GH Transcript Tuesday 8/28/07

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/28/07


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Carly: Thanks to Jerry, I know how it feels to be held hostage. You're terrified, you're constantly wondering whether you're going to see the people you love again, and you're willing to do just about anything to see them again. Does that sound familiar?

Jax: Carly, just -- I mean --

Carly: I need to know. Was Irina lying, or did you sleep with her?

Jax: I already told you what happened.

Carly: No, you told me with a gun pointed to your head. Just the two of us -- Irina's dead, your life is no longer at stake -- did you sleep with her?

Jax: Yes.

Sonny: In all the times that we've known each other, even when we were kids, have I ever deliberately hurt you?

Kate: Life has turned us into two very different people.

Sonny: No, no, no, you turned yourself into a different person, and it turns out that you had Trevor Lansing helping you out. He's filling your head with so many lies, you don't know what to believe anymore.

Kate: Well, I -- I know that I've trusted Trevor more than I ever trusted you.

Ric: Go back to the city. You're not welcome here.

Trevor: Are we dispensing with the family niceties?

Ric: There never were any.

Trevor: Well, you were never much of a son.

Ric: Yeah, look, you didn't come all this way to tell me what a disappointment I am. You came here to convince me to drop the charges against Kate Howard. Well, you wasted a trip. Ms. Howard broke the law, and she's going to be punished accordingly. So why don't you catch the next flight home, and stay the hell out of my life?

Trevor: Richard, I haven't taken orders in 20 years. Now, you be quiet. Listen to me.

Amelia: Look who's here. Elizabeth? Hi.

Lucky: What are you doing?

Amelia: She's your wife, I'm inviting her over. Lucky and I were just going over a few ways to tighten up security around the studio. As Sam's personal bodyguard, it's his job to make sure she's safe at all times, even on the set. Would you like to join us?

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you, but I don't want to interrupt.

Lucky: Why are you here?

Sam: After months of lying to my face and shutting me out, you show up on my couch, ready to have a heart-to-heart. I think it's a little too late, Jason. I made my choice, you made yours. There is nothing left to say to each other.

Jason: I found the men from the park. And I know you paid them to threaten Elizabeth and my son.

Jax: I'm sorry. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt you. If there had been another way --

Carly: I want to know everything that happened while you were with her, and I mean everything.

Jax: Look, it doesn't matter. We're both safe, we're on our way home. We don't need to think about Irina or my brother ever again.

Carly: I need to know, and I want to know what happened.

Jax: What happened is Irina got bored waiting for Jerry to show up. So I was beaten and drugged, and I was beaten some more after my repeated escape attempts.

Carly: When exactly did she convince you to sleep with her?

Jax: When she threatened to kill you.

Carly: You believed her?

Jax: The woman faked her own death. She kidnapped me, tortured me, and then she wanted to kill me while my brother watched. So, yeah, I -- I believed her. I believed that she would go after you and the boys. So I cooperated.

Carly: You managed to perform so well that you left her wanting more.

Jax: Oh –

Sonny: If you say you trust Trevor as much as you claim, then you two must be close. What, is he your friend, your lover?

Kate: Oh -- I already told you, Sonny, my relationship with Trevor is none of your business.

Sonny: Well, I'm just trying to figure out what you -- you would see in a man like that.

Kate: Hmm. You mean a caring, thoughtful man who's been nothing but supportive of me since the day we met?

Sonny: No, I mean -- no. I mean cold, unfeeling bastard who thinks that money entitles him to whatever the hell he wants.

Kate: Why do you hate Trevor so much?

Sonny: Because he broke my mother's heart, ruined her life, and he blamed me for it. Is that reason enough for you?

Trevor: Drop all charges against Kate Howard. Let her plead out to a misdemeanor.

Ric: This is her second offense.

Trevor: Wasn't a suggestion, Richard.

Ric: Look, I'm the D.A. You don't have any authority over me in this case, or any other.

Trevor: Well, you might hold the position, but I've read all the opinion polls. The people of Port Charles hold you in less esteem than I do. And I can always call in a couple of favors from the state judiciary committee to take a look at your behavior during your last fiasco. What was it, the -- the murder trial that you tanked?

Emily: Nikolas had to cancel our plans tonight, so I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to go out for a drink and catch up. I picked the place, not her. So if I had known that you were going to be here and it was going to be an issue, I would've suggested another place.

Lucky: It's not an issue. Enjoy your drinks.

Amelia: Well, that was telling.

Lucky: What?

Amelia: You were so defensive with your wife, almost as if you got caught doing something illicit. Why is that, Lucky? Are you already cheating on Elizabeth with Sam or do you just want to?

Jason: Did you honestly think I wouldn't find out?

Sam: Those men were paid to scare Elizabeth, not hurt her.

Jason: They pulled a gun. If the cops would've shown up, who knows what could've happened. Cam and Jake could've been caught in the crossfire.

Sam: I was there to make sure that didn't happen, Jason. So the way I see it, I did you a favor by staging that incident in the park. Elizabeth got a wake-up call before it's too late. So instead of standing here confronting me, you should be thanking me for saving your son from the real danger -- which would be you.

Jax: Sleeping with Irina was about survival, nothing more. I didn't choose it willingly, and I certainly didn't enjoy it.

Carly: She did. And loved rubbing my face in it.

Jax: Oh -- would you rather she'd shot one of us?

Carly: Oh -- come on. Of course not, Jax.

Jax: Look, I was desperate to get off that boat and get back home to you. And she threatened Michael and Morgan, as well, so I did what was necessary to keep my family safe.

Carly: Why didn't you listen to me to begin with?

Jax: Because I thought I was saving my worthless brother, that's why.

Carly: Yeah, going after Jerry, rescue Jerry -- after I told you it was a setup.

Jax: I know.

Carly: And he told me that he sent you on a wild-goose chase, and then he admitted that he had lost you, and I was terrified, but I don't know why, because Irina was taking care of you.

Jax: You really want to go there?

[Carly sighs]

Jax: Because at least I can say I was forced into cheating. You willingly slept with Sonny when you said you loved me -- and you were engaged to me.

Carly: Wow. So the truth comes out. You slept with Irina because I slept with Sonny?

Jax: Oh –

Sonny: After Mike left us, my mother went to work for Trevor as his secretary. They had an affair, she got pregnant. Trevor told her that he was going to leave his wife and start a new life with my mother. So he sent us off to his vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard so my mother could have the baby and wouldn't cause him any problems at home. But it -- it didn't work out the way he -- he wanted.

Adela's voice: Oh!

Young Sonny: Mommy! Mommy!

Kate: Why not?

Sonny: My mother fell down the stairs. She had to be hospitalized. Trevor's wife found out about the pregnancy and threatened a -- a bad divorce.

Kate: So Trevor broke it off with your mother and went back to his wife?

Sonny: Well -- huh -- then he -- what he wanted was my mother to put me up for adoption. Because Trevor -- the -- the caring, sweet man that he is -- blamed me for my mother's fall and he wanted me gone. And my mother wouldn't give me up.

Kate: So your mother chose you over him? Knowing Trevor, that was unforgivable.

Ric: You've always put your career, reputation -- not to mention your endless string of mistresses -- before your family. I guess it should come as no surprise that Kate Howard means more to you than your own flesh and blood ever will.

Trevor: I try to forget that connection when I look at you.

Ric: Oh, right. I was never good enough, right? Not at school, not at sports, definitely not when I decided to follow in your footsteps into law.

Trevor: Richard, you were always a disappointment to me -- and you're probably even more so as a father. You know the one person that I feel real pity for? Your daughter, Molly.

Ric: Yeah, that would be your only granddaughter -- not that you bothered to acknowledge her existence, either.

Trevor: Well, I tried to steer clear of your personal life. Although, I understand that you gained sole custody of Molly -- only after a lengthy court battle.

Ric: You keeping tabs on me?

Trevor: No. I simply said to my assistant, "Take a couple of hours, find something at we can use." So, you drop all charges against Kate Howard, or I'm going to see to it that you lose your daughter forever. Is that clear enough to you, Richard?

Lucky: You know, my relationship with Sam is none of your business.

Amelia: Well, just an observation -- it's in your best interest to keep that relationship strictly professional. If not, you will have to learn the hard way who Sam really is. Every man does eventually; some even live to tell about it. Well, I have to get back to the studio to speak to our head of security about the measures you've presented to safeguard our star. If you're wise, you'll go join your wife for a drink.

Emily: Hey, are you okay?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Look, I know this is hard, but if you're going to salvage your marriage, you have to let Lucky work through this in his own time, in his own way.

Elizabeth: What if he can't? What if he is so hurt and angry, there's just nothing left for us to save?

Sam: If you think that I am wrong about the danger and you're willing to risk Elizabeth’s life to be with your son, or have one -- or both of them -- shot in your arms, then just say so, Jason. I will march down to her right now and tell her I set that whole thing up. You know as well as I do -- you said it yourself. Elizabeth and Jake -- and don't forget Cameron -- will never be safe with you.

Jason: You stood by while Jake was kidnapped. You hired two men to threaten Elizabeth at gunpoint while her children watched. What is wrong with you? You want revenge? You want to be angry at somebody? You be angry at me! You leave Elizabeth --

Sam: Jason, I gave up everything to be with you! I was shot because of you! I cannot have kids because of you, and then you go and have one with Elizabeth?

Jason: You stay away from Elizabeth; don't go near her children or her again.

Sam: What, are you threatening me?

Jason: If you hurt them -- again -- in any way, I will kill you.

[Door opens and closes]

Carly: I wasn't married to you when I slept with Sonny, but you were married to me when you slept with Irina.

Jax: I already explained what happened.

Carly: You slept with another woman multiple times, I only -- it only happened once, okay?

Jax: And I regret it, you don’t. You slept with Sonny because you wanted to.

Carly: Why are we talking about this?

Jax: You're trying to accuse me of -- of cheating on you when I was forced into it. You slept with Sonny because you still have feelings for him, because you wanted to sleep with him. So if anyone should be called a cheater here, it's you, not me.

Kate: It's amazing how people can have different perspectives on the same event.

Sonny: What did Trevor tell you about my mother's fall?

Kate: That you were a disturbed and volatile child.

[Sonny scoffs]

Sonny: I was supposed to be jealous of my mother's family, so that's why I pushed my mother down the stairs -- to kill her and my unborn brother. See, I'm -- I'm not surprised that Trevor would think that. What about you?

Kate: You were a rebellious and haunted boy. And now you're a dangerous man who makes a living through intimidation and fear.

Sonny: I'm a coffee importer.

Kate: Sonny --

Sonny: What?

Kate: I've seen what you're capable of firsthand when you threatened Jerry Jacks. You were cold and deliberate, just as I'm sure you were when you had Trevor brought into your office.

Sonny: So what is this about -- questioning your boyfriend?

Kate: Oh --

Sonny: What? I mean, that's -- that's what --

Kate: You said that you would kill Trevor -- would you?

Sonny: Did he tell you why he's in Port Charles? It's not for your legal problems. He's working for a man named Anthony Zacchara -- he's a mob boss out of New York City. Trevor is in town to try to take away everything that matters to me.

Ric: You know, unlike you, I happen to love being a father, and there's nothing that I wouldn't do to protect my daughter. So, if you even think about trying to take Molly away from me, I swear to you, you will regret it.

Trevor: Richard, sole custody of Molly was granted to you on the grounds the mother was unfit. How long do you think it's going to take me to find something to get an emergency order of protection against you?

Ric: You really are a heartless bastard, you know that?

Trevor: Thank you. I expect a written order of confirmation that all charges against Kate Howard are going to be dropped -- first thing in the morning.

Elizabeth: I can't believe what a complete mess I've made of my marriage.

Emily: All right. Wait a second, let's back up here. You're not the only one to blame. Lucky created his fair share of problems long before you ever slept with Jason.

Elizabeth: I know, but I could've handled things better. I should've been honest with Lucky from the start -- about everything. I -- I tried so hard to protect him, and I just ended up driving him away.

Emily: Just give him some more time. Wouldn't you rather that he be angry and lash out than turn to pills?

Elizabeth: Well, pills aren't the only thing he could turn to.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Sam, open the door.

Lucky: Are you all right? Hey --

[Sam sighs]

Lucky: Hey, it's okay. You have nothing to be afraid of, I'm here.

Spinelli: Greetings. The Jackal trusts that Stone Cold's weapon of choice is being returned to the confines of its securely locked box -- cold and unused? But, clearly, Samantha made a gross error in judgment hiring the threatening ones to menace fair Elizabeth and your progeny in the park. But, look, I -- look, I just have to believe that it was done out of hurt and anger, and that it's not --

Jason: I know you care about Sam. So you need to do everything you can to make sure that she stays as far away from Elizabeth and my son as possible.

Spinelli: And what if Samantha chooses not to listen?

Sam: I'm so sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to melt down like that.

Lucky: Hey, what happened?

Sam: Nothing.

Lucky: Nothing? That doesn't look like "nothing." There's broken glass -- why?

Sam: I let my anger get the best of me. You know, there's so much inside that needs to come out, and when it does, it just causes a lot of damage. I break things, Lucky, that can't be fixed.

Lucky: So what set you off tonight?

Sam: Knowing that I'm alone.

Lucky: Sam, you're not alone. You have me.

Sam: You mean that, don't you?

Lucky: Yeah.

Sam: Thank you. Thank you, Lucky. I mean, I just -- I feel so much safer knowing that I have you.

Spinelli: The Jackal will use his considerable pull as Samantha’s friend and former roommate to urge her to abandon thoughts of retribution against fair Elizabeth. And in the meantime, while I'm brokering the peace, you can inform the maternal one that she and her sons were never in any real danger.

Jason: I'm not going to say anything to Elizabeth.

Spinelli: Why not? Stone Cold, if -- if Elizabeth learns the truth, she'll no doubt be more comfortable allowing contact between you and baby Jacob Martin.

Jason: It doesn't matter. I'm not going to be seeing them again.

Kate: Trevor Lansing has been a friend of mine for years and he "is" in Port Charles to straighten out my legal troubles.

Sonny: Well, that may be what Trevor's telling you, but my contacts in the city tell me that Anthony Zacchara has been Trevor's client for years, and now that Alcazar is out of the picture, Zacchara is going to try to make his move in this territory. So, Trevor's using you as a cover. He comes to town, right, checks everything out, then he reports back to his boss.

Kate: He doesn't have a boss.

Sonny: He --

Kate: He's never mentioned the name Zacchara in my presence. You know what? I'm not -- I'm not going to try to --

Sonny: Oh?

Kate: Change your mind, okay? Right now, I need Trevor's assistance, and I fully intend to accept whatever help he can provide.

Sonny: Really?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Uh-huh. Okay. Okay, forget what -- how I feel about the man and all that stuff, okay? I just don't want you to get hurt, and you will get hurt if you're caught in the middle.

Kate: This isn't the first time that I've counted on Trevor, and he's always come through for me in the past.

Sonny: In return for what, exactly?

Kate: Okay, this conversation is finished.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: Now, if you don't mind, it's getting late, and I would really like to get to bed.

Sonny: You're too good for this man. Just don't -- don't forget that, okay?

Kate: Good night, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, well –

Diane: Now, don't misunderstand me, Max -- I have nothing but admiration for Kate Howard as an arbiter of fashion. But I think she's a fool to get personally involved with Sonny. A woman of her stature cannot afford to be associated with an alleged racketeer -- although, I'm not complaining. If Sonny didn't have me defending Kate on the reckless driving charge, I wouldn't be getting my designer original.

Max: Yeah, well, it's probably a good thing Ms. Howard's legal problems happened when they did.

Diane: I'm hoping for a Neela Lorente -- something classic but chic.

Max: Ms. Howard facing, you know, jail time, the boss hasn't had time to question me about Mrs. C or what she's been up to or --

Diane: Of course, I would not say no to a little Cartullo cocktail number.

[Diane chuckles]

Max: Or who she's been with.

Diane: Something stylish and flirty, but not too forced.

Max: Not that I know anything about what Carly’s been up to or, you know, what she's been doing.

Diane: Definitely slinky -- gin -- and preferably backless.

[Max sighs]

Diane: What were you saying about Carly?

Max: Carly?

Diane: Yes. You were just saying something about her whereabouts?

Max: I did?

Diane: Where is she this time?

Max: Oh, I don't know. I don't work for Mrs. C anymore. I don't know where she is or who she spends her time with these things.

Diane: Oh, Max, Max, Max. Don't deny it -- it's as plain on your face as the mustard on your tie.

Max: What's that? Oh, man -- this is new!

Diane: And it's lovely. It really brings out your eyes. Where's Carly?

Max: You know, I'm going to tell you something my Uncle Carmine used to tell me -- "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."

[Diane chuckles]

Carly: I cannot believe that you are turning this back around on me. You were the one who left one month after we were married to save your brother, who didn't need saving. When I got back from begging you not to leave, Jerry was sitting on my couch. I can't believe how gullible you are when it comes to your brother.

Jax: Yes, I'm an idiot when it comes to my brother, okay? But the point is I didn't willingly sleep with Irina. You willingly slept with Sonny, okay? That's the point.

Carly: Okay, I was held hostage for hours by your psychotic brother!

Jax: You know what? I've already heard this story a million times. We're just getting petty, okay? This is just -- this is stupid. I'm alive, you're alive, that's all that really matters, right?

Carly: Yeah, but you told me you were over this -- or, I thought you'd made peace with it, but now you're throwing it back up in my face again –

[Diane laughs]

Max: Yep, here it is, got it.

Diane: Did you find it for me?

Max: Oh, yeah, it's right here.

Diane: Thank you, Max.

Max: Yeah -- ahem.

Diane: Thank you so much.

Max: There it is, Diane.

Diane: Well, how did it go with Kate Howard? Any word on my dress? Because I'm thinking, as long as the editor in chief of "Couture" magazine is personally handling the arrangements, I might be able to pick up a few odds and ends --

Sonny: I don't want you working on Kate's case anymore.

Diane: What about my dress?

Sonny: She's sleeping with Anthony Zacchara's attorney, which happens to be Ric's father, and that is more important than your damn dress.

Max: I'm sorry, boss, that's tough to take.

Diane: Yes, it's devastating. How can you possibly break up with Kate Howard before I have received my designer created-and-fitted original?

Sonny: Diane, did you not hear what I just said?

Diane: Yes, yes, yes -- Anthony Zacchara! Now, you hear me. Mob rivals come and go -- just look at Lorenzo Alcazar -- but this is fashion!

Sonny: You are lucky you're the best damn lawyer I ever had, because sometimes, Diane, you drive me crazy.

Trevor: I just had a conversation with Richard, and he has agreed to drop all the charges against you.

Kate: Trevor, you have been in town for only a few hours. How did you manage to convince him so quickly?

Trevor: Well, even as a child, he couldn't stand his ground. Tonight was no exception. Let's celebrate.

Kate: Thank you.

Trevor: I'm glad I could help you.

Kate: You always do.

Trevor: Katie, do you remember when we first met? You were so young and vibrant, and you knew exactly what you wanted -- you just didn't know how to get it.

Kate: And there you were. I'll never be able to thank you for all that you've done for me -- then and now.

Trevor: You can do a little better than that.

Spinelli: Fair Samantha, I -- I come bearing you gifts to welcome you to your new domicile.

Sam: You didn't have to get me anything.

Spinelli: Oh, the Jackal insists. Please.

Sam: What --

Spinelli: Huh.

Sam: Okay.

Spinelli: Huh. It's for soothing contemplation, and it seems to come at a time of obvious need.

Sam: Thank you.

[Sam sighs]

Spinelli: How are you doing?

Sam: Not well. Uh-uh.

Spinelli: The Jackal sympathizes with your pain. I mean, I know -- unfortunately, better than most -- how -- how harsh it is to face the reality of losing the one you love.

Sam: Oh, come on, no. I am not upset about breaking up with Jason.

Spinelli: Well, then why does the fair one appear melancholy?

Sam: Just because you spend years of your life with someone you love who never really loved you, I --

Spinelli: No, no, no. No, that's not true. Stone Cold had the utmost --

Sam: "Stone cold." "Stone cold" -- now, there is a nickname that is literally dead-on. Jason doesn't know how to love, and he will turn on anyone that gets in his way.

[Jason sighs]

[Knock on door]

Jason: What do you want?

Amelia: I thought you should know -- Sam hired Lucky Spencer to be her personal bodyguard. It seems she is very concerned for her personal safety, now that the two of you are no longer together. I give it a week -- maybe two -- before she gets Lucky into bed.

Jason: Why are you telling me this?

Amelia: Elizabeth is going to need someone to console her, and since the two of you already share a son, you're the obvious choice. And, yes, my primary interest is to watch Sam choke on her jealousy and frustration, while she sleeps with second-best, and the man that got away lives happily ever after. It's what we in the business refer to as a "Hollywood ending," and it's exactly what Sam deserves.

Carly: No --

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's wrong? Hey.

Carly: "What's wrong?"

Jax: Yeah, what's wrong?

Carly: You slept with Irina. There's no telling what disgusting diseases you picked up from her.

Jax: Believe it or not, we actually used protect--

Carly: I don't want to -- hmm. There is no sex whatsoever until you get a clean bill of health.

Jax: Okay. Fair enough. I suppose kissing is out of the question, too, then?

Diane: How could you do this to me? I have bent the law and broken my back defending you and Jason time and time again. Finally, something good has come of it, and now you want to take it away?

Max: It's a dress. I mean --

Diane: It's Couture! Do you have any word that describes that in man-speak?

Max: Easy.

Diane: Any -- any translation for the yearning of feeling a designer original draped over your body? I was this close to owning a Neela Lorente, and now you have to blow it all by breaking up with Kate Howard ahead of schedule.

Sonny: That's not what happened, Diane, so you pay attention. I need you to pull Trevor Lansing's legal record, even before Ric was born. I want to know when his father started working for Anthony Zacchara. I want to know about every case that he's tried. You dig up whatever you can.

Diane: It's getting late.

Sonny: Well, charge me double.

Diane: I'm charging you one designer original.

Sonny: Diane! Forget the dress. I need you focused. Things are going to get ugly, and I got to do whatever I can to make sure Kate does not get caught in the middle.

Kate: It's been a very long time since we spent the night together. Why now?

Trevor: Why not? All right, look, I'll say it if you want me to. Oh, Katie. I really missed you. And I hope that you feel the same way about me.

Kate: Trevor -- not tonight.

Trevor: You are not turning me away because of Sonny Corinthos?

Kate: No, don't -- don't be absurd. I'm just -- I'm simply tired and I need my rest. I'm just asking for some time, that's all.

Trevor: Okay. Take all the time you want. I don't have to be back in New York for a couple of weeks. You take all the time you want. I'll see you tomorrow.

Lucky: Did you and Emily have a nice talk?

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, we had a great talk.

Lucky: About what a jerk I've been? Look, I'm really sorry for the way I acted back at the restaurant.

Elizabeth: I'm not going to blame you for being angry.

Lucky: I don't want to spend the rest of my life resenting you for something we can't change. I do want to find a way to get past all the pain and anger. I'm just not there yet.

Elizabeth: I understand.

Lucky: I'm not giving up on us, either. I want to find a way to make it work.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Spinelli: I know the secret of baby Jake’s true parentage hurt you deeply, but Jason has always been kind and generous to us.

Sam: There's no defense for Jason. He is a blank wall completely devoid of any real emotion.

Spinelli: Okay, Jason may not wear his heart on his sleeve, but he's been a loyal friend and mentor to the Jackal, so if you could just refrain from trashing him -- at least in my presence?

Sam: Uh-uh. No, look, there's a disconnect with Jason. He is who he is, and he expects everyone in his life to make the adjustments. Right? I am tired of twisting myself into knots to fit into his life. I loved him with -- everything I had, and he didn't love me back. So, you know, I just -- I -- I feel like after everything he's done, he definitely deserves to end up alone.

Jason: I am grateful for the help you've given me -- you know, at the trial, and especially finding my son. But what I do --

Amelia: It doesn't entitle me to use your personal life as an instrument of my revenge.

Jason: Yeah, something like that.

Amelia: Okay. Fair enough. I'll spare you any further updates of Sam's seduction of Lucky -- although, I don't imagine it will take very long.

Jason: As long as you're here, I need to know for sure that you will never tell anyone that Jake is my son.

Amelia: That little boy has already been kidnapped once. That is enough danger for a lifetime. If you think he's safer being raised as Lucky Spencer’s son, who am I to argue? I'll keep your secret, Jason -- if only because I'd rather not have you think of me as someone you need to shut up. I wouldn't be too sure about Sam, though. Obviously, I'm biased, yes, but Sam is hurt and angry and somehow thinks of herself as a victim in all of this. She will do anything she can to hurt you, even if she has to use your son to do it.

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Maxie: See how happy she is? Lulu had a night of mind-blowing sex last night.

Ric: Why are you really here? Don't tell me it's all about Kate Howard.

Carly: My husband slept with another woman -- we're probably not going to make it.

Jerry: Are you still mad at me?

Jax: I don't know you anymore.

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