GH Transcript Monday 9/17/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/17/07


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Jason: That'll be on the house for you.

Robin: Is that your standard policy or do you just reserve that for people on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Jason: You're going to be fine.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: We'll see. I'm so sorry. I mean -- I didn't mean to dump all this on you. I'm sure the last thing you wanted to hear was me complain about my breakup with Patrick.

Jason: It's okay. I'm here anytime you need me.

Robin: You've always been so -- understanding and supportive. Do you ever wonder what would've happened if we would've stayed together?

[Music plays]

Sam: This isn't right. I tricked you.

Lucky: I'm exactly where I want to be.

Sonny: Lying to me about anything, especially Kate, will only convince me to go with my gut and put a bullet right through you, Jerry.

Jerry: I'm trying to tell you that Kate's in serious trouble. Will you please listen to me?

Sonny: Make it fast, make it viable!

Jerry: I was on Kate's terrace --

Sonny: Oh, you're -- now I'm really disturbed, Jerry!

Jerry: She was drinking iced tea. When she left, I noticed some residue on the bottom of the glass, indicating the possibility of a drug. Now, Kate was nowhere to be found. If she is driving, she could be courting disaster.

Sonny: How do I know you didn't drug her yourself, and you came over here to cover your ass for whatever chain of events you put in motion?

[Car pulls up]

Elizabeth: Bottom line -- if you left Lucky with Sam unsupervised, I wouldn't expect him home anytime soon. If you're feeling guilty, donít. He was already angry when he left here. I seriously doubt anything you said made the situation worse, or made him do something that wasn't already his intention. Sam has not been shy about going after him, and it doesn't seem like Lucky's putting up much of a fight.

Nikolas: Well, do you think there's any possibility that it's not quite what we think it is?

Elizabeth: I think it's more likely they're ripping each other's clothes off as we speak.

Nikolas: You sound like it's already a done deal.

Elizabeth: If it's not, it's only a matter of time.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, Lucky told me that you two haven't had sex since Jason's trial.

Elizabeth: He told you that?

Nikolas: Yes.

Elizabeth: Oh. okay, that's not too embarrassing.

Nikolas: Well, he's a man. I mean --

Elizabeth: Oh, I see. So Lucky's vulnerability to yet another tramp is all my fault? Is that what you wanted me to say?

Singer: My soul and now that you are gone

Lucky: God, you're beautiful. I bet you haven't heard that before.

Singer: Is broken

Sam: Not from you.

Singer: Broken my spirit is broken it's broken and nothing is spoken you said you love me you said you love me but then you left me you said you love me you said you love me but then you left me but then you left me a moment like the sun I didn't tell my soul I know that you are gone

Robin: Okay, I -- I just realized how that sounded. Please don't freak out. I -- I am not planning on throwing myself at you on a rebound trip.

Jason: I didn't -- I didn't think you were. It's not who you are.

Robin: I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic, you know? I mean, young love is -- it's intense and fragile and unsuspecting. It's just -- it's just difficult to maintain that wide-eyed, dewy belief that love conquers all.

Jason: Do you think, you know, being older changes any of that?

Robin: It's ironic, don't you think? You and I were set, love lives in place -- you were with Sam, I was with Patrick. And now here we are, alone again.

Jason: Uh-uh. Not alone. Just unattached.

Georgie: Thank you so much for meeting me.

Spinelli: Oh, yeah. Well, what's up?

Georgie: Um -- I was having a little bit of trouble navigating the website that you gave me, and I was hoping you could help me?

Spinelli: Yes. It's the Jackal's cybersacious privilege, but your -- your request puzzles me. Uh, you've reportedly been an honor student in all subjects since wee tot school, you presently excel at computer science, so why would -- why would the ins and outs of a simple website cause trouble for a brainiac like yourself?

Georgie: Well, you're -- you're the Jackal of cyberspace, right?

Spinelli: Well, yes, most definitely.

Georgie: So, of course. So -- so the internet is -- is child's play to you, and some of us, um, struggle a bit more -- including myself.

Spinelli: Okay, well, you're -- I bask in your kind words.

Georgie: Thank you.

Jax: She's unconscious, please hurry up. That's right, two miles past the rest stop. Okay. Kate? Can you hear me?

Kate: Get me out. Get me out. Get me out!

Jax: okay, the door is jammed. Undo your seat belt and open the window, okay?

Kate: Uh -- I can't -- I can't, it's stuck!

Jax: Okay, Kate -- Kate, just relax, okay? The police are paramedics are on their way, they're going to get you out. You're going to -- you're going to be fine. Okay -- hey, it's okay. You know what happened?

Kate: I -- I don't -- I -- I don't know.

Jax: Was -- was there another car involved or --

Kate: I don't -- I don't know! I don't know --

Jax: Something in the road?

Kate: I was driving -- I was driving and --

Jax: okay, Kate -- Kate -- okay, your head's bleeding, so just try to stay calm, okay? Try to stay calm.

Kate: My God, I feel so strange. I feel -- I feel --

Jax: okay, Kate -- Kate, just relax, okay? I'm -- I'm going to stay with you, I'm going to talk to you until help arrives, okay, and they're going to get you out. Everything's going to be fine; you're going to be fine. Kate -- Kate? Kate! Kate!

Jerry: I have no reason to hurt Kate.

Sonny: You had no reason to hurt Nikolas, either, but you injected him with some drug to keep him in line, right, Jer--

Jerry: That was an entirely different situation.

Sonny: What were you doing at Kate's?

Jerry: I wanted to ask her about Trevor Lansing.

Sonny: What -- why is he important to you, Jerry?

Jerry: Because he's the conduit to Anthony Zacchara -- who is the real threat, by the way. He would go after anyone to get to you -- Kate, Carly, even my brother. So instead of trying to get rid of Trevor Lansing and myself, be smart.

Sonny: There's something you're not telling me now!

Jerry: What I'm telling you is the absolute certainty on what is bound to happen. And when I explained it to Jason earlier, he was far more receptive and adept at grasping the concept.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Saved by the bell. Yeah? Great timing. You got five seconds to convince me not to put a bullet in your brother's head.

Jax: Okay, forget about my brother, this is about Kate.

Sonny: What about Kate? Is she all right?

Robin: Patrick and I weren't even together that long. We wasted a lot of time in the beginning getting on each other's nerves. We -- we fought almost the entire time we were together, so I don't know why I'm feeling so unmoored -- except for the fact that I really love him, of course.

Jason: I know it hurts. I mean, it hurts when you love someone, and you can't be with them for whatever reason.

Robin: You know what the worst part is? Work. I just had an example, actually. We break up, five seconds later, we have to consult on a case. Patrick acts like it's no big deal, and, of course, I'm still upset, so I can't help but argue with him. You know, it just really threw me off the way he was able to act like something mutually life-altering didn't just happen.

Jason: All right, first of all, Patrick couldn't get over you in a matter of minutes. That would be impossible. You're not that easy to forget.

Robin: That's an amazing compliment coming from you.

[Pager beeps]

Robin: Oh, head trauma in O.R. -- Kate Howard. I have to go -- I don't have my car.

Jason: You know what? We'll just take my bike. It's out back, okay?

Georgie: The Greek Isles, right? There -- there's actually a semester program there at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts.

Spinelli: Playground of the ancient Gods. Where tortured beauties are rescued by the brave and strong. I, the Jackal, not having the requisite body mass, would've been but a humble oracle, but Lulu? Fair Lulu would've inspired wars fought by the uncouth seeking her favor -- like the unworthy one. You know, I can only hope that modern times have brought the beautiful blond one the kind of insight and wisdom she needs to finally see Logan as the stygian snake he is. And when that happy day comes, I will heed your advice. I will stay silent when it comes to ego-stroking "I told you soís." Does that not sound like unimpeachable behavior?

Lulu: Thanks. I'll come by to get the rest of my stuff, if you run interference for me?

Alice: Look, I know you'll understand I'm only talking for Mr. Luke when I say this, but what are you thinking moving in with this bozo? You're making a huge mistake.

Lulu: And I know you'll understand when I remind you I know how many times you go to the boathouse to -- so, around noon, then?

Alice: Just come in through the kitchen, I'll make sure no one sees you.

Lulu: What about Cook?

Alice: Let me handle Cook.

Lulu: I don't have that much more stuff, really.

Logan: It's no sweat. It's no sweat. Honestly, I was -- you know, I've been meaning to get rid of a few things around here. I'll just -- huh -- maybe I'll just scrap everything entirely.

Lulu: I am driving you crazy already.

Logan: Yeah, you are, completely -- but in a good way.

Lulu: Oh. Well, if that ever changes, you have to promise to tell me, and I will get out.

Logan: See, you just got here, and you're already talking about leaving.

Lulu: Well, you're the one who brought up how fast things are moving, and I think they're moving fast, too, and to say it's scary is an understatement.

Logan: Well, it doesn't have to be, you know, as long as you got something to hold on to.

[Music plays]

Sam: Okay, listen, I -- I hate to ruin the mood, but there's something I need to tell you.

Lucky: No, you donít.

Sam: Yes, I do. No, come on, I was wrong to do this.

Lucky: You didn't force me into anything I didn't want to do.

Sam: Come on, Lucky, let's be honest. I have been throwing myself at you for weeks, pretty much using every opportunity that presented itself to get close to you. I'm, you know, trying to turn you on, and here we are. Go ahead; you can be furious with me.

Lucky: No, I know exactly what you were doing. I don't have any regrets for what happened tonight, and I'd feel terrible if you did.

Nikolas: If your anger is jealousy in disguise, that's actually somewhat encouraging, I guess.

Elizabeth: But that's just it. Except for the occasional flash -- mostly directed at Sam -- I'm not angry, and I'm not jealous. Yeah, I could be having sex with Lucky, too, but it would be a false connection, and it's not going to fix what's broken. I'm sad. I've been sad over the loss of ease and trust we used to share, where being faithful was a given because there's nobody else we would rather be with. But that ended a long time ago, and now maybe it's just time to accept it and move on.

Nikolas: With anyone in particular?

[Knock on door]

Logan: Oh, maybe they'll go away.

Lulu: Yeah.


Georgie: Logan?

Lulu: Oh --

Georgie: Logan, open up!

Lulu: Are you okay?

Logan: Yeah. Come on. How you doing?

Georgie: I am so sorry. I came at a really bad time.

Lulu: No, no. It's fine, come in.

Logan: Come in.

Lulu: You might as well know -- I moved in tonight.

Georgie: Here?

Lulu: Yeah.

Georgie: Like -- living here? Like --

Lulu: Yeah, yeah. And I'm going to be paying for half the rent, so, um, that'll make your life easier because I'm going to actually have to show up to my shifts.

Georgie: Oh. Do you really think that this is any kind of fair to Lulu?

Lulu: What's that supposed to mean?

Sam: No, I am not sorry for having sex with you.

Lucky: That makes two of us.

Sam: Good.

Lucky: I get that you slept with me to get back at Elizabeth and Jason.

Sam: Okay, listen, no. No. I realize you're not going to believe me right now, but when I was with you, Jason and Elizabeth were the furthest thing on my mind. It was -- it was good. Okay, it was better than good.

Lucky: For me, too.

Sam: And I am not just talking about the sex, so get that off your mind. I just -- you know, I -- I like -- I like being with you. And when I'm -- when I'm with you, I -- I feel like you see me for who I really am, instead of making me feel like I'm not worthy, or that you can't give me something that I need. And when I look into your eyes, even in the most intimate moments, I feel like I'm not begging you for something that you can't give me.

Lucky: You just put into words exactly what I was feeling.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Elizabeth: Don't be silly. Come in.

Emily: When Nikolas didn't come home, I thought --

Nikolas: Hello.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: I applaud your instincts, and now that you're here, I'm going to go get my brother and drag him back here.

Elizabeth: You don't have to do that -- in fact, I don't want you to.

Emily: You know where Lucky is?

Nikolas: Yeah, unfortunately, I do. I'm -- I'm sorry; I'll see you at home, okay?

Emily: Okay. Bye.

Nikolas: Bye.

Elizabeth: See you.

Nikolas: Okay, yeah.

Emily: Okay, so what did I miss?

Elizabeth: Lucky's with Sam, probably in bed. No, scratch that -- knowing Sam, they probably didn't even make it that far.

Emily: So why aren't you more upset?

Robin: Stop it! Thank you.

Jason: Uh-huh.

Patrick: That was fast.

Robin: What's happening?

Patrick: Kate Howard came in with a massive concussion, there's no sign of a brain bleed. Reporters were already gathered, so I pushed her through the E.R., gave her a private room under an assumed name. Why is he here?

Robin: Because I was with Jason when I got the page. He was nice enough to give me a ride on his bike.

Patrick: Hmm.

Robin: It was super fun.

Kate: I can't thank you enough for your incredibly timely rescue.

Jax: Oh, glad that I was driving by. Gave me quite a scare, though. One minute we were talking, the next you were just out.

Kate: Well, for a second, I think I actually saw my life flash before my eyes, and I thought, wow, what an interesting story it would make after I was dead -- which I have no intention of being for quite sometime.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey. How are you feeling?

Kate: Well, I imagine I'm better off than my car.

Patrick: Do you remember anything at all?

Kate: No.

Robin: Well, the answer could be here in your test results. You have a very high blood alcohol level.

Sonny: Jason? What are you doing here?

Jason: I was actually with Robin when she got the call about Kate.

Sonny: Do you know anything at all?

Jason: She's pretty banged up, but they say that she's going to be okay.

Sonny: That's a relief.

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: So you -- you want to tell me when you stopped working for me and started taking orders from a piece of garbage like Jerry Jacks?

Georgie: My sister is far from perfect. She is mouthy, defensive, and she has a lot to learn, but that doesn't mean that she just gets to be dismissed!

Logan: Look, Georgie, I know you love your sister, and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that girl is trouble walking. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. You know, she -- she's constantly cooking up scams --

Georgie: She still has feelings, Logan.

Lulu: Excuse me? Where is this coming from? Why are you here?

Georgie: I just got finished -- uh -- seeing Spinelli, and, you know, as always, he's, you know, really concerned about fair Lulu and worried about you're going to break a nail or something.

Lulu: Hmm.

Georgie: So I just came here for a little assurance that you're not going to get your heart smashed into a million pieces.

Lulu: Since when have you been concerned about Spinelli?

Georgie: Spinelli is a great guy, but I'm sure you've been a little preoccupied to notice.

Lulu: Huh.

Georgie: I'm sorry. Lulu, I didn't come here to start a fight. But if Logan really is as harsh as he is with my sister, then maybe he's not such a great guy after all, and you should proceed with a little bit of caution. It might be a little late, though.

Lulu: Oh. okay, I'm going to assume that your heart is in the right place, but knowing better than anyone, Maxie tends to bring out the worst in people.

Georgie: Or maybe she brings out who they really are. Forget I was here.

Lulu: Okay. Uh -- not that she didn't probably deserve it, but did you do something to Maxie that I don't know about?

Elizabeth: I still care about Lucky.

Emily: Oh. You care about your fellow man, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Okay, I didn't mean to sound so detached. I do feel love for him, I always will. But right now it's just -- most of it's based on history and the connection I see between him and my boys.

Emily: What about the love?

Elizabeth: This is harder to say than I thought it would be, but the love is gone, and I don't think it's coming back. I'm not putting that on Lucky, because if anyone's at fault, it's me.

Emily: Look, not to take sides here, but Lucky did get strung-out and he cheated on you with Maxie.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and I cheated on him with Jason -- not just with my body, with my soul. And I know that broke Lucky's heart. And I'm sad that I've practically driven him into the arms of a slut like Sam.

Emily: I think I'm hearing you give up on your marriage.

Elizabeth: Well, that's Lucky's call. Whether we stay together or not has to be what he wants.

Emily: In all fairness, Elizabeth, that's not fair. At some point, you're going to have to own up to what you want and go for it.

Sonny: It didn't make sense to me that you openly defied my order to take -- to get rid of Trevor Lansing, until Jerry started spouting off the same line of bull why we should keep him alive. When did you start taking orders from that scum?

Jason: But you know how I feel about Jerry. I just think it's a mistake to kill Trevor Lansing right now.

Sonny: "Right now"? We might be able to save some lives. Now, Jerry says that -- that Kate was drugged. Who do you think would do that -- Trevor, or Jerry trying to score points by framing Trevor?

Jason: Trevor -- Jerry had no motive.

Sonny: Okay, that's a bad answer.

Jason: Well, is there going to be a right answer at this point?

Sonny: They're "both" dirt -- that would've been the great answer. For all we know, they're working together. Okay, look, you're a pro. I need you to start acting like one. So go out there and prove to me what I know is right.

Robin: Hey.

Jason: Hey. How -- how's Kate doing?

Robin: She'll be fine. I --

Jason: Uh -- that's good. I'm glad to hear it.

Robin: I -- I just wanted to thank you -- for the coffee --

Jason: Huh.

Robin: The ear, and the ride, of course. It was -- um -- it felt good.

Jason: Good. Well, you know where to find me if you need any of those things again.

Robin: Well, don't be surprised if I take you up on that.

Jax: I managed to get Robin to hold off reporting your blood alcohol level to the police, but eventually someone's going to find out about it.

Kate: Oh, Jax, I swear to you, I didn't touch a drop of alcohol tonight -- which is weird, because when I came to and I saw you, I actually -- I actually felt inebriated. And I know you probably think it's the head wound or that I'm flat-out lying to you, but all I had to drink tonight was iced tea.

Jax: No, no, if that's what you say, I believe you. You have no reason to lie to me, so there must be another explanation.

Kate: Yeah, but what --

Sonny: Are you okay?

Kate: Yeah, thanks to Jax. He found me and he -- he called all the right numbers and he got me here -- I didn't even have my cell phone. Who knows how long I would've been in that ditch if he hadn't come along.

Sonny: Thanks, Jax.

Jax: We got lucky. I don't think what happened to Kate tonight was an accident. The danger that you've been predicting is closer. So I think that we should work together, find out who and what we're really up against.

Ofc. Riley: Sir, this accident is still under investigation, I need you to step back until we are finished.

Trevor: I'm sorry, I -- but I know the woman who owns this vehicle. Her name is Kate Howard. Is she all right? Look, I -- I'm not a reporter. I'm an old friend from Manhattan. Where is she?

Ofc. Riley: Ms. Howard was taken to General Hospital. Now, please, step back.

Trevor: Thank you.

Ofc. Riley: I'm going to need a tow truck on Hawthorne, half-mile down from Shoreline Drive --

Jerry: From what I hear, Kate's fine. It could've been a lot worse.

Trevor: You're right.

Jerry: You seem disappointed it wasnít.

Trevor: You're funny. I could've said the same thing about you.

Logan: Nothing went down between me and Maxie.

Lulu: Georgie seemed really upset.

Logan: Well, you know, Georgie's Maxie's sister. The girl has to give her the benefit of the doubt. Georgie said she was upset about, you know, Spinelli.

Lulu: Yeah, true, but, I mean, to come all the way over here --

Logan: Okay, the doofus is messed up in love with you.

Lulu: Don't call him that.

Logan: You're right, I should be more generous. After all, you are here with me. Speaking of which, can we just stop worrying about all these other people spending our, you know, first night together?

Lulu: Yes, good idea.

Logan: Okay.

Lulu: And at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, I want our first night living together to be special.

Logan: Why don't we take it a step further and make it a night to remember?

Lulu: Hmm.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, I need you on something right away.

Spinelli: The Jackal is otherwise embroiled.

Jason: In what? The screen's blank, Spinelli. What are you doing?

Spinelli: It's an unfinished work -- like the proverbial polar bear in the snow-- in the snowstorm. These are my darkest thoughts in the blackest limbo -- don't you know anything?

Emily: Jase, hey.

Jason: What --

Emily: We need to talk.

Jason: No, no, I got to talk to this guy right now.

Emily: No -- okay, well, that can wait, this canít. Come on.

Georgie: I'm really sorry I took off on you earlier.

Spinelli: I -- it's okay. It often happens when the Jackal engages those of the feminine persuasion.

Georgie: It was rude.

Spinelli: Uh -- did you have an errand or --

Georgie: Yeah, I -- uh -- I had to go -- no, I -- I'm not going to make this any worse by lying to you. I went to Loganís to talk about Lulu. You know, I -- I don't have a whole lot of experience, but -- but I know basic human decency in a man when I see it. I have Mac as a barometer.

Spinelli: And film guy.

Georgie: Yeah, yeah, Dillon is -- is definitely one, but there are others. And -- and I know that -- um -- that people fall in love with others, whether they are suitable for them or not, and there's only so much a person can do to convince them not to. And Logan is a jerk. He is -- he's a jerk, I agree. Especially when there's someone like you, who would empty the Aegean Sea if he thought that it would help someone who he cared about.

Spinelli: I -- I didn't know you were so concerned about fair Lulu's welfare.

Georgie: Lu-- I didn't go to Loganís for Lulu, I went -- I went for you. Spinelli, I -- listen if -- if Lulu gets heartbroken by Logan, then -- then you're going to be devastated, and that's -- that's really the last thing I want.

Spinelli: Oh. Spoken like the true friend you are to me and sundry.

Georgie: "Sundry"? Uh -- never mind. Listen, we need to stay on track. I do have news, and it's not good. When I went to talk to Logan, Lulu was there. She wasn't just there, she -- she moved in with him.

Spinelli: With the unworthy one?

Emily: Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it -- Elizabethís not in love with Lucky anymore, she loves you.

Jason: You -- she -- she said that?

Emily: Yeah, Jase, pretty much. And since Elizabeth and Lucky are virtually finished, there's no reason for the two of you to keep being miserable apart. So go to her, Jason, get it over with already.

Patrick: Okay, so we break up, we have a difference of opinion at work, and you drag your old boyfriend out fresh from a super-fun motorcycle ride just to throw it in my face?

Robin: Well, that's exactly what you're doing with Leyla, so now you know how it feels.

Patrick: Ah. So this is about getting back at me?

Robin: No, this isn't about anything; it's not even about you. This is about me getting on with my life, so get used to it.

Kate: Somebody drugged me in my own home. I -- is -- is there no place sacred in this town?

Sonny: We have no proof except Jerry's word, and he cannot be trusted.

Kate: Yeah, but he's probably right, Sonny. I intentionally didn't drink anything because I was dealing with a disaster at "Couture," and yet my test results say that I have enough alcohol in my system for a drunken sailor.

Sonny: okay, listen to me. Jerry -- Jerry said he saw something suspicious in your glass.

Kate: The glass that he refilled. But why would Jerry do such a thing? Who would do such a thing?

Sonny: I'll find out.

Sam: Okay, look, I am probably talking too much, but I do -- I need to make just one more thing clear.

Lucky: Yeah?

Sam: Okay -- um -- there's no pressure here, okay? What happened -- it -- it happened, and it was great -- it was better than great -- and, you know, if you just want it to be a one-time thing, I'm totally cool with that, I understand.

Lucky: You know what, you're right -- you talk too much.

Sam: Oh. Okay, well, if you did want to see me again --

[Sam giggles]

Sam: I completely wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind at all.

Lucky: It's pretty mutual.

Sam: Okay. Well, I -- um -- feel the same way. I would like that a lot, actually. And I do -- I -- I do realize that you have a life past my -- these doors, and it's filled with complications and responsibilities, and prices to pay.

Lucky: Whatever happens, I will see you again.

Sam: All right.

Lucky: You've become more important to me than I could ever have thought of.

Sam: That's fair enough.

Lucky: I should go.

Sam: Probably.

Lucky: Gorgeous.

Emily: Somehow you've managed to convince yourself in your usual pigheaded, self-sacrificing way that staying away from Elizabeth is the noble thing to do.

Jason: It's the right thing to do, Emily.

Emily: I disagree, Jase. You and Elizabeth love each other. And instead of claiming that and enjoying it, you're just letting it hang there and eat away at the both of you. Look, I know this is dangerous territory, but there's someone else to consider in all of this. I'm pretty much convinced that Jake is your son. So stop this, Jase. Stop torturing yourself and Elizabeth and just be with her.

Jason: Don't you think I want to? I do. More than anything, I want to be with her, but you can't always have what you want.

Emily: What I'm trying to tell you is you can.

Spinelli: The crabby commando has lured fair Lulu into his den -- this is news of the darkest nature. It's grievous and malodorous and incommodious --

Georgie: It's not going to last.

Spinelli: I -- I wish to believe your encouraging words, but how can you be sure?

Georgie: Listen, the second Maxie comes home and knocks on Loganís door, then the whole relationship with Lulu is going to be history.

Spinelli: Wait, does -- does the bad blond one have damaging information on the malcontent? Pray -- pray tell the Jackal what it is.

Lulu: Uh -- huh --

Logan: Are you okay?

Lulu: I just need a minute to breathe.

Logan: Did I do something wrong?

Lulu: No. It's all head-spinningly right, and I think I missed how it even happened. You were the last thing that I expected.

Logan: Or wanted.

Lulu: I tried so hard to push you away, and you saw something potential for us, and -- and you just wouldn't give up.

Logan: Yeah, I'm stubborn that way.

Lulu: I'm afraid to say this.

Logan: Say it.

Lulu: Uh -- I feel like we're on the brink of an amazing adventure together, and I am going to try my hardest to stop waiting for the sound of the other shoe dropping, and I am going to be in the moment with you and ride this thing wherever it goes.

[Knock on door]

Jax: What are you doing here?

Jerry: And hello to you, too. I -- I hear that Kate's Lucky to be alive, so I came to ask her a few questions about what happened.

Jax: Well, it looks like she was drugged, but congratulations. According to Sonny, you're the prime suspect.

Jerry: Well, according to Sonny, I set fire to the Hindenburg.

Jax: You're not above this.

Jerry: No, I'm not above this. And if I thought it would improve my situation, I'd probably do it, but that's not what happened.

Jax: Well, you want to make Trevor Lansing look bad and yourself look good, right?

Jerry: Oh, come on, I'm trying to do everything to save you and your family. A pinch of gratitude would be appreciated, brother.

Jax: Wow, Jerry. You know, I will be grateful when you leave town -- for good.

Kate: I probably should've been paying more attention, but I was so consumed with salvaging next month's issue that -- what I do remember is that I set the glass down, and then out of nowhere, Jerry was there and he was refilling it. What do you think that he used?

Sonny: We're going to figure that out, don't worry about that. Can you give me at least one minute to be glad that you're all right?

Kate: I know, I'm rambling. I'm just -- starting to be very afraid.

Sonny: I swear to you, I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Trevor: The last thing that Kate needs to deal with right now is your raging libido.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Trevor?

Trevor: Kate is in a lot of trouble, and I'm the only one who can get her out of it.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: My timing is perfect.

Sam: We slept together. Big deal.

Nikolas: You knew what it would do to Lucky's marriage.

Lucky: Don't you want to know where I went? I was with Sam tonight.

Jason: Elizabeth wants what's best for her kids.

Emily: She needs you.

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