GH Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07


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Maxie: See how happy she is -- chatting up customers, big, dumb smile on her face? I bet she even has a song in her heart. Take it from a woman who knows, that can only mean one thing -- Lulu had a night of mind-blowing sex last night. My money's on Logan. What do you think?

Jason: Oh, I'm glad to see you. Jerry didn't murder you or sell you into slavery? How was your trip?

Carly: Don't be mad at me. Please don't be mad at me.

Jason: What am I supposed to say, Carly? I mean, you took off across the world with that guy, you didn't tell anybody where you were going, you didn't leave me a way to reach you. I finally tracked you --

Carly: I went to save Jax. I went to find my husband. It didn't do much good because we're probably not going to make it.

Jax: Hi.

Epiphany: Hey.

Jax: I need to see a doctor. I don't have an appointment.

Epiphany: Well, we have quite a selection to choose from. Are you hurt, traumatized, or just need a regular run-of-the-mill physical?

Jax: It's not run-of-the-mill -- well, at least, not for me.

Jerry: Actually, my brother needs to be tested for any possible STDs. It seems that he has been sleeping with a promiscuous, homicidal maniac. Isn't that right, brother?

Nikolas: It is a little late in the year for Sardinia, but that could serve us well because the weather's still quite moderate and it's not too crowded right now. It's easy to get there from most anywhere in Europe, which means I can finalize this damn business deal I've been working on. We can leave almost immediately, spend a few days in Paris or Rome first, all right -- you pick.

Emily: That sounds so wonderful --

Nikolas: Okay.

Emily: Okay, but, unfortunately, there is a little bit of a problem.

Nikolas: Well, fortunately, I'm a great problem-fixer.

Emily: Yeah, but not this one -- it's called my internship.

Nikolas: Emily, you've been working nonstop almost the entire summer. You can't take any time off?

Emily: It doesn't exactly work that way.

Nikolas: Well, maybe not for the other interns, but the majority of your family sits on the board, and your boyfriend's one of the hospital's main benefactors. That entitles you to special treatment, I think.

Emily: Nikolas, I just wouldn't feel comfortable accepting it. I'm so sorry to disappoint you -- I can see how badly you want to take this trip -- but there is no way that I can go right now.

Maxie: Can you see three things wrong with this picture? Lulu's never been big on food service, she's probably one of the worst waitresses to ever darken Kelly’s door -- and, trust me, there have been some doozies. But she's getting all the orders right -- that practically never happens. All smiley and bright -- yeah. Lulu definitely got her world rocked last night by Logan or somebody else -- I mean, I can't really think of another candidate. There's always Milo, but I doubt he'd jump to the front of the line. That would only leave -- you. You're not holding out on me, are you, Spinelli?

Spinelli: The Jackal doesn't speculate on what the Blond One does in her personal life. What she does and whoever is fortunate enough to do it with her is none of my business, and it is certainly none of yours.

Maxie: Don't get all huffy. It's not like I'm spreading gossip or anything. I'm just helping you come to terms with the painful reality --

Lulu: That's enough. Move along.

Maxie: Excuse me?

Lulu: Stop harassing Spinelli, or you're going to be wearing this coffee.

Maxie: Whatever. I was actually commiserating with Spinelli. I actually care about the poor dupe's feelings -- unlike you, Miss glowing-from-within.

Lulu: What was that bitch tormenting you about?

Trevor: Yeah, we need that testimony. Reschedule the medical examiner -- yep -- and make a business date. Right. Thanks. Richard, half an hour that the courts have been open already. Did you bring Kate’s plea bargain agreement, and has it been finalized at 20 hours of community service, as well as that monetary fine that we talked about?

Ric: "Coffee?" "No, no, thanks, I've had some."

Trevor: You want it? It's over there.

Ric: Why muddy the waters with social amenities, huh?

Trevor: I'm a busy man, this is a business meeting. So far, I haven't heard any business.

Ric: Why are you really here, hmm? Oh, don't tell me it's all about Kate Howard.

Trevor: Don't you underestimate my attachment to Kate.

Ric: No, I understand that you two are lovers, or you were lovers, you still are -- that's not my concern.

Trevor: Good. I'm glad you got it.

Ric: What I do know about you, dad, is that you’d never go out of your way for this woman or any other. Which makes me think that your business is about your current client -- Anthony Zacchara?

Trevor: Oh --

Ric: So, tell me, when did the great Trevor Lansing decide to start working for mobsters?

Carly: It's all Jerry's fault. Not that that should be a big surprise, because he sent Jax away so he could get on my good side.

Jason: All right, let me see if I can just guess what happened, okay? Jax dropped out of sight, he was grabbed and held prisoner by some enemy of Jerry's, and considering the type of people Jerry deals with, this enemy was crazy as hell, right?

Carly: Yeah -- that, and a sexual predator.

Jason: Did someone hurt you?

Carly: Yeah -- well, not in the way you're thinking. Jax was held captive by Jerry's demented ex-girlfriend. They were spies together or something, and she was supposed to be dead. He was tortured into giving her up, and she was shot right in front of him, but -- surprise, surprise -- she turned out to be very much alive, and pretty ticked off that Jerry had betrayed her. So she decided to turn the tables on Jerry and make him watch while she killed Jax. Never simple, is it? So, I guess, while she was waiting for Jerry to find Jax, she got a little bored and she slept with him.

Jason: Why do you care if this woman slept with Jerry?

Carly: I don't, I care that she slept with Jax. Yeah, my husband slept with another woman -- something I came to expect from Sonny, not from Jax. Not in a million years.

[Carly sighs]

Jax: Excuse me; I need to speak with Mr. Jacks.

Epiphany: And while you're doing that, I'll go find that specialist for you.

Jax: I appreciate that.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Jerry, I've said all I want to say to you.

Jerry: Well, to ease your mind -- or, more to the point, Carly's -- I think you have nothing to worry about. I'm fairly certain that Irina -- may she rest in peace -- was a carrier of nothing but concentrated rage. She was always very fastidious to a point. Is my brother still mad at me?

Jax: Please don't remind me that we're family. It's an uncomfortable association -- since I just watched you murder the woman you claimed to love.

Jerry: I did that to save your lives, so don't expect me to apologize. I'd do it again.

Spinelli: The bad blond one takes any and all opportunities to torment the Jackal. It's nothing new.

Lulu: It was about me, wasn't it? Maxie's hurting you is Maxie's way of getting back at me.

Spinelli: I -- I appreciate your concern, but I -- I don't really pay attention to the dark nuggets that fly out of the witchy one's perpetually moving mouth, so you don't need to waste your valuable concern on me.

Lulu: You can't stop me from caring about you, and, obviously, one of Maxie's arrows hit its mark, because I can tell that you're upset.

Spinelli: No, no, no. The fair Lulu misunderstood. See, I wasn't upset, I was just -- I was outraged at the falsehoods she was perpetrating, is all.

Lulu: Tell me what that lying tramp was saying about me, because I'll go over there and shut her up myself.

Spinelli: Your impulse to protect me touches me to my soul, but I -- look, you can't -- you can't stop Maxie from saying what she wants to say, and how I deal with it is my problem, not yours. And, anyway, I'm sure you have many other things that are demanding your attention.

Lulu: Why do I get the feeling there's something you're not telling me?

Logan: Hey.

Lulu: Hey.

Logan: Am I interrupting?

Spinelli: It's never stopped you before.

Lulu: Oh --

Logan: You know, I can go sit someplace else.

Lulu: No, I don't think that's necessary -- right, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Wherever the crabby commando sits is not up to the Jackal.

Lulu: I'm actually really glad that Logan’s here, because now you two have the opportunity to make peace.

Emily: Is Jax sick?

Epiphany: If Mr. Jacks wanted you to know, he'd tell you.

Jax: I told you to disappear. I meant it. I don't want you around me or my family. And when you find yourself in trouble again, you're on your own. I don't want to know about it, and I'm certainly not going to lift a finger to help you.

Jerry: I see. In other words, you're wishing me dead.

Jax: You already are. The brother I loved? The man that I was willing to risk anything for? He's long gone. All that's left is James Craig -- or Brosnan or whatever the hell you call yourself. I don't know you anymore, and I don't care to.

Carly: When Irina held Jax prisoner, she amused herself by having him beaten -- which, I'm sure, was very horrible for him. So if I were a better person, I would be grateful that she moved on from torturing him to wanting to sleep with him. I me, it's not like Jax was a willing participant at all. I mean, he was basically raped. Don’t. Don't -- don't even look like that. It's not funny. Guys can be forced into it, sort of, especially when the woman in question is threatening to kill me and my children. So if Jax had to do that to keep himself alive until Jerry and I could get there, I -- I'm going to have to find a way to deal with it and find a way to live with it, okay, and I will. What I can't get past is that he left me. I stood there and I begged him not to go, and he left anyway.

Jason: I mean, I don't even know what to say at this point.

Carly: Yeah, I know --

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Join the club.

Jason: I need you to listen to me for a second, okay?

[Carly sighs]

Jason: We have bigger problems to deal with.

Ric: Anthony Zacchara is one of the biggest, one of the dirtiest crime lords in all of Manhattan. I guess he could afford your obscenely expensive retainer, since you never really cared one way or another whether your clients are guilty or innocent. As long as they're socially connected or can pay through the nose, I guess that's why you represent them.

Trevor: You know, this little moral story that you're talking about would really be funny if it wasn't pathetic. Any client that I choose to represent gets the absolute best litigation for the dollar.

Ric: Of course.

Trevor: Unfortunately, your taxpayers are telling me that you're squandering their money. Come on, forget about it. Okay, Mr. D.A., talk to your father. Did you really manage not to prove that the murder victim was dead? Ooh.

[Knock on door]

Trevor: Oh -- just in time. Kate, come on in. Richard and I were talking about you. Richard, tell Kate about that plea bargain arrangement that I helped get for her.

[Music plays]

Lulu: My grandmother called this morning to tell me that she is taking me on a cruise.

Spinelli: Oh. The Blond One's going on an ocean voyage. She shall be missed, but perhaps it's best.

Logan: When did this happen?

Lulu: I'm 95% sure my brother Nikolas put her up to it so that I could get some distance from what's happening.

Logan: Meaning me.

Spinelli: The simian one is not the center of the universe. However, those who favor the Blond One would naturally want her to --

Lulu: Even if it is an excuse to get me out of town, my grandma was just looking forward to it so much that I couldn't turn her down.

Spinelli: And the Blond One should be commended for her devotion to her ancestor.

Logan: You know, it is really nice that you're doing this for your grandmother, but, I mean, the timing could be a little better.

Spinelli: And if the knucklescraper is inconvenienced -- bonus.

Lulu: Would you stop, please?

Spinelli: Ahem.

Lulu: I don't want you guys to fight when I'm gone. I -- I don't want you guys to fight anymore, period. You are each amazing to me in -- in your own ways, and you are both so important to me, so could you please find a middle ground?

Logan: Okay, I'll go first here. Spinelli, I haven't given you a fair shake, and I regret that. I don't like it when people jump to conclusions about me and -- you know, so I shouldn't do that to you. I'm on a roll here. Uh -- you know, I got -- I got to tell you something. I've always admired the way you've tried to look out for her.

Spinelli: The Jackal can do more than try, okay? He has friends in high places. One mention to Mr. Corinthos, Sir or Stone Cold that the Blond One is in emotional danger from the unworthy one's disgust--

Lulu: All right, time-out! Would you stop calling him "the unworthy one," because it's not true.

Logan: Thanks.

Lulu: Sure.

Spinelli: Well, clearly you have many things to say to each other and, um, the Jackal has some important work to do, so I will just leave you to that.

Lulu: Buy him an orange soda.

Logan: Um, Spinelli, can I --

Spinelli: What --

Logan: Can I get you a soda or something -- orange, right?

Spinelli: No, thank you.

Lulu: Logan is trying here. Can't you do the same?

Spinelli: Look, the Jackal -- I am happy that you're happy, Lulu. And I -- I sincerely hope that your trust has not been misplaced, and that the un-- Logan -- that Logan appreciates and honors your feelings for him, okay? But I am in the habit loathing and despising the object of your affections, and as to this point, I see no reason to alter my opinion.

Logan: I think I've been insulted.

Lulu: Spinelli, please don't be like this.

Spinelli: No -- would you rather I lie? Would you rather I -- I pretend to -- to trust him when I don't? Would you rather I -- I speak false words of encouragement?

Logan: You know, Spinelli, look. I -- I get that you're jealous, man, and I don't blame you, but she chose me.

Spinelli: Look, aside from my shattered romantic feelings, I remain your friend, and friends don't lie to each other -- even if it makes it easier or more comfortable.

Singer: Want to play a game

Spinelli: I wish for your every happiness, okay, and I generally -- genuinely hope that I'm wrong. But not only do I believe he's unworthy, I just think he's bad for you.

Logan: You want to go after him?

Lulu: There's no point. Spinelli's entitled to his own opinions. I just happen to know that he's wrong.

Logan: Hmm.

Lulu: You are good for me.

Maxie: You see, my boyfriend doesn't know I was visiting Logan and I'd really like to keep it that way.

Man: Then don't tell him.

Maxie: But -- no, no, no. Uh, I left a bracelet inside that Coop gave me and I need to get it back.

Man: I take it Coop's the boyfriend?

Maxie: Yeah, and -- and I have to get it back before he notices it's missing.

Man: It's illegal for me to let someone into the apartment without authorization, and I don't see why I should break the law because you have man problems.

Jax: Emily?

Emily: Yeah?

Jax: Do you have a minute?

Emily: Yeah, sure.

Jax: Em, I owe you an apology -- kind of a big apology. Not only for the pain that my brother caused you and your family, but for me defending him. And for how long it took me to realize what a horrible person my brother is.

Emily: Look, Jax, I'm always going to grieve for my father. I miss him every single day, and when I think about how cavalier Jerry was with his life, it makes me so angry that I don't even know what to do with it. But I've since come to believe that there is a slight possibility that Jerry isn't completely lost -- that maybe there's a shred of good in him?

Jax: Wow. I find that statement astonishing -- especially since you were one of the hostages that he terrorized in my hotel for 12 hours, that Alan’s death is a direct result of Jerry's actions.

Emily: Yeah, and Jerry also helped Carly find evidence that exonerated my brother. I don't understand it, but I have to be grateful for it, right?

Jax: Oh -- Emily, you -- you know, you're a good person. Don't waste your time trying to find a redeeming quality in my brother, because there isn't one. He helped Jason for his own sake -- I'm guessing he wanted Jason to owe him.

Emily: Yeah, okay, I agree with you, that might be true, but my brother is free. It'd be pretty hypocritical of me to complain.

Jax: Well, then you're a lot more forgiving than I am.

Emily: You're disillusioned.

Jax: You could say that.

Emily: Look, I don't blame you, Jax. But if Jerry loves anyone, it's you. And if there's any chance of him turning his life around, it hinges on you.

Jax: Well, then he's truly lost.

Emily: Oh, so it's just that easy for you to wash your hands of your brother?

Jax: Well, Jerry didn't give me a choice.

Emily: Oh, God, Jax, there's always a choice, as long as you don't box yourself into a position. Who knows, who am I to say? If you find a way to forgive Jerry, it might not only help him, you might help yourself.

Russell: Dr. Quartermaine, this is a hospital, not a coffee shop. Get back to work.

Emily: Yes, sir, Dr. Ford. Um, I'll see you later. Bye.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Okay, look, if you're trying to tell me that I have to pack Michael and Morgan up and go somewhere because we're in danger, you can forget it -- Jax is never going to be okay with that. I don't know why I care, because I'm probably not going to be married to Jax.

Jason: Carly, you can fix your problems with Jax or not -- I really don't care, but I need you to hear what I'm telling you.

Carly: Okay.

Jason: You and the boys are potential targets.

Carly: Why? What's going on?

Jason: Have you ever heard the name Anthony Zacchara?

Carly: It sounds familiar. He's some guy from New York -- I think Sonny talked about him before.

Jason: Yeah, "some guy." But he's interested in making a move on Port Charles.

Carly: Why do you think this?

Jason: Well, because his attorney showed up out of nowhere, and you're never going to guess who that is.

Carly: Who?

Jason: Trevor Lansing.

Carly: Ric Lansing’s father?

Jason: Yeah, and, apparently, he's involved with Kate Howard somehow.

Carly: Sonny's new, snobby girlfriend is doing Ric Lansing’s father? That's just great.

Jason: Things are going to get ugly, and they could get ugly real quick, so I'm increasing your guards. I just want you to know that, and I am going to be around a lot more from now on.

Carly: Okay. Take whatever precautions you feel necessary, but we both know who's really at risk here. It's Sonny -- and I don't mean from a bullet. Trevor Lansing wrecked his life before, and he's probably going to do it again.

Kate: I'm touched you went to so much trouble to handle this for me.

Trevor: Well, it's always my pleasure to be helpful.

Kate: You can downplay it all you want, but I know what a big deal it is for you to leave the City and your practice -- unless you managed to work in some business here in Port Charles, as well?

Trevor: I got a couple of errands, but you are always my priority.

Kate: Well, the least I can do is feed you. My house for dinner tonight?

Trevor: Hey, I'd love it.

Kate: Okay. I'll make all the arrangements. 7:30?

Trevor: I'll be there.

Kate: Okay.

[Kate sighs]

Trevor: Ah, Mr. Jacks. Come in.

Jerry: I thought I'd wait until your visitor left.

Trevor: I appreciate your discretion.

Jerry: So you -- you mentioned some potential business between us.

Trevor: No, no, no. I'm only the conduit. My client, Anthony Zacchara -- he's got a proposal for you.

Logan: You've been awfully quiet. Spinelli got to you, didn't he?

Lulu: No, I don't regret being with you, if that's what you're asking.

Logan: But you're beginning to wonder if you can trust me, right?

Lulu: No, not -- not at all. I don't think that you've been magically transformed just because we're dating. You have some serious flaws, and so do I -- so does Spinelli, so does everyone. I'm just not this angelic creature that should be worshiped and protected. I am stubborn, I am selfish, I am --

Logan: Easy, easy. Stop insulting my girlfriend, okay?

Lulu: Your girlfriend?

Logan: Yeah, I mean, I guess that's how I think of you -- unless I'm moving too fast?

Lulu: No -- um -- it's just -- it's unexpected. Being with you and thinking of us in a relationship is just -- it's -- it's an adjustment.

Logan: I can -- I can -- I'll back off.

Lulu: No, no.

Logan: No? Good, because I don't want to anyway.

[Door slams]

[Knock on door]

Ric: I need to speak to Jason. Jason? Jason, get down here, please.

Spinelli: Be gone, D.A. of darkness. No one wants to answer your self-serving, manipulative questions.

Ric: You know, you better watch who you're talking to, because I can take you down to the station --

Spinelli: You know, there are important things -- actually important things in this world. People that you love so deeply that you would lay down your life for them. Wonderful, wonderful, gorgeous people that are smart and funny and complicated, and yet none of these attributes save them, protect them from taking dangerous -- if not possibly fatal -- heart risks, and you think, what -- what, there's nothing I can do to affect it, right? There's nothing -- that I just remain steadfast and loyal, patient and supportive, and try to find that mortal rectitude to not "scream" at them that they're making a mistake. But then -- huh -- you -- you agonize, what -- what if I'm making a mistake, you know? What -- what if by remaining the best friend she's ever had, I'm giving up my chance at carpe diem -- at seizing the day, as it were -- and that, Ric -- that is what drives men's souls. Higher priority than Darth Lansing’s pointless questions. So arrest the Jackal for insubordination if you must. Or otherwise, go away.

Ric: You know, I probably should arrest you. But from what I can understand out of that incoherent babble, you look like you've suffered enough.

Jax: Wow. I don't get a "hello"?

Carly: I'm just surprised to see you.

Jax: Why? I live here, remember? We're married.

Carly: I keep telling myself to try and be reasonable here, I do. "Don't let your hurt and your anger and your doubt trip you up and ruin the best thing that's ever happened to you," but I didn't sign up for this. I don't want to live this way.

Jerry: I'm not going for a weapon, so there's no reason for a spontaneous shootout. Besides, you barely avoided a murder conviction, so why dive headfirst into another?

Jason: If I was going to kill you, it wouldn't be here.

Jerry: Well, I'm relieved -- and I'm curious. It's not every day you get a call from Jason Morgan for a face-to-face.

Jason: You found some evidence that exonerated me, and whether I like it or not, I owe you. But you got it by using Carly, and that is unacceptable --

Jerry: I tried my level best to ditch Carly, but you know how difficult that is. She found her way to Istanbul on her own.

Jason: You still put her in harm's way.

Jerry: Yes. The threat has been neutralized. There's no reason for concern anymore.

Jason: I hope not. Because if Carly gets hurt because of you, you're going to disappear.

Jerry: Like Alcazar?

Jason: Not that fast or painless.

Nikolas: Okay, so I decided to pull rank and get you that time off to go to Italy.

Emily: Nikolas , I told you I --

Nikolas: Listen, Em, I can push through a leave of absence. Don't fight me on this, come on.

Russell: Dr. Quartermaine? Just how much time do you plan on wasting today?

Logan: Uh-uh-uh.

Lulu: What's wrong?

Logan: Um -- I might be really excited by your enthusiasm if I wasn't thinking you're trying to prove something.

Lulu: Like what?

Logan: I don't know, I haven't figured that part out yet. Look, all -- all I know, Lulu, is I don't ever want you to leave here, you know, doubting us or feeling like you've made a mistake.

Lulu: No, this -- this is not a mistake. You have proven that to me every single time that you have been considerate of my feelings -- even when you're baffled by them -- every time that you take a step back and you let me set the pace. You don't have to save me, Logan -- not from you, and not from myself. I am very clear on what I want.

Logan: Oh. Okay, so you know what you want. But do you know where you want it?

[Lulu squeals]

Lulu: What are you doing?

[Lulu squeals]

Logan: I'm sweeping you off your feet.

Kate: Excuse me. Is Mike around?

Waitress: Oh, no, it's his afternoon off.

Kate: Okay, um, would you have him give me a call?

Waitress: Oh. Sure.

Kate: Thank you.

Ric: Huh. Are you as interested in Sonny's father as you appear to be in mine?

Kate: You're in my way.

Ric: Oh, let me hazard a guess here. You're hoping that Mike's going to be able to shed some light on Sonny's history with Trevor, but, see, it's a waste of time. See, mike abandoned Adela long before Trevor got involved with her, so Mike wouldn't know what happened.

Kate: Hmm. And since you were but a squalling infant, it's likely you don't know, either.

Ric: No, see, my father made it a point of telling me -- it's probably one of the only bonding moments we ever had. See, Sonny didn't like the idea that his mother was going to have another baby. You know, all that only-child attention and adoration -- he was going to be losing it? The world revolved around Sonny even then. Couldn't have the delicate balance upset, so he came up with a solution. He pushed Adela down the stairs and tried to kill me.

Kate: Or your mother fell down the stairs by accident. Right?

Ric: Oh.

Kate: And if that is the case, then you've spent your entire life hating your brother and seeking revenge for nothing.

Jax: Well, if it helps, I got a clean bill of health.

Carly: That's a relief.

Jax: You don't seem to care either way.

Carly: I hate that you slept with Irina, and I'm really trying to believe that you literally had no choice.

Jax: Right -- which doesn't negate the hurt you feel because I left in the first place. You still think that I chose Jerry over you.

Carly: I don't think, I know you did. I was there. I stood there and I begged you not to leave. I told you how much I loved you and I told you how much I needed you to stay with me, and you didn't care.

Jax: No, that's not true.

Carly: You left me. I don't know. Why don't we just end it? We will destroy each other.

Jax: Oh, Carly, come on. That's not an option, okay? We don't want to end things. We're not over, we're far from over. I love you so much.

Carly: I love you so much -- and you left me. You left me twice. I don't trust you to stay, Jax. Because Jerry's going to call and be in danger -- or pretend to be in danger -- and you're going to take off, and I can't go through that again.

Jax: Look, it's not going to happen again. I will never choose my brother over you again. I promise.

Jerry: I had to exonerate you because coexistence makes much more sense than taking aim at each other constantly.

Jason: That's why I'm saving you an opportunity to demonstrate your good faith.

Jerry: I'm listening.

Jason: Anthony Zacchara seems to be gathering forces to make a move on Port Charles. At some point, he might decide to threaten Sonny's family as leverage.

Jerry: Well, if Jax's wife and stepsons are in danger, I will make --

Jason: No, no, I'm going to be protecting Carly and the boys, okay? I just want you to be aware of the threat, in case you have to act if something happens.

Jerry: Are you actually proposing an alliance between us?

Russell: This is the second time today I've caught you socializing on your shift.

Nikolas: I was just visiting Emily on my way to a board meeting.

Russell: I'm well aware of your position in this hospital, Mr. Cassadine, as well as the weight the Quartermaine name carries, but neither entitles Emily to any special consider--

Nikolas: Shut up and listen, because I won't say this twice. Emily will do whatever and talk to whomever she pleases in the hospital, and if you try and stop her, I'll just fire you, destroy your reputation, and make sure you're changing bedpans in the geriatric ward.

[TV plays]

[Music plays]

[Woman giggles]

Woman: Another chip, Mr. Jackal?

Spinelli: Oh. Why not? Mmm.

Woman: Why don't we work out later? I'll show you some moves that'll get your butt in shape.

Spinelli: Ooh. Okay.

Woman: The Jackal is perfect the way he is.

Second Woman: Hey, it's my turn to give the Jackal a back rub.

Spinelli: Easy, ladies, there is plenty of the Jackal to go around.

Lulu: Spinelli?

[Music stops]

Lulu: Oh, no. Tell me I'm not too late.

Spinelli: Hello, one of many blond ones. Care for a chip?

[Music plays]

Lulu: I haven't been able to eat for days. I've been such a fool. I should've believed you from the start. Logan is unworthy, especially compared to you. You're brilliant and kind and compassionate, and you're the only one that I'll ever love.

Woman: Hit the road! The Jackal's found true happiness --

[Music stops]

Woman: With the girls next door.

Second and Third Woman: Yeah.

Lulu: Huh.

Spinelli: No, no, don't go, one and only beautiful blond one!

[Music plays]

Spinelli: You're the only one that holds the key to my heart.

Women: Aw.

[TV plays]

Logan: I did that for one reason --

Lulu: Uh --

Logan: Just to make you laugh.

Lulu: Sometimes it scares me how easy it is to be with you. I don't know -- some part of me is kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Logan: Well, that's not going to happen. I've got both feet planted firmly on the floor here. You are the girl for me.

Trevor: Set that meeting up for about 10:00 tomorrow morning and everything will all right.

[Trevor chuckles]

Trevor: You get points for theatrics. Jason Morgan -- Sonny's muscle. I was wondering when you were going to find the time to bump into me, because Sonny wouldn't dare threaten me again a second time himself in public.

Jason: I don't care about your personal junk. Go back to Zacchara and you tell him that Port Charles is Sonny's territory, and to be smart and stay away.

Jax: Do you honestly doubt my love for you?

Carly: Not when you're in front of me. Not when I can touch you and I can look in your eyes, no. But when I'm alone, when you take off after your brother and you leave me -- yeah, I doubt it for every minute that you're gone.

Jax: I'm sorrier than I can ever say it took me this long, but I finally learned my lesson. Hey, nothing is more important than our life together. I know that I've done some damage, and it's going to take you a while to trust me again. But I'm committed here, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Carly: I want to trust you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm not even close to wanting to let you go.

[Knock on door]

Jerry: Sorry to interrupt such a touching reunion, but I've been informed by a very reliable source that both your lives are at risk, and nothing is going to prevent me from protecting you -- whether you like it or not.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jerry: A New York City crime boss is planning a takeover.

Carly: I already talked to Jason, I think you're exaggerating.

Jax: You knew about this?

Ric: You do realize, Sonny, Kate Howard has been sleeping with my father for years?

Trevor: You really don't want me as your enemy.

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