GH Transcript Monday 8/20/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/20/07


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Carly: Get off of me!

Jerry: What are you doing here?

Carly: I'm here to save Jax, and you can't stop me.

Jerry: Yeah, I got my brother into this, and I'm going to get him out, alone, Carly.

Carly: I don't trust you to save Jax.

Jerry: You listen to me. I will toss you in a Turkish prison before I allow you to jeopardize my brother's rescue. Do you understand?

Maxie: You have been avoiding my calls.

Logan: What's the problem? Coop still mad at you? You need a little company?

Maxie: Maybe, or maybe you're trying to back out of our deal.

Logan: That'd be a shame for you, wouldn't it?

Maxie: Yeah, because if you can't handle getting Lulu into bed, you definitely can't handle me.

Logan: Listen to me; I can handle Lulu in bed anytime I feel like it.

Maxie: Oh.

Spinelli: Did the Jackal hear you correctly? That you would at least consider a permanent alliance between your own stone cold self and the fair Elizabeth, which would enable you to take your rightful place as the true father of baby Stone Cold?

Jason: I mean, it's up to Elizabeth.

Spinelli: I mean, do you really think it's fair to -- to dump the entire burden of choice on the maternal one when she's dealing with a crumbling marriage, taking care of the wee one and her own --

Jason: That's why it's got to be her choice, because she has a lot more to lose than I do.

Spinelli: Well, maybe she's waiting for you to express your feelings on the subject, and those would be exactly what?

Jason: Which would be what? Fine, I would want Elizabeth and her sons to move in here.

Spinelli: Score.

Jason: But not if she's afraid.

Elizabeth: Cameron, I want you to stand behind Mommy, okay?

Man: Don't even think about screaming for help.

Elizabeth: What do you want?

Man: You come with us, Morgan does what he's told, nobody gets hurt.

Sam: Leave them alone.

Patrick: Is it just me or has my workload doubled overnight?

Epiphany: Your father only has two more days to turn himself into Eli Love. He said you'd be glad to cover.

Patrick: Great. Then I need Mr. Taylor's labs as soon as I can.

Leyla: I have them right here, Doctor.

Patrick: Wow. Are you always this on top of things, or am I getting special treatment?

Leyla: Well, I'm a student nurse. I'm supposed to prove myself. But I do try a little harder for you, I must admit, because of your reputation.

Patrick: Then I'll try and rise to the occasion, professionally speaking.

Epiphany: Well, I guess this means the pregnancy scare's over.

Robin: Well, it is for me. As for Patrick, he's determined to re-declare his independence as a single, available male.

Logan: Lulu, hey.

Lulu: Hi.

Maxie: Excuse me -- I wasn't finished talking to you.

Logan: Maxie, I came by here for a cup of coffee, not to get yelled at.

Maxie: Okay, then quit expecting Coop to look the other way when you're trying to impress Sonny. He doesn't owe you any favors.

Logan: Since when do you speak for Coop? There's a lot more history between me and Coop then there is between you and him. You try and remember that, Maxie.

Maxie: Just leave him alone.

Logan: I'm so sorry that you had to hear that.

Lulu: What was that really about?

Logan: I --

Lulu: Why was Maxie covering like crazy the second that she saw me?

Logan: You know Maxieís after me, okay? And she can't stand it that, you know, I care about you. Maxie just gets mean, you know.

Lulu: Hmm. That's so typical of Maxie. Well, you have more important things to focus on.

Logan: Like what? You?

Lulu: Like taking that blood test to prove that Scott Baldwin is really your father.

Diane: Ms. Howard, describe, if you will, for the jury, your state of mind immediately following your collision with the parked police cruiser.

Kate: You want humility? Okay, I'll show you humility. I was profoundly and tremendously remorseful and so relieved to find out that no one was in the car and, therefore, hurt. But what haunts me, Your Honor, is the thought of the poor, lowly, minimum-wage mechanics who work so tirelessly at doing whatever it is they do to fix my little Bentley.

Sonny: Are you crazy?

Diane: No, no, no, no, no!

Kate: What?

Diane: "What?"

Sonny: "What?"

Diane: First of all, never refer to your Bentley. It's ostentatious and completely unrelatable to both judge and jury.

Sonny: And when you say "those people," what the hell is that?

Kate: I was trying to show compassion for the only people truly affected.

Diane: Okay.

Kate: All I did was sideswipe a car. I didn't shoot the president.

Sonny: Okay -- all we're saying is you could sound a little less snobby and condescending.

Kate: Oh, well, I guess I'm just not as well versed with the criminal court system you two. I am just an average woman who drove her Bentley a little too fast, had a minor fender-bender, and now has to leave the country for a fashion caucus. Why don't we just stop -- stop wasting each other's time and deal with this realistically, okay? Sonny, call in a favor -- unless I'm right and you really are dragging this out on purpose.

Sam: Drop your guns on the ground now.

Man: This is none of your business, lady.

Sam: Lose them, or I'll kill you! Drop them! I mean it; drop your guns on the ground. Get out of here. Hey. Are you all right? What did they want?

Jason: When I sat through the trial, I listened to what Ric told the jury, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a new father, but it reconfirmed how dangerous my life is.

Spinelli: Trial's over. You've been acquitted.

Jason: Yeah, but my life hasn't changed.

Spinelli: But you want the small stone cold one with you.

Jason: Not if his mother's afraid for him, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Just consider Mr. Corinthos, Sir's sons, right? Okay, I mean, he's the mob kingpin, right? The godfather, so to speak, and yet his progeny remains safe.

Jason: Yeah, all three of his kids were kidnapped a few years ago, it was horrible.

Spinelli: Okay, I don't mean to disagree in a capricious or annoying manor, but all three of his offspring, they seem fine. I mean, I've only been briefly acquainted with the goddess in training, Kristina, but I've -- I've observed Michael and Morgan in the comfort of Mr. Corinthos, Sir's well-guarded estate, and they seem more than content. I mean, not every kid has an endless supply of automated toys or personal computers or their own limo and driver.

Jason: Yeah, well, that's nice, but Elizabethís not going to want her kids to be raised that way.

Spinelli: Look, all I'm saying is that Michael and Morgan, they're thriving.

Jason: They are, because Carly can handle the danger. That's my point. She protects her kids, but she's not afraid for them.

Spinelli: Yeah, I -- I know. I stand in awe of the Valkyrie. She is without question a fearless warrior. I mean -- I mean to venture abroad with the unhinged one to save you? I mean, that was courageous, if not a wee bit foolhardy.

Jason: See, yeah, that's the problem -- Carly's not afraid, even when she should be.

Carly: You're wasting your time. Where's Jax?

Jerry: You know what? I prefer not to kill you, but you don't leave me much of a choice. I don't think Jax would understand if his stepchildren are left without a mother.

Carly: You're bluffing.

Jerry: You see, I don't feel much these days, but I love no one like I love my brother.

Carly: You're the reason Jax was captured in the first place.

Jerry: And I intend to rectify the situation.

Carly: It'll be easier if we work together, just like we did in Venezuela.

Jerry: Oh, come on. Granted, you were resourceful and an amusing companion. You were a gifted liar.

Carly: Thank you. I am.

Jerry: You were dangerous and unpredictable. This is a totally different ball game. You don't have the experience, especially in this delicate situation.

Carly: I don't care! Where's Jax? Fine, I'll find him my--

Jerry: Donít. Jax is being held prisoner by Irina.

Emily: Hmm. Ah, Jase. It feels so good to hug you knowing that it's not goodbye, that you're not going to prison anymore. I can finally admit how terrified I was.

Jason: Well, I owe Carly. She really came through for me.

Emily: Yeah.

Jason: And I owe a lot of other people, too.

Emily: Does that include Elizabeth?

Jason: Especially her.

Emily: Yeah. The footage of her hugging you is all over the news.

Jason: I know, I know.

Emily: Yeah, I was with Lucky when he saw it. He wasn't very happy.

Jason: I can't say I blame him.

Emily: Hey, Jase, I love Lucky. He's my oldest and dearest friend. But sometimes what you think you want is not always what's best for you. Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. Lucky and Elizabeth probably aren't going to survive what happened in court, and I hate that. But I've been pushing Elizabeth to decide what she really wants for herself now that the truth is out, and I have a feeling that that might be you.

Elizabeth: Oh. Are you okay? That was scary, wasn't it? Thank you.

Sam: You still haven't told me what happened.

Elizabeth: I was just -- I was coming home and two men showed up.

Sam: Well, what did they want?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I don't know. It happened so fast. What are you doing?

Sam: Don't you think we should call the police?

Elizabeth: Why? Nobody's going to catch them now.

Sam: Two men with guns just came up to you and your family. I -- I don't know, you could've been mugged or worse. At least we should file a report, don't you think?

Elizabeth: Yeah, okay. Call the police.

Lulu: Here you go.

Logan: Thank you. Anybody ever tell you you should maybe get a job here?

Lulu: You always do that. The second something gets too close to home, you make a joke or you get totally obnoxious or both, and you think that you're just distracting everyone.

Logan: There's no fooling you, is there?

Lulu: The serious stuff is not going to go away just because you don't want to deal with it. Trust me, I know.

Logan: Look, I've thought a lot about taking the D.N.A. test, okay? And I would love to prove that Baldwin knocked up my mother and then vanished, and then I could take that test and I could shove it down his lying throat.

Lulu: Okay, okay, okay, okay, maybe -- maybe Scott is being honest. Maybe, for whatever reason, he doesn't realize that you're his son.

Logan: No, he knows. The man knows, okay, and he doesn't want any part of me, which is fine because the feeling is mutual.

Lulu: But if Scott really is your father, that matters, even if you don't want it to.

Logan: You listen to me, all right? I would not take water from that man if I was dying of thirst. He is a total waste. You got a problem?

Man: No. But you do.

Mike: Ahem, listen -- whoa, ho, ho, ho. The only -- the only problem that I have time for is my broken toaster. Now, I don't need you adding to the difficulties.

Logan: Does it look like I'm creating difficulties here, Mike?

Mike: Well, just -- just cut back on the caffeine, pal. You can't handle it.

Lulu: We're very sorry.

Logan: Lulu, you don't have to apologize. You don't have to apologize.

Mike: Thank you, Lulu.

Lulu: Come on. Okay, I realize that I -- I was the one that got you started talking about this, but you really need to dial it down a notch.

Logan: Mike didn't have to kick me out just for raising my voice a little bit.

Lulu: Well, he did, and if you try and argue, you're just going to make it worse. Let's just go someplace private.

Logan: Like where?

Lulu: Where do you think?

Logan: Well -- after you.

Leyla: Must be a lot of extra work for you, what with your dad taking time off to pretend to be a rock star.

Patrick: Shh, it's supposed to be a secret.

Leyla: Don't worry; I'm very good at keeping secrets.

Patrick: Is that right?

Leyla: Yeah.

Patrick: So you going to the concert? Because, you know, I can get you great seats. I'm with the band.

Leyla: Yeah, I've never really been much for rock concerts. I prefer good old-fashioned physical exhaustion. I like to run. It gives me great freedom.

Patrick: Yeah, so do I. Have you ran the track that loops around to where the tree preserve is?

Leyla: No, but it sounds wonderful.

Patrick: Yeah, you should join me sometime.

Leyla: Let me know when.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: When's the last time you asked me to go running?

Patrick: You like to run?

Robin: Huh. My point exactly.

Elizabeth: One was taller than the other. The short one had on all black. The taller one, he had on like a gray shirt and --

Lucky: Why were you in the park?

Elizabeth: My car's in the shop, remember?

Lucky: You could've taken the bus.

Elizabeth: Do you want to hear the rest of the description or not? They both had gloves on.

Sam: Which is probably why you won't get much off of those guns.

Elizabeth: Sam risked her life to defend these boys.

Det. Rodriguez: What were you thinking going after those guys?

Sam: I didnít. I didn't think at all, actually. I saw that they were in trouble and, you know, I reacted and then we called the police.

Elizabeth: If you hadn't shown up, I don't know what I would've done.

Sam: So, why do you think they were targeting you and your kids?

Elizabeth: I don't know. It was -- it was a blur. I was just really scared for my boys.

Lucky: They're fine, Elizabeth. Thanks to Sam.

Emily: Elizabeth's my best friend. I've been picking up on some things for a while. Jase, I know how much she cares about you and how close you both still are. I always thought that she was going to end up with Lucky. But he is angry with her all the time, Jase. When Jake was kidnapped, he really lashed out at her. He wanted his life with Elizabeth to be perfect and it's not, and yes, Elizabeth was wrong to marry him without telling him that she slept with you first, but he's made some mistakes, too. I don't know, you know? Maybe they're both at the point where they just need to let go.

Jason: And any decision Elizabeth is going to make is going to be about what's best for her kids.

Emily: Okay. So what if she decides that you're what's best for her kids? If Elizabeth wanted to make something work with you, how would you feel about it?

Jason: Look, Emily, you know I love you, but this whole situation is just a huge mess, and you would be better off if you just stayed out of it.

Lulu: Okay, so you're home. No more customers to antagonize. No more father figures to set you off. That is what happened with Mike, isn't it?

Logan: Yeah, you know what? I'm sure -- I'm so glad you got me out of there because, you know, what Baldwin did to my mom, it still really -- it makes me furious and, I don't know, you know. It just -- it brings out all that stuff in me that you -- huh -- you really can't stand.

Lulu: Well, you're not --

Logan: Here you go.

Lulu: Perfect or predictable, but as long as you're honest with me --

Logan: Lulu, you're trying to see the good in me, and I really appreciate that, but, um, you know, you really don't have any idea what I've done.

Lulu: And what if I did? You think that I wouldn't like you very much?

Logan: You wouldn't like me at all.

Sonny: You hit a parked police car. The cops tracked you down, they arrested you. You're out on bail pending trial. Diane and I, we're just trying to, you know, make this whole situation go away. So can you please just stop playing games for one second and get serious like we are.

Kate: You are so transparent.

Sonny: I don't care.

Kate: This whole ridiculous meeting is about scaring me under your control. And you -- you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You're supposed to be an officer of the court, beyond reproach, ethical, and yet here you stand backing up Sonny and his sneaky, little plan to make my case seem more daunting than it really is. Okay, you two, no more. I'm going to get my own lawyer.

Diane: Kate, ahem -- I am so sorry that you have gotten such the wrong impression from me, because I can assure you my intentions toward you have been nothing but genuine. Honestly. And I would really rethink that bit about bringing in outside counsel. I know the ins and outs of the Port Charles justice system better than anyone you could import from Manhattan. So whether you like it or not, you need me. And if Sonny can influence this attitude that's going to do nothing but land you in jail, you need him, too.

Kate: Okay, I need you to be honest with me. But this isn't some sort of power play, that -- that I can trust you.

Sonny: I swear.

Carly: You told me Irina died in front of you and that you were forced to watch.

Jerry: That's right.

Carly: Then someone's messing with your head. She can't be alive. It's a diversion.

Jerry: That is Irina. There's no mistaking her.

Carly: Anyone could've doctored that. We did the same thing when we were trying to prove that Alcazar was alive when he wasnít.

Jerry: Listen, for months after Irina was executed, I didn't want to accept that she was dead. I was desperate to see her. I imagined running into her on the street or catching a glimpse of her at a restaurant. But now that I'm facing the possibility of actually seeing her, it's the last thing I want.

Carly: If it's even her.

Jerry: It makes perfect and tragic sense. Irina, the person that I loved and was forced to betray, is out for revenge, so she captured my brother, the only person I give a damn about.

Carly: Well, if this is true, we got to get moving. Where's the boat? Look, Irina's not expecting me, so we at least have the element of surprise, Jerry.

Irina: I hate surprises. Miss me? Before hitting the Yucatan Peninsula sometime tomorrow

Irina: Put the bag on the bed.

Jerry: So it really is you.

Irina: Alive and well, no thanks to you. And you of course are Carly, the sister-in-law. The wife. A very brave or foolish woman to follow this man.

Carly: You're supposed to be dead. Jerry said you were killed in front of him.

Irina: Not killed. Betrayed, captured, tortured, and finally, mercifully executed.

Carly: So it was staged.

Irina: Mm-hmm.

Carly: So you betrayed Jerry.

Irina: I gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Carly: Weren't there extenuating circumstances for Jerry, like he was tortured and starved?

Irina: If you are defending this man, it only proves you don't know him. He's a liar, a user.

Carly: I think Jerry's scum. I don't trust him but --

Irina: Don't preach to me until you stood in my place. What if the man you love, the man you gave your heart and soul betrayed you?

Max: It's good to have you back. I know that Carly was pleased she could help you out.

Jason: Yeah, she was great.

Max: Yeah, not that I condone her running off with that nut case to help you or anybody else.

Jason: I'm just glad you're back with Sonny full-time.

Max: Yeah, me, too. You know, hotel security really wasn't my thing. Although, working with Mrs. C was great, she was very appreciative, she never really listened to my security advice. Well, let's face it -- Carly never really listens to anyone but you, anyway.

Jason: You were in charge of the security installations for Sonny and Carly. I want something similar here.

Max: But you already have bulletproof glass.

Jason: Yeah, I know, Max, but the windows in here are too small, you know? I want to let more light in. I don't want this place to feel like a prison.

Max: Yeah. Well, I don't blame you there. You've spent a long time in jail.

Jason: Then get with Spinelli, coordinate the security cameras and whatever other surveillance you guys need to take care of.

Max: What's up? Is somebody threatening Spinelli? Let's just say you've never wanted this kind of security here before. The boss and Mrs. C did it because of the kids.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Jason?

Jason: Hey. How are you?

Elizabeth: Can you meet me at the overlook? I have to talk to you about something important.

Epiphany: You need to focus on why you're here -- patients and procedures, not handsome neurologists with a bad reputation.

Leyla: Certainly. Here are the files you requested.

Epiphany: A word to the wise -- proceed at your own risk. Dr. Drake is taken, and Dr. Scorpio isn't about to give him up to some student nurse without one hell of a fight.

Robin: Why don't you two just jump each other's bones in the supply closet and get it over with?

Patrick: Robin, I like Leyla, that's all. You don't have to get all threatened and territorial.

Robin: You are the one that got threatened when you found out that you could've fathered a child. Now you have to prove to yourself and everyone else that you're still free, so -- huh -- knock yourself out.

Mike: Hey, Spinelli

Spinelli: Oh.

Mike: Ha-ha. You know that -- that blender you fixed for me a while ago? It's still working perfectly and I'm wondering if maybe you could heal my toaster. Hmm?

Spinelli: Um -- the Jackal is reserving his mojo for a project near and dear to his heart. Perhaps another time?

Mike: Are you okay?

Spinelli: I'm -- huh -- well, I'm buffeted by the black winds of the second circle, bound for a lashing of the eternal storms with no tender memories of a kindly touch to comfort me.

Mike: I'll take that as a no.

Maxie: Why so blue?

Spinelli: I am in no mood for the bad Blond One.

Maxie: Aw. With Jason out of jail, I thought you'd be celebrating.

Spinelli: Well, all who revere Stone Cold hail his freedom.

Maxie: Hmm. Then it must be Lulu.

Spinelli: Do not malign the fair Lulu.

Maxie: She's getting in deep with Logan, isn't she?

Spinelli: Fair Lulu is blinded to the bleak and barren plain that is Loganís soul. He is a vile underwurm.

Maxie: What?

Spinelli: I fear for her.

Maxie: I don't blame you. They're going to do it, if they haven't already.

Logan: I've never been accused of being a nice guy, or kind or noble. I should not have let you believe that I had this sensitive side, all right? What I should have done was I should've run you off -- huh -- right from the get-go.

Lulu: Okay, if this is the speech about protecting me from myself, it's insulting, and I don't want to hear it. I am not attracted to you because I think that I can heal you or make you a better person. I don't feel sorry for you at all. You've done some bad things and so have I.

Logan: Not like me.

Lulu: Well, at some point, you're just going to have to get over it. Everybody has done things that they regret. It doesn't mean that they're a waster of oxygen.

Logan: Hmm.

Lulu: Everybody deserves a second chance.

Logan: You're pretty brave.

Lulu: I'm actually scared to death.

Logan: Maybe you should go.

Lulu: I want to stay.

Logan: Then just tell me what you're afraid of.

Lulu: All those times that you teased me about being attracted to you -- it was true, and I found reasons to fight with you because it was safer.

Logan: I -- I can understand that.

Lulu: And I realized that I was letting a couple of bad choices control entire life, and I don't want to live that way. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I really should go. But I'm tired of feeling shut down, and I don't want what happened last summer to control my entire life. And yeah, I'm scared, but who isn't?

Logan: Hmm. You deserve better than me.

Lulu: Maybe I don't want better.

Robin: Leyla -- you know the patient in 1028?

Leyla: Uh, yeah. Mr. Patterson, age 71. Right hemisphere stroke. Why?

Robin: Well, he's scheduled for more tests and he just soiled himself. Can you make sure he's ready?

Leyla: Right away, Doctor.

Epiphany: The doctors in this hospital are allowed to give orders to the student nurses. But why punish Leyla because you're having problems with Patrick? You're a better doctor -- and a person -- than that.

Patrick: Are we speaking?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I don't want to fight with you.

Patrick: Same here.

Robin: The pregnancy was a false alarm. We're both very clear in how we feel about it. I think I'm ready to move on.

Patrick: So am I.

Robin: Okay.

Patrick: Okay. Now, I know we're both on edge because we're working so hard. Our regular hours and the nightshifts leave us no downtime whatsoever.

[Robin snickers]

Robin: What's downtime?

Patrick: Exactly. So I suggest we go watch my dad strut his stuff as Eli Love. We'll get a bottle of wine, row out to the middle of the lake in the moonlight and just listen to the night.

Robin: Thatís music to my ears.

Kate: And that is the truth, Your Honor. I am dreadfully embarrassed and ashamed that I did not show more respect for the law, and whatever your punishment may be -- great or small -- I'm sure it will be food for thought the next time I dent someone's car. Better, right?

Diane: Um --

Sonny: We're going to keep working on it. Um -- in the meantime, you know what you need to do? You call your people in Paris and tell them to carry on without you.

Kate: If I must.

Diane: That woman is going to jail, unless you can find some way to tone her down, reel her in, and make her understand the concept of remorse.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. But seriously, on the level, what is Kate facing -- I mean, assuming we get her testimony under control?

Diane: Six months in jail, easily.

Carly: There's two sides to every story.

Irina: Not this one. And it won't have a happy ending.

Carly: How'd it start?

Irina: Didn't you tell Carly how we were? How we came together as strangers, posing as newlyweds to do undercover work? How passion flared and became real? At least for me.

Jerry: I saved your life. You saved mine. We loved each other.

Irina: I believed that. I loved, I dreamed. I wanted my future with you. But now I only want one thing -- to see you suffer. Did Jerry tell you how quickly he turned against me?

Carly: Why don't you tell me what happened?

Jerry: I was captured, I was tortured for days.

Irina: Days I could have used to escape. Instead, I stayed. I was desperate to save you. But you surrendered, you betrayed me, so I decided to save myself. I cooperated.

Jerry: And you were brilliant. I really believed that you were dead.

Irina: I am. You killed me. You killed my love for you. You killed my faith, my dreams. For that, you're going to pay.

Irina: And for helping this monster, you'll pay, too.

Jason: Hey, um --

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jason: I'm glad you -- you wanted to meet.

Elizabeth: Well, something happened and I'm not --

Jason: Can -- can I go first? Because if I don't say this right now, I probably never will. I love Jake more than my life, and I want to be his father, I want to be with him all the time. I just -- I just want to be Jake's dad. And I don't want to lie anymore, Elizabeth. I don't want Jake to grow up believing that somebody else is his father. I don't want him to find out years from now that the two people who loved him the most didn't tell him the truth because that could make him lose faith in everything.

Elizabeth: Jason --

Jason: Okay, just hold on, please. Just let me finish, okay? I know how dangerous my life is, and I can't -- I can't change the things I've done or the choices I've made, but I swear to you, I will protect you and your kids. Just think, we can make a home together. Okay? And I promise you I will never bring my business into our home, and I'm not going to involve you in any way. Because I trust you. And I know you trust me, and I think that we can -- I think that we can build on that trust. I think that we could have a life together. I don't know, I guess I'm just asking you if you want -- if you want to try.

(Music plays throughout )

Elizabeth: I was bringing the boys to see you today --

Jason: Wait, wait, wait, Elizabeth, I -- I need to know what you think, I need you to answer.

Elizabeth: Two men stopped me in the park. I had Cameron by my side, Jake was in my stroller. They said they were going to take us and use us as leverage against you.

Jason: Did they -- did they hurt you or the boys?

Elizabeth: No. Sam showed up with a gun before they could do anything.

Jason: Sam?

Elizabeth: I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I couldn't stop thinking, "what if they had grabbed one of the boys?"

Jason: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: No, I am. Because what you said was beautiful, about the life we could have together. But you're going to take it all back, aren't you?

Jason: I just thought we might be able to make this work. But it's too late. It always was.

Sam: Hey. That was some nice work! No wonder why you didn't come cheap. Elizabeth, I think she -- I think she bought the whole thing.

Man: It's what you said you wanted.

Sam: Yes, it is. But look, the cops are going to be looking for you. You don't have to worry about them. Jason Morgan -- he is the one to worry about. Do not -- I repeat, do not let him find you.

Man: You know, you were pretty convincing yourself. You were almost too convincing.

Sam: Thank you.

Lucky: What is this?

[Music plays]

Maxie: Lulu's with Logan right now, isn't she?

Spinelli: What the Blond One does is none of the bad Blond One's beeswax.

Maxie: I'll never understand it -- you know, what makes Lulu so special that Jason, Sonny, you, and even Coop sometimes -- you guys fall all over yourselves to protect her.

Spinelli: Lulu has a light that shines within her, be it all warm glow on a winter's eve or a -- a wildfire raging across the summer sky. We are all warmed by her presence.

Maxie: You're deluded. Lulu's no light-raging or whatever that stuff was. She's a self-centered bitch.

Spinelli: No. Lulu is beautiful and smart. She is kind. She cares about people, and she has braved many misfortunes.

Maxie: Okay. While my heart failed when I was 6, I got a transplant from my cousin who died in a school bus accident. My mom walked out of my life, and the only person I ever honestly fell in love with was shot and killed right in front of me.

Spinelli: Okay, but the difference is that your travails have made you cruel and bitter.

Maxie: And Lulu's stuff, which doesn't compare to mine, makes her what, a princess?

Spinelli: Look, I -- I cannot continue this debate.

Maxie: Okay, Spinelli, if Lulu is so smart, why can't she see that you really care about her? Why is she with Logan right this second? I'll tell you why. Because Lulu is mean and shallow and she'll never really feel for you what she feels for Logan, but she'll keep you around like a trained little monkey on a chain because you make her laugh and you do whatever she wants and she knows you'll never give up on her and get your own life.

Singer: Up all night

Logan: Lulu -- you don't have to prove anything to me or anybody else.

Lulu: Is that your final warning?

Logan: Listen, if you stay much longer, I'm going to have a really hard time letting you leave.

Lulu: I don't want to leave, or stop or talk about it forever. I just -- I want to be with you as long as you want to be with me.

Logan: You know that I do.

Irina: You're very brave. But knowing your husband as well as I do in the short time we've had together, I'd expect nothing less.

Carly: I want to see Jax.

Irina: I imagine you do.

Jerry: Come on, let Carly and my brother go.

Irina: Why? Because you asked me?

Jerry: We're both alive. Isn't that what we wanted?

Irina: Stop playing me. You destroyed what was good in me, and in us. You never loved me.

Jerry: Yes, I did.

Irina: You only love one person -- your brother.

Carly: I want to see Jax. I will do anything, I will pay anything. You have to let him go.

Irina: Your husband became more difficult than I anticipated. And although he was voracious lover, insatiable -- in the end, I had to kill him.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: You're lying -- Jax isn't dead.

Jerry: Carly?

Lucky: Are these the guys who threatened Elizabeth today?

Jason: Sorry, I should be better at this.

Elizabeth: Saying goodbye?

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