GH Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07


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[Lucky chuckles]

Lucky: Hey, I got Cameron's juice and crackers right -- yeah.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: I put the rest in his bag right here.

Elizabeth: Okay, thanks. Hey, do you think you can pick up the kids this afternoon? I have to work late.

Lucky: Yeah, sure. You know what? I'm ruing a little early so, you know, why don't I just hang here with Cam and then I'll drop him off later?

Elizabeth: He'd love that.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Okay.

Edward: I've got it -- a court order signed by Judge hallo ran. Lulu will be back in this house by tonight.

Tracy: Conscience getting to you, Daddy?

Monica: Just can't stand to lose, can you?

[Edward chuckles]

Alice: Well, I think miss Lulu was settling in quite comfortably at Logan’s.

Tracy: Whatever boathouse blackmail Lulu has on you must be pretty good.

Edward: Well, Lulu will have plenty of time to blackmail Alice, since she's going to be moving in here with us and abiding by our rules -- and all we have to do is frame her.

Spinelli: I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry. You're doing your part, you are. It's just that the Jackal fears the situation is dire.

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Please, please, please.

Milo: The shipping receipts won't print at the warehouse, so --

Spinelli: The Jackal does not have time for your mundane requests.

Milo: I -- I can't go back without them.

Spinelli: Okay, look, the Blond One's heart has been shattered by the unworthy one, okay? She's fled into the night and she cannot be found.

Milo: Ahem. It -- it sounded like you said Logan hurt our Lulu.

Spinelli: Really, Milo? Really?

Logan: Lulu, it's me again. Um -- just call me back; let me know you at least get these messages. Let me know you're okay, please. All right, bye.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Morning. So, I want a full report. I'm sure there was lots of drama after I left yesterday. How's Lulu?

Marty: Great. Thank you.

Jax: Hey, Hey! We meet at last.

Alexis: Hi.

Jax: Hi.

Alexis: Hi. I'm sorry about the other night.

Jax: Oh, no, no. Don't apologize, okay? A mother should never tear herself away from teething children to have dinner with a friend, really.

Alexis: Well, I'm glad I stayed for their sakes, but I'm really sorry that I missed you.

Jax: Can I buy you a late breakfast?

Alexis: No, because I'm meeting a client upstairs in about 15 minutes -- but that client is always late, so I have --

Jax: Oh.

Alexis: 10 minutes --

Jax: Wow. 10 minutes.

Alexis: To be very nosy and to find out how you are -- and don't tell me that you're fine, because I know that you're not. I know that your wife and your stepsons are sent away somewhere and you're lonely, so you've got 15 minutes to vent.

Jax: Why would I do that, because you've already heard it all. Okay, Sonny's business directly affects the people around him, even his children -- especially his children. And while we're on the subject, do you feel that Molly and Kristina have enough protection at Wyndemere?

Alexis: How much protection is enough protection? We're on an island; there are guards on the island. They guard the house, they guard the grounds, and don't confuse that with Sonny's guards, who guard the harbor and then follow me and the children whenever we go into the city. If you look over your right shoulder -- don't look -- you see that guy -- no neck, really bad suit?

Jax: Uh-huh.

Alexis: He's with me, whether I like it or not.

Jax: Why don't you just leave? Why don't I just leave? I mean, I got houses all over the world. Mom would love it if I brought Carly and the kids to Australia or Alaska or Hawaii -- you know, it's surf season there.

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Jax: It could be the house on the north shore.

Alexis: Mm-hmm, that sounds nice.

Jax: Really?

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Jax: You could join us. I could get two houses next to each other right on the beach. You know, I know two places that are right at sunset, they're really amazing.

Alexis: It's a really generous offer, but I'm not really the Hawaii type. "Surf's up" -- see, that's not me. You should go, though.

Jax: I should.

Alexis: Actually, you really should, because I don't know how you can live with the insanity and the violence of Sonny's life one more second than you have to.

Jax: You're not really asking me that, you're asking yourself that, and I would really like to know the answer.

Edward: Oh, hello, Scott. Here, have some breakfast over there and make yourself at home.

Scott: What's your angle, Edward?

Tracy: No!

Scott: Agh --

Tracy: Not there. Ahem -- sorry. The couch is more comfortable.

Scott: I'll stand.

Alan: That was graceful.

Scott: Pour me a cup of coffee, sweetheart -- black, two sugars. What do you want?

Monica: Oh, I don't think that should be too hard to figure out, Scott.

Edward: I'm sure you know we all want to save Lulu from moving in with that no-good son of yours.

Scott: That lizard is not my son, and you're the one that pushed the two of them out of here together last night.

Alice: Your coffee, Sir.

Scott: Agh -- thank you.

Alan: It'll never work.

Alice: It'll never work.

Monica: She's right.

Alan: I agree.

Edward: Don't be so pessimistic.

Tracy: Daddy spoke too soon last night.

Edward: Now, look, the idea of getting Luke out of this house is very appealing, but Lulu's a different matter. She, like her mother, is very willful, and she's high-spirited and has a tendency to make some wrong choices, but she is my step-granddaughter.

Alan: Is he laying it on thick, or what?

Edward: Lulu has no business moving in with your son or with anybody else.

Scott: All right, forget whose son it is, all right? Why your sudden concern for Lulu?

Tracy: Daddy's had a reconsidered thought.

Monica: Look, Lulu was left in our care. We are obligated to protect her from -- from her worst impulses.

Alice: Yeah, like shacking up with your son.

Edward: That's why you have to arrest her immediately.

Scott: Arrest her for what?

Edward: I don't care. Jaywalking, shoplifting, parking too close to the curb -- no misdemeanor is too small.

Monica: See, then she just is released to our custody.

Edward: And it's all been take care of.

Scott: I can't arrest her for jaywalking, and if I could, it wouldn't stick. She's of age, she'd be released on her own recognizance, so it's -- it's not going to work.

Edward: Well, you're the special prosecutor -- make it work, damn it.

Scott: Well, now that you put it that way, I don't know what to say. Wait a minute, it's coming to me -- I don't think so.

Spinelli: The simian one showed up here last night searching for fair Lulu. Evidently, she had fled his den of iniquity distraught. Okay. Anyway -- anyway, the unworthy one wouldn't review what actually happened until Stone Cold and his grasshopper Came down on him like the Goth God of Zune and wrenched the truth from his empty and dark soul. And the truth is the unworthy one convinced fair Lulu to move in with him.

Milo: Oh.

Spinelli: Hmm. And then the bad Blond One appeared bitter and unkind and revealed that she and the unworthy one had a cruel wager, and the dubious reward was that Maxie and the unworthy one would make the beast with two backs, and they did on numerous occasions. Great, you don't understand. Um -- okay, uh, Logan cheated on Lulu with Maxie. And so now fair Lulu, betrayed and brokenhearted, fled into the night, and is lost to all who love her and want to bring her home.

Logan: Lulu never came back last night.

Maxie: Really? Where do you think she ran off to -- the Quartermaines'? Poor thing, having to be shacked up at the nicest house in town.

Logan: I haven't heard from her.

Maxie: I'm not surprised. She's probably with Bobbie. I doubt she went over to Lucky and Elizabeth’s -- they probably had a bad fight, too.

Logan: I haven't heard from her in almost 12 hours.

Maxie: She'll resurface, Logan, maybe around dinnertime. She's just off playing poor little Lulu.

Logan: Get out.

Maxie: I can't believe you're buying into this.

Logan: All you had to do was leave us alone.

Maxie: Hey, a deal is a deal. We made a bet that you would nail Lulu, and you did -- and then some. I was the reward, and I paid up.

Logan: Why -- why did you tell her?

Maxie: The whole plan was to humiliate Lulu, remember? We decided from the beginning we were going to tell her, so you can't be mad about that.

Logan: I'm so glad Coop's rid of you. You're such a waste.

Maxie: At least I didn't pretend to care about Lulu.

Logan: You don't understand what you've done.

Maxie: Come on. Lulu was asking for it -- begging for it, really. I mean, the way she was sauntering around throwing herself at you, and the moving in, Logan -- I know that was not your idea.

Logan: She was my chance.

Maxie: No. She is a spoiled brat who never has to pay for anything that she does. She broke up Dillon and Georgie. She accidentally got pregnant, convinced everyone to feel sorry for her, then had an abortion. She's always whining about her parents, and at least her mom has an excuse for not wanting to be in her life. Her dad wants to be around sometimes, which is more than I can say for either one of us.

Logan: How can you feel sorry for yourself after what you've done?

Maxie: I just think that Lulu needs to pay for the choices that she makes. No one made her fall in love with you, Logan, when she obviously belongs with that cyber-geek guy who follows her around like a wounded puppy. I mean, how did she think it was going to turn out with you -- sweet and tender?

Logan: You -- you think you can do this -- hurt her and -- and not pay for it?

Maxie: See, you're the one that hurt her, Logan. You made her think that you care about her, when we both know that she's not what you need.

Logan: You have no idea what I need, or who I am.

Maxie: God. She's really gotten to you, hasn't she?

Jason: I need to speak to you alone.

Lucky: I don't send Elizabeth out of the room when I'm having a discussion.

Elizabeth: We'll stay inside; you guys can go out on the porch. It's no problem.

Lucky: Outside.

Jason: Lulu call you last night?

Lucky: No. Is there a problem?

Jason: Well, she had some fight with Logan, took off from his apartment. She hasn't called anybody and Spinelli's worried about her.

Lucky: So you turned it into an excuse to stop in on my wife?

Jax: I don't understand why you've never left Port Charles.

Alexis: The warm and cheerful ambiance.

Jax: Right. I mean, you had a great job with a Manhattan law firm; you were summoned down here by Stefan. Why -- why did you stay in Port Charles?

Alexis: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Jax: Look, you have two young daughters with two men who have treated you despicably.

Alexis: That's the catch -- I have two young daughters who can't be taken away from their respective fathers.

Jax: No, no, no, no, I disagree. No, let's start with Sonny, okay? The reason Kristina’s life and Molly's life are in danger is because of his -- his life. His life is surrounded by violence, okay, so he could not object if you decided to move Kristina and Molly to a safer place.

Alexis: And in fairness, I don't think he would, not anymore. Not that he's become all enlightened and reasonable -- that's not it. It's just that he's mellowed a bit, and I think that he sees that his children aren't possessions, and that what's best for Kristina matters more to him than what's comfortable and convenient. Ric, on the other hand, would never in a million years let me move to Manhattan, London, Madrid, or any of the other thousand places that I would love to go.

Jax: Why don't you just go? I mean, I'm sure between Sonny and me, we could get Ric to cooperate.

Alexis: You are trying to get rid of me.

Jax: No, I'm just worried about you, okay? You almost died of cancer last year, okay? You're in remission now, and -- and your life is being threatened by some mobster that you don't even know and have nothing to do with.

Alexis: You're projecting.

Jax: And you're avoiding.

[Alexis chuckles]

Alexis: Okay. I stay in Port Charles because I have a nephew here that I love. I stay in Port Charles because my best friend is here, and I dearly love you. And then there's Sam -- and I know that's a complicated relationship, but we keep trying to connect. But mostly, I stay because I want my daughters to know their fathers. Sonny, as it turns out, is a really good Dad, and he "loves" her. And Ric, with all his faults -- and there are many -- loves Molly. And I hope to God that whatever it was that I appreciated about him was real and will be accessible to Molly. But I'd rather that she know him and form her own opinions than feel his absence.

Jax: You know I've told you this before, but you are an excellent mother.

Alexis: Hmm. Thank you. I try. Yeah.

Scott: Lulu can live wherever she wants.

Tracy: She belongs here with us.

Scott: In this dysfunctional mess, Tracy?

Tracy: We're trying to protect her.

Monica: She's very vulnerable right now.

Scott: Maybe so, but she's of age. There is nothing I can do.

Edward: What if it were Serena?

Alan: Touché.

Tracy: After what you did to Lulu in that courtroom, you owe her.

Edward: She is easy prey for that no-good son of yours.

Scott: He is not my son.

Alice: Well, I think you're right to do nothing, because if you were to have Lulu arrested for no reason to keep her from the man she loves, Mr. Luke would be really mad at you.

Scott: On second thought, I'm in.

Alan: Go, Alice. Go, Alice.

Scott: I'll make a couple of phone calls -- done.

Emily: Hey, guys.

Monica: Oh, hi.

Emily: Has anyone heard from Lulu?

Tracy: No. What happened?

Monica: Isn't she with Logan?

Tracy: Daddy practically drove her there last night.

Emily: Spinelli called this morning, he was frantic.

Tracy: He was born frantic.

Alan: Hey, be nice to her, she's upset.

Nikolas: Maxie says that Logan seduced Lulu just to win a bet.

Monica: Ooh -- too much information.

Emily: She got upset, she ran off, and no one has heard from her since.

Monica: Why wait for the D.N.A. results? I mean, this sordid little episode just proves that he is your son.

[Phone rings]

[Ringing stops]

Singer: I don't know why a feeling I can't take inside I'm another brokenhearted

Logan: Oh -- oh! Oh.

Spinelli: Cease and desist. Don't do this. Actually -- hey, Milo, he may know where Lulu is and we -- he can't tell us if we kill him, so -- hey, have you heard from Lulu? Have you heard from Lulu?

Milo: Have you? Answer him.

Logan: No, no. No, but I'm -- I want to find her just as bad as you guys do.

Spinelli: That is not possible, for you are unworthy even to say her name.

Milo: Yeah, how can anyone hurt such a wonderful girl?

Maxie: I know everyone's going to blame me, but there's no way I could've known this was going to happen.

Georgie: What did you do?

Maxie: See, you’re already starting.

Georgie: No, Maxie, so are you. This sounds like damage control. What sort of damage did you do?

Maxie: All I did was tell Lulu the truth -- it's not my fault she couldn't handle it.

Georgie: What do you mean, "the truth"?

Maxie: Logan and I made a bet that he could sleep with Lulu, and if and when he did, I would sleep with him.

Georgie: That's why you slept with Logan?

Maxie: That's one of the reasons.

Georgie: So you told Lulu?

Maxie: Don't you think she deserves to know the kind of guy she's with -- not like she would ever thank me. She ran off playing the poor, lost little girl, walked out on Logan. Now no one can find her, and, of course, that's my fault.

Lucky: When did you become so interested in Lulu's personal life?

Jason: If you hear from her, just ask her to call Spinelli, okay?

Elizabeth: Did something happen to Lulu?

Lucky: She didn't call last night, did she?

Elizabeth: No, and I was here all night. What happened?

Jason: Uh, I really don't know the details. I know that Lulu and Logan got into a fight; she took off from his apartment. Spinelli got worried, he asked me to help track her down.

Lucky: Well, I'll call in some favors downtown and start a search.

Elizabeth: I'm sure she's fine. It's very Spencer of her to take off when she gets hurt.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it'd be very Spencer of her to get into trouble. I need to get downtown.

Edward: Tracy, why would you send Lulu away with that impostor last night?

Tracy: "Me"? "You" were the one that told her to "take the monkey and run."

Alice: I should have given Logan that crossface chicken wing -- and a flying scissor hold. Yes, Lulu Spencer.

Alan: I would like to have seen that.

Monica: Maybe she's at Wyndemere. I mean, she could be holed up in a room there and no one would know it for years.

Tracy: Lulu's too proud to ask her family for help.

Alice: They said she hasn't been missing long enough for them to do an official search.

Edward: So, what do we have to do -- wait until they find her in a ditch somewhere to know that she's really gone?

Alice: Well, they said they'd keep us informed of any new developments.

Tracy: What is that supposed to mean?

Edward: I'm calling Mac Scorpio.

Tracy: Wait! We all just need to stop, take a breath. It would be nice if one of us could -- fly around, take a little look-see. Someone not constrained by time or space.

Monica: What are you talking about?

Alan: That isn't how it works, Tracy.

Edward: You know, we should've had Jason take care of that punk.

Monica: Edward -- God, you don't ask Jason to just "rub out" everyone we don't like.

Edward: Why not? We have to deal with the fallout from his violent lifestyle. Why shouldn't we get some of the perks?

Monica: My God, that is callous, even coming from you.

Alan: Oh, don't be too hard on him, he's just scared.

Tracy: Father's just scared. He doesn't mean it.

Edward: I do mean it.

Tracy: Okay, look, can we just focus on the problem at hand? I need to find Lulu before Luke gets back.

Edward: Luke Spencer disappears at will, and he pays no attention to the welfare of his child. But if there's a problem, somehow you're responsible for it.

Alan: Pay attention, Tracy -- your father is empathizing with you.

Alice: I'll bet there's where Lulu's gone -- looking for her father.

Tracy: Great -- and no one knows where he is.

[Knock on door]

Logan: Lulu?

Scott: Open the door.

Logan: What do you want?

Scott: Don't make me call the cops.

Logan: What?

Scott: Rough night?

Logan: What are you doing here?

Scott: I heard about Lulu.

Logan: So?

Scott: Any idea where she is?

Logan: If I did, do you think I'd be here?

Scott: Who messed up your face?

Logan: Why do you care?

Scott: Look, you are not my son. But if you were --

Logan: I know, I know. I've lived down your expectations. I've ended up hurting the girl, right?

Scott: Well, I think Lulu's going to be all right.

Logan: Maybe, but she ain't coming back to me.

Scott: Well, I can't argue with you there.

Logan: Not that I blame her. You know, Lulu was the best I ever -- anyway, I -- I just never thought Maxie would be that cruel.

Scott: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Maxie didn't do this alone.

Logan: Look, you don't want to claim me as your kid, you don't get to judge.

Scott: Okay, okay, fair enough.

Logan: You know, I thought that I could somehow be this -- this great guy Lulu thought I was, but -- but I'm not, you know? That look in the girl's eyes when she put it all together -- I don't have any idea why I'm telling you this.

Scott: Well, let me tell you something, all right? I know exactly how you feel.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Can you have Lulu call me or Lucky when you see her? No, no, no, no, we're not mad at her at all; we just need to know she's okay. All right, thanks. Bye.

Emily: Hey. So you haven't heard anything, either?

Elizabeth: I was just going to call you.

Emily: Oh, Spinelli beat you to it.

Elizabeth: I've been calling all of her friends. Lesley is so worried; she keeps saying how this reminds her of Laura.

Emily: Yeah, Lulu's her father's daughter, I'm sure she has a plan. Elizabeth, she's going to be all right, she just needs some time. Lulu just found out that Logan's been sleeping with Maxie.

Elizabeth: Oh. So, naturally Maxie had to find a way to hurt her, because Lulu is actually loved and valued.

Emily: You remember when you and Lucky ran away? You were living on the streets, sort of -- you slept under the docks. Not only were you fine, you helped each other heal.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but the difference is Lucky and I had each other, Lulu is alone. And it's so sad -- she was finally starting to open her heart, she just chose the wrong person.

Emily: You know, I'm sure she's just off somewhere trying to recover. She's going to be fine; I don't think she's in any danger.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I thought that, too, at first, and then I realized Jason wouldn't be looking for her if he didn't think it was serious.

Emily: Jason's involved?

Elizabeth: Yeah, he came by this morning looking for her.

Emily: And Lucky was here?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Emily: How'd he deal with Jason?

Elizabeth: Not well.

Det. Rodriguez: I know Lulu's your sister. But it's been, what, 12 hours? She d a fight with her boyfriend, and there's no criminal activity. She’s probably hanging out at her friend's house right now.

Lucky: All right, well, call it 24 hours. I want you to start a real search.

Coop: Logan's had run-ins with the cops before. Maybe we could spin that as some kind of threat.

Det. Rodriguez: You think Logan's dangerous?

Coop: I think the sooner we find Lulu, the better for everyone.

Lucky: You got enough details to put out an A.P.B.?

Coop: Yeah.

Lucky: Okay, will you walk him through it?

Det. Rodriguez: Sure.

Lucky: Thanks. Hey, did you hear from Lulu?

Nikolas: No, nothing yet.

Lucky: Okay, I'm putting out an A.P.B.

Nikolas: I thought you had to wait at least 24 hours.

Lucky: I'm bending a few rules, but for Lulu, it's worth it.

Nikolas: Look, I'm concerned about her, too, but any chance you're pushing this because you want to be the one to find her?

Lucky: You think I'm turning this into a competition with Jason?

Jason: Okay, Lulu hasn't contacted Lucky or Elizabeth, and he's starting the search with the cops.

Spinelli: Oh, great -- the law-abiding ones, who couldn't find the small Stone Cold one and are lead by the dastardly D.A. They are useless, okay? She's unprotected and brokenhearted. The Jackal will not rest until I bring her home safely.

Jason: Okay, you need to eat something, okay? Georgie made you a sandwich, right there.

Spinelli: Oh, chips, chips. Thank you, chips, chips, chips.

Jason: No, no, you got to eat -- eat the sandwich, too. What do we have so far?

Spinelli: Right, okay. Yes, sensei, the grasshopper will focus.

Jason: You're -- you're not a grasshopper.

Spinelli: Yes, sensei, yes --

Jason: Stop calling me "sensei."

Spinelli: Well, no, "sensei" -- it's a Japanese title of respect, given to those who have achieved mastery in --

Jason: I know – I know what it is. Listen to me.

Spinelli: What?

Jason: Why don't you just stay the Jackal, okay? I like "the Jackal." You are the Jackal.

Spinelli: I am the Jackal. Thank you. I am the Jackal. I am the Jackal.

Jason: Type.

Spinelli: I rule cyberspace. I am the best that there is. I will focus, and I will get -- I -- I must stay focused and tie all this information together -- but there is no information. There is no information.

Jason: Lulu needs you, Spinelli.

Spinelli: You inspire me. Thank you. Okay, I will not fail her.

Maxie: Lulu's probably off somewhere eating chocolate, feeling sorry for herself. She's only doing this to get attention and drag everyone into her own personal little mini-dramas.

Georgie: That's you, Maxie, not Lulu.

Maxie: So you're taking her side?

Georgie: No, no -- Maxie, there are no sides -- that's only in your head. All there is right now is a girl who is hurt and humiliated just like you wanted. I don't see why you're so upset right now. You got what you wanted, you won, enjoy it.

Maxie: What do you want to hear from me -- that I was wrong?

Georgie: No. Maxie, all I want you to do is take that chip off your shoulder and stop doing horrible things to people. The person that gets hurt the most in all of this is you.

Scott: I don't know why I even came over here.

Logan: Hey, hey, no one's asking you to stay, all right?

Scott: You know, if I did the guardianship all over again, I wouldn't have dragged Lulu into it -- at least, I hope I wouldn't have. That girl's had rough life. She's got a bum for a father and all kinds of stuff. You know, she -- she didn't need that from me, and she didn't need that crap from you. Listen. What -- what I'm trying to say here is that I know what it's like. You find that special, that great girl, one in a million, and then you lose her, d you got nobody to blame but yourself.

Elizabeth: It was so awkward. Jason came over to ask about Lulu, and Lucky was completely hostile.

Emily: Well, that's not really a surprise.

Elizabeth: And then Lucky basically accused Jason of using Lulu as an excuse to see me.

Emily: Hmm, and Jason just kept getting calmer and more reasonable --

Elizabeth: Yes.

Emily: Which only got Lucky angrier.

Elizabeth: Lucky hates him. He just wants to win against him, and that's not Jason's fault. It's not really Lucky's fault, either. I guess it's mine because I've been putting my faith and trust in Jason and not Lucky for a very long time.

Emily: Only because Lucky let you down.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I let him down, too. I married him when I knew I was in love with Jason. Don't get me wrong. I loved Lucky, too, and I really thought we could be happy and that I could just -- I don't know -- stuff my feelings away, but Jason was always so present -- and he saved me and he saved Jake. And then Lucky started questioning whether I was in love with Jason, and no matter how many times I denied it, Lucky could sense the truth, and that me him angry and defensive, which made me need Jason even more.

Emily: Oh, Elizabeth, I think that you're judging yourself pretty harshly in hindsight.

Elizabeth: I miss the way Lucky us to be. I miss the boy who grew up on the run, living on the edge of the law. I felt safe with that Lucky, like we could do anything.

Emily: Yeah, people change, Elizabeth. You've changed, Lucky's changed. Maybe it's time to accept that you're not the kids under the dock anymore, and you never will be again.

Elizabeth: But I haven't been fair to him. I've kept secrets, I've told them at the wrong times. And I have tried to do the right thing and be responsible, and all I've done is hurt the people I love the most.

Lucky: You know, not long ago, if Jason would've showed up like he did this morning, I would've ran him off and told him to stay the hell away from my family.

Nikolas: So what changed?

Lucky: Sam.

Nikolas: Oh --

Lucky: I know, I'm sorry. You want Elizabeth and me to be together.

Nikolas: No, I just -- I just want you to be honest about what you're doing and why you're it.

Lucky: I've spent more than a year trying to be better for Elizabeth.

Nikolas: But has she asked you to do that? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to redeem yourself in your own eyes -- you know, be sorry enough, be sober enough?

Lucky: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: Listen to me. You're trying to erase all the bad things that -- that you've done, and it's just not possible you need to live your life and learn from it -- that's all.

Lucky: I've given Elizabeth the best I have.

Nikolas: Well, all I can say is that she's -- she's trying, and maybe you're just too angry for it to register, but at some point, you just need to put it down, Lucky.

Lucky: I did -- last night with Sam. She made me remember who I am -- Lucky Spencer. I'm not perfect, but I am a good guy after all. So to answer your question, no, I'm not competing with Jason. I'm just trying to find my sister.

Spinelli: I've jackaled into every security camera I can find. It took all night, and there's hours of footage.

Jason: Okay, start over -- what do we know?

Spinelli: Um, the Blond One is brokenhearted.

Jason: No, where was she?

Spinelli: The den of the unworthy one.

Jason: Good. Okay, now, if that's her part of departure, where do you think she would go without thinking, by instinct?

Spinelli: Uh -- away from the Quartermaines', away from her family house -- east. East.

Jason: Good -- narrow in on those roads.

Spinelli: Okay, many of those roads are but tributaries to the great highway that leads to our neighbor to the north.

Jason: Yeah, don't worry about the Canadian border yet. What is directly east of Logan's building?

Spinelli: Uh -- many places of business -- with many security cams.

Jason: Punch in the time.

Spinelli: Okay -- all right, I have multiple images.

Jason: Okay.

Spinelli: Okay.

Jason: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- right there. Back -- back that up right there.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: Is that --

Spinelli: It -- it is she -- fair Lulu. She's crying.

Tracy: Would it kill Lulu to pick up h cell phone -- if she can?

Alan: You think maybe she's gone to Dillon?

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: He's on location in Montana. She must feel all alone.

Alan: You keep it up with the empathy and I'm going to fade away.

Tracy: There is nothing so painful as your first broken heart. I don't count Dillon -- that was a little misadventure on Lulu's part. Getting pregnant was just a run of bad luck.

Alan: With the help of a faulty condom manufactured by the Quartermaines.

Tracy: Alan, everything I did was within the letter of the law, and I do not feel one iota of remorse.

Alan: Ah, that's more like it -- I'm going to stay.

Tracy: Dillon was young and stupid, but he wasn't using her. Logan is a different story.

Alan: I agree.

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: I have been humiliated and lied to, and I am just glad that Lulu found out the truth sooner rather than later.

Alan: You have never found a guy that was worthy of you, have you?

Tracy: Luke is. And now I've let him down.

Georgie: Nobody has heard from Lulu.

Logan: You blame me, don't you?

Georgie: It's not my business.

Logan: I thought she'd come back, you know, that she'd cool off. You and Lulu are friends. Do you have any idea where she might be?

Georgie: Logan, we're not that close.

Logan: Isn't there someone you can call? What about Dillon -- would he know?

Maxie: Uh, Dillon is Georgie’s ex-husband, Lulu broke them up.

Logan: Shut up.

Georgie: Don't you tell my sister to shut up.

Maxie: Logan, you know, I'm not really sure why you're so mad at me. All I did was follow the plan. What happened to your face?

Logan: You're miserable, you know that? You can't stand for anyone to even try and be happy. You're pathetic. Sooner or later, what you did -- it's going to come back to haunt you.

Jason: Okay, so you figured out Lulu was heading east.

Spinelli: Right.

Jason: Now, what's the closest main road?

Spinelli: Uh -- Riverview Drive -- ah, mcmansions, gated communities, lots of security cameras.

Jason: Try -- try -- what is -- alarmspace. It's a security firm --

Spinelli: Right.

Jason: A lot of houses there are hooked up to it.

Spinelli: Okay, Jackal goes in for the kill, and -- got it.

Jason: Okay. Now, time-wise, what do you think -- 16, 17 minutes on foot from Logan's?

Spinelli: Right. Okay. Nothing. Uh -- factor in adrenaline, the fact that Lulu goes running every day -- she's distraught, crying.

Jason: Okay, so, what, 12, 13 minutes?

Spinelli: Okay. Oh, the Gods are with us -- there she is. Okay -- oh, no. Oh -- she's hitchhiking.

Jason: Okay.

Spinelli: No --

Jason: There's a car stopping, rolling down the window.

Spinelli: Come on, Lulu, please don't -- don't get in, don't get in. Oh, the door's opening -- she's hesitating --

[Spinelli groans]

Jason: She got in.

Spinelli: Yeah, the car's speeding away.

Jason: Get the license plate.

Spinelli: Right -- it'll be difficult, but -- okay -- the Jackal will not be denied.

Jason: Run -- run a trace.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: We'll take it from there.

[Music plays]

Logan: You're loving every minute of this, aren't you?

Maxie: You had plenty of chances to tell Lulu the truth. Don't get all self-righteous with me now.

Lucky: Maxie? What do you have to gain by deliberately hurting Lulu? How could you do this to my sister?

Singer: Right here

Emily: Don't blame yourself for everything that went wrong, Elizabeth. You and Lucky are both responsible. And since your marriage clearly isn't working, maybe you need to take that final step and end it.

Elizabeth: When things calm down a little, Lucky and I have some choices to make. But for now, I have to give him all the support I can.

Spinelli: I put the trace on highest priority. We should have the results soon. There she is. There she is, just waiting, hitchhiking. Why -- why didn't she call me?

Jason: People make bad choices when they've been hurt.

Spinelli: Maybe she thought I would mock her or say "I told you so" or even fear for the safety of the simian one, even though he broke her heart. Maybe I drove her to this.

Jason: Okay, you need to stop that right now. Lulu's a lot like Carly -- when she gets upset, she does crazy things, too. You can't take it on yourself.

Spinelli: The trace --

Jason: The car's registered to John Zacchara?

Spinelli: Did Lulu get into an automobile with the most evil of them all?

Lulu: No!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ric: You're about to be arrested for felony drunk driving.

Trevor: Assist in a breaking news story. I’m going to make it worth your while.

Maxie: If Lulu is missing, it's his fault.

Jason: I need any information you have on Anthony Zacchara's son -- Lulu's in trouble.

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