GH Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07


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Robin: Okay. I'm ready to go. Listen, play time is over.

Patrick: You sure about that?

[Music plays]

Singer: You said you love me said you'd love us then you left and then you left your love is like the sun that's what I tell myself

Sam: Lucky?

Elizabeth's voice: Lucky?

Singer: I know that you

Elizabeth: Lucky?

[Music stops]

 [Sam grunts]

Sam: What do you want?

Jerry: What any man would want -- seeing you like this.

Jason: Okay, see what else you can find on Trevor Lansing. Spinelli --

Spinelli: The Jackal regrets to inform that he is grievously distracted. Like, I -- I try to follow the Stone Cold way, but personal sorrows beset me.

Jason: Okay, look, I understand that, but you need to focus on what we're doing.

Spinelli: Easier said than physically accomplished.

Lulu: I won't let you do this. It's not fair.

Patrick: The wheel alignment's off. I think I can fix it by tweaking the axle. Come on, have a seat. You can test her out with me.

Robin: "Her"?

Patrick: Yes -- she's got beautiful curves, doesn't she?

Robin: Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't really notice.

Patrick: Well, then no time like the present. Come on, between our regular jobs and the whole fiasco with my father, your mother, and Eli Love, we haven't spent any --

Robin: I'm sorry, I -- I really need to go check on my patients.

Patrick: Hey, that's why we have pagers -- they'll beep you if somebody needs you. So at least take the morning off. I challenge you to a stock car championship race of the world. I already won.

Patrick: Okay, well, two out of three -- and I'll actually try this time.

Robin: What -- no, no, no, no. I beat you fair and square.

Patrick: Okay, tough guy, why don't you put your money where your mouth is?

Robin: Because I don't want to stay here, embarrass you, and win again. Bye.

[Door opens and closes]

Alexis: Thanks, Alfred.

Kristina: Hi, Emily! Hi, Nikolas!

Nikolas: Hey, good morning! How are you?

Emily: Hi, Kristina! Hi. We're so glad to see you guys.

Nikolas: I know, Spencerís been so lonely lately. He'll be happy to have his cousins here.

Emily: Yeah, about how a snack?

Alexis: How about a little later? They just had breakfast, but thank you.

Alfred: I'll show you to your rooms.

Alexis: Thank you, Alfred.

Nikolas: Go with Alfred, okay.

Alexis: All right, go on. I don't think I ever needed a husband -- I needed a butler.

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: Alfred's great.

Nikolas: Yes, he is, but he has overstepped his boundaries a bit lately.

Alexis: How so?

Nikolas: Well, he's -- I don't know, he's been hovering over me like -- like a mother hen.

Alexis: I wouldn't say no to a little hovering. The more people that stay alert around my children, the safer they'll be.

Lulu: You have no right to push Logan out of a job he worked so hard to get.

Jason: Hey, Lulu, I'm kind of busy right now.

Lulu: No, let me finish. I have done my share of favors for you.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Fine.

Lulu: Can we talk about this in private?

Jason: Spinelli, can you just give us a minute? Keep working, okay?

Spinelli: If the Jackal has been the cause of fair Lulu's distress --

Lulu: Spinelli, not now.

Spinelli: Uh, my laptop and I will continue our labors in the coffeehouse.

Spinelli: Unworthy one, you have sunk to a deeper and new nadir.

Logan: Let me guess -- you're ticked off about me and Lulu, right?

Spinelli: It is beneath contempt that you would send fair Lulu to plead in your defense to Stone Cold.

Logan: Lulu's with Jason?

Lulu: I'm sure that Spinelli has said some awful things about Logan, but he has blown things out of proportion because he's jealous. I know Logan, and he's a really good guy.

Jason: Okay, Loganís done worse than beating up Spinelli for no reason.

Lulu: I know Logan was assigned to watch Sonny's kids --

Jason: That's right.

Lulu: And he showed up late. It was a mistake. You don't need to treat it like it was some unforgivable security breach.

Jason: Logan's mistake could've gotten Michael and Morgan killed.

Elizabeth: Hey, Lucky, can you grab Cameronís lunchbox?

Lucky: Oh, I got it -- P.B. and J. We got some carrot sticks, raisins, and a little milk, and some chocolate.

Cameron: Thanks, Dad.

Lucky: You're welcome.

[Jake fusses]

Lucky: Oh -- here we go.

Elizabeth: Wait, what are you doing?

Lucky: I'm going to drive you to work.

Elizabeth: That -- that's okay, we'll be fine.

Lucky: No, no, I want to, you know, with all the stuff going on.

Elizabeth: You're going to be late for your shift.

Lucky: No, I don't care. I just want to make sure you're there safely.

Elizabeth: It's fine. Come on, Cam, grab your lunchbox, okay?

Lucky: Cameron --

Elizabeth: Grab it for Mom, please, thank you. See you at home later tonight.

Lucky: Okay.

Elizabeth: Come on out, please. Thanks.

Jerry: You're well aware of the effect that you have on men, Sammie darling. Fiery, adventurous -- wondrous qualities that you can use to your advantage with Trevor Lansing.

Sam: You can forget it. Your plan is not going to work. I am not going to sleep with Ric's father.

Jerry: May I finish? I need information so I can -- how should we put it? -- Persuade Anthony Zacchara to abandon his plans to move in on Port Charles. Trevor Lansingís not going to give up the information so easily, so you will use your considerable assets to get him to talk.

Sam: I don't -- did you not hear me? It's bad enough that I slept with Ric. I am not jumping into bed with his father!

Jerry: What makes you think you have a choice?

Monica: E.L.Q. has suffered nearly catastrophic losses, Edward. It is time to bring Tracy back and let her pick up the reins. Thank you.

Edward: No. No, I will not stoop that low.

Monica: Do you want to see your entire life's work remain solvent? Then you just swallow your pride -- you go over and you make nice with your daughter.

Edward: Well, Tracy -- she does have a -- a good head for business.

Monica: So you go to Shadybrook, you sign the release papers, and you ask her very, very nicely to come home.

Alice: I think it's time to suck it up, Mr. Q.

Edward: You know, this is all Nedís fault. I called him and I asked him to come back and take over E.L.Q., and he didn't return my phone calls. Oh, God, Tracy will hold this over my head till the end of time.

Monica: Fine -- the alternative is always bankruptcy.

Alice: I'd just grovel if I was you.

Alan: You're gloating.

Tracy: I'm feeling optimistic. Besides, one more week locked up in here with you, and I really would go nuts.

Alan: So you decided to sabotage E.L.Q., huh?

Tracy: Shh. You're the only one that knows. But lucky for me, dead men don't tell tales, so my secret is safe.

Scott: Tracy?

Tracy: Scott.

Scott: Well, you're looking awfully chipper this morning.

Tracy: Well, what are you doing here on this perfect day?

Scott: Edward asked me to meet him here -- and I have a feeling you know why.

Robin: Lainey, I'm glad I ran into you -- I have a patient that I want to refer.

Lainey: What's the problem?

Robin: Headaches, dizziness. I've run every possible test -- twice -- there doesn't seem to be any physical cause.

Lainey: Oh, so you think it's psychosomatic?

Robin: I'd at least like to rule out the possibility.

Lainey: Okay. Send me the file; I'll take a look at it as soon as I can.

Robin: Thanks.

Lainey: Mm-hmm. And do you want me to copy Patrick on the comments?

Robin: Uh -- Patrick only cares if it's a surgical referral.

Lainey: Is that a problem?

Robin: Why do you ask?

Lainey: Your tone. Whatever -- I'm shrinking it. Just forget I said anything.

Robin: No, you know -- you know what? I am overly critical of Patrick without even thinking about it. I mean, we have completely different approaches to medicine, which I've known for a long time and I should accept by now.

Lainey: Wow, you are being really hard on yourself.

Robin: Patrick wanted me to stay home this morning. I didn't have anything pressing here -- I could've seen all my patients this afternoon -- but I already had it in my head that I was going to do it my way. And then I'm on my way to work and I realize he was flirting with me. He was being so warm and cuddly and we could've had a great time, but I just marched out the door like a drill sergeant.

Lainey: Oh, wow, you are officially beating yourself up now.

Robin: Am I wrong?

Lainey: I'm -- I'm your friend. I'm not treating you, so this is just my opinion. But you love Patrick and it scares you, you know, so I think in small ways, day to day, you try to protect yourself. You make work a priority, and I think you set up boundaries as a way to protect that part of your life that's separate from Patrick, and, honestly, who's to say that you're wrong for that?

Robin: I just hate looking back and realizing that I missed an opportunity to connect.

Jerry: You see, Trevor Lansing has a weakness for beautiful women. He also has a deeply rooted competitive streak, so nothing would please him more than conquering someone who's both been with Sonny and Jason. So feel free to make reference to your former lovers, please.

Sam: No. The answer is no. Find yourself another call girl.

Jerry: That's not going to happen. See, you have the required qualifications -- you're an accomplished liar, you know all the players. I have no doubt that you will guide the pillow talk with Trevor Lansing towards the information that I need.

Sam: Yeah, that's your problem, not mine.

Jerry: You see, you're failing to grasp the situation -- my brother's life is at stake. His family's lives are at stake, as well. Do you understand?

Sam: Yeah, but it -- again, it's your problem.

Jerry: You're an attractive woman, darling. But you're failing to grasp the situation, so allow me to restate the obvious. If you wish to continue your television career -- if you wish to continue breathing, for that matter -- you will do as I tell you, or you will find out very soon what Mr. Craig is really capable of. Are we on the same page?

Jason: Leticia was murdered in Carly's living room, and we think it was a message to Sonny.

Lulu: That's horrible. Are Michael and Morgan okay?

Jason: Yeah, they're somewhere safe, but Sonny can't afford to keep anyone on his payroll who isn't reliable.

Lulu: Logan has done two tours of duty in Iraq; he knows how to survive in dangerous situations.

Jason: That doesn't mean he can be trusted.

Lulu: Jason, I wouldn't be standing here defending him if I honestly didn't think that you could trust him. He wants another chance, he deserves one.

Jason: Thatís Sonny's call, not mine.

Lulu: You're practically saying you blame Logan for Leticiaís death, even though it's not his fault! Oh -- obviously, no one saw this coming, including you.

Spinelli: The crabby commando is exploiting fair Lulu's compassion in order to --

Lulu: How can you do this, Spinelli -- use your friendship with Jason to get Logan fired?

Logan: Lulu, you had no right to go to Jason behind my back.

Epiphany: You wouldn't be the first one.

Leyla: I don't follow.

Epiphany: A student nurse gets overwhelmed during her first few months. She forgets things, so she decides to cover her rear by making up patients' temperatures and med doses and entering them on the charts. I would've expected better from you.

Leyla: The information on the chart's accurate.

Epiphany: Another nurse is responsible for this patient -- Crowell.

Leyla: Yeah, Joleneís having a really tough day -- it's the anniversary of her father's death.

Epiphany: And you're covering for her?

Leyla: Yeah, I mean, every patient in this hospital deserves the best care we can provide.

Epiphany: Well, that is your job -- now, get back to it.

Emily: Thanks again for dinner last night.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm glad you and Nikolas could come over.

Emily: Yeah, were you okay at the house after we left?

Elizabeth: Lucky got home a little late.

Emily: Yeah? How are things between you?

Elizabeth: In a word -- tense.

Robin: Leyla, can I have the updated charts for my patients?

Leyla: Oh, yeah.

Robin: You know, while you're at it, give me Dr. Drake's, as well -- I don't think he's gracing us with his presence today.

Leyla: Dr. Drake's charts.

Patrick: Ah, Leyla, could I get my -- my charts, please?

Leyla: Uh -- actually, Dr. Scorpio just took them. She thought you decided to stay at home.

Patrick: Yeah -- not as much fun alone.

Nikolas: So you're sure you're okay with this arrangement?

Alexis: Not really.

[Nikolas chuckles]

Nikolas: I -- I told you I hired extra security.

Alexis: It's not you. It isn't you. You're wonderful, you're perfect -- I don't know what I'd do without you. It's the situation -- that there's nothing I can do about it -- and I fluctuate between frustration and terror.

Nikolas: Thanks to Sonny, however.

Alexis: I just have to accept the fact that Kristinaís life is always going to be color-coded like the homeland security system. She's going to have a happy day, an orange day, or a red day -- where she goes to her cousin's house surrounded by bodyguards.

Nikolas: Well, I wish there was a simple solution to that, but you know that this -- the danger that Sonny brings to those people around him is real and it's not going to go away.

Alexis: No.

Alfred: Ms. Davis, a visitor for you.

Alexis: Oh.

Alfred: He was most insistent, Sir.

Jerry: Alexis, I apologize for imposing, but I need any information you can give me --

Nikolas: I told you to stay the hell away from my family!

Scott: Well, Tracy, you're packing. Did Edward spring you from the loony bin?

Tracy: Well, we will just have to see.

Scott: Well, he better get here soon because, you know, I'm very, very busy.

Tracy: You are very, very busy, but I wouldn't worry about it. I know he's going to show up because he has no choice.

Scott: What's that supposed to mean?

Alan: Don't get too cocky.

Tracy: Who does he turn to when things fall apart?

Alan: If Father ever finds out that you manufactured the collapse of E.L.Q., your ass is grass.

Tracy: As if you haven't done worse.

Scott: Bickering with the dead again, Tracy? You -- you might want to hide that from the staff if you're planning to skedaddle out of here.

Tracy: Between you and me, I think the staff -- the way I complain about the food, the decor, the bingo -- they're going to be thrilled if I skedaddle out of here.

Edward: Oh, good. You're here already.

Scott: So, you're giving Tracy her walking papers, huh, Edward?

Edward: That's correct. But I need your assurance that she will not be prosecuted for her part in Lauraís kidnapping.

Scott: No. Why would I do something like that -- just out of the goodness of my heart?

Tracy: No. You're going to do it because of Lulu.

Lulu: I defend you in front of Jason, and you're mad at me?

Logan: I don't want you getting in the middle.

Lulu: Jason trusts me. If I can get him to see that --

Logan: Thank you, thank you, but I can fight my own battles.

Lulu: Well, Jason can be pretty stubborn, especially when he's hearing awful things from a biased source.

Logan: Look, you -- you know what? It means so much to me that you'd want to defend me, but --

Lulu: Well, I -- I think you're terrific, and I wouldn't be defending you if I didn't think so.

Logan: Thank you -- thank you, okay, but it is up to me to convince Sonny and Jason to give me another chance.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I can't remain silent any longer! Your choice to --

Diane: Stay away from Trevor Lansing or you will find yourself back in lockup.

[Music plays]

Sam: Hi. Thanks for coming over, Mr. Lansing.

Trevor: Trevor. I was surprised to get your invitation.

Sam: Well, believe me, it was not an easy call to make.

Trevor: Why, what's the problem?

Sam: Well, I am a survivor, Mr. Lansing -- Trevor -- and all my life, I've done what's necessary to get by.

Trevor: And been quite successful at it.

Sam: Let's just say that I do know how to stand on my own two feet. However, I -- I can't handle this one alone; I am going to need your help. Things have gotten dangerous. People who used to be allies suddenly aren't anymore.

Trevor: Well, of course, I'd like to help, but I don't quite understand. What danger are you referring to?

Singer: Tonight

Sam: Okay, look, I -- I really don't know how to put this, so I'm just going to come out and say it.

Trevor: Okay.

Sam: No matter what happens, I want my sisters to be safe.

Singer: Tonight

Sam: And if you could promise me that they will, I will return the favor.

Leyla: Oh, Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Yeah?

Leyla: Do you have a minute? I'm not clear about a notation on this chart.

Patrick: Yeah. What's up?

Leyla: Well, the doctor says that we're not allowed to run any routine lab tests unless specified.

Patrick: Well, intra-operative blood loss is significant with this type of procedure. It can result in a low red blood cell count.

Leyla: Anemia.

Patrick: Exactly.

Leyla: Okay, so you want to minimize any drawing of blood.

[Patrick applauds]

Patrick: The gold star for the student nurse.

Leyla: Well, what about the pathophysiology of the disease?

Patrick: That's going to take a little more time. I can't explain that in 20 words or less, but if you need help studying, just let me know, I'm glad to help.

Leyla: Okay. I might just take you up on that.

Patrick: Okay.

Epiphany: Mr. Collier needs his meds.

Leyla: I'm on my way.

Epiphany: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Patrick: What?

Epiphany: You know what. Leyla Mir is the best student nurse that I've got -- not that I'd ever tell her that. So why don't you do her and me a favor, and do not put her on the bad side of your doctor girlfriend.

Patrick: So, what, I'm not allowed to counsel or give advice to student nurses?

Epiphany: Not if you're noticing her eyes, her legs, and all the stuff in between.

Patrick: Epiphany, you got me all wrong.

Epiphany: Please. Before you and Dr. Scorpio got serious, you hit on half the nurses on staff.

Patrick: Those years are over.

Epiphany: They better be. Because if Dr. Scorpio makes it bad for Leyla, and she decides to leave this nursing program, I'm going to turn right around and make it bad for you. And trust me, that is not an experience you want to have.

Robin: Well, I'm glad you're here. I want you to consult on Mr. Collier.

Patrick: Well, you've got my charts, you're obviously handling it. I wouldn't want to interfere.

Alexis: Let go!

Nikolas: Get out of here.

Jerry: You should be careful, Prince Cassadine.

Nikolas: What, now you're threatening me?

Jerry: Just a friendly reminder.

Alfred: I must ask you to leave immediately.

Jerry: Call me.

Nikolas: "Call me"? What, you're getting involved with yet another psychopath, are you?

Alexis: What the hell is wrong with you?

Logan: I want what I have with you to be separate from my work.

Lulu: It is.

Logan: No, not when you're going to Jason and fighting for my job.

Lulu: I know you better than anyone. Don't I get to be a character reference?

Logan: All right, Lulu, look, maybe it's a guy thing, okay? I -- I want to feel like I'm the one taking care of you.

Lulu: I'm not big on being taken care of by anyone, thanks.

Tracy: Well, Scott, you're right, she's here.

Lulu: Tracy, you're free.

Tracy: I am, you're not. Come on, let's go.

Lulu: You're as annoying as ever.

Tracy: Let's go.

Lulu: I'm in the middle of a conversation.

Tracy: With someone you're not supposed to be talking to.

Logan: You know what? That's Lulu's choice, not yours.

Tracy: Oh, please shut up. Let's go. Scott --

Scott: Come on, Logan. Stay away from her.

Logan: Oh --

Spinelli: Take heed, uber scuzz. All will protect Lulu from your nefarious ways.

Logan: Spinelli, in case you haven't noticed, Lulu doesn't want to be protected from me.

Spinelli: She's been temporarily deceived by your lies. But soon the mist will part, and she will witness the radiant sun of truth.

Logan: Okay, let me try to explain something to you here. Every time you badmouth me, Lulu defends me. Spinelli, you're doing me a favor here.

Diane: Trevor Lansing got a court order to keep Sonny's men from following him, and that includes you. Now, if that order is violated, you can and will be arrested.

Jason: Leticia was murdered. Trevor may have information that could implicate Zacchara.

Diane: Trevor Lansing is a very powerful man and far too smart to become involved in the murder of a nanny -- or anyone else, for that matter.

Jason: Okay, what do you want me to do, Diane? He's the only lead I've got at the moment.

Diane: Jason, I know how important Leticia was to Michael and Morgan, and that you take this very personally. That is why I am advising you to step back and make sure that Trevor Lansing was definitely involved before you go escalating hostilities with the wrong man!

[Music plays]

Sam: When I met you at the Metro Court, we talked about my sister, your granddaughter, Molly. You seemed to be very fond of her.

Trevor: I am. She's a lovely little girl.

Sam: Yes, she is. And I'm sure you are aware her half sister Kristina is Sonny's daughter, which is why I'm so worried.

Trevor: Oh. Sonny keeps his children under guard all the time.

Sam: He does. He does, but a nanny who cares for his two little boys was just murdered, and -- I don't know -- talk around town is that Anthony Zacchara likes to come at his enemies through their families, and I was just wondering if you could talk to Mr. Zacchara and ask him to spare my two little sisters.

Trevor: Well, what makes you think that I even know this Zacchara, let alone have any influence on him?

Sam: You strike me as a man with powerful connections --

Trevor: Oh --

Sam: A man who can handle about anything.

Trevor: Yeah. You're a beautiful woman -- with a motive behind everything that you do.

Sam: Your point?

Trevor: Just that we are --

[Glasses clink]

Trevor: Beginning to get to know one another.

Singers: Touch your skin tonight

Sam: So I can count on you to handle this?

Trevor: No guarantees.

Singers: I can't take it

Trevor: We'll see.

Sam: Thank you. How can I repay you?

Trevor: Well, I'm sure I'll think of something.

Singers: That's right, baby

Lucky: Hello there. I talked to Audrey, and she agreed that she would watch the boys tonight.

Elizabeth: Why?

Lucky: Well, I thought it would be fun if we had a night to ourselves. You know, I could put something on the grill, open a bottle of wine.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you know, after what happened to Leticia, I'm a little worried about the boys.

Lucky: Oh, you don't have to. I -- I got a couple of cars patrolling your grandmother's house, so the boys are going to be safe. You know, it's supposed to be a clear night, a full moon. You know, maybe we could put on some music, dance on the patio.

Elizabeth: You know what, honey? It sounds really, really nice, but I would feel better if the boys were home with me. Maybe we can do it next week.

Lucky: Yeah. Sure. I better get back to work.

Elizabeth: Okay. I'll see you at home.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Emily: What was that about?

Elizabeth: Just one more way Lucky and I aren't connecting.

Lainey: Ahem.

Robin: Hey. Okay, I need a consultation, and this time the patient is definitely me, so, please, feel free to bill me for your time.

Lainey: Okay, well, why don't you tell me about it first, and then I'll let you know if you need a psychiatrist or just a friend.

Robin: I think I need two weeks alone with Patrick, preferably someplace beautiful -- Montana, Fiji, Rome --

Lainey: Hmm.

Robin: So we can just --

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Focus on each other. You know, I -- I don't want to have to control everything he does, and he won't have to try and get back at me by being a petty jerk.

Lainey: How petty?

Robin: Well, remember I told you Patrick wanted to stay home this morning --

Lainey: Mm-hmm.

Robin: And I actually felt bad about blowing him off. But then he decided to come in, and immediately strikes up a conversation with one of the student nurses.

Lainey: Which one?

Robin: Leyla. It's always Leyla. Have you seen any of the other nurses near Patrick?

Lainey: No, I honestly can't say that I've paid that much attention.

Robin: I don't want to, either. I mean, I want to trust him, and I do. We've been through a lot together. It just seems like we've hit a wall.

Lainey: Any idea who built that wall?

Robin: I guess both of us, without even realizing it. As you know, my mom was in town, and it was so great to see her -- as it always is. And even though finding out that she was an Eli Love groupie was a bit disorienting --

Lainey: I can imagine.

[Robin laughs]

Robin: It also reaffirmed everything that I love about her. She embraces life, she takes chances, and I donít. I'm not like that, so, you know, what am I missing by being so safe and cautious? When my mom got pregnant with me, it was totally by accident. It was the worst possible time to have a child, but she decided to do it anyway. She had to hide me for the first six years of my life and work as a jewelry fence to support me. But she didn't look back. She did it because she loves being my mother, and I love being her daughter. So, I don't know why. I guess I'm just asking myself, what am I facing that's even close to what my mother was facing?

Lainey: Robin, you want to have a baby.

Robin: I don't know. I am thinking that possibly I might want to do that someday, but Patrick won't even discuss it. We had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago, and I have to admit, there was a part of me that was hoping that I would accidentally be pregnant.

Lainey: But you're not pregnant?

Robin: No -- and Patrick practically did backflips. He was so relieved. So what kind of future do we have if I want to have a child and he doesn't?

[Knock on door]

Leyla: Hi.

Patrick: Leyla.

Leyla: Hi. I -- I called to warn you I wanted to take you up on your offer.

Patrick: Oh. Um -- yeah, I was -- I was in the shower. I must've just missed the phone call.

Leyla: You don't check your messages?

[Patrick sighs]

Patrick: I had other things on my mind.

Leyla: Well, I'll spare you the playback. I just said that I'm hopelessly lost with the material we were discussing and I have a big exam coming up, and I -- I hope I'm not intruding.

Patrick: No, not at all. Uh -- come in.

Leyla: Wow! Look at this.

Patrick: Yeah, I -- I used to race stock car -- amateur, obviously -- when I was in college, but, yeah, this is as close as I get nowadays.

Leyla: You raced cars?

Patrick: Well, that was another lifetime. It was my passion. This -- this is -- this is just something to, you know, keep the sparks alive.

Leyla: I had a cousin who was crazy about miniature race cars. He had this elaborate track built up in his attic. It was huge.

Patrick: Yeah, boys and their toys.

Leyla: Uh, try "girls and their toys." I'd spend entire days up there with him. My favorite car was this little red Maserati. I'd demonstrate my technique if the track was working.

Patrick: Well, how are you at assisting with repairs?

Leyla: Did I mention I helped build that elaborate track in my cousin's attic?

Patrick: Hmm.

Nikolas: "What's wrong with me?" You're the one who's completely out of line here!

Alfred: Sir, the children --

Nikolas: I'm well aware of the children, Alfred, thank you!

Alfred: Perhaps I could show Ms. Davis to her room --

Nikolas: Perhaps you should leave. I'd like you to leave now, please.

Alexis: I'm worried --

Nikolas: You -- you have two little girls upstairs. One's father is -- is a gangster, the other is a lying, cheating psychotic. Now, why you get involved with these men is completely beyond me, but it needs to stop because you need to think about your family now, and that means staying away from Jerry Jacks.

Alexis: He followed me here.

Nikolas: Oh, come ĖIíve seen you with him. You're obviously interested -- the way you're friendly with him, the way you smile at him, the way you talk to about --

Alexis: Being cordial to him does not mean that I'm interested.

Nikolas: Jerry Jacks, A.K.A. Mr. Craig or whatever the hell his name is, is a sadistic criminal, and I don't even understand why you're talking to the guy!

Alexis: I'm not discounting what he did to you, but what concerns me right now is the fact that you are completely out of control.

Lulu: Hey, I'm not a 5-year-old.

Edward: Oh, there you are.

Alice: It's so wonderful to have you home again, Miss Tracy.

Monica: Yes, you look great, Tracy, very refreshed.

Tracy: Hmm -- must be all the sleep I got.

Edward: You know, the house has been far too quiet without you, dear.

Alice: Having you back again makes me think of Mr. Luke.

Monica: Well, in other words, Tracy, you've been missed.

Tracy: Well, this is just all so pleasant -- I guess E.L.Q. should tank more often!

Edward: Bite your tongue, you viper.

Lulu: I'm just going to go up to my room now.

Tracy: "Oh," n no, no. I'm really glad that all of you appreciate me since I've been gone, but now that I'm back, some things are going to change -- the first one being your social life. No going near Logan Hayes.

Lulu: Huh -- you can't stop me.

Monica: Aha, she is all yours, Tracy.

Edward: Mm-hmm. This little girl's nighttime wanderings are your problem now.

Alice: Lovely to have you back, Miss Tracy.

Scott: Tracy's right, Lulu. That lizard, Logan, is using you. He's a manipulator.

Lulu: How can you say that when Logan is most likely your son?

Diane: You don't understand.

Spinelli: Look, the grasshopper is in dire need of his master's guidance.

Diane: We are in the middle of a very important matter.

Milo: Trevor Lansing paid a visit to Sam this afternoon.

Diane: Okay. Surveillance on Trevor Lansing ends right now. Are we clear on this?

Jason: Okay, look, I will check out other possible motives for Leticiaís murder, but no way am I backing off Trevor.

Diane: Jason, I consider myself to be an excellent attorney. But I cannot guarantee your continued freedom if you choose to "willfully" ignore --

[Phone rings]

Diane: A duly executed court --

Jason: Hold on. Yeah?

Sam: Jason, I am in serious trouble -- you are the only one who can help.

Lulu: For the bazillionth time, Logan is a good guy.

Tracy: That's what you think.

Lulu: He listens and he understands me.

Scott: He's using you.

Lulu: I don't get you guys. You -- you barely know him, and you just have this knee-jerk reaction.

Tracy: We know enough, and none of it's good.

Scott: He works for Sonny Corinthos, he is a criminal. He is just telling you what you want to hear.

Lulu: Just because he's your son --

Scott: Don't --

Lulu: Doesn't mean he's anything like you.

Scott: Don't start that "son" gag again.

Lulu: You know what? My dad would go through the roof if he knew you were teaming up with Scott Baldwin.

Alan: Lulu has a point.

Tracy: Your dad would go through the roof if he knew you were teaming up with Logan Hayes.

Scott: We're concerned about you, Lulu. We don't want to see that huckster break your heart.

Logan: Don't listen to them.

Tracy: Oh, you are not welcome in this house.

Logan: You know what? That's not a problem. Can I take you to lunch?

Lulu: Absolutely.

Logan: Good.

Tracy: Don't!

Scott: Lulu, don't -- don't go. He's not good enough for you.

Logan: Why do you hate me so much, man?

Scott: Because you're lying about being my son, you're trying to milk some sympathy from Lulu.

Lulu: What is with you? Why don't you just admit that he's your son?

Scott: Well, then let him take the DNA test.

Lulu: He doesn't have to!

Scott: Yes, he does have to take that test, because it would blow this whole thing sky-high!

Logan: Fine. You know what? I'll take the damn test. But only to prove to you that I'm not lying about this thing.

Patrick: What's up with the passing? Seriously?

Leyla: I just passed you.

Patrick: You didn't pass me; you didn't even come close to me.

Leyla: No, I just passed you.

Patrick: Do you --

[Door slams]

Robin: Get out.

Patrick: Robin, we're just hanging out --

Robin: Leyla, you need to leave.

Elizabeth: Lucky kissed me last night and I just didn't respond.

Emily: Oh. That's not good.

Elizabeth: I know. I've got all these conflicting emotions -- I resent him, and yet I still care about him. We feel so distant, yet close because we're still a family. I -- I'm upset over his accusations, but I can see that he really wants to make this work. I -- I don't know, it's just a mess, isn't it?

Emily: No, you have every right to feel all of that.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but how do I get past it? Lucky tried to arrange this evening for the two of us -- I know he wants to have sex.

Emily: It could be a way to reconnect.

Elizabeth: I know, and I'm trying, but we still seem miles apart.

Lucky: You got a minute? I just need your honest advice.

Nikolas: Yes, of course. But be warned -- I just had it out with Alexis, and it appears that my diplomacy skills are lacking today.

Lucky: That's fine with me. It's just if I'm handling this badly, I just need to know.

Nikolas: What, problems with Elizabeth, I assume?

Lucky: Well, she said she wanted to rebuild our marriage, but sheís been distant and I'm trying to bridge the gap.

Nikolas: All right. Well, what happened?

Lucky: It's been a while since Elizabeth and I were intimate. She's -- she's been distant, and when I tried to kiss her, she -- she tensed up.

Nikolas: Okay.

[Lucky sighs]

Nikolas: Well, maybe you just need to -- I don't know -- set the scene, plan a romantic dinner just for the two of you.

Lucky: But I "did." I got Audrey to watch the kids for the evening, and when I went by the hospital to tell Elizabeth we'd have a night for ourselves, she said no.

Nikolas: Well, she's not ready, Lucky.

Lucky: Well, she's not ready because she's still hung up on Jason. How am I supposed to be faithful?

[Knock on door]

Jason: You said you were in trouble?

Sam: I lied. I knew it was the only way I would get you over here. There's something I got to show you.

Sam: Do you like it? Lucky sure did. I know what he wants, Jason, and he's clearly not getting it from his wife, so I'm going to give it to him -- right here.

Jason: If this is supposed to hurt me, it doesnít.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: We just don't connect anymore.

Emily: Are you still attracted to Lucky?

Nikolas: Okay, well, then go have an affair with Sam -- it's that simple.

Jerry: Fill me in on Trevor Lansing.

Jason: You can help me protect Sonny's family.

Sonny: An innocent woman is dead because of you!

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