have to support me when I'm the one who came into the marriage keeping secrets?

Emily: I don't blame you for wanting to be independent, but don't punish yourself for a failed marriage.

Elizabeth: I just hope once the divorce is final, Lucky and I can stop feeling guilty and be parents together.

Spinelli: Stone Cold would be most displeased if he knew you were in contact with the crazed one.

Lulu: He just sends me little text messages.

Spinelli: Well -- more than one?

Lulu: You're getting kind of intrusive.

Spinelli: It's only because the situation is most grievous and dire. Johnny Zacchara is the youngest progeny of a most dangerous clan. No, no, Stone Cold must know about this at once.

Lulu: No, no, Spinelli, don't --

Spinelli: Ah --

Lulu: Please?

Spinelli: It's -- oh -- it's must unfair to work your -- your irresistible blond wiles, and I'm not -- I'm not made of steel. No, no, no, your safety's at stake. I cannot break my resolve.

Lulu: No, Spinelli, what do you know about him except for his name and what people say about him? Do you know what people say about you?

Spinelli: This is different.

Lulu: What's happening between me and Johnny is personal.

Spinelli: So was what happened between you and the simian one.

Lulu: Okay, well, he's a creep and you warned me and it's done. Spinelli, you can't trash every single guy that looks at me, and I can't live here if you're not going to respect my boundaries. So unless you promise not to tell Jason that Johnny’s texting me, I'm going to leave.

Spinelli: Oh –

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: If this isn't good news, don't want to hear it.

Jason: Spinelli traced the text message.

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: It was from your father's cell phone.

Sonny: Mike? Spinelli's on drugs.

Jason: Okay, hold on. Spinelli called it "piggybacking." I guess you attach a text message to somebody else's cell so --

Sonny: So it can't be traced.

Jason: Right.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: So anybody could've hacked into Mike's phone. It could've been the killer; it could've been somebody who just wants to mess with your head.

Sonny: Okay, let's just keep it simple. Let's -- let's say that it was somebody in Zacchara's camp.

Jason: The son, Johnny? He seems to have a death wish.

Sonny: What about Trevor, somebody with an enormous God complex?

Trevor: I helped build your career, and what did I get back -- nothing. So I think I have every right to take it back.

Kate: You opened doors for me, Trevor. I made my own life, and I can do it again.

Trevor: You think so? Well, your circle of friends has a very small attention span.

Kate: It's the strangest thing how people underestimate me. As little as I knew you, you know me even less.

Trevor: Kate, I thought you were a woman with much more refined taste than Sonny Corinthos.

Kate: I never suspected that you were a bully, and that you would hold a grudge against a 6-year-old boy. Look at you -- all these years later, and it still drives you.

Trevor: Hmm.

Diane: Okay. Now, when the judge questions you, speak simply and plainly. Whether or not you were drugged is irrelevant at this point because you have priors. So, be humble and filled with remorse, and make it convincing.

Bailiff: All rise. The Honorable Judge Parr presiding, Case number 7624, the State of New York vs. Katherine Howard.

Judge: Court is in session, you may take your seats. Mr. Lansing, does the district attorney's office have a recommendation in the matter before this court?

Ric: Yes, we do, Your Honor. This is Ms. Howard's third offense of this nature, each one being more flagrant than the last. We recommend that the defendant receive a fine and the maximum jail sentence. 

Nikolas: You do realize that Jerry's psychotic, don't you?

Alexis: It's astonishing what people are capable of when they're not in full control of their emotions.

Nikolas: Oh, my God. Obviously, your infatuation with this man is making you lose touch with reality.

Alexis: That's insulting.

Nikolas: Is it? No, no, what's insulting is my own aunt taking sides against me and defending someone who tried to poison me to death! That's insulting. So maybe you are more Cassadine than you actually realized.

Alexis: That's interesting because I was just wondering the same thing about you. I will once again tell Jerry to stay away from Wyndemere. In the meantime, Nikolas, there's something wrong with you, so you need to take a good, long look at your behavior. What Jerry did to you was unjustifiable. But whatever his transgressions, you very clearly are not acting like yourself.

Nikolas: I'm sorry; you did hear Alfred say that Jerry threatened me in my own home, right?

Alexis: I think that you lost control and threw the first punch, and I think that Alfred covered for you.

Jax: Thank you.

Jerry: What the hell is wrong with you?

Jax: Well, I could ask you the same -- you all right?

Jerry: I cut myself shaving, okay? Why did you come back here with Carly and her sons when you know it's not safe?

Jax: You know, Jerry, there are ways to neutralize a threat without resorting to violence -- of course, you don't know that.

Jerry: Violence is the only language that Anthony Zacchara speaks.

Jax: No, power is Mr. Zacchara's language. So I sent him a message -- to behave himself, or I will send the Feds on him.

Jerry: You're not serious, are you?

Jax: Trust me, you can hide a man in cement shoes at the bottom of the river, but you can't kill the I.R.S. Whatever Zacchara does from now on, he's going to leave me and my family alone.

Jerry: Well, you may have backed Zacchara off for now, but believe me, he'll come at you some other way.

Sonny: Let me call you back.

Carly: I just got a call from the school. You had the boys picked up in the middle of class and taken back to your place.

Sonny: Well, you had to know I'd make new arrangements as soon as I found out that you're back in the house with the boys where Leticia was murdered.

Carly: That's our home. Our home, Sonny. We can't hide from our lives, okay?

Sonny: Okay, the boys are safe with me at my house. That's it, end of story.

Carly: Diane was supposed to talk to you about this.

Sonny: Diane?

Carly: Yes, Diane. She was supposed to explain to you that the boys are fine with me, especially since Jax came up with this plan --

Sonny: Forget Jax and his plan, because he's in way over his head. I'm just trying to take care of this for -- for all of us. And please do not bother Diane, because she is dealing with too much right now, especially with Kate's hearing today.

Carly: Oh, I'm sorry. So now Kate Howard is more important than our family?

Jason: Okay, I need you to find a way to prove that Anthony Zacchara or someone who works for him is responsible for that text message.

Spinelli: Okay, it's almost impossible --

Jason: Well, then work backwards -- hack into Zacchara's phone records or someone close to him. What?

Spinelli: How -- how close?

Jason: As close as you can -- his family, his work.

Spinelli: I --

Jason: What is -- what is wrong with you right now?

Spinelli: It's just the Jackal is incapable of complying with your request. Look, I am cyber-samson stripped of my hacking savvy and web-wide strength.

Jason: By what?

Spinelli: Oh --

Jason: Okay, that -- I -- I need you to pay attention right now. Carly is back with the boys. They could be Zacchara's next target. If Zacchara sent that text, I need to know.

Spinelli: It is with deep and humble apologies that I have to inform you I am powerless to comply. Court-martial me if you must, strip me of my -- my title and my stripes, but I -- I am prevented from -- from fulfilling my duties.

Jason: What -- what is the problem?

Spinelli: Well, your grasshopper feels he is cracking under the pressure, that I cannot achieve the Stone Cold --

Jason: We do not have time for this. If Zacchara is after Carly, I have to stop him.

Lulu: Don't get mad at Spinelli. It's because of me.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: I have something to tell you, and you're not going to like it.

Kate: I have driven recklessly three times, and I thank God that no one was hurt. I can assure you that I have learned a valuable lesson about not driving under the influence of alcohol or emotion. It is with great humility that I remind the court that I am a public figure. I am in the fortunate position of being able to I people, and I would like to use that influence in the service of others. I ask for your consideration in this regard, and I leave it up to your wisdom, Your Honor.

Judge: That was very moving, Ms. Howard, and you do seem sincere. But I'm afraid it's too little too late. It is my responsibility to make sure that a public figure such as yourself is not above the law. Preferential treatment is not justice in my court. That said, I'm prepared to sentence you.

Sonny: You and the boys were supposed to be on the island out of harm's way while I helped Kate. You want to be mad at me out that, that's up to you, but it's your damn fault.

Carly: Leticia's dead. Michael and Morgan’s world has been rocked. We're not going to stay hidden away so you can help your new friend, Sonny.

Sonny: Keeping my family safe is my priority -- you know that, Carly.

Carly: We're not married anymore, okay?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: I don't go where I'm put, and I am perfectly capable of keeping my boys protected without stashing them behind your gates. And Jax has come up with a plan to keep Zacchara away from our lives, okay?

Sonny: Nobody keeps Zacchara away from anything, especially Jax.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: Now, you know what? I'm not going to trust the boys with Jax. You might, I don't think you should. And just like you love to point out all the time that you are not my wife anymore, the problem that we're having right now is you don't know what's going on. And you don't know what these people are capable of.

Lulu: Johnny Zacchara has been texting me since yesterday. We've been sending each other messages, and I told Spinelli if he told you, I would move out.

Jason: You don't get to use Spinelli's feelings for you to manipulate him.

Spinelli: I -- I don't think that the fair one was trying to --

Lulu: No -- you know, it's okay, it's okay, I get it. But Johnny just likes me. There's no crime in that.

[Lulu sighs]

Jason: See if you can connect Johnny Zacchara to that text message Sonny got.

Lulu: Whoa -- what? You think that Johnny killed Leticia?

Alfred: You called for me, Sir?

Nikolas: Yes. Alfred, I put a lot of trust in you. Correct?

Alfred: Yes, Sir.

Nikolas: Is that misplaced?

Alfred: No, Sir.

Nikolas: Then I need you to be honest with me right now. You told Alexis that I attacked Mr. Jacks because he threatened me. But that's not how it happened, is it?

Alfred: No, Sir.

Nikolas: So you lied to cover for me? Why?

Alfred: You've been experiencing incidents of late. I sensed that you were unaware.

Nikolas: What kind of incidents?

Alfred: What I would call "disproportionate anger." I didn't want Mr. Jacks taking advantage of you.

Nikolas: But it wasn't just this one time, was it, with Mr. Jacks? Do you think there's something wrong with me?

Lucky: How's it going?

Elizabeth: It's going all right. Emily's taking a load over to Gram's right now. And I purposely left a brownie pan in the oven so you can make brownies when the boys come over. You can just buy that packaged stuff, throw it in a bowl.

Lucky: It won't be the same.

Elizabeth: They won't know the difference.

Lucky: I didn't expect you to be done so soon.

Elizabeth: Well, there really isn't that much stuff. We didn't have that much in the apartment, and we didn't live here as a family for long. You were really good with Cameron earlier. He's going to be confused; I hope you get to spend a lot of time with him. I was hoping that I could keep a set of keys, if that's okay with you.

Lucky: No.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: Don't do this. Don't go.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Judge: I do not see the maximum sentence as an unreasonable request.

Spinelli: Lulu's in serious danger.

Jason: Lulu's not the only one.

Carly: I have a different life now.

Sonny: If anything happened to you, I couldn't take it.

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