GH Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07


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Sam: Okay, if you're looking for Lucky, he already left.

Nikolas: That's okay; I'd like to come in anyway.

Sam: Suit yourself.

Nikolas: I'm not here to pick a fight with you, Sam.

Sam: Good, because I'm not really in the mood for one.

Nikolas: Okay. Huh. Look, I know you've had a rough few months, and you're probably still reeling from that. I --

Sam: If -- if this is your way of talking me out of sleeping with Lucky, you're too late. Yes. We already took the plunge, so to speak. And he couldn't have been sweeter or more respectful.

Nikolas: Hmm. Well, on some level, that probably scared the hell out of you, didn't it?

Elizabeth: Jake has a checkup first thing tomorrow, so I have to get up early. What shift are you working?

Lucky: Afternoon.

Elizabeth: Okay. Do you think you can take Cameron to Gram's tomorrow, then?

Lucky: Aren't you going to even ask me where I've been all night?

Emily: Elizabeth loves you, Jason. Your son needs you. If you want to be a part of their lives, you should be.

Jason: There's no use talking about this.

Emily: I know you're worried about hurting Lucky, but at some point you're just going to --

Jason: It can't happen.

Emily: Jason, you would never let anything happen to Elizabeth and those boys. So forget about the job, okay? Forget about the danger for just a second, and tell me what you want.

Jason: I want what I can't have.

Kate: I probably should've been paying more attention, but I was so consumed with salvaging next month's issue that -- what I do remember is that I set the glass down, and then out of nowhere, Jerry was there and he was refilling it. What do you think that he used?

Sonny: We're going to figure that out, don't worry about that. Can you give me at least one minute to be glad that you're all right?

Kate: I know, I'm rambling. I'm just -- I'm starting to be very afraid.

Sonny: I swear to you, I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Trevor: The last thing that Kate needs to deal with right now is your raging libido.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Trevor?

Trevor: Kate is in a lot of trouble, and I'm the only one who can get her out of it. Kate, listen to me. I just got a call from Richardís office. They got a copy of your blood report.

Kate: But how is that possible? The doctor attending is -- is an old friend of Jasper Jacks, and she promised to hold off the test results until --

Trevor: I know she did whatever she could do to keep your alcohol blood level under wraps. But if the police department requests such a report, then the staff has to hand over the results.

Sonny: What are you doing, Kate?

Kate: Damage control. I have to call my --

Trevor: Hold on, hold on, wait -- wait a minute, Kate. Look -- listen, the level of alcohol in your system, and that former reckless driving conviction- that's going to require much more than a press release to save your career. So, please, take my advice. Do exactly as I tell you to do. Or you're going to have to spend some hard time in a prison cell, a couple of years in jail.

Sonny: Don't you dare threaten her, Trevor.

Sam: You are my cousin, not my shrink. I don't need you telling me what I feel for Lucky. It was sex, that's all.

Nikolas: Who you -- who you trying to convince -- me or you?

Sam: Lucky and I are adults. We slept together. Big deal.

Nikolas: It wasn't just casual sex, Sam, you know that.

Sam: Really? Why not?

Nikolas: Because you knew what it would do to Lucky's marriage.

Elizabeth: It's late. The boys are already asleep; I don't want to wake them up with another fight.

Lucky: I thought Cam and Jake were staying with Audrey tonight.

Elizabeth: Well, Gram was only watching them so we could spend time together. But after you left, I didn't see the point in them staying the night.

Lucky: Don't you want to know where I went?

Elizabeth: It's your business. You don't have to tell me. I'm not going to stand here and interrogate you.

Lucky: Well, you have the right to know -- that I was with Sam.

Emily: You've been there to protect and watch over Sonny's kids since the day they were born, Jason. Michael, Morgan, and Kristina -- they're all safe, they're all happy.

Jason: They're not safe! They're not. They were kidnapped. Their nanny was murdered in Carlyís living room. It didn't matter how many guards I had watching the house, they still found a way inside!

Georgie: Maxie and Logan have this really weird attraction to each other. I mean, they hate each other, but every time I turn around, they're together. If I've noticed, then Lulu has to notice, and it's only a matter of time before she gets tired of competing with Maxie and just walks away.

Spinelli: Okay, fair Lulu will never bow to the bad blond one. She will stand up and fight for her man -- no matter how unworthy.

Logan: Did you see the look on Tracyís face? I thought the woman was going to bust a blood vessel. I mean, seriously, when you said you were moving in with me?

Lulu: Did you see the look on your face -- you were terrified.

Logan: No, I was surprised. You could've given me a little warning.

Lulu: The words came out of my mouth before I was -- I wasn't even thinking. It's not like I was planning on moving in here, and I know it's not something you were even thinking about.

Logan: Hey, but it doesn't mean I don't like the idea.

Lulu: Well, then why did you look so petrified? You afraid that your days as a player are long gone, huh?

Logan: They are?

Lulu: No, I know -- I know that this is all happening kind of fast. One minute I'm living at the Quartermaines' and I'm under house arrest, and the next minute I'm moving in here with you, so it's not too late to just say that you've changed your mind.

Logan: I wonít. But you might -- once you find out what I've known all along, which is I don't deserve you.

Lulu: Oh. Oh. Okay, don't let the Quartermaines hear you say that, or they'll send Alice over here to come drag me back.

Logan: No, I'm serious, okay? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

[Knock on door]

Logan: Don't -- don't go yet.

Lulu: It's -- it's probably the delivery guy again -- he forgot to bring the salad when he brought the pizza.

Maxie: For once, my timing is perfect.

Trevor: We've got an extensive amount of damage control to do. So while I call in a couple of favors to keep this thing from hitting the nightly news, you tell your friend here goodbye.

Sonny: Huh. I'm not going anywhere, Trevor. What are you talking about?

Trevor: Kate, if you want my help, you tell him to leave.

Sonny: Careful with ultimatums, because they don't always turn out the way you want them to, Trevor.

Trevor: No, no, no. Kate is a smart woman, and she's not going to make the same mistake that your mother did.

Sonny: Oh, don't --

Kate: Okay, okay, dredging up the past isn't going to help, all right? Can we please just try to focus on the situation at hand?

Trevor: Kate, you are in this situation because of Sonny. Now, driving drunk was a really bad --

Kate: I wasn't drinking, Trevor.

Trevor: Your alcohol blood level says that you were. Now, I understand that that lapse in judgment is a direct result of the company that you keep.

Sonny: Kate has moved on, you don't like it, that's why you're trying to blackmail her, Trevor. Just admit it.

Trevor: Katie, we have a very small window of opportunity to control the situation. So if you would like my help, you tell him to leave.

Sonny: You can't stand that she doesn't need you anymore, so what you did is you drugged her! Didn't you, so that way she'd be forced to go to you for help!

Kate: Is that true?

Trevor: Did I drug you? Oh, Kate. I'm not even going to dignify that question with a response. Katie, we go way back. You barely know Sonny, but I do. He was a jealous, vengeful little boy, and he's become a paranoid, dangerous little man.

Sonny: You can turn this around all you want, Trevor, but you still have not answered the question.

Trevor: All right, Katie, we don't have time for this. If you want my help, you tell him to leave now.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? I don't know what he has over you, but he's going to keep on using it to try to control you, to tell you what to do, what to say, who to be with. Is that what you want?

Trevor: I think you've got your answer, so get out.

Sonny: Why are you letting him do this?

Kate: Trevor threatened to end my career unless I ended this with you.

Nikolas: Making a marriage work under the best of circumstances is difficult enough.

Sam: Maybe Lucky is tired of trying to make things work with a woman who doesn't give a damn about him. Because if she did, she wouldn't be lying to his face, making him feel guilty for months for sleeping with someone, when she did the same exact thing.

Nikolas: Okay, okay, look, I'm not making excuses for Elizabeth -- both of them have made their share of mistakes -- but having an affair certainly isn't going to help Lucky resolve the problems that he already has in his marriage.

Sam: "His problems"? Your brother's biggest problem is that his wife is in love with Jason, and she's an idiot, because Lucky is more of a man than Jason will ever be.

Nikolas: Ah -- a point that I'm sure you can't wait to make to Jason.

Sam: Oh, Jason has made it pretty clear that he doesn't give a damn about me or who I sleep with.

Nikolas: Well, I'm sure that he would be angry at you for hurting Elizabeth by sleeping with her husband. Come on, Sam. Making Elizabeth suffer would be your last, desperate bid for Jason's attention, come on.

Sam: Are you kidding me? I slept with Lucky because he makes me feel better than I have in a really long time, and I'm sure if you asked him, he would say the same thing about me.

Nikolas: Sam -- Sam, there is no doubt in my mind that you would welcome Lucky back with open arms if he wanted to continue --

Sam: Yeah, you are damn right I would!

Elizabeth: Why was it so important for you to tell me you were with Sam?

Lucky: You always wanted me to be honest -- that's all we have.

Elizabeth: It is.

Lucky: Then you be honest with me -- does it bother you that I was with Sam tonight?

Elizabeth: I don't like Sam for obvious reasons, but that doesn't give me a right to tell you not to see her. I'm not going to be that big of a hypocrite.

Lucky: But you do have a problem with us having a friendship?

Elizabeth: Your friendship is separate from us. I don't want or need to hear about it.

Lucky: Well, I can think of a few alternatives to quiet acceptance, like anger, denial.

Elizabeth: I'm tired of being angry. Mainly, I'm just tired. I donít want to spend what little energy I have left when I get home from work fighting with you.

Lucky: Is that supposed to be some fair trade -- for me to accept this friendship of yours with Jason?

Emily: Elizabeth's trying so hard to do what's right for everyone else that she's completely lost sight of what she wants.

Jason: Elizabeth wants what's best for her kids.

Emily: She's staying with Lucky for the sake of the children, Jason. She wants Cam and Jake to grow up in a happy and a loving home. But now that Lucky's been with Sam, that's impossible. So how is staying in a marriage that can't be fixed fair to anyone, especially the kids?

Jason: She's going to need all the support she can get. And I would appreciate it if you could be there to help her.

Emily: She needs you.

Georgie: Maybe Lulu isn't as into Logan as you think.

Spinelli: She's cohabitating with the cave dweller as we speak.

Georgie: Okay, but if my only choice was living with an overbearing stepmother or a hot guy, I'm sorry, I pick the hot guy.

Spinelli: Lulu isn't led into things by simple passion. Her heart must be engaged, along with her body and most beautiful spirit.

Georgie: Okay, I get that you think that Lulu is amazing, I understand that, but you have really got to quit putting her on this pedestal. No girl could ever, ever live up to what you're saying, and I really just don't want to see you disappointed when the real Lulu doesn't measure up.

Spinelli: Okay, fair Lulu has far exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, she obviously finds the Jackal lacking, or she wouldn't have sought comfort in the crabby commando's arms.

Georgie: Trust me, it's not going to take Lulu long to figure out who the real Logan is, and it's going to be over.

Spinelli: Okay, I -- I appreciate your efforts, but there's no mitigating my despair.

Maxie: Aren't you going to invite me in?

Lulu: I've had enough drama for one night, go away.

Maxie: Oh, you can't tell me to leave -- this is Logan's apartment, remember?

Lulu: Actually, it's our apartment -- I live here now.

Maxie: You guys move in together?

Logan: That's right. This place is Lulu's as much as it is mine. She's made it very clear she doesn't want you here, so why don't you go -- now.

Maxie: Relax, I'm leaving. But before I go, I think you should clear one thing up for me. If Lulu's living here with you now, where are we going to go to pay off our bet? Logan did tell you about our bet, didn't he?

Logan: Shut up.

Maxie: You know, the bet about Lulu -- I think she deserves to know.

Lulu: What is she talking about?

Logan: It doesn't matter.

Maxie: I think it'll matter to Lulu. See, Logan bet me that he could get you into bed, and, of course, he has, so now I have to pay him back by sleeping with him -- again.

Sam: Elizabeth has been pushing Lucky away for months and he's filly had enough. And I think you, of all people, would be able to understand that, because Spencer wouldn't be here if you hadn't turned to Courtney for comfort when Emily shut you out. Or what, are you going to tell me that was a mistake?

Nikolas: No, no, I'm not. Courtney gave me my son, and I'm very grateful for that, but Emily got hurt because of it. I just don't want the same thing to happen to Elizabeth.

Sam: Are you kidding me? Lucky is the one who's hurting! And what's wrong with me wanting to change that?

Nikolas: Nothing. Nothing. All I'm trying to say is that an affair won't make either one of you happy at this point. And it might dull the pain right now, but in the long run it'll only make things worse, especially for Lucky.

Sam: You know what? Your brother is a grown man who can speak for himself.

Nikolas: Well, he's also a father who has an obligation to make his marriage work for his children, and all I'm asking -- all I'm asking is you try and have some respect for that. That's all.

Elizabeth: I haven't seen Jason, and I don't plan to.

Lucky: Yeah, why not? I mean, if we're having an open marriage, you're free to see him anytime you want.

Elizabeth: The fact that Leticia was strangled in the middle of Carlyís living room proves that no one around Jason or Sonny will ever be safe. I am not going to put Jake or Cam at risk just to hang around Jason.

Lucky: You know how insulting that is?

Elizabeth: What are you talking about?

Lucky: The only reason that you're staying away from Jason is the danger? Our marriage, our life together -- doesn't that factor in at all? I'm your husband, Elizabeth. How is that supposed to make me feel?

Jason: What are you doing?

Spinelli: I was trying to ease the pain of losing the blond one?

Jason: With vodka?

Spinelli: Although it's not the Jackal's blended beverage of choice, vodka and nectar of the Gods is quite refreshing. And potent.

Jason: Spinelli, you can't -- you can't drink away your pain. It doesn't work like that.

Spinelli: I tried -- I tried seeking solace in cyberspace. But even -- even in a world where the Jackal is in complete -- complete control, there's no hiding from the pain of losing fair Lulu.

Jason: You know what? If -- okay, that's enough, all right? You keep drinking like this, you're going to get sick, I'm telling you right now.

Spinelli: I'm in desperate need of your stone cold guidance and wisdom. How does one -- how does one soothe your not-so-secret pain when all methods have failed?

Jason: Sometimes you canít. You just have to accept your loss and live with it.

Spinelli: Ooh!

Lulu: You're pathetic, not to mention delusional. Logan would never sleep with anyone as skanky as you.

Maxie: It's called experience, Lulu, and from what Iíve seen, you don't have much.

Logan: Get out.

Maxie: But Lulu hasn't even heard the best part yet. See, Logan agreed to let me watch from the closet. He wanted me to have a front-row seat when he won the bet.

Lulu: You're a lying bitch.

Maxie: "Oh, you didn't drag me here, Logan, I came back very willingly." And you call me pathetic? You had to practically beg him to have sex with you.

Lulu: How could you?

Logan: Listen, I didn't know, okay? The landlord let Maxie in. Why do you think I was in such a hurry to get you out of here? As soon as I saw her shoe sticking out of the closet --

Lulu: Why didn't you yank the door open and let her have it?

Maxie: Oh, he let me have it, all right -- on the couch.

Logan: Enough! Listen -- listen -- no, listen. None of it happened the way Maxie's making it sound.

Lulu: But it did happen -- you slept with her? Oh --

Logan: Lulu --

Lulu: No, don't bother!

Logan: Oh.

Sonny: If you think I'm going to let you bully Kate the way you did my mother, you're mistaken.

Trevor: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You were the one who bullied your own mother down a flight of stairs, but luckily Adela survived you. But Sonny's grown stronger, older, Kate, and I'm not sure that you're going to be as fortunate.

Sonny: I was too young to protect my mother, but I -- I can tell you right now, I'm going to make damn sure you never hurt Kate.

Trevor: With one call, I'm going to take everything away from her that she's worked all these years for. But, Kate, you'll still have Sonny to compensate.

Kate: You know, Trevor, you may have opened a few doors for me. But I made a name all on my own, and I intend to fight you with everything I have to keep it.

Trevor: Well, that might be difficult from a jail cell.

[Phone rings]

Trevor: Lansing. What? Johnny Zacchara's coming here?

Logan: Why could you not just keep your mouth shut?

Maxie: I just thought Lulu deserved to know what kind of jerk she was shacked up with.

Logan: You just wanted to see the look on the girl's face when you told her we had sex.

Maxie: No, I was just being honest.

Logan: You twisted everything, Maxie, to make it look like I never cared about her!

Maxie: Logan, the bet was your idea, so if you're not happy with how it turned out, you should blame yourself. You made the terms, I just paid up.

Logan: You threw the bet in Lulu's face because you were jealous.

Maxie: No, I thought I'd just tell the truth for once.

Logan: Lulu was a thousand times better than you'll ever be. Lulu's right, you know? You really are pathetic. You've lost Coop, and now you're just trying to make everyone else as miserable as you are.

Maxie: Well, then I guess it's working, Logan, because Lulu's definitely never going to take you back.

Logan: You better pray for your sake that I can get this girl back and make it right.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Bad night?

Nikolas: Yeah. It could've been better. How was yours?

Emily: About the same.

Nikolas: Oh, well, you could probably use this, too.

Emily: Yeah. Thank you. You want to talk about it?

Nikolas: As long as we can agree that what we're about to discuss is none of our business, but we both need someone to confide in.

Emily: Mm-hmm. Works for me. Did you talk to Lucky?

Nikolas: Ah. No, I didnít. But I did speak with Sam -- who made it a point to tell me that she and Lucky had sex tonight.

Emily: Oh.

Nikolas: Oh, yes. I don't know what I was thinking going over there. I mean, who am I to tell Lucky what he can and can't do with his life?

Emily: You're his brother.

Nikolas: Still, I don't think I have any right to meddle in his life.

Emily: Oh, you think you meddled? I meddled big-time.

Nikolas: What happened?

Emily: I told Jason that he should be with Elizabeth.

Spinelli: You know, although I've been most graciously welcomed into the inner circle and have learned at the master's feet, I -- I fear I may never grasp the stone cold way. I mean, you've imparted much wisdom and technique, and yet still I have -- I have no prowess with motorcycles or handguns. And try as I might to man up and shrug off Lulu's rejection, I still -- I can't even -- I can't even withstand the pain of a broken heart. What's the secret?

Jason: There is no secret.

Spinelli: Well -- well, then how do you -- how do you maintain equilibrium when losing ones you love?

Jason: I just remind myself that Elizabeth and the kids are safer away from me. And it helps to know that I'm doing what's best for them.

Elizabeth: I know how much it hurts you that I lied about being with Jason. That is why I'm trying to be honest with you now.

Lucky: You just admitted that you're only with me because it's a safe choice?

Elizabeth: That's not what I said at all.

Lucky: No, because it's what you meant! If Jason didn't work for Sonny, you would be with him right now.

Elizabeth: But Jason does work for Sonny, that's a fact. Just like our marriage is a fact, and what we do about it -- stay together or not -- is up to us.

Lucky: Yeah, would you care if we broke up?

Elizabeth: Huh. You know, when we got married, I could've never imagined us breaking up, or hurting each other the way we have. And it kills me to see how far we've drifted apart. I wish that nothing has changed. But more than anything, I wish that the love I felt for you was as clear and as strong as the day when we got married. But it isn't the same. It doesn't mean we can't get it back. I'm here, Lucky, willing to try. Unless you tell me it's too late.

Sonny: What do you think -- what do you think you're doing? Hey --

Kate: I've got to call warren and I've got to tell him that the police might be filing charges, and I have the advertisers --

Sonny: Listen, hey, you have a -- you have a concussion. You are not going anywhere, get back into bed.

Kate: Sonny, I'm not helpless.

Sonny: I understand that.

Kate: But I am the editor of a magazine. I did not reinvent my life and make all the sacrifices I made to have Trevor take it away or anyone else.

Sonny: I'm not going to let you lose everything you worked for.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: You have no idea what Trevor could do to me.

Sonny: Let me take care of Trevor. I mean, you know, until Robin says you're okay and you can be released.

Trevor: Find him -- and get him home. Don't you -- I know that Johnny does whatever he wants to. But somebody better find a way to control him, or this whole thing is going to turn into a disaster -- do you hear me?

Kate: I appreciate that you want to help, Sonny, more than you know but you have absolutely no influence in my world.

Sonny: Okay, the big problem you have is not the magazine. It's your drunk driving.

Kate: All I had to drink was iced tea --

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: And if someone spiked it -- as Jerry claims -- it should be easy for the police to prove. All they have to do is go to my terrace, collect the glass, test for residue.

Sonny: Are you sure you left your glass --

Kate: I'm positive. Why?

Sonny: I'll tell you why, because -- listen, Max went to your house. He saw a pitcher; he didn't see the glass, which tells me that Trevor went back to your house to cover his tracks.

Kate: God, I just don't want to believe that Trevor is capable of drugging me.

Sonny: Well, you know --

Kate: Sonny, we were together for years, and I thought what we had was something special -- he called it a relationship of equals, and I was naive enough to believe he actually meant it. Nothing in life is handed to you. It all comes at a price.

Sonny: We're going to have to figure out another way to prove to the police that you were drugged, and I got to tell you, it's not going to be easy.

Kate: Well, nothing in life worth having ever is.

Nikolas: Maybe the lesson here is you can love your friends, you can love your family, but you just can't control their lives. Sam and Lucky, Jason and Elizabeth -- they're going to make their own choices, so there's no point in trying to stop the inevitable, right?

Emily: Easier said than done.

Nikolas: Hmm.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: Yeah. You know, when I think about everything that Elizabeth and Lucky have been through -- all the affairs and lies -- it kind of reminds me of all the pain we caused each other.

Emily: Somehow we managed to find our way back.

Nikolas: Yeah. And maybe they will, too.

Emily: You know, even if they don't, I hope that Elizabeth and Lucky are able to find other people who make them as happy as you've made me.

[Nikolas chuckles]

Emily: Why don't we go upstairs and try to forget that tonight ever happened, huh?

Nikolas: Hmm. I'll be up in a minute. I just -- I need to make a few calls before it gets too late, okay?

Emily: Okay.

Nikolas: Okay. Good night, see you in a bit.

Emily: Okay.

Sam: Come on, Lucky, let's be honest. I have been throwing myself at you for weeks, pretty much using every opportunity that presented itself to get close to you. I'm, you know, trying to turn you on, and here we are. Go ahead, you can be furious with me.

Lucky: No, I know exactly what you were doing. I don't have any regrets for what happened tonight, and I'd feel terrible if you did.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey. Uh-oh, what's wrong?

Maxie: I think I just did something really stupid.

Sam: Yeah, join the club.

Jason: Logan is a screw-up, okay? He's got -- he's got nothing on the Jackal, you remember that. He's going to do something wrong, he's going to hurt Lulu in the process, and that's when she's going to need you to step up and support her.

Spinelli: You know what? If the unworthy one does anything to break the blond one's heart, the Jackal is fully prepared to take action.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: What the -- what -- what are you doing? I don't even know what that -- I'm not talking about fighting right now.

Spinelli: That's because you doubt the Jackal's ability, but don't be fooled by my Zen-like appearance. These limbs are lethal. Agh --

Jason: Stop. Now, listen to me. Even if you could kick the crap out of Logan -- listen, look, Lulu may never see you as more than a friend. Can you stand by her regardless?

Spinelli: Yeah, as long as the smile returns to fair Lulu's face, I will happily remain a trusted and loyal friend.

[Knock on door]

Logan: Is Lulu here?

Jason: Why?

Logan: Something happened, she got pretty upset and ran off. I thought she might've, you know, come over here.

Spinelli: What have you done to fair Lulu?

Jason: No, no, no, no, no.

Kate: Trevor's always been a powerful man. I've known that since the day I met him, and I used that to my advantage. But I honestly had no idea that he was capable of being so cold and ruthless. Maybe I didn't want to see it.

Sonny: Probably not. Working for Anthony Zacchara has given Trevor the kind of power that maybe he's not used to, you know? But I tell you what -- I'm not going to let him hurt you.

Kate: But Trevor is used to getting what he wants --

Sonny: And --

Kate: And so am I.

Sonny: Right. You have always lived your life on your own terms.

Kate: I'm not going to let him take it away, Sonny.

Sonny: No.

Kate: No, I'm going to fight him. I have no idea how.

Sonny: Whatever you decide, I'll be right there with you.

Nikolas: That horse is a champion jumper, there's no way I'm putting him down. I -- I don't give a damn how many surgeries it takes, you fix his leg! A -- a miracle is the least you can do for me after all the damn money I pay you! Now, do your job or you're fired!

Emily: What happened?

Nikolas: Nothing, it's -- it's fine.

Emily: Let me help you. I can --

Nikolas: The vase just fell off. No, it's -- it's fine, okay? I don't want you to -- I don't want you to cut yourself. You know what? Alfred -- Alfred will pick it up while we tuck Spencer in bed. It's okay, come on, let's go.

Emily: I --

Nikolas: It's okay, come on.

Maxie: I went over to Logan's house and Lulu answered the door. It turns out she moved in.

Sam: Huh?

Maxie: But that made Lulu feel like she had the right to kick me to the curb, which made me mad, of course, so I decided to blow her happy little world apart.

Sam: Oh, no, you told her about the bet, didn't you?

Maxie: Of course I did -- and then I pointed out all the places in her new home where Logan and I had sex.

Sam: Ouch.

Maxie: Lulu was obviously devastated, which made me feel really, really good -- for a minute. Now I feel worse than I did before.

Sam: Yeah, you know, this is -- um -- this is the thing about revenge. It always seems like a good idea in the beginning and you think you're going to get what you want, but in the end -- oh, you wind up being more miserable than you were in the first place.

Maxie: I know, and I know hurting Lulu is not going to make Coop forgive me -- if anything, he's just going to hate me more. Whatever -- at least Logan and Coop have something in common now.

Sam: Okay, well, if misery loves company, you came to the right place.

Maxie: What did you do?

Sam: I seduced Lucky.

Maxie: Well, you're not the first.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I just -- I wanted to get back at Elizabeth for sleeping with Jason.

Maxie: And now you feel guilty.

Sam: No, I feel like Lucky is going to be the one to get hurt, and that's the last thing that I wanted.

Lucky: I'm not sure if we can ever get back to where we were on our wedding day. But I'm not ready to give up. Not just yet. My family means everything to me, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm willing to try. But good intentions won't matter if we don't trust each other.

Lucky: It's not going to happen overnight.

Elizabeth: Is it something that can happen? Do you think you'll ever be able to trust me again?

Lucky: I trust that you're a good mother. And our boys need us both in their lives. And maybe that's good enough for me now.

Spinelli: If you hurt one hair on fair Lulu's head, I will unleash a fury on you like the Goth God of Zune that will leave you begging for mercy!

Jason: Okay, why was Lulu upset?

Logan: We had a fight.

Jason: About what?

Logan: That's between me and Lulu.

Spinelli: Answer the question.

Jason: Okay -- what was the fight about?

Logan: I slept with Maxie. Maxie showed up and told Lulu.

Spinelli: You uber scuzz. How could you cheat on Lulu?

Logan: Do you know where she is? I -- I got to find her. I got to make this right.

Jason: You want to make this right? Stay the hell away from her.

[Car approaches]

Man: Where you headed?

Lulu: Where are you going?

Man: Anywhere you want. Get in.

Lulu: Thanks.

Man: Not a problem. I'm Johnny.

Lulu: Lulu.

Johnny: Nice to meet you, Lulu.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

[Knock on door]

Maxie: There's no way I could've known this was going to happen.

Georgie: What did you do?

Emily: Has anyone heard from Lulu?

Tracy: What happened?

Logan: Lulu, it's me again. Please call me back, let me know you're okay.

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