GH Transcript Thursday 9/20/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/20/07


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Maxie: I'm sorry. Are you trying to make this my fault?

Lucky: Listen, I was wrong to sleep with you, and I never should've used you to score pills for me. But it's been more than a year, Maxie, and you're trying to get revenge by going after Lulu?

Georgie: Lucky, this has nothing to do with you. Maxie's still upset because Lulu broke up me and Dillon.

Maxie: Would you all please stop blaming me? If Lulu is missing, it's his fault.

Epiphany: Something on your mind?

Kate: Have there been any reporters asking about me?

Epiphany: Not a one. The only people that I've seen out there are the regular staff and --

Ric: Oh, a formal little warrant will be sworn today with your name on it. You want to talk about a media circus? You're about to be arrested for felony drunk driving and reckless endangerment, Ms. Howard.

Trevor: Ms. Joffe, Trevor Lansing. Brandon Silverman recommended you to me.

Amelia: Any relation to D.A. Ric Lansing?

Trevor: Oh, yeah. He's my son, but not to worry. We're nothing alike.

Amelia: Reassuring. What is it that Brandon thinks I can do for you?

Trevor: Assist in a breaking news story. You see, I'd like to control some of the exposure and the spin.

Amelia: Are we saving someone or burying them?

Sam: Trevor? Hi. This is a surprise.

Trevor: Sam, good to see you.

Sam: Nice to see you.

Trevor: I was just explaining to Ms. Joffe here that we're about to get into bed together -- professionally speaking.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, Kate was framed. All she drank last night was iced tea. Someone spiked it

Diane: But with no documented evidence, it's going to be impossible to prove.

Spinelli: Mr. Corinthos, Sir must call on his protectors of the night, charge them with finding the evil mobster's spawn that abducted fair Lulu before the unthinkable happens.

Sonny: What did he say?

Jason: Lulu's in trouble.

Kate: Shouldn't you advise me of my rights?

Ric: I'm the D.A., and technically, I can't arrest you. And I certainly don't want your legal counsel jumping all over me because I questioned you without an attorney present, so I would be very careful about what you say.

Kate: Oh, I always am, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: "Mr. Lansing"?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Oh.

Kate: Yeah, when someone threatens to put me in jail, they stop being a casual acquaintance.

Ric: No, it's just that Mr. Lansing is my father, but not to you, of course.

Kate: Why are you here?

Ric: Ah, morbid curiosity. You seem to be caught in between my sadistic, controlling father and my volatile, psychotic, equally controlling brother. The last woman who was in that position was my mother, whom I never knew. So I keep wondering, maybe you share the same traits as she had, or is your life just about to be ruined because you had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Kate: I'm nothing like your mother.

Sam: I actually think it would be fun to work together. Just tell me what you need.

Amelia: Oh, fashion icon Kate Howard is about to be arrested for drunk driving, which fits the program description of many of the tabloid news shows, but it's a far cry from "Everyday Heroes."

Trevor: Brandon assured me that you could make this happen. He said you have a brilliant imagination. Frankly, I haven't seen it yet.

Sam: I actually think this is a no-brainer, Amelia. "Everyday Heroes" is about showing the public how to protect themselves, and we can absolutely use Kate’s crime as a centerpiece on a new show about drunk driving -- call in some activists, have them talk about the number of fatalities, maybe even get law enforcement in here.

Amelia: Gee, do we know any ordinary cops we could ask?

Sam: No, we could focus on the dangers of the double standard. I mean, come on, when -- when celebrities are left off the hook with not even a slap on the wrist, we can actually make an example out of Kate Howard, insist that she's treated like everyone else.

Amelia: It's a little harsh.

Trevor: Well, it's all in the public interest. Sam, I like the way you think.

Sam: Thank you.

Trevor: If you do this for me, I'm going to make it worth your while.

Maxie: Yes, it's hardly news that Lulu and I hate each other, and I did make a deal to sleep with Logan if he got Lulu into bed. But I didn't put a gun to his head -- he was happy to have sex with Lulu. So if Lulu's heart is broken, it's because Logan used her and she was stupid enough to fall for it.

Logan: Guys, listen, this whole thing was Maxie's idea, all right? I tried to back out of it.

Maxie: Actually, that's not true, and Logan lied to Lulu.

Logan: Lulu and I have a real connection that has nothing to do with you.

Maxie: If that were true, you wouldn't have had sex with me after you slept with Lulu. So if you want to yell at someone, why don't you yell at Logan? And by the way, Lulu's an adult. She's 18, she's old enough to vote, have an abortion, run off if she feels hurt and embarrassed. So why don't you let her have her humiliation in peace?

Nikolas: So this is on you, Logan.

Jason: I need any information you have on Anthony Zacchara's son John.

Diane: Sonny, Ric has petitioned for an arrest warrant by now. So if you plan on speaking to Kate before she's taken into custody, now is the time.

Spinelli: I'm sorry, the fashionista's legal issues must be held in abeyance, okay? Fair Lulu has been abducted by the denizens of darkness!

Sonny: Jason, please, I don't have time right now for that.

Spinelli: The Blond One has most cruelly been --

Jason: Just -- just stop, okay? Be quiet. We have footage of Lulu getting into a car that was registered to John Zacchara, the address checks out.

Sonny: Okay, John is Anthony Zacchara's son. There are rumors that he's not right in the head. Can you look up his arrest record?

Diane: Yes.

Spinelli: Lulu has been abducted by a demented denizen of darkness?

Sonny: Don't worry, Spinelli, he's probably just as normal as you are.

Jason: Look, if this guy's crazy, we have to find Lulu.

Sonny: Okay, you just got to be careful, because if we start something with Anthony Zacchara's son, then it's -- it could be an all-out war.

Diane: Oh, why do you insist on having these conversations in front of me?

Sonny: Do what you got to do to get Lulu home safe.

Sheriff: Hello? Anyone out there? This car is parked illegally.

Amelia: All right, I have ordered the camera crew to the hospital to get footage of Kate’s arrest, and the writers are already working on wraparound copy about the evils of drunk driving.

Sam: Good. I -- Trevor will be pleased.

Amelia: Yeah, and that matters why?

Sam: Ugh! Because your boss said so.

Amelia: Trust me, Sam, if this were really important, Brandon would've called me himself, which means there's something else going on, and you know what? It is so predictable. You slept with the son, and now you want to take the dad for a test drive -- same old Sam.

Sam: Why don't you take care of production and I will take care of myself, okay?

Amelia: Uh -- did you bring the wardrobe?

Maxie: No, I'm here to see Sam.

Amelia: We've been waiting on that shipment for days.

Sam: Yeah, you know what? That's not Maxie's fault. Why don't you let the two of us talk, and you go do whatever it is that you do to get the segment produced, okay? Thanks.

Maxie: Impressive.

Sam: Ugh. Yeah, I've got to work with her, so I guess the least I can do is make her life miserable.

Maxie: Well, it's like you said -- revenge doesn't feel sweet for long. All the satisfaction I got from humiliating Lulu went up into smoke when she went missing. Everybody thinks it's my fault.

Sam: Wait a minute, how long has Lulu been missing?

Trevor: Somebody saw you accost me on the street, so if I go missing, there are going to be witnesses.

Jason: Sit down, tell me about John Zacchara.

Trevor: All right, here we go again. What do you want to know?

Jason: Oh, enough with the games already, Trevor. He's your client's son. Tell me everything you know.

Trevor: Did Johnny contact you? All right. Johnny is a troubled boy. He witnessed his mother's murder when he was a child, and it has profoundly affected him.

Jason: What about the arrest record?

Trevor: Fighting mostly, reckless endangerment. He led the cops on a high-speed chase once that clocked him at 150. But he has never stood trial for murder, so how bad can he be? You should know that. Huh. I managed to keep him out of prison all these years.

Jason: Where is he right now?

Trevor: I'm told that he's coming to Port Charles. But he was definitely in Manhattan when Sonny's au pair girl was murdered if that's where you're going.

Jason: No, I wasn’t.

Trevor: If Johnny Zacchara comes after you, try not to kill him. The kid is crazy --

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: But his father worships him. So, if any harm comes to Johnny Zacchara, you and your whole family, Sonny and his whole family, and God knows who else -- you're all going to have to pay for it.

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: Any news on Lulu?

Elizabeth: Not a word. I'm really starting to worry.

Emily: Oh, I seriously doubt that she's in any danger, Elizabeth. She's probably off somewhere nursing a broken heart. Lulu's a lot like her father, and if you noticed, we haven't gotten a call from him, either, since he took off.

Elizabeth: I know, but I told you -- Jason has completely avoided me since we broke off our friendship, and yet he was worried enough to stop by my house today in person.

Emily: Yeah, but he has a soft spot for Spinelli, who's got to be frantic about Lulu, and you know Jason would always make an extra effort for a friend. And maybe it was his way of letting himself see you again.

Epiphany: Nurse Spencer, please pull Kate Howard’s chart and prepare the paperwork for her release.

Kate: I seem to be associated with all the people you hate most in the world. In my own defense, I didn't know that Trevor and Sonny hated each other. I didn't even realize they had met, let alone shared such an unfortunate history.

Ric: So I guess the answer to the question is "wrong place, wrong time." It's too bad.

Kate: You know, when we first met, I probably seemed a bit arrogant.

Ric: Huh. "A bit"?

Kate: I -- I sometimes have that effect on people, and I usually don't care, but this was a mistake that I deeply regret, one of many. It was wrong of me to drive recklessly and not stop when I hit that parked police car a few weeks ago and I take full responsibility. But, Ric, I swear to you on my life, I was not driving drunk last night. I have every reason to believe that I was drugged, probably by your father, and I will help you in any way that I can to investigate him. You know your father. Would you at least consider the possibility that I'm innocent?

Sonny: It's actually more than a possibility. Okay, Ric, it's pretty obvious at this point that Trevor framed Kate. Now, look, all I'm saying to you -- this is your chance of a lifetime. You can stop your father from destroying another innocent woman.

Logan: Lulu -- you know, she left around 9:00, it was really dark. She was wearing a peach shirt, a brown tank, and some jeans.

Georgie: I think she also had on that -- that silver necklace, the one with the charms on it.

Lucky: Did she have a purse, a backpack or anything?

Logan: She had a purse, and I know her phone was in it. But I've tried calling her; she hasn't answered it all night.

Nikolas: Was she angry at all when she left?

Logan: No, she was more upset.

Lucky: All right, were you drinking?

Logan: No, no, not even a beer.

Lucky: You call me if you hear from her or think of anything else.

Logan: Okay, I will.

Lucky: Hey, you going to come?

Nikolas: No, no, I think I'm going to stick around for a little bit.

Logan: Look, okay, I know you're pissed off and I don't blame you, all right? But it's not going to do any good to go off me, because --

Nikolas: Anything happens to my sister, I swear I'll kill you!

Georgie: Nikolas, stop it! Stop it, I will call the police! Stop!

Logan: Are you crazy?

Nikolas: I apologize, Georgie, I didn't mean to frighten you.

Georgie: I understand you're worried about Lulu, and I'm sure that she's fine.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, for his sake, you better be right.

Georgie: Are you all right?

Logan: What the hell was that?

Georgie: Basically, what you deserve.

Jason: Hey, last night Lulu got into a car, and it was registered to John Zacchara. I got the license plate number right here.

Lucky: All right, tell me, you stopped by my house this morning and you didn't have a clue about this -- what changed?

Jason: Well, we figured out which direction Lulu was headed when she left Logan’s, we accessed security cameras along that route, and we got some footage.

Lucky: Okay, well, even if that was possible, it'd be illegal.

Jason: You should check for yourself.

Lucky: You know, it's kind of a coincidence that you think Lulu's with a member of the same family who's kind of making a move on Sonny's territory.

Jason: Okay, you know what? I -- I get that you hate me, okay, but I'm trying to help you find your sister.

Lucky: And I should trust you why -- because you've always been such a standup guy with me?

Jason: No, because Lulu is a friend.

Lucky: I just think you're trying to use the police to track down that Zacchara guy for you.

Jason: Does that mean you don't want this information, Lucky?

Lucky: The guy who hurt Lulu was Logan Hayes, working with Sonny. The two of you actually do have a lot in common. Using women, then kicking them to the curb? Yeah.

Mac: The judge signed off on the warrant. You and I are going to General Hospital to arrest Kate Howard. Let's go.

Diane: Hello, Elizabeth. Are you one of the nurses taking care of Kate Howard?

Epiphany: Is there something wrong here?

Diane: I am representing Ms. Howard in a legal action. A warrant has been issued for her, and the police are planning on taking her into custody here at the hospital.

Emily: As long as her doctor has released her, there's not a whole lot we can do about it.

Diane: Well, unfortunately, Dr. Quartermaine, the press is going to be all over this. If they're not here already, they will be, and it's going to get ugly.

Epiphany: But I'm still not hearing anything that's concerning medical personnel, whose main purpose is to take care of sick people.

Diane: Well, technically, Nurse Johnson, until Ms. Howard signs off on her own release, she is still a patient of this hospital. And I believe it's in the best interest of the entire hospital staff to promote the well-being of every patient, is it not?

Epiphany: Why don't you just say it -- you want us to run interference with the press.

Sonny: Kate has nothing to do with what went on between us. She had no idea what kind of man Trevor was any more than Adela did when she got involved with him.

Ric: Oh, here we go -- Sonny gets to play the mother card.

Sonny: Okay, hold -- hold on. You're the one who tore up your life trying to avenge our mother, and for what? She’s -- she's dead. There's nothing we can do to change that, but, hey, Kate is a different story. You can get her out of this trap that Trevor set for her.

Ric: You know what? The one thing that I can count on with you, Sonny, the one thing, is that you'll treat me like a brother -- excuse me, correction -- you'll treat me like a human being when you want something from me.

Kate: Well, that could've gone better.

Sonny: Whatever happens, I'm going to get you out of this.

Sam: All right, so Lulu is missing? She had a fight with Logan, right?

Lucky: No, it was worse than a fight -- Logan is bad news.

Sam: Well, Maxie told me that Logan slept with her on a bet.

Lucky: Well, did she remember to mention that she's the one that blew this whole thing wide open? She got mad, so she had to rub it in Lulu's face?

Sam: Yeah, yeah, I know, I understand that. Maxie is sometimes her own worst enemy. I understand her, oddly enough, bad instincts and all.

Lucky: Okay, listen, I hate how I handled myself with Maxie last year, but she's only taking it out on Lulu to get back at me.

Sam: Hey, no, no, no, no, Lucky, this is not your fault. Logan jumped in with both feet, and Maxie -- you are not remotely to blame for her bad behavior. And as far as Lulu is concerned, I don't know her very well but sometimes when you believe you have something really special with somebody and you realize that -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. We've both been burnt by love, okay?

Lucky: You think Lulu's in love with Logan?

Sam: I don't know. Maybe. But I -- I don't think it really matters, because even if she's not, she's still hurt and angry and completely humiliated, so it really --

[Lucky chuckles]

Sam: Wouldn't shock me if she disappeared for a couple days.

Lucky: Yeah, no, she's a Spencer -- hurt and anger turns into reckless behavior.

Sam: Okay, listen, if you really think that Lulu is in trouble, I think -- I think I can help.

Logan: You heard from Lulu?

Spinelli: The Jackal has not heard.

Logan: Is it possible the Jackal ever lies, because I think what you might be doing right now is maybe instant-messaging her.

Spinelli: Back off, simian one.

Logan: Don't give me orders.

Spinelli: The Blond One's disappearance is on your head. You're the liar, not I.

Logan: I never wanted Lulu to get hurt, okay? I told Maxie to leave her alone. I'm sick of everyone in my face blaming me. I'm sick of you acting like you're the only one that loves her.

Spinelli: Oh, you claim to love the fair one? Yet you secure her affections, and then --

Logan: You better shut up now! You understand? I'm going to find Lulu and tell her I'm sorry. Okay, I got to make her understand that what we had was real, that Maxie's the one who set her up, not me.

Jason: Get out.

Logan: You'll have to kill me to keep me away from her.

[Spinelli whimpers]

Spinelli: Okay, it's okay. Look, I -- I secured our next clue, our next clue as to the whereabouts of fair Lulu. Okay, the law-abiding ones have issued a ticket to an illegally parked automobile on country road 91 -- the same car that is driven by one John Zacchara.

Jason: Good work. Let's go.

Ric: You know, if you're here to get the charges against Kate Howard dropped, you're too late. The judge already signed a warrant, and I'd say right about now, she's getting cuffed and Mirandized. So if you need to call in any favors or you need to muscle somebody high up, I suggest you get on the phone and do it, and get out of my chair.

Trevor: Nah, it's an old habit. I tried to rescue Kate because she's a beautiful, talented young woman who worked very hard to get where she is. Here, sit. She's got charisma, influence, power in her own right -- until this unfortunate event.

Ric: The woman makes one mistake, you bail on her -- how like you.

Trevor: Don't you judge me, Richard, I loved that woman. She just made one bad choice too many.

Ric: You know, Kate and Sonny swear that you -- you drugged Kate’s drink. Huh. And I thought that they were just grasping at straws, but I can see now that it's absolutely true. You set Kate up to make it look like that she was drunk. What, you wanted her arrested, you wanted her humiliated, what, maybe even ruined?

Trevor: Hmm. Richard, Richard. You above all, my son, should know what happens to people who disappoint me.

Diane: I am going to be with you when the police arrive. Now, they're going to want to take you down to the PCPD in a squad car, but I'm going to request that you be allowed to turn yourself in.

Kate: Will they let us do that?

Diane: We can try, but they may insist otherwise.

Sonny: I'm going with her, Diane.

Diane: No.

Sonny: Yes.

Diane: You are going to meet us there, because the only thing worse than Kate Howard being arrested is Kate Howard being arrested with Sonny Corinthos at her side. I will stay with Kate; I will make sure that she is all right. Now, when we get down to the station, you're going to be booked. There's a whole process -- fingerprints, mug shots.

Kate: Hmm -- I remember. It probably gets easier the second time, right?

Sonny: It's a piece of cake.

[Diane chuckles]

Kate: Does anyone else get the irony here? In my business in publishing, it is survival of the fittest. I can't tell you how many people I've hurt to get where I'm at, and I had no choice -- it was either them or me, and there were probably only two people in the world that I could trust, lean on, confide in. And now one of them wants to destroy me. I'd laugh if it weren't so infuriating.

Sonny: You know what? I'm sure that Trevor helped you out a little bit, but I know that you did it on -- on your own. You know why? Because you're a fighter, I know that. You just got to come out swinging. And you know what else? I believe in you.

Mac: Kate Howard, you know why we're here.

[Diane sighs]

Kate: I do.

Mac: We have a warrant for your arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to waive that right, anything you say could be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present now and during questioning.

Kate: My -- my attorney's here.

Mac: Well, that's good, because if you didn't, one would be assigned to you. Do you understand these rights as I've read them to you?

Kate: I do.

Mac: Cadet Barrett -- Sonny, you might want to leave by a different exit. The press is already here. If you two leave together, it might make things worse.

Sonny: Well, that's up to -- it's up to Kate.

Kate: Um -- Sonny, you should probably meet me there. It's really best for both of us.

Diane: It's bad enough that my client has been framed. Do you really need to perp walk her through that zoo out there?

Reporter: Nurse, Nurse, what did Kate Howard have for breakfast today?

Emily: I'm a doctor, and what any patient has for breakfast is none of your business.

Reporter: So -- so you're saying she's anorexic?

Emily: I said no such thing.

Reporter: Is Ms. Howard heavily sedated? Is she hysterical?

Second reporter: What will she wear when she's arrested?

Epiphany: She'll probably be wearing clothes. Let's go.

Reporter: Are the police here yet? Second reporter: Has she called any of her friends up in Manhattan?

First reporter: Will Kate be entering rehab before the hearing?

Epiphany: Where do they get these questions from?

Reporter: What the hell's going on?

Epiphany: We have a critical patient arriving, and this is for your safety. We need to keep this access clear.

[Reporters mumble]

Reporter: There's Kate Howard.

Emily: Sorry.

Reporter: Oh, we're blocked.

[Reporters talk]

Ric: You know, I always knew that you had ice in your veins that you were the most vindictive man that I've ever known. There's pretty much nothing that you've ever done that would surprise me, but ruining your ex-mistress? That's new even for you.

Trevor: What do you care whether Kate Howard gets busted for drunk driving? She's nothing to you. In fact, I think you should give me a little something for dropping this case right in your lap.

Ric: How about arsenic?

Trevor: Richard, why don't you get off your soapbox and stop being a fool? This is your first step in resuscitating your pathetic reputation. I mean, you can paint yourself as the principled D.A. who refused to buckle under celebrity --

Ric: Yes, and put the screws to your girlfriend at the same time, right?

Trevor: Ric, she's Sonny's problem now, and he's choking on his own frustration knowing that she is suffering because of him. What is the downside?

Ric: Because you bulldozed my life, Dad. So what makes you think that I'm going to help you try to do the same thing to somebody else?

Trevor: You listen to me, boy. If Kate Howard walks from these charges, it's only going to serve Sonny. So you think very hard before you help your hated brother just to spite me. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Diane: I am trying to get the charges reduced, but your blood alcohol level was "well" over the legal limit. You were drugged -- I know, and I believe you -- but we have absolutely no proof. We could not recover the iced tea glass to test it, and my research hasn't come up with any drug currently on the market that mimics alcohol intoxication.

Kate: Trevor Lansing has astonishing connections. He could easily come across something that hasn't been even FDA-approved yet.

Diane: I don't doubt it. But if I trot out some conspiracy theory where you are somehow slipped some top-secret drug, we're going to be laughed out of court.

Sonny: Diane, what is the best-case scenario?

Diane: All right. Well, we have to remember that this is Kate’s third reckless driving incident. Now, there were no blood alcohol tests in the first two because they were hit-and-run. So there is going to be a presumption that she was driving drunk in both of those cases, as well.

Kate: Okay, that -- that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Sonny: Kate, let Diane finish, please. Because we got to figure out how we're going to deal with this.

Diane: Best-case scenario -- a plea bargain. But that's going to depend on Ric Lansing.

Georgie: Hey, guys. Any word on Lulu?

Elizabeth: No, nothing.

Georgie: Lucky and Nikolas came by a little earlier to take a statement from Logan. I really wish I knew what makes Maxie do the things she does. I just -- I wanted to apologize for what she did. I -- I am so sorry.

Emily: No, Georgie, you're not responsible for your sister's actions. And no matter what Maxie's done, Logan’s the one who stomped all over Lulu.

Georgie: Well, I think it's Nikolas that got even by stomping all over Logan.

Emily: What do you mean?

Georgie: You didn't -- Nikolas completely blew up. Logan and Nikolas were talking, and then Nikolas grabbed Logan and started choking him. For a second, I thought he was going to kill him.

Nikolas: Anything yet?

Lucky: Jason -- he was here before, claiming he had a lead, but it wasn't credible.

Nikolas: Well, if there's anyone you should be looking at, it's this Logan Hayes guy. I think he knows more about where Lulu is than he's admitting to. I mean, he could've called her and told --

Lucky: Okay, but why wouldn't he tell us?

Nikolas: I don't know -- maybe he wants to be the big hero and bring her home.

Lucky: Okay, did Logan say anything to you after I left that might make you think that he heard from her?

Nikolas: No, no. He was too busy wallowing in his own remorse. It just made me sick, so I left.

[Car doors close]

Spinelli: Yeah, this is most definitely the vehicle the distraught one climbed into last night.

Jason: Looks like it's been parked here all night. I got to get under the hood to see if they broke down or if it's just been abandoned.

Spinelli: Um -- Stone Cold? The Blond One's necklace. It's broken -- like some evil denizen of the dark tore it from her innocent throat.

Maxie: What the hell is wrong with you?

Logan: I told you to keep your mouth shut, Maxie. I "warned" you what would happen if you messed things up between me and her.

Maxie: Take it easy, Logan.

Logan: This not a game to me, okay? You do not get to trash the best thing that I've ever had and get away with it.

Maxie: You are such a hypocrite. You loved pulling one over on Lulu just as much as I did.

Logan: Don't you ever walk away while I'm talking to --

Coop: You keep away from her, all right?

Ric: All right, you know what? If you're here about Kate, don't. I have nothing to say.

Sonny: All you got to do is listen, Ric. Diane is going to ask for a plea bargain. All you got to do is agree, Kate will do community service, and then, you know, end of story, and everything will be great.

Ric: What -- what makes you think that you're in a position to dictate any of my cases?

Sonny: Kate has -- look, she -- there's no reason in hell she should spend one minute in jail -- you know that. If you want to come after me, Ric, that's another story, but not Kate!

Ric: You don't get it, do you, Sonny? Trevor is the one who used Kate to get at you, not me. And it worked. He won.

Trevor: Isn't this a new adventure, Ms. Howard?

Kate: How far do you plan to let this go?

Trevor: Well, things have taken on their own momentum. They're beyond my control.

Kate: Nothing is ever beyond your control, Trevor.

Trevor: Your blood alcohol level is a public fact. If I were to intervene now, that would be unethical. You had a nice career, Kate, and you were terrific at it.

Kate: I always knew you were a bastard. I just never realized how deep insecure you are.

Trevor: Do you know what really breaks my heart? You were a woman who made smart choices. But to turn against me in favor of this punk, Sonny Corinthos? Go figure. You deserve what you get.

Sam: Amelia, it's not good enough. I think you should tell the writers to make it stronger.

Amelia: Well, Kate Howard hasn't been convicted yet. We don't want to set ourselves up for a lawsuit.

Sam: Anyone who drinks and drives risks killing or seriously injuring another person. Multiple offenders like Kate Howard are so dangerous because they think they are above the law. We can actually create a groundswell of opinion here.

Amelia: Wow -- look who thinks she has her finger on the pulse. And what is Trevor Lansing giving you to bury Kate Howard?

Sam: Oh, you know, we can stand here and argue about it all day, or you can get it done. You decide, okay? Excuse me. Hey, what are you doing here?

Lucky: There's no word from Lulu and I'm starting to get worried. You said you could help, and I just want to know what you had in mind.

Sam: Yeah, listen, I can shoot an appeal for information on Lulu's whereabouts at the open and close of tonight's show.

Amelia: Uh, the show was already locked, and it's been sent out to the affiliates. We can't do it for tonight's show.

Sam: Are you serious? Absolutely not. Anything can be done. Lucky's sister is missing, and if I can do something to help find her, then I will. It's what you do for a friend.

Amelia: Forget it, Sam. You are not going to suck up to Lucky at the expense of my show.

Spinelli: Stone Cold? What do you see?

Jason: It's a broken fuel line.

Spinelli: Your knowledge of all things mechanical is awesome.

Lulu: No!

Johnny: You might as well come out. I know you're in here.


Jason: Don't move!

Spinelli: Where's Lulu?

Johnny: Drop it!

Jason: Spinelli, get down.

Spinelli: What --

Johnny: Shut up!

Jason: Put down the gun!

Johnny: You put it down.

Jason: Put it down right now!

Johnny: The hell I will.

Lulu: Don't shoot! Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: Oh, Jax! I want to know everything that's going on back home.

Trevor: Prosecute her to the full extent of the law.

Sonny: You know he framed Kate!

Jason: Drop it now!

Johnny: Go ahead, kill me.

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